Feature Writer: Mick Carter /

Feature Title: Father Michael

Published: 17.09.2022

Story Codes: Incest, Young Ones

Synopsis: Based around the true story of the Colt Family, an inbred family of forty-eight adults, teens and preteens who were discovered by authorities in 2012 living in a commune in the Australian outback. Everyone was fucking everyone and none of the kids knew who their paternal fathers were – there were so many possibilities!

Father Michael

It was a sunny and hot Tuesday afternoon. Father Michael parked his car at the end of the track, behind the barn as instructed. There were a few other vehicles there, an old pickup, two minibuses (equally old) and a few other vehicles. He was excited.

Father Michael was thirty years of age, quite a good-looking guy and he kept his body in trim with regular weights and exercise in the flat that he shared with Father Brian. Father Michael has been a Catholic priest for two years. He had joined the priesthood not through a love of the lord God but through a devious wish to be able to work closely with kids.

When he and Father Brian got a flat together and they had lived together a few months Michael discovered (through the history on Brian’s computer) that Brian was gay. Since then the two men had had sex together, mainly fondling and sucking, but Brian also liked Michael to fuck him, usually after they had consumed whisky and weed and watched some porn together.

To the church elders they were conscientious young priests who carried out their duties as required.

Father Michael had not shared with his friend, colleague and flatmate what had happened the previous day though. He found it hard to believe it had happened himself!

It had been a quiet day at his church. He had been at the back of the church when a girl had walked in, looking furtively from side to side although she hadn’t seen father Michael. Michael was transfixed. She was about thirteen years of age, jet black, straight hair, shoulder length. Pretty, but in a somehow very sexual sort of way.

She was very well tanned and the tan was easy to see because of what she wore. A Lycra-spandex boob top, open at the bottom so it sort of hung over her tits, which were bare underneath and jiggled as she moved. Father Michael thought to himself that all a boy had to do was to put his hands up under it and — Father Michael was getting a hard-on and his breathing quickened as the girl made her way towards the front of the church.

Her back was bare. She wore a white micro-skirt in the same fabric as the top. The skirt was slung low on her hips. A chain belt was around her waist and Father Michael guessed it would hang down at the front. As she walked, the skirt raised and fell and he caught glimpses of her bare ass cheeks.

He was mesmerized, took a quick look around him and squeezed his cock through his robe. He was fully hard by the time she reached the altar and shouted a nervous


“I’m here, my child, behind you!” She turned, startled.

Father Michael hoped that his eyes weren’t visibly popping out of his head because it felt as if they were. The boob-top was almost see-through and he could see the nipples of her slightly upturned tits poking through the thin fabric. His eyes flicked downwards, over a flat, lightly-muscled belly to the micro-skirt with the silver chain belt hanging over it.

The chain had a silver snake hanging at the bottom which was in alignment with (he imagined) the juncture of her thighs. The skirt was so short it barely covered her crotch. The hemline was at the juncture of her slightly-muscled and tanned thighs and he imagined that as she walked through the city to get to the church she must have been flashing her panties as well. On her feet she wore white trainers which had seen better days.

Father Michael swallowed hard and forced his eyes upwards. He was rewarded by a nervous smile which lit up her face. The teeth were perfectly white and in contrast to the jet-black hair and tanned complexion.

“What, er, brings you here, my child?” he inquired.

His brain was a whirlwind.

“Confession, Father. I haven’t confessed to a priest in a long time,” she said, her hands were fidgeting and clasped, perhaps trying to cover her crotch.

“The confessional is over there, my child, I’ll join you in a moment,” he managed to say, as he watched her make her way towards it; and fuck, yes! The cheeks of that ass were flashing his hungry eyes as she walked.

He had seen the gypsy sluts of the town walking around wearing next-to-nothing shorts and skirts and had a wank or two at night remembering the sights he had seen and wondering what their parents thought, letting them out on the streets dressed like sluts but none of them could match what this girl had dared to wear that afternoon.

He took his place in the confessional, the two of them separated by a small metal grille. He could only see the top of her bowed head.

“What is your name, my child,” he asked.

“It’s Esmee,” said a surprisingly low and sexual voice.

“And what can I do for you today, Esmee?”

“I have sinned, Father. I need forgiveness, lots of forgiveness.”

“How have you sinned, my child?”

“I’ve been fucked, Father and I need forgiveness.”

Father Michael’s cock twitched at hearing her say the word.

“We prefer not to use the fuck word in church, Esmee. ‘Had sex’ would be the term to use, but go on.”

“Well, like I said I’ve been fucked. I’ve been fucked a lot, Father.”
Father Michael swallowed hard.

“Go on, my child — confess your sins to me.”

“Well Father, I live on this farm out of town, it’s a sort of commune, we’re all the same family see … and … well … we fuck a lot together … so I need forgiveness … see?”

“I see,” said Father Michael.

His robe was up and he was gently squeezing the bulge of his cock through his favorite undergarment – black rubber scanty briefs. He swallowed hard.

“Go on, my dear, who have you had sex with?”

“Wi’ my brothers and uncles, Father. They all want to fuck me, see? But the thing is I fucking love all the fucking I get but then, suddenly, I realize that it’s not right, is it Father? For me to like getting fucked by the men in my own family? I mean I just love getting fucked and on Fridays we have this orgy thing where the Paying Uncles get to come and fuck us kids and our moms and uncles too and I love that even more, dancing for the dirty old fuckers, letting them feel me up and fuck me, it’s not right, is it Father?”

“Ahem, what do you mean by Paying Uncles, Esmee?”

“Us kids, teenage mostly but some younger, boys and girls, we get all sexy-dressed and we walk around town. A couple of uncles are behind us at a distance. Of course, we get followed ‘cause us girls are wearing skimpy stuff, tops and tight shorts and the like and the boys the same — tight shorts showing their cute little asses and their cock-bulges,” she continued,  “The Uncles are a bit behind us and they look out for the dirty old men, well they’re often not that old actually, anyway they look out for the men that turn and follow us and then they proposition them, twenty quid deposit on the day, a hundred more on the Friday night, they get all the booze, weed whatever they want and they get to fuck whoever they want all night. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons — they get the pick of any of us — that’s what I mean that I’ve got a lot to confess. Like today, I won six Paying Uncles today dressed like this, showing off my titties and flashing my knickers and my ass.”

“So, on a Friday night they go to your commune and get the pick?”

“Yeah. A lot of them fuck our mothers too because on a Friday they’re like dressed to please, you know? Fetish stuff — tits and ass hanging out of fetish stuff and our men and boys dress the same, the guys get the choice of girls and boys from aged about eight up to the older moms about forty.”

Father Michael could take no more. He bent over in his chair with his head between his legs.

“Fuck the Holy Mother of Jesus herself and cum up her ass while the boy Jesus wanks over me,” he whispered to himself as he pumped his spunk into his favorite, whisper-thin rubber briefs.

The spasms had just died away when her voice came back to him..

“What did you just say, Father?”

“I … er … was just saying a prayer for you, my child,” he managed.

“Oh! I thought I’d got you all randy and you just cum into your robe, Father? If you did, Father, I’d love to come next door into your bit and lick the filthy cream off of your cock and balls? I love scummy cocks and balls, ‘specially if there’s cock cheese under your skin. Mama always told me that cock cheese is the Slut’s Caviar – that’s what she calls it. Do you want me to come next door, Father? I seen the look in your eyes when you saw me, same as all the other boys and men — you want to fuck me, Father — Fuck it I’m coming next door, I’ve always wanted to fuck around with a holy man of the fucking God!”

Then, she was in with him, in the fucking confessional! She stood, proud, massaging her nipples through the near-see-through top.

“Like my tits, Father? All the men like my tits, they suck ‘em, they lick ‘em and I love it! Men drooling over them, their fucking cocks standing like rock. I love the fucking effect I have on boys and men. But ‘specially the men, the dirty old men are my favorites. They don’t wash too good and I fucking love sniffing their dirty cocks and skinning them down and making a big show of licking their caviar. I don’ swallow, I just get it into my mouth, swirl it around a bit, savoring the taste and then drool it outta my mouth,” she pronounced it ‘mouff’ … “Onto my tits, wipe it over these tits (she squeezed them) and down, over my belly (her fingers traced a line down that fantastic belly). I just love the stink of sex and fucking and piss. You can piss on me too, Father? In my mouth, up my cunt, I love the squirting feel, and up my asshole. The feel of my innards filled with piss is fantastic!”

Father Michael’s cock was trying to raise its head in the confines of the now-slimy robber briefs.

“Want me to dance for you Father?, (that voice was so deeply sexual)

“I dance good, watch!”

The girl put her hands behind her head which had the effect of raising the hem of the skirt another inch and now Michael got a view that he hardly could believe. She was wearing a once-white satin thong and said thong was partially embedded in the deep cleft of a camel-toe cunt.

The girl (still with her hands behind her head) looked down where he was staring.

“I’m wet, Father. My cunt’s been drooling ‘cause I love showing off to the dirty old men, it makes me so fucking horny to see them lusting and knowing they want to fuck me. Do you like the look of it, Father. I’ve got a good camel-toe cunt, haven’t I Father? Watch me dance it for you. Open your legs so I can get close.

She moved closer and began an undulating movement in which she somehow managed to jerk her hips in a fucking motion while her tits had an up-and-down movement, seemingly as if her body was rubber. She moved closer so her cunt was almost on a level with his face.

“Can you smell me, Father? Can you smell my horny cunt. You can lick me if you want, and of course you’re going to fuck me, aren’t you, Father. You can’t resist, can you Father?”

Her movements became faster, even frenzied, he breathing fast and erotic as she became more aroused.

“I fucking love the effect I have on me. I want you to fuck me now Father!”

She dropped to her knees in front of him, slid his robe up his thighs.

“Oh! I like your pants, Father. Nice and sexy and (she felt him up) and it feels squishy in there. Did I make you come, I did, didn’t I Father? You spunked your pants and you had to lie to me about praying.

The girl’s hands gently pulled the waistband down. Her face was in his groin as she revealed his cock.

“Oh Father! You’ve shot a load for me right in your fetish knickers. It smells fucking gorgeous, the smell of rubber and spunk!”

Father Michael’s cock lay up his belly, twitching uncontrollably as he watch the young girl lift his balls and begin to lick and suckle at them. She grasped his cock as she licked her way up the shaft, wiping his semen over her face as she did so.

“Did you have any caviar, Father?” she breathed. “You have a wonderful cock, Father and I’m wondering when you last washed? I love the smell and taste of a filthy cock. I bet you wank a lot, Father. In your bed at night do you jerk off on images in your mind of fucking young girls – or maybe you like the boys as well, Father? Do you dream of licking and sucking young boys as you wank in your bed at night, Father?”

His cock was now clean and she skinned it down a little and took deep sniffs, waggling it under her nose.

“I think you might have some, Father, I can smell it. Let’s take a look …”

She skinned it right back.

“Fuck, Father! Your cock is beautiful, just fucking beautiful! And look, you do have some under the head bit, in the ridge!

Ooh fuck, I love that fucking smell!”

Her nose was at it again, sniffing … and sniffing some more.

“It’s beautiful, Father, smells fucking fantastic. I love cheesy cocks, they smell like dead fish before you skin them back and then when you skin them back it’s like slitting open that dead fish’s belly and exposing the rotting guts.”

Father Michael had flashes of himself in Hell, sitting alongside Satan himself while Satan watched and slowly wanked a huge, filthy-looking cock.

“Are you enjoying my lifestyle, Father Michael?” Satan said. “Because you know that you’ve crossed the line here, don’t you? I’ve got you hooked and you’re wriggling on my line now, Father. No going back to the ultra-clean-and-shiny Jesus thing, you’re hooked on perversion and you won’t be able to repent now, you’re fucking about with a minor and not resisting so basically, you’re mine!”

Father Michael didn’t care. The girls pointy tongue was now licking under the glans and she was collecting his filth in her mouth. She stood up and bent right over him, her lips inches from his …

“Wanna kiss me, Father?” she breathed, “Wanna share your own filth in a dirty kiss?”

She didn’t wait for a reply, her mouth mashed down on his, her tongue flicking in and out, she was breathing fast and he was wanking as she kissed him, now deeply. He could smell his filth off of her mouth and he could taste it now, too.

The girl stood up suddenly. She stood with her legs apart and slid her middle finger up and down that beautiful camel-toe cunt, pushing the slicked satin further into the deep cleft.

“Take a look and a smell of my dirty knickers, Father. Lick them, yea, like that. Lick at them and take a deep smell of me.”

Father Michael smelled, Father Michael licked. Father Michael’s nose pushed into that camel-toe.

He smelled. He licked.Then she hooked a thumb into the waistband and pulled the thong down. Her knee was trembling now, she herself was so excited …

“You’re working for Satan now, Father and He wants you to enjoy me. He wants you to have the illegal pleasures that Jesus-fucking-Christ has been denying you … Lick me out, Father Michael. Wipe your nose into my fucking dirty hole and enjoy the slime. Does it smell good? I was fucked last night and this morning, Father and I haven’t washed. My cunt smells of the rotting sperms, Father. I can smell it from up here. The fucking dirty stuff that was squirted up there last night! Smells fucking gorgeous!”

She pressed against him.

“Ooooh, Father Michael! Lick me out! Lick that fucking smelly dirt-box clean! Ooh you’ve found my clit, my nubbin, my hooded lady, my clam, it’s big Father, it’s fucking erect just like your cock, lick it gently, oooh yea, gorgeous, let me skin it back for you, Father, you can taste my cunt cheese.”

Two fingers held her cunt open and she thrust it into his face, wiped it all over and just as he sucked her clit into his mouth she pulled his head into her cunt and began a wild thrusting, banging herself against his face as the cunt gushed slime into his mouth and she orgasmed, mewling like a kitten, gasping for breath.

Then she was on his lap, his cock was up her and his seven inches of thick meat was stretching that young teenage cunt. She continued to buck on him and he put his hands up the flimsy top and kneaded those beautiful, upturned tits. The nipples were rock hard. She jerked on him so he could feel the head of his cock scraping the very top of the cunt.

“Oooh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yessss!” She hissed at him, “Squeeze my fucking teats, hard, squeeze those nipples I’m fucking cumming, oh Fuck! I’m pissing! I’m squirting. Fucking Jesus! Your cock feels so fucking good, Father. Oooh fuck Father say a few Hail Satan’s it’ll make you feel better, Father! You and me, we both belong to Satan and all the lust he gives us! Jesus is finished! Satan has you now, you’re feeling the warmth and lust, squirting your spunk up me, Father, fuck that filthy cunt!”


Do you want to find out what happens when Father Michael visits the commune? Will he tempt Father Brian to go with him? What will happen when he goes? These are all genuine questions I want some ideas for because chapter two hasn’t been written yet. I will work on your ideas so please give me your ideas!

16 thoughts on “FATHER MICHAEL”

  1. Father Michael and father Brian should agree to stay priests so they have access to all the children of our lord Satan, the children of the dark master will need sexual guidance and who would better at giving this guidance than two satanic pedophiles like father Michael and father Brian these children already know from birth that either mommy or daddy or both pray to the dark lord for pleasure and filthy dark lust, they too were children of Satan and were trained by there parents to give sexual pleasure to in turn they offered there children to Satans pedophiles, they gladly want there little children’s holes to feel the sick perverted satanic worshipping pedo sluts with dripping wet cocks and cunts to take there children rape them abuse them scar there little minds with repeated fucking until the child is trained to due it to other children father Michael and Brian and help facilitate these wishes of Satan or lord and sick master
    Hail Satan
    Hail Lilith
    Hail children of Satan
    Hail the many pedophile’s who each day groom the little ones for Satan

  2. What a wonderful introduction, which actually made me read up on the colt family whom I had no prior knowledge of.

    Having been brought up a Catholic I love the sexually active priests, having been educated in a all boys school by priests ‘s I could tell you some stories.

    The fact that Michael has kinky underwear is a nice touch, although I did wonder whether he mightn’t like a butt plug as well.

    Where do we go from here? Surely Michael will be a little bit cautious and he might ask Esme to bring in one of her brothers, similar age, I have no doubt that Michael would love to be balls deep in her brother whilst Esme rims his ass……………….. what he doesn’t realise is that Esme has brought three of her older brothers,hung like donkeys who run a train on father michael, he is bent over the altar. Esme and her younger brother suck his cock n balls as he spunks again and again…………………….

    But the real reasonEsme has visited Michael is so that he can tap into a rich stream of pedo bait through the church.

    Keep up the wonderful work

  3. A really horny story, one of the best ever on here. I was so hard instantly and right throughout. I would do anything to be Father Michael and to have the chance to have really dirty sex with a 13yo whore. I love young sluts and boys who are into complete depravity in sex. I can’t wait for chapter two.

    1. Thank you, Steve for your comments! There will most certainly be more really dirty sex with 13 year-old sluts and also many similar-aged boys, equally dirty and sexually deviant!

  4. Craving depraved religious sacrilege. Priest or nuns indulging their deepest depravities. Good story. Hope for more. Black mass, bisexual teen/preteen sluts of any gender.

  5. Given yourOriginal story is based partly on a true story of the colt family, I wonder if including another true slant through the story might be interesting? You will be aware in the UK that multiple cities have had extreme problems with child prostitution and abuse perpetrated by mainly Muslim men. Many many of these girls were either fostered, or in orphanages/children’s homes. I would have thought that father Michael would have lots of access to such facilities?

  6. SEX! Back when hippies were forming communes under the guise of nature lovers it was just guys fucking young lithe horny girls. always SEX or MONEY, but I love the demented abuses of naive fuck meat all the same. Like every small town slut eager to explore they are so easy to gang fuck to death. Eating sperm to survive. The CHURCH would save them….in a dungeon!

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