Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: DEMONSEXOLIGY 4

Published: 20.11.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: The devil’s blood — A shadow stalks the streets of London

Editor’s Note: This set of stories take place hundreds (and perhaps thousands) after ‘A journey into a strange mind’ had concluded.

Demonsexoligy 4

The students arrive in the UK, after their time in the United Asthanthian Kingdoms comes to a close. While they were there; they vanquished two demons and defeated a warlock CEO of a pharmaceutical company. It was revealed to Dominic he too has powers, as he and his sister who live in the UK, are descended from the three goddesses of Asthanthia.

Her pussy made noises as it swallowed and partiality spat out the young stud’s cock. Lilith spread her wings as she rode her toy boy, on the chair. Her tail seductively strokes his body as he kissed her back, between her dark bats like wings. The red body of the demoness was caressed and kissed; she felt the sensation in her cunt, working its way upward through her body. “Oh Alexis, you know how to make a demoness squeal like a whore.” She moaned.

“Ohhh ahhh, grahh fuck.” The toy boy groaned as he filled her pussy with his hot love sauce, as it dripped and the last ounce of cum came out of his cock, she heard him whimper, “Fuck. Lilith, I love you.”

Lilith smiled. “Men will say anything while they orgasm.” She told him with a light chuckle.

“I know, but Lilith, I really feel like you the are the only woman for me.” Alexis replied. Lilith got off his cock and turned around; sitting on his lap again, but this time facing him. She smiled at him for a while, staring deep in his eyes. One of the powers that Lilith possess is the ability to determine lies, however sometimes it is difficult to read someone, but almost all the time it become easier once she had sex with him.

“He is telling the truth.” Lilith thought to herself. “Perhaps I should not judge the boy to harshly, it would be nice to have a beloved.” She concurred in her mind.

“I suppose I love you too, my little toy boy.” Lilith snuggled and snogged Alexis. They both kissed and attempted to bite one and other’s lips.

Lord Farlow Jr interrupted them, clearing his throat to make his presence known. “My Mistress, I hear word of the student bastards who took the book, they have travelled to the United Kingdom. London, Mistress.” He said.

Lilith smiled at Alexis, “My love, do you fancy a trip to London?” She asked him. Alexis bite his lips and nodded his head. Lilith once more stood up and approached Farlow Jr. “James, ready our arrival to the London cult house.” She ordered.

“As you wish, Mistress.” James bowed out.

The devil’s blood: Part I

Tabitha (I)

Tabitha switched the lights on, the loft apartments, it had wooden floors and glass panel walls facing out the apartment; a factory converted into apartments, it would often seem beautiful during rainy nights or days. There was not much privacy as the bedroom walls were practically non-existent. With this in mind, Tabitha announces. “We’re all comfortable with see each other naked, right?” Everyone nodded, the last three and a quarter days broke down many barriers among them.

Damian saw a podium in the middle of the room, he instantly ran towards it and lay the book on it; covering the notes that sat on it before. “How did you get this place?” Damian asked.

“Dad’s mate owned it when they were in the army, after he died; he gave it to my old man, now it’s mine.” Tabitha smiled as she dusted the lampshade next to her big bed covered by a union jack bed sheet. “I still have beds from when my mates live with me, so find them and pick your fill.”

“And what of me?” A familiar voice emerged from the bottom of the stair Amanda walked it, still in her goddess form.

“How did you?” Tabitha was lost for word.

“I connected with you in your dreams, while you were in the metal bird. I found the location of this place.” She answered.

“But the motion sensor alarms?” Tabitha added,

“Cannot sense me, in my goddess form.” Amanda said with a smug look on her face, she decided it was time to return to normal, as the sensors were disabled. A flash of golden light and Amanda was once again in a red leather jacket with brown pants and a white blouse. “I’m Hungry.” She then announced.

While everyone was eating pizza around a circular table with a glass top and a matt black metal rim, Amanda was bombard with questions.

“How did you get that flying suit?” Dominic asked.

Amanda snorted. “Flying suit.” And she burst into laughter. “That’s my goddess form, while I was in hell; I gained the ability to transform into the likeness on my Sarcophagus.” She explained.

“So can you always transform into a…” Tabitha paused.

“Goddess? Well. I need to recharge my sexual energy, I’ve been in this form for quite a while, and I might need a lot of sex.” Amanda put emphasis on the word “lot”. Everyone’s eyes lit up, and Amanda responded by opening her legs, to tease them.

“Perhaps we should have an orgy, here.” Samantha rubbed her feet on Amanda’s couch, as she suggested the gangbang. Damian and Dominic both experienced a tingle in their penis as they both anticipated some fun.

“Really? Not in my apartment.” Tabitha stepped in. “I won’t have it.” She said before putting the last slice of pizza in her mouth. Samantha saw the disappointment in everyone’s eyes; leaning towards the side, she rubbed her hand on Tabitha’ tights’; squeezing them after.

“Come, to daddy.” Samantha joked. Tabitha jerked back and stood up.

Anger flush throughout her face. “How dare you mention that.” She yelled. Samantha began to stutter, “Oh, I’m so sorry.” She attempted to apologize to Tabatha; who soon quieted down and returned to her seat, but not in the comfortable positions she once was in. “It’s okay.” Tabitha voice did not sound too convincing; she was still mad.

The awkward silence was broke up by the sound of the intercom; Tabitha walked up and put her finger on the button. A buzzing and crackling noise followed by, “Hello, is Dominic there? It’s his sister, Jade.” Everyone looked at Dominic. “You gave you sister the address?” Tabitha looked at Dominic, who just replied with a shrug. “I didn’t know she was going to actually come here.”

Tabitha sighed and pressed another button. “I haven’t seen my sister in years; she was born in the UK so she came back when she could and settled here.” Amanda smiled and at looked at Dominic. “The more, the merrier.” She told him.

There was a knock at the door, and Tabitha let Jade in. She stepped in with her boots, and took off her police hat, Jade was around the same height as Dominic, and she too had an athletic frame, with shoulders that were an inch wider than an average woman and hazel colored eyes. Her hair was dyed to at Auburn color and tied in a bun, she undid it and let her threads of honey flow down behind her shoulder; still clambered together from the long hours in the bun.

“Hello, Dom and friends.” She greeted everyone as she came in. “Hello, take a seat. I’m afraid that I have eaten the last pizza. Let me order some more.” Tabitha told her. Everyone greeted her.

“Dominic never told me you were a police officer.” Damian said.

“Did he tell you about the times where I wrestled him to the ground and put him in submission?” Jade replied. Dominic looked embarrassed as everyone turned to him. Jade chuckled and played with her hair. “You alright, love?” Jade noticed that Amanda was looking at her strangely.

“No—yes, I’m fine. Thank you for asking.” Amanda stumbled, “So err—jade, how long were you a…”

“Police officer?” Jade finished the question. She saw Amanda blushed and nodded. “Well, it’s been five years, really.” She added. Everyone nodded their heads; impressed and then praised her courage.

“My father is an ex-service man.” Tabitha added.

“Oh, that’s wonderful. We have tons of them at the stations.” Jade replied.

Amanda turned towards Jade “Anyway stor…” She was cut off by Jade’s pager. She immediately stood and tied her hair back into a bun. “I have to go, nice meeting you lot.” She said, before leaving in a mad dash.

“Bye. Jade.”

“You have a nice sister, Dom. You should invite her over more times.” Tabitha said. Dominic just rolled his eyes, as his attention was drawn the book.

“Guys, The book.” He called out and they got up and ran to it, like it was a siren.

Samantha looked confused. “What about it?” She said. Damian grinned with a smug look on his face. “You can’t hear it, can you?” He said; touching the book. A jolt of energy climbed his arm, Damian stumbled back and fell; Dominic caught him.

In his vision he saw, the dark lord; his ancestor. A muscular silver body, haunting black wings and his cock that was hanging free, juicy and ready to be sucked. Damian crawled to him; naked on all fours and swallowed his cock. “My descendants’ suck cock well.” The booming voice said.

Damian felt the cock, deep inside his mouth; brushing his tongue and drawing his spit. “Why am I enjoying this? I was never into guys.”

“You do not have to be.” The dark lord responded. “But as my blood, you must see this prerecorded dream, you must see where you come from…”

Afterwards, Damian saw a shadow making its way into Jade’s body, it had a firm hold on her, but as Damian ran towards her; he found that it was incredibility hard to move, it felt as though he was dipped in honey or oil, and made to run.

Her trousers were ripped the shadow, and her boots slipped of her feet, Damian tried to make out the features of the shadow, no doubt it was demon related. Despite his efforts, he did not know what it was in his visions that took Jade.

Damian twitched. “Jade!” Springing back up from Tabitha’s bed; surrounding by his friends. Damian held his forehead to let the wave of pain pass, and as soon as it did, he got to his feet.

“We need to find Jade.”

Jade (I)

Jade and her partner drove down the street in their squad car, the blue and red lights covered their proximity and the sirens serenaded the streets. The car raced past the dark dismal streets of the less ‘nicer’ side of the Thames. “So what were you doing at that closed bar?” Jade’s partner asked her.

“Oh, I was visiting a friend who lives in the roof top apartment.” She replied. “So, what was the call in about?” Jade asked her partner.

“Locals are calling in about a shadowy figure, probably a joker who can’t let go of Halloween.”

Jade snorted but then looked out the window; she began to think about how her iris turned gold and how she was able to ‘do things.’

“Alright we’re here.” Her partner, Jacob stopped the car and they both walked out; towards one of the houses. Jacob gave a firm knock on the door, “Police! We just want to speak to you.” He called. Jade could feel the whole neighbourhood watching, but there was something else, watching. Jade couldn’t shake the feeling.

A middle aged woman appeared at the door; she was dressed in traditional Pakistani attire complete with a hijab. Under beside her came her teenage son, about eighteen; Jade deduced. “‘Ello there, ma’am, I am PC Jacob Wrench and this is PC Jade Wood.” we are here to respond to your phone call. ” Jacob started to talk to them.

The woman silently refused to speak to Jacob; instead she turned to her son and spoke to him in Urdu. There were noises of the other family members coming from inside the house. Eventually her son began to speak to Jacob. ” ‘ight than, my mum said she saw a dick head dressed in all black, walking the street. She said that he followed her home, from the evening.” He spoke in a slang dialect.

“Well then, young man, is there any more information you can give us?” Jacob replied; with a smile.

The son looked at Jacob. “No.” He paused and turned to his mother, who began talking to him again, in Urdu. “One more thing, Officer, my mother says that she feel unsafe in her home. Is there a possibility that you can arrange some sort of protection?” He said, this time he spoke with more manners and less slang. The two officers were slightly taken back but felt glad that he did.

Jade replied to the son, “Well, young man, of course we will arrange protection for you and your family,” Jade smiled as she looked at the young man, he seemed awe struck by her beauty. The mother gently pulled him back and placed her arm across the door, blocking Jade from her son.

“I think he went in that ally way.” The other pointed out.

“Thank you.” Jacob and Jade nodded as they shook hands with the mother and son. “You were very helpful, young man.” He finished off. As they saw the doors close, Jade spoke to the son “Good night.” and waved at him, before his mum pulled him inside.

“Well, let sort out this cunt?” Jacob said as they walked into the ally way, it led to an underpass, which they also set out to explore.

Shadows of London

Back in the dark, cold family’s house, the mum and son dropped to their knees. “Please, sir we did what you wanted. Now my daughter?” The mother pleaded. From the corner of the room, a figure emerged; charcoal black with shadowy appendages flowing from the bottom of his shadowy gown. The appendages were able to climb up the ceiling and congeal to form a dark patch. A girl of eighteen, dark skinned and with a slightly hooked nose; was held there.

Slowly the demon lowered the girl; covered in cum, her hijab was sticky and almost falling off, her pussy, ass and mouth were stuffed. She had her body stretched forward, as if she was meant to crawl, but soon rested in the foetal position as the mother reached for her and held her tightly, while her brother just looked at the floor. The demon scrambled out.

It dawned on them that she was not longer pure and a virgin.

Tabitha (II)

There was a bang, and a cat scattered across the floor, giving a meow as it did. “Fucking hell. Mabey it was that cat, scaring the woman.” Jacob joked; Jade lightly slapped him across his black Kevlar vest. “Don’t be a prick.” She responded.

“Let’s ask the other residents.” Jade suggested. Jacob just yawned and nodded. Just as the two police officers were about to leave, the shadow figure appeared as they turned their heads. Jacob rolled his eyes and approached.

“Alright, mate, Halloween’s over. Take that thing of you, look a right prick. You know?” He taunted the shadow man until he came close to him and reached out for his ‘mask.’

“Jacob, wait.” Jade tried to warn him, she had a bad feeling, but Jacob would not listen; he touched the figure. As soon as he, the appendages rose and grabbed hold of Jacob.

“Fuck!” Jacob cried out as they were taken by surprise, Jade took out her Taser; ignoring all protocol, she fired. The shadow man was left unharmed, Jade wish she had a pistol or a hand gun, like the Americans.

The appendages ripped Jacob’s belt off and flung it at Jade, she dodged but in that time, the shadow man had closed in the distance between them. They were lifted in the air as the appendages began to strip Jade and Jacob; first the Kevlar, then boots and utility belt then came the trousers and shirts.

Jacob watched as the appendages entered Jade; through her vagina, ass hole and mouth. Jacob felt his eyes getting heavier, his body gave in; he collapsed unconscious in the appendages of the demon.

Jade’s legs were between her ears, it was the furthest it had gone. “Ahh, fuck.” She cried out as a burning sensation danced across the back of her thigh muscles, her feet swung in the air, she was helpless. All her police training had not prepared her for this.

Jade tried to bite the appendage that went it her mouth, but it was futile, her teeth sunk in as if there was nothing and then, her jaws were stretched open wider, her throat was fucked deeper. The shadow limbs went deeper into her every time she resisted.

Eventually, the demon lowered Jade, her body began to ache. On all fours, Jade was penetrated by the demon shadow himself, his cock was thick and other worldly, Jade’s arms and leg were tightly secured by the shadow appendages. “Please someone, rescue me.” Jade thought to herself. “No one is coming. Oh GOD! “She panicked as the realisation that her rescue was improbable, came into her mind.

The demon gave a faint screech as he ejaculated inside of Jade, her arse, mouth and pussy teemed with cum. Tears rolled down eye cheek.

“Jade!” She heard a familiar voice. It was Dominic, and his friends. Jade could not bear to have them see her like this, but this was a dire situation. One of the appendages came of her mouth.

“Do not take a step closer, warlocks and hybrids.” The demon spoke through Jade, her voice was altered as it did. The students gasp, but it was nothing they had not seen before.

Damian (I)

Damian’s iris was red; he pointed his palm at the demon. “Ignius volare daemonium” He fired the spell, but nothing happened. The demon still had Jade in its grips; Damian staggered back and cast the spell again. “Ignius volare daemonium.” He chanted, and once again, it failed.

“Amanda, DO SOMETHING!” Dominic demanded that Amanda go to her goddess form, but she just shook her head, slowly. “I can’t. I haven’t got the energy.” She replied. Dominic was frustrated; he turned to Samantha and Tabitha, before realizing that they too could do nothing.

Dominic clenched his teeth. “You cunt! Leave my sister alone!” His iris went gold and he tried to remember some of Damian’s enchantments. “Ignius volare daemonium” He mimicked Damian. Still the spell was merely absorbed the Demon.

“Let see if we can do it together.” Damian said to Dom, who nodded and then turned toward the demon. “Ignius volare daemonium!” Both men enchanted, it still did not work. The other three women were looking at Samantha’s phone, as they nodded at each other.

Tabitha took the iron knife from Samantha, and charged at the demon. “Guys, say, ‘ferrum ardere‘.When Tabitha manages to hit the demon with the knife.” Samantha whispered the men, as Tabitha charged towards the demon.

“Do you think your foolish trickery and obsolete spells could harm me?” The demon spoke through Jade, once more. As Tabitha got close the demon, he swung Jade at her; like a mace. Terrified that she might harm her new friend, Tabitha dropped her knife arm, and allowed the demon’s shadowy appendages grab hold of her.

“TABITHIA!” Her friends scream out, they too charged the demon; save for Amanda. “Ferrum ardere” Damian and Dom enchanted; the iron knife began to spark and glow red, before returning to its normal state. Unfortunately for the students, the knife made no physical contact with the demon.

The shadowy appendage decided to rip it’ way through Tabitha’s Yoga pants, and buried it’s self-deep in her pussy. The appendage throbbed well inside her. “Fuck! Oh, you cunt!” Tabitha was still able to kick the shadows with good form, but her kicks did not harm it in any way.

The demon looked at Tabitha with is’ none existent face, its eyes beamed red and seemed to mock her. “Fucking cunt, what are you looking at?” Tabitha scorned.

The shadow demon spoke through Tabitha. “My new mouthpiece.” Tabitha’s heart sank as she heard herself become a verbal puppet.

The appendages knocked down the men and set its sights on Amanda and Samantha, though Samantha was panicking; Amanda was not, instead she was focusing hard on Tabitha’s pussy being pounded, it recharge her sexual energy.

Amanda took in a deep breath and allowed her goddess form to take place; her hair went blond and she spouted white wings with a golden frame, her red leather jacket and trousers were replaced by a white gown and golden armor, below she had a white skirt with the middle front missing; showing a golden armored panty, she was complete.

Her wings brought a ray of sun shine; its intensity was enough wound but not kill the demon, he was like a black hole. He dropped Tabitha into Dominic’s arms and slowly receded to a more compact form. Amanda gently returned to the ground, her goddess form had disappeared and left behind a regular woman, in red leather jacket.

The demon saw the limitations of her powers, and slowly began to expand his appendages, once more. Dominic slung Tabitha, over his shoulder and went to his sister. “Jade, quickly get up.” Jade rose slowly and faced the demon. “Jade! Now is not the time.” Dominic tried to pull her back, but she shrugged her shoulders so hard, she hurt his wrist.

Jade’s iris turned golden. “Ignius volare daemonium!” She enchanted. Everyone stood in awe as her spell swept across the dingy streets and hit the demon hard; he fell on the ground and crawled away in such speed that it seemed frightening just to look at.

“What … Happened to me?” Jade looked at her hands, as her iris returned to it’ normal color.

Tabitha (II)

“So we have blood of a goddess, running through our veins?” Jade asked, to reconfirm what she heard.

“Yes” said Dominic, turning his iris gold and then back to normal again. Damian smile, nodded and turned his iris red. “And he has the blood of an evil dark lord.” Dominic pointed at Damian.

“Blood of ‘the’ dark lord” Damian corrected Dominic; with a smirk and a wink at Jade, who have a little snort, and rolled her eyes. “Anyways, you’re in good hands. Amanda here can teach us, everything we need to know.” Damian gestured at Amanda.

Jade looked at her, “So, you’re some sort of goddess, from … hell?” She asked Amanda.

Amanda gave her a glaze. “Close enough.” She gave a loud single clap and went to the book. “It’s time to do our research.”

“I don’t know if I can do this?” Jade interrupted.

Amanda stared at her, and took a deep breath and exhaled, moving towards her. “Sweet heart, when this battle is done, and the shadow man is vanquished. Then and only then can you decide whether you want to stay or go, but now, now is the time to fight.” She told Jade; when she ran her fingers across her police badge.

Amanda returned to the book, and started flicking the pages; Dominic comforted his sister, whilst Damian and Tabitha tapped away on their laptops. Samantha fell asleep in a pile of own her drawings.

There was a buzz at the door, Tabitha sprung and raced to the intercom, everyone turned their heads, an inch. “Tabitha … princess, it’s me. Are you okay? May I come in?” Tabitha buzzed her father in.

Dominic and Damian giggled. “Princess.” One said after the other. Jade punched Dominic.

“I think that’s an adorable pet name.” Amanda defended her. “Aww, daddy’s wittle pwincess.” It soon became apparent that Amanda was mocking her as well, but all in good faith.

“I liked you better when we could have shoved you into a box.” Tabitha replied.

The professor finally turned up at the door, Tabitha let him in. “Daddy.” She greeted him; he grabbed her tight and rubbed her hair; gently.

“Are you okay?” He asked; releasing his daughter.

“Yes I’m okay.” Tabitha replied.

“Good.” The professor brushed her head and moved into the room; towards the book. “How are you all doing tonight?” He asked.

“Good.” Everyone answered positively. The professor looked at Jade and approached her for a handshake.

“I don’t believe I met you, PC…” The professor squint his eyes, and shifted his head to indicate he was looking for an answer.

Jade smiled. “PC Jade wood. I’m Dominic’s brother.”

“Ah nice to meet you, I’m Professor Corin Johnson.” He replied. “Anyways, this demon you texted me about.” The professor moved to the book. “From what I heard in the description, it sounds much like the Umbra Gaius.”

“Are you sure?” Amanda questioned him as she started to flick through the pages. “Mmmh, it seems as though there is an article written about it.” Amanda came across an illustration that was extremely accurate to what the students encountered. “Of course! It says here, the Umbra Gaius seldom make contact with anyone. That’s why I can’t remember them from hell.”

“They didn’t fight?” Damian asked.

“They did, but on one account, but no one really know which side they fought for.” Amanda replied, and continued reading. Damian found articles of the Umbra Gaius, online. It was compiled of reports detailing how dozens, even hundreds of women were assaulted in a single hour. Though the reports were outdated. The last attack was on ‘6/6/2006’ and before that, ‘6/6/1906’.

Professor Johnson stroked his beard. “Why now… I’m guessing, it’s opening that damn box.” He concluded. Amanda raised a brow as the professor spoke.

“I think I found a way to kill it.” Amanda said, Damian, Dominic and Jade stepped up to read the book, Tabitha got ready to write down notes. “So it’s appears as if, we need glass forged in the heat of lighting and the oil as light as the heavens.” Amanda looked at a sea of confused faces.

“Huh?” Samantha woke and stumbled to her feet. She was still in a dazed state; having not woken up fully. She looked the professor. “Hey, professor.” She casually walked off to the bathroom, not realising that her trousers somehow came off during her sleep.

“Hello Samantha.” The professor replied, as he watched Dominic guide the half asleep girl.

Before Samantha went it, she turned around. “Oh yeah. Fulgurite and kerosene.” She said, and then went inside the bathroom.

“Fulgurite and kerosene?” The Dominic asked.

“Of course!” The professor clicked his fingers. “Fulgurite is formed when lighting strikes sand”

“And kerosene is used as aeroplane fuel, due to its light molecule structure.” Tabitha added, the professor smiled proud at his daughter.

“And I know where to get them, now how much oil do we need?” The professor looked into the book.

“About this much.” Amanda informed the professor, as he noted down the information, into his smart phone.

Damian (II)

The day was long, and exhausting, and the night was even more. As the morning sun began to rise above the London skyline, it lit up the Thames and reflected off the metallic and sky buildings, though it pieced through the windows of the rooftop apartment, Damian found the time to sleep.

“Just a quick couple of hours.” He thought to himself.

As he dosed off, random words came into his mind, those words formed sentences and those sentences slowly began to make sense.

“Alright there Damian?” The voice was of a middle class upper class accent. It was calm and soothing nonetheless. “I must say, you’ve grown to quite the man.” The voice continued. In Damian’s dreams he saw a man, covered by shadow, only his sliver hair streak could be seen. The man wore a smart suit and had a cane in his hand.

“You are you?” Damian said.

“A warlock, just like you.” The man looked Damian, his Iris glowed red, the blood colour pieced the shadows and seared deep into Damian’s flesh, or so it felt like that. “But at some point in my life, I was elevated to demon-hood.” The man’s eyes turned fully red, not just his iris, but his entire eye. Now Damian felt the full power of the man.

“A demon?” Damian asked; raising his eye brows.

“Well, I was a demon for some time, went by the name General Coross, then the dark lord fell for the final time, now I’m a warlock again.” The man smiled. “But I figured out how to be a demon once more, even you can do it.” His eyes stopped glowing red, but his iris remained so.

“To be honest with you, I’m not interested in being a demon.” Damian replied.

“Oh, well that’s a shame; you have the devil’s blood in you. When you sprout your dark wings, where do you thing you get the power from?” he paused. “You have demon blood, the devil’s blood.

Damian paused for a minute. “Demon’ blood, Devil’s blood. Must I become a demon too?” he asked.

The man snorted. “We all are bounded by nature… it’s natural for you to take your rightful place, as king of hell.”

“Well, I think I will give a pass on that job positions.” Damian said to him. The man gave another snort.

“Well my friend, so be it on your head.” Damian started to drift back to reality. “Oh yeah, and that oil, you have to enchant it beforehand. “Oleum obsecro vos rightouse pura mala urere et illumina tenebras.”

“Will keep that in mind.”

“Remember, it should change appearance.” The voice said faintly.

Shadows of London: part (II)

Dominic (I)

Lying on bed, with his sister in his arms; he pondered about all the things that he bought unto his sister. Dominic knew that Jade was always a strong woman, but demons always have a way of breaking down the strongest of all, even police women.

“Hey bro, do you remember when you helped bathe me when I dislocated me shoulder?

“Yeah … How could I forget?” Dominic blushed, his face turned bright red.

“Well, how did you like me naked?” She asked him; springing up and lying on her belly and rubbing her finger up and down his chest.

“Fine, I guess.” Dominic said, with a frog in his voice.

Jade gave a seductive giggle, and undid her shirt; presenting her laced bra, which she proceed to unhook as sat on her brother’ crotch.

“I bet this brings back all the memories from that day.” She smiled.

“Ja—Jade, What the fuck?” jerked backwards, but it no use, his sister’s breast stared directly at him.

“C’mon, there no real harm in it.” Jade said, “Well, as long as you don’t get me pregnant.” She joked, afterward. Placing her brother’s hands on her breast, she saw his face turned as red as a tomato. Leaning forward, she grabbed his’ v neck t-shirt and pulled it off; revealing his muscular form. “You know, I haven’t worn a pair of nickers (Panty) since… that incident.”

“You’re really serious about this aren’t you?” Dominic showed signs to surrender. Jade nodded and slide down to his trousers; undoing the belt and zipper and then pulled off the garments. His boxer shorts came off with it as well. “Well fuck. Hurry up then. If anyone catches us …”

“Mmmmh”, Jade licked the underside on the cock, resting on his belly, before kissing the tip and pulling it completely in her mouth, she began sucking it, while her brother cupped his hands around each side of her head.

“Fuck, this is good.” Dominic leaned his body back, his had been blow by many females, but his sister is top of the classroom. She twisted and turned her, she was clearly over enthusiastic about it. Taking out the big cock, she started to jerk him.

“What are big sisters’ for?” She smiled and giggled. “Mmm” She put the cock back into her mouth, looking up at Dominic with her hazel eyes. She felt the cock push against the back of her throat. Both Dominic and Jade’s iris turned gold, “I think I can control it now.” Jade took the cock out of her mouth and slide all the way up and sat on Dominic’s hard member. His cock penetrated her pussy, through her police skirt, bouncing up and down on the cock; Jade moaned and grabbed her breast. Dominic’ hand was firmly on her hips, as he controlled his sister’s movements. Sliding one finger into her asshole, Dominic moan and his raised his upper body, just enough to kiss Jade on her breast, she grabbed his head to aid in his breast worship. Eventually the athletic young man returned to his normal position and began to undo Jade’s skirt.

“Looks like I’ve take the phrase, ‘fuck the police’ a little to seriously.” Dominic joked but Jade grin smiled, and playfully hit her brother’s hips. When the skirt came off, Jade’s smooth pubes came into view, her pussy was accumulating her juices at the base of his cock, amused by this; he wiped some of with his fingers and took it up to Jade’s mouth. Sucking his finger clean; she did the same to her brother. Jade gave a seductive smile as she leaned in to kiss him. They locked lips as Dominic rubbed her feet and then her arse. “Such a good sister.” He gave another long, passionate kiss.

“Guys, have you heard from the profess—oh…” Damian interrupted; he got an eye full of Dominic’s cock in Jade’s pussy. Trying to turn back; Damian bumped into Samantha, who moved her body sideways, and got a glimpse of what was happening.

“The fuck?”

“It’s not what it looks like.” Dominic pleaded as Jade rolled of off him. Samantha approached the two; standing over them, they stared at her with a worried look in their eyes. Samantha smiled and grabbed Dominic’ cock; stroking it. “Damian, let do that orgy with talked about.”

“Four-some” Damian corrected her. “I think an orgy is more than four.” Damian walked toward them and kissed Samantha, before turning his attention to Jade.

“Come on then, big boy.” Jade invited him in.

Damian had Jade on her back, fucking her gently at first but then a bit rougher. Next to them, Samantha was being fucked doggy style; her pussy often made rude noises a Dom thrusted in. Samantha looked over to find Jade, moan and biting her lips as she was fucked. They managed to exchange looks, smile at each other. Samantha leaned over to give her a little kiss, the kiss happened to last longer than expected. Jade’s pussy began to cream, from her juices, she moaned; holding Damian tightly.

“Ohh, fuck me.” She screamed in ecstasy. Damian’s grunts became louder; his iris turned red, while Jade’s turned gold. Locked in a frenzy of passion; they groan with Damian louder than Jade. “Arrgh, fuck! Shit I’m coming!” Damian’s muscles flexed as he cock spurted inside of Jade; filling her cunt up with white cream.

“Shit, you better clean that.” Jade giggled and watch Damian find a tissue. “No, I mean with your tongue.” She added. Dominic pulled Samantha up, and continued fucking her, on her knees. “Dominic, be a dear and cum on mine and Samantha’s face.” His sister requested.

With Samantha and Jade, lying next to each other; tongue sticking out; Dominic jerked his cock over them while Damian eat out Jade’s cream filled pussy. The two girls would often lick each other’s tongues waiting for the cum. “Shit!” Dominic’s cock erupted with his sweet white nectar; covering the two girl’s faces. The cum glazed them and caused their make up to start running.

Damian (III)

The dark covered the city again, and the fog rolled high and glazed the city, all around. The students, apart from Samantha, all stepped out of Tabitha’s range rover, that her father gifted her. Amanda began laying out some symbols on the ground; circles and runes to lure the demon in.

Damian, Dominic and Jade’s iris began to glow their secondary colors. “Umbra Gaius, we summon thee.” All three chanted. The fog began to move, twisting and turning, swooping down and rising back up. It reminded Damian of the Alp. A high beam shun through the fog; piecing it. Samantha rode up in a motorbike, it look sleeks and edgy, the girl was in all leather. The bike came to a halt, and Samantha stepped off.

“Any word from you daddy?” Samantha asked Tabitha while she took off her helmet and shook her hair free to flow down her neck. The leather that Samantha was wearing was slightly thicker than her normal leather outfit.

“No word from him, so far.” Tabitha replied. Staring at her bike Tabitha smiled. “New bike?” She asked.

“Rented it, my baby is still in Asthania.” Samantha replied, referring to her motorbike she let home.

Amanda walked up to the bike and began ‘molesting’ it, prodding and touching. “Amazing! It is like a metal horse.” She concurred. Tabitha smiled at her innocence, it was really cute.

“I think we should focus more on the evil demon, rather than San’s motorbike. Jade interrupted.

“Oh yes. My apologizes.” Amanda quickly returned to the symbols on the ground. “I think it is best that we delay it, until the professors comes.” She suggested. Everyone agreed, they did not want to be caught off guard.

Jade began to shiver, as she closed her eyes, imagining all the things that the demon had done it her, she also felt a great deal of sympathy to the women through all history that the Umbra Gaius had wronged however, she also felt as if she would the hero to deliver revenge against centuries of suffering. It was getting colder by the second, when Amanda noticed the fog swirling again. Jade, Dominic, and Damian felt it too.

The mist and fog twisted and formed a cyclone, and violent dance of clouds spread across the dark sky; barely visible. The three warlocks; Damian, Dominic and Jade, aimed their palm at the sky; where the cyclone was. “If he comes, we do our spells.” Damian ordered. Samantha grabbed hold of the knife and Tabitha went over the book, to ensure everything was in place.

Amanda looked at the mini cyclone. “I never thought the Umbra Gaius to make such a dramatic appearance, but at least we’re ready for him.” Amanda thought to herself, and it hit her. They were ready to anticipate something from the sky, but the dark underpass was left unguarded. “Guys, it’s just a distraction!” She yelled.

From the dark underpass, the Umbra Gaius, crawled at a disturbing speed and manner, stopping at the symbols; his stood upright it an incredible speed. His movements were not possible for a human to comprehend fully however, Amanda and the warlocks had been accustomed to him since the last confrontation, their eye sights had been adapted to the demon’ movement. “Tabby, Sam, get into the circle.” Damian yelled, as he cast a spell to keep the demon busy. “Ignius recedemus daemonium” Damian shot the demon with his spell, the Umbra receded just a bit. “Ignius cadent veneficus” Damian shot a beam of lighting from his palm, into the demon.

Amanda went into her goddess form; her blinding light could not however drown out the darkness. She was looking to see if Sam and Tabitha were in the circle; they were. Amanda let out more blinding light beams at the demon; none was very effective. Jade and Dominic stuck to the one spell they knew. “Ignius recedemus daemonium” The demon rose up, his appendage came out once more, instead of just attacking the females, they went for all four of them. Sam and Tabitha were safe; inside the circle.

“Surround him!” Amanda commanded, as she few above the demon. Damian and Jade ran anti-clock wise while Dominic ran the other way; soon they had the demon surrounded. “Okay on three.” Amanda said as all four were still dodging the appendages. “3…2…1” She counted down. “Ignius recedemus daemonium” They attacked from angles and Amanda use her flash of light.

When the dust settled, the appendages were gone, everyone smiled, and Samantha ran out of the circle, “Wait.” Tabitha tried to stop her. Sam hugged Dominic, but as soon as she did, the demon arose again, the appendage were in full force once more.

“Fuck!” Samantha screamed as Dominic sheltered her. The battle was interrupted by the Professor’s arrival. He pulled up in his lavish car, and ran out with a bag. Damian ran towards him to greet him. Tabitha realised that she would be needed outside the circle; she ran towards her daddy.

Jade, Dominic and Amanda kept the demon busy, with a constant bombardment of spells, and then the professor laid out the ingredients. The kerosene came in a strange pot; Damian looked up at the professor. “I was told by a man, that this would be best what I hoped to do.” The professor told Damian, before he could ask. Damian did not have any time to pounder. He took a deep breath and opened the pot’s lid. “Oleum obsecro vos rightouse pura mala urere et illumina tenebras.” He enchanted, the oil started and swirl and spin in the pot, before changing from a golden translucent to a purple color.

“We need to make a circle with this.” Tabitha instructed, looking in the book for guidance. Damian stopped; he did not know how he would be able to pull such a task off, that quickly.

“Give it to me.” Samantha took the pot out of Damian’s hands. “Wish me luck.” She mounted her motorcycle.

“Come back alive!” Damian ordered, but Samantha probably did not hear it. She started her motorcycle and rode toward the demon, Amanda, Dominic and Jade cast yet another powerful spell; the shadowy appendage slowly receded enough for Samantha to circle and as her friends retreated. The spilling the oil into a circle around the demon; Sam left a trail leading out; she stopped at bike, and took out her Zippo lighter. As Sam looked at Damian, he nodded and gave her the permission to light the circle blaze.

The fire around the demon rose high, he was trapped, Damian looked at the piece of glass, and picked it like a javelin spear. “Nunc vadam, et telo lumen tonitrui” The glass sparked, and then Damian launched it at the demon, It flew, through the night; cutting the fog as the lighting crackled from it. The glass hit the demon right in his heart; his scream and screeched as the fiery circle closed in on him to engulf the damned demon.

A round hole which resembled a mouth with layers of teeth spiraling in the inside like a shark, appeared on his face, it gave a terrible screech before speaking. “All hail the Damian the king of hell, all hail Damian killer of his brothers and sisters, all hail Damian killer of his kind.” The face stopped and turned toward Damian and smiled. “All hail Damian, the man who shall leave his companions dead without memories of him.” The demon then grinned before disappearing in an explosion.

Damian’s panting face, dropped as his heard the heart breaking words. “Shh, he’s trying to deceive you.” Amanda grabbed Damian’s arms; comforting him. Everyone drew close, to protect themselves of the cold dread.

“Now I wish I never played Macbeth in my school drama.” Damian said, quietly.

Tabitha (I)

Knocking on her father’s office door; Tabitha fixed her skirt. The windows in the hall way allowed the light to sine through, unto the chestnut walls. “Come in.” Her father said with a slightly raised voice. Tabitha strutted in with a smile and seductively closed to door behind with her legs. “Ah yes. Tabitha, I believe I have an appointment with you.”

“Yes you do, daddy.” Tabitha walked over and gently pushed the professor’s chair back, a few cent-meters, just enough so she can kneel down under the desk. The professor held his left hand on the back of her head, as she unzipped his fly. Digging for the cock; Tabitha managed to take the thick member in its flaccid state. She looked up and made eye contact with her father, the professor.

“That’s a good girl.” He said as Tabitha rubbed her face against the cock; slowly stiffening it up, before putting it in her mouth. Tabitha moistened the cock with her mouth as she moved in and out, licking it and kissing the tip gently and then engulfing the cock. She longed for the taste of his cock for so long, she went mad with lust.

There was another knock at the door. “Come in.” In came the professor’s assistant, a woman of about thirty.

“Good morning, professor.” She greeted him, laying a stack of papers on his desk she smile and winked at him. “These are the report specs. I was told to print them off.”

“Thank you, Elise.” The professor said, as he looked through them. “This are the one I need.”

“Anything else?” Elise asked; lowering her glasses.

“No, that’s fine. You’re a star. Thank you again.” He replied and watched her fat arse wiggle out of te room. She did not expect a thing.

“I think she likes you.” Tabitha joked as she took the cock out of her mouth and stood up; turning around.

“Indeed she does. Good tactical sucking, by the way.” The professor joked, as he squeezed her pussy lips; letting some of her juice drip out.

Tabitha let out a small laugh. “Tactical sucking.” She repeated with a snort. Lowering her pussy onto his cock, Tabitha moaned lightly, as the professor grabbed her by the hips and started gyrating her like a sex toy. She then started to do the movements herself as he grabbed and groped her tits. Tabitha let the hair flow; biting her lips.

Tabitha felt his tip, swell up. She shot up from the cock as quickly as she could and turned around; taking a knee and putting her mouth around his cock. The cum filled her up, and dribbled down her chin. Tabitha giggled and smile with the liquid in her. “I missed you, daddy.” She smiled.


Lilith sat on the chair, at the London base. The walls were always lavish, Lilith admired that. Lord Farlow Junior, kept his eyes peeled for the next shot of Lilith’s crotch when she would change her leg’s position, and she noticed that. “Bet you’d love a piece of that” She teased him.

“Yes I would.” He replied; raising a glass of whiskey and winking, before drinking it. “So this toy boy of yours, do you think he complete the task at hand?”

“His cock was well enough, I’m sure he will do just fine.” Lilith smiled.

“And what about the seals on those little cunt’s bodies? The one that prevents you from going near them in you more powerful form?” Farlow Junior placed his glass back down and gave a smug grin.

“I’ll how you.” Lilith stood up. Her horns began to recede and her skin turned to a pale white colour. Lilith’s wings wrapped around her body and moulded, transformed into textile. Lord Farlow Jr stood impressed however, he did not bat an eye; he just smiled and stood up. Staring at the woman dressed in smart profession attire; her hair to one side. He leaned in for a kiss. After they locked lips, Lilith bit Farlow’s lips. “Don’t fail me. I’m not sure how a pussy will suit you.” She whispered in his ears.

“Of course not, Mistress, We are the Shadows of London after all.

As Tabitha left the gates of the university, she bumped into a handsome young man. A thud and then her books fell, the young man managed to catch them before they did. Tabithia gazed into his blue eyes and rugged long hair. “I’m so sorry.” He said; handing back the book. “I’m Alexis, please to meet you.” Tabitha stood silently, her heart stopped.

“Hello Alexi, I’m Tabitha.” She shook his hand.

“A beautiful name and I see that you are doing architecture. I too am on that course.” He said.

“Oh, really, post grad?” She replied.

“Yes, and I was also wondering if we can grab a cup of coffee, later?” Alexis smiled and looked Tabitha deep in her eyes. She paused and Alexis looked troubled, he face sunk.

“Of course! Have my number.” Alexis’ face lit back up again as he was given the number by Tabitha.

“Thanks, I will text you after I hand in some office papers, until then, good bye.”

“Bye, sweetie.” Tabatha replied as the young man walked off the opposite direction.