God sends demons and evil for disobedience: Non-Fiction

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Feature title: God sends demons and evil for disobedience
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Author notes: The blood of Jesus cleanses you form all sin and guilt (1 John 1:7). Jesus is the deliverer.

God sends demons and evil for disobedience

Scripture. (This will not happen if you obey the Bible.)

The following are excerpts from the Bible that show how God sends demons and evil on people when they disobey His Word:

Deut. 28:1-2,15–Blessings and curses.
Deut. 28:47-48–He will put a yoke of iron on your neck — unthankfulness.

Deut. 28:59-61–Sickness is caused by demons — disobedience.
Judges 9:23-24–God sent an evil spirit — cruelty.
I Sam. 16:14-16–Evil spirit from God — Saul’s disobedience.
I Kings 22:22-23–Lord hath put a lying spirit in mouth of prophets.
II Chron. 18:21-22–spoken evil — Ahab seduced by false prophets and slain.
Job 1:12–God allowed Satan to attack Job’s possessions — to prove Job.
Job 12:16–The deceived and deceiver are His — Satan and sinners.
Isaiah 19:14–Lord hath mingled a perverse spirit (perverted, troubling) in midst — confusion of Egypt.
Isaiah 29:10-11–Spirit of deep sleep (lethargy) poured out by the Lord — heavy judgment on Jerusalem.
Isaiah 45:7–I create evil (misery, destruction, death, ignorance, sorrow, wickedness, bad, adversity, affliction, calamity, displeasure, distress, grief, harm, hurt, mischief, sadness, trouble, vex, wretchedness, wrong), I the Lord do these things — God’s omnipotency.
Isaiah 54:15-16–I have created the waster (perish, decay, ruin, corrupt, destroy) to destroy — enemies will fall.
Ezekiel 14:9–Lord has deceived (delude, allured, enticed, persuaded) that prophet — God answered idolaters.
Matt. 18:21-36–Heavenly Father do also unto you –unforgiveness.
Romans 11:8–God hath given them a spirit of slumber (stupor, lethargy) — Israel was hardened.
Col. 1:16–All things were created by Him and for Him –describes Christ.
II Thess. 2:11-12–God shall send them strong delusions (deceit, error) — departure from the faith.


OBEY AND BE BLESSED – DISOBEY AND BE CURSED! It’s your choice. You will be blessed in proportion to the amount of the Bible you follow and cursed in proportion to the amount of the Bible you do not follow. We are told to keep all the words of the Holy Bible.


Moses disobeyed God and He wouldn’t let him go into the promised land (struck the rock rather than speaking to it, Num. 20:8,11-12).

Aaron’s sons offered strange fire and were killed by God (improper form of worship, Num. 3:4; 26:61).

Eli did not correct his corrupt sons who committed adultery at the temple and took the wrong pieces of meat from the offering pot. A hook was to pass through the pot and they were to take what it caught. Instead, they took the best pieces before they were put in the pot (adultery and greed, I Sam. 2:12).

GOD SENDS DEMONS AND EVIL ON PEOPLE FOR DISOBEDIENCE – King David, a man after God’s own heart, went after Bethsheba (2 Sam. 11:4). David received a sword (2 Sam. 12:10) in his house forever. It caused death of Bethsheba’s child (2 Sam. 12:15-18). Absalom tried to take David’s throne but was killed. By David’s example, Absalom was taught rebellion and murder. David did not go into battle (neglected to fight God’s battles, 2 Sam. 11:1), he was a peeping Tom, committed adultery and murder, and was greedy for more women.

Solomon turned his heart from God to worship the Ashtoreth (Venus – goddess of sensual love – licentiousness, sodomites – patroness of sex) and Milcom (Molech – Sacrifice of children) the abominable idol of the Ammonites. God took the kingdom from Solomon’s sons. I Kings 11:1-13 The Jews lost their nation and went into captivity for idol worship and for disobeying God’s laws concerning the way they should treat each other. Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Ananias and Sapphira had lust for money and admiration, they were hypocrites, and they lied and died (Acts 5:1-9). They wanted God’s blessing and admiration of the people, and some of the money also.

Simon the Sorcerer believed in God but was greedy for money and power, Acts 8:18-19).

Paul told him that bad things were going to come upon him (Acts 8:20-23).