Exorcist Bishop In Love With Satanic-Erotic Writer – Non-Fiction

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Subject: Exorcist Bishop In Love With Satanic-Erotic Writer

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Exorcist Bishop In Love With Satanic-Erotic Writer

Xavier Novell was a controversial figure in the Catholic priesthood in Spain, as the youngest bishop in the country and one of the few priests to continue carrying out exorcisms and conversion therapy. Xavier met Silvia Caballo while she was studying demonology. Silvia, a psychologist from Spain, writes erotic-themed books riddled with Satanic representation. Her publisher describes her as dynamic and transgressive, someone who “turns upside down our ideas of morality and ethics.” Caballo invites her readers to journey “into sadism, madness and lust and a struggle between good and evil.” The bishop fell so deeply in love with Silvia that he abandoned the life he had cultivated for decades. Many in the local Catholic community were not supportive of the couple, especially with Novell leaving the priesthood for a woman who is a divorcee. It is alleged that even Pope Francis twice asked him to undergo an exorcism.

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  1. Good. One down and only 99 monkeys left in the zoo. I’d like to think that it won’t be long before the rest abandon their pious and floundering shipping favor of our one true lord. May Satan call them to serve his purpose and may Christ, his father, the holy goddamned spirit, and all of heaven’s vile rot be made to kneel at our feet where they shall survive on only that which they can drain from our unholy balls when they tire of eating our shit. No greater wish have I than for all that is considered holy to be subject to our ever increasing wickedness, abuse, and mockery. Hail almighty Satan and glory to his name above all others.

    1. Hail George … “ More evidence of the Truth of the Dark Gods.” … Darkness is its own reward!

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