Got Lost in Satan’s Lust – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Guardianwolf666 /
Feature Title: Got Lost in Satan’s Lust /
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You can’t hide from it. He calls you where ever you are.  He makes your cock stiffen with the thought of being fucked by a Demon, but you want it so badly.  You lust in your heart.  Pleasure exudes from your entire body.  The Demons touch you.

They whisper in your ear thoughts you never imagine yourself thinking, “Let go! Let them in.  Let them possess you.  They will seduce you.  Oh yes they will! You can feel it as they take control.  You touch your cock and feel how it thickens.  You are changing, transforming into the horny beast you desire to be, accepting Satan into your entire being.

Asmodeus, the lust Demon is making your cock so hard and big, you swear that can’t be your cock, it’s never been that thick, that big and leaking cum flowing from that big mushroomed enlarged cock that you adore so much.  You can’t keep your hands off your fucking evil cock.

Commit the sin of masturbation.

Be seduced and bate in Satan’s name.  As you shoot that huge fucking evil load, thank Satan.  Hail Satan! Because it’s never been this good. You will be brought to the Light and enlightened that Satan is not the monster Hollywood has made him out to be.  It is he that has been performing the good works in your life, not the false Xristian piece of sewage hanging on a cross.

Yesss! Shoot that load.

Cum all over yourself.  Taste the cum, feed off of it, bathe in it for cum on your body attracts the Demons to come to you.  Take pleasure when you offer your ass to them for they will lick your ass. They will fuck you in total pleasure and you will become sons of Satan and he shall be your Father.


3 thoughts on “Got Lost in Satan’s Lust – Non-Fiction”

  1. HELL YEA BABY sweetie HAIL SATAN may be make us all his bitches to worship him and be RAPED by SATAN and his DEMONS sweetie praying for SATAN’S HOTT SEED sweetie thanks for posting sweetie

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