Feature Writer: MrJohnsons1210

Feature Title: Feminist Mom

Story Codes: Abuse, NC, Young, Incest

Synopsis: Feminist mom uses daughter in fight against the exploitation of children

Warning: You must be age 18 or over to read this story of non-consensual sex. If you do not like such stories, please turn back. I do not promote rape or non-consensual sex. This is only a story, a complete fiction written to let us safely and harmlessly feel things we want to feel. If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no further. In reality rape is a heinous crime that is appropriately illegal and condemned. But our fantasies let us feel things we enjoy feeling without hurting anyone.

Further Warning: This story includes completely fictional characters under the age of 18 involved in non-consensual sexual activity. I don’t condone or promote such activity. In real life these scenes would be completely repulsive to anyone with a sliver of empathy because of the suffering inflicted. But in fantasy nobody is harmed. “The hero is the one who conquers the dragon (within). Not the one who is devoured by it” Carl Jung

Acknowledgement: I’d like to thank gfappsp, one of the authors on this site, who gave me part of the inspiration for this story when he told me in a chat that he’d been turned on by a poster against war rape.

Further Acknowledgement: After writing the first chapter of this story I also became aware of just how much Amandablonde’s wonderful story, “Amanda MacDonald Professional Photographer” had influenced it. So thank you Amanda for all the sexy inspiration from that story.

Author’s Notes: I’d love to hear what turns you on about this story and/or what would have turned you on more. Feel free to make explicit requests for things you’d like to see in future chapters or stories, or write and just add scenes/chapters/stories yourself. I’m often inspired by how readers respond and what they suggest. I love collaborating in these fantasies. I also love to share fantasies in live chat so if you have some similar turn ons you’re welcome to connect with me on WickrMe (username: MrJohnsons1210)

Feminist Mom


“I want you to help me with our new campaign against the exploitation of children” my hot feminist wife tells our twelve year-old daughter. “We’re launching a really hard hitting campaign to increase awareness of the terrible way that men are sexually abusing girls like you. I’m creating the images for it and I’d like you to be my model!” she adds.

“Sure!” our daughter replies, happy to help her mom and the good cause. And also flattered to be a ‘model.’

“Put on your white dress while I set up my studio. That will nicely accentuate your innocence” my wife directs, as she moves from passionate activist into creative photographer mode.

As I often do, I help my wife prep her studio for the shoot, enjoying the buzz of her creative energy. My petite daughter enters in her little white dress and my wife starts taking shots of her.

“Now look scared like you’re about to be abused. That’s great! Even more! Now wrap your arms around yourself protectively. So perfect!” my wife continues as my daughter responds enjoying the opportunity to perform for the camera.

“Now kneeling down! Looking up at the camera! That’s it! But more scared! Yes mouth open a little is perfect!” my wife directs, as the sight of my beautiful daughter looking scared on her knees starts to arouse me.

“These are really good! But we need to be a bit more hard hitting!” my wife says, as she takes a moment to check some of the shots.

“Can you get the duct tape and use it tape her wrists together behind her!” my wife asks me.

“Put your hands behind your back” I tell my daughter. Then I use the duct tape to secure her thin wrists together behind her.

“That’s great! Look towards the camera! More terror!” my wife continues, as she moves around our bound twelve year-old kneeling on the floor. Seeing my daughter playing a helpless girl who’s about to be sexually abused is provocative enough to make me look at her in a whole new way and makes my cock disturbingly hard.

“These are good but still a bit too safe and clean!” my wife says as she looks at the shots.

“Let’s try it with your dress torn a little!” my wife announces, after contemplating our kneeling daughter for a few moments.

“Can you tear it a bit from the neck line” my wife requests of me. I’m hoping neither of them notice my arousal as I crouch down by our kneeling daughter and tear her little dress.

“More than that!” my wife tells me. “That’s better! But more so that her bra is clearly visible!” she instructs me, as I continue the intimate task of tearing my lovely daughter’s dress open.

“Can you tear from the hem up as well!” my wife asks. “Yeah! Tear it higher, all the way up so her panties are showing a bit!” she continues. My daughter is blushing as she can feel my eyes on her light pink panties as I tear her dress further. I’m even blushing myself a bit as I take in the hot sight of my cute daughter in a torn dress that reveals her light pink bra and panties.

“Now we’re really getting in the territory!” my wife says excitedly, as she takes shots of our blushing daughter playing scared, but also genuinely shocked to be so exposed.

“Can you put your hand on her shoulder!” my wife requests. “I’m not going to get your face in the shots but a big man’s hand is such a perfect menacing presence.” she explains, as she continues shooting.

“That’s it! Shrink from the hand a little, looking scared!” my wife directs our daughter who’s exposed body is already tensing against my touch.

“Now use your hand to pull her torn dress open a bit more revealing one cup of her bra!” my zealous wife instructs me. “This is so good! We’re really getting it!” she encourages as I reveal our daughter’s petite bra-encased breast to the camera and my eyes, further enhancing her adorable blush.

“Her bra still looks a bit too neat! Try pushing the strap down” my wife tells me. My whole body is tingling with excitement as my fingers push the strap of my daughter’s bra off her shoulder.

“That’s much better! Really enhances the look of vulnerability!” my wife raves, as she continues shooting our now genuinely shocked and humiliated daughter.

“I still feel like we’re pulling our punches and participating in the patriarchal denial though!” my wife remarks as she briefly reviews the shots.

“I think we need your hand on her thigh!” my wife declares. “No higher! Actually try it on the panties just in front of her hip!” she directs me as I move my hand up my daughter’s torn dress.

“That’s great! But spread your hand out more with your fingers reaching towards the crotch!” my wife instructs, as my fingers slide over the smooth material of my daughter’s panties reaching towards her enticing pussy.

“Oh that’s so good! We’re really capturing the obscenity of a fully grown man’s hand threatening an innocent girl’s immature vagina.” my wife tells us intensely as I can feel my daughter’s body trembling under my touch.

“Reach your fingers up and hook them into waistband of her panties!” my wife directs me.

“Oh that look on your face is perfect!” my wife gasps, as our twelve year-old daughter reacts to the vulnerability of the tips of my fingers grasping the waistband of her little panties.

“Pull down just a little!” my wife tells me. “God that’s so perfect! It so completely captures the vulnerability of the innocent” as she shoots my fingers pulling the waistband of my daughter’s panties down just enough to suggest what’s going to happen.

“Just a bit more!” my wife tells me quietly. “Yes that’s it down to the mons!” my wife urges as she continues to shoot our beautiful daughter’s exposure. “These are so good! Try it a bit further!” she whispers. “More!” she tells me as our daughter’s little pussy starts to come into view.

“This is so perfect! The big evil man’s hand stripping the beautiful immature vulva!” my wife moans. “This is going to bring attention to the raw horror of patriarchy. No collaborating with the denial!” she continues, as she shoots me exposing our twelve year-old’s pussy.

“You know I still feel like we’re not fully revealing the horror! It’s like we’re hinting and pointing! But we need to really show the awful truth of how patriarchy is defiling innocent girls.” my wife muses as she reviews the latest shots.

“We need a shot of your ravaged used body covered in cum!” my wife tells my daughter with sudden conviction.

“Can you cover her in your cum once I’ve got her arranged?” my wife asks me.

“Uh yeah sure!” I reply, trying to contain my delight at being invited to spray my cum over my adorable twelve year-old to help end patriarchy. I get my intensely hard cock out and start to squeeze myself as my wife lays our daughter on her back, and pulls a cup of her bra down to expose her petite breast.

“Can you tear her panties open for me” my wife requests. I kneel down next to our daughter and tear her light pink panties apart as my wife excitedly strokes my hard cock as she watches.

“It’s so great that you’re so willing to help protect children from abuse. We’re so lucky to have male-identified ally in the cause, available to help expose the evils of patriarchy” my wife tells me with sincere gratitude as she strokes my cock over our daughter’s naked pussy.

“Your pussy isn’t going to look ravaged enough even with some cum on it!” my wife tells our daughter. “I’m going to need to open you up a bit” she informs our twelve year-old as she starts to push her finger into her.

“Can you take over. I need to get this look!” my wife tells me, as our daughter starts squirming in discomfort at her mom’s violating finger. As my wife grabs her camera I push my much bigger and longer finger into our daughter and continue to squeeze my rock hard cock.

“Do it a bit harder!” my wife urges, clearly approving of the horrified look on our daughter’s face as I push my finger up her tight young pussy.

“That’s the look darling! Yes!” my wife tells our daughter as she struggles against my rough violation.

“Try two fingers!” she directs me urgently.

“Oww it hurts!” our daughter cries out with teary eyes, as I brutally force two fingers up her little pussy.

“This is so perfect sweetie! It’s just what we need to save all those innocent children from evil men.” my wife tells her excitedly, as she continues to photograph me violating our daughter.

“I think she’s ready for your cum now!” my wife whispers as she continues to shoot our writhing daughter. “Try to get some on her vulva, breasts, and face!” she instructs me.

I’m so turned on roughly fingering my lovely twelve year-old in front of my wife. A huge explosion of cum lands across her beautiful pussy. I quickly pull my fingers out of her and direct the next wave of cum over my daughter’s exposed breast. Then I shoot the remaining spurts of cum into her humiliated scrunching face.

“So good!!! We’ve totally nailed it!” my wife cries out euphorically, as she continues taking shots of our cum-covered and humiliated daughter. “We’re finally going to confront everyone with the raw truth about what men are doing to our children!” she announces with zealous satisfaction.

After a hard fight against the patriarchal censors and their establishment collaborators within the feminist movement who predictably insisted on censoring many of the most raw images. Our daughter finally became the literal poster-child for the exploitation of children. The image of her kneeling in her torn dress, humiliation and fear on her face, as her panties are being pulled down almost to her mons by my big hand are published and rapidly go viral.

The campaign gets more attention than my wife’s organization ever imagined possible. And millions of men and women become aware of just how powerful partiarchy is, as they find themselves aroused and wanting to see my twelve year-old daughter’s panties pulled lower whenever they see the compelling image.


“It was so satisfying raising awareness of child exploitation, but I still feel like I’ve been hiding behind the comfort of our suburban white privilege. It’s time for me to work on the front-lines protecting children from evil pedophiles, and I need your help” my wife tells my daughter excitedly.

“I want to find pedophiles who prey on young girls using you to lure them!” my wife explains to our daughter. “Then we’ll secretly document their abuse and get them arrested, saving countless numbers of innocent girls from becoming their future victims” she explains zealously.

“Don’t worry darling! You’ll never be alone with one of those monsters!” my wife reassures our daughter as she notices the young girl’s understandable anxiety about the idea of being used as bait for pedophiles.

“I think I’ve found one!” my wife tells us later that day, after hours engaged in online chat rooms engaging men to find out if they’d be interested in our twelve year-old daughter.

We both come over to the screen and look at the chat:

Verybadmom: “I’m wondering if you’re the type of man who might fulfill a very bad secret fantasy of mine!”

Larry: “I like to play! What’s your fantasy?”

Verybadmom: “I’m scared to say it’s so wrong!”

Larry: “I’m very open minded Wink”

Verybadmom: “It involves my daughter!”

Larry: “Now that sounds really hot!”

Verybadmom: “I really shouldn’t she’s only 12!”

Larry: “You’ve really got my attention!”

Verybadmom: “I’d love to see you paying attention to her!”

Larry: “I’d be happy to help you out there! Can you send me a pic of her?”

Verybadmom: “Just a moment! She’s right here!”

“He wants to see a picture of you! Take your shirt and pants off, this is where we hook the pervert!” my wife tells our daughter as she grabs her camera. My cock gets hard as I watch our blushing twelve year-old obediently strip down to her white bra and panties with cute blue bows on the front.

“Open your legs a little!” my wife directs our twelve year-old as she takes pictures of her awkwardly offering her petite body to the camera. “That’s perfect!” she purrs as she shoots pictures of her vulnerable-looking daughter.

My wife then sends the best pic of our gorgeous daughter in her bra and panties and excitedly continues her chat with Larry.

Verybadmom: “Here she is!”

Larry: “She’s deliciously hot! I’ll admit I’m more than a bit aroused looking at her”

Verybadmom: “Would you like to touch her?”

Larry: “Of course!”

Verybadmom: “My husband and I would love to watch you do that!”

Larry: “Really?”

Verybadmom: “Really! It would be such a turn on for us. Will you do it?”

Larry: “It’d be my pleasure!”

Verybadmom: “You might have to force her a bit, but as you can see she wouldn’t be able to stop you doing whatever you want!”

Larry: “Not a problem Wink”

“So when Larry comes over, you make it clear that you don’t want to be touched by him, but then submit and let him do what he wants to you.” my wife explains to our daughter after arranging for Larry to come over that evening. “It’s important that you make it clear that you’re not consenting, but don’t put up so much fight that he has to hurt you!” she adds.

“I don’t want to let him touch me at all!” my daughter replies with tears in her eyes. “Please don’t let him touch me!” she begs.

“Sweetie he has to touch you or we won’t be able to get him arrested and locked away to protect all the little girls that would become his future victims if we don’t do this!” my wife explains with conviction.

“I don’t want to do this!” our daughter replies more adamantly.

“You’re acting like a selfish entitled brat!” my wife replies forcefully. “You’re happy to allow him to rape all the other little girls, as long as you can hide behind your white socioeconomic privilege and stop him touching you.” she argues, condemning our daughter’s unwillingness to participate. “We’re not going to allow that anymore! You’re not going to be safe from being touched by evil men until all the oppressed innocent girls are safe from them!” she declares leaving no room for further discussion.

“Hi Larry! Come in!” my wife says cordially, as she greets the guy she’s found who wants to sexually abuse our daughter.

“This is my husband. My daughter’s hiding out in her bedroom. She’s expecting you, but not very happy about it.” my wife tells Larry, as she leads him to the bedroom of our twelve year-old, which now has two well concealed spy cameras to capture the pedophiles actions and enable an easy conviction.

“She’s even more cute than in the photo you sent!” Larry tells my wife, as we enter our daughter’s bedroom.

“She’s all yours!” my wife tells him, as our daughter looks at the big plump bearded man with big adorable scared eyes.

“It’s okay I don’t bite!” Larry tells our terrified daughter, as he walks towards where she’s standing on the other side of her bed.

“Mom!” she cries out anxiously backing up against the wall, as the big man comes right up to her.

“You’re such a pretty one!” Larry tells our daughter as he reaches to touch her face. I’m so turned on by the vulnerability of my daughter, pressed against her bedroom wall in her little red dress that her mom had told her to wear, as this man in his fifties stands right in front of her.

“Mommy! Dad!” our daughter cries out as she squirms at the man’s hand stroking her cheek.

“Touch me,” my wife whispers to me as she puts my hand inside her yoga pants and panties, and we both watch Larry’s hand start to move down our daughter’s dress and over her just-developing breasts.

“Don’t do that!” she says, as his hand squeezes her little breast and she tries to squirm away.

“I don’t wanna hurt you!” Larry tells our daughter seriously as he grasps her hair tightly in one hand and continues to pinch and molest her little breasts with the other.

My finger slides between the lips of my wife’s drenched pussy lips as we both watch the big man’s hand move down our daughter’s dress and then up underneath to make contact with her pantied crotch. My wife opens my pants and starts to stroke my incredibly hard cock as we watch the plump old man molest our daughter through her white panties.

“Please don’t let him do this to me!” our little girl cries out as Larry pushes the crotch of her panties to the side and starts to force a big finger into her tight little pussy. I knew there was no way my wife was going to save her from this as I could feel her pussy creaming on my fingers and she’d already told me (not our daughter) that she hoped to have the pedophile leave his sperm on or in our daughter as slam-dunk DNA evidence of his crime.

Larry looks over at my wife and I, and then drives his fat finger deeper into our little angel, clearly enjoying doing it front of us.

“Owww it hurts!” our twelve year-old sobs as the fifty-something man rapes her pussy with his finger.

“I’ll pull it out if you’ll take your panties off for me?” Larry offers my daughter, as he deliberately hurts her pussy even more with his finger.

“Owww! Owww! Okay! Okay!” my daughter responds to fat man. She then reaches under her skirt and pulls her panties down her slim legs. Our twelve year-old looks at us with an expression of shock and disbelief as she sees my wife squeezing my hard cock while writhing against my fingers which are now inside her pussy.

“Let’s get on the bed!” Larry tells our daughter as he easily pulls her little body onto it. Larry then climbs onto her, pinning her thin arms above her head and getting his cock out.

“Let’s have look at you!” he tells our daughter as he pulls up the skirt of her little red dress revealing her little naked pussy.

“What a little treat you are!” the fat man tells our daughter, admiring her pussy as he guides his big hard cock towards her tight little opening.

“Mommyyyyy!” our little angel cries out as the big man’s cock pushes between her little pussy lips and starts to force it’s way into her. My wife is shaking in arousal on my hand as she squeezes my straining cock and watches our daughter being penetrated by the fifty-something man.

“Agggghhhhh! Help me!” our twelve year-old screams as the plump man forces his cock into her, tearing her open for the first time. It’s so obscene how her little body is impaled on this man’s cock as he drives into her clamping and stretching pussy.

“Fuck!” Larry gasps unable to hold off cumming in our tight little girl any longer. As we watch him filling our beautiful daughter with his cum my wife cums hard on my fingers almost falling over, and my cum starts to shoot into my wife’s hand.

As the fifty-something man’s deeply satisfied cock pulls out of the deflowered pussy of our twelve year-old, she immediately jumps off the bed and sobs into her mom’s shoulder. My wife cups our daughter’s ravaged pussy with her hand and looks at me signaling with her eyes that I should take over.

“I’m going to show Larry out sweetie!” my wife tells our daughter as she passes her to me.

As I cup our upset daughter’s raped pussy with my hand to keep Larry’s sperm in and lead her back to the bed, my wife leads Larry out of our house making sure to note his license plate to make identification easy.


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  1. Just love this one so much, I get dripping cock wet, reading this one over and over, mommy and daddy’s should read this one and then train there yung ones to let old pedophiles play with them…..
    Hail satan

      1. Hail XP I would have preferred that the parents encouraged other men to visit, and to build a ring!

  2. Lovely story! It wouldn’t suprise me if the mother does not report the man. Instead she probably convinces her daughter that she has to do more men before she can confront the first one, otherwise their cover will be blown. And in the long run, the parents will be so obsessed by watching their daughter getting fucked that nothing else matters …

  3. Let’s all agree that pedophilia and beastality and torture is what we love to experience I’d bet most mommy and daddy would love to do it if they didn’t get caught, hotttxxx sexy children are now days very common all little children love to explore there dark secrets there sexual attraction to others, parents should never try to talk them out of these perverted unholy pleasures, thoughts they should encourage them to explore as much as they can, mommy and daddy should help them at birth as they grow up they will love the sexual perversions and pleasures and when they are old enough to have children they can teach them the wicked pleasures of satanic love
    Hail satan hail lilith hail xp hail Mary the whore of God
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    1. You are unquestionably correct about fathers, though personally I think it would be a very very special mother who would want this for their children. The great thing about today is the degree to which the path to experimentation has been eased by Facebook, Instagram and now only fans,

  4. I find the idea of a supposedly “good” woman using child abuse to fight child abuse highly erotic. I like to think of the good mother being aroused watching her daughter get raped by pedophiles.

  5. I absolutely love the premise of the story the woke mother hiding her wonderful perverted mind behind apparent political correctness. To be honest how could a father resist this situation, the mother is serving her daughter on a plate for him.

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