FATHER JOHN’S TRAIL by DmVirgin (Intro Only)

Writer: DmVirgin

Subject: Father John‘s Trial (Intro Only)

Published: ReligiousFetish

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Father John‘s Trial

“You demon.” Father John shouted as he struggled against his ropes.

“You’re not to far off.” Maria said smiling. She sat naked on top the altar of his church. Between her large pale breasts hung a pendant of Baphomet. Between her legs hung her long thick member.

“Whore of Satan. You’re an ugly twisted disgusting malformed thing.”

Maria reached forward and gave her cock a few strokes.

“It sounds to me like you have a case of cock envy Father,” She ran her thumb around it’s thickening head, pulling away a droplet of precum, “Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure you get to feel what it’s like.”

She popped her thumb into her mouth, licking it clean.

Father John twisted against his bounds. Ropes twisted around his naked body, binding his shoulders,elbows,hands,wrists, knees, and legs to the chair.

“I cast you out of this holy place in the name of Jesus.”

“That’s funny. I don’t feel particularly cast out. As a matter of fact, I feel more welcome here than I ever have before. Your church has been incredibly welcoming of my mother and I.”

Maria leaned back, pushing her cock out at an obscene angle and making thrusting motions with her hips.

“Some families have welcomed ever inch of myself and my mother. Isn’t that right mom?”

Susan walked from behind Father John, coming to a stop in front of him. She was every inch her daughter in the face but with an even more voluptuous build. She wore a thin white dress, her 34f breasts straining out against the fabric.

“Absolutely dear. We’ve had some wonderful bible studies with your flock.”

Father John gaped at the woman.

“You … you are the wife of a man of God,” he snapped at her.

“Fuck God,” she said, grabbing one of her large breasts, “I worship something a bit more rewarding now.”

Walking towards Maria, she let her dress fall away from her body. Giving Father John a full view of her perfect round ass. Susan wrapped her lips her daughter’s cock, bobbing her head along it’s length and making obscene slurping sounds.

“Oohh, mom,” Maria said biting her lip. “Fuck, who taught you how to suck cock.”

Letting the still erect penis slide from her mouth with a audible pop.

Susan said, “Satan himself honey.”

Susan turned a looked at Father John, a small line of precum, hanging from her lips and her hand still stroking the length of her daughter’s cock.

“Father, why do you think we’re here?” asked Susan.

“To spread your blasphemies and mock the L ord.”

“True,” Responded Maria, “But today we’re actually here to make you an offer.”

Shaking free of her mother’s grasp, Maria popped off the altar and walked towards the bound clergyman, her big dick sticking out in front of her.

“You see, we already have your church. Or at least enough of it that matters.” Susan said wiping the precum from her mouth onto the altar.

Maria knelt in front of him, pulling his flaccid member into her warm mouth. Father John struggled and tried to move his hips away.

“Oh, don’t bother, those ropes aren’t going anywhere and Maria’s mouth is even tighter.”

Maria sucked hard on his holy cock, spinning her tongue around the tip. Using one hand, she ran it up and down his shaft, pumping and squeezing. A forced moan is all Father John was able to release in protest. Maria’s mouth was a hot, wet, temple of sin. She slide all the way down to the base of his cock, pressing her face into his stomach and then back out to the tip. Alternative the down and up motion of her mouth with the pumping motion of her first.

“God forgive me,” he muttered.

Maria withdrew his cock from her mouth.

“You don’t need his forgiveness,” she said smiling.

“That’s the offer we’re here to make with you today Father. Join us. God has given you some, but you see how easy Satan can take it all away. Your church is his, your flock is swaying under his influence, even your family belongs to him.”

“What about Shelly and Anne?” he stammered.

Maria began to cup and fondle his balls. Running her fingernails across the sensitive skin of his scrotum.

“Father, your wife and daughter have been ours,” Susan said cupping her breasts, “I’ve lot track of how many times your wife has snacked on my cunt,”

She ran one hand down her stomach and into the cleft between her legs. Wetness over her hand and down her leg.

“I don’t believe you,” he said, flinching as Maria pressed her nails in a bit harder.

“Oh Father … those perky little breasts of hers and that soft, warm mouth.”

Susan’s hand was a flash up and down her slit. Juices flew from the movement, landing all around the carpeted area in front of the altar. Susan’s breasts bounced with the force of her strokes.

“Oh God … oh God …”

Her pussy lips were engorged and red. Her hand was soaked to the wrist in her own cunt juice and she was driving three fingers into herself with each thrust.

“Shelly would never fall for your lies. My wife is a God fearing woman, not a whore like the two of you.”

“She ate my pussy, while I sat bare-assed on your altar. When I eventually blessed her with my climax she fell to her knees to praise Satan for the gift.”

“Shut up!”

“Oh you should have seen it. Her face and her hair slick with my love. She sat there, naked and kneeling, cursing your God and praising ours. Thanking him for releasing her from the bondage of guilt and conscious. She was so grateful.”

“You filthy bitch,” he shouted.

Susan’s collapsed as wave after wave of orgasm shuddered through her body. Cum gushed from between her legs, wetting the floor of the altar. With each contraction of ecstasy a shout of “Praise Satan” rose up from her lips. By the time the orgasm had passed, Susan laid crumbled before the altar, moaning to herself as her fingers continued to dance between her thighs.

“You’ll have to excuse my mom. She has a tendency to get caught up in the moment.”

Maria had returned to slowly stroking Father John’s cock.

“You monsters raped my wife,” he said through tears streaming down his face.

“That’s fine if that’s what you want to believe. But trust me, she very much wanted what we gave her. She was literally begging for it.”

Father John shot her a sharp look.

“Child, what has your mother done to you? I know your father, he’s a good man. Whatever evil his wife has done, doesn’t have to be yours to bear. Child untie me and we can still set right everything that has happened here.”

Maria gave him an appraising look.

“You seem to be mistaken Father. It’s not my mother’s evil you need to be afraid of.”

Standing she grabbed her cock and started to vigorously stroke it’s length. Father John watched as it grew to it’s full erect ten inch state.

“My mother is trying to be considerate. She’s offering you a chance to forsake God, like your daughter and wife have. Pledge yourself to Satan and his cause and spend the rest of your life enjoying a blissful existence. Full of every kind of pleasure imaginable. Otherwise, I’m going to fuck you and you probably won’t survive it and we’ll still have your family and church to do with as we please.”

Maria smiled. Father John’s mouth just gaped open.

“You wouldn’t … you couldn’t possibly think you could get away …”

Maria placed a finger against his lips.

“We already have. We’ve won. The only thing left is for you to choose which side you belong to.”

Susan rolled onto her back, moaning. Sweat covered her skin and the smell of sex rose from her body.

“Hmm. Be honest with yourself.”

Susan said raising her hand to her mouth to like her cum off of her fingers. Father John’s eyes looked from mother to daughter. A chill crept down his naked body. Settling around his erect cock. He could feel cold invisible hands around his manhood. The hands moved up and down his length as the women watched. An involuntary groan escaped his lips.

The invisible grip tightened and something cool and moist enveloped the head of his cock. It was pleasuring him in ways he had never experienced before. The invisible mouth moved all the way down to his balls, taking them in it’s cool embrace. Pleasuring arched up his groin into his stomach. He could feel every rhythmic pulse as took him in fully, backed out so it was just the tip and thrust itself back down again.

Susan had climbed onto the altar and was rubbing her pussy while she watched. Maria stood there hands on her hips, smiling and watching as the demon pleasured Father John. Her huge cock stood straight up, leaking obscene amounts of precum.

Maria leaned close to Father John.

“Yes, feel how nice that is. It’s bliss. This is what I’m offering. Nothing bad. Just the right to feel good in any way you want.”

Father John closed his eyes and bit his lip. A small tendril of cold snaked it’s way across his balls, down between his legs. Finding the opening of his anus it began to push.

“Oh God.” he exclaimed, opening his eyes and clenching down tight.

“Oohh, found something you didn’t know you liked …”

Susan laughed.

“I bet it’s not his first time …”

Maria laughed as well.

“A respectable man like Father John? I do think we’re about to enter into virgin territory.”

Maria ran a hand down his chest, stopping to pinch and twist one of his nipples. As he tried to twist away from her touch, he forgot about his backdoor invader and the tendril of cold slipped inside.

His whole body stiffed in response to the intrusion. The feeling pushed high and hard, wiggling cold and somehow slightly inside his bowls. The sensation pushed him over the edge. Cum exploded from his cock in sharp white spurts.

“Goddamned, look at him go,” exclaimed Susan.

Every ejection caused the holy man’s body to spasm and shake. The invisible mouth and hand urged him on with their movements as the tendril never stopped assaulting his asshole. Maria watched as the fountain of semen slowly came with less and less force until it ran low and hung limp. Cum covered the Father’s cock, legs, chair and pooled on the floor. Her own phallus was now flowing with it’s own precum.

“Oh Father, you just came in church. How sinful.”

A wicked smile played across her lips.

“You monster,” he said out of breath, “What did you do to me.”

“It’s called an orgasm. Most people enjoy them when they happen,” said Susan.

Tears again began to flow down his face.

“God almighty. Forgive me my sins. Lend me strength against these demons who invade your church …”


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