Feature Writer: Taysamor


Published: 09.05.2022

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: Things heat up between Chloe and Lidia

Authors note: Thank you all some much for the love! I didn’t know what to expect when posting this story, and knowing that anyone liked it at all is super exciting for me. Writing is a long lost passion of mine, and I am blowing the dust off, so bare with me while I work out the kinks. While writing this story it was originally made to be 3 parts, but as I wrote the direction began to change, so who knows at this point lol. I also became more curious as to Lidia’s POV as I went along, so this part will be told from both Chloe and Lidia’s perspectives. Though that may change from part to part. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and highly OCD, so I will try to release stories as quickly as humanly possible for my brain! I re write things a million times, then edit even more, so try not to get too frustrated with me. Any way’s enough of my babbling! Please comment any feedback, I love to hear what everyone thinks. : )

Desires Never Known 2

Holding her head under the shower hose, Chloe let the hot water run down her, trying to clear her thoughts after kicking out another nameless one night stand. One of countless attempts to reach the high she felt that night with Lidia, but to no avail. It was if her libido shut down at any sexual interaction with another person. Resolving that her approach was not working, she decided to do the only thing that has given her any kind of pleasure lately, take care of it herself.

Leaning her back against the side wall of the shower, the water spraying down her breasts, she slid her hand between her legs. Chloe found her inner lips, letting two fingers glide into her pussy, lubricating them for the task. After a few pumps in and out, she went for her clit after sufficiently coating her fingers.

Trying to take her time, hoping for as much enjoyment out of it as she could, she steadily rubbed her clit. Giving a light moan, she fantasized about Lidia’s mouth on her longing pussy. Using the memories she had of being taken that night, and moving her fingers with a quicker intent, Chloe felt herself growing closer to the peak. Picking up pace to reach the top, she rubbed her clit fiercely until she reached her climax, Chloe moaned as she found her release. Feeling a bit better, though still frustrated, it was barely a small portion of the heights she had been taken to with Lidia. Deciding it was time to start her day, Chloe finished her shower with out further distraction.

It had been almost 3 months since that night, though it felt like an eternity. Chloe had spent the last week prepping for school to start again. The distraction was welcome, it kept her focus away from her frustration. Coming home after purchasing the final book she needed for the upcoming semester, she laid it next to the other impossibly large books, then felt her cellphone vibrate in her back pocket. What now? She thought as she grabbed her phone.

“Hay! What are you doing tonight? Thought we could hit a few bars to let loose before classes start : )” read jazmin’s text.

She met Jaz about a week after her encounter with Lidia, while still trying to process the events. She was a sweet girl, a little bubbly compared to Chloe’s more relaxed personality. But she was fun to be around, and made Chloe laugh.

“Hadn’t planned on anything, figured I would just snuggle in with some wine and a few of my favorite old sci-fi movies” Chloe responded.

“You are such a nerd! Come out and enjoy yourself, plus how could you possibly leave me alone to fend for myself? ” Jazmin wrote, really playing on the dramatics.

“fiiiine…. But first round is on you!” Chloe begrudgingly agreed

“yayyyy! See you around 9!” Jazmin texted back, her enthusiasm radiating out of the screen.

Deciding to make the best of it, Chloe went back to finishing up her tasks for the day, then get herself ready for her night out.


After hugging Jazmin good bye 10 times, Chloe finally made it in the door. Throwing her heels in the corner thankful her feet could feel circulation again, she made her way up the stairs, silently cursing herself for not getting the one story apartment, because the town home was sooo much cuter.

When she made it to her room, Chloe threw herself face down into her bed. After a long day, she was exhausted, and thankful she was alone, saving her the awkward ‘please get out of my house’ banter the morning after. Closing her eyes having no desire to do anything else but sleep, she thought of Lidia, before drifting off.


Before even opening her eyes Chloe felt the familiar silk sheets against her skin. Deciding to have a look, she took in the room she had woke in before, though this time she was not restrained.

Noticing she was wearing something, she looked down at the beautiful teddy that she had been dressed in, made of all rusty rose colored lace, with an amazing floral design. The top had underwire, that sat comfortably under her breasts, with straps that were connected to each end, creating an upside down V shape that was attached to the shoulder straps. The lace coming up from the underwire stopped right below her areolas, pushing up her perky breasts while leaving her nipples accessible.

The lace traveled down her body, fitting snug around her form. Sliding her hands down the material it felt like genuine lace, unlike the synthetic material of the ones sold online and in stores. Moving her right hand to the bottom that became a thong with and opening, her fingers found her cunt fully exposed. Running her own finger up her slit, feeling her pussy already getting wet, she stopped at her clit and her body nearly jolted at how sensitive it was. She pulled away, not wanting to spoil whatever Lidia had planned.

Looking down at her feet she examined the open toe heels, the bottoms and heels of which were clear. Coming up from the bottom were straps of silk softer than the sheets of the bed. They wrapped all the way up her calf, stopping below the knee and tied into a bow on the outsides of her legs.

Sitting up, letting her legs dangle off the side of the bed, she scanned the room until her eyes found Lidia laying on the chaise. She wore a black corset that formed into a very short mini skirt at the bottom, made of the same lace as Chloe’s new attire. The leather high heeled boots she had on ran a few inches above her knees, leaving most of her thighs exposed. Laying in a pose with her legs open, Chloe’s eyes found Lidia’s bare pussy, creating a flutter in her own.


Lidia stared back at her, more beautiful than she remembered, feeling ridiculous about her desire for Chloe. Her energy was radiating, her pleasure taking Lidia’s power to new heights, and the taste, it was nothing she had ever experienced. She had enjoyed others before, of course, but she had never felt such a need for someone, especially a human. Lidia had felt it since she first saw Chloe at the club.

She had hoped to bring her back sooner, but things were growing tense with the hierarchy in her realm. As she held a higher rank, she had responsibilities that needed to be attended to before she was able to give Chloe her full attention.

“did you miss me my pet?” Lidia inquired with a hint of seduction in her voice, keeping her composure.


Chloe watched as she stood, and began to walk towards her, noticing Lidia’s tentacles were not moving about, but lay on her skin like tattoos.

“I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me” Chloe said, more pouty than she intended.

“how could I forget? You taste sweeter than anyone I’ve had before. It’s intoxicating.” Lidia spoke frankly while closing in on Chloe.

Making her way to Chloe positioning herself between her legs, Lidia grabbed the nape of Chloe’s neck, pulling her into to a kiss with both passion and dominance. There was a difference in the tongue exploring her mouth, still split down the front, but feeling more human like, a perfect combination. She moved her hand into Chloe’s hair massaging her scalp before pulling away so that their mouths were just short of touching, causing Chloe’s breath to escape, as if Lidia had drawn it out of her.

“but you have not been very well behaved have you?” Lidia growled as she wrapped Chloe’s soft curls into her fist, pulling her head back and exposing her neck in front of Lidia’s lips.

Chloe let out a squeal at the unexpected force.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again, please don’t be angry.” Chloe pleaded, a tear escaping her eye from the pain mixed with desperation for Lidia’s forgiveness.


“You’ve been so impatient, I’m going to give you everything you’ve been craving” Lidia said as she drug her teeth up Chloe’s neck to her ear.

Lidia had checked in when she could, a few times seeing Chloe with other humans both men and women. She had never felt that kind of rage, watching her in those moments. It wasn’t that Lidia minded seeing someone else enjoy Chloe and pleasing her, only that it wasn’t at her discretion, and with humans that were beneath her. She was the first person, human or demon, Lidia had branded. Chloe was hers.

“but first, there will be consequences for your actions. I told you, you are mine. And no one is to be with you unless I allow it, do you understand?” Lidia demanded, gripping Chloe’s hair tighter.

“yes! I understand! I am yours” Chloe begged, her submission easing Lidia’s anger, but not enough to let her off without punishment.

“there will be plenty who will enjoy you the way I have, and give you pleasures unlike anything another human can give you” Lidia said with a demanding, confident tone.

“but you will show me just how sorry you are first, now stand” Lidia ordered.


Chloe stood up, standing on the marble floor for the first time. Watching as Lidia made her way to the chest across from the bed, she did as she was told, unable to say anymore. Lidia opened the chest and began gathering a few items that Chloe couldn’t make out, before returning to her.

“when you are a good girl, you will be rewarded” she said affectionately, as the mysterious items came into view.

“but when you defy me, you will be punished until I have decided you have been sufficiently reminded of who you belong to, and what that entails” Lidia said with authority.

Unable to move or speak, Chloe could only watch Lidia place the items on the bed to her left. She turned just enough to see Lidia grab a diamond studded collar, with two gold loops hanging from the bottom, one on the front, and one under the buckle in the back. The diamonds covering the brown leather collar were all in gold settings. Chloe was in awe of its brilliance.

“This is a gift to you for last time, you will wear it when you are here, with the exception of when we sleep” Lidia said in an endearing voice.

Chloe had not thought of being able to sleep with Lidia in her bed before, the idea made her stomach flutter.


Pulling the thinner gold chain from the pile, Lidia held it in front of her, causing a questioning look on Chloe’s face.

“this will be worn until I remove it” She explained to Chloe.

There were clamps at the top of the chain on each side, the ends covered with a clear protective rubber, not wanting to cause visible damage to Chloe, the brand was necessary, anything beyond that was not. Lidia placed one on each of Chloe’s hard nipples. Noticing Chloe clench her teeth, and hearing the sharp breath she sucked in, Lidia’s felt a low ache in her pussy.

The chains from each clamp met just below Chloe’s sternum, where a longer chain dangled to a hoop at her naval, then another a few inches below her pussy, a clip attached at the end. At her waist, two more chains were connected by the diamond studded hoop, the shorter one held a clasp at the end, the longer one leading to a white tear drop shaped diamond, Lidia began to place those next. She pulled them around Chloe’s waist, clasping them together behind her, the diamond from the excess chain resting against the soft lace, right at the top of her round cheeks. Finally she grabbed the clip at the bottom of the chain, pulling it open just a hair, she slid it over the hood of Chloe’s clit before letting it close into place. Lidia observed Chloe’s reaction to the tight grip of the clip, her eyes squeezing shut, another small squeal escaping at the sharp bite of the clip.


Lidia grabbed her face just slightly digging her nails into her cheeks, and pulled Chloe towards her, bringing them face to face. She then claimed Chloe’s mouth again, though this time there was no lust, only possession.

Releasing her face, Lidia moved down to Chloe’s neck and grabbed it with a light hold. She then felt Lidia’s other hand find her wet pussy, sticking two finger inside then pulling them out to clean them off with her mouth.

“You taste even better than I remember” Lidia said with a hum.

Returning back to Chloe’s pussy she began to rub her clit slowly, causing a moan to escape Chloe’s lips.

“we are going to play a game, but not here”

Lidia released Chloe and returned to the last item on the bed, grabbing a thick gold chain leash, it was about 4 feet long, with a leather handle matching the collar. Lidia hooked it to the loop on the front of the sparkly new accessory, giving it a light tug indicating Chloe to follow her.

They exited the room, leading Chloe up the excessively long flight of stairs, finding another door at the top. Lidia opened the door to the biggest foyer she’d ever seen. Walking out into the room, Chloe noted they exited the door from under a set of curved stair ways. With a classic look and a slight modern touch, the stairs on each side of the room were a deep mahogany wood, with black iron rails that were straight rods with a little twist in the ends. Both led up to a wrap around interior balcony.

Hanging from the ceiling, that was actually visible, was the most unique chandelier she had ever seen, it looked like a tree growing upside down from the ceiling, with gold branches and crystal leaves. Underneath the beautiful chandelier was a square concrete table. In the middle a circular pit was on fire, filled with what looked like, large green crystals

Walking across the room under the opposite stairway, they stopped in front of a smooth wood door, made up with panels in different shades. Lidia opened the door revealing a large living room, the walls the same as the door, except for the one to the right where water flowed down a grey wall made of rock, with beautiful lights shining down from the top.

The furniture was very modern, with a large purple suede sectional lining the walls, broken into two pieces, the large one in the back left corner extending in both directions, the smaller section sat on the same wall as the door they just entered to the left. Black iron framed side tables with dark grey granite tops were spread around the couches, and nothing but a large plush, lighter grey rug in the middle of the large room.

One thing caught Chloe’s eye in curiosity, there was a single wooden pillar that sat centered a few feet in front of the fountain wall, with a single gold loop attached.


Lidia led Chloe through the room over to the pillar. Removing the leash from the front loop of the collar, she ran it through the hoop on the pillar facing the room, then looped it through the handle, securing it to the hoop on the pillar. Re attaching the leash to the back of the collar, Lidia gave it a quick pull.

“Don’t run off, I’ll be right back” Lidia ordered Chloe with a devilish smirk on her face.

Lidia exited the room, leaving Chloe standing alone, and closed the door behind her. Walking back into the foyer and up the stairs, she went straight to the door she was looking for, knowing it was exactly where they would be. Opening the door to the game room she found Dante and Luca, on one the humans new game consoles, rolling her eyes at how redundant it seemed. Sophisticated men reduced to children, she scoffed to herself.

“don’t you two have anything more productive to do?” Lidia asked sarcastically.

The two large men turned their attention towards Lidia, grinning at the sight of her and her attire, or lack there of.

“damn Lidia, what are you up to?” Dante asked jokingly

“yeah where’s the party?” Luca added

“I swear your IQ plummets every time you get sucked in to those childish games” Lidia scolded

“Letting loose every once in awhile never hurt anyone” teased Luca

“not entirely true, depending on the activity” Dante pointed out, wearing a devilish smirk on his face.

“If you two are finished, I’m doing some letting loose of my own, and I hoped you would like to join” Lidia’s voice perked up at her plan.

“Feeling up to a show?” asked Dante, keeping his grin, knowing exactly where this was going.

“Only after I’ve given my performance first” Lidia said with enthusiasm.


It felt like Lidia had been gone an hour when she opened the door and entered the room, she did not come alone though. Behind her were the two men from the club, this time less formal in white t-shirts, jeans, and boots. They still had the same look in their eyes, but this time they were practically glowing gold. Chloe had to admit they were not bad looking men.

“Chloe this is Luca” Lidia addressed the taller of the two.

Tall was an understatement, as Luca would tower over her small frame. His deep olive skin concealed an all muscle frame, He was not very bulky, but it suited him for his height. His hair was a dark blonde ruffled on top of his head, with a clean shaven face.

“and this is Dante” turning her attention to him

Besides the eyes, his features were entirely different. He was by no means short, Chloe would still be looking up if he were in front of her even in heels, but he wasn’t quite as tall as his friend was. Built a little more stocky, he had broad shoulders, and arms big enough that his sleeves looked like they were struggling to hold on. His skin was a darker tan, and hair a dark brown, shaved on the sides with the top combed back, and a well groomed, trimmed beard. Chloe got the feeling he was the dominant of the two.

The men stood there taking in the scene of the gorgeous barely dressed woman chained to the pillar, with her most intimate parts in full view. They had a look of hunger in their eyes that made Chloe uneasy, yet slightly turned on. Still, she closed her thighs, and crossed her arms to cover her exposed breasts.


“Boys, make yourselves comfortable. Let’s get this started. ” Lidia spoke to the men in a tone that told she was equal to them.

As they took their seats on opposite sides of the couches in the corner, Lidia set her sights on Chloe, in an instant standing in front of her. She grabbed each of the hands attempting to conceal Chloe’s full breasts, and gently pulled them away.

“Let them see all of you, show them your beautiful body” Lidia said to Chloe, sounding seductive yet controlled.

Chloe let her arms fall to her side and opened her legs some, still feeling a bit flush and embarrassed. She felt Lidia grab her chin to meet her stare.

“Let go of that shame my pet, it will do you no good now” Lidia ordered.

Lidia released Chloe, who kept her head lifted and tried to muster as much confidence as she could. Still staring in her eyes, Lidia was asserting herself, daring her to disobey.

“now let’s play that game” she said in almost a whisper.

Lidia positioned her self behind Chloe, with one hand she grabbed the leash near the collar and yanked Chloe’s head back, exposing her neck to allow Lidia’s lips access above the collar. Letting go of the chain her hands wrapped around the front, beginning their exploration of Chloe’s body. Finding their way to Chloe’s breasts, Lidia took one in each hand, massaging them as she began to lightly tug on her nipple clamps.

The tentacles that lay flat on her skin began to emerge, wrapping one down each of Chloe’s legs forcing them to spread open. Another two slithered down her arms pulling them behind her back, the tentacles twisting together locking them in place. Lidia stared down as she watched Chloe’s breasts being pushed forward from her new posture.


“so, here’s what’s going to happen” Lidia spoke just loud enough so everyone could hear. The men paying close attention, their stare having never left Chloe.

“I’m going to play with your very pretty pussy” she paused as she left one of Chloe’s breasts feeling alone, her hand traveling south. As soon as Lidia’s fingers made contact with her throbbing clit, slick from eagerness, a shock ran through Chloe, causing her to slightly jump at the jolt sent through her body.

“as soon as you feel yourself ready to cum, tell me immediately.” Lidia directed as she slid two fingers down Chloe’s slit and into the soaked pussy, pumping them in and out a few times coating them in her nectar.

“if you cum and don’t tell me, I will make sure you regret it, do you understand?” Lidia asked in a demanding tone, as she removed her fingers slowly sliding them back up to Chloe’s swollen clit.

“yes, I understand ” Chloe answered, her voice breaking as her body trembled at Lidia’s touch.

“Good girl” Lidia said to Chloe with praise.

Chloe could see the men watching the show with greed on their faces. But she didn’t pay them mind much longer, as Lidia started to play with her clit, using the tips of her two fingers. Slowly picking up speed taking her time, Chloe’s body was getting closer to that peak she has been craving so much. She knew she wouldn’t last very long. Starting to move faster, Chloe felt herself right on the verge…

“I’m going to cum!” Chloe called out in a moan.

As soon as she said it Lidia immediately stopped and removed her fingers, her hand retreating back up. Chloe cried out in despair, as she came back down before she could reach the edge.

“hmm, not yet darling, we aren’t ready yet” Lidia stated in a teasing voice.

“You are very excited though, open your mouth, and taste yourself” Lidia ordered.

Chloe parted her lips, allowing Lidia to slide her fingers in. Closing her lips around them. She could taste her own juices, surprised at how sweet it was, with a small hint of that delicious sour she had tasted on other women before.


Lidia fingered Chloe’s mouth for a minute, enjoying the sight of her sucking on the coated fingers, taking in the moans coming from her chest. Lidia felt her own arousal growing to a new intensity. Before pulling her fingers back from Chloe’s mouth.

“So hungry aren’t you? Let’s continue” Lidia said as she found Chloe’s wet pussy again.

This time taking a different approach, she slid her two fingers back inside Chloe and started to slide them in and out. Lidia hooked her fingers, pressing the flat part of her finger tips against that magical spongy spot at the top, careful not to cut Chloe with her nails.

She released Chloe’s other breast, her hand gliding up to hold Chloe’s neck. She enjoyed the feeling of her hand around Chloe’s delicate throat.

While her fingers worked on Chloe’s G-spot, Lidia pressed the palm of her hand over her clit, rubbing it with every motion of her fingers. Keeping a steady pace, she could feel Chloe’s juices running down her hand, catching in her palm as she rubbed her swollen pearl. Hearing Chloe’s moans mixed with the feeling of her pussy leaking all over her hand, Lidia was finding it hard to restrain herself.

Sensing Chloe about to reach her peak, she picked up speed. She knew it wasn’t much longer till Chloe was ready again.

“I’m about to cum!” Chloe called out in ecstasy

Again Lidia immediately pulled her hand away, causing Chloe to groan in frustration.

“please let me cum, I’ll behave, I promise. ” Chloe pleaded with Lidia.

“hmm, I’m not quite sure I’ve made my point yet” Lidia said in a sarcastic questioning tone


Desperate for Lidia to let her climax, Chloe would say or do anything at this point.

“I understand, I won’t be with anyone you don’t allow me to ever again” Chloe begged, all her shame forgotten.

“we will see” Lidia said matter of fact.

Chloe felt Lidia shift to stand at more of and angle, the tentacles holding their place. Using the hand fresh with Chloe’s juices, she slide down her ass till the tips of Lidia’s slick fingers met her tight hole. Pushing two fingers in slowly, Chloe moaned in appreciation as her ass gripped Lidia’s fingers.

“Seems no one has given your ass the appreciation it deserves” Lidia said as she began to pump Chloe’s back entrance.

“It’s been waiting for you” Chloe admitted.

“Mmm trying to suck up now isn’t going to save you, but I do like hearing it” Lidia said as she stuck another finger in Chloe’s ass.

“I guess we will have to give it what it needs” Lidia said softly as she pushed her fingers as far as they would go.

“Yes, please” Chloe begged, as she moaned at Lidia’s welcome intrusion of her neglected hole.

While Lidia worked on her ass with one hand, she abandoned Chloe’s neck, and with no delay moved to her pussy. Lidia immediately began rubbing Chloe’s clit, in sync with the fingers in her ass. Not wasting any more time, Lidia probed Chloe’s ass faster and harder, the finger tips at her clit catching up instantly.

Chloe was moaning uncontrollably, her climax building fast, reaching it peak. She felt herself at the top, a moment away from crashing down.

“I’m going to cum!” Chloe yelled out, wishing she hadn’t, but too afraid of the consequences had she came without saying anything.

Once again Lidia pulled away instantly, causing her almost orgasm to fade away. Chloe knew she couldn’t take much more, beginning to feel hopeless of being allowed to fall over the edge.

“NO! Please, please, let me cum!” Chloe frantically begged.


Lidia could feel Chloe’s body trembling with need, only making it harder for her to control her own desire. Her pussy was practically throbbing at this point, she needed to release, to give both her and Chloe what they craved for so bad. Feeling ready to combust, she decided to hold it together, to maintain her dominance over Chloe. Besides her next step would fulfill both their appetites.

“You are almost there baby, time to really earn it” Lidia said with a growl in her voice.

Detaching the leash at the collar, and letting her tentacles recede, she decided on giving Chloe a show of praise. As she let all but two tentacles return to their place on her skin, Lidia moved to face Chloe, pulling her into a kiss more passionate than she had ever allowed before. After a moment she pulled away, feeling Chloe relax.

“now, go sit on your knees in front of the couch” Lidia ordered, regaining her control.

Leading Chloe in front of the couch, she waited for her to take her place before pulling up the tight mini skirt. She then sat down on the couch in front of her, one leg on each side of Chloe’s head, her pussy directly in front of her face. Seeing Chloe looking at her pussy in awe, she lifted her chin, forcing the gorgeous woman in between her legs to look her in the eyes.

“Show me how badly you want to cum” Lidia instructed her.

After releasing her chin, Chloe didn’t hesitate getting to work, Lidia grabbed the back of Chloe’s head gently gathering a hand full of her thick, soft curls. Even though she didn’t waste time getting down to business, Chloe started at a pleasantly slow pace. Her tongue began at Lidia’s leaking hole, sliding it’s way up, ever so gently to her clit. Using every ounce of control she had not to jump at the electricity she felt when Chloe’s tongue hit her pulsing nub, she let herself release a low moan, letting Chloe hear some of the pleasure she was feeling.

“That’s a good girl, prove to me you want it” Lidia growled in approval.

Keeping her tongue at a steady pace, moving in different patterns and directions, Lidia felt two of Chloe’s fingers slowly enter her pussy. Letting out a groan at the sensation, she looked down to watch Chloe, who was looking back at her with intense desire. When she began pushing up on her G-spot, Lidia threw her head back, grabbing Chloe’s hair tighter.

Feeling that she couldn’t hold back too long, she moved one of her tentacles under her leg, letting in glide towards Chloe’s pussy. The tentacle pushed itself between her thighs, feeling the slickness that had leaked from Chloe’s sex, down her legs.

“open your legs my pet” Lidia managed to say in a controlled tone.


Spreading her legs open, Chloe anticipated the tentacle, anxious to feel it inside of her. Chloe groaned into Lidia’s pussy when it pushed its way in, not taking any time, it worked its way in and out, its tip spinning to hit the right spot as it moved.

“Is that what you want baby” Lidia asked, her voice low and husky, while grabbing Chloe’s hair tighter.

“no, you need more than that, don’t you? So greedy” Lidia smiled at Chloe, her eyes looked like they were on fire.

Chloe continued her work on Lidia’s pussy, it was like nothing she ever tasted before, some kind of forbidden fruit. Similar to last time, every nerve in her body was heightened, but this time her mind was in a state of euphoria. As the tentacle in her pussy kept stretching her, Chloe felt the other tentacle squeezing its way to her ass, and before she could put anymore thought into it, her ass stretched open for the appendage. Nearly screaming into Lidia’s pussy, Chloe added another finger and picked up pace, her tongue not breaking her attention from Lidia’s clit.

“Oh fuck! Yes don’t fucking stop!” Lidia called out while smashing Chloe’s face into her.

Chloe moaned uncontrollably into the pussy coating her mouth and fingers with its juices, as Lidia began to circle her hips, grinding her pussy on Chloe’s mouth. Feeling every inch of the tentacles as they pushed deeper inside of her, stretching her further the deeper they got, Chloe grabbed Lidia’s thigh with her other hand, digging her finger into her skin as if she was trying to balance herself. She continued to finger Lidia fast and hard, sucking on her clit best she could while her face was being fucked by Lidia’s soaked pussy, her juices smearing all over Chloe’s face. Her body was barely able to hold on any longer, silently begging Lidia to bring her to her climax.


Looking down Lidia could see Chloe’s eyes pleading for release. Her tentacles were doing their job well, and Chloe was taking in every bit of them. Between Chloe’s fingers stimulating her insides, and her tongue dancing on her clit, Lidia’s climax was in reach. There was no more playing games, Lidia wanted to cum in Chloe’s gorgeous mouth, as Chloe reached her high.

“Go ahead my pet, cum for me, now!” Lidia demanded.

As soon as the last word left her mouth she felt every part of Chloe tremble, moaning hard into her pussy, still fingering her hard and fast. There was no more holding on, Lidia couldn’t stop if she tried.

“that’s it baby, I’m going to cum for you, don’t stop!” Lidia cried out, ignoring the lust she could hear in her own voice.

Reaching a height she’d never felt before, Lidia let go, grinding her pussy as hard as she could into Chloe’s mouth, while gripping her hair even tighter. Her pussy exploded, squirting her warm liquid into Chloe’s mouth. After a moment she yanked Chloe’s head back, continuing the flood she was releasing. Holding her head in place, Chloe kept her mouth open, accepting every drop as Lidia let out the last of her sweet fluids, drenching Chloe’s face and hair.

When her orgasm finally reached its end, she released Chloe’s hair. She felt the fingers slip out of her pussy, as Chloe moved to rest her head on top of Lidia’s sex. Receding from Chloe’s pussy she brought her tentacles back, letting them join the others on her skin. She lay relaxed for a moment, rubbing Chloe’s half drenched locks, before speaking.

“Catch your breath little one, you still have another act coming up” Lidia said as she looked over at Dante and Luca, who had a look of shock, mixed with hunger in their eyes.


“hmmm?” Chloe half heartedly hummed in curiosity.

Almost too peaceful feeling Lidia petting her hair, she barely caught on to Lidia’s statement. She noticed Lidia stare across the room, and lifted her head realizing the men were still there watching. Seeing the looks in theirs and Lidia’s eyes, and hearing what she had said, Chloe didn’t know whether to feel panic or excitement.

What she did know was she was about to find out.