Feature Writer: ahaz

Feature Title: Dreams

Published: 22.01.2019

Story Codes: Transgender

Synopsis: Paul’s erotic dreams become real.


She lay blindfolded on the examination chair a strap tight across her chest just beneath her breasts. Her arms strapped to the arm rests, her legs were strapped into the stirrups. She was spread wide open exposing herself to the occupants of the room, she felt her juices oozing from her pussy in anticipation.

A hand parted her thick labia and teased her clit, she moaned her appreciation, two fingers slid into her wetness and swirled gently in her juices for a moment before a third finger was slid in beside them stretching her gently.

“Suck me, please!” she heard herself cry out and rewarded moments later by a pair of soft lips caressing her prick, a tongue softly lapped up her precum before the mouth descended taking her length into a velvet throat.

While she was distracted a fourth finger had entered her sopping cunt and joined the others in stroking into her hot pussy.

“Yes now! Do it now!” she heard herself gasp.

The head started bobbing on her long shaft as the thumb tucked into the palm of the hand and it was pressed back into her stretched cunt twisting as it stretched the delicate tissue.

As she felt the wonderful stretch just on the edge of pain as her pussy opened to the invader and she felt deliciously full.

The hand started sawing back and forth, her hands pulled uselessly at the restraints, she wanted to grab the head sucking on her cock and ram it down on her length as she bucked her hips up into that soft wet mouth, with a yell she came her juices squirting out past the wrist embedded in her hot twat as her cock spewed its load into the eagerly swallowing throat.

Paul woke with a start, and immediately noticed his wife Sue was awake watching him as usual.

“Was I making very much noise?” he asked Sue, knowing that he would tell her about his dream and with both of them turned on he would fuck her ass hard until they both came.

“Quite a bit, where were you this time?” Sue asked snuggling up to him and caressing his rock hard dick.

“It was in the doctors surgery this time,” and Paul went on to describe his dream in detail as Sue slowly pumped his cock while her other hand he knew was busy greasing and fingering her ass.

When he had finished telling her about his dream Sue flipped over facing away from him and looking over her shoulder told him, “Fuck my ass honey.”

Needing no further encouragement Paul guided his rigid cock to the entrance to her ass, she was already open and greased so his cock slid smoothly up her hot butt. Paul knew that she wanted a hard fucking, she never got off on having her ass fucked slowly, so Paul immediately began pounding her tight ass with his rigid cock.

“yessss,” Sue cried out, “harder, now, fuck me harder.”

Sue came with a shudder as she shrieked out Paul’s name, her ass muscles squeezed his cock tightly, Paul grunted as he fired his cum deep into her bowels.

Moments later he was asleep his cock still hard in Sue’s ass, he slept through her fucking herself on his cock until he came again.

He still slept on as she slid her ass off of his dick and climbed out of bed, Sue knew he would stay asleep for the rest of the night regardless of what she did so she didn’t worry about locking the door of the bathroom as she closed the door on her sleeping husband.

Sue stripped off and climbed into the shower, for a month now she had only been fucked up the ass by her husband and she had gotten away with it, if he came in the bathroom now he would get a shock as Sue was soaping up her own penis, it was only short maybe an inch and half long so far, but it would grow quickly now that the process had started.

Her mother had warned her it would happen but couldn’t tell her when it would start, it was different for all of their kind, her mother hadn’t changed until she was forty and by that time she had given birth to Sue and divorced Andy, Sue’s dad.

Sue was only twenty and had just been married to twenty one year old Paul for two months when she felt the first stirrings of her penis growing. She had consulted with her mother and read through the family records and had decided on a course of action, now she just had to see it through.

Every night since her penis had been able to ejaculate she had Paul fuck her ass using the excuse that she had a vaginal infection that made her pussy sting too much for him to fuck her there, then afterwards when he was deeply asleep she made him a drink of her sperm mixed with a few herb extracts.

Two nights ago as he slept Sue had examined him and found his nipples had grown slightly and a cleft had formed below his testicles which had begun to shrink in their tightening sac, things were developing well.

Paul had been working from home as a software developer since they had gotten married and bought a house to far away from his office for easy commuting, he only had to go into the office about once a month so she didn’t have to worry about anyone spotting the changes to soon.

Then when Paul had complained of a strange itching sensation in his chest and around his balls, Sue had used the chance to persuade him he was rundown and needed a break, so he had booked two weeks holiday for them to relax and spend a time together.

With the weekend at the start of his holiday ahead of her Sue knew it was time to step up her program.

Using equipment she had borrowed from the hospital where she worked as a nurse she found a vein and put in a cannula. She drew off a syringe of her own blood and filled another with a strong sedative.

Returning to the bedroom she injected the sedative into Paul’s buttock. Turning on the light she sat in a chair opposite him and holding a small pot in her left hand began to wank her stiff little prick.

Half an hour later she had collected several small loads of her cum in the pot and was sure that Paul would be out for hours. She carefully put a cannula into his arm and injected her blood into him.

Sue set her watch alarm for an hour and went to get something to eat and to put the pot of cum in the fridge.

Sue had a sandwich and then removing the pot of chilled sperm mixed it with a few drops of herbal extract and a little milk to thin it, mixing it well Sue returned to the bedroom as her alarm went off and carefully fed to mixture to Paul being careful not to choke him with it.

Sue set her alarm for two hours and climbed into bed.

When the alarm went off Sue examined Paul, his vagina had begun to open and his breasts were beginning to form, redistribution of his body mass had begun as well, Sue gave him another dose of the sedative and repeated the other procedures before going back to sleep.

By Sunday evening she looked complete, Paul had become Paula, Sue was pleased with the results, Paula had D cup breasts like Sue, the slight pot belly that Paul had carried had slimmed away into trim waist with long slender legs and a beautiful bald pussy with pouting lips and her cock laying only half erect on her belly like a thick snake.

Feeling drained Sue had a small meal and removed the taps from both of their arms before giving Paula a bed bath and having a shower herself. Returning to the room Sue gave Paula another sedative and climbed into the bed beside of her sleeping husband.

Paul woke feeling like shit, his chest hurt, it felt like something was pressing on it, his eyes felt scratchy and his throat was dry, he tried to move his stiff arms and as he tried to cross his chest his hand banged into something soft, he felt the movement on his chest as well but in his groggy state he didn’t register the connection between the two for a moment.

“Its O.k. Honey I’m here” Paul heard Sue’s voice and felt a warm damp flannel rub over his face removing the crust from his eyes.

The bright light stung for a moment as his eyes adjusted then he could see Sue looking down at him, she was wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top that showed off her tits as the fabric stretched over her large chest. Despite how he was feeling he could feel his cock stir, but something felt funny, he could feel a dampness around his balls that made him wonder if he had had an accident in his sleep.

“I feel like a sack of shit, what’s happened, have I been ill” Paul was shocked at his voice, although it sounded croaky from his dry throat it still sounded a lot higher pitch than he thought it should.

Sue raised his head slightly and offered him a sip from a glass. The slightly salty liquid slipped down his throat easing some of the discomfort.

After he had drunk Sue still cradled his head, “I know all about the cellar” she said

Paul went instantly red, “Cellar, what about the cellar, we haven’t got one have we?” he asked clearly flustered.

“I want you to watch something while the medicine is working.”

Sue lifted his head a little more so that he could see the television on its cabinet. She pressed a button and the screen came to life showing an image of the cellar with the light on. Paul was shocked, the cellar had never appeared on the house documents and one of the reasons he had chosen this house was that a concealed entrance to the cellar made it secure.

“The camera only comes on when the door lock disengages so I don’t have hours of an empty cellar on tape.”

Paul saw himself come down the stairs and look through the wardrobe of female clothing, he cringed inwardly knowing what was about to take place, he was still unable to move and could only watch with growing horror.

On the screen his image stripped off and began putting on female underwear and sitting in front of a small dressing table began applying make up, when he had finished he put on the dress he had selected and disappeared a few seconds later the light went off and the image flickered as the tape stopped and started again, this time he came down the stairs and changed back into his own clothes and cleaned off the make up before leaving again.

Sue turned off the television and looked at her speechless husband.

“Everyday you wait for me to go to work before you change into your dresses and spend the day working as a woman, then change back again by the time I get home.”

Paul started sobbing “I feel such a fool. I always looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful woman looking back at me. Now watching that tape I see I looked like a man in a dress with poor make up. I looked such an idiot, I’m sorry I’ll never do it again love, please believe me, I won’t.”

“Shh. It’s going to be alright from now on. I just want you to wear this for a few minutes” Sue held up a blindfold.

Paul reluctantly allowed Sue to blindfold him, after all he wasn’t in a position to stop her from doing anything she wanted as long as she could forgive him.

Paul felt the sheet being pulled from his body. As she felt eased his legs apart something felt strange about her touch and how his body reacted. He felt damp between his legs and worried again that he may have had an accident in his sleep.

Paul felt her lips gently touch his erect cock, he hadn’t even noticed he had become erect watching himself on video.

Sue took the tip of his manhood onto her warm mouth. Her tongue massaging the sensitive tip of his cock as her hands ran up and down his engorged shaft. Something felt different, Paul couldn’t quite put his finger on why it felt different but Sue did when she ran a finger down his frenulum and down the length of his shaft. Where she should of encountered his balls her finger lightly grazed a sensitive area. Paul felt like lightning had shot through his veins an indescribable rush of pleasure made him cry out in ecstasy.

It suddenly clicked in his head, the weight on his chest that wobbled when he knocked it and was definitely part of him.

His voice was higher than it used to be. And the damp tingling sensation between his legs and what must have been a clit she had gently caressed.

“My God. I’ve turned into a woman.” He gasped forgetting the fact that a women wouldn’t have the thick cock Sue was currently sucking on. “That’s not possible, how the fuck.”

Sue raised herself up from between his legs. “Not quite darling I’ve made you like me.” with that she slipped her own hard cock deep into Paul’s virgin pussy.

“Oh shit, Oh god that feels good.” he cried as he felt what he assumed was a strap-on slip into his sopping wet cunt. “Yes love, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Sue had been waiting a long time for this and was only too happy to do as she was asked.

The process she had put Paul through had sped up her own development as well and her cock was now a good eight inches long and was thickening nicely, she still wasn’t fully developed yet but it felt fantastic sliding in and out of her husband’s wet snatch.

Sue slowly slid her firm cock into Paul’s tight pussy savouring the wonderful sensation of her new cock being used for the first time. She leaned down and gently sucked on first one and then the other of his tempting nipples sitting erect on his new breasts.

When Sue gently nibbled on Paul’s left nipple it was too much for him and his body convulsed as he was hit by his first dual orgasm. Wave upon wave of pleasure cascaded through his taught body and every thing went black.

He woke with Sue gently kissing him. Responding with passion Paul’s tongue parted Sue’s lips and danced with her tongue. Paul found he could move his arms and clenched Sue in a tight embrace pulling her hips towards him filling his pussy once more.

Paul groaned into Sue’s mouth as he felt himself impaled by a thick fake cock. He could feel his cum sticking between them as his cock was pressed into his wife’s belly.

Sue lazily stroked into Paul’s pussy enjoying his sighs and moans until she felt his cock hardening between them.

Withdrawing her cock brought a gasp from Paul as he felt for the first time the empty sensation in his vagina after being fucked.

Sue had Paul scoot up in the bed so that he was almost sitting. He got his first look at his magnificent tits then full and firm between a C and a D cup he estimated with thick hard nipples showing his excitement. Paul couldn’t resist fondling his own breasts making himself gasp as he pinched his nipples, his cock twitched and his pussy tingled with pleasure at his own touch.

Sue moved up and straddled his hips and Paul saw for the first time her wonderful cock was real and not a strapon. Sue lowered herself down on his tool impaling her pussy on his hard cock.

“Oh, I’ve missed this, its been weeks since I last got fucked in my pussy and it has missed you!” she cried as she started to bounce up and down on his lap.

Paul’s hands went to her breasts, he was sure they had grown since he had last seen her naked. As she bounced on his cock hers was slapping wetly between them. Without thinking of what he was doing he reached out and grasped her dick and began to jack it as he would his own.

Sue moans of appreciation got louder as her climax built inside of her. Paul could feel his own end coming as his cum felt like it was boiling in his shaft. He quickened the pace of his handjob and they both erupted at the same time. Paul’s cock spent its load deep into Sue’s body while her cock spurted her seed over Paul’s new tits coating them in her hot jizz.

Sue climbed off Paul’s wilting cock and lay beside him on the bed. This was the part she had been dreading, would Paul hate her for what she had done to him.

As they were recovering and Sue was expecting the worst Paul did the last thing she expected and fell asleep.

Sue realized after what he had been through his body would be exhausted and felt a little bit relieved that the discussion could be put off until tomorrow. snuggling up against her now curvy husband Sue fell asleep.

Sue woke feeling a moments panic as she noticed the space beside her was empty. She soon saw Paul was standing in front of the mirror looking at his moonlit reflection. Breathing a sigh of relief Sue climbed out of bed and went to stand beside of Paul. The pair of women revealed in the mirror were both stunningly beautiful.

“You’ve made me beautiful, but how, and why.”

“It’s cold here lets put something on and go and have a cup of coffee and I will try to explain.”


Five minutes later the pair were in toweling robes in the kitchen.

While Sue was busy making coffee and fixing them a midnight snack Paul sat at the table admiring his slender arms and delicate hands.

“You know its funny but sitting here wearing my old bathrobe I feel more feminine than I ever did in the dresses and lingerie I wore when you were out.”

As Sue set the coffee and snacks on the table Paul said “So you are going to tell me what the fuck has happened to me.”

Sue could sense just a hint of panic and anger in his voice but mostly his voice was filled with wonder.

“Ok, let me tell you everything I can, without any interruptions. I need to make sure you get told everything and I can’t do that if you disturb my train of thought. Sorry if it sounds really bossy but its the only way. Ok.”

“Ok, if you must but I have got a hundred questions already.” Paul sighed.

“My family has an unusual make up, there hasn’t been a son for as far back as we can tell. We develop differently than everyone else and this will always set us apart. At some point in our lives we grow a penis, testicles as well but they are tucked away inside of us.”

“For my mother and my grandmother it happened when they were older and had given birth to the only child they would ever have. It was a simple matter for them to hide the changes and split up from their husbands.” Sue could see that Paul was about to say something and held up a finger to silence him.

“Yes I know, mother is only about forty. Well she isn’t she is about seventy but we age a little slower than others.”

“It is always different with each person when they develop and how, but I was the first for years to start in my twenties.”

“I was in a dilemma, what could I do, I was growing a penis and I was only recently married. I already knew about your cross-dressing and it didn’t bother me, I just felt it a shame you felt you had to hide it when we could have so much fun together. I loved you so much I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving you.”

Sue paused to drink her coffee.

“I hid what had begun to happen to my body for a week or two faking an infection and encouraging you to use my ass instead. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed that as well, I always have liked a good ass fucking as you well know.”

“I decided on a course of action that had not been used for at least three hundred years. There was a process that can be used to turn a normal person into one of us. I don’t know why no one else had ever used it as we knew it would work, I think that at least in my mother’s case she wasn’t really in love with my dad, she just needed someone to create me and didn’t want the stigma of being a single parent.”

“It’s something you shouldn’t use unless you are certain it is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with as it can only be done once.”

“The best way to do the change is to leave you sleep until its all over. It would have been easier for you but I needed you to be awake for a while even if you are feeling weak and confused.”

“I didn’t know how I could tell you about this in a way that you would believe so I have had to show you the possibilities while your body is still in a fluid state. Now you have to make a choice.”

“You can choose to let the development continue until you are almost identical to me. You can choose to go back to your old self. Or you could become a normal fully functional woman. You have to be the one to decide, and you have got about ten hours before we have to take one of those options.”

Paul looked stunned at the news he had been given.

“How am I supposed to make choices like that, I’m not sure I even understand what you mean. If I choose to be like you or a woman what will I do about identity, I can’t go to the bank in a dress looking like this, tell them who I am and draw my money out or do anything else for that matter.”

“That’s a minor detail, the family knows people who can give you a new identity if needed or you can go through the paperwork for a legal sex change.”

Paul looked thoughtful, “Well I know given a choice I wouldn’t return to being a man. That’s the easy part, I never felt comfortable in myself anyway so I dressed as I felt comfortable whenever I could. It wasn’t a sexual thing as such, I didn’t get turned on by dressing as a woman I just felt right. But I was always so afraid you would be disgusted and throw me out if you found out about it.”

“I have always enjoyed sex as a man so I guess I would go for keeping my dick and have a vagina as well. I have never felt anything like the sensation of having an orgasm in my pussy and in my cock at the same time. It is so intense it just blows you away.”

“You said a fully functional woman. If I chose that would I be able to have children. And what about if I chose to keep both sets.”

Sue was pleased at how Paul was working towards his decision. She was well aware of the fact that he was unhappy about himself but still wanted to keep the last part of his maleness.

“If you choose to be female you can get pregnant in the usual way and would probably be able to have as many children as you wanted. ”

“If you choose to be like me then you would have the same options I have.”

“You would be able to carry one child, no miscarriage risk or anything like that. You decide when you are ready to get pregnant and you find a guy to have sex with. When you make that conscious decision to have a baby your body gets everything ready, you won’t have periods every month, you don’t get pregnant like women normally do your body just waits until it gets the message.”

Sue paused and looked a little sadly at Paul.

“The one thing you can’t do is carry my child, or give me a child. That won’t work, it has to be a normal person to do the dirty deed. You can also inseminate one woman, again only by choosing to do so.”

“Look I’m too tired to think straight. Lets go back to bed for a few hours and I can give you my decision in the morning. Will that be alright Sue,” Paul asked wearily.

“Okay sweetheart but I had better set an alarm to wake us up, we are both exhausted.”

Agreeing Paul tried to get up from the table and almost fell over. Sue rushed to his side and helped him back to bed.

Before Sue had even climbed in beside him Paul was asleep.

Sometime later Paul woke up and stretched in bed. The movement of his breasts felt good and Paul realised he was incredibly happy. He pulled back the sheet and admired his curvaceous body, running his hands over his breasts he felt his nipples tingle as they hardened under his touch, he felt his penis half hard and heavy on his taut belly and ran his hands down to caress first his cock and then dip his fingers into his wet snatch.

“Mmm, that’s good.” Paul put his fingers into his mouth and sucked on his own juices. He tasted as good as Sue he thought.

Thinking of how Sue tasted he looked over to her naked body, her cock also lay half hard covering her pussy from sight. Until last night Paul had never touched another cock apart from his own and wasn’t sure how he felt about it. If they were to stay together, and he desperately wanted to stay with Sue, then he would have to get used to her cock.

Deciding to act on the thought Paul knelt between Sue’s legs and examined her cock. It looked just like his own did now, smooth and hairless ending at the top of her pussy instead of at a pair of balls.

Having never examined a cock this close before he marveled at its beauty and inhaled the scent of Sue’s pussy and her cock. Carefully lifting it Paul reached out with the tip of his tongue and tasted the thick head. The taste was slightly musky and smelled clean more than anything else. Feeling brave he opened his mouth and slid Sue’s head into it. After a moment he released it felt good in his mouth and began to explore the mushroom head of Sue’s cock with his tongue.

Sue sighed slightly in her sleep and shifted a little on the bed. Her cock began to harden in his mouth and Paul grasped the part that was not in his mouth and began to jack it gently. His other hand crept down to Sue’s moist pussy and he slid first one finger then two into her wet slit.

Sue’s hands came up to Paul’s head and began gently twirling his hair as her hips began to buck trying to force her cock into his mouth. Paul’s hand on the shaft stopped him from taking more than the head in as he sped up his stroke on her hard meat.

Sue’s moans became louder and suddenly with a grunt her cock spurted into Paul’s mouth. From the first taste of Sue’s cum Paul loved it and hungrily sucked every drop from the jerking shaft as her hand was flooded with a spurt of juice from Sue’s pussy.

As her spasms died down Paul felt Sue trying to pull him up her body. Paul slid along her body and kissed her passionately, Sue’s tongue seeking out any last traces of the taste of her own sperm.

Sue felt Paul’s hard cock pressing against her belly and reached down to guide it into her hot sheath.

They both groaned as Paul’s large cock slid smoothly into Sue’s pussy. Paul kissed Sue tenderly and looked at her as they lay still with his dick embedded in Sue.

“I’ve made my choice.” Paul told her.

Sue felt a moments fear as she waited for Paul to decide their future.

“I have never felt so comfortable in myself before today. I love this body you have given me and to my surprise I love the cock you now have as well. I want to stay like this and make love to you for the rest of my life.”

Sue grasped Paul’s head and kissed him hard, grinding her lips into his.

“Oh god I am so pleased. I was sure you would but I was still so worried that you might hate me for this.”

Paul kissed Sue again, “Now shut up while I fuck you.”

Paul began moving inside of Sue and gradually increased the pace until his cock was pounding Sue’s slippery cunt hard. Sue shrieked as she climaxed her cock spurting it’s sticky juices between their sweating bodies. Moments later Paul gasped as his cock fired his seed into Sue’s pussy.

Rolling onto their sides they kissed tenderly before falling asleep again safe in the knowledge that their future was to be together.


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  1. The third sex in transgender for crossdressers or transvestites seen out of place but in actuality they are enlightened that I am one of them I am a child of baphomet and it occurred to me in prayer to Satan that crossdressers and transgenders are super enlightened and much necessary for the transition from heterose homosexual which is Satan’s plan

    1. They are the priests/priestesses of Satan — they bring the balance between feminine and masculine sexuality — they are divine and all inspiring

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