Don’t Sleep Naked – Non-Fiction

Writer: Scarlet Mejia

Subject: Don’t Sleep Naked

Link: Tumblr / 19.05.2022

Don’t Sleep Naked

However way you present yourselves in the physical, you will appear in the spirit realm. Sleeping naked is serving yourselves in a silver platter in the dreamworld. It’s like a woman going into a bear camp while being on her period or an injured man bleeding out in a shark tank. It attracts demons of lust. A person is most vulnerable in their sleep state.


Oh nooo, I can’t imagine a worse fate than being possessed by demons of lust!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep Naked – Non-Fiction”

  1. The Best way to be used by all the unholy demons of lust… hail SATAN!!!?

  2. Well that explains a lot since I have slept naked most of the time since I was 13! Hail lust demons! Hail Lilith!
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