Feature Writer: capn_doggy /
Feature Title: FORCED CHANGES 3 /
Story Codes: Futanari, Transgender, Femdom, Reluctance, Transformation, Succubus, Dickgirl, Groping, Teasing, Games /
Synopsis: Succubus takes her mate home for some fun and games  /
Author’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you enjoyed it as it is my first time publishing any sort of work. Please let me know what you thought of it, any feedback is welcome /

Forced Changes – Chapter 3

“Hi cutie, what’s the hurry? Also, care to tell me why you smell like my wayward daughter?” She whispered into my ear.


“Maybe later, if you’re nice. Now, are you going to answer me or am I going to have to pry the answer from you?”

“ killed some dude. I thought she was nice but she’s a demon.” The combination of running and utter panic had me developing a slight stutter.

Still pinned to her chest with one hand she slid her other hand through the drying blood on my arm. Raising the blood to her lips she little dabbed at it with her tongue. Grimacing she spat out the blood and wiped the remainder off onto my jeans.

“I’m starting to get the picture. I’m sorry we had to meet like this. Maybe my daughter will actually pick up when I call her this time.” She rummaged in her pocket before pulling out a small touchscreen smartphone.

Do succubi use cell phones? My world view tilted on its axis and I let the tears flow. I sobbed quietly into the air as she dialed her cell phone. A garbled answer came from the phone as Lexi answered the phone with some sort of expletive.

“Wait, Alexandria don’t you dare hang up…” She let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m half tempted to take you with me just to prove a point to her but I’m not that cruel. I still recall the intensity of my own mating with fondness; I can’t imagine what she’s going through right now.” Instead of dialing the phone again she sent a simple text.

[ I have her ]

Not ten seconds later her phone was ringing.

“Yes, I have her… No, she doesn’t appear to be injured but she is very distraught…We are on the corner of Fifth and Lexington… See you soon.”

“I know what you think you saw but it’s not what it seems. A lot of things from our side of the veil aren’t. Just give her a chance to explain, that’s all I ask.” She released me from her one armed shackle hold and spun me around so I was facing her, her hands placed on my shoulders. I could see the family resemblance, but where Lexi was sex appeal, her mom was darker somehow, more dangerous. She looked like a dessert laced with narcotics, delicious and tempting, but ultimately hazardous for the health. I slowly gained control of myself as Lexi’s mom gave me an appraising once-over. My body shook lightly as I psyched myself up for the inevitable meeting with my murderous girlfriend. My rapey murderous girlfriend. Man, I sure chose a winner. Oh, wait. I didn’t get to choose. I had figured out that anger was a good replacement for fear and the crying stopped.

“You’re a feisty one aren’t you.” Lexi’s mom said with a lopsided grin at me.

“Fuck you. Fuck you and your daughter. Fuck her explanation and fuck the fucking things she’s done to my head to make me this god damn emotional. I’m leaving. If you want to stop me you’re gonna have to restrain me and I won’t go quietly this time.”

Her grin just grew wider and she held up her pointer finger and made a little circle with it.

“She’s right behind me isn’t she? Damn, that’s so fucking cliche.” I turned to look at the creature I still considered my girlfriend in spite of all the evidence telling me it was a bad decision. My fiery anger was doused by Lexi’s tear stained visage. She was dirty with some sort of muck and she rocked uncomfortably from side to side sending little guilt elves to dance on the embers with their little feet.

“Sydney, I’ve done so much to screw this up but you need to know that I didn’t murder that… thing. It sure as shit wasn’t a person. Do you know what an automaton is?”

A confused look crossed my face as I nodded the affirmative.

“That ‘guy’ was really a homunculus… an artificially created humanoid. An organic automaton.”

“I am sufficiently nerdy to know what a homunculus is.” Her eyes sparked with a bit of mirth even in their blotchy state.

“They take the homunculi, implant basic survival mechanisms as well as detection protocols, and use them as mobile detection platforms for ‘subhuman undesirables’ as they call us.”

“Who are, they? Some secret religious cult wackjobs whose sole purpose in life is to rid the world of things that don’t look like them?”

“Got it in one.” Arching an eyebrow, I gestured with my hand to request elaboration.

“Assuming I believe you, which is dubious at this point, why would you murder him? It hadn’t done anything to us yet. I doubt he deserved to die.” I watched her closely as she started to inch towards me. Planting my feet I decided not to retreat just yet.

“You’re still not getting it. There was no he, no personality, no thoughts, just unblinking obedience. Also, it wasn’t the danger, the danger comes after he reports in and templar and seraphim come swarming to cleanse the area.”

“You say these things but how can I trust you? Where is the proof? At every turn, you have given me no reason to trust you, even though my chemically doped body tells me to. Show me some proof that what you’re saying is true or I will find a way to escape from you.” She was a couple of feet away at this point when I realized how powerless I truly was in the face of their overwhelming strength. Living my life as a relatively fit male had not prepared me for this situation. I was used to being on the top half of the strength scale in any normal situation but now I was definitely outclassed. Almost ridiculously outclassed. If they decided to make things physical I would have no choice but to accede to their demands. I had no bite to back up my bark.

I shivered as a chill that had nothing to do with the temperature settled over me.

“We don’t have time for this. We’ll have to take this tearjerking outpouring of sentimentality on the road.” Lexi’s mom declared as she stepped forward wrapping me into another vice grip emulating pseudo hug.

“Just be gentle. I know it’s pretty disconcerting the first time.” Lexi stepped even closer to both of us.

“Uhhh. What’s going on? I’m getting a little nervous here,” I stammered.

My weight shifted as Lexi’s mom leaned back, pulling me with her. She kept tilting until I tried to shift my leg to catch myself. Her leg was in the way as she kept me pinned against her chest. Trying to crawl out of my throat, my stomach rebelled against the gravity that was dragging me toward the ground. Clenching involuntarily against the impending impact my hands flailed wildly in the air. The impact never happened as we passed through the point the ground would have been and kept falling. Surrounded by a strange twinkling light that swirled, I watched as it coalesced into a tunnel as we fell backward through it. Something in my head shifted as reality tore itself apart before my very eyes. I’m getting really tired of passing out all the goddamn time.

~ ~ ~

I awoke with a pair of familiar blue eyes hovering over me. Startled I jerked my head forward and smacked my forehead into hers, clanking together with a loud crack. A flash of pain that mirrored my last conscious memory lanced through my brain. Crawling backward until my back was flush with the headboard I contemplated my current predicament. I rubbed at my sore forehead instinctively mirroring Lexi’s actions.

“I see we’ve graduated to kidnapping. Or would forced transformation rank above kidnapping in crimes? What do you think? Maybe the kidnapping is slacking and you are slumming it up. Come on Lexi you can do better than this. Be the best you can be and all that jazz.” Seeing the pain my words caused Lexi sent a stab of regret through me.

“Ughh. Don’t look at me like that. Get over here, I’m just grumpy. We need to have some more discussions about the nature of your society and just how come you’re so quick to ‘not really murder’ some ‘not really a person’. What exactly was your specialization during school?” Looking away sheepishly, she allowed her hair to hide her face as she crawled forward into my embrace. The pain faded as her familiar scent soothed my frayed nerves and calmed me.

“Before I answer your questions I have something I want to tell you. I promise I will never lie to you. I will protect and care for you as best as I can. I know I have and will screw up and make mistakes but understand that I never mean to hurt you and your happiness is at the forefront of all my thoughts.” She stared at me with such fierce intensity it froze the breath in my lungs. Nodding at the look in my face she gave me a brief embrace before answering my question.

“I was kinda encouraged to follow my mom’s footsteps as I showed a natural propensity for infiltration and elimination.” She mumbled the words into my ear.

I mouthed the words as I contemplated their meaning.

“Wait a second. That sounds an awful lot like an assas…” My thought was interrupted as she slithered down my body, positioning herself between my thighs. She wasted no time snaking her tongue into my pussy as she tried, and succeeded, in distracting me. She pulled away slightly as she set about kissing my mound.

“This isn’t getting you out of this conversation,” I said with a breathy sigh. Not that I’m going to stop you from doing what you’re doing. Oh god. Please never stop doing what you’re doing.

“Do you want me to stop?” Her grin belied the truth of her words and she went back to her tender ministrations. I moaned into the otherwise silent room.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

“Take it however you want, just don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

“Never,” she agreed. Her eyes flashing in hunger.

I pulled her flush against me as she lathered her affection across my mound gently drawing me higher and higher. She finished me off with a gentle suck across my clit which filled the room with my cries of bliss. Post orgasm the room was filled with my heavy breathing, Lexi’s hands caressing my thighs, and … giggles? I noticed a pair of vibrant green eyes stacked on top of each other in the cracked doorway of the room. They noticed me noticing them and the giggles grew louder but they gently shut the door. Pulling the blanket tight against my chest as I glared at Lexi. She gave me an unabashed grin and shrugged her shoulders as she laid her head on my thigh. I sighed and pulled her up into an embrace.

“Why am I always waking up naked around you?” I asked as she transferred her light massages to my back. Leaning into the motion she pressed harder and I relaxed into her soothing massage.

“I like you naked, nothing wrong with that. Don’t you like me naked too?”

“Of course, I like you naked. You’re gorgeous. Were you aware we had an audience for your last performance?”

“I would hazard they were there for you as much as me. I suspected, but I wasn’t sure how you would react to it and I didn’t really feel like stopping.” Her gentle caresses stopped and I looked down at her. Shining with mirth her cerulean eyes danced across my face as she tipped her head back.

“Judging by your lack of outrage I would say you’re not entirely opposed to the idea of being observed.”

“They weren’t hurting anyone and if you don’t mind I don’t really see anything too wrong with that. I mean I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a little embarrassing but it was kind of exciting too.” Avoiding her gaze I looked around the room. My eyes meandered as they took in the rustic polished wood chairs surrounding a two person table. Through a doorway, I saw a living room and a kitchen. She would have a burgundy leather couch that reeks of old-school opulence. At least, the bed doesn’t have any obvious restraint attachments. The bed in question was freestanding with just a headboard and seemed to be custom made because it was absolutely enormous, a good fifty percent larger than a normal king size.

Lexi cupped my reddened cheeks in her hands and pulled me into a light peck. I came to the conclusion that she’d always meant well it was just that her society and mine had such different values that we were going through an adjustment period. Eventually, this would normalize and things would settle down but I had no doubt that some more speed bumps would occur.

“Here’s how it’s gonna go. I will forgive everything you’ve done to me so far as long as you’re open and honest from now on. If you even think I might question an action you ask me first. Okay?”

“Mmmkay. But I’m not gonna always ask your permission before doing things with you.”

“That’s okay. I like it when you take initiative, as long as you don’t go too far, a la the waitress. I don’t really remember the first week we were together but I have a vague recollection that you are much more experienced and inventive than I am.”

“Wait. You don’t remember last week?”

“Not really, only a hazy fugue of debauchery. Also something about calling you mistress… Not really sure, though.”

“It’ll be fun to watch you experience things for the first time again. That reminds me of something that they teach us in school, we need a safeword, let’s go with…Icarus, that feels appropriate. Now in the effort of transparency, would you like to come shower with me?”

“You get started without me.” She looked mildly disappointed as she sauntered over to a closed door, quietly opened it and slipped inside. Damn, can that woman do anything without oozing sex appeal?

Laying my head back onto the pillowtop mattress I exhaled deeply. Stuck in an unfamiliar land with a woman who, although obviously into me, was guaranteed to be full of trouble. Combined with the recently mutable gender identity as well as homunculuses… homunculi?… who may or may not bring something called seraphim down on my head. Yet… I’ve never been happier. My life feels like it’s actually traveling somewhere. Brushing one hand against my breasts, I marveled. I had always suspected I was a little strange but I didn’t think I’d ever come to think that anything like this would feel so normal to me. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts. First mind control pheromones then homunculi, no doubt we’ll be neck deep in some other sort of trouble before too long. Maybe a case of killer butterflies or something equally strange.

Chuckling to myself I cracked the door to the bathroom and thick steam poured out. I quickly slipped inside and closed the door behind me before too much heat leaked from the room. The air was heavy with humidity as Lexi quietly hummed to herself in the center of the room underneath a large shower head that provided an even misting of water. She was busy washing her hair so she had yet to notice my presence. Grinning mischievously I tiptoed up to her and gave her tummy a goose. I was rewarded with a quick yelp as her eyes flew open and she danced away from me. Overextending on the slightly slick tile her foot flew out from under her causing her to fall. Laughing at the spectacle I examined the layout a little more carefully. It didn’t really look like any other bathroom I had seen, there was no toilet for one thing. One wall of the bathroom was covered with a shelf and a sink with a long mirror along it. The floor was covered with a ceramic rubber tile which although textured, obviously didn’t provide enough traction for exuberant movement. Eventually, Lexi gave up glaring at me and smiled at my laughter. She did get a strange look in her eye as she held out her hand for me to help her up.

“I don’t think so. You just want me to come over there so you can pull me over in some sort of revenge.”

She smiled ruefully at the failure of her ploy and hoisted herself onto her feet.

“You do impugn my honor I have only the noblest of intentions with any granted embraces.”

“I have no doubt that foul thoughts hide in the recesses of your mind much like a sparkling pond hides the murk that swirls at the bottom.”

“You naught but wound me, madam. I shall deign to show that I am naught but a chaste and virtuous creature.”

“Oh, we’ll have to see about that,” I said as I grinned at her and her eyes narrowed.

“What are you up to?” Walking closer to her I reached out and ran a hand along her skin. Tracing a random path across her shoulders I completed my circuit. Stopping in front of her, she reached out her hands to embrace me. Grasping her hands before they made contact I held them in front of me.

“Well, it occurs to that a truly chaste and virtuous creature would not touch a lady inappropriately. In fact, how do you feel about a little wager?”

“Sure, I’m always up for some competition.”

“Okay. Here’s the deal. The first to orgasm loses. You’re obviously are better at the sexy time than I am so I get a handicap. I can touch anywhere in any manner. You, however, can only use that thing that’s wiggling around above your ass.” Said appendage was whipping around the shower just like cats would before they pounce. She threw me a feral grin and the appendage stopped wiggling and started sneaking its way towards my crotch.

“Not so fast hotshot. We need to set up the prize. Hmm… Since you obviously are always in the mood for sex.” She nodded vigorously. “I’m probably not always gonna be quite so accommodating as you would like. Therefore, the winner gets three Edicts. With a capital E. An edict allows the owner to overturn a decision. A no to sexy time can shift to a yes to sexy time, or vice versa. To sweeten the pot, I know you wish to push my sexual boundaries as far as you can, so I will also allow you to use an edict to encourage me to continue even through a safe word. How does that sound to you?” Watching the possibilities swirl through her mind I could almost see drool start to drip from her mouth. I might have made a mistake with that last addendum.

“When do we start?”

“Wait, a quick recap for clarity. I can touch anywhere with anything. You can only use your tail. Winner gets three edicts.”

“Yes. Yes. We’re starting now.” Her tail snaked towards my pussy as she tried to get a head start. Unfortunately for you, I have no intention of playing fair. Guarding my crotch with one hand I snatched at her tail with the other. After a few seconds of probing my fingers and avoiding my grasping hand, her tail retreated.

“You know you’re going to have to give up the defense if you want to win.”

“That’s what you think.” I realized the futility of grasping at the lightning quick tip of her tail and instead reached for the base. Grasping her tail firmly in one hand I released the cover I had over my pussy. Like a greased snake she quickly slithered the tip inside me. I gasped at the sudden intrusion but remained focused on the task at hand. Both hands grasping the tail I slid them out from the base towards the middle of the long appendage. So focused was she on what her tail was doing to me she didn’t notice as I looped the middle section around my ankle. Getting a firm grip I heaved and her tail popped out of my snatch. Its absence felt cold despite the warm water running down both our bodies. Sliding my right hand up to the very tip I struggled a little as it wiggled in my grasp.

“What are you up to?” Ignoring her question I continued the task of threading her head through the pre-made loop and then once more over the new loop. Sitting back on the shower floor, I gasped, marveling at how close I had come to losing in those few moments I was setting up my ploy. She almost brute forced through my ‘clever’ strategy. Less than a minute and she already had me edging. She is a force to reckoned with. Now the shoes in the other court. Or balls on the other foot as they say. I chuckled a little as I cooled off in the hot water, Lexi’s tail pulling ineffectively at my ankle.

“You dirty little cheater,” Lexi said as she continued to try to pull her tail free.

“Nope. You agreed to the rules. Now, are you going to accept defeat with grace, or are we gonna have to play this out to the bitter end.” I rubbed my hands together in anticipation.

“I’ll figure something out. Do your worst.”

“Have it your way then. Round one start.” Tracing a whorl in her damp flesh sent a little trill of sensations through both our bodies. Gently palming her heavy breasts caused Lexi inhale heavily. Massaging the beautiful orbs I couldn’t help but lean in and give her hard nipples some light nips. I kept nipping as my hands slid behind her ass, gripping it possessively. Licking light circles around her tender nipple my hand slid lower as my fingers made contact with her inflamed pussy. Stopping my motion I looked up and was struck once more by her beauty as her cerulean eyes blazed with lust.

“How are you doing up there?”

“Ooooo…I got you right where I want you,” her voice came out interlaced with moans. I continued to trace the contours of her pussy and flicked her folds with finger tips. Trading places with my fingers my tongue picked up where they left off once again tasting her sweet nectar. Circling my way to her gooey center like a fleshy tootsie pop I went about seeing how many licks it took to get to the center.

Feeling Lexi tense up I pulled away and she leaned forward trying to get that last little bit of contact she needed to finish. 77… it takes 77 licks to get to the center of Lexi’s tootsie pop.

“No touching remember,” I said, fighting to keep the smirk from my face.

“Noooo. Please…” Wiping her juices off my face I decided to prolong her torments. Feathering up along her sides my fingers went up and over her shoulders and down her arms which were clenched at her sides. Stroking her hands they relaxed enough to so I could lace my fingers with hers. Showering her face with kisses she came down from her precipice. After lightly nibbling her earlobe I whispered in her ear, “Round two start.”

She groaned in anticipation and frustration. This time, I used my fingers to reverently stroke her insides as I continued to rain kisses everywhere but her lips. One for the cheek, one for the nose and one for the chin. I giggled as she tried to maneuver her lips to connect with mine. Her harsh breaths were muffled by the falling water but were still audible as she started gasping. Wanting to have fun but not wanting to be cruel, I finished her off with insistent strokes.

She shuddered in my embrace as she came down from her peak. I finally gave her the kiss she had been seeking and she kissed me with languid passion. Snuggling into I gave a quiet, “Flawless Victory.” Releasing her, I kneeled to untie her tail from my ankle and noticed it had worked a red rash into my skin that was vanishing. Lexi noticed my puzzlement and leaned over me curling her arms around my chest, pushing those soft orbs of hers into my back.

“New skin, remember. You won’t get sore and rashes and abrasions will quickly disappear. Even serious wounds won’t take as long to heal as normal and you will never scar. You will keep this flawless beauty forever.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a ‘serious’ injury in my entire life. Do you plan on sending me to a metaphorical meat grinder any time soon?” I said jokingly, a little embarrassed but pleased by her compliment.

Her grip tightened until it was almost painful across my skin.

“Hey. Ease up back there will you?” Prying her arm away from me she remained frozen in space. Concerned I moved to look at her. Her eyes were pitch black and she was still as a grave, not even breathing as the water pulled the hair over her eyes.

“You okay?” I asked, brushing the hair away from her eyes. Flinching away from her I fell over onto my ass.

“What was that about?” Lexi said, bending over to help me back to my feet.

“That’s what I was about to ask, what was that thing with your eyes?”

“What thing with my eyes?” She gave me a puzzled look. Shrugging she walked over to the corner where some brightly colored bottles were stacked.

“The thing with your eyes… they went all black…You know what, never mind, I’m gonna head out I wanna see what your world looks like.”

“But you haven’t even washed up yet.” Running a finger through my hair, I felt as the strands poured through my fingers in a silken wave.

“I think I’ll be okay. The new me seems to operate fine without suds.”

“I don’t think so,” she said as her tail curled possessively around my ankle. She pounced on me with hands covered in strawberry-scented bubbles.

My world was nothing but flashing hands and groping and tickling. My composure wilted beneath her relentless assault as the body wash mixed with Lexi’s scent creating a heady combination. After Lexi had me reduced to a quivering bundle of nerves and phantom sensations did she finally relent, pulling me under the stream to wash away her handiwork.

“You may not know this but I am an extremely competitive individual. I hate to lose. So we will be competing more in the future.” Breathless on the floor I could do nothing but gasp in agreement. She laughed at my antics and scooped me up into her arms and whisked me out of the shower into her room. As I started to regain control of my muscles she laid me on her bed and disappeared into a walk in closet. She returned holding two sets of clothes, tossing one set onto me as she started donning the other. She remembered panties this time and I shakily put on the modest jeans and a t-shirt. Still barefoot Lexi pulled me to my feet and into the hallway. Dragging me behind her we were shortly out of the building bathing in the sunlight.

“So welcome to my… our home. It’s a little different but you should be able to adjust.” I barely heard her speak I was too busy staring at the sky. The world was awash in a muted sunlight. The pale yellow orb hung in the sky like normal but it was dim enough that I could look at it directly without any problems. A multitude of stars even fought through the daylight to grace the sky. Lexi started tugging my hand again pulling me towards a sort of pavilion dotted with freestanding booths inhabited with succubi and their male counterparts, or occasionally, a group of two to four succubi that seemed younger than the others. The booths were sheltered from view on three sides with the fourth side having a swinging wall which was almost universally thrown open. Booth residents appeared to be in varying states of dining with a sprinkling of people being in varying states of undress. My cheeks flushed as I turned away and quickened my step to catch up to Lexi.

She directed us towards an empty booth where she set me inside before taking off for what looked like a buffet. The seating in the booth felt like a sort of soft cotton blend and it was big enough that two people could lay side by side without trouble. The setting was closer to a couch than a normal restaurant booth but my but certainly wasn’t complaining. It was a strange set up considering the furniture was exposed to the elements. There was a bright red button sitting on the table and curiosity got the better of me and I pressed it with a satisfying click. Awww… no ominous rumbling or anything. What kind of people have bright red buttons without a sinister countdown? They really are monsters. The button revealed a sheet that was pulled across the top of the booth sealing it from the sky. I pressed the button again and watched as the sheet retracted exposing me to the light again. Looking down I jumped as I was confronted by two wide-eyed pairs of eyes. They were the same green eyes I had seen peeking into Lexi’s room. Embarrassed by the knowledge they had seen me naked, I blushed and lowered my gaze. It was an uncomfortable few seconds of hand wringing and silence before Lexi appeared in the doorway. She laid down a platter full of black orbs and a bowl of white sauce on the table. The silence was broken by the twins giggling laughter. I blushed brighter and sought Lexi’s hand underneath the table. She squeezed it comfortingly as she slid into the booth next to me.

“How did you find such a lovely person willing to put up with your shenanigans so quickly Lexi? You hadn’t been gone a month before your mother was rushing out to bring you back.” The one on the right spoke as the one on the left grabbed one of the baseball sized orbs and dipped it into the sauce and bit into it with an audible crunch.

“Just because they haven’t been able to put up with your saucy ass doesn’t mean everyone has the same problem. You do realize that you sometimes have to actually talk to the guys before you try to jump on their pole right?”

“As long as we’re both screaming by the end of the night is all that really matters. Compatibility has to be tested after all.” The last bit was said in a nasally accent that had all three of them laughing. Feeling very out of place, I grabbed one of the orbs, dipped it into the sauce, and bit it before I had the chance to think about it too much. It tasted vaguely like a caramel apple but it had the texture of a hard shelled bread, crunchy on the outside with a soft, porous inside. Leaning back I made myself as small as possible as Lexi and the one I dubbed Uno continued to banter. I noticed Dos examining me closely and I hid behind my hair as I continued to chew my orb. Surprised by a slender object worming its way up my pant leg I tensed and sat up straight. Lexi looked at me questioningly and interlaced her fingers with mine comfortingly, her thumb sliding over my knuckles. Deciding not to fight it I relaxed as Lexi’s tail continued to slide up my pant leg and started rubbing around my mons. I fought to keep my hand from shaking as I slowly took another bite of the sweet orb. Lexi was less insistent this time as she took her time petting my labia before finally, sweetly, gently parting me to slide inside. My eyes fluttered as I tried to stay inconspicuous. The intense look Dos was giving me made me think I wasn’t entirely successful. She gave me a reassuring smile and took another bite of her own orb. My lower half squirmed as the tail continued to stroke, thrust and tease me into a fervor.

Reaching out for another piece of food I noticed the plate was now empty. Lexi saw me and smiled.

“I’m glad you like them, I’ll go get us some more.” Horrified, I watched her stand up and walk away, empty plate in hand and tail swishing behind her. Oh god… What I had thought was Lexi’s tail continued its thrusting as my muscles tensed painfully around it.

“Icarus,” I whined in a panic. Heaving myself off the bench the tail popped out of me with a violent jerk. In desperation, I clutched Lexi trying not to look at either of the twins who were surprised at my sudden motion.

“What’s wrong?” Lexi asked in confusion. She turned and saw Dos who was tentatively tasting her sodden tail. Dos’ eyebrows jumped in surprise and she looked at me appraisingly.

“Oh… honey,” Lexi said, voice overflowing with sympathy and understanding. “You thought it was me didn’t you?” Nodding silently, I soaked her shirt with my tears. I flinched as Uno stood up at Dos’ urging. I slid around Lexi, positioning her as a wall between me and my molester.

“Let’s get you to bed. I’m sure you must be tired with all that’s happened today. See you later.” She swooped under me and scooped me into her arms, my hands embracing her neck as I buried my face in her shoulder. Standing from the bench Dos’s eyes were looked on the ground but her tail whipping behind her showed her agitation. Striding purposely from the park Lexi brought me back to the bedroom and laid me gently down on the bed, it’s pillowy top gently hugging my back as it conformed to my shape.

“You think you can get some rest?” Nodding, my throat closed up with the emotion. She turned to leave the room. I lurched and grabbed the hem of her shirt, the words lodging in my throat.

Please don’t go. I don’t want to be alone.

Comprehension showed as she laid on the bed with me. Curling protectively around me she laid her hand across my stomach, and her leg curled over my thigh.

I may be in another world but I’m not alone. It took awhile but eventually I relaxed enough to allow sleep to claim me.

~ ~ ~

Waking up something felt off as I stretched out on the bed. She should be with me. Yawning, I wandered into the nearby room where muted sounds of gunfire floated. Lexi was propped on the couch eyes fixated on the television, her feet tucked underneath her. Rubbing my eyes I focused on the television.

“That’s my favorite tv show.”

“I used your cell phone to access your personal information database.”

“My what?”

“This blue f app you have that told me of your favorite things. Was I in error?” I laughed as I realized she had just accessed my facebook account.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.” Plopping down on the adjacent cushion I propped my feet up on the polished wooden coffee table.

“I was a little scared you would be bothered with my snooping. It’s strange to me that your society is so willing to provide such personal information to everyone. We are much more private.” I snorted.

“Private people do not grope strangers in a booth.”

“Why not? It is not uncommon for a stranger to help a nervous associate feel better through a hand or tail job. Pleasure helps everyone feel better and forge closer associations through which details of can be naturally discovered. She meant no harm, it is rare for a newer male to take offense to a relaxing stroke. I didn’t take that into account when they joined me. I’m sorry, I am trying to do better. Your society’s method of providing the intimate details is a slightly loose for my taste. Not that I’m complaining. I feel I know you a little better now, and that is not something I take lightly.”

“You have been doing better. I think it is rather sweet that you wanted to research me. That also helps explain the lack of introductions I’ve had in all my, admittedly few, succubus meetings.”

She gave me that enigmatic look she favored so much. Focused on the television I watched as the titular character struggled to land a helicopter. Pivoting smoothly, Lexi laid her head squarely in my lap. Stiffening slightly in surprise I kept my eyes focused forward. She’s so soft. I wonder how her hair feels? Sneaking a quick glance I noticed the rigid set of her shoulders. I laughed as I realized we were both being ridiculous. One of my hands ended up on her shoulder while the other entangled itself in her silken waves of the brunette ocean on her head. Fingers explored the ocean’s depths as I scratched around her scalp. Swirling my fingers around her head I could feel her relax as she conformed to me. Her hand came up and covered the one on her shoulder. The show finished to its catchy tune that had me bouncing my head. Lexi let autoplay do its thing and I did nothing to dissuade her. It was halfway through the next episode when I felt an odd patch of wetness on my thigh. Looking down at her I noticed a steady stream of tears tracing its way down her face and onto my thigh.

I stopped scratching Lexi’s head. Her eyes swiveled and met my own. Like little lighthouse beacons the pierced the distance with joy and contentment. Implicitly understanding that words would break the moment, I leaned forward and let my lips brush gently against her own. She returned her stare to the television and I did the same. The episode finished as the spot on my thigh grew larger. Releasing her hair I reached out and used the remote to stop the show. She met me with a faux pouting look as I turned off the tv.

“Come on, up and at em. I want to see more of your life. You know, the parts of it where you aren’t jerking off strange males to make them feel comfortable.” I teased.

“Why Sydney, it almost sounds like you are jealous? Whatever shall I do to make you feel at ease?” I swatted her hand as it crept toward my crotch.

“Avast ye foul demon. I shall depart from this foul den of inequity and lasciviousness henceforth.” Adopting a pirates growl I leapt off the couch and swashbuckled towards the door. Dropping the accent I asked, “but seriously what do you do in your free time?”

Snapping her fingers she said, “I’ve got it. We’ll go nefting.” She ran to her closet and came out sporting a rather full looking duffle bag and tossed it towards the front door.

“What exactly is nefting? Is there a human equivalent?”

“My mother introduced me to it in my rather rambunctious youth. She told me would teach me patience and reflection. At first, I was skeptical but as I kept with it, I discovered she was right. But before we go there’s something I want to do,” her tail whipped menacingly behind her as she flexed her fingers and started crawling towards me on her knees.

“Nope, nope, nope.” I proclaimed as I retreated from the predatory nature of her stance. She started cackling as she backed me into a corner. Mock withering under her glare I fake panicked, “Parley, I request a parley…No that’s not right.” I gave my own grin and said in a booming authoritative voice, “I proclaim as my first edict that we shall not have sex for the next six hours.” Her advancement stopped and she actually trembled as she towered over me. A sound so low I actually felt it more than heard it emanated out of her like an earthquake. I stood up and gave her a quick peck on her cheek.

“Let us go nefting my valiant knight. It’ll teach you some patience regardless.” Smirking I strode out of the room and into the closet. I assembled a reasonable outfit and left the room to wander. I hadn’t gotten far before the sound of footsteps warned me of Lexi’s arrival. Throwing one arm around my shoulder she whispered quietly in my ear, “Five hours and fifty-six minutes.”

Shivering, whether in anticipation or fear, I couldn’t say.

“You don’t even know where we’re going. What was your plan?” She asked.

“My plan was to galvanize you into action. If you had your way we would spend our days locked in that room doing nothing but feeling each other up.”


“And what?”

“What’s wrong with that? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable way to spend our time.”

“Back to this. I don’t want to have sex.” She gave me the, oh really, look.

Sometimes, I don’t want to have sex. It’s not like I want to stop having sex entirely. I just want to do other stuff with you as well. Hopefully, something in the other category will be a thing you enjoy to do. Maybe I’ll enjoy this thing too, but how will we find this thing if we don’t try things… I’ve said thing entirely too many times. But you get where I’m coming from right?” She was snickering at me and my honest awkwardness.

“I know what you’re trying to say, in a sort of awkward bumbling way, that is adorable. Now come on, there’s a good spot this way.”

You’re always dragging me along behind you forcing me into new situations. Never stop doing that. I couldn’t tell her these things, because as much as I loved her, I was still afraid of what she would do if I gave her free reign.

Our trek eventually ended on a grassy hilltop, of an open meadow. Without saying anything Lexi started to pull out a large blanket and a rod thing with a bubble on the end.

“So what exactly does nefting entail?” I asked.

“I’ll show you just give me a second. Patience young padawan.”

“At least, you know Star Wars, that’s something.” I watched intently as she dipped the rod thing into a jar of some sort of paste that covered the end. After a button press, the end of the rod expanded and started to rise, trailing a chord. Lexi laid on her back as she looked up at the sky. She patted the area next to her and I laid onto the offered spot. Following Lexi’s gaze, I watched as the balloon thing ascended into a small haze floating in the sky. There were little dark splotches that danced around inside the haze. It took me a moment but I finally realized what was going on.

“Sky fishing. You are sky fishing,” I said turning towards Lexi. She gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“That is a fair parallel. The bait is the applied paste and we attempt to lure the nefts onto the ball which is slowly retracted with the neft in tow.”

“And what do we do with the nefts once we catch them?” She pulled out a triangular pillow out of the duffel and propped herself on it watching her lure dance in the sky.

“We eat them of course. If you fry them in oil they become flat and tender and you wrap ingredients in them. Kind of like a burrito. Trust me you’ll love it.”

“And what do I do while you’re sky fishing?”

“I have a second rod if you want. If not we can just talk about things. You wanted to know what I did in my free time, this is it.”

“I never really got into fishing. My Dad loved it and always tried to get me to go with him but I was always so bored. With you though I think I’ll be able to find things to do,” I said, waggling my eyebrows suggestively.

“Okay. Whatever you want honey.” Giving me another quick kiss she turned her attention back to the sky. Turning to her I examined her body. God I have no idea why a woman like her wants anything to do with me. Even if I do look a little better than I used to. I snorted. Who am I trying to kid, I look ten times better than I used to and I still don’t even come close to her effortless beauty. Shrugging I turned myself ninety degrees and laid my head into her lap. Staring at her endless expanse of legs I watched as they slowly relaxed, having been startled by my sudden appearance. Letting her fragrance waft over me I relaxed into the comforting caress of her scent. It’s like a drug. Hell, it probably is a drug. Pheromones or some exotic chemical like that. I think she told me once but I can’t really recall. It’s hard to generate the effort to care when something as simple as breathing can feel so good.

I sat there for a decent amount of time before my brain started to churn; as it picked up momentum, the worries and fears collecting into a big ball of doubt that ruined my enjoyment. Oh well, no time like the present.

“So Lexi, I haven’t forgotten about our conversation we had earlier. You know the thing where you told me you were training to be an assassin before you so rudely distracted me.” She had the grace to blush and her hand fluttered nervously on her thigh. She nodded slowly.

“Are you really okay with murdering someone, in cold blood?” My hand had clenched, bunching the fabric of my pants.

“As far as I’m told it never comes to that. Most of the times its observation and planting evidence. Or seduction or bribery, murdering them is the last resort.” I relaxed fractionally.

“Do you think you could?”

“Truthfully? I have no idea. I’ve tried to convince myself I could do what’s necessary but in the end. I’m not sure. Besides, assassin is the wrong term, a spy or serial seductress is more accurate.”

“In the sake of honesty, I don’t think I’d feel very good about you being a killer. Homunculi are one thing but thinking sentient individuals, I don’t know if I could associate myself with a murderer. I’m also not quite sure how I feel about sharing.”

“Since meeting you my priorities have shifted. I would do anything to protect you. Anything. I love you Lexi and if that means I have to get my hands dirty then I know I could. Anything else… who knows,” she finished with a shrug.

“I can live with that. I just don’t know how much use I will be to you if you go all James bond and whatnot. I play a mean game of poker but I don’t think I’ll be able to do much. You had said earlier that we would be paired together for work but I’ll probably have to do something else.”

“We’ll see, but that’s a worry for another day. For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy the day.

Fears partially mollified, I settled down against her stomach and let the gentle beating of her heart lull me to sleep. After she caught her fill she woke me with a quick peck on the cheek before putting away the pole and rolling up the blanket. The pile of nefts wiggled in a pile about twelve deep. As we walked back to the room we settled into a comfortable silence. Eventually, Lexi broke the quiet rhythm made by our feet and the swish of the grass.

“I have a request,” she blurted out.

“Well go ahead. It’s not like I’m your master, you don’t need my permission,” I teased.

“I want to invite the twins over for dinner and a game.”

I contemplated this development in silence.

“Okay. She wasn’t just getting her rocks off on me was she? She was actually looking to make me feel comfortable?”

“No, of course, she wasn’t. I promise you, she especially, would never do something as crass as that. I’m sure she felt bad when she saw how you responded.”

Not so sure about that. I saw her face after she “sampled” me.

“Okay. That’s fine, but I still think it’s weird that I don’t know their names.”

“Give it time. They were my classmates and close friends growing up and I really hope you get along with them.”

“How close we talking here. Like, biblically close?” She had the good grace to blush and nod.

“I’m just teasing. I have no problem with you banging your classmates. If I’m being completely honest it’s pretty hot. Everyone I’ve seen so far is a solid ten and the idea of you going down on each other gets the blood pumping.”

She nudged me with her shoulder and waggled her eyebrows suggestively. Before too long we were back at the compound and safely into Lexi’s room. Pulling a strange circular contraption from a shelf that looked like a mix between a waffle iron and a griddle she started frying the nefts. Wandering around the area I was at a loss of what to do as she bustled around the kitchen. Saving me from feeling too awkward she asked me to prepare some strawberries. I fell into a comfortable pattern as I prepared a variety of fruits. The fruits of my labors had me viewing a counter full of bananas, strawberries, kiwi, mandarin oranges, grapes, pineapple, and an orangish thing that had the texture of a watermelon. When I tasted it though it tasted almost exactly like a strawberry milkshake. I was savoring a couple pieces of the strange fruit when someone knocked on the door. My munching stopped as Uno, at least, I think it was Uno, stepped through the doorway and gave Lexi a large hug. Dos hovered at the threshold of the doorway and briefly met my gaze before lowering her eyes and shuffling her feet. Deciding to be the bigger man, so to speak, I broke her tension by walking up to her and giving her a quick hug. She froze for a moment before giving a brief embrace back. Seeing the relief in her face confirmed Lexi’s words about her not meaning any harm. Backing away from Dos, I almost missed her whisper.


I was confused for a few seconds before I made the connection with what she said. Pulling her into back into a firmer hug I whispered back, “Sydney, but call me Syd. It’s nice to meet you, Samantha.” Our quiet exchange went unnoticed over the boisterous exuberance displayed between Lexi and Uno as something Uno had said warranted Lexi headlocking her and swinging her around.

“Settle down you two. I’m hungry and I don’t want to lose any of the food to roughhousing. Now do succubi ever say grace or can I just go to town on the grub?” Uno gave me a sly look and pointed at Lexi.

“Not for this kind of meals. She never really took much stock in that though, probably influenced by her mother. I’m hungry though so I second the motion for eating.”

Dinner was a quiet affair with everybody keeping their hands to themselves, mostly. It was still a work in progress getting used to Lexi’s need for affection. Very handsy, and the same but with whatever verb would be used for the tail… tailsy? No. That can’t be right. We’ll go with tail-groping. That’s actually worse. How about… tailing. Close enough. The tailing was still a work in progress, I tended to flinch at the unexpected caresses. After dinner I sighed and patted my stomach appreciatively, the nefts tasting as good as advertised. They were a strange combination of salty and crunchy while staying flexible and complimented the fruit salad esque filling admirably.

“So what now team? We watch a movie or something.”

“Not exactly,” it was Lexi that spoke up.

“What does that mean?”

“How do you feel about board games?”

“My family used to have a game night. It tended to be a fiery affair with many accusations of cheating. I love it. So what game are we playing I am a mean builder of villages on a certain island of Catan. Or whatever else you’re considering. Except Monopoly that game is genetically engineered to generate strife. And it never ends. Ever. We once tried to play a Monopoly game to the bitter end. It took months.” I shuddered at the memory.

“I don’t think you’ll know it, it’s kind of unique to succubi.”

“Well I’m down for whatever as long as your prepared to get your but kicked by a newbie, not to toot my own horn or anything but I’m pretty good with game theory.” I felt the cocky grin on my face and I did nothing to squash it.

Lexi smiled and started pulling out what looked to be a handmade box as Uno turned to me and started to explain the rules.

“So the basic premise is similar to chess with the ultimate goal being to take out the opposing players goddess. There are six types of pieces and each can only move in set ways. There are Pawns, Knights, Rangers, Bishops, Magi, and Siege Engines.”

“Dibs on the blue one.”

“How did you know there was a blue goddess?” Lexi asked, clearly puzzled.

“C’mon there are always blue pieces. Blue, red or orange, white, black, and green are the most common colors in my experience. I always steal the blue one if I can it was a little game between my sister and I to see who ended up with the pieces as blue are both of our favorite color.”

“It’s blue, green, red and brown for this game. Each goddess has a special ability that can be used once every ten turns. Blue can teleport a piece up to two additional spaces. Red can upgrade a pawn into another piece. Brown can revive a piece that perished in the previous round and green can summon an additional piece during their turn.”

“Summon? So not exactly like chess.”

“It’s like chess only in the way that pieces move in prescribed ways and can capture other pieces. A player can move up to two pieces in a turn or they can summon one piece. It’s also played on a hexagonal instead of a square grid. It takes three hits to capture an enemy goddess,” Lexi finished explaining as she pulled out the large hexagonal grid and little plastic baggies with necessary pieces.”

“One more thing. We roll dice to determine the starting composition of our forces.”

“That’s kinda cool makes each game a little more unique. Although I’m a little sceptical of the free for all nature of the game. So the winner is the last one standing or is it the one who takes out more opponents?”

“Last one standing.”

“Fair enough. I think I get the gist of it, now all that’s left is to play a game and start to figure out strategies.”

We got down to business and poured out our individual pieces. I got blue like I wanted. Lexi took red while Uno picked brown leaving Dos… Samantha with green. I rolled my die and got an okay roll but the smirk on Lexi’s had me rethinking my initial strategy.

I got slaughtered.

My initial strategy of rushing to kill Lexi with a combination of rangers and knights was blown to smithereen when both Lexi and Uno started pouring on the pressure. Samantha spent nearly all her moves summoning pieces but I was more concerned with the pincer offensive breathing down my throat. I had to use most turns to summon pieces to fend of potential strikes on my goddess, even with all my efforts two strikes still slipped through.

It turned out to be Samantha who landed the killing blow with a lone ranger that snuck it’s way into the frontline.

“Et tu, Brute?” I said, slightly pissed at the triple teaming of the newbie. Didn’t even give me a game to get my feet under me. These succubi are ruthless. Standing up from the table I made my way towards the couch and tv.

“Where are you going?” Uno asked. I turned back towards the group and saw Samantha looking a little hopeful and a lot sad slash nervous. Lexi was staring at Samantha like she wanted nothing more than to wring her neck.

“Uhhh… I lost right? I was gonna go watch some tv,” I said, confused.

“Oh yeah, we didn’t explain. Generally as a penalty the loser has to sit in the lap of the person who defeated them,” Uno said unabashedly. It was Lexi’s turn to look a little nervous and she mouthed sorry and shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s okay. You didn’t know. If you want to go watch tv that’s fine,” Samantha said softly.

The soft way she offered this olive branch was what did it for me. Performing my best Lexi saunter I made my way to Samantha’s chair. Watching the hope bloom on her face confirmed the correctness of my decision. I turned my back to her and slowly, oh so slowly, sat down on Samantha’s lap, staring at Lexi the whole time. As I sat I attempted to convey a “here’s what you get for not telling me” message on my face. Judging by Lexi’s bashful and envious look I did a fairly good job. Stiff as I board I wiggled on Samantha’s lap as I tried to get more comfortable.

“Samantha, it’s all right. Relax dear. You’ve already got a little more intimate than this at lunch yesterday.” She blushed but she relaxed fractionally and her tail crept from behind her and slid along my arm. Snatching it out of the air I whispered, “speak of the sneaky devil.” It pulled ineffectively at my grip and Samantha let out a small gasp. Sneaking Lexi a look I popped the tip into my mouth and suckled it lightly. She melted underneath me into a squishy puddle of comfiness.

“Much better. Now go avenge me.” I watched as Samantha systematically dismantled Uno and Lexi’s depleted forces with her fully stocked army. It was a massacre. I enjoyed myself to as I occasionally stroked her thigh and felt the reverberations through her flesh. It was actually kinda making me a little warm, and for some reason, I could smell lilacs and vanilla. It was effecting me a lot like Lexi’s cinnamon pepper smell, I shifted a little as my pants became uncomfortably tight. Another wave of heat floated over me as the lilac and vanilla became stronger. It wasn’t until the sound of Samantha’s panting broke through my thoughts, that I realized what was happening.

Man, I’m an idiot. What did I expect to happen when I teased a succubus?

I apologized delicately to Samantha and stopped my teasing. Sans distractions, Samantha finished off her sister.

“I’m not sharing with your sister. That’s a little too much further outside my comfort zone.”

“Winners choice,” Lexi muttered.

“How about it Sam? Want to relieve yourself of your torment?”

Looking confused she shook her head and Uno pouted as she sat back into her seat. Lexi looked determined but had almost no forces left and lost the game in five turns. I vacated the soft seat and noticed that my but was a little wet. Quietly excusing myself to the bedroom I wiped myself down and put on a new pair of shorts. I hadn’t realized I was affecting her to quite that extent. Note to self, apologize to Samantha later. Also, my wayward erection softened back into hiding. I shivered a little at the strange feeling. That is really going to take some getting used to.

Feeling slightly fresher, and more comfortable in the baggier shorts I saw Lexi escorting the twins out the door. Before Lexi could close the door I surprised Samantha by hurrying forward and hugging her.

“Sorry to be such a tease. I enjoyed tonight and I’m sorry if I made you feel bad at lunch yesterday. I think we’re going to be good friends.”

“I know your secret,” she whispered with a secretive mischievous smile.

“Talk to you later,” Samantha finished louder and turned to follow Uno who was still walking away.

I stood there stunned with my mouth slightly agape as Lexi pulled me to her chest and started counting down. “Three, two, one. Your six hours are up honey. You’re all mine now,” she finished with a throaty growl.

Uh oh.