Feature Writer: Sajukno/
Feature Title:  Futa Quest / Chapter Four /
Story Codes: Dickgirl, Demonic /
Synopsis: A familiar face joins Mary and Enn on their quest /


Futa Quest – Chapter Four

Daylight filtered through the window, rousing Enn.

Yawning, the demoness stretched her arms. “Mary…?”

“Yes?” Mary replied from the base of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Enn asked.

“I’m keeping my strength up,” Mary answered in mid-push-up. “A knight must stay strong.”

“Cool,” Enn replied, yawning again. “I’m gonna go back to sleep.”

“Oh, no you’re not,” Mary said, getting up from her exercises, flexing her muscles. “I’ve been working out for two hours now, and I’m ready to go. Come on, we have to get back on the road. I need to travel back to my home, Grassdale, as quickly as possible. Now put on your human disguise and let’s go.”

Mary flipped the tavern proprietor a few coppers for the room and the two exited into the busy morning streets.

“It’s so bright out here,” Enn groaned, shielding her eyes.

“Well, we do have a thing called a sun,” Mary replied, rolling hers. “If you’re going to live in the human world, you’re going to have to get used to it.”

As the two strode through the town, Mary had a strange feeling.

“Do you think anybody is…following us?” Mary asked. “I just have this weird feeling that we’re being followed.”

“You’re being paranoid,” Enn replied. “First, the goblin attack, and now this. What you need to do, is let out some of that pent-up stress…”

Enn moved her hand to Mary’s crotch, lightly rapping on the knight’s armored crotch plate. “Knock, knock…” Enn said seductively.

“I-I don’t have time for that right now,” Mary said. “We can’t lose any time.”

Grabbing Mary by the arm, Enn dragged her into a nearby alley, far off from the hustle and bustle of the town. “Come on,” Enn insisted. “Just one blowjob?”

Sighing, Mary reluctantly agreed. “Okay, but only one! We’re losing enough time as it is!”

Enn licked her human form’s lips as she removed Mary’s crotch plate, revealing the she-knight’s monster cock, already rising to the occasion.

“My, my,” Enn mused, slowly stroking Mary’s hard meat, “you’re getting this hard so quickly! I wonder what the people in the street would think if they were to look in this alley and see a noble knight getting her naughty cock sucked?”

“I…someone might b-be watching us,” Mary said. “W-we should stop now…”

Enn extended her tongue out, licking from the base of Mary’s cock to the tip, causing Mary to moan in pleasure. “Are you getting turned on by being so close to other people while your cock is out?” Enn questioned. “Do you want people to watch you get your wonderful cock sucked?”

“N-no…” Mary stammered. “I-it’s because you’re playing with it…”

“Play? What I do is hardly play,” Enn retorted. “Now, let’s see how your cock tastes this early in the morning…”

Enn placed her lips over Mary’s fat cock head, quickly swallowing a glob of precum as it emerged from the tip. The human-disguised demon worked Mary’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until it entered her throat.

“Y-your mouth…it’s so good…” Mary moaned, placing her hands against the wall as Enn continued sucking her throbbing prick.

Enn moaned into Mary’s cock as she took the full length into her mouth, a considerable portion of Mary’s she-cock firmly inside her tight throat.

“Y-your throat feels so good…” Mary moaned. “K-keep sucking it…”

Enn took Mary’s advice and began rapidly deep-throating Mary’s monster meat, pulling almost all of the way out before rapidly shoving her mouth over the length of Mary’s cock, causing the sword maiden to cry in delight.

“I’m going to…I’m going to…I’m coming!!!” Mary cried, her cock erupting directly into Enn’s throat, the demoness greedily swallowing every drop of Mary’s warm, tasty cum.

“Mmm, delicious!” Enn remarked, licking her lips as Mary’s softening cock left her mouth. “Now that’s what I call a good breakfast!”

Mary reattached her crotch plate and the two set to leave the alley. Turning to exit, Mary stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes wide.

“My, looks like we really were being watched,” Enn purred as the two looked at the interloper, who ran to them, light blue robes fluttering in the air.

“Clara, what are you doing here?” Mary asked, bewildered. “Why aren’t you at your convent?”

“I…I don’t know,” the priestess replied. “I…I just felt compelled to follow you.”

“My, my,” Enn mused. “It looks like this priestess has acquired a taste for your cock, Mary!”

“I just…I believe you two were sent to me by the gods. My true purpose in life lies beyond the monastery, with you,” Clara said.

“With us?” Mary asked.

“Hmm, the gods want you to hang out with a naughty knight with a cock and a demon?” Enn asked, equally skeptical. “Doubt it.”

“Please, just…” Clara begged. “Let me see it.”

“Let you see what???” Mary exclaimed.

“I think this priestess wants to see your fat cock, Mary!” Enn goaded.

“If I can see it, up close again, I’ll know for sure if this is the path the gods have chosen for me,” Clara replied. “Please, let me see your…let me see your phallus.”

Mary reluctantly removed her breastplate, revealing her still half-erect cock to the brown-haired priestess.

“By the gods,” Clara breathed, getting on her knees to marvel at Mary’s she-dick. “It’s magnificent…”

“My, my, you’re getting hard!” Enn remarked. “You’re getting hard from the priestess looking at your cock!”

A ray of sunlight chose that moment to shine through the alley, landing right on Mary’s erect penis.

“It’s a sign!” Clara exclaimed. “A heavenly light has come down upon you!”

Clara lifted her robes, revealing her already wet pussy. “The gods have sent you to me, I’m sure of it,” she breathed. “Please, put it in me! Do as the gods command!”

“T-this seems wrong…” Mary stuttered, her rigid cock aching for release.

“Would you let the gods forsake this slutty priestess?” Enn asked, goading Mary on. “Go on, fulfill her destiny and plow her naughty, holy pussy with your godly cock.”

Mary couldn’t take any more, grabbing Clara and shoving her against the wall, ramming her rock-hard monster cock into Clara’s tight pussy.

“It’s in!!! It’s in!!! I’m coming already!!!” Clara screamed, her pussy instantly tightening around Mary’s monstrous she-cock.

“By the gods, she’s still so tight!” Mary exclaimed, humping the priestess, pressing her against the alley wall.

“Go on, priestess, cum for me!” Enn groaned, turning Clara’s head to hers, the demoness unable to retain her human form, her red lips locking with Clara’s, the priestess and the demon swapping spit as their tongues intertwined. Clara moaned into Enn’s mouth as her pussy continued convulsing on Mary’s monster cock.

“Oh, gods! Yes! This feels so good! Ravish me!” Clara screamed, breaking from Enn’s lips. “The gods are smiling upon me! I’m coming again!!!”

“She’s tightening up so much! I can’t hold it in any more!” Mary screamed, slamming her fat cock in and out of Clara’s gushing cunt. “I’m going to come!”

“Yes! Come in me! Fulfill the plan the gods have laid out for me! Fill me with your hot seed!!!” Clara moaned.

“I’M COMING!!!” Mary roared, cum surging up the shaft of her cock, exploding directly into Clara’s womb, the priestess screaming to the heavens as she came again from the sheer force of Mary’s immense orgasm.

“Ahhh, yesss,” Mary moaned, humping the last few spurts of her huge fuckload into Mary’s tight pussy. “That felt…so good. Thank you, Clara.”

“N-no,” Clara breathed, her energy expended from cumming so much. “T-thank you, and praise the gods for sending you my way. Y-you too, demon. I still don’t know why the gods would send me a demon, but thank you.”

This chick’s nuts,” Enn said under her breath.

The three girls cleaned up, redressed, and Enn reverted back to her human disguise.

“I’m coming with you,” Clara said as Mary and Enn began to leave.

“I figured as much,” Mary said. “Come on, my hometown of Grassdale is many days away still, and we have wasted too much time already.”

And so, the new party of three set out on the road.


Night had fallen and the three women had chosen a place to camp for the night. Enn and Clara were fast asleep as Mary kept watch, just in case goblins decided to attack again. Keeping watch was a dull, thankless, tiring job, but somebody had to do it.

The day’s hiking, and the rather lewd events that had preceded it, had taken their toll on Mary, and the swordmaiden began to nod off. “I’ll just close my eyes for a second,” she said to herself.

Mary found herself in a black void. In front of her, a small wooden box floated. Mary opened the box and there it was, the mysterious black orb. Mary reached out to touch it, but the orb floated away. Mary pursued it, the orb continually out of her grasp. A light appeared on the horizon, the orb heading in that direction. Mary followed the orb to the light, and found herself at a window. Peering out, Mary saw something wondrous, something incredible, something not of this world. She saw…

“Don’t make a move.”

Mary was roused from her dream by the husky, whispered words of a woman and a knife at a throat.

“This is a robbery.”


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