Feature Writer: Wet Amber
Feature Title: God’s Disciples
Story Codes: Group sex / anal / zoo sex woman-dog


The young man snapped open his flick knife and inserted it into the locked desk drawer. After a few seconds he heard a click and smiled as the drawer pulled open. He lifted the papers out and scanned them quickly with his eyes under the desk lamp that was the only source of light in the otherwise darkened office. Not finding what he wanted, he threw the papers onto the floor and muttered, “God damn son of a bitch,” as he poked the knife into the lock of the drawers on the other side of the desk.

He suddenly jumped as the overhead light snapped on and his eyes locked with those of the woman standing in the doorway.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she demanded.

“What’s it to you lady?” he replied quickly glancing around the third floor office and realizing that she was standing in his only means of escape.

His hand tightened on the knife as she walked slowly into the room. “I gather my ex is in some kind of trouble. Again!” she said pleasantly.

“That creep Eddie Marano was your husband?” he asked incredulously. As she nodded, he continued, “Well he certainly has a lot more taste than I thought he had.” His eyes raked over her body and eventually came back to rest on her face.

The woman looked to be in her mid twenties and was dressed in expensive looking clothes. Her scarlet red blouse was pure silk and her short black skirt was of the highest quality. Her legs were covered with flesh colored seamed stockings and her feet were squeezed into black leather shoes with a three inch stiletto heel. A black jacket and matching clutch bag completed her outfit. In the heels, she stood 5 foot 10 inches tall and her shoulder length red hair framed her oval face and high cheekbones. The top three buttons of her blouse were undone revealing the magnificent cleavage of her 36D tits that dominated her other measurements of 24 inch waist and 34 inch hips. A slight smile played across her lips as the man studied her.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said, “But that still doesn’t explain why you’re breaking into his office.”

“I’ve been looking for Eddie for over a week and he seems to have disappeared. The bastard owes me $5K for a case I’d helped out on and I hoped I could find something in his desk that would tell me where he was,” he growled.

Eddie Marano was one of the hundreds of men that lived in the city and called themselves Private Detectives. The difference with Eddie was that he was really quite good at the job when he set his mind to in, which wasn’t very often. Since Angie divorced him he had drifted from one small case to another making just enough money to rent this office and to live.

“Yea, that figures,” the woman said. “He owes me two thousand bucks in back alimony so I thought I’d come down and confront him. I figured it was just my calls that he wasn’t returning.”

She held out her hand and said, “I’m Angie by the way.”

“Yea, pleased to meet you,” he said gripping her hand firmly. “I’m Tony, and if you don’t mind me saying so, I’m going to knock the shit out of your ex once I find him.”

“I don’t mind at all baby,” Angie replied. “In fact, I wish I could see that.”

Tony realized that he was still holding the woman’s hand and let go as she asked, “When you do find him, I don’t suppose I could persuade you to get my three thousand as well, could I?”

“I thought you said it was two thousand,” he replied with a grin.

“Well, I thought I’d also recover my expenses for coming all the way down here,” she said.

Tony laughed and then his face took on a more serious look and he said, “Look lady, I’d like to help but I’ve got problems of my own without taking on yours as well.”

“Call me Angie,” she said in reply, “And I would of course make it worth your while.”

She unbuttoned the fourth button of her blouse revealing all of her cleavage and leaving Tony in no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The fact was confirmed when she shrugged out of her jacket and threw it onto a chair. Her erect nipples pushed out the thin material of her blouse and she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Tony’s neck. As they kissed, she plastered her body against his and felt his hard bulge press into her crotch. Teasing his tongue with hers, she dropped her hand to rub over the lump in his trousers and with practiced ease, unzipped his pants and let his prick spring free. Breaking the kiss and smiling into his face she slowly dropped to her knees and licked over the head of his cock.

“Fuck, you don’t waste any time baby.” Tony said and then groaned as she sucked his shaft into her hot mouth and bobbed her head up and down.

“Yea, that’s good,” he groaned as her tongue probed his little piss hole and lapped at the drops of pre-cum that were leaking from him.

His hand reached into her blouse and cupped her tit as his finger and thumb gently squeezed and tweaked her sensitive teat. Releasing his slime covered prick with an audible plop, she stood up and unbuttoned the last two buttons of her blouse. Pulling it out of the waistband of her skirt she let it hang open and then stepped forward into his arms. With his fingers still caressing her nipple, his other hand fell to her butt and massaged the cheeks of her ass and pulling her short skirt up to her waist. Angie’s breathing was becoming faster and faster as her nipple sent delicious feelings of pleasure through her body and Tony’s other hand was getting closer and closer to her burning cunt.

He abruptly broke their embrace and turned around to the desk. With a swipe of his arm, he pushed all the papers, pens and other junk onto the floor and turned back to smile at her. “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable?” he said.

Angie pulled her skirt up around her waist and sat on the edge of the desk. Her black cotton panties had a small damp stain in the crotch that was getting bigger by the minute and she leaned back with her hands on the desk behind her back and waited to see what he would do next.

She didn’t have to wait long. Tony dropped to his knees and spread her legs. His finger traced the outline of her wet slit below her panties and she gasped quietly as the tip of his index finger brushed over her sensitive clit. He could smell her cunt juice and knew that she was ready. Easing the gusset of her knickers to the side he gazed for the first time at her sex.

“Fuck,” he breathed. “Oh fuck.”

Angie’s cunt was completely shaved and the outer lips were swollen with lust and glistening with her juices. As he watched, a small trickle of her fragrant juice ran out the bottom of her slit and slowly oozed its way down between the cheeks of her ass. He reached out and dipped the tip of his finger in the juice and brought it to his mouth. As he savored the taste of her body, Angie used her fingers to hold her cunt open and she whispered, “There’s plenty more in here honey.”

Entranced by the beauty and the smell of her fuck hole, Tony bent forward and buried his mouth into her dripping sex. His stiff tongue pushed past her lips and lapped up the juices bubbling inside her tube and teased at her erect clit. Angie held her legs wide apart and she closed her eyes in concentration of the delicious feelings that were radiating from her cunt.She was so very close to orgasm when they heard a noise in the outer office that caused Tony to stop sucking her off and stare at the open office door.

“Shit,” Angie muttered as she too looked towards the door.

The light in the corridor caused a shadow to fall on the door and they were both holding their breath until eventually the figure emerged.

“Well, well,” a voice said, “What do we have here?”

Tony was quick to recover as he recognized the voice. “What the fuck are you doing here Harrison?” he demanded.

“Language Tony,” he replied shaking his head. “There’s a lady present.”

As he walked into the office and stared at Angie who was now leaning back and wantonly displaying her sex, he added, “And what a lady.”

He held out his hand in greeting and Angie gently accepted. “I’m Nick Harrison. Pleased to meet you baby.”

“Angie Marano,” she replied

“Marano,” Nick repeated. “You’re never Eddie’s old lady?”

“Ex,” she said smiling sweetly.

Tony was still on his knees between the woman’s legs and was starting to feel ignored.

“Hey Harrison,” he began, “Me and the lady here have some business to finish here. Why don’t you crawl back under what ever rock you came from and leave us alone?”

“Now, now Tony,” Nick retorted, “That wasn’t very nice. Fact is, I came here looking for Eddie. He owes me some money that’s overdue. I don’t suppose that either of you two would know where I can find him?”

“We’re all looking for the bastard,” Angie replied, “And he owes us all money. I’m out $4 thousand.”

Tony grinned. Every time Angie talked about the money she was owed, it seemed to increase by a thousand bucks.”

“Yea, well he owes me a hell of a lot more than that baby. He owes me $50 thousand and now he’s disappeared.” Nick replied.

“He owes me the same amount,” Tony confirmed. “We were just discussing it when you came in.”

“Yea, well from what I saw, you two sure have a novel way of discussing things.” he said.

“We were just starting our discussions baby,” Angie said running her hand over the crotch of Nick’s jeans and feeling the rapidly growing lump. “Why don’t you join us?”

“Hey, we don’t need him,” Tony protested.

Angie reached down with her other hand and pulled Tony’s face into her cunt. “Stop talking and start eating,” she commanded. “The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.”

With practiced ease, she unzipped Nick’s trousers and lay down on the desk as she pulled his cock towards her mouth.

Nick reached behind her head to grab a handful of her rich red hair as her tongue teased the head of his prick and probed his little piss hole.

“God, that’s good baby. Take it deep,” he groaned.

As she looked up at his face, they locked eyes as she slowly devoured his cock. Deeper and deeper with her throat tight around his shaft, until his balls were resting on her face.

The woman was trying to concentrate of sucking Nick off but was being distracted by the waves of pleasure that Tony’s tongue was producing from her clit. Her cunt juices were running out of her cunt and dribbling down into the crack of her ass which made it easy for Tony to slide his index finger knuckle deep into her shit hole. This sudden and intense stimulation of her bowels was the trigger for her first climax and her body shuddered in time with the waves of ecstasy racing out of her fuck hole.

Nick pulled his cock out of her mouth as her climax was forcing her to gasp for breath. Thick trails of her throat slime still connected her mouth to his prick but her eyes had glazed over as she surrendered herself totally to her cum. While she was recovering, Tony stood up and both he and Nick took off their trousers and pulled their tee shirts over their heads. Angie sat up and smiled at them as they took off the rest of their clothes. Tony pulled her to her feet as she shrugged out of the unbuttoned blouse. Nick unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor and tugged at the waistband of her panties until they were lying beside the skirt. Angie’s hands were on either side of Tony’s face and she gently licked at her cunt cream that covered the lower part of his face.

Stepping back she placed one hand between her legs and began masturbating. “I need fucked guys. How do you want me?” she asked.

Tony jumped onto the desk and lay on his back with his hard cock pointing towards the ceiling. Knowing exactly what was expected of her, Angie climbed onto the desk and straddled the young man’s body. She slowly lowered herself down and her hot cunt greedily devoured his shaft.

As his pubic hair mashed into her clit she shivered and wriggled her butt to make sure that he was fully embedded inside her. After savoring the feeling of having her fuck hole stretched for a few seconds, she raised herself slightly to allow Tony’s thrusts to penetrate her completely.

Nick let them settle into a rhythm and then parted the woman’s ass cheeks as she took her weight on her hands and knees. Saliva trickled from his mouth and dripped directly onto her puckered little shit hole that was already slick with the lubrication from her cunt. Angie relaxed her anal muscles as his finger probed her bowels and first one then two fingers slid into her asshole.

The stimulation of her bowels and Tony’s thick cock rasping over her clit were starting to work and she felt the familiar tingling build up inside her.

“Fuck me faster baby,” she gasped staring into Tony’s eyes. “I’m nearly there. Faster. Harder.”

His prick was now flashing in and out of her fuck hole and her thick cunt cream was frothing and forming a ring around the base of his shaft.

As Nick probed her asshole he could hear the loud squelching noises as his companion slammed in and out of her cunt and he knew that she was close.

Angie’s eyes were closed and low moans continually escaped her lips as the intensity of her climax grew. She knew instinctively that it was going to be a big one but she was still not prepared for the enormity of her orgasm. The powerful convulsions blasted through her, her head thrashed about, her body spasm-ed and she became completely oblivious of everything except her cum. Her cunt cream sprayed out of her front hole and her asshole opened and closed around Nick’s fingers in time with her shudders.

Lying beneath her, Tony relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of her cunt muscles clenching around his prick.

It took long moments for Angie to recover and when she did, she found Tony still buried up her cunt but Nick was now standing on the desk with his still prick nudging her shitter. She pushed backwards to encourage him and she gasped as he slid up her shit tube.

“Do me you bastard,” she hissed. “Fuck the shit out of me.”

Both men began shafting her and quickly matched their rhythms. Nick grabbed her hair and pulled her head up as Tony’s fingers pinched one of her rock hard nipples and sucked the other teat into his mouth. Every major erogenous zone was now being stimulated and Angie was gasping and screaming as she was double fucked. Tony’s crotch and upper legs were soaked with the amount of juice that was continually pouring out of Angie’s cunt and if that wasn’t enough, the woman suddenly orgasmed again and sprayed even more hot cream onto him.

Both men slowed down as Angie panted and gasped for air and Nick pulled out of her shitter. He squatted down a bit further until his prick nudged against Tony’s.

“Move over a bit kid,” he said, and pushed his cock into her already full cunt.

Angie’s eyes flew open and she screamed and her fuck hole was stretched impossibly wide and both men matched their thrusts and battered into her hole. She had never really recovered from her last cum and the feelings quickly built up again and she began to have multiple orgasms.

Tony bit down hard on her nipple causing her to scream again and he felt his spunk begin to boil out of his balls.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” he announced and Nick was only a few seconds behind him.

Tony blasted two strong jets of spunk up her cunt before Nick joined in and they flooded her hole with their seed. As the hot semen lanced into her cervix, Angie whimpered as a final climax shot through her causing her to collapse on top of Tony’s chest. They all lay on the desk completely wasted and jumped as someone started to clap their hands and a voice boomed out, “Now that was one of the best fucks I’ve seen in a long while.”

Both men jumped to their feet leaving Angie sprawled on the desk.

Eddie Marano strolled into his office, glanced at his ex wife, then at his papers strewn on the floor and finally at the two men. “I’m glad to see that you made yourselves at home boys,” he said sarcastically.

Angie was struggling to sit up and Eddie looked between her spread legs as he continued, “I hope you’re going to clean that mess up honey.”

The spunk was flowing out of the woman’s hole like a river and her cunt was swollen and gaping open.

“Fuck you Eddie,” she retorted. “Where the fuck’s my money you bastard. You owe me $5 thousand.”

“That’s fucking peanuts to what you owe me Eddie,” Nick growled. “And I’m here to collect.”

Eddie turned away from his ex wife and faced the two men who were trying to retain their dignity whilst throwing their clothes back on.

“I owe you both money,” he acknowledged, “And you’ll get it. I’ll give you both your money tonight, or, if you’ll accept my proposal, I’ll double it. What do you say guys, $100 thousand each for another few days work?”

“I say your full of shit Eddie,” Tony replied. “Where the fuck are you going to get your hands on that kind of money?”

Eddie went round the opposite side of the desk and sank into his leather chair whilst Angie climbed off and picked her clothes up from the floor.

Her black panties were hanging from the corner of the desk and Eddie used them to mop up the fluids from the desk before tossing the sodden garment into her hands. He looked at the two men for a few seconds before answering.

“Okay here’s the deal,” he began. “I hired you both to do a similar surveillance job in different cities. You were both looking at properties owned by this crazy religious cult Gods Disciple. With the information that you two complied and my own work I think we’re about ready to move.”

“Move on what Eddie,” Tony demanded. “All I did was to collect information on the security at some big house in the middle of nowhere. If you’re thinking about going into the house breaking market then you’re on your own. I’ll take my money now.”

Nick was nodding his agreement as Eddie continued, “Hear me out. This has got fuck all to do with burglary.”

Before he said anything else we looked at Angie who had tossed her saturated panties in Eddies trash bin, put on the rest of her clothes and settled into the other chair listening to the conversation.

“This is private business baby. Why don’t you hustle your horny little wet ass out of here and come back in the morning?”

“Yea, so you can disappear again. No chance you little prick. I’m staying right here until I get my money.” she answered.

“Bitch,” he muttered and then turned back to Tony and Nick. “Where was I? Oh yea. You know the old Carson place just outside town?”

“Yea,” Tony answered. “I know it. Big place in its own grounds. Been empty for years but for the last few months there have been workmen crawling all over it.”

“That’s the place,” Eddie confirmed. “Well the workmen have all gone now and the new owner has moved in. Any guesses?”

“I presume it’s these Gods Disciple assholes,” Nick answered.

“Bingo,” Eddie replied and settled back in his chair with a satisfied grin.

Nick and Tony looked at each other in confusion and Nick voiced their thoughts. “What the fuck has this got to do with us getting $100 thousand,” he demanded.

“I’m coming to that,” said Eddie leaning forward. “This cult is run by one man who proclaims himself to be the Disciple of god. He calls himself The Master. Now this bastard and his henchmen go around the country preying on the innocent, mostly women, and persuading them to enter one of their houses to try out the cult. Now here’s the creepy bit. Once they are in the house they don’t want to leave. They sign over all their worldly possessions to this bastard and neither the police nor the courts can do anything about it because they’re doing it voluntary. There’s also a lot of rumors about orgies and strange sexual initiation rites that the police would like proof of.”

“Okay, so we accept that this Master guy is a bastard, but where do we come in?” Nick asked.

By way of an answer, Eddie reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a photograph that he threw on the table. Tony picked it up and even Angie got up to look at it. The picture showed a girl of about 20, dressed in jeans and a clinging tee shirt. She had long blonde hair that cascaded down her back and the most piercing eyes that they had ever seen.

“Nice,” Tony said nodding approvingly.

“Yea, good body,” Nick agreed and received an elbow in the ribs from Angie.That girl joined the cult about 3 months ago and her family want her back.” Eddie explained, “And what the family want, they usually get. You see, she may look like a million other girls but what sets her apart is that her surname is Getty.”

All three looked up sharply from the picture and Nick said, “Getty. You don’t mean…….”

“That’s exactly who I mean,” Eddie confirmed. “Her first name is Sarah and her father will hand me half a million bucks, in cash, as soon as I bring her to his home. If you help me, you each pocket $100 thousand. What do you say?”

“Do you know where to find her?” Tony asked.

Eddie smiled and said, “You remember we spoke about the old Carson place?”

Both men returned his smile and nodded. “We’re in,” Nick confirmed.

As Eddie stood up, Angie exclaimed, “What about me?”

“What about you,” Eddie asked with a puzzled look on his face. “You’ve got nothing to do with this.”

“You’re not thinking Eddie,” she replied. “Look, this place is bound to have some serious security and you are thinking about breaking into the house and kidnapping a girl who you’ve just said, doesn’t want to leave. Now, wouldn’t it be better if you had someone inside the house who could give you a layout and pinpoint exactly where the girl sleeps?”

Eddie stared at Angie and slowly sucked air in through his front teeth making a low whistling noise.

“She’s got a point Eddie,” Nick said quietly.

“Maybe,” he replied. “How do you intend getting into the house?”

“Well you said he liked pretty girls didn’t you?” she replied opening another button on her blouse and striking a provocative pose. “Do you think he’ll like me?”

Eddie felt his cock twitch and he said, “How much do you want?”

“Same as the guys,” she said without hesitation. “After all, I’m the one taking all the risks.”

“Okay,” Eddie agreed, “But be careful.”

“Why Eddie, I didn’t know you still cared,” she said.

It was surprisingly easy to get Angie into the house. Some of the members of the cult were in the town handing out leaflets and when Angie showed an interest, she was soon invited to join them.

From the back of an unmarked van, Eddie, Nick and Tony watched as she was shepherded into a car with darkened windows and driven off. The first thing she noticed when she got out of the car were the patrolling guards who were armed and who each had a large mastiff type dog. This level of security was repeated once she was inside the house and the walls were bristling with cameras, motion detectors and passive infrared detectors. “This is not going to be easy,” she muttered quietly to herself.

A friendly looking girl of about 18 welcomed her and took her into a side room. She introduced herself as Kate and proudly stated that she was one of The Masters chosen. She explained somewhat apologetically that the Disciples had many enemies on earth controlled by Satan and that she had to search Angie for any means of communication with the outside world, which was banned by the organization.

When Eddie was formulating the plan for this raid, it was immediately obvious that the most important thing would be some form of reliable way to communicate with Angie. He had purchased the smallest mobile phone that he could find and Angie had hidden it in the only place that she hoped they wouldn’t look. It was set to vibrate instead of ring and the previous night she had spent a lovely hour with it buried deep in her cunt whilst she continually rang the number.The search consisted of the confiscation of her handbag and a brief pat down of her body and finally, Kate produced a Polaroid Camera and took her picture.

Angie was shown into a dormitory style bedroom with eight single beds and told to wait. As Kate left the room, Angie heard the door being locked.

The large central room of the house was called the Cathedral. The first floor had been removed and the room was now over twenty feet to the roof. At one end there was a raised dais with a gold ornate throne. The Master reclined on the throne dressed in a black silk version of a Roman toga. A young girl knelt quietly on the floor at his feet with her head below his toga.

The regular rise and fall of the material made it clear that she had his cock down her throat. She was wearing a similar outfit to her Master but shorter and of a much courser material.

He was reading some papers and paying little attention to the girl, but up as the door to the Cathedral opened and Kate walked in carrying some photographs. She had changed out of the normal street clothes that she had worn to greet Angie and was now dressed like the others.

Around her waist, the toga was tied with a gold covered rope that signified her status as one of the chosen.

She bowed as she handed over the photographs and stood back whilst her Master studied them, There were eight in total and he quickly scanned through them until he came to Angie.

“She is beautiful,” he said in a deep baritone voice. “I shall look forward to fucking her.”

Kate took a step forward to confirm what photo he was looking at and agreed, “Yes Master. I’m sure she will give you a lot of pleasure.”

The Master pulled his toga open and Kate’s eyes dropped to the girl’s mouth as it bobbed up and down his prick.

She looked back up at The Master and found his eyes boring into hers. “I need your cunt,” he said.

“Yes Master,” she immediately responded, and grabbed the other girl by the hair.

She was only a lowly slave to be used and abused as The Master wished and, as one of the Chosen, Kate had the privilege of using the slaves too. Kate smiled as the girl cried out in pain
as she was hauled to her feel by the hair and thrown down to whimper on the floor. Kate untied the gold rope and let her toga fall open to reveal her naked body. Her 34B tits were rock solid and her long nipples were already standing erect. Her cunt was partly shaved leaving only a narrow strip of pubic hair above her clit. She could feel her wetness between her legs as she straddled his lap and slowly lowered her sex onto The Masters rigid shaft. She slid down, savoring the feeling of having her hole stretched until she could go no further.

She began to bounce her hot cunt over his prick. Slowly at first, and then faster, until she was at a steady rhythm. She groaned as his fingers found her sensitive nipples and squeezed them hard. Her cunt muscles were clenching around his cock trying to milk the semen out of his balls and her throbbing clit was radiating waves of pleasure throughout her body.

“Fuck me Master,” she cried. “Bless me with your divine spunk.”

His eyes were tightly closed as Kate’s tight fuck hole gripped his prick and he responded by squeezing her teats even harder. Her orgasm exploded inside her just as the Master grabbed her hard around the hips and pulled her down onto his shaft and jetted his thick white cum up her cunt.

The Master slumped in his throne and Kate’s head sagged down onto his shoulders as she tried to steady her breathing. After a few moments, Kate staggered to her feet letting the Masters cock slurp out of her hole. A few drops of spunk and cunt cream dropped out of her body and she immediately dropped to her knees and licked him clean. The nodded his approval as she stood once again and retied the gold rope aground her toga.

The Master pointed to the slave and said, “Chosen one, this slave has offended me.”

The slave girl gulped and began whimpering as Kate asked, “How so Master?”

“She was given the honor of sucking my divine cock but she neglected my asshole. She must be punished,” he decreed.

Kate nodded once and did her best to keep a smile from her face as she raised both arms above her head and clapped twice. A side door opened and two more of the chosen ones entered followed by a well muscled black man who stood 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighted over 230 lbs. He was dressed only in a pair of black shorts and had leather sandals on his feet.

The two girls were dressed identically to Kate and one had a trickle of spunk running down the inside of her leg. It was obvious from her flushed face that she had just been fucked and Kate idly wondered whose spunk it was.

The slave cringed as the trio trotted into the room, bowed to the Master and then turned to Kate to find out why they had been summoned.

“This slave has offended the Master by neglecting his divine asshole while she was giving head. Punish her so that she will never again forget his glorious shit hole.” she commanded.

The poor girl began wailing and prostrated herself on the floor at the Master’s feet and sobbed, “Please don’t let them hurt me Master. I am your loyal slave and will do anything to please you.”

The girls pleas fell on deaf ears and Kate curled up at her Master’s feet and shivered in anticipation as her friends fell on the slave’s body. Bull, the aptly named black man, fell onto the girls back, pulled her toga up to her waist and pinned her to the ground. Although she struggled wildly her little body was no match for Bulls strength. The two girls who would administer the punishment were Lorna and Kim and they sank to their knees on either side of the slave.

There were a total of ten Chosen Ones. Eight were girls all aged between 18 and 25 who had proved themselves worthy in the Eyes of the Master. They were also very beautiful and had enormous sexual appetites. The male Chosen Ones consisted of Bull and his white colleague nicknamed Whip because of his love of beating up the slaves. When the Master traveled anywhere, Bull and Whip acted as his bodyguards.

Holding the poor girl’s ass cheeks apart they took turns in spitting onto her little shit hole and gently massaging their saliva into her body. Lorna was the first to ease her index finger into the slave’s bowels and Kim wasn’t far behind her. The slave was an anal virgin and the two fingers felt enormous inside her. She couldn’t move because of Bull sitting on her back but she screamed loudly as she was violated. She screamed even louder when both girls added a second finger and, as the four fingers fucked her shitter, they were also pulling to the side to widen her hole even further.

Kate’s head was resting on the Masters leg as she watched the slaves discomfort and she felt his prick twitch against her cheek. Her hand was under her toga spreading the oozing spunk all over her gaping slit and rubbing urgently at her burning clit. Lorna had three fingers up the slave’s asshole and she smiled her encouragement to her friend to do the same. Whit six fingers in her bowels the pain was excruciating and the young girl felt as if she was being ripped apart. Her fists pounded on the polished wood floor and she cried.

“Stop! Please stop. I can’t take any more.”

Her torturers just laughed and they both rammed all four fingers into her abused back hole. With all four fingers inside her, they now used all their strength to pull her asshole further apart and widen her hole further. The Masters cock was now standing erect and just as Kate was thinking about popping it into her throat, he bent down and whispered into her ear. She grinned in response and jumped to her feet and ran through the side door. She returned a few seconds later carrying a can of Pepsi. She handed the unopened can to Bull who knew exactly what to do. As the two girls held the slaves asshole as far open as they could, Bull carefully positioned the can and told the girls to remove their fingers before they got trapped. As they let go, the slaves shitter stayed open for a few seconds and that was all the time the big man needed to flex his muscles and drive the can into her bowels.

The slave’s harsh scream echoed around the walls and mixed with the laughter of her torturers. Bull’s huge black prick was straining the material of his trousers as he stood up to let Lorna and Kim drag the slave to her feet. She stood with her legs apart to try and lessen the agony from her shitter and the Master said, “You will hold that can inside you all night and report back to me tomorrow. One of my Chosen will sleep with you in your cell tonight to make sure it stays in. If for any reason you let it come out, we will re-insert it tomorrow together with another can up your cunt. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” she sobbed in reply and attempted to bow.

This almost forced her bowels to expel the can and her hands flew to her asshole and she screamed again as she forced it back into her body. She waddled out of the Cathedral with Kim as her shadow and heard the Masters laughter follow her.

Kate reached for the Masters cock hoping that he would be ready to fuck her again but he gently removed her hand and said, “You have other duties to attend to. See to our guests.”

Angie looked carefully around the dormitory and it didn’t take her long to spot the camera high in the corner. She casually walked into the toilet and spent a few minutes studying the interior. Despite her careful inspection, she could not any sign of surveillance and entered one of the two cubicles and closed the door. She hitched up her skirt, dropped her white panties to her ankles and squatted over the bowl. She had three fingers fully jammed into her cunt before they closed on the small plastic bag that held her phone. As she dialed the memorized number, her tongue licked her own juices from the bag.

Eddie answered his phone on the second ring and listened carefully to Angie’s whispered voice.

“Eddie, I’m in,” she began. “This fucking place is full of every type of camera and detector I’ve ever seen. The grounds are also covered with armed patrols and dogs. Whoever this Master is, he’s not taking any chances.”

“Yea, I can see the guards from here,” he confirmed with his binoculars glued to his face. “We’ve got the van parked just outside the perimeter and we’re trying to see if they patrol to a pattern. Any sign of our girl yet?”

“No. They’ve got me locked inside some kind of dormitory on the first floor and I haven’t see anyone yet except some girl at the front door.” she replied.

“Okay, keep looking. Someone will be at this phone 24 hours. Call whenever
you want. Oh, two other things. Try and find our where the controls for
the security system are and also, if you need help, just call and we’ll
have the entire police force at the front door in minutes. Okay?”

“Okay Eddie,” she confirmed. “I have to go now.”

She ended the call and slipped the phone back in the little bag before pushing it back up her fuck hole. She flushed the toilet and stepped back into the room just as the door opened and two other girls were shown in. They were assured that someone would be back for them soon and the door was closed and locked. The three quickly introduced themselves and Angie studied her new companions. Both were in their early twenties and both were wearing jeans and tee shirts. Beth was tall and held her 34C – 22 – 34 figure well. She appeared well educated but had a haunted look that made Angie think that she was running away from something. Carole on the other hand was a bit plumper with a 36D – 26 – 37 figure and had such a bubbly personality that Angie immediately wanted to slap her.

Thankfully, she had only to endure Carole’s company for a few moments before the door opened and Kate stepped through. She was dressed in her black toga with the gold rope and explained the significance of her outfit to the three women. She finished by informing them that if they were instructed to perform any task by someone with an identical outfit, they must do so, and then lead then out of the dormitory and further into the huge house.

As they passed through one of the corridors, Angie saw a young girl who was walking in a strange manner with her legs wide apart. A girl dressed the same as Kate was obviously guarding her and the tears were running down the girl’s cheeks.

“So not everyone here is happy,” she thought and filed this piece of information away for future reference.

As the massive doors to the Cathedral swung open, Kate lead them in and lined them up in front of the Master who was now flanked on either side of his throne by all his Chosen Ones. Kate bowed to him and then stepped onto the dais to take her place by this throne.

The Master remained un-speaking for a few moments to let the three women scan the faces of his Chosen. Angie immediately decided that she didn’t like the look of Whip, whose hard blue eyes stared icily back at her, but she did like the look of Bull. Or rather she liked the look of the bulge in the front of his shorts. Her lustful thoughts were sharply cut short as the Master’s toga rustled and he rose gracefully to his feet. He was not a huge man nor was he exceptionally handsome but he did project a certain aura that caused most people to instinctively trust
and like him.

As his rich baritone voice echoed around the Cathedral, Angie and the other two girls found themselves mesmerized and hanging on his every word. It was a standard speech that he gave to all newcomers, promising them happiness, prosperity and salvation in the next world. He smiled to himself as he saw how effortlessly he held their attention and idly wondered how much money he could get from them.

His speech finished and he stepped down from the dais and kissed them each on the lips. Was it Angie’s imagination, or did her kiss last a fraction longer than the other two?

They were lead back to the dormitory and told that they would eat shortly and then they should retire to bed. Kate spoke to them once they were back to their room and explained that
there was an initiation ceremony in two days and after they had successfully completed it, they would be allowed the freedom of the house without any locked doors.

“What happens if we don’t complete it successfully?” Angie asked.

“Well then, I’m afraid that you have to be guarded and kept in this room until you do.” she answered. Seeing their frowns she quickly added, “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll all be fine.”

As she left the room, Angie thought about the girl in the corridor and she was sure that she was one of the ones that hadn’t been successful at their initiation.

She made the excuse of a heavy period and went back into the toilets. A
few moments later, she had relayed all the information to Eddie who
agreed that the best plan would be to get hold of one of these unsuccessful
girls and pump her for information. “Let me think about it,” he said
finishing the call. “I’ll speak to you tomorrow.”

Angie tried not to think of the camera monitoring the bedroom as she got
undressed for bed and dreamt that there were eyes watching her constantly.

The Master watched her closely as she slept. Although all the house and external camera were connected to a control room in the basement, the Master could also watch any camera wanted from an auxiliary control station here in his private bedroom. As he watched her toss and turn, Whip was letting him listen to a recording that a hidden microphone had picked up from the dormitory toilet. Although he could only hear one side of the conversation, it was obvious that Angie was in the house looking for someone.

“Keep her under constant surveillance until after her initiation,” he said angrily.

“What about the phone? Do you want me to find it?” Whip asked smiling in anticipation.

“No,” the Master replied. “We might get more information if she doesn’t know were onto her. Make sure that she’s never out of range of our microphones. We have to know what girl they’re after and we also have to know who was on the other end of her phone. That’s your job tomorrow. Check the perimeter of the house. If they’ve got us under surveillance, they can’t be far away. No fuss Whip, just get a license plate or something and trace it. Okay? ”

Whip nodded and then grinned as the Master asked the question he’d been waiting on.

“Who searched her as she cane in this afternoon?”

“Kate,” Whip answered. That little bitch is getting a bit above herself he thought. It’s about time she was taken down a peg or two.

Kate was one of the Masters favorites. Not only was she extremely beautiful but she fucked like a rabbit and took his cock into whatever hole he desired. He shook his head in regret and commanded, “Bring her too me.”

Whip bowed as he left the room and made straight for Kate’s bedroom where he silently opened the door. The girl slept naked just as he’d hoped and she sat up angrily as he pulled the covers from her body and snapped on the light.

“What the fuck are you doing in here,” she demanded without even trying to cover her breasts and her sex from his eyes.

“The Master wants you in his private bedroom. Now.” he replied.

It was unusual to be called for in the middle of the night but she assumed that he was horny and she immediately jumped to her feet, threw on her toga and followed Whip to the bedroom.

She stood in front of the Master with a slight smile on her face and prepared to disrobe. The Masters words stung her like a physical blow when he said, “Chosen one, you have displeased me.”

Her hands froze on the gold rope and she couldn’t speak for a few seconds.

“Master,” she cried. “I only live to serve you. What have I done that displeased you?”

He nodded to Whip who pressed the play button on the recorder and she listened in horror to the tape. The Master then placed the photograph of Angie into her trembling hands and said, “This woman has a phone and is here to cause us problems. Who was responsible for searching her?”

Kate looked at the floor as she answered, “I was Master. I took away her bag and searched her clothing. The phone must be hidden in her cunt or asshole.”

“Yes,” Chosen One he agreed, “I have already deduced that, but you still failed in your duty to me. Remove the rope and hand it to me.”

Kate could hardly see the rope for the tears in her eyes and she cried, “Oh please Master, not that. Let me still remain one of your Chosen and I promise I will serve you with my life.”

The Master shook his head and said, “You know that is not possible my dear. If you fail me, you cannot be a Chosen One. Leave the rope on the floor and move into one of the cells. You no longer have any standing in this house.”

As she turned and fled from the room in tears, Whip picked up the rope and handed it to the Master.

“Whip,” he said in a very quiet voice, “Kate is not a slave even although she lives in a cell. You will not touch her. Is that clear.”

The voice, although quiet, held much menace and Whip swallowed hard and
nodded his understanding.

While all this was going on, Bull was having a private party in his bedroom. He had invited Lorna and another of the Chosen, Helen, to his room for a drink and they had eagerly agreed. Bull’s cock was legendary in the house and both girls were looking forward to being reamed with the huge ebony shaft. The girls had decided to put on a show for the black man and were on the bed in the classic 69 position. Both still had their togas on but the gold ropes were on the floor and the garments flapped loose.

They were completely naked underneath and Lorna was on her back with her friend over the top of her. Her legs were spread wide and Helen’s long tongue was lapping slowly from her clit all the way back to her little asshole. Lorna’s mouth was glued over Helen’s engorged clit and her index finger was deep in her friend’s back hole. Lorna’s tongue flicked rapidly over Helen’s clit as her mouth sucked at the sensitive flesh and she could feel her body tense. Helen momentarily stopped licking at Lorna’s fuck hole to concentrate on her approaching orgasm.

Every muscle in Helen’s body was tensing and her back arched wildly forcing her head up. Just as she felt that her back was going to break, her climax exploded inside her and the breath that she had been holding was forced from her throat in a piercing scream.

She bucked over Lorna’s tongue and cried somewhat unnecessarily, “Oh fuck I’m cumming you bitch. I’m going to cream over your face.”

A low laugh came from Bull who was sitting on the chair watching the girls perform. His shorts were open and he was gently stroking his prick. At 10 inches long and over 3 inches in diameter it was an awesome weapon and drops of pre-cum were clinging to the tip.

Helen eventually had had enough and collapsed on the bed still shuddering and Lorna sat up and wiped away the thick cunt cream that was covering the lower half of her face. She grinned over at Bull and her shinning eyes dropped to his cock. She held out her arms and Bull stood up, kicked off his shorts and came over to stand at the side of the bed. Lorna’s hand looked so small wrapped around his prick and she licked the pre-cum from his piss hole.

“Mmm, tastes good,” she said licking her lips and looking up into his eyes.

Helen had recovered from her cum and crawled over to Bull’s other side and the two girls began running their tongues over his shaft. There was no way that either girl could deep throat this monster and they combined their efforts to coat his prick with their saliva in readiness for a fuck.

“I want to taste some cunt,” Bull said suddenly and bent down to grab Lorna’s ankles as she knelt on the bed.

With little effort, he hauled her feet in the air causing her to tip upside down and cry out in surprise. She automatically put her hands on the bed to take her weight and perform a handstand. This allowed Bull to transfer his huge hands to her hips and he lifted her body to her face. As Lorna’s hands came away from the bed, she opened her legs and Bull gazed into her cunt that was slightly open and he could see the juices bubbling inside. Lorna cried out in pleasure as his mouth fastened over her slit and he began sucking her juices down his throat.

Helen had watched her friend being hauled upside down and now turned back to get as much of Bull’s cock into her mouth as possible. Lorna was moaning continually as Bull’s long tongue explored inside her body and she began shouting as he turned his attention to her burning clit.

“Oh yea, suck my clit Bull,” she gasped. “Suck it hard and make me cum.”

His tongue was lashing her sensitive bud and she was trashing her body in response.

“Fuck, keep sucking. Fuck I’m going to cream,” she shouted.

He sucked even harder and she groaned, “Keep doing me. Fuck I’m going to spray by cum all over you. Nearly there. Nearly. Nearly. Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

As her body convulsed, Bull found it difficult to keep his hold on her hips. Her fuck hole was pouring out its juices and it was running down her flat stomach and between her tits. Bull eventually let her fall onto the bed and he looked down at Helen who fell onto her back and spread her legs.

“I like a girl who knows what she wants,” Bull said with smile and crawled between her legs.

The girl bit her bottom lip as Bull began pushing his monster cock into her cunt. She was still soaking from her recent orgasm but her fuck hole was being stretched wide as she was penetrated. Once Bull was about half way in, he drew back and began fucking her with short strokes. Looking down between her legs at where they were joined she gasped, “All the way. Get your cock all the way up my cunt. I want to feel your balls slap against my asshole.”

He laughed quietly and began pushing forward again. Some women just couldn’t take his entire shaft, but Helen was determined to swallow every last inch of him. She just made it. As his balls came to rest on her ass, the tip of his prick was nudging against her cervix. She savored the feeling for a few seconds and then looked into his eyes.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

He began with long slow strokes that drove the girl wild and then gradually increased his pace.

Lorna was beginning to recover and she crawled over to watch her friend being fucked. She loved the way Helen’s swollen cunt lips were being forced so far apart and were gripping Bull’s cock so tightly.

Helen was moaning continually and her fingers were squeezing her hard nipples as Bull’s shaft pounded in and out of her fuck hole. She began thrusting her hips upward to match the big mans powerful lunges and squealed with delight at the loud smack that his balls were making on her ass. Her cunt was so full of juice that little squirts spurted out every time Bull drove up her and his pubic hair was soaked and matted to his skin.

She was very close, and when Lorna slipped her hand below her and inserted her finger into her shitter, it launched her over the top.

“Shit, I’m cumming. Oh fuck. FUCK!” she cried as her body convulsed and shuddered.

Bull stopped his shafting and looked down at her as she thrashed over the bed. The inside of Helen’s hole was warm ant tight and he suddenly felt the sensation of her hot cunt cream wash over his cock and drip from his balls.

Helen’s eyes were tightly closed and her breathing ragged as Lorna pulled her finger out of her asshole and lay down beside her with her legs open.

“She’s wasted Bull,” she said. “Do me now.”

With both hands she spread her cunt wide open and as Bull pulled out of Helens hole and crawled towards her, his gaze was on the pink interior of her cunt that was glistening with her juices. With her own lubrication and Bull’s cock still shinning with Helen’s cum, he had no trouble in driving fully up Lorna’s fuck hole as he began to shaft her.

Her eyes never left his and she said, “Fuck me. Fill my cunt with your big cock and fuck me hard.”

The black man had a lot of stamina and he was soon flashing in and out of her front hole and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. The girl was totally unaware of her surroundings now and the whole world consisted of the prick that was fucking her cunt. She didn’t realize that Helen had now recovered and was trying to sit on her face as she watched Bull fuck her.

Leaning forward, Helen grabbed Lorna’s legs and drew them up to her chest causing Bull’s cock to slip out of her saturated cunt. As Bull looked questioningly at her, she bent her head and spat onto Lorna’s asshole.

Looking up at Bull as said, “Fuck her shitter Bull. Let me see that big shaft stretch her little asshole.”

It was only now that Lorna was beginning to recover from her multiple orgasm and she wailed as her anal muscle was forced apart and what felt like a baseball bat started to slide up her shit hole. Her eyes flew open but the only thing she could see was Helens cunt that was gaping open and dripping its cream onto her lips.

“Oh fuck, you’re ripping my asshole apart,” came a muffled voice from between Helen’s legs.

She squatted down further and forced her slit over Lorna’s mouth preventing her from saying anything else and Bull continued his relentless pushing until his pubic bone stopped him.

He looked at Helen and groaned, “God, she’s so tight.”

Lorna’s distended bowel was like a fist around him and Helen’s eyes were shining with lust as she said, “Fuck her. Fuck the shit out of her and fill her asshole with your spunk.”

She squatted further down to stifle Lorna’s screams and rubbed furiously at her friend’s clit with all four fingers. Lorna’s over stimulated clit quickly brought to orgasm and her muffled screams turned to groans as the waves of ecstasy mixed with the intense pain in her shitter and caused the most delicious feelings in her body. Bulls cock was pounding faster and faster up her back hole and he knew that her couldn’t last much longer. With a loud groan, he buried his prick deep in Lorna’s shit hole and started to jet his hot white spunk into her bowels. Just before his last powerful spurt, Helen pulled his prick from Lorna’s body and dragged it into her mouth. His semen hit the back of her throat and she then sucked his shaft clean savoring the taste of Lorna’s asshole that clung to his cock.

After their efforts, they collapsed onto Bull’s large double bed and were soon asleep.

The thick spunk ran down the back of the Masters hand as he sat in his chair jacking himself off. He could see that the entertainment for tonight was over and he switched off the monitor displaying the feed from the hidden camera in Bull’s bedroom and went to his own bed.

The next morning broke fresh and clear which was more than could be said for Eddie, Tony and Nick. The trio had spent a long night in Eddie’s office studying drawings and photos of the mansion. As the rising sun streamed in the window they had finalized their plan. Their surveillance had revealed that most, if not all, the girls took some exercise in the grounds throughout the morning and most had the freedom of the gardens. There was a small group of girls that were obviously being guarded by some other girls that were clothed in black dresses with some form of gold rope. Eddie reasoned that this group were the unsuccessful initiates and that they were being guarded to prevent their escape. They had also noticed that the armed guards and the dogs were not deployed until dusk so the morning was the perfect time for their raid.

Whip had just completed his second patrol of the perimeter. His first was in the early hours of the morning when the only thing of interest was when he came across a couple fucking their brains out in the back seat of a car parked on one of the unlit side roads. The second patrol revealed nothing suspicious.

“Fuck this,” he grumbled as he made his way back to the house.

He reasoned that the most practical, as well as the most comfortable way to watch the perimeter was from the basement security room using the CCTV.

“What a wonderful way to wake up,” thought Angie still lying in her bed with her eyes closed.

Someone was pushing a vibrator into her cunt and she opened her legs and spent a few seconds trying to remember who she was sleeping with. She suddenly recalled where she was and her eyes flew open. To her surprise, no one was near her and the other two girls were still sound asleep. She jumped out of bed as she realized that the vibrator was actually her mobile phone shaking inside her cunt. The phone had cut off by the time she got into the toilet cubicle and retrieved it. She called back and Eddie answered on the first ring. He swiftly brought her up to speed on their plan, confirming that they were going to grab one of the slaves today and hopefully get enough information to get to Sarah Getty tomorrow.

“Okay,” she responded, “But you’re cutting it pretty neat. I’m meant to go through some form of initiation tomorrow night and I’d rather not be here. I don’t know what happens at the ceremony, but most girls seem to become the willing slaves of this Master guy and that scares me.”

Don’t worry baby,” Eddie said. “We’ll get you out before that.”

They ended the call and Eddie turned to Nick and Tony and said, “Right, let’s go.”

Whip was flicking from camera to camera on the security monitor and seeing nothing suspicious.

“Fucking waste of time,” he grumbled to himself. “If he’d let me rip that fucking phone out of her cunt, I’d soon find out who her contact was.”

He stopped the camera on a Nissan car that had pulled over on the north road. There was steam billowing out of the engine and the driver had the hood up and trying to fix it.

“Goddamn Piece of Japanese shit,” he said dismissing the incident from his mind and went back to flicking from camera to camera.

Tony had Let Eddie and Nick out of the car about half a mile down the road and drained the water from his radiator. The two men made their way through the undergrowth while Tony ran the car until it began to steam and pulled to the side in a prearranged position

“There,” Nick whispered to Eddie pointing to his left.

A group of four girls were being guarded by another two girls with the gold ropes around their waists. Eddie studied the four closely. One of them appeared to have difficulty walking properly.

She walked slowly with her legs open and Eddie pointed her out to Nick and whispered, “Not her. She doesn’t look like she could run. Any of the other three will do.”

Nick nodded his understanding and they moved as close as the bushes would allow without someone being able to see them

The group was about 30 feet away when Eddie said, “Now.”

They both sprinted forward and the Chosen Ones stood still in shock at the two men who were almost on top of them. Eddie grabbed the arm of the closest girl and pulled her back the way they came. She resisted at first but when he gasped, “Come on. We’re trying to rescue you,” she shrugged off his hand and raced along at his side. One of the Chosen tried to run after them but Nick lashed out with his fist, catching her on the side of her face, and she crumpled to the ground.

Tony had refilled the radiator and as he heard the crashing of someone running through the undergrowth, he slammed down the hood and fired up the engine. Eddie pushed the girl in the back of the car and dived in beside her. Nick’s right foot was still outside the car when Tony floored the gas and they sped off down the country road.

Whip caught the last of the action by accident.

He watched the girl being bundled into the back of the car and cried, “Shit,” and raced out of the room.

The girl in the back of the car was shaking and sobbing. She looked at the men and asked, “Am I really out? You’re nothing to do with this Master guy. Right?”

“Right,” confirmed Eddie. “We’re going to take you back to my office and ask you a few questions. After that you are free to go or to phone your family. Whatever you want. Okay?”

As she nodded, Eddie continued, “What’s your name?”

“Mary,” she said. “Mary Dawson.”

Eddie introduced his companions and said, “Relax and enjoy the ride Mary. We’ll be at the office in about 15 minutes.

The commotion within the house was tremendous. Even although Kate was no longer one of the Chosen, she rushed straight to the Cathedral to find out what was happening.

Angie’s heart was hammering in her chest. She had left the cubicle after replacing the phone and was standing looking at her reflection in the mirror and brushing her hair. The morning sun streaming in the window glinted on something in the corner of the room. She stood on her tiptoes to examine it and could just make out the mesh covering of a microphone.

It was well concealed and if the sun hadn’t reflected of it, she would never have noticed it. “Fuck,” she exclaimed softly as she realized that her phone conversations had been overheard.

The sound of running footsteps and shouting in the corridor outside the room informed her that Eddie had made his move. “I’ve got to get out of here,” she thought.

She had already examined the windows and found them screwed shut. The lock on the door was a good quality mortise and the door itself was solid timber. She had no choice but to wait for it to be opened and then to try and escape.

Jill was the only slave who hadn’t been in the garden. She was totally unaware of the commotion and went on with her duties. This week she was in charge of cleaning out the kennels that were housed at the back of the mansion and connected to the house by an enclosed corridor. All of the guards lived off site but James Samson spent as much time in the kennels as possible. He was in charge of the animals and had an office and even a small bedroom of his own. His own dog was a huge mastiff called Spike that was a fully trained attack animal that James had also trained to service women. His wife had been very pretty when he married her, but three children and a love of chocolate had left her fat and covered in stretch marks and cellulite. Thankfully, she was also liked dog cock and James had trained Spike to fuck his wife because he no longer wanted to. Jill was wearing the normal black toga and as she bent over to scoop up the dog turds, James was treated to a glimpse of her little cunt.

Jill was 18 years old and had been imprisoned in the house for three weeks. She had been through the initiation ceremony three times but still wouldn’t pledge herself to serve the Master. As she shut the animal cage door behind her and turned into the corridor, she saw James standing watching her with his trousers unzipped and his hard cock in his hand.

James was a man with a vile temper and Jill knew that he wanted her body. She could either submit willingly or try to fight him off and end up getting the shit kicked out of her and then raped. Either way she was going to get fucked, and as she was only a slave she knew that no one in the house would care what happened to her.

She walked towards James and asked, “Would you like me to do that for you?” in what she hoped was a sexy voice.

As she approached him, she untied the cord that held her toga together and let his eyes feast on her firm body. It was a rule that the slaves were not allowed to wear any underwear and any infringement was severely punished.

As she knelt before him, she gently ran her tongue up and down both sides of his shaft before pulling back his foreskin and swirling her tongue over the exposed head. She heard his sharp intake of breath and felt his body tense as her tongue made contact with his sensitive piss hole, and then he sighed loudly as she opened her mouth wide and the soft velvet flesh closed around his shaft.

“Oh god yea,” he moaned reaching down to pull her toga further apart and gaze down at her tits. “Suck me hard baby.”

Her head was bobbing backwards and forwards and loud slurping noises were coming from her mouth as she did her best to bring him off. Is she could just get his to cum in her mouth, he would probably lose interest in her and she could go about her business.

He heart sank as she felt his hands on her shoulders, and he said, “Let’s go into the bedroom and get comfortable.”

She followed him through his office and her fingers were frantically rubbing at her cunt to stimulate her natural lubrication. If she was going to be fucked, she reasoned that she might as well be wet enough to enjoy it.

As they crossed the office into the bedroom behind, Spike opened his tired eyes and watched them. He sniffed the air for a few seconds and began wagging his short tail before hauling his body onto his feet and padding after his master.

James pulled off his clothes and lay on the bed while Jill allowed her toga to fall from her shoulders onto the floor. His stiff prick twitched in anticipation as she stood over him and straddled his body. Slowly, she squatted down until the tip of his cock was nudging at the now slippery entrance to her cunt. The throbbing purple head pushed a few inches into her fuck hole and she stopped for a few seconds. James was staring at her cunt and where his shaft was slowly being devoured by her fuck hole.

Jill smiled to herself and dropped her knees onto the bed and lowered her butt until the entire length was buried up her cunt. As James began thrusting upwards, she also placed her hands on the bed on either side of him and raised her ass slightly to let him have a longer stroke in her hot, tight hole. Far from being unpleasant, she was really enjoying this fuck and her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the delicious feelings being generated by her clit. She suddenly squealed as Spike pressed his cold nose into her ass crack and tentatively licked at her puckered little shit hole.

Deciding that he liked the taste, Spike started to lick faster and harder despite Jill squirming about on top of James’ cock and shouting, “Fuck off dog. Leave me alone.”

She looked pleadingly down at James, but he just grinned and kept screwing her.

She turned back to watch the big dog and realized that she actually liked the sensation of having her asshole rimmed and gave a mental shrug of acceptance of the situation. Her clit was starting to tingle and she knew she was building up to a climax. Spike’s long tongue was now really probing at her back hole and she moaned as her lubricated anal muscle gave way and allowed the dog’s tongue to push up her shitter and thrash about inside her bowels.

“God, he’s right inside my asshole,” she moaned.

She used one hand to pull at her butt and open her ass cheek even further and she gasped, “Lick my asshole boy. Get your tongue up me and lick my shit.”

She was consumed with lust and as she encouraged Spike to tongue her shitter, her clit felt like it was going to explode as James’ cock continually rasped over it.

Jill suddenly began shuddering and she cried, “I’m cumming. Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” and James had to hold onto her as she convulsed and spasm-ed on top of him.

James took a rest. His prick was still embedded in her cunt, but he was waiting for to recover from her climax.

Spike’s sensitive nose was full of the wonderful smells of Jill’s asshole and her cunt cream that covered James shaft, and the dog’s pink cock had been growing out of his sheath and was now hanging down between his legs.

It was about 8 inches long and just under 3 inches in diameter. At the root of his prick was a slight bulge that showed where his knot was beginning to form.

Jill had just about recovered when suddenly her asshole felt empty and the weight of Spike’s body crashed onto her back. It almost knocked the wind out of her and she groaned with the effort of supporting the dog’s weight. It took a few seconds for her recovering senses to realize that Spike’s cock was perfectly positioned at the entrance to her asshole and before she could do anything about it, the dog gave a mighty lunge forward and drove his prick into her bowels.

She screamed and James felt her already tight cunt get even tighter as his pet started pounding in and out of her shit tube.

“Oh fuck,” the girl moaned as James started thrusting once more and she was double fucked.

As much as her brain was telling her that this was wrong, the nerve endings between her legs were screaming “YES, YES!” and Jill willingly gave into them.

Her cunt was dripping from her previous cum and James’ cock was again rubbing over her throbbing clit. He tried to match the thrusting of his pet but quickly gave up. Spike was driving in and out of the girl’s asshole at an astonishing rate and every lunge took him further and further up her shit hole until his balls were banging against her anal ring. The dog’s knot was slowly beginning to form and Jill groaned loudly as the walls of her shit tube were forced apart.

“Oh god, he’s getting bigger inside me,” she gasped. “I can feel his cock growing in my ass.”

James could feel it too. The animals knot was pressing on the thin membrane that separated them and squeezing her cunt tightly around his prick.

Jill was on her hands and knees with her head hanging down when she suddenly cried, “Fuck, I’m going to cum again. Of fuck I’m cumming.”

James raised both hands and savagely grasped her dangling nipples. His fingers squeezed and twisted her sensitive teats as hard as he could and the girl’s orgasm exploded inside her. Hot, thick cunt cream ran down James’ shaft and soaked his crotch as Jill shook and shuddered on top of him.

James thrusts now became more urgent as he felt his own climax boil out of his balls and rush up his piss hole to blast spunk deep in her convulsing fuck hole.

Her head rested on his chest as she tried to recover from her cum and James felt her whole body shake with every thrust of Spike’s cock. Jill was groaning incoherently as the dog’s knot continued to swell. It was now sized like a tennis ball and his strong thrusts showed no signs of slowing down. The drool was dripping out of the side of the big dog’s mouth and also dripping from the end of its long pink tongue that lolled out of its mouth as he panted with the effort of fucking his bitch. The drool pooled on Jill’s back before running down her side and dripping from her tit.

Her shit hole was being stretched and battered by the enormous knot and Spike raised his head to the ceiling and howled like a wolf. This was quickly followed by frenzied whining and he suddenly gave a final lunge and buried his entire shaft up Jill’s abused asshole.

The girl’s head snapped up and she screamed loudly as Spikes hot thin spunk blasted into her back hole and was completely plugged by the huge knot.

James softening cock could feel the spasms of Spikes prick as jet after jet of sperm lanced into her and he gently eased his cock out of her cunt and squirmed out from below her.

Jill’s eyes were tightly closed and she knew that she was tied to the dog. Low whimpers escaped her lips as Spike shifted his weight from one back paw to another pulling her entire body with him.James grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her face upwards to push his slimy cock into her mouth.

As she licked him clean of spunk and her own cunt cream, James scratched Spike affectionately behind the ear and said, “Good boy.”

The Master was furious. Whip had prostrated himself on the floor at his Masters feet and was begging forgiveness. All the Chosen Ones were with the Master in the Cathedral and Kate was standing behind them hoping that he wouldn’t realize that she shouldn’t be there.

“You have allowed the most grievous mistake,” he said with his angry voice booming out and echoing around the room. “You have allowed the agents of Satan to taint our holy ground and to take away one of our children. You will be severely punished for this.”

He looked around to Bull, who was standing with his muscled arms folded across his barrel chest and said, “Bring the woman to me.”

The black man knew exactly who he wanted and left the Cathedral to return about 10 minutes later with his hand firmly clasped around Angie’s struggling arm.

He realized her in front of the Master, and two of the Chosen quickly stepped to either side of her and took an arm each.

“My dear,” he began pleasantly, “Please give me your mobile phone.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me go. I’ve decided I don’t want to join your disciples and I demand that you let me go.”

The Master touched Whip’s prone body with the tip of his shoe and said, “Whip, try and redeem some of your mistakes. Find the phone for me.”

He jumped to his feet with an evil grin and ran his hands over Angie’s body. She struggled against this assault but her strength was no match for the two girls holding her and especially with Bull standing behind her with his powerful hands resting on her shoulders.

Whip paid particular attention to her tits and grinned into her face as she looked back at him with pure hatred in her eyes.

He dropped to his knees as his hands ran down her waist, over her hips and back over her ass. He looked up at her with a sadistic smile as he drew his fingers over her white panties below her short skirt and traced the outline of her slit.

He turned to the Master and shook his head. “My child,” he said to Angie, “I give you one last change to give me your phone.”

“Fuck off,” she snapped in reply trying to pull her arms free.

The Master shrugged his shoulders and nodded at Whip. As he pushed her skirt up to her waist and hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties, Angie drew back her foot to lash out at her tormentor, but quickly changed her mind when Bull’s fingers pressed into her shoulder. Extreme pain lanced from her shoulder and she was sure that if he increased the pressure any further, her collarbone would shatter. When her foot came back onto the floor the pressure subsided and she gasped for breath as the agony subsided.

Whip pulled down her panties until they dropped to her ankles and, at his nod, both girls who were holding her arms, placed a foot between Angie’s and pulled her legs apart. A gentle pressure on her aching shoulder told her not to resist.

Whip made sure that Angie was watching him as her pushed his hand under the toga of the girl holding her left arm. He knew that Lorna would be turned on by Angie’s discomfort and her was rewarded as she parted her legs and let his fingers slip into her hot wet cunt. He swirled them around and then brought them to his nose and sniffed appreciatively. Angie could see Lorna’s juices glisten on his fingers and she clenched her teeth as they were forced into her sex.

Angie knew that she could do nothing to stop this vile man finding the phone in her cunt and in a token act of defiance, she released her bladder, and grinned as Whip leapt backwards. He howled in rage as her piss splattered onto the wooden floor and splashed onto his clothes.

His fist drew back and his mouth drew into a snarl, but before her could land the punch, the Master’s quiet voice said, “The phone Whip. All I want is the phone.”

Angie’s urine slowed to a trickle as Whip squatted in front of her with his sandals splashing in her piss. She knew instinctively what he was going to do and braced her self. With all four fingers at the entrance to her cunt, he drove his hand up her fuck hole and gave a short humorless laugh as a scream was ripped from her throat. His fingers closed on the polythene bag that held the phone and he wrapped his fist tightly around it and with agonizing slowness, pulled his fist out of her body.

Without a word, he stood up and handed the package to the Master.

He unwrapped the phone and then asked, “Who were you calling?”

Angie shook her head and looked at the floor.

“Whip,” he said. “You my now do whatever it takes to find out who she was in contact with.”

As Whip stepped forward, Kate said “Master.”

The Master turned and for the first time realized that Kate was present. “My child,” he said. “You should not be here.”

She nodded her understanding but would not look away from him.He sighed and then continued, “What did you want to say?”

“I know that type of phone Master,” she replied. “By pressing the up-arrow key, it will display the last number called.”

The Master’s voice softened noticeably as he smiled and said, “You have pleased me child. Well done.”

Kate beamed at his words and, as he had not told her to leave, she decided she had his permission to remain.

Eddie and his friends took Mary back to the office and had taken note of everything she told them. They showed her a picture of Sarah Getty and she not only knew her but was also able to describe the location of her bedroom. Unfortunately, she had never seen Angie, but she pinpointed the dormitory where the new disciples were normally held.

She had also revealed the Masters secret of the initiation ceremony.

The Cathedral was decked out with large spinning discs painted with bright colours. The Master was a trained hypnotist and combined this with subliminal messages contained in videos that were always playing in monitors placed around the room. Most people were susceptible to hypnosis but some, like Mary were naturally resistant.

They were transferring the information onto the plans of the house that Nick had managed to get from City Hall, when Eddie’s mobile phone rang.

Seeing Angie’s number displayed, he answered it immediately and was surprised to hear a male voice on the other end.

“Who am I speaking too?” The Master asked.

“Who the fuck are you?” Eddie answered.

The Master nodded to Whip who drove his fist into Angie’s stomach. She screamed loudly and would have collapsed onto the floor if the two girls’ were not holding her up.

“Please don’t mess me about,” the Master said into the phone. “I have Angie here and as you can hear, I will hurt her if you don’t answer my questions. Now, what is your name?”

“Eddie Marano,” he growled, “And I guess you are this Master asshole?”

“I’ll let that remark pass for mow Mr. Marano.” The Master replied. “Now to business. On the assumption that you have feelings for Angie, I propose a trade. I want Mary back and you can then have Angie. Do we have a deal?”

“I’ll think about it,” Eddie said. “Let me speak to Angie.”

“No,” the Master replied. “I will phone you back in one hour for your decision Mr Marano. Oh, one last thing. Who were you planning to abduct from the house?”

Eddie remained silent trying frantically to think of a way out of this situation when he heard the Masters voice again.

“Mr. Marano, I am not a patient man. I will give you five seconds and then I will order my disciple to remove Angie’s right nipple with his knife.”

Beads of sweat were standing out on Eddie’s forehead as she said quietly, “Sarah Getty.”

“Ah, of course,” the Master replied. “The long arm of the wealthy Getty family. I should have guessed. Thank you Mr. Marano. We shall talk again in an hour.”

“Bastard,” Eddie spat and then brought Nick and Tony up to speed.As they were pondering what to do, Mary said, “He’ll killer her,”

“What!?” Eddie said in a shocked voice. “What did you say?”

“If you don’t agree, he’ll clear everyone out of the house who’s not completely under his influence and kill Angie,” she replied. “He’s done it before. All trace of her will be gone and everyone will swear on a stack of bibles that she was never in the house. You’ll never see her again.”

Cold fingers closed around Eddie’s heart and he stared helplessly at his friends.

The Master ordered Angie to be locked in one of the cells and that Whip should personally guard her. He took Bull to the side and quietly told him to get everything ready in case his plans didn’t work out. Angie was to be destroyed and all slaves were to be transferred to one of the other houses.

The dismissed his Chosen but stopped Kate as she was about to leave. “Come with me my child,” he ordered.

This was only the third time that Kate had been in the Masters private bedroom.

She fell to her knees sobbing when he pulled a golden rope from a drawer and handed it to her, lifting her back to her feet.

With trembling hands, she fastened it around her toga and sat in the chair beside him when he indicated that she should do so.

“Chosen one,” he began and smiled slightly as Kate’s shivered at his words. “The tools of Satan are among us. They seek to destroy us but the must not succeed.”

She nodded her agreement and said, “I’m sure your plan will work Master.”

In a rare moment of humility, the Master replied, “I’m not so sure child.”

In a quiet voice, because she knew she must be very careful, Kate said, “You have always told us that in order to banish Satan we must have money and that was why we had to pledge all our savings to the cause. Why don’t we make money from Sarah Getty and at the same time get rid of Mr. Marano?”

“You paint a nice picture Chosen One but I don’t see how that can be accomplished.” The Master replied.

“Oh but it can Master,” Kate said. “We just have to give Sarah Getty to Mr. Marano.

In response to his questioning look, Kate continued. “I presume that Mr Marano is trying to get Sarah back to her family for money. I think it safe to assume that with it being the Getty family, we are talking about a great deal of money. You can make Sarah forget everything that’s happened to her here and give her to Mr. Marano in exchange for, say half of the money that the Getty’s give him.”

A slow smile spread over the Masters face but he let Kate finish describing her plan. “That way you get money to help with the lords business and Mr. Marano gets money to keep him happy, and just to make sure that he keeps his side of the bargain, we keep Angie until we’re paid. The only thing you lose is Mary and she was a worthless piece of shit anyway.”

The Master clapped his hands together and grinned as he said, “Chosen One, you have excelled yourself. It shall be as you suggest. Why don’t you go and fetch Sarah and we’ll have some fun with her before I wipe her mind.”

Kate jumped up to obey and was soon leading Sarah into the room.

“Sarah,” said Kate whispering in her ear. “You have been honored. The Master is going to fuck your brains out. Strip and show him how much you want his divine cock.”

Sarah Getty have been conditioned to obey the Master’s every whim and quickly stripped off her clothes and felt them piled up on the floor.

She was 19 years old and her firm body was sized 34B – 23 – 34. Her bright green eyes were shining with lust and she tossed her long blonde hair behind her back and wet her lips as she stared at the Masters prick. His toga had fallen open and his hand gently stroked his hard shaft as his eyes took in every curve of the girl’s body. Sarah lifted up one foot onto the desk and pulled open her sex lips to let the Master gaze at her pink interior. As her fingers began to slide up her fuck hole, Kate’s nose twitched as she smelt the girl’s cunt and she dropped to her knees for a closer look. Sarah was a natural blonde and the soft pubic hairs framed her slit.

The outer lips were already swollen and the first drops of her juices were starting to run down her fingers.

Kate sucked her finger into her mouth and then eased her lubricated finger between Sarah’s ass cheeks to massage her little brown shitter.

Sarah smiled her encouragement to Kate and then turned back to the Master.

Drops of pre-cum were standing out on the tip of his cock and as Sarah watched, he took his index finger and rubbed the juice over his swollen prick. As he pulled his finger away, a thin line of his slimy discharge still connected his finger to his shaft. He offered his finger to Sarah and she immediately opened her mouth and greedily sucked it clean.

She brought her foot back down to the floor and with Kate’s finger still buried in his asshole, she bent forward to slurp the Masters’ cock into her hot mouth.

Sarah groaned around his prick as Kate put a second finger up her shit hole and began rubbing the girl’s burning clit with her other hand.

The Master’s cock was just brushing the velvet tissue at the back of Sarah’s throat as he watched her lips slowly devour his shaft. She had to breathe through her nose as she took him deeper and deeper.

His hands rested lightly on the back of her head fondling her long hair as he moaned, “God, that’s it child. Take my cock deep in your hot throat.”

Her nose pushed into his pubic hair to make sure that he was fully down her throat and her breathing deepened and got faster as a familiar tingling began to radiate out from between her legs. Kate now hat two fingers up the girl’s shitter and three fingers up her cunt. Her arms were moving like pistons as she finger fucked both of Sarah’s holes.

As she drove into her shitter, she pulled out of her cunt and then reversed the action. Kate knew from the way the cunt juice was flowing out of Sarah’s fuck hole, that she must be very close.

Sarah’s head was bobbing up and down on the Masters shaft but she was finding it very difficult to concentrate. Her clit was starting to demand her full attention and she realized that she was about to cum, and cum hard.

She instinctively pulled her head out of his lap and raised her head high as she cried, “Shit, keep doing me you bitch. I’m going to cum.”

She grasped the Masters arms for support as her body shuddered and convulsed in orgasm. Kate glanced over at the Master and they shared a grin as Sarah continued to moan.

Kate removed her fingers to let Sarah recover and licked them clean enjoying the combined flavors of her cunt and asshole. As she stood up, she led the still dazed girl over to the Masters double bed and pushed her gently onto her back. Sarah automatically opened her legs and smiled as the Master rose out of his chair and knelt between her spread thighs.

He lent forward and placed his hands on either side of her body. She was so s lick with cunt cream that her had no trouble sliding inside her body and was soon thrusting deep into her fuck hole.

Kate’s cunt was dripping wet and she shrugged out of her toga and squatted over Sarah’s head. Even as she started to lower her slit, Sarah we reaching upwards with her tongue, and Kate shivered as they made contact.

Sarah’s long tongue pushed past Kate’s swollen sex lips and lashed the inside of her fuck tube. At the same time, Kate lent forward slightly and began rubbing her throbbing clit onto her chin as she watched the Master’s s haft pound in and out of Sarah’s cunt.

Kate’s eyes were blazing with lust and she screamed loudly as her climax exploded inside her and her thick cunt cream splattered onto Sarah’s face.

Sarah was just starting to cum for the second time as Kate recovered and she lent forward to savagely squeeze and twist the girl’s clit causing her to thrash about and arch her back from the bed.

The Master gritted his teeth and groaned that he was about to cum. As Kate bent further forward to watch, he suddenly grabberd her behind the neck and pulled her face towards him. Before Kate really knew what was happening, the Master jerked his prick out of Sarah’s cunt and jammed it down Kate’s throat. As the hot white spurts of spunk blasted into the back of her throat, Kate orgasm-ed again and eagerly sucked the slime from his shaft.

Exactly one hour after they had last spoken, Eddie’s phone rang and he reluctantly answered it. The Master was sitting naked in the chair in his bedroom and a somewhat flushed Kate was sitting at his feet listening to his conversation. Sarah had been taken to the Cathedral to await the Master.

“Mr Marano,” the Master began. “I have another proposition for you.”

Eddie had realized that he had little choice but to accept the Masters original deal and was surprised at the offer.

“Yea, I’m listening,” he replied warily.

“You can do what you want with Mary. I’ve decided that I don’t want her back after all. It won’t matter what she says or who she talks to, she has no proof of anything. I’ve also decided that you can also have Sarah Getty.” The Master said.

Eddie was silent for a few seconds as he digested this new information and then said, “So now you’re going to give me Sarah Getty. I drive up to your door, and you just let her walk out the front door. Right”

“Absolutely correct Mr. Marano,” the Master confirmed.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Eddie replied. “But why the fuck would you do that? And what about Angie?”

“I’m afraid Angie must remain our guest until I get my money.” The Master said.

“What fucking money?” Eddie demanded. “If you’re trying to hold Angie for some fucking ransom then you’re more stupid that I thought you were. I don’t have that kind of money.”

“Mr Marano,” the Master began. “I do assure you that it would be a grave mistake to take me for some form of fool. As to the money, I want a percentage of the reward money that the fabulously rich Getty family will pay you for the safe return of their daughter. How much are they paying you by the way?”

“Half a million bucks,” Eddie said slowly
“Oh come, come Mr. Marano, I warned you already about taking me for a fool. Half a million is chicken feed to the Getty family. Now, how much are they paying you?”

Eddie glanced at Nick and Tony who were sitting at the other side of the office comforting Mary who became very nervous when Eddie was talking to the Master. He casually walked over to the window and lowered his voice.

“One million for her safe return and five million if I can return her still a virgin.”

The Master smiled as he remembered his cock sliding up her wet cunt and he replied, “Actually she wasn’t a virgin when she came here but I’m sure that I can get her to believe that she is still pure. So, shall we say two and a half million to me and you can get Angie back as well?”

Eddie had never believed that it would be possible to return Sarah Getty as a virgin and had always believed that the best he could hope for was a million. If he agreed to the Masters plan, he could make double that after having paid all his debts.

“Yea,” he said slowly “I think we’ve got a deal.”

“Excellent,” the Master said happily. “You can pick up Sarah in two hours. She will be sleeping, and you will have to carry her to the car.

She will wake up about an hour later and will only vaguely remember some large house where she was very happy. The closer you get her to her family, the more these memories will fade until she remembers nothing. Oh, and she will believe that she is a virgin. Goodbye Mr. Marano.”

Two months later, Eddie and Angie were lying beside a pool under a clear Caribbean sky and enjoying the feelings of wealth.

The Master had closed up the house and moved on. Eddie had no idea where he had moved to, but something told him that they would cross paths again.


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