Feature Writer: Lycandope

Feature Title: Errant Thoughts

Published: 20.08.2014

Story Codes: Non-human

Synopsis: Her random musing comes true in an unusual way.

Errant Thoughts

A dashing, well-dressed, incredibly handsome young man steps into the frame. A faint hint of amusement lies beneath his serious expression. This unbelievably (as in ‘wow, much handsome such suave’ rather than ‘I absolutely don’t buy this for a moment, you hack’) handsome young man, who may or may not be the author addresses the reader.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” he says, his voice careful yet rich in tones. “We have all of us experienced those moments of self-doubt. Sitting under a remote bus terminal, watching the heavy rain fall around us while thinking, ‘I wish-‘ before stopping yourself. ‘What if we only get one wish in life and wishing for the rain to stop just happened to be my one wish?’ Our minds are not our friends, dear reader. Thoughts come unbidden and often unwelcome. Uncharitable thoughts. Nightmarish thoughts. That receptionist may seem pleasant and simple and yet, beneath his cheerful eyes he may be mentally placing you as a victim in an imagined sequel to the latest Saw movie.”

The host pauses for effect, his piercing gaze locked on yours as a small ‘s’ shaped curl dangles above both eyes.

“These thoughts are happily locked away in our minds, forever ours. But, what if, cherished reader, what if fate were not so simple? What if our fears were real and some alien mind is listening? And, worse, what if they have the power to do something about it?”

With a grin that is equal parts humor and sadism, the host finishes.

“The story you are about to read captures one such moment. Welcome, then,” the author says, his hands raised for dramatic effect. You’re practically on the edge of your seat, sucked into the narration. “TheCrazy Zone!”

You tremble with anticipation, unable to… wait… the “crazy zone”?! What kind of nonsensical, Kindergarten name is-


“You promise you won’t take too long, right?” Harmony asked, her arms around her husband. “I’m going to gnaw my own arm off out of boredom.”

Joshua rubbed his palm affectionately against the side of his wife’s face, smiling at her while he did. She shook her head in fake pout. “I promise. You could always come with me, you know.”

“Ugh, no,” she said. “That man followed me the entire time I was there. Staring and saying creepy things.” The young woman affected a deep Southern accent, dropping her eyes to her husband’s chest while slowly licking her lips. “We shore don’t get much young people around here. ‘Specially not such pretty ones like yerself. How long ya stayin’ for, honey? I could use some hep aroun’ here if you ever getbored.”

“Oh, stop,” Joshua said with a laugh. “He did not.”

“Swear to god,” Harmony replied. She made an ‘X’ shaped gesture over her chest with her finger. “Stared at my boobs the entire time he talked to me. It took every ounce of will I had not to grab both of them and make a little booby puppet show for him.” She broke away from her husband and grabbed each breast with one hand and now her voice was oddly high pitched. “Well, hello! I’m Achy!” Her lips slanted right. “And I’m Droopy!”

Joshua’s face reddened as he laughed. “Holy crap, stop. It’s too much. Tell you what, how about I wear one of your shirts and call myself Harmony while I’m there. Throw him off a little?”

“No way, buster,” Harmon said. “We are one step away from acting out Deliverance 2: Deliverer out here. I don’t need no gross old man telling you that you have a ‘purty mouth.’ I’d leave your ass out here in a minute if you got caught up in something like that. You’d have to whore your way out somehow and, babe, your ass isn’t nearly good enough for it.”

“Okay, okay. You sure you don’t mind being here?”

Harmony settled a few strands of her husband’s blond hair back into place. It’d taken her a year to convince him to grow it out past a buzz cut and the little curly blond locks made her heart melt. “It’s fine. I’ve never housesat before and they’re good friends of yours. It’s just a little boring is all. Been a while since we’ve had a vacation together and I didn’t suppose it’d be so… so… country.”

“I know. How about we go for a walk when we get back? Say hello to the animals and such. I want to see what thirty-four acres actually looks like.”

“I don’t know what it looks like,” Harmon said, wrinkling her small button nose. “But I damn sure know what it smells like.”

“Refreshing and invigorating?” Joshua prompted.

“Like poop,” Harmony answered. “Like a shit-ton of poop. Poopy animal poop.”

Joshua rolled his eyes dramatically. He leaned forward to kiss his wife’s forehead. At 5′ 4″ to his 6′ 2″, she was short enough that he had to lean a bit. Harmony automatically went up on her toes and closed her eyes.

“Be good,” he told her. “I’ll be back in about an hour.”

“Ahh,” Harmony said, pointing at her open mouth. “Ahhhhh ahhhh.”

With a grin, Joshua leaned down again and they kissed, lip to lip. Harmony opened her mouth, pressing herself to her husband. He melted into her, tongue touching hers. His excitement was immediate; she wasn’t wearing a bra and he could feel her soft breasts against his chest. His hand went to her ass of its own accord and the young woman moaned quietly around their kiss.

Joshua abruptly broke off. “Temptress,” he told her.

“Mmm-mmm,” Harmony said, her voice deep. “You shore do have a purty mouth. Turn around honey and let me see that bee-hind.”

“I’m leaving. So leaving. Love you, sweetheart. Back after a bit.”

“Love you too, Joshua. Be safe.”

Harmony looked around the large house after her husband left. It was two stories with a huge attic and a cavernous basement. The multiple bookshelves were lined with old farming and cooking books with a few historical and biographical books as well. Occasionally a Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum were mixed in but the books were otherwise dull. The young woman wandered around the hardwood floors in her socks and shorts and t-shirt, glancing at every little thing. There were four cats but all four were outside, hunting and playing and doing whatever else farm cats liked to do.

“I’m bored,” she told the house. It was mid-morning and she wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to go out until her husband was back. She hadn’t brought her Kindle and her cellphone flickered between one bar and no bars. “Tryyyyy the teeeeveeeeeeee, Harmonyyyyy,” the young woman said in a ghostly voice. “Fine, house. You win this time.”

She had to admit that the couch in the family room was awfully comfortable. She also grudgingly admitted that the family room was twice the size of their living room and was actually pretty nice. They even had a big old television. Harmon pawed through the few DVDs they had but was disheartened to learn that the family’s taste in movies was similar to their taste in books, except with more ‘Little House on the Prairie’ thrown in for good measure.

Harmony flounced onto the couch, glaring at the television. An ancient remote control, nearly as large as the TV itself, lay on an end table. She hefted it, pointed it directly at the television and clicked it on. And then tried again. And again, each time pointing the controller in a different direction. Finally, with the help of sticking her tongue out slightly between her lips, the TV clicked on.

“My god,” she said, her eyes wide and her voice dropped to a whisper. “It’s full of soaps!” Harmony frantically pressed buttons on the remote until ‘Days of our Lives’ turned to ‘General Hospital’ and then ‘The Young and the Restless.’ “No,” she said as she changed channels. “No. Nope. Hell no. Oh! Animals!”

A young foal, full of knees, bounced around on the dim screen. Harmony squealed with joy as the small animal fumbled and slipped and bumped into things. The young woman’s small, round face was alight with glee as she watched the documentary. It was a simple thing about real life horses and their various uses in modern life.

It was when Clydesdales were shown that Harmony made her mistake. A single, heavily muscled male was shown pulling a large coach.

“Holy fuck sticks!” Harmony said. She didn’t know enough about horses to tell whether the male was excited about something or whether it was normal but, either way, its penis was gigantic.I wonder…

Unfortunately, as the thought passed through her mind, so did a small creature pass through the house. It paused, sniffing at the air before turning to face Harmony. And then it blinked into physical existence.

“Good morning, miss,” the small, winged creature said. The television sizzled in the creature’s presence and then, with a loud electronic pop, the television died. A small stream of foul smelling smoke wafted up from the back of it.

“Ah, shit!” Harmony screamed, pushing herself hard against the couch. “What the hell, man?!” She blinked a few times but the tiny, slim flying thing continued to hover in front of the dead television. Its eyes were almond shaped and it was nude but had not genitalia.

“I couldn’t help but hear your wish, madam.”

Harmony looked around the house. It was obviously not a dream; everything felt too real. Her mind balked at the idea of a tiny fairy talking to her but it was impossible to ignore and was right in front of her.

“Um,” she said. “Umm. Ummm. What wish?”

“With regards to the animal on the screen, ma’am.”

“I didn’t,” she paused. “That wasn’t a-” A slight itch between her toes pulled at her attention. Looking down, she watched as the skin between her two middle toes combined together. The two toes merged, oddly painlessly. Almost immediately, her big toe and the toe next to it pulled together. “What did you do to me?!”

“Well,” the small creature said. “I admit I took certain liberties. I assure you, you wouldn’t easily be able to take a male as you’d imagined. I’m simply making things easier for you. I am not cruel; I believe one should enjoy oneself without undue stress or pain.”

Harmony couldfeelskin moving between the four combined toes. The extra skin pushed forward and, like a zipper, the four toes combined into one. Her pinky toe clicked, bones shifting almost painfully. Unlike the other toes, it was slowly pulled into her foot. Harmony’s heart raced. Four toes combined as one – four toenails lining the ends and four separate joints. She flexed her toes and all four moved in union.

“Stop!” she yelled. “Put it back! Change it back!”

“I’m afraid the magic has to run its course, young lady. Fear not. I shall not summon a stallion to actually perform the deed. I am not in the business of forcing sexual acts upon intelligent beings. I am, however, giving you the option if you so desired. I believe there are some stallions about.”

Harmony’s other foot begin to change. As with the first one, her pinky toe cracked and bent and was consumed by her foot. The other toes pulled together into one shapeless lump. Now she did feel pain. Harmony cried out as muscles in her feet melted away. The small bones in her feet combined and then thickened, growing stronger and larger as her skin stretched, pushing her toes further from her feet and ankles.

Light brown hair sprouted along her sweating calf muscles. The hair was wiry but thin and lay flat against her leg. Her muscles cramped as the hair grew. Harmony gripped the couch, working her odd feet in circles, flexing as she could to work the cramp out. Her calf muscles bulged, steel-like, and her tibia and fibula cracked as her leg lengthened.

“Please,” Harmon gasped. “Please don’t do this. Please.”

“The pain will pass,” the creature said with an apologetic shrug.

Harmony’s toenails pushed at her cuticles and then past, skin receded as her toenails grew to cover her feet. She grabbed at her foot, holding it up to look more closely at what was happening. Her toenails now covered up to the second knuckle of her toes. Or, where her toes would be. Her foot moved in her hand. It grew wider, heavier, pulling the clump of toenails as it changed.

The vague shape of her new thick, white toenails began to solidify into recognizable hooves. Her small feet were twice as wide as before and still growing. The clear white of her toenails darkened as she watched, turning a dirty gray. Her feet cracked and moved and the young woman yelped in pain. Her hooves slanted where they met the remaining skin of her feet. She let her foot drop when it became too heavy to comfortably hold. The foot cracked against the hardwood floor and she saw a small hole where the edge of her hoof hit.

Dark brown fur steadily marched down her legs. It was thick but flat and smooth and very, very horse-like. As the fur approached her ankle (now very far away from where her toes used to be), it changed to a pure white color. Now the white fur grew long and soft and heavy. She could feel it pulling at the skin around her ankles as the fur pushed through her skin. More and more of it grew until it nearly covered her hooves. Unlike the fur on her legs, this was more like the fur of a shaggy dog.

Harmony looked down at herself. Her lower legs were larger than her thighs. And far longer than they were before. They looked like someone else’s legs and she poked them to make sure they were hers. The mental and physical disconnection was quite strong. She couldn’t feel her toes and she couldn’t move her feet very well. The brown fur had grown up to her knees.

“Can’t you-” Harmony screamed as her knees broke. New muscles quickly grew up to connect from her lower leg to her thighs and her knees adjusted for her new size. Harmony’s stomach heaved as a few sick crackling, popping noises came from her knees. When the pain finally began to lessen, she looked to find, as with her lower legs, her knees were wider and stronger. The brown fur tentatively grew up and over her knees.

Her itching chest announced changes above her waist. As she was looking down, Harmony watched her breasts shift in her t-shirt. The fabric suddenly pulled tight against her body. Every bump and curve and swell were accentuated by the now-tight shirt. She glared at the small creature and then pulled the shirt over her head.

Harmony’s breasts lay heavy on her chest. They were larger now and she was glad she’d gone without a bra. The creeping itching sensation came again and she could see the skin of her breasts pull tight. They swelled again while she watched, flaring out to her sides. Harmony groaned under the pressure and sensation. Patches of black appeared on her small nipples and the nipples themselves grew, doubling and then tripling in size.

The difference in size between her upper body and her massive new breasts was embarrassing.Holy fuck, I look like some empty headed food-starved bimbo with twelve tit jobs. How-Harmony’s breasts moved against her chest as her rib cage expanded deep within her body. Muscles thickened as her upper body expanded. She felt her entire body stretch in an obscene way, almost like the rope-burns her brother would give her as a child – twisting the skin of her arm until she cried.

Harmony fell to the couch, unable to sit up straight as her body grew. She weakly tried to move her legs but her small thighs groaned in protest. Her slightly chubby belly flattened quickly and then bulged again as thick, powerful stomach muscles grew under her skin. Stomach fat melted away to be replaced with clearly defined muscle. As the young woman lay, panting and sweating on the couch, she felt her shorts tighten against her hips. The fabric strained as her ass and hips expanded and she yelped as the shorts dug painfully against her clit.

Working her fingers down into the now-taut fabric, Harmony tried to pull her shorts off. Her hips clicked and moved under her skin and she cursed as the shorts held fast. Muscles bulged further along her lower belly and now the fabric cut painfully into her skin and the fingers she had under the band of her shorts. She pulled her fingers away. The side and bottom of the shorts strained and then snapped as her hips continued to press out. She touched herself gingerly, feeling the smooth hard flesh around her sides and down to her ass.

Pains flared along Harmony’s thighs. The young woman worked her fingers against the muscles to relieve the pain. Despite what was happening, she was amazed to feel her soft skin pull tight and then harden. She had no idea what the muscles in the legs were called but she could feel each individual one. They were absurdly large. Harmony sat up, stomach muscles rippling to hold her easily in place. With the exception of the fur and hooves, her legs looked like they belonged on some gigantic weightlifter.

Harmony tensed and now her legs easily moved, thudding solidly into place on the floor. Fur continued to grow up her thighs, completely brown except for a large white spot at the back of her left thigh. The young woman yanked at her torn shorts and the fabric tore the rest of the way. The contrast between the smooth, white skin of her upper body and her brown fur was … odd. Light brown hair raised in a faint line from her belly button down to the trimmed hair above her clit.

A sudden heat flushed through Harmony’s body. Deep within, she felt herself grow wet. She gasped, her face quickly heating from the unexpected sensation. Something was touching her. Or, at least, it felt like it. As gentle as a lover’s fingers pressing her open, her slick muscles widened and compressed over and over as her body slowly adapted to more easily take a larger lover.

A thin trail of clear, thick liquid escaped from between her lower lips as she trembled from something close to an orgasm. She wanted to touch herself but she dared not. Everything was too strange. Her light pubic hair vanished beneath a thick coat of fur that spread down to meet the fur of her thighs.

Between her legs, her pussy darkened. As with her nipples, black patches of skin appeared and then spread until her entire pussy was black. Harmony gently moved the tuft of long, soft brown fur out of the way to watch what was happening. Her slick pussy lips swelled as she watched. She never had a “cute” compact pussy like some women (at least like some she’d seen in porn magazines) but now her lips pushed out even further. They grew thick and wide and she could feel the skin pulling around them to adjust. Finally, her clit bulged and Harmony moaned, twisting her thick, heavily muscles legs. The skin covering her clit, now black, pulled back slightly to expose the still pink clit. Her slick little clit grew to match her large black pussy lips.

Carefully, very carefully, Harmony touched herself, tracing the lips of her new pussy and feeling how big she was. How large she was. Her mind flashed again to the horse on the television and she blushed, knowing now that she’d easily be able to take him.

The happy trail of brown fur growing up to her belly button thickened and then fanned out to her sides. Her spine bulged against the skin of her back briefly as her upper body completed its growth. Sharp aching pains dug deep into her shoulders as they widened as well, bones, joints and ligaments straining against the rapid growth of muscles deep within her body. Harmony worked her head in a circle as her neck slowly thickened, growing to match her larger upper body.Crap,she thought.I probably look like one of those people on steroids with a huge body and a tiny head right-

Bones popped and cracked and broke in Harmony’s face. The pain bloomed bright and loud and indescribable. The young woman opened her mouth to scream and then simply fell over unconscious onto her side. As she slept, her jaw and face reshaped, pushing away from her face. Teeth fell to the couch and floor as her horse’s muzzle grew out. Powerful jaw muscles attached beneath her cheeks and her nose quickly flattened. Her nostrils flared open while her face changed. The skin along her nose turned light pink with a few black spots. Small hairs grew up from around the skin of her nose.

All along Harmony’s gums, new teeth grew flat and large and strong. Her tongue thickened at the back of her muzzle and then unrolled as it lengthened to match the rest of her head. A line of white fur sprouted from the bridge of her nose. As it grew out, it lightened to brown to cover the rest of her face.

Harmony groaned, her large, slightly bulbous eyes fluttering behind heavy eyelids. The pain in her jaw was almost gone. Everything looked slightly different now that her face was reshaped and her nose occupied a good portion of her view. She touched herself gently, feeling the soft, slightly wet velvet skin of her nose and then down to her teeth.

“Can I sthtill talk?” She asked herself out loud. “Sthtill. Sthill. Still.” She repeated until she was able to pronounce the word better. White fur sprouted from above her huge breasts in a heart-shaped pattern. As with her nose, it lightened as it spread out until it matched the brown of the rest of her fur. Down it marched to surround and cover her breasts, leaving only her nipples bare. Long, thick black hair grew from the base of her head to the middle of her back – a horse’s mane. She felt it grew from her neck and along her spine, sliding against her skin as it flattened on the couch.

Sharp pain in her arms told her what was next. Harmony closed her eyes and breathed through her nose. She could feel herself taking great huge breaths of air. Her soft nose flared as she breathed and she whinnied, shaking her head through some of the more sharp pains.

Her arms thickened. They bulged with muscles as the bones grew larger and more dense to handle to new frame. She could feel things stretching and moving and breaking beneath her skin. Fingers growing longer as her hands widened. A crawling itching sensation moved down from her muzzle to her shoulders and then her growing arms and she knew her fur was spreading. She gripped the couch when she could and shook her head again until the pain stopped.

Harmony’s ears twitched as she looked at her massive arms. She turned her hands over and over, watching as the fur covered every bare inch of her skin. The fur on her arms was shorter and softer than her legs and, now that she noticed, it was the same on her upper body. Her leg fur was wiry and tough where her upper body fur was silky. It was hard to stop from petting her own body to feel the way the fur felt and the way it pulled and moved against the skin beneath it.

The young woman’s ears twitched again and then stretched. The tips rounded as her ears grew out and up. The ridges within her ear flattened as they changed. Tiny new nerves and muscles attached at the base of her ears and they swiveled, higher than they were. Soft brown fur sprouted from them until they were covered.

Her ears swiveled again as the door opened.

“I’m back!” Joshua called.

Harmony’s eyes widened. She stood, wobbling for a moment on her new legs. Her hooves cracked against the floor as she turned to her husband. Her heavy breasts swayed as she turned. She felt naked and exposed and yet oddly covered and warm, all at the same time.

“I-” Joshua said. “What the ever loving fuck?!”

Harmony held out her hands. “Joshthua, it’sth me! I’m-”

“What a happy coincidence!” Said a small voice behind Harmony.

The young woman turned. She’d forgotten about the creature. Turning back to her husband, she opened her mouth to talk and then stopped. The front of Joshua’s pants bulged. He grunted and then looked down.

“What?” He asked. “What the hell?” Her husband unzipped himself and a thick, pink and black cock flopped out from above his boxer-briefs. “What the fuck is this?!”

Harmony’s hands smacked into her muzzle in horror. “Oh, Joshth, babe, I’m stho sthorry. Ugh. So. Sorry.” She repeated. She watched as the man’s cock swelled and the head of his cock shifted, flattening as it flared out. A bulge appeared at the base of his pants.

“Ow! Jesus!” Joshua pulled at his pants and underwear, yanking them both off. His testicles were huge and black. As Harmony watched, his gigantic cock began to harden, lifting into the air. The man’s tennis shoes burst apart as his feet widened violently. Harmony saw that his toes were all joined and his toenails were already growing to cover his feet.

A tug at Harmony’s spine distracted her from her husband’s changes. She felt skin moving against the silky fur of her large, rounded ass. She reached behind and felt the fuzzy new skin growing from her back. A tail, she thought. Of course. Of course a tail. It pushed out quickly and a thick growth of fur sprouted just as fast from the new appendage. As it grew, it whipped behind her, back and forth, thrashing to show her frustration and anger. Where her body fur was lighter than her hair, the fur of her tail was exactly the same color as her hair.

Harmony looked back at her husband. He was on his hands and knees now, gritting his teeth in pain. His legs were thick with muscle and she could see his back widening to accommodate his changes. His tail grew as his back stretched and she watched in fascination as the hairless tail pushed out and moved. Her husband’s cock lay against the ground. Her eyes kept getting drawn to it.

“It- It hurts,” her husband moaned. Harmony went to him, clopping against the ground until she was in front of him. She bent awkwardly to her knees and hugged him, stroking his back as he writhed and shuddered in pain. Joshua hugged her back, his arms twitching as they grew thick with muscle.

“Shh,” she told him. Talking was becoming easier for her, she found. “It’ll pass. It’ll be okay.” Harmony held her husband while he changed. He moaned and cried but his arms never left her. When she felt him stop moving, Harmony leaned back to look at him. He held his head, now a muzzle, low to the ground as he panted. He was a fine roan coated stallion to her chestnut mare. “Are you okay, babe?”

“Isth.. Isth… Dammit… Is that you, Harmony?” Joshua asked. His ears were tall and alert as he looked at her. Harmony nodded. “What? What happened?”

“That creature,” Harmony turned and pointed but the small fairy was gone. She whinnied in surprise and looked around but he was nowhere in sight. “Hey! Hey you little… thing! Are you here?!”

“The little winged thing I saw earlier?”

“Oh thank god. You saw it, too?”

Joshua nodded. “For a minute. Until. Holy shit. Look at the size of this goddamned thing.” Joshua and Harmony looked down at the man’s cock. The young woman thought it had to be the thickness of a Coke can. Had to be. She turned away as she felt herself begin to get excited by the sight and thought of it in her. She couldn’t tell why she was ashamed by it. It was her husband and it wasn’t his fault he was like this but… “And look at you. Wow. Hey, are you okay, sweetheart?”

“Yeah,” Harmony said. “Yeah. It hurt but I’m okay. My knees aren’t liking this. I gotta stand up.”

“Hello!” a small voice said. “I’m sorry, I had to step out for a moment and I have to leave again in a second. I just wanted to see if everything worked out? Oh, yes. You both look absolutely marvelous.”

“You!” Harmony and Joshua said at the same time. Harmony continued. “Change us back!”

The small flying creature bowed his head. “I cannot. But, take heart fair lady! The enchantment shall wear off by the morrow!”

“The- Are you-”

“And now I needs must go!” Without a further word, the fairy winked out of existence.

Joshua and Harmony looked at each other.

“Well,” Joshua said. His black and pink and light brown cock hung to the ground.

“Yeah,” Harmony replied. She was far taller than she had been as a human but her husband was still taller. Harmony stomped her right foot and her tail flicked behind her. Joshua shifted his stance in a similar motion.

“Look at us, huh?” Joshua said, spreading his arms out in front of himself. “I look like Ahhhnold. Wait, wait, lemme try it. Get to da pasture!”

Harmony smiled, her long lips pulling back to show her teeth.

“And look at you, sweetheart,” Joshua said. “They, umm, they’re… They…”

“My tits are huge,” Harmony said. “Yeah. I know. Furry and huge. I guess I should be grateful for all this muscle, I barely feel them.” The young woman hefted her firm tits. As she did, Joshua shifted his weight again. His cock was hardening and Harmony couldn’t look away. It sort of pulled itself up slowly until it was erect, throbbing in front of her husband. She felt liquid pool between her thighs. A heat flushed up her cheeks. Her pussy slowly began to ache.

Harmony cleared her throat. “Can I- Can I touch it?”

“My, you mean my cock?” Joshua asked. “Harmony. We’re married. It’s basically your cock. Of course you can. I’d, uhh, be happy if you touched it right now, actually.” His eyes alternated between her massive chest and the thick black lips showing just below the tuft of brown fur between her legs.

Harmony reached out to lightly touch her husband’s cock. It reminded her slightly of how her nose felt. Soft and smooth but hard. She squeezed it lightly and her husband shifted again, his hoof clacking on the floor. Harmony looked up at her husband and then turned, pulling him along by his cock. He followed without a word. She could feel her ass cheeks sliding smoothly against each other and against her tail. She exaggerated her walk slightly, showing off her new wide hips as they both clip-slopped down the hallway. She found walking on her hooves to be similar to walking in heels except her body intuitively found the right motion for the hooves. She glanced back at her husband and smiled again when she caught him staring hard at her ass. She squeezed his thick, hard cock and he let out an unexpected neigh that had them both giggling.

Once they reached the bedroom, Harmony sat at the edge of the bed. The handmade frame creaked slightly under her weight. She spread her legs and pulled her husband toward her. His cock was nearly muzzle-height and she could see a thick, clear glob of pre-cum on the oddly flat tip of it. She looked up at him – her Olympian god of a husband. Every single one of his muscles stood out and that was exciting all by itself. She loved him and his little love handles and comfortable belly but she’d be lying if she said that seeing him as muscular as he was now didn’t make her ache even more for him.

“So, the way I sthee it,” Harmony said. “We’re stuck until tomorrow morning. We can’t go out. We can’t ignore what happened. This is a limited time thing. I sthay, we try it out and enjoy it. I, umm, I kind of want to see what you can do with this thing.”

“I- Holy Jesus Christh,” Joshua slurred as Harmony made long, slow strokes of his cock. She bent her muzzle to him and licked at the tip of his cock. “That’s… that’s different. Very different. Wow.” His hands dug into her hair, encouraging her.

Harmony carefully opened her mouth. She slid forward, feeling the way her husband’s cock felt against her tongue. When it hit the back of her throat, she moved her head and then pushed forward. She had seven more inches to go before she felt the beginning of her gag reflex. She pulled him off quickly but continued to stroke him. If she were to guess, she’d say he was something shy of two feet in length.

Harmony cleared her throat and then worked up a bit of spit. When she was confident she wouldn’t drool everywhere, she made more spit and then took her husband back into her muzzle. She coated his length in her thick spit, stroking him as she sucked him off. Her free hand found her clit. She played with herself lightly while she bobbed on her husband’s cock. Her enlarged clit was incredibly sensitive to touch.

“How is it?” she asked Joshua.

“It’s… the head is all different. It rubs on the roof of your mouth more without being painful and it feels really really good. I want a turn, sweetheart. Lay back.”

Harmon lay down, her strong stomach muscles giving her iron control over her body. She spread her legs further and then blushed.

“Don’t- don’t make fun of me, okay? The lips are-”

“Hush,” he told her. She felt his breath on her hot, swollen lips and she moaned. She expected his tongue first but her husband pressed his lips against her wetness. She writhed under his attentions and then gasped as his mouth opened and his long, thick tongue ran along her pussy.

“Oh. Oh!” Harmon pushed her hips up towards him automatically.

Joshua’s tongue pressed between her lips and Harmony rode him, working her hips up and down against his tongue. The sensation was incredible. It reminded her of when she was on top, sliding her pussy against the length of his cock, teasing him. Only now his tongue worked expertly back and forth between her lips. She massaged her tits, kneading and pressing them. She was used to being able to fit her breasts in her hand but now her breasts were far too large. She licked her thumbs and then pressed them against the tips of her thick, hard nipples, circling the soft flesh over and over.

Nerves flared straight to Harmony’s pussy as she played with her nipples. The pressure and sharp, intense pleasure slowly built in time to Joshua’s tongue. They’d been married for four years and he knew her body well, even if they were quite different at the moment. Joshua’s fingers suddenly gripped at her thighs and she spread herself further, fingers now pinching and pulling at her nipples.

“D- don’t stop. Right. Oh. Right there. Right there, don’t stop. Don’t stop.” Joshua froze in place, his large tongue flat against her clit and lips, swirling in a circle over and over as Harmony’s orgasm crept closer and closer. “Oh. Oh. Oh, Jesus!” Harmony’s hips jerked and her knees struck together, trapping Joshua between them. Fur rubbed on fur as she shuddered through the orgasm.

Strong, thick fingers gripped her by the waist. Harmony weakly tried to bat at her husband’s hands but failed. He lifted and she came off of the bed easily. With a quick twist, she found herself flat on her belly on the bed. It groaned loudly against her full weight but it was a solid, homemade frame and a thick mattress.

Harmony lifted her hips. Her large, black, moist pussy lips spread open, showing the slick pink flesh inside. Her tail thrashed and she focused on it to keep it steady.

“Are you gonna fuck me? You gonna take me like that?” She asked him. She pushed herself up to her hands and her breasts dangled below her, pressed hard against her muscular arms. “You think you can take me?”

Harmony felt Joshua behind her – felt his presence before she felt his heat and his weight. His muzzle was suddenly next to her head and he whispered to her.

“No, I’m not going to take anything,” he told her. “You’re going to give it to me because you’re my good girl.” Harmony shuddered at the words and worked her hips back towards her husband. It drove her wild to be called a ‘good girl’ and he knew it. She felt his cock slide against her ass. Her fur was wet and slick from her cum and his attentions. “Are you a good girl, Harmony?”

“Y- yesss,” she told him, her long ears flicking back and partly down. She was panting now, hungry for him, her muzzle nearly touching the bed. “Please,” she begged. “Please.”

Joshua’s hands scratched down the fur along her spine and Harmony shivered. The feeling was incredible. Apparently having fur intensified the feeling of being scratched. She felt muscles in her pussy clenching and unclenching over and over again in her excitement and need.

“Oh, fuck, that turns me on,” Joshua moaned. “Seeing that. Seeing you do that. Oh Jesus. I don’t know why but, fuck, Harmony. Seeing your pussy do that…” Joshua left hand gripped at her hip and Harmony froze, head down. She shuddered as the flat head of his cock slid against her thick, black pussy lips. It felt gigantic when it touched her and she suddenly doubted she could take it. A small part of her worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it. Worried that it would-

Joshua pressed forward and Harmony fell to her forearms. Her husband hissed out through his teeth as Harmony’s pussy griped tightly against his thickness. The young woman tried to speak, tried to cry out with how it felt but nothing came out. She’d never felt so full in her life and the way the flared out head of her husband’s horse cock pressed against the ridges inside of her was absolutely incredibly. Harmony pressed back, her tail twitching until Joshua’s other hand gripped it. Harmony whickered at the feeling of her tail being pulled. She felt herself grow even more wet, excited at the sensation. Her muzzle worked over and over. With each inch of her husband’s cock, she was certain that she’d feel the base of him but he kept pushing. And pushing.

“It’s- It’s- It’s- It’s-” Harmony stuttered. She wanted to tell him that her body couldn’t take any more. That he wouldn’t fit all the way. But, despite that, she took him. She took every inch of her husband’s cook until she felt his soft balls against her exposed pussy lips.

Harmony touched her lower belly. She could feel the shape of his cock inside of her. It felt like it was touching her belly button.

“Oh my fuck, Harm. You have no idea what you feel like. I hope to hell this is as good for you as it is for me because, Jesus Christ, you’re so fucking tight.”

“I- I-” Harmony said as her husband pulled back out. She loved their sex life – loved how attentive and inventive her husband was. She gloated to her girlfriends how good he was in bed but, this. This was- Harmony’s eyes rolled up into her head when her husband suddenly pushed back into her. All thought was lost as Joshua started properly fucking her. Now that he knew how deep he could push, he wasted no time in pushing in and out of his wife’s sopping wet pussy.

Joshua looked down at her. He had his left hand on her wide, furry hip and his right gripped around her thick brown tail. Her broad back was covered in fur and muscle and her muzzle was pressed against the bed. Her long, black mane lay against the bed. He could see the whites of her eyes flickering as he pushed in and out of her. Watching himself enter her was hypnotic. Her pussy lips were deep black and swollen. He hadn’t told her in case she was self-conscious about it but her asshole was the same – swollen and black.

Letting go of his wife’s tail, Joshua held her hips with both hands.

Harmony knew what was coming. “N- N- N-” She said, trying to speak. Joshua slammed into his wife and she screamed out, kicking her leg behind her. There was a small bit of pain but it was microscopic compared to the intense pleasurable feeling of being slammed hard. He reached even deeper into her changed body and his cock hit different bits that felt incredibly good. She rocked her hips back into her husband, finding his rhythm, whinnying and moaning as they fucked.

The bedframe broke as Harmony felt her orgasm build. She barely registered the bottom of the bed breaking as she arched her back to guide her husband into the right position. He’d slowed again, his hands reaching around her to grasp her soft, heavy breasts and she rewarded him with a small neigh in approval. Her body jumped when he pinched her nipples and then she found the right spot. Holding herself mostly still she reached under herself to touch her clit, rubbing it gently.

“Close?” Her husband gasped, snorting and shaking his muzzle.

“Yes.” Harmony answered shortly, concentrating on her position. Her finger rubbed in gentle, steady circles on her clit. The thick fur of her mound was soaking wet with her warm fluids. She could smell both of them – wet fur and sex filled the air.

“I’m,” Joshua said, moments before she felt him tense.

Harmony was unprepared for her husband’s orgasm. He was already incredibly thick and so, when his cock swelled, she screamed, biting at the bed sheets with her thick, flat teeth. She felt his cum flood into her, slamming deep inside as his enlarged cock rubbed against new and different places in her pussy. She teetered on the edge of her orgasm as he filled her, swelling over and over again.

“Harm, I can’t-” Joshua groaned, trembling above her.

“Almost. Almost, almost,” Harmony panted. She was so close. Harmony dug her hooves into the broken bed and worked her hips hard, up and down and back against her husband. He whinnied above her and dug his fingers into her large, firm ass, slamming himself hard into her in return.

“Pull… tail… Pull tail…” She said. She was incredibly close. So close. It was going to be an incredibly large orgasm and she’d scream if she lost it.

Joshua’s strong fingers closed around her tail. His other hand gripped at her mane. He pulled hard as they slammed together. It was apparently all she needed – the hardest orgasm of her life set every single one of her nerves on edge and it all roared through her. Harmony’s nostrils flared as she neighed and screamed, shaking from the pure force of it. Thick spurts of her husband’s cum squirted out of her as her pussy clenched hard around him. Joshua growled and whickered above her from the overload of sensations.

He collapsed on top of her, breathing hard.

“Don’t- Don’t move,” he told her. “Head’s too sensitive but I’m too big to pull out. Just… don’t move. Okay? Please?”

Harmony’s tongue clicked in her dry mouth and she nodded, shuddering as small shock waves followed her orgasm. Her legs and arms twitched involuntarily several times.

“Fuck,” Harmony said finally. She could feel her husband growing soft deep inside of her. But, unlike when he was human, he was still so thick and long and his cock barely pulled away from her.

“Yeah. Yeah. I don’t – no, don’t move. Please. Not yet. You have no idea how sensitive I am. Roll with me?”

They turned to their sides and Harmony wriggled until her strong, thick neck lay atop her husband’s arm. She shivered as his cock shifted within her but when she wriggled her furry hips at him, he cursed her. Instead of pushing him, she lay still. He was incredibly warm against her. And soft. Joshua’s hand slipped to her left breast.

“Could you actually… could you scratch at my belly?” Harmony asked.

Without a word, Joshua slowly stroked up and down Harmony’s belly, over and over. His fingers dug under her fur to her hard belly. The young woman whinnied quietly.

“We broke the bed,” Joshua said.

“I think it’s an acceptable loss,” Harmony replied. “A little more to the left there, babe. Yeah. Scratch a bit there. Yesssss.”

“I’m not going to lie. I could get used to this from time to time.”

“Uhh. Uhhhh. Yeah, I think I could-”

“I see you too are doing rather well!” Said a small voice from the corner of the room.

Joshua turned quickly, his long black and pink cock finally sliding free from his wife’s pussy. Harmony shuddered, twisting and moaning as he pulled out.

“You dirty little-!”

“Now, sir, I was just on my way for a final time and I happened to pass through only just now. I assure you I saw nothing of your activities. I did, however, hear both of your requests and I’m happy to inform you that I’ve implemented it! Now, if you’ll just-”

“Wait!” Joshua cried.

“… excuse me, I’ll be on my way, finally. I’ve tied it to the full moon since it’s easiest to remember and satisfies the request. Good day to you both!”

Harmony and Joshua stared at each other. A huge stain spread out between them on the bed sheets.

“I’m still leaking,” Harmony said. “I think I’ll still be leaking next week. We owe them a bed and bed sheets.”

“And probably a mattress,” Joshua acknowledged.

“You sure-” Harmony started.

“Do you think-” Joshua said.

Silence stretched between the two.

Harmony smiled to herself and then stretched, her massive furry chest pushing toward her husband. She neighed quietly and smiled again.

“Man,” she said. “I’m so hungry I could eat-”

“No,” Joshua said. “Don’t. Oh god, please don’t say it. I will pack my bags and leave your fine, furry ass here. I swear to god.”

“A dick,” Harmony finished, still smiling. Her hand slowly closed around her husband’s cock. She pumped him gently.

Joshua shivered and then lay back. “Be gentle,” he mock-whispered.


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