Feature Writer: destodes777

Feature Title: GOTHIC EGG 1

Published: 24.09.2022

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Goth girl becomes one with the Goddess

Gothic Egg 1

The world is pain.

The mantra embodied Lea since her teenage years.

Black engulfed everything about her. From hair, to lipstick, painted nails and clothes. Pale skin complimented by the dark colors and ensembles constructed to combat such things as a dark world. Into the light one is born, but Goth’s are made in the dark.

Lea knew that her life held little meaning to those around her. Whilst she enjoyed life to what she perceived as the fullest, one factor remained out of reach to her bleak outlook. An escape from loneliness.

Probably more so than the darkness of her world, the social woman knew and considered many to be more than acquaintances. Though a lover and best friend escaped her. Something that she desired wholly for herself.

That’s where she found herself, standing behind the counter working at a retailer who supported her lifestyle choices. Standing there and ignoring the movements of the browsing customers as they walked throughout the store. No, her attention lay almost permanently on a sight just past the doors of the store and into the mall in which it sat.

His name, the man of her affections, stood behind his own counter with his name displayed in bold black capitalized letters that spelled “Dustin” on it. The store he worked for directly rivaled her own but she didn’t care about that.

He looked gruff, always seeming to sport a five o’clock shadow. The dark hair matched his look with the quiff style. What set him apart, besides the fact that he sported a dad bod style, is that his personality shined brightly.

At first, seeing Dustin all smiles and warmly greeting each customer wandering into his place made her rage with jealousy. Mostly because he looked so good doing it and generally she caught flak from her own boss. Lea could be friendly, but as she knew, the storm of depression within her undercut most of that. The smiles were fake and in her opinion, everyone saw that.

Looking across the mall to him, he already bustled across the store for various customers.

To her, it seemed like he danced gracefully through the displays. The sight alone made her tremble with desire.


The question she asked out loud didn’t warrant an answer as she already knew it. Call it lust or love but she felt both were at play here. If only she had the confidence to talk to him.

She sighed in despair.

“Join and you can have him.”

The voice in her head greeted her again. For three days it had pushed for her to join. Though it offered no inclination what joining would entail or even be.

Now that Lea thought about it, the voice seemed more clear than it had for the past few days. Besides looking at the affection of her heart, this voice plagued her insistently. But for the first time, Lea actually considered the voice as before, she ignored it.

“How?” she asked in a whisper out loud. With no one around, there thankfully wouldn’t be anyone to witness her talk.

“All you have to do is join.”

“What would I be joining?”


Moaning filled her ears. A serenade that profoundly affected Lea in a way she found profoundly. A siren’s serenade that immediately made her tremble.

“What is that?”

She asked, feeling the heat rise in her body. Lea hadn’t had sex in a while, but her libido kept her masturbating almost nightly and daily. That urge hit her now and she bit her lip as she blushed.

The moaning stopped suddenly, leaving her feeling empty as it faded away. Empty and wanting more than one void filled. Looking around the stores, she saw no one around. Thinking to herself of doing a quick rub, she soon found a hand buried into the black slacks she wore.


When something is drenched in moisture. That didn’t define what Lea felt. Hot and moist did help but the waterfall fit the best. Copious amounts of fluid freely ran down her leg through the fabric of her pants. Taking her finger out, she tasted herself and moaned.

Now Lea kept herself as clean as possible. She even kept scented wipes in her pussy for after the bathroom use. It wasn’t uncommon for her to check throughout the day. Bot that the sex ever took place during working hours, but Lea liked the idea of presenting a hot wet cunt on command that didn’t smell. Right now, she could smell the flower scent of the soaps she used.

Right now, everything throbbed. Thankfully, she was just tall enough to lean against the edge of the counter. No one would be able to tell what she was doing. A weird skill she acquired while much younger, she could actually pleasure herself without the expression on her face changing.

Masturbating in this manner took a lot of concentration. Mostly because Lea would scream out loud with the stroking. The edge of the counter pressed up just enough for her clit to be stimulated. Within moments, Lea lost control with a little squeak as she came. As the orgasm faded away, she found herself worse off.

“I need something.”

Legs pressed together, body weight shifted back and forth as she tried to stifle the throbbing. Of course, it wouldn’t or couldn’t work and the pressure built her desire up. She looked around the store but just as she thought of closing the store for a moment for a bathroom break, a random guy walked into the store.

The man had a white cap on, saggy jeans and a light blue short on. Chains dangling with heavy clinks as he walked. Honestly the most unattractive thug looking man that Lea had ever seen. As he came in through the entrance, it seemed as if her pussy didn’t care for how unattractive the man was to her as it throbbed and gushed any ways.

“Yo, need a phone ya?”

Lea held back the eye roll that on instinct hit. Besides, this man could potentially solve her inner issues with a cock. She felt the heat rise in her face with the thought.

“You can have him,” the voice piped in.

The fact that she wanted that direct situation appalled her. This man would never be anything to her.

“You’ll understand if you join,” the voice whispered.

With a shiver of disgust, Lea worked fast to get the man out. He seemed to pick up on her lingering stares, and did try to flirt with her it seemed. Even though her interest waned on nothing besides the thought of a hard cock thrusting into her. She knew better prospects than that. Though, he didn’t leave quickly and before she knew it, she heard the chime of the mall announcements that the mall would be closing soon. Looking over, she no longer saw the object of her affection. With a sigh, Lea moved throughout the store.

Closing her store down didn’t involve much. While everyone else already had the cages drawn down, she did not. That one chore took seconds but closing out her till took almost fifteen minutes. After locking up, a process which had her reopen the cage in the front, she sighs happily with the knowledge she had the next few days off.

Walking through the mall, she didn’t run across another soul. Most storefronts still had lights on in them as workers toiled away with their duties. Thankfully she got harassed by no one as she walked.

Lea felt still how wet her pussy lips were as she walked. The friction of rubbing skin as meaty lips rubbed together. Even the fabric of her pants seemed to work against her as each step rubbed it across her throbbing clit. Walking brought on labored breathing as she moved through the empty mall.

Employee parking at the mall never made sense to Lea. Literally the parking spots designated for the employees sat in an area secluded away from customer parking. In fact, the lot took almost four minutes to walk to. As she went, Lea heard the scrapping of shoes on the asphalt.

“It’s the one from before,” the voice spoke to her.

Feeling exposed, she didn’t look back as she went. Thankfully she spotted a reprieve not far from her.

Dustin sat on the hood of his car, foot on the grill and looking relaxed.

He had his head down looking at his phone. As she walked up, he looked up.

“Hey babe,” she said to him, making sure to paint a picture of concern on her face. With a nudge of her head, she saw his eyes light up with understanding. Walking up to her, he gave her a big hug. She shuddered with the contact. He smelled good.

“Walk me to my car,” she said with a whisper into his ear. He pulled back and grabbed her hand. Exhilaration went through her as the pounding of her heart resounded like thunder in her ears.

“So I’m Dustin,” he said after a few moments.

“Lea,” she said smiling while the heat rose in her cheeks. “And thank you for this.”


“What? No. Last customer of the day. Guy hit on me hard and I didn’t like it. Apparently he didn’t like “no as an answer.”

“Typical wanna be posers,” Dustin said. She laughed at it understanding exactly what he meant.

“Yeah, but he does throw a dangerous vibe off.”

Dustin shrugged, still holding her hand. By now, she surmised that the proper time for him to let go probably passed. Though she didn’t want to let go and instead held it not wanting to break the contact.

“So where do you work in the mall?”

Flabbergasted that he didn’t recognize her, it deflated her confidence.

Well, I uh work you see,” she trailed off for a few seconds before telling him about the cell phone store.

“Oh wow, I thought I recognized you.”

“Yeah,” she said sheepishly. “I get to look over at your store a lot. Always busy.”

“I am and have to be. They pay commission bonuses on products and I am saving for school so I focus heavily.”

“So you don’t notice.”

“You? Oh I’ve noticed but every time it seems when I am free you’re not over there. Been meaning to say hi for a bit.”

They walked through a mostly empty lot. Lea saw her car and her heart sank.

“Well at least we did now.”

“Wanna get dinner?” she asked.

“This is the one you want? We can have him far easier than a date,” the voice commented. Leah ignored it.

“Not tonight,” he replied. The answer crushed her. “I work tonight at my security job and by the time I sleep tomorrow, I’ll be back at work. I’m free Thursday night.”

“I work that night,” she replied, with even more disappointment.

“Good, I’ll pick you up here.”

The conviction of the statement. Lea found herself recovering quickly with how attractive his assertiveness was.

“Number?” she asked him.


“Do you want my number?”

“Oh yeah,” he said with a laugh.

They exchanged the numbers. Her with giving the digits and his with a text message. Dustin smiled and walked off. She walked over to the Rio she had. Black of course, but paint fading for its age. In what she thought was a smooth motion, she got into the car.

Sitting in the seat, she watched as Dustin walked back to his own vehicle. She didn’t see her stalker and for a second, she stamped her feet on the car with pure excitement.

“He will be yours.” The voice said as a matter of fact to her. Thinking about it, she didn’t know how she would go on a date after work. With a shrug, she drove off through the parking lot towards home. Traffic kept her though and a sort of desperation for more release set in.

“God why am I so horny,” she groaned out in frustration.

By the time Lea made it home, she had to sit for a moment to calm down. Each bump in the road seemed to jolt her pussy in a way that kept her close to an orgasm. Subsiding a bit, she chanced to get out of the car.

A squishy sound filled her ears as she walked. Imagined as it were, she felt pussy lips slide around nonstop. Her clit throbbed still, rubbing painfully against fabric as it sought a more stimulating interaction.

Each step set off a series of debates on continuing. Goth as Lea claimed to be, she didn’t have some of the exhibitionist fetishes stereotyped to her fashion style in the area. A bush to her left would conceal her just enough so she could masturbate.

“No,” she said out loud as she leaned against the side of her apartment building. She didn’t need more than a moment, but it was enough to calm herself down. Stepping away proved to be at that moment one of the hardest decisions of her life. No more than a few steps the shakes began racking her body. Thankfully, she saw her door and made it inside.

Now Lea kept her apartment cold. Even as she slid down the door and pulled her shirt up, the coolness of the wood against skin did nothing to taper off the heat of her body. Pants unbuckled and to her ankles, knees pulled up and a hand delving vigorously into the mound of her wet sex.

A throaty moan escaped her lips as fingers played through sopping wet lips. Engorged labia felt thicker than ever between fingers. The love button felt more sensitive and engorged. Even as fingers pushed through all of that and into herself, the oil depths of her cunt grasped tighter than usual around the probing phalanges.

Moans of course, filled the air. Lea, as thirsty as she constantly was, didn’t hold back on expressing her enjoyment in sexual activities. Not one to disappoint herself but the sudden orgasm hit and stopped her moaning as the powerful clenches of her pussy locked her fingers inside herself. Before long, it was over.

“I still want more,” she groaned after a moment. Even with the powerful throbs of her cunt, it still buzzed with an insistent need for fulfillment. Something fulfilling.

Moments later, Lea lay naked and spread eagle in her bed. A thick head of a dildo ran slowly through impatient lips as the rubber lubed up with her desire. It wouldn’t take long considering the copious amount of juices flowing from her. Seconds later, she had as much of the 14inch dildo shoved up inside herself as she could. The thick veiny diameter comparable to a coke can was shoved right up against her cervix. A hit against that though didn’t cause her pain.

Thrust after thrust she fucked herself with the dildo. Nothing could stop the torrential building of pressure within her body as toes began curling. The only thing that overpowered the moans in her ears was the slick sounds of her wet pussy eagerly taking the phallic object.

“Dustin,” She screamed out as the dildo flew from her hand and out her spasming cunt. Violent convulsions wrecked her body as it emptied itself of fluids and tensions. By the time it finished, she lay completely exhausted but still unsatisfied.

With a groan, she shivered pleasantly as cool air caressed hot petals. With a sigh she almost drifted off to sleep. A ring from her phone startled her out of the afterglow. She sprung awake, aware now of the linger smell of hot cunt in the air. She knew that the sheets would need to be washed. With a groan, she sat up and grabbed her phone.

Two hours had gone by, surprising Lea as she forgot about the incoming text. Normally she kept from having such intense solo sessions. Mostly the reasoning centering on making sex with a partner much more intense. With a shudder, she decided to text Dustin. Maybe he would be up for meeting up that night.

The message was delivered and she got up from the bed. Legs wobbly, Lea moved to the bathroom to shower. She struggled walking through her room with all the clothes strewn about. Thankfully she kept the rest of her apartment cleaner but she hated clothes.

Making it into the bathroom connected to the bedroom, Lea wobbled in and turned the shower on. Getting in, she found the water pleasantly warm and soon had herself washed. She even used her expensive soaps, something she only saved for special occasions. And she hoped for a special occasion that night. While washing, a feat itself being how still turned on she was, she thought about her carnal needs. A good cock would take care of that. Dustin’s cock is all that she thought about. Imagining how it looked and how big it would be. As she rinsed off, her phone went off.

Scrambling out of the shower, ran wet naked to her phone on the bed. Without looking she answered the phone.


“This is Ramathorn with the St. Ann Heights Police.”

“Uh yes officer, how can I help you?”

“Sorry to call and bother you but do you know Dustin Knowles?”

Her heart sank at the name.

“Yes,” she said meekly.

“So we finally got his phone unlocked and you were the first number in his recent texts. Are you a relative?”

“No uh… a coworker.”

“Ah well, do you know any of his family?”

“I don’t”

There was a heavy sigh from the cop.

“Thank you miss, I’ll call the number.”

“Wait officer, is he okay?”

“There was an incident,” the officer said with a pause. “He’s at the emergency ward at Lancaster. They don’t have insurance or emergency contacts listed.”

“Can I visit?”

“Can’t say I know hospital policy, but he is in recovery.”

“Thank you officer,” she replied.

Her heart completely sank now. Figured the world would give false hope. She hung up the phone and began to cry. Before long, those tears flowed unrestricted down her cheeks. After a few minutes of burying her face in her hands, the idea cro​​ssed her mind about seeing him. A few more tears and her decision on seeing him cemented in her mind.

Minutes later, Lea sat in her car dressed nicely in a skirt and black low cut blouse. She had on net stockings and even wore some slight heels. Hair done up in pigtails, Lea knew looks could kill and Dustin deserved to have something pretty to look at for the trouble she caused him.

The drive to the hospital didn’t take as long as it could have. Lea noticed that every light to the hospital either changed to green on her approach or lingered before turning from green to yellow. Lea couldn’t for the life of her decide if she wanted to be stalled or grateful for the boon.

The hospital parking lot didn’t continue the boon. With a peel of thunder, she found herself jumping with the noise thinking of how much she hated hospitals. With a heavy heart, she got out of her car. By the time she made it to the door, the storm began and thankfully she made it inside the hospital entrance without getting wet.

Her eyes burned almost immediately under the bright fluorescent lighting. While the greeting desk sat in front of the sliding doors, she held back from approaching for a minute. Nervous as her heart pounded, self consciousness over her gothic dress flooded over her. Lea wanted to smile about the situation, but didn’t. With a deep breath, she walked up to the receptionist.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for Dustin Knowles,” she told the receptionist.

“The attack victim? Thankfully he is in recovery. The hospital visiting hours are done for the day.”


The lady stared Lea down for a moment. She looked unimpressed.

“Look, I can’t say yes, but if you go past the desk and down the hall, the nurse down there may let you see him.”

“Thank you,” Lea blurted out before trying not to run down the hall. She probably failed in not looking hurried, but then again, all she wanted to do is see Dustin.

The nursing desk she was sent down to looked exactly like the receptionist. Except, there wasn’t a lobby to enter from, just a long hallway. Lea felt out of place, but only because of how quiet the area was. No one sat in the chairs that framed the desk and only one person made themselves known.

“Hey there, can I help you?”

A pert, young looking brunette nurse greeted her from behind huge circular rimmed glasses. The look may normally have been comical, but the woman pulled the look off and hot didn’t begin to accurately describe her.

“I’m here to see or visit Dustin Knowles,” she replied, trying to hide her frustration behind a smile.

“He was just brought into our ward a few minutes ago. Grab a seat and when he is free from the doctor’s, I’ll bring you to see him.”

“Oh thank you,” Lea repliex, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

The goth girl left the nurse and headed towards one of the empty chairs. She sat down and waited patiently for the nurse to get her.

While she sat, Lea felt the pangs of guilt hitting her hard. This situation was all her fault. There was no way for her to absolve herself of such blame. Besides, not like any relationship her entire life worked out. Most didn’t appreciate her style or appetites.

“You’re too hard on yourself,” the voice told her.

“Why are you here again?”

“I care about you and want a better life for you.”

Lea could have rolled her eyes and died right there.

“Everyone is selling something,” she commented.

“I have nothing but love and tons of sex for those who join me in it.”

“What are you? Some sort of male salesman?”

“I’m female.”

The voice went silent after that. Lea didn’t pursue the conversation further. As her nerves calmed and mind cleared, her body’s unfulfilled needs began buzzing into her mind once more.

Lea shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Nippled hardened hard against the fabric of her bra. Every breeze of air on her exposed skin sent pleasurable chills through her. Thoughts of carnality perverted her mind now.

The first centered on if she could relieve herself discreetly. No one would be around, but then she blushed under the idea. That would never do. Plus, she was there to feel guilty right?

A bathroom would be another possibility. The thought overpowered any sort of onsetting guilt now. Looking around, she could tell that if any one was around, they would probably be wondering about her. She could not stop shifting. Her pussy buzzed too much.

“I have to go,” she told herself, but then Dustin crossed her mind once more.

The thought of giving him a show to cheer him up floated ever so temptingly in her mind. She could too. With how her skirt was, she could easily spread herself out in a chair and diddle herself. A shudder of pure delight went through her.

She groaned again in utter frustration. Fantasy or not, she would march into his room and ride him into oblivion if she could. Wouldn’t that be a great first date too. She could gush over how much he got hurt because of her. A need to apologize. Not one for giving head, she would even offer that up as compensation. The thought brought a smile to her and she almost giggled with glee.


Lea’s head snapped to look at the nurse who was standing up from behind her desk.

“I can let you see him now.”

Lea’s heart skipped a beat, and then a wave of nervousness came rushing back. Scared now, she realized a moment of truth was upon her.

“Where do I go?” she jumped up from the chair and headed over to the desk.

“I can’t take you at the moment, but head down the side hall. Gonna be room 11b.”

“Thanks,” Lea said with a nod and began her slow march to the scaffold.

The wing of the hospital also didn’t hold anyone in it. Each wooden door she passed held no life. Making sure to keep an eye on the placard next to each door, she went until she stood in front of 11b. Hand shaking as she reached out, she grasped the cold silver handle of his door. Without knocking, which Lea didn’t register that she should, she opened the door and went quickly into the room. A small hallway and past an open bathroom door, Lea stood in utter shock at Dustin’s condition.


That was the best way to describe the physical condition of Dustin. Propped up, one side of his face was swollen. An eyebrow bubbled out and the bruises spread all around his face.

“Wondering if the carpet matches the drapes,” he spoke in a low whisper.

“Oh Dustin,” she cried out, tears welling up in her eyes. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s all my fault isn’t it.”

His other eye, seemingly spared from the onslaught, stared at him. One side of his swollen lips looked like they curled in a smile. Even guilty as she felt, she took comfort in that.

“Not your fault. Dude took me by surprise,” she wheezed out.

“Still though, if I hadn’t asked.”

“If you hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to get a date,” he told her. His raspy voice sounded terrible.

“Does this count as a date?”

“Only if you count,” he replied with what sounded like a laugh.

“Maybe, but I like to get to at least second base for it to count.”

He laughed again. Lea felt the heat in her cheeks as she decided to let him at least see what second base looked like. She prepared but then noticed his eye had closed. Dustin had passed out.

Lea didn’t know what to do at that moment. Thinking of how well it went made her feel better. After a few moments sof staring at him, she decided to cement herself to being committed to him if he wanted. She pulled her phone out and sent him a rain check on the date. Then she went and kissed him on the forehead.

Lea almost sat in the lone chair. She wanted to stay until he awoke. Instead, a burning anger arose in her.

“I want to make that man suffer,” she growled out loud.

“I can make that happen.”

The voice was back again.


“I can get you the power you need to make a dangerous thug helpless before you.”

“Look, I’m sold on whatever as long as I can make that man pay. Just tell me the details.”

An hour later, Lea’s anger hadn’t dissipated any. Now she was horny and furious. A combination of emotions new to her. She couldn’t remember ever participating in angry sex, but man if she could at the moment, someone would get ridden to death.

She ripped through traffic, speeding to an address sent by whoever controlled the voice. The entire ride had her rubbing her breasts, and sometimes even her crotch. The drive ending without incident was a miracle in itself. The address loomed over her behind a black iron gate.

“I’m here,” she said out loud, anger evident in her voice.

“No need to be impatient, the gate’s opening. Got to room 503.”

“I’m not impatient,” she growled. The car lurched forward as soon as the gate opened up enough for her to drive in.

The apartment building, as it was only one building towering up what looked to be more than ten floors, had plenty of parking available. She even found a spot under a port to protect her car. After parking, she growled in frustration and got out of the car.

Immediately she marveled at the area. Not a thing could be heard except a light breeze as it rustled through leaves of the tall trees. She could see only the trees, but knew from the gate brick holdings, that a brick wall must stretch around the whole perimeter. It had a peaceful nature feel to it.

The apartment building stretched high into the sky. Entrances and windows were framed in gray metal panes while its other surfaces were painted white. Every window had drawn curtains visible in them and they varied in color. She walked up to the building, seeing that its entrance was only an opening to a stairwell.

“Oh, 503,” she said out loud, realizing the numbering system first denoted the floor that one needed to be on. She saw that after seeing that the stairwell also acted as a four way stop and seeing the first door or being labeled 109. With an eye roll of annoyance, she went up the five flights of stairs.

Reaching the fifth floor revealed nothing else about the building. There were yellow lights illuminating the halls and stairwell. Wandering the halls, she had to try twice down two different ways before she found the apartment labeled 503. Standing there, she took a final deep breath before knocking.

“You didn’t need to knock, go in,” the voice told her. “I will be there shortly. Make yourself comfortable. There is a bar and drinks in the fridge. Please grab something as we will be having a long conversation.”

Another deep breath, heart pounding in her ears, it dawned on Lea at that moment, it would be her last to walk away. The voice had promise sex, revenge and love. She craved all three of those things. Hand on the cold steel of the knop, she turned the door and walked in.

Lea didn’t know what to expect when she entered the dark apartment. She had to turn the lights on, the switch for which was to her left. The apartment didn’t look like anything special. Barely furnished, which she saw with one couch and a coffee table in the living room. The kitchen was on the right. That room she did turn into.

The lights in the kitchen almost blinded her with their brightness and shimmering off all the stainless steel surfaces. The place had appliances and clean surfaces nicer than her own apartment. Impressed, she opened the fridge to see what was available.

The fridge had some hand drinks. A soda, some water, and a few juices sat together on a shelf. Suddenly thirsty, she grabbed water to drink. A moment later, she had chugged half the bottle and moved through the apartment to study the rest.

The apartment had a washer and dryer alcove. A single bedroom, that was huge with a patio door. It also had a half bath and a full bath. The full bath being a part of the bedroom. Nothing was in the room or bathrooms.

No pictures hung on the walls. Only the living room had carpet present. The couch, a faux leather one that had a cheap quality about it. She saw that it also had a back that folded down to make a bed. She sat on the couch.

Waiting and sipping her water, thoughts of the place reverberated through her mind. What type of place would she be meeting someone like this? There was nothing here that spoke of a cult, but she did worry for a moment. The thought of revenge though, kept her sitting in the empty apartment. Alarm bells should have been flaring, but instead, she only had an anger.


The word wafted melodiously through the air, sung in a high pitch that was pleasant to listen to.

“Hi,” Lea responded in surprise and apprehension. She watched as a tall curvaceous woman danced into the apartment. She watched in curious fascination as the woman moved to a tune unheard. Eventually, she stopped dancing and leaned up against the wall.

“Welcome,” she spoke with a smile. The lady looked eccentric wearing a white fluffy robe, bright pink fur lining the edgestitch all around. The woman had long blond hair that hung in ringlets. She looked amazing with her voluptuous form. “You must be Lea.”

“I am. Are you the voice?”

“I am,” she replied in Lea’s head. Lea’s eyes widened in utter amazement and the woman winked at her.

“My name is Francesca and I am here for your introduction to the Goddess.”

Lea stared in fascination at the woman. Her lips were bright blue and the eye shadow matched. She had huge voluminous eyelashes. The woman looked to be in drag in a way. Though, she wore no shoes.

“Like what you see?” she asked.

“You’re not what I was expecting,” Lea replied, letting out a breath slowly with a shudder.

“And you aren’t to me honey. Honestly, Goth has been so out of style for years. You’re a black beauty.”

Lea blushed a bit with that, then a thought occurred to her.

“Do you want to sit?”

“Sure, are you comfortable?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Lea asked in mock offense. She slid over to a corner of the couch. Francesca trotted over and sat down.

“Thank you my sweet,” she said with a laugh.

Lea drank the rest of the water in the bottle. Francesca’s golden eyes watched her, and she felt their gaze on her. To her, there seemed to be a hunger in them. Once the water was gone, she put the top on and placed it on the coffee table. After placing it, her head swam for a second, but the wave of nausea passed.

“So what is this place? A commune?”

“Kind of. We are, well, you could call us a cult, but that’s not really what we are.”

“Then what are you?”

The woman laughed.

“This world has had many different deities vying for power. My Goddess is one of love and sex.”

“So this is a religious cult? They had one of those in California that specialized in sex if I remember.”

“Except this one is the real deal.”

Lea looked at the tall woman again. She could have sworn the robe shifted around underneath, but she quickly dismissed it.

“So what makes it real?”

“I can talk to you telepathically,” she said.

Lea couldn’t deny that fact. There was some sort of truth here

“So you promised me revenge.”

“I promised you love, sex and vengeance. The latter being the least of concerns, but if that’s what you need to join. Yes, vengeance will be possible. You’ll be able to hunt down the man and make him suffer for his insolence.”

“So what can you do for that?”

“Well, you have to join.”

“That’s it? What does that entail?”

A smile broke out on Francesca’s face.

“I can you tell you enjoy sex immensly. Even had it run off a few boyfriends. Here, that is something you’ll find. A partner and someone who will never leave you. We use sex as a from of prayer to our Goddess. As for the perks, new body, sex, place to stay, and community. We all work our normal jobs and search out lovers. We weed out the weak and unworthy.”

“This sounds like a really weird idea,” Lea said, holding her hands up. She honestly at this point thought it’d be better to leave. Her anger was gone now, but a fear grew inside her.

“You also get this apartment. You can keep your old one, of course, but we offer a place here for the public’s safety.”

“So it’s like a cult for real?”

“We don’t force membership. We look at what we have to offer as a gift. If you wish to leave, I won’t stop you.”

“But you’ll continue to talk in my head? How do you do that?”

“We brushed past each other a few days ago in the mall. You probably won’t recognize me as I look entirely different than I did before. It’s one of our gifts.”

Lea shifted around a bit. The entire thing sounded far-fetched. Then a shudder went through her, reminding her of how honry she was.

“So telepathy?”

“Only the ones granted the ability to bring others into the fold have this ability. Thus far, currently there’s only two of us with this power.”

“What do I have to do?”

“Do you want to join?”

“Without more details or proof of what you are saying, no.”

“Well, we only have ten couples so far and three free women. Your joining would bring that number to four.”

“Not a big church are you?”

“Not yet,” she laughed. “We are trying to keep a low profile. There were some incidents with disappearances a few weeks ago.”

“Why should I be a member?”

“Honestly, sex. It’s amazing and the possibility of finding someone to have that with is also a major plus. Our Goddess requires only a few things; community and worship. Worship in this case is sex. She feeds off the energies and it grants her power.”

“Sex seems to be a huge part of this,” Lea replied in a whisper. She didn’t know if she believed everything, but she could go for sex. Looking at Francesca, she worried the woman couldn’t deliver on the promise. “Can you prove it in another way?”

“Absolutely. Let me show you something.”

Francesca stood up and stretched. Lea almost worried the woman would spill out of her robe. She didn’t, and the woman walked over to the kitchen. A few moments later, she returned with a picture.

“This was me six months ago,” she replied and handed the photo over to Lea.

Lea took the photo and found herself looking at someone utterly different from the woman before her.

“I thought you were a woman?”

“Well, I am technically. I got to be lucky enough to be born as both but my female side was dominant. I used to dress a lot boyish and then I got accepted into the church.”

Lea looked at Francesca.

“Don’t believe me,” she said with a laugh. The robe fell away revealing a curvaceous woman. She had hips, a belly of some fat, and giant tear drop breasts. The woman was a testament to feminine beauty. What struck Lea as even more perfect is that she didn’t have any male anatomy hanging down from her nether lips. There, a fat bald cunt stared at her proudly in its red puffiness. “Like what you see?”

“I uh, why did you do this?”

“Well, to induct someone into the folds,” she giggled, bringing a hand up to her mouth. “We have to start with an act of worship.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Will it hurt?”

“I’m a gentle lover, but things will happen that will make you wonder about your sanity. The sex will be amazing for us though as I will make sure you are thoroughly satisfied before the induction fully happens.”

“So it may be scary? And you keep saying full induction. What does that even mean?”

“It means pleasure. Do you want a demonstration?”

“Fine, show me this pleasure your god can give me,” Lea said with a little laugh. She didn’t believe for one second

Francesca held a hand out and suddenly Lea felt her world explode into stars. She collapsed to the couch as an orgasm rocked her body.

“Are you convinced now?”

It took Lea a few moments to recover. She could feel the stickiness between her legs and a warmth soaked uncomfortably into her clothes. Even her bra felt wet.

“Yes, how did you do that?”

“Well, being that you are joining us, I can spill the secret. We put stuff in the drinks so that our gifts can be felt easier. It will cause no harm to you and if you decide to walk away, it’ll be out of your system quickly.”

Lea didn’t care. A part of her knew the right thing would be to feel anger. Problem was, the only anger she felt was towards the man that hurt Dustin. Worse yet, her pussy was on fire. She wanted more of this feeling. Possibly even needed it. Her body now craved this feeling on a level she couldn’t describe anymore.

“I know it’s hard to understand, and trust me, maintaining myself in a full human form is difficult. Issue is, if I show you and you decide not to join, you won’t leave this apartment alive. It’s up to you, but once agreed, you can’t turn back.”

Lea thought about that. She had little information to go on. A promised change but she caught a hint of something sinister. Lea knew walking into this room though, there would be no turning away. Committed, she dismissed the mentality of a last chance here.

“Show me,” she spoke.

“Last chance, are you sure?”

“I uh, I’m unsure what to expect, but at this point, I want what you are offering.”

Francesca laughed. Not a maniacal laugh but one sweet as her singing voice. She turned and Lea watched in morbid fascination as the beautiful woman, Francesca morphed into an alien looking monster. Lea wanted to scream. She wanted to run, but she found herself frozen sitting on the couch watching a tentacled mass erupt from the woman.

Her skin turned into a pale gray. Light orange spots in various sizes freckled her body. Her eyes took on an almost amphibian look, but they didn’t hold any nefarious look. Only a hunger in them as her once blonde ringlet hair now fell in the form of tentacles extending past her shoulders.

“That’s much better,” Francesca sighed. “I hate being in my human form.”

Lea noticed her voice was still melodious.

“So this is the full glory of our goddess. Now witness and feel the pleasure she can give you.”

Lea did not have time to react. The alien woman lunged towards her. Frozen still, she rationally expected some sort of horror movie moment here. Instead, the woman grabbed Lea’s hands.

“Go ahead and feel. Your body will be like this soon.”

Hands shaking, Lea reached out and touched Francesca on her face. Her skin was smooth and soft. Softer than anything she had ever felt.

“Just like you are enamored, every man will be. You won’t ever need to feel ashamed of your body. Men will bow before your sexual might.”

“I see,” Lea said. She looked into those golden eyes and felt a sudden need.

Lea had never kissed a girl before. She also had never kissed anything that could be classified as alien either. That being noted to herself, Lea took a plunge and kissed the thick wide lips like she was a lost lover.

Tongues intertwined quickly as they moaned into each other. Lea found herself being stripped while they kissed. She didn’t mind anymore and after a few moments, the cool air flowing over her own pale skin.

“The change isn’t going to do much to you. You’re gorgeous,” Francesca told Lea. “You’re also very cute when you’re blushing. Lay back, I want to see what you have been blessed with.”

The only two occasions in her life where another woman ever looked at her nether regions was her mother and a gynecologist. Leaning back, she hesitated as she got comfy and spread her legs.

“While I’ll be, that has to be the pinkest and prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“You probably tell all the girls that,” Lea laughed.

“Oh kitty has some bite. I wonder how it tastes.”

Past heaving breasts, Lea had to look. Francesca’s were the only thing she really could see past her navel. This alien thing was about to eat her out. She should have been prepared to scream in horror, instead she found herself leaning into her.

“By the smell, I’d say this will be a sweet treat. You ready up there?”

Lea did something she would normally do when teased by any other lover. At the moment, it didn’t matter any more. She reached down and touched the soft tentacles on top of Francesca’s head. With a soft pull, she guided her inhuman lover to her snatch.

“Lick it please,” Lea told her impatiently.

“With gusto Mone’ Mi.”

The slurping got Lea. She hadn’t even registered the pleasure before that noise sounded. It’s like Francesca drank deeply of her arousal. Lips vacuumed into Francesca’s mouth and Lea would swear no man ever did such a thing. Alien or not, the woman brought Lea shaking in orgasmic bliss.

“How do you do that?” She moaned out in bliss. The slurping didn’t abate for a bit. When it did, Lea found herself craving more.

“I have a lot of practice,” Francesca replied after a moment. Her golden eyes made Lea feel like they were piercing her very soul.

“So I am convinced now. Can we do more?”

“I would love too, but once we move onto actual sex, that will end our fun.”

“Well, I could return the favor.”

The salaciousness of the offer. Watching those golden eyes open in what looked like to Lea as surprise, made her stomach flutter.

“It’s gonna be hard to maintain a human form with sexual stimulation.”

“Then don’t,” Lea replied. She could have shrugged with the statement to punctuate her lack of caring, but couldn’t due to the way she lay. “I’m goth anyways. Eldritch horrors are part of the scene sometimes.”

“Don’t you mean beauty?”

“Of course. I didn’t mean you were a horror, but you worried yourself and I didn’t mean to be offensive.”

Lea felt dejected with herself at that moment.

“Don’t worry about it. You just need training to think better about your future self. I will guarantee you will feel and look like a goddess yourself. I know I do and let me tell you, men will be besides themselves to have a romp with you. And if you think sex feels great now, oh just wait on that too. A thousandfold more intense.”

Lea, not wanting to dwell in the creeping depression, pulled herself up quickly.

“Fuck it,” she blurted out in a sudden plunging into the deep end of the metaphorical pool. Standing up, she turned and held her hands out to Francesca. “Come here.”

Francesca reached out and Lea pulled her up. Before the alien woman could react, she pulled her into a kiss. What greetedLea’s tongues was not what she expected. The kiss was passionate, but different.

Lea moaned into the kiss. Something she was prevalent too. It added to her enjoyment to give some sort of audio cue of pleasure. What she didn’t expect, nor did it bother her, is her tongue slipped not into a waiting equivalent, but a swirling mass of tentacles.

Eyes stayed open for a moment. Golden eyes stared back at her, but Lea didn’t assume anything in them. In fact, she got more of a feeling that Francesca’s eyes revealed more surprise than anything else.

“I am surprised,” the alien woman’s voice confirmed. “It’s never been a thing where women have been so accepting of me. The other few I have brought into the fold found me more repulsive and more of a chore to endure.”

Lea closed her eyes and moaned into the kiss more. She didn’t care. Sex would be sex, but she also wanted to say thank you.

“Your appreciation is always noted after the change,” Francesca spoked breaking the kiss. Lea found it intoxicatingly alluring watching the writhing tentacles pull back into her mouth. Lea also saw a flash of sharp looking teeth.

“How do you know?”

“All the women are. It makes it worth it for me. Though you’re the first to talk to me like this.”

“Well, let’s see if we can change the standard then.”

Lea pushed Francesca to the couch.

“It’s funny, I’m normally the one doing all of this to everyone.”

“You also don’t show them this alien look until the end huh?”

Lea knelt down between spread legs. A hand blocked her view of the alien’s sex.

“You don’t have to be so shy,” she told Francesca.

“Sorry,” the woman giggled. “I find myself a bit shyer than normal.”

“Don’t be shy. Let me see your pussy.”

The hand moved slowly out of the way.

“Look at that pussy,” Lea gasped in utter surprise. “It’s utterly normal looking. Except maybe the lack of hair for such a woman.”

The object of her sight, sat there looking fat and fairly normal.

“Your pussy was bare too, and it’s only normal looking because I have it in human form.”

“Oh,” Lea responded disappointed that Francesca would hold herself back. She could understand though. “What if I pleasure you and you gradually show me. I really want to see what this is going to become.”

“Oh alright,” Francesca replied in a low tone. Lea realized how nervous the woman must be then. Without much warning, she took a deep breath and went to lick her first pussy. Lea realized she had really no idea how to eat out. The possibility of burying her face into a snatch and an alien snatch at that, never would have crossed her mind. Here she was thinking of all the times she wished a man would use their tongue correctly. Thinning Francesca was already warmed up, she reached up and spread the fat labia apart.


That’s what filled Lea’s vision. The skin behind the tight lips as they spread apart revealed blue skin. Hers was pink and she imagined that no woman would have a deviation from that. Then again, women weren’t her forte’. Through the small labia, she saw the leaking of desire and the wafting smell of a sweet mush. It made her mouth water.

“Oh fuck, lick me,” Francesca called out in a shrieking voice as Lea pressed her face into the heat. Her tongue licked up the smooth folds and skin.

For Lea, the sweetness held no tanginess or adverse taste. In fact, she found herself moaning into the sweet treat. The heat of grasping lips sat on her cheeks as she ran the flat of her tongue through.

The knob of the woman’s clit was unmistakable. Everytime the knob was run over, not only did Francesca’s body shake, she began letting out heavier breaths.

“Fuck that feels amazing. You like licking that alien pussy?”

Lea moaned her response. Mostly because she did not want to stop lapping up the syrupy fluid. Addicted to it, she pushed her tongue deep into the fold and found the grasping leaking source.

Francesca let out a wallop of a yelp. Leg muscles contracted and Lea found herself forcing and keeping legs apart so that her head wasn’t crushed. This action also meant that she had more pussy shoved into her face. The heat and the slime of syrupy cunt washing over face did nothing to deter her growing addiction. She licked away, more concerned now in getting as much of Francesca’s arousal as she could.

“You have to stop,” Francesca cried out in a sudden sound of panic. It had the opposite effect for Lea. She was encouraged with the sudden change. Thoughts of being young and experiencing orgasms for the first time, she knew how intimidating something like that was. With Francesca’s reservations already before, Lea surmised that her alien lover was feeling that same fear.

“No, no no,” Francesca pleaded over and over again. Lea did not stop though. Concentrating now more on bringing the alien into orgasmic bliss, she almost didn’t notice the change.

Tentacles exploded around her face. Lea tried to pull away at the sudden explosion of face, but found her head held steadfast by the wet writhing mass of appendages. Instead of being afraid though, she took a breath and relaxed. Her tongue continued to lap the sweet syrupy arousal flowing all around her.

“No please stop,” Francesca growled.

That change from a sweet melodic voice gave Lea pause. Being so intimately close to the woman, that growl resonated with an alarming edge. The sudden change in voice wasn’t the only one.

Lea didn’t register how she ended up on her back. Didn’t even really feel when her feet ended up at the side of her head. Her pussy squirted out in a small orgasm in its delight of the change. The carpet didn’t feel nice as it dug into her back, but then Francesca’s changing demeanor took priority.

“I’m sorry, so sorry. I can’t hold back. Don’t hate me.”

Lea wanted to respond in assurance but instead let out a gasp.

“Fuck your holes are tight. This feels so good.”

Lea found at the angle her body was, she could only respond in short small mews as her body got pounded. Another first as writhing tentacles exploded into her body. The feeling was astounding.

Francesca didn’t falter in her thrusting. The orgasms Lea experience came in powerful waves as she became a fuck hole for the alien woman. Tentacles began to cover Lea, sucking at their ends as they did. Breast became covered in suckling cups and her nipples found smaller tentacles that seemed to take their fat lengths like a cock. The experience was mind-boggling even as thicker more cock like tentacles made their way into her mouth.

An orgy of sex all contained in one being. Lea was in heaven. The amount of pleasure being comparable to an endless well. She felt a warmth in herself growing inside of her.

“I’m so sorry,” Francesca growled out.

All Lea could do was moan in anticipation. She somehow knew the end was near. Maybe the thrusting of their hips hitting a fevered pitch tipped her off. Their slapping bodies did thunder through the room. Lea would definitely be sore from this.

“I can’t hold back,” Francesca told her. With a sudden thrust, Lea found herself not only drenched, but filling in every orifice.

Hot burning liquid pleasingly into her. A thick sweet syrupy liquid that quickly made her head swim in stars as a final powerful orgasm ran through her own body. When it subsided, she found herself feeling full and wanting to retch.

“I’m sorry. It’s not supposed to happen like this. You need to get to the bedroom.”

Lea felt drunk. Over stimulated, she watched as the room spun around. Laying noq on the ground, she found herself listening to sobbing. She giggled and the jostle made her stomach contents erupt out.

After throwing up, she felt better, but something weird happened too. A song in her head was humming. She still heard Francesca shifting between apologizing and pushing her to the bedroom.

“Welcome sister,” the voice said.

Lea giggled.

“The change is coming. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

Another orgasm. This one is even more powerful than any before. It took her breath away and she lay gasping.

“The fluid has started. Please, you have to get to the bedroom. You’ll be safer there.”


The concept seemed alien to Lea. Why would she need to be safe? Still, she tried to stand up and found her nausea too much. On hands and knees, she went to the open door of the bedroom.

“Oh you’re gonna sleep so well,” the voice sang. She knew it wasn’t Francesca this time. Something else and more powerful.

“Yes, it is me. The goddess you will soon worship in carnal rapture. Your mother, your leader, your queen. Sleep well daughter as when you awake, the world will be within your grasp.”

Lea didn’t know how she made it into the bedroom. Head swimming, she didn’t even know if she made it. All there was for her now, was an all engulfing warmth. Then, darkness overtook her.


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