Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: DEMONSEXOLIGY 3

Published: 10.11.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Ghosts of the past – An old comrade of Amanda reeks havoc

Editor’s Note: This set of stories take place hundreds (and perhaps thousands) after ‘A journey into a strange mind’ had concluded.

Demonsexoligy 3

After an intense battle with a man name Lord James Farlow Snr, Damian arose victorious; discovering an unearthly ability. Managing to recover an ancient book, that will help defeat the demon queen, Lilith; the group stumbled upon a Sarcophagus inside a museum basement, containing the body of Amanda, from when she was alive. Giving her the burial she deserves, Amanda felt lighter and regained some of her memories, however her name was still unknown.

The failure at the basement did not go well with Lilith, who used her powers to turn the disgraced Lord Farlow into a woman; after being ‘used’ by most of ‘her’ former underlings; Farlow was shipped out to one of the worse brothels in the planet, leaving his son as the next ‘earth bound’ leader of the Kane cult.

Long in the past, in the depths of Hal/Hell, a cavalry of horses rode towards a tower of demons. “The rebel’s approach, general.” Said a low ranking demon to his superior. The rebellion of tormented soul led by the demon usurper, Lilith; clashed against the ground demon’s fortification. Lilith used her wings and flew up to the tower.

“Traitorous, whore.” The demon general yelled out as they engaged in combat. Lilith slew the first demon, and then from the skies, came a warrior goddess, it was Amanda. Lilith moved out of the way as Amanda emitted a bright light; completely turning the demon general to dust. When the confrontation was over, Amanda landed, she donned shiny gold armour with a skirt as white as snow, the skirt had a huge portion missing from the front; exposing the gold armoured panty that she wore, and her body also had wings with white feathers and golden wing bones. On her head, she wore a blue and gold striped helmet that resembled an eagle’s neck and head; the eagle’s lower beak would rest on top of her head.

The goddess Amanda watched as Lilith landed in front of her. “Every day I am thankful that I chose you as my right hand woman.” The demoness told Amanda, leaning in and kissing her.

“And every day I am glad those men stole my body and buried me in that golden tomb.” Amanda replied. “Now I am your secret weapon.” She added.

Lilith smiled. “Yes you are.” Kissing her once more and grabbing a handful of her ass. To their side, a thick swirl of white smoke, materialised; taking the form of an Elf like demon with pale white skins. “My Mistresses, I appear at your service.” The elf like creature bowed.

“This is Alp, he will help us infiltrate into the great halls of hell, where the dark one sits.” Lilith introduced Amanda to the plump, hissing demon.

“He looks a bit short, to me.” Amanda scoffed, at the annoyance of the creature.

“SHORT?! SHORT?! I am demon of carnal lust a desire.” Alp literally went red with rage; his skin turned from milky white to red like blood.

“Shh, she didn’t mean that.” Lilith calmed down the Alp. “Perhaps if she saw you in action, she could see what a great contribution you can provide.” Lilith suggested; whilst undoing the gold panties beneath Amanda’s skirt.

“Wait, what?” Amanda said confused, as Lilith managed to expose her pussy. Lilith stood behind Amanda and spread her pussy lips. The Alp transformed into smoke, once more and entered Amanda’s vagina. At first she did not feel anything, but then it struck up, causing her to fall to her knees, the orgasms rippled through her body. “Ahh, my—body, my—pussy.” Amanda moaned. She could not control her movements; her hand went behind her and started to finger her ass. “What’s happening?” She asked.

“Alp, can enter and travel through a person’s body through their rectum or vagina, and control their body in a sexual manner.” Lilith explained. “He can also transfer via sex.” She added. At the end of the biological possession, Alp flew out of Amanda’s mouth and reformed into a physical state; grinning and doing a victory jig.

“Am I big enough?” He asked Amanda, who did not reply to the question. Snatching back her panty, she flew off. “There are still four more towers to take.” Amanda said before departing.

“I think that will be a yes.” Lilith laughed as she too flew off.

Ghosts of the past: Part I

Damian (I)

On the balcony of the shared hotel room, Damian sat with his ear phones in, so if anyone caught a glimpse of him talking to his self, they would automatically assume that he was on his hands free, but it was not himself that he was talking to.

“So, how do you feel?” Amanda touched Damian’s cheeks.

“I—I don’t know. I can’t remember anything I said.” Damian stared into the sky. “I remember doing that that magic stuff, but not how I did it.”

Amanda smiled and leaned back on her seemly empty chair. “Yeah, I know that feeling, I got some memories back from when I was fighting in hell.”

“Oh.” Replied Damian. “May I ask about them?” He added.

Amanda smirked. “Okay then, I remember that I had wings and wore an outfit that looked exactly like that goddess on at sarcophagus.” She said, looking at the exact spot that Damian was staring at. “Hey, I should train you to harness your powers, it will make fighting demons an easier job” Amanda turned to Damian and smiled.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Damian replied.

“Okay, we can start this later on in the day. But, let’s do a little fun spell, while we sit here.” Amanda said, and looked to see if Damian was still following. “Okay follow me instructions.”

“Erm, okay.” Damian was unsure, but his decided to carry on, anyway.

Amanda cleared her throat. “Okay I want you to imagine a girl you have a deep desire for, and then say these words.” Amanda again checked to see if Damian was following her. “Desiderium proiectio” Damian was silent for a while.

“Okay.” Clearing this throat he closed his eyes, thinking of Samantha, naked with her tits bouncing up and down. “Desiderium proiectio” He said, opening his eyes. Nothing, there was no visible effect whatsoever.

“Oh err, this happens. Keep trying.” Amanda was quick to recover Damian; who said nothing, but repeated the steps. Again, thinking of Samantha, her pale white skin and tattooed body. “Desiderium proiectio.” Nothing again happened.

“Again.” Amanda reminded Damian as he looked to her, and again he tried to do the spell, but this time he chose to think about Amanda; how her ghost would have looked in a body and how hot she still is without one. “Desiderium proiectio.” Once more, nothing happened. Damian grew frustrated and decided to try a final time.

“Tabitha, that blonde, those huge tits and juicy ass in yoga pants.” Damian thought to himself. “Desiderium proiectio.” Damian had grown cynical the first three times, but now, he could not believe it. It front of his eyes were small fireworks of smoke, visible in day light; depicting, Tabitha, Amanda and Samantha nude. Though the images were crude and very basic, the subjects were very clear.

“Three? Wow, you be quite a stud.” Amanda said, as she noted Damian’s work. “With enough practice, you can see the desire of every human who feel the pleasure of lust.” Amanda added.

“Even yours?” Damian asked.

Amanda smiled. “Will just have to see, won’t we?”

Dominic (I)

“And I will see you later.” The girl said; giggling. Dominic pulled his trousers back up; Sheathing his cock back into his boxer shorts. “Yeah see ya, Jane.” Dominic replied. He closed the door, quickly before her roommates could see him; but no one in sight.

Jane was lying back in her bed; the blond cheer leader looked at her phone and decided to browse social media. As she flicked through the endless sea of selfies, motivation quotes and selfies with motivational quotes on top of them; the light started to flicker, before dying out completely. “For fuck sake, not again.” She said to herself, before going on Facebook to post an angry rant.

A thin smoke entered her room, and crept up her bed, congealing near her pelvis area, waiting for the blonde to open up her legs, once more. When she did open her legs, the smoke entered her pussy, taking control of her every move.

“Huh?” She felt a sudden tingling sensation in her abdomen. “What the fuck, what am I doing?” She could not control her arms and hands, and yet they playing with her pussy. She felt waves of waves of pleasure wash over her body. “Ohhh ahh, I’m Cumming.” She moaned during her unnatural orgasm.

Like a woman ‘possessed’ she lunged forward on her bed, on all fours she scrambled out of her room; completely naked. Gathering dirt underneath her feet, she still ran the hallways, her pussy dripping wet at each step she took. She saw Dominic walking by the elevator, next a woman in her early thirties.

“I’m so sorry.” Jane yelled out as she jumped and landed right in front of the lady, the naked Jane planted a firm kiss on the woman’s lips; grabbing hold of her with unearthly strength. Dominic stood confused and amazed, perhaps even aroused. Jane’s tongue wrestled with the woman’s and eventually slipped out.

“What the fuck are you doing?” The woman yelled out.

“Oh shit. Jane, stop.” Dominic was taken out of this trance, and grabbed hold of Jane, but she wriggled free of his hold. On the four, Jane started to lick the woman’s toes through her toe-less shoe, while Jane herself was masturbating.

Her pussy spilled into the carpet as the disgusted woman watch Dominic wrench her away. “I’m so sorry.” He told the lady as she broke free, and fled. “Please don’t tell anyone.” He said to her as she was almost gone from sight.

“Please Dominic, I can’t control my body.” Jane said to him, as she began to jerk her hips. “Oh , I’m cumming again.” Her pussy erupted into Dominic’s arms. Covering her face, Dominic, pick her up and began to double back to her room.

“Can’t let anyone see this.” He thought to himself.

Her room door was left slightly ajar, perfect for him to open with his foot and open fully. He lay the poor slut on the bed, she still tried to wriggle. “Good thing no one can see this, they may get the wrong impression.” Dominic again thought to himself.

Searching the floor, Dominic found the t shirt and jeans that Jane was wearing prior to when they fucked. “Stay still.” He said to her as her body began to flail.

“I can’t, I don’t have control of my body.” Jane replied, frustrated and scared. Dominic wrestled with her to get the t-shirt on. After a few more flails and punches, Dominic managed to accomplish just that. Next were the jeans, Dom was meant with a barrage of kicks to the arms and chest; nothing he couldn’t handle. While he was down there, he managed to get a good sight of her moist pussy, though it was dark, the juices reflected some lights from the electronic in the room.

Dominic picked Jane up once again; he gave up trying to dress the slut when the top of the Jeans met her bottom. Racing out of the room, he went straight for Damian; trying his best not to be seen.

Damian (II)

Reci—recipit stultus,verba profertis” Damian dragged out and struggled to pronounce the spells, he read from the ancient book, with Amanda by his side.

“Try again, until you get it.” She reminded him. A few hard knocks sounded at their door, Amanda sighed before she disappeared outside the room to see who it was, and then reappeared. “Open up, quickly!” She said to Damian. He rushed to the door and let Dominic speeding in; throwing Jane onto the bed.

“Something’s happened to her.” Dominic said; panting. “It’s not normal.” He added. Damian approached the girl, who had just started to masturbate, furiously.

“Help me.” Her voice and body both said different things, Damian placed his hands her wrist, instantly she flicked him off, to shock him even more; she looked deep at Damian, as her entire eye turned white and then red.

“Fuck.” Damian said as he stood still, turning to Amanda for guidance.

“Say, Ignius recedemus daemonium.” Amanda said to Damian.

“Right.” He nodded. “Ignius rece— recedemus daemonium, Ignius recedemus daemonium.” His spells achieved nothing. The processed Jane stood up, and walked towards Damian, her fingered deep inside her pussy, grinning with her eyeballs completely red.

“The blood of the dark one, the blood of the old king, the goddess of old, all powerless” The voice that came out of Jane was not that of her own.

Damian took a deep breath, his Iris turned from olive to red. “That’s right; I am the blood of the dark one.” Damian pointed his palms towards the possessed girl. “Ignius recedemus daemonium.” He did that spell again. This time, Jane stopped in her tracks and let out a huge stream of red smoke from her mouth; slowly collapsing, only to be caught by Dominic.

The smoke cloud formed around Amanda, and turned white. It started to whisper something to her, laughing and sniggering it disappeared.

“What was that?” Dominic asked.

“It was another demon, The Alp.” Amanda said, as she observed Damian’s eyes return to its normal hazel color.

Jane fell asleep on the bed, as Amanda approached her, and placed her hands over the girl’s forehead. “She will be okay, just get her plenty of water when she wake up, okay?” Amanda said to Dominic.

“So this Alp, who is he?” Damian asked.

Amanda took a deep breath in through her nostrils. “When I was fighting in hell, I met the Alp, he was a stealth master, turning into smoke and entering the enemies through their genitals or rectum.” Amanda paused. “From there, he could have full control of their bodies for sexual tasks or to orgasm uncontrollably and spread from one person to another, through intercourse. A great advantage it gave us.”

“And now we got a Sexually Transmitted Demon, in our mitts.” Dominic joked.

“Ha, Yes Dom, Sexually Transmitted Demon.” Amanda replied.

Amanda walked towards the book, “Let us study the books for a way to defeat the demon.” Amanda said as she flicked the pages. Dominic and Damian both stood up and observed her. They saw a multitude of writing and illustrations on each page.

“That was some pretty sick, tricks you did there.” Dominic said to Damian, who hung his head low, with his hand in his hair.

“Yeah after, that demon told me that I was related to some dark one, I just felt a surge of power.” Damian said, shamefully. “I feel guilty, that it is the only way.” He added. Amanda’s attention was caught by this, Damian noticed. “Care to explain?” Damian said as he noticed Amanda.

“I will, after we find a way to vanquish the Alp permanently.” Amanda explained.

Amanda (I)

As Amanda flicked through the pages, she was taken back to when she fought in Hell; the memories were so vivid when she stood near the book. She remembered how after they took the four stony towers from the Dark one’s loyalist, her soldiers marched upon a demon’s nest near the fire cliffs, overlooking the South quadrant of the world furnace.

The nest was full of winged demons, although Amanda could easily shine a light on them, to turn them to dust, she would still be at a disadvantage. The demons that nested there were much faster, and could scramble at the first instants of her.

The Alp proved his worth at that time; he turned into smoke and entered a winged demoness, who fucked her comrades and in turn erupted the nest in an orgy, as they were distracted, Amanda and Lilith’s forces attacked them, slaying all of the Dark one’s loyalists in the nest and claiming their base. That Hellish day, a small demon caused more damage with far less effort, than Amanda ever could.

Damian (III)

“So anything on the Alp?” Dominic asked. Both Damian and Amanda gave a firm “No.” Someone knocked at the door. “Oh, that’s Tabitha and Sam. I texted them what happened.” Dominic said as he went to the door. Damian looked at page that Amanda had spent time on reading.

“So what it true?” Tabitha approached, asking.

“Yeah, it’s true. Some demon went inside Jane and made her go bat shit crazy.” Damian told Tabitha.

“Brilliant, a Sexually Transmitted Demon.” Tabitha replied and Samantha laughed.

“Oi, I thought of that first.” Dominic snapped. Damian and Amanda were fixated on a set of four pages. Amanda looked Damian in his eyes. “Really?” Damian told her. “I think it will be easier if I could touch things.” Amanda replied.

The other three students looked confused. “Wanna share?” Samantha asked. Amanda and Damian both took in a deep breath and looked at each other and then back that the students.

“Amanda found a ritual that can give her a temporary body.” Damian watched as everyone look dumbfounded.

“What?” Tabitha asked.

Amanda was smiling up to this point, but decided to interrupt. “In the last days of the war, I found the dark lord’s body maker, and I made myself a new body out of small quantities of atoms from others.” Everyone gave the same confused look. “Okay, so imagine you all head pizzas and I took a slice from each of you, until I have my very own pizza.” She continued.

“And—so where is this body?” Samantha asked.

“I had to hide it in my box, but I think I found a way to restore it.” Amanda smiled.

“Go on.” Dominic said, he’s arms were folded and cross.

“I need a bath tub and Damian to read from the book.” Amanda said, hoping that it will find its way to the others.

Jane began to moan and wake up, Dominic rushed to her and took out a bottle of water from the cooler, and he then picked up her and proceeds to leave out the door, careful not to hit her on anything. “Dominic, is that you? I had the weirdest dream.” Jane spoked softly. “Yeah, just hang on. You will be on your feet in no time.” He assured her.

As Dominic left the room, Amanda continued. “Okay so, I need a bath tub filled with lukewarm water, then we will drop the box in, and Damian can do his bit.” The young warlock went to retrieve the box, and returned with it in his hands. “Okay, let’s do this first but we need to tackle the Alp.” He said.

“When I get a physical form, fighting demons will be easier.” Amanda replied.

The bath water was warm, Damian made sure of that with his hands. “Here goes nothing.” He mumbled as he gently dropped the twelve sided box into the tub. It created some bubbles in the water.

Dominic returned and entered the bathroom, with everyone in it. “How was she?” Tabitha questioned. “Well, she seems like she has a hangover now, but apart from that, she is fine.” Dominic replied, everyone looked relieved to know the Jane was okay, but their attentions soon turned back to the box.

Amanda opened the book in front of Damian. “Okay Damian, it seems like you can only use your powers when you embrace who you are.” Amanda lectured Damian.

“Who am I?” Damian replied.

“A descendant of the dark lord, that’s where you get your powers from, but you is also pure in heart.” Amanda went on. After hearing that, Damian closed his eyes and deep breath, before expelling it. “Okay Damian, Embrace who you are, pure at heart, warlock, descended of evil, prince of hell.” Damian said to himself.

In his closed eyes, he saw a figure, standing in the distance, Silvery body with dark black wings and a red iris, he ancestor. Damian stood up and began to strip of his clothes, Tabitha and Dominic both looked away, Tabitha however did manage to get some sneaky peaks.

“Dude, really?” Dominic was not having any of it.

“It is necessary.” Amanda said. “I think.” By now, Damian was completely naked, his thick flaccid cock hung freely, his iris glowed red.

“Vas, tuum manifestes content. liberare corpus .vivat. ire paterentur in carne.” Ask Damian was enchanting, the water began to sizzle and the box moved around the tub.

“Oh fuck, what’s happening!” Dominic shouted, but it was what everyone else was thinking. Damian continued.

Alligatus sanguine, lacrimam iusolubilibus, dimittimus corporis abrumpat.” He paused. Amanda got up and tapped Samantha on the shoulder. After being tapped, she ran to the other room and got a small bottle of rose water, she began to pour it into the bath tab.

“Vessel, release your host, bound by bone, a home for this ghost.” Damian finished off the last line of the enchantment; the box became increasingly violent as was the sizzling. Everyone watched in anticipation.

Damian’s eyes were forced shut. He saw an scene from the past; a young woman with blonde hair, stood naked in front of a man her age. Her breasts glistened in the moon light, she got one her knees and stuck the cock in her mouth, kissing and licking it, and she treated the meat stick like a Popsicle.

The man lifted her up, and placed her on a wooden table, his cock entering her, feeling her shiver and quake as their body clung tight all through the intercourse. “Oh. Oh, Mike.” She called out, the voices sounded distant but her moan indicated her intense pleasure.

The woman’s feet swung up in the air, the man pumped her hard, every time. “Was this Amanda, in the past?” Damian thought to himself as he saw her laying on the table, the cock erupted with cum and glazed her skin, her tits and her face. She looked and Damian as her tongues lick her lips. “Come on, Damian, you’re really hard.” The voice sounded.

“Come on Damian, you’re really hard.” Damian snapped out of the vision to witness Amanda calling him. “Come on Damian, your cock is really hard.” She repeated, but for how long? Damian looked down and saw that his cock was incredibly hard; no doubt that vision had something to do with it.

The sizzling stopped and a fog of mist began to rise from the tub, the box was impossible to see. “When the mist clears, my body appear.” Amanda said, smug.

Damian proceeded to put his clothes back on. “No, I need to reward you.” Amanda stopped Damian, and as did Samantha. Tabitha and Dominic looked and each other, and left the bathroom.

“Call us, when you have a battle plan.” Tabitha said as they both exited the room.”

“Now then, how shall we start?” Amanda stroked Damian’s hard cock, Samantha nuzzled his neck; stroking he’s cock as well, Amanda then gave a wet sloppy kiss on his tip, and slowly shoved the cock in her mouth.

Amanda slid her mouth over the cock, twisting and turning her head as she went down on him. “I bet you love two girls at the same time.” Samantha teased, as she too knelt down. “Oh, fuck yes.” Damian moaned but it was unclear if he was replying to Samantha or just expressing his pleasure.

The young warlock’s iris turned purple while his pupils were red with lust, he’s dry mouth opened and closed as he moved the two girl’s head around his cock. Samantha was focusing more on his balls; taking one in his mouth as a time, licking the sack while Amanda sucked his whole penis.

Damian’s hard cock could be seen pulsating through Amanda’s translucent head, he began to gyrate his hips as she fucked Amanda’s throat, and he had butterfly in his touch, still. Amanda took the cock out of her mouth and gave a few good tugs, before crawling to the bathtub; putting her hand on the edge with her arse towards Damian.

“Fuck my arse-hole.” Amanda smiled. Damian walked over; giving a few tugs of his own. Damian smiled as he saw Samantha crawl over with him. Damian inserted a finger into the ghost’s asshole and then wriggled it around. “Don’t worry, you don’t need any lube.” She teased.

“Well then, let start working on your ass.” Damian grinned as he inserted his cock into Amanda’s ghostly asshole. “Fuck yes; you are tight for a ghost.” Damian groaned. He slowly thrust her arse-hole over the tub’s edge.

“Oh yes, that’s right, fuck my arse-hole.” Amanda groaned. “Samantha, suck his cock, I will let you go through me.” Samantha did as Amanda suggested, and crawled through the ghost, and started to suck Damian’s cock.

As Samantha tasted Damian meat mushroom, she also sensed a hint of Amanda’s arse-hole, she loved it. Samantha’s head went in and out the cock. Damian could feel something stirring, He straightened his back and started to groan. “Ohh ahh, I’m cumming!” He yelled. His cum shot into Amanda’s ass and Samantha’s mouth.

Ghosts of the past: Part II

Amanda (II)

As the night crept outside and Amanda watch Damian study the ancient book; she felt something, a feeling as if the demonic forces were once again active. “The Alp.” Amanda rose up and saw Damian read an article in the book on how to defeat the Alp.

As Amanda was busy tutoring Damian, one of the students in a different room, lay in her bed; sleeping. The tiresome day had gotten to her, and she had nothing else to do but to sleep. In her sleep, Jessica imagined being fucked by several men, when suddenly her dreams stopped, and she woke up terrified; unable to move her body.

Feeling her panties being slipped off her rolled her eyes to find a white short creature sitting on her chest, she tried to move but couldn’t. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Please no.” She thought in her mind. The Creature grinned at her. “I’m gonna fuck you. Yum … yum.” He sniggered; before turning into fog and crawling up the girl’s vagina.

She moan, as the demon bought her to orgasm, her toes curled and back arched as her pussy was effortlessly simulated from inside. “Oh my god, I’m going to cum.” She squealed with her eyes shut, the demon then took full control of her body, causing her stand up and run out of the door. In the hallway, she approached and man; a stranger.

“You alright there, love?” He asked. The Possessed girl did not stop; instead she leaped in the air. “What the fuck, bitch.” The girl knocked the man on the floor and smothered his face with her pussy.

His tongue reluctantly sunk into her labia; before he could withdraw it, he felt her pussy juice enter his mouth, the demon to, entered him.

The Alp could control multiple bodies at the same time as long as his fog was given time to increase in volume and spread. “I’m so sorry.” The girl said to the man; as he rose up and walked off. The Alp had control of both of them.

“Oh, there you.” A woman, in her thirties, more or less, pressed the button on the elevator, to let the man in. He stood in the corner of the elevator. “I’m so sorry, I can’t control my body.” He whimpered. “What?” The woman replied after being a short laugh.

The man lunged before and grabbed the lady, slamming her face against the wall. “Oh my gods STOP!” She shouted, but it did nothing. The man again apologised. “I don’t know what is happening.” With his hands, he ripped the bottom of her should navy dress and pull off her laced panty. Taking out his cock; he stuck in deep into her.

Pounding her ass, the man helplessly watched as his body gained a mind of its own. The lady screamed and flailed, all useless at the strength of the Alp. As she opened her mouth, her thick saliva formed a string from the roof of her mouth to the bottom. “ahhh, fuck, I’m so sorry.” As the man came in her asshole, the fog of the Alp multiplied and entered the woman, working up her system; forcing her to do the same. The elevator doors opened, the man and woman who emerged, grabbed the nearest person to them, so spread the demonic fog.

The girl who passed the fog onto the man, sat on the floor, her vagina faced the ventilation shaft as she rubbed her clit hard. Her juices often flew into the opening. “ohh ahhh.” The girl dropped on the floor as the waves of orgasms, caused the Alp to create more fog, traveling through the vents.

Damian (IV)

“The Alp; his controlling more people.” Amanda told Damian, with a sense of urgency.

“How do you know?” Damian questioned.

“I can feel it, and this time you need more than spells to defeat the Alp.” Amanda replied. There was a knock and the door, and Damian left the book, to let in Dominic, Tabitha and Samantha. The trio were panting with a concerned look upon their face. Dominic wiped the sweat from his brow and pulled back his quiff. “There’s a demon fueled orgy in the lobby.” He blurted out. Damian paused and stared at Dominic like he had just said something ridiculous like, there’s a demon fueled orgy in the lobby.

“Well, there’s something new.” Damian said, turning around he headed back to the spell book; flicking the pages once he got there. “Well, I figure out how to defeat the Alp.” He added.

Everyone ran toward the book to see what could put an end to this.

“We need salt and to get to the roof, then we draw the symbol on our chest and chant these words; bring the Alp into the salt circle.” Damian explained. “Then Damian can use another spell to vanquish the demon one and for all.” Armanda added.

Tabitha scratched her head. “There should be bottles of the stuff in the kitchen.” She clicked her fingers before running off. “I’ll go and get it.” She said.

“Alright, we head to the roof.” Damian picked up the book and dashed out of the room; heading towards the elevator. On the way to the end of the corridor, they were blocked by tall woman, about six feet; her eyes glowed red. Damian aimed his hand. “Ignius recedemus daemonium” The woman gently hit the floor, as the fog left through her mouth.

Damian’s irises were red once more; he pressed the button on the elevator, the door closed. “How do you think she is doing?” Dominic asked. Damian gave him a blank stare. “She should be alright.” He replied. The sound from all this, could be heard; people scream, moaning and running. “Do you think it is hotel wide?” Dominic asked Damian, but this time he replied with just a blank look.

Samantha interrupted. “We’re almost here.” She anticipated. The elevator doors opened the rooftop, the cold air rushed in as the students ran against it. “That bit would make a good place for demon roasting.” Samantha joked.

“Please, we’re sorry, we can’t control our bodies.” A possessed man whimpered as group of more possessed guests circled around them, blocking them from the elevator. “It’s making us do it.” Another woman said as they closed in.

“For fuck sake. How did the fog spread so quickly?” Samantha complained. The possessed group raised their arms in unison. “Dare not underestimate my powers.” The Alp spoke through his puppets. The students got closer and closer together, except for Damian, his red Iris still burned bright.

The warlock, Damian, began jumping on his toes and swinging his arms; left hook, uppercut, right hook, left elbow, duck upper cut and left jab. The hits were not meant to attack the guest, but instead were to show his confidence and lack of fear during the ordeal. He started jogging on the spot. “C’mon, why are you allowed to underestimate us, but we can’t do the same to you… double standards.” Damian mocked the demon

“What are you doing?” Amanda whispered loudly. Damian looked at her. “Don’t worry, sweetie, Damian’s got it in the bag.” He replied.

“There’s too many, Damian. I haven’t taught you the spell that you need, yet.”

He ignored Amanda and winked at her, before turning his attention back at the group.

He aimed his palm at a gigantic satellite dish.

Ignius recedemus daemonium” The spell fired at the dish ad bounced off into the sky, and returned; hitting the roof and expelling the fog from the guests. It was unclear whether the ray directly hit the demons upon its return to earth or if it fractured and radiated as it hit the satellite again.

“Marvellous.” Amanda was breath taken by Damian’s forward thinking and intuition. Samantha jumped up and down, repeatedly. “Yay, Damie.” She called out. Dominic gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Well done, bud.” Amanda and Samantha gave him a long hard gaze.

Tabitha (I)

Dodging the fog and randomly people having sex, Tabitha dashed to the kitchen. A man stood in her way with his cock out. “Oh, I’m sorry; I guess we have to do what we have to do.” The man said, grinning and effortlessly. It was clear that he welcomed the possession, as he could have as much sex as he could. With whom he could, without being blamed for it.

Tabitha raised her arm to guard her face, a millisecond into her fighting stance and she gave the man a back kick; he fell on the floor, though the demon still possessed him, his mobility was servery affected. Tabitha continued her run, punching anyone trying to jump her. The possessed had unnatural strength but when it came down to toughness; they fell like any old bloke.

The kitchen staffs were busy fucking each other’s brains out, their sex noises echoed through the stainless steel equipment. “Salt… Where is salt.” She rummaged through the Ingredients rack. “Eureka!” She at last found what she was looking for, and spare no time in bolting out of the kitchen door.

As she entered the elevator, a woman sprung at her; Tabitha dodged at the woman hit the wall, as she turned around, Tabitha gave her a kick before chucking her out the elevator and pressing the button. “This is so un hygienic.” Tabitha thought out loud.

The elevator suddenly stopped one floor below the roof top; Tabitha franticly pressed the buttons but to no avail. She looked up and saw thin pieces of fog, putting two and two together, she run out of the elevator. “Looks like it’s on foot for me.” She thought to herself again.

She was running fast, but suddenly something tripped her, and see fell. As Tabitha tried to get up, a foot pined her to the ground and it was clear who tripped her; a man. He lay on top of Tabitha and ripped her smart trousers. “I do sorry, my princess. I love you, and I love fucking you, but not like this.” Tabitha felt her father’s cock enter her ass hole and thrust it repeatedly. “Ahh, fuck. It’s o—okay, daddy.” Tabitha knew that she had failed Damian; the salt fell out of her hands.

Her poor asshole was being ravished by the professor; her father. As he fucked her senseless, she heard the voice of the Alp coming from her father’s mouth. “Let’s see how useful you are to your friends, with cum flowing out of your ass.” The demon’s voice chuckled.

The possessed professor stuck his fingers into Tabitha’s pussy and rubbed her wet citrous; grabbing her hair with his over hand and kissing her temples. Tabitha’s ass finally loosened up and pushed against the cock. “Ohhh ahhh.” She moaned.

Tabitha flailed her legs up and down, as the hard cock penetrated her, she thought back to the Popobawa. “If I don’t get myself out of this situation, then more demons will come.” She muttered. Though she did not see what the Alp looked like, the Popobawa’s imagine was heavily ingrained in her mind. Tabitha reached for the salt bottle. “Sorry, Dad.”

Damian (IV)

They waited on the roof top, watching the sky. Dominic turned to Amanda, “Do you think she is okay?” He voiced his concerned, “What if, what if she never made it back.” Everyone else was worried about Tabitha as well.

“Let me see if I can sense her.” Amanda closed her eyes, but before she could do anything; Tabitha emerged from the stairwell. “I’ve got it, guys.” She waved the salt bottle.

Tabitha approached Damian and handed him the salt. “I knew you would make it.” He said to her. Tabitha came up very close to him, almost kissing. At this point Amanda’s attention was drawn to Tabitha’s rear.

“Why do you have a tear in your trouser?” Amanda asked her. Then it drew on her.

“Oh my god, Damian steps away from her!” Amanda shouted, as she noticed the white fluid dripping from Tabitha’s ass.” It was too late, Tabitha got Damian by surprise as kissed him, locking him into her, dropping her trousers and undoing Damian’s fly to release his cock; they were in separable. Not even Dominic could wrench free his friend free from his other friend; who was possessed.

Damian tried his best to fight it, but the power of the Alp was too great, the possessed Tabitha jumped on his cock; wrapping her legs around him and grinding her cock, in her pussy. “Ahh, fuck. Tabitha, fight it.” Damian tried to reach out to his friend, but it was no use.

“I’m so sorry, Damian. I failed the plan.” Tabitha said. He just smiled to comfort her. “It’s okay.” He whispered, but just as he did, Tabitha’s red went red. “You should have seen she screamed when I took her body.” The Alp’s voice mocked, Damian closed his eyes and just grinned at his teeth.

Dominic could not bear to see his friends turn into mindless zombies, nor could anyone else, but Dominic did not just stand there; he ran towards the book. “What are doing, Dominic?” Amanda asked, but Dominic just ignored her. He picked up the book and took a long hard look at Dominic and Tabitha,

Sal, dissiliunt” Dominic took everyone by surprise, when his iris turned golden yellow, and bottle of salt burst into a white explosion, covering Damian and Tabitha. The pair broke free from each other, as the possessed Tabitha staggered, Damian ran towards his friends. “Oh, what did I do?” Dominic questioned; looking at his hands.

“So Sons of the devil and the sons of the goddess have joined forces?” The Alp spoke through Tabitha. There was a banging at the stairwell door, more possessed people came marching in; half nude, nude or partially nude.

“Read this bit.” Damian pointed at a scripture in the book. Dominic looked at him and nodded. “Prohibere, malleus tempore.” Dominic chanted and all the possessed bodies stopped in their tracks. Damian began his enchantment. “Alp, dorsum nudum fero tui tutissimaeque debilissimus.” The fog from all others was expelled via the mouths of the host, and flew in Tabatha’s. Those who had the demon inside of them; collapsed as he left their system. “Et succendam vos sal.” Dominic finished the enchantment and the salt around Tabitha rose up, as did the collective fog with spiralled and crashed, reforming into the Alp. Dominic and Damian rushed to catch Tabitha.

“How—what have done you?” The Alp could not form proper sentences as his little legs stumbled. Amanda looked at Samantha. “Now, you can use that knife, he is weakened!” Amanda shouted at Samantha, who took out the blade used on the Popobowa, and drove it through the Alp’s heart.

The short demonic Alp’s body turned black and quickly rose up in the sky before dissipating in a minuet explosion of black and red. He screams could be heard, but that was a good thing.

Dominic’s iris returned to his normal shade of blue, and his muscular body collapsed on the floor.

Dominic (II)

He opened his eyes, and let the smell of coffee enter his nostrils. His head was pounding hard and fast, it felt as if his eyeballs were made of a spiked ball. “Whe—where am I?” He forced the words out with great effort; adjusting his body into a sitting positions. Everyone was there; Tabitha, Damian, Amanda, Samantha and the professor.

“Morning, sunshine. Saving the world too much?” The professor joked. Dominic’s head stopped spinning but he was drawn back.

“It was Damian, really.” Dominic said, as he tried to be humble. “Wait… you know about?” Dominic sprung back to reality.

“Well, I did remember, what I did, no denying that. But when I found out what you lot got into.” The professor paused. “Well… I that mixed emotions, but you seem to be able to handle yourselves… I remember I was handed a rifle when I was young that you are.” The professor continued.

“And it was Samantha as well.” Amanda added, and she blushed.

“Don’t worry, buddy. When I first caste a spell, my head gave out, just like that.” Damian placed his hand on Dominic’s shoulder.

“But, where are we?” Dominic looked around and noticed his hotel room, and smiled. “Ah, I see.” Finally, his environmental sense came back to him.

“He’s more baked than I thought.” Damian joked, and everyone began laughing.

“Well… I must go, ladies and gents.” The professor interrupted. “We will be grabbing our plane by the end of the day. So I suggest you pack you languages.” The professor left. “Yeah, I have packing to do as well.” Tabitha said, and Damian nodded. “I need check on some things.” He added.

As the room got emptier, Amanda drifted toward the bathroom, to check up on her new body. Samantha remained at Dominic’s side. There was nothing but silence between them, it was uncomfortable, but Sam still remained.

“So I—err like the color your eyes turn when you get all magical.” Samantha broke the ice.

“Thanks, I don’t know what color it is.” Dominic replied.

“Your Iris turns into a kind of gold color.” Samantha told him. “So, I think I better apologize for coming very harsh on you when we were at the gardens.”

Dominic took in a deep breath. “That’s alright; I was a big douche to you for a while.” Dominic confessed.

Samantha smiled. “Good, I hope we can still be friends.” With that, Samantha cleared her throat and went to the bathroom. Though the reconciliation talk between the two was short, they both felt it was a step closer, and they could both feel it.

Dominic’s phone vibrated, at first he was reluctant to see what it was, but soon gave up to his own curiosity. It was a text message from his sister. It read, “Dom, something is wrong with me. My eyes changed color. I can do things!!” Dominic closed his eyes shut. “Fuck.”

“Hey, come into the bathroom!” Both Amanda and Samantha shouted.

Amanda (III)

The tub was still misty when everyone gathered around, Amanda looked excited, and she was smiling and jumping all over the room. “Well, here goes nothing.” Amanda stood at the edge of the tub. “Good luck.” Everyone wished her. Soon, Amanda’s ghostly essence disappeared into the tub. Damian began to enchant. “Et nunc, bonded”

A few seconds went by, and Dominic decided to peer over to see what was happening. He was caught off guard, as Amanda’s new body shot it the air, a blast of steam followed and dissipated, the twelve sided box flew into Damian’s lap.

Panting, naked, confused and new; Amanda stood before her friends, she gave a smile as her boobs giggled with her movement out of the tub. “Remarkable.” The professor adjusted his glasses; perhaps he was also ogling Amanda. “So much I—we can learn from you, sweetie.” He added.

“So… How do I look?”

Amanda walked in on the group, wearing a new red leather jacket and a white blouse with a brownish trouser. Samantha allowed her to borrow some of her clothes while she and Tabitha went shopping for the start of her new look.

“Wow, you look amazing; your clothes bring out your… wow.” Dominic and Damian fell head over heels when they saw her.

“Thanks, the red leather jacket reminded me of the one I wore when I was alive, the first time. The blouse reminded me of my night gown I wore as a ghost.” Amanda explained, smiling. With her new body, she went all the emotions and privileges that came with being alive, but she knew it would not last much longer. Amanda walked up to Damian and started tugging his smart coat. “I like your new coat, Damian.” Samantha observed Dominic’s new olive duffle coat. “Ohh wow, you two went shopping as well? That was quick!” She commented

“We’re men; it doesn’t take u that long.” Dominic joked. Amanda smiled, “Oh really now? You know I use to fight with swords when I was alive, before.” Amanda made a light hearted threat. “Oh well, so when will we go to the museum?” Amanda asked.

The students walked around the museum; a last stop before the airport. It had sections for a large range of Avonlithea history, starting from the death of the three goddesses up to the formation of the United Asthanthia Kingdoms until the nineties, when UAK history became more mundane.

There were numerous speakers, in front of countless exhibitions. One lady was talking about how all of Avonlithea came under Asthanthian rule and formed the UAK. Amanda walked and looked around in awe, thought she needed some help with reading the words, she enjoyed catching up with history. The group, decided to break away from the other students, less they grew curious and started to converse with Amanda.

“Oh, I remember that.” Amanda said joyfully to her new friends as she pointed to a tapestry depicting some of her adventures, though they were short lived. “I remember, also…And he was an amazing person.” She jumped and giggled; running around the displays, like a ten year old girl. Damian and the other just smiled at her, and then at each other, it was nice to see her catching up. Amanda suddenly stopped, she looked up at a golden canvas, with faces of past warrior women. The face on top was an older woman, their mentor. A tear formed in Amanda’s eyes as she saw the faces of her old friends, there were other faces as well, but she could not make them out. “Lady M, Nagma, Azza, Nyermina, Sentoki, Ashanti, Gliese and—and me.” She remembered all her comrade’s names but there a couple missing, Amanda assumed that there were more warrior women trained, after she died but she had forgotten someone. Damian and Dominic placed there hands on her shoulders, making her jump a little.

“She looks like you.” Tabitha told her, as she flicked through the tablet near the exhibition; Amanda observed the touch screen and had a go at it. “Mike.” Amanda spoke with sorrow; she saw an extra tapestry on the tablet. “Mike… My beloved, I died and left you to drown in your sorrows, now I live again and you left my tears with nowhere to hide, but at least you found another woman to grow old with by your side.” She spoke softly as her friends comforted her. “We’re here for you.” Tabitha spoke assured her. Amanda flicked back to the close up of her face. Her name was translated from runes. “Boud—Boudi—Boudicca” Amanda read it out loud. “Boudicca, my name was Boudicca.” She announced to her friends, though her voice was still woe-full.”

“Let’s go and see the theater history of the UAK.” Samantha suggested, in attempts to cheer Amanda up. “Give me ten more minutes, sweetie.” Amanda replied, everyone nodded and walked away. “You know where to find us.” Dominic said with a warm smile, Amanda smiled and nodded; wiping away the tears. “Boudicca.” She said to herself; looking back at the solid gold canvas.

Suddenly, her mind was transported, in a flash. She saw misty figures, most were female. As they got closer, she was able to make out the identities. The closest was a blonde woman, tall and with blue eyes; her attire was out of focus, like the faces of people in your dreams. “Gliese? Sister!” She cried out “Hello, Bouddie, it has been a while.” Her sister greeted her as did the others. They surrounded her with smiles and touching hands. “We are so proud of you.” Spoke Ashanti, who was dark skinned with white spiky hair to her shoulders. She was pelted with praise and words of encouragement and wisdom. Drawing closer they held her in their embrace. Suddenly they parted, and a young man with hair to his ears, held her hand. “My beloved Bouddica.” He whispered to her. “My beloved Mike, I hope you and your family are well.” She replied.

“They are well. We long for the day you complete your purpose and return to us.” He smiled and gave her a kiss. “Amanda does not sound like a bad name.” He grinned and stared in her eyes.

Gliese interrupted. “We must go now, you have one last war to fight, my dear sister.” The figures drew away until they were nothing but mist. Amanda would have tried to stop them, but the thousand year war in Hell, imprinted a strong sense of duty in her. “If all goes well, I shall see them once more.” She said to herself.

Amanda completely blocked out the stranger’s calling, behind her. “Miss, Miss, I’m sorry, sweetie. Can you…” The voice cut of when Amanda turned her back. Behind her was another young man, about nineteen, thick glasses and a mopped hair, that had started to come to the front of his forehead; he had a slight beard and a professional looking camera around his neck. He spoke once more, “I’m sorry, but I could not help but notice that you look a bit like one of the warrior woman… but with black hair.”

Amanda smiled and posed a curtsy. “Call me Boudicca.” She joked. Deep inside her the irony was tearing her up; she had to control her laughter.

“Is it alright, if I take a few pictures of you, in front of Boudicca’s portrait?” He asked.

“Of Course, lead the way.”

“Here can you hold this” The young man handed her the coffee her was drinking. Amanda could not resist but took a few sips.

“Uggh, what is it? It’s bitterer than cum.” She erupted. A few people turned the backs to look at her. The young man laughed.

“It’s called coffee…I can buy you a cup, I never got a girl coffee before, or had one sip mine.” He said, awkwardly and embarrassed.

“It’s okay; I’d rather have some good ale.” She replied. “So, Boudicca, how was she?” Amanda took the chance to ask.

“Oh…well. I use to read all about the warrior woman, when I was young and well, don’t tell anyone but she was my first crush.” He blurted out whilst adjusting his lenses. “Shit. I just sounded like a weirdo.” He awkwardly laughed.

Amanda blushed and snorted. “No, you sound like a sweet man.” She reassured him.

“Well, this is it.” The young man aimed his camera at the portrait and Amanda left the coffee near his foot, and run next to the portrait; fixing her hair an striking a pose. The camera clicked a few times. “Now try to copy her pose.” He was referring to the pose the Boudicca had in the portrait, it was of her with two blades; looking at the sky, in the corner of the frame. “Perfected.” The young man licked his lips, but Amanda did not notice.

After the ‘photo-shoot’ the young man showed Boudicca the pictures. “It is like a portrait making device.” She noted.

“Yes. A camera.” He snorted in laughter. “Oh, where are my manners? My name is Eugene.”

Amanda scratched her ear. “Amanda.”

“Please to meet you, Amanda. May I have your number?”

“Oh, I’m not a slave.” Amanda replied.

Eugene laughed and took out and pen and paper; he scribbled on it before handing to it Amanda. “Not a slave to smart phones? Ha! Take my number, email, Facebook, Tumblr and twitter.” He spoke as fast as he wrote, Amanda noted.

“Well, Good bye, Amanda. Nice meeting you.” He waved himself of.

“Farewell, Eugene.”

Amanda did not bother to ask what he had written down.

As they watched their class mate board the couch, off to the airport, Damian and the others stood concerned. They went to a corner where they could not be seen. “So how are we going to bring her to the UK?” Samantha asked.

“We could stick her in a …” Dominic was interrupted by Tabitha. “No!”

Amanda grinned. “I think I can sort out my own travels.” She said; stepping backwards. “Watch.” Amanda closed her eyes as a flash of light emitted from her body. The group stood at awe, she transformed into the goddess on her Sarcophagus. An eagle helmet, gold and white wings, skirt with her panties visible and a plated bra. “I shall meet you in the UK.” She said and she grinned at her friends; still silent in awe. She flew off.


My name is Damian Smith, and in this world of Love and lust, angels and Demons. My friends and I work to keep order in line, good and evil in balance and you lot safe. You might not think we have enough to stop an armada of demons, let alone those that make you sex crazed, but you’re wrong. We have a kick ass English girl, who can …well, kick your ass and her smart father. We have a guy descended from the goddesses and a chick with a Zippo lighter, and me … descended from the most evil entity in existence, well former. But I am still ready to step up against mad cunts, I am still, willing to protect those who need it and I am still, the devil’s blood.