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Feature Title: Future tween fashion

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Future tween fashion

Let’s jump ahead a few decades and explore clothes and fashion for teen/preteen girls in the future. Suppose things have gotten skimpier and skimpier until they’ve reached the point of no return. Tween girls now freely flaunt their budding titties, hairless pussies and naked asses in what can best be described as cup-less and crotch-less leotards that we might only see porn stars or strippers wear today. Short-shorts, tank tops and even thongs are seen as uncool and conservative, its what their grandmothers wore!

I’d really like to play around with making these new fads as teasing and naughty as possible, meant to really sexualize tween girls. With brands like TweenTease and KiddiSlut making cup-less and crotch-less leotards (need a name for these!), girls might also wear high-heels and stockings, possibly sexy collars as well. Maybe the latest fad are little jeweled butt plugs since girls show off their bare asses?

Probably there’s some tension over these clothes with older generations looking on disapprovingly. But there are plenty of possibilities… Perhaps a reluctant dad whose daughters beg him for the latest clothes and accessories? Or a doting uncle who just loves buying his little nieces what their parents won’t? Possibly designers and salespeople who make the products? Even just a dirty old man out for the day at the mall?


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