Fuck Gawd by Lucifer’s Son – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lucifer’s Son

Subject: Fuck Gawd

Link: MEWE / 23.03.2023

Fuck Gawd

Fuck the lying spirit. Fuck heaven. Fuck the Bible. Fuck holiness. Fuck the Ten  Commandments. Fuck the whore Mary. Fuck the lies of the bible. Fuck purity. Fuck the people of gawd. Fuck the mundane. Fuck ignorance. Fuck being weak. Fuck the marriage of Christians. Fuck the ways of the law.

Stand for Satan. Give all for Satan. Fuck in the churches. Spray your cum on the alter of Gawd. Destroy the church by exposing the pastors. Cause the woman to sin and fuck with unholy motives. Fuck their daughters. Brings them to whoredom. Take the nuns, fill them with cum, while they fucking other ladies. Take the common folk, pervert their minds. Take all that evil and crush the, so called, good. Hail Satan.

2 thoughts on “Fuck Gawd by Lucifer’s Son – Non-Fiction”

  1. Yeessss! This is so blasphemous!! Yummy!! Inspirational! Sexy hot 🥵
    So nice to read something that meets you on so many levels. It centers me and makes me think about what I need to do to worship and serve the Lord of my heart. Hail Satan

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