Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: DEMONSEXOLIGY 2

Published: 29.10.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: The students look for book but bump into some one unexpected

Editor’s Note: This set of stories take place hundreds (and perhaps thousands) after ‘A journey into a strange mind’ had concluded.

Demonsexoligy 2

When a young student named Damian, found a mysterious box during a dig, he unleashed a trap sprit of a warrior woman. Unbeknownst to him, he triggered a domino effect, causing the arrival of several demons, aided by the word furnace/ spirit engine. Amongst the demon were the; Popobowa and the queen the demons, Lilith.

After the defeat of the Popobowa, four friends; Damian, Dominic, Samantha and Tabitha have been tattooed with an arcane symbol, which prevents the demon queen from come close to them in her more powerful, demonic form.

Setting the stage: Part I

Amanda (I)

She observed the group of students inspecting their tattoos, the skin around the tattoo were still bright red. Wrapped in cling film the markings looked excellent and well inked in. Samantha’s new tattoo fitted into nicely with her others, they shared very similar themes.

“We should be sure to tip that tattoo artist with more gold.” Amanda smiled; everyone turned to her and returned the smile but soon the happy emotions faded and were replaced by pleads of answers.

“So Amanda, how do you know this Lilith woman?” Tabitha pressed, Amanda sighed.

“Well, I think you all deserve an answer.” Amanda cracked her knuckles and moved her neck from side to side before he spoke. “After I died, some men performed a ritual on my body, sending my soul to hell. There in the fiery pits of the world furnace, I languished until the day a demoness named Lilith decided that she wished to overthrow her master, with my help me rebelled and won the war.” Amanda stopped to catch her breath.

Dominic raised his eyebrows. “But why are you two enemies?” He asked.

“Well, shortly after the war, the dark lord fell and his—I mean her the soul and powers were dissipated and shared among Lilith, some of her comrades and me. Both Lilith and I double crossed each other but I escaped into my own personal purgatory, which I found in the box.” Amanda explained.

“Her?” Damian inquired.

“Well, after the dark one’s last defeat on earth, the dark one’s male form was destroyed so she remained as a female for the rest of her time.” Amanda replied, the group remained silence and evermore confused save for Damian who looked as if he had followed ever word she said.

Damian pulled out his laptop and opened up the search engine. “So what is it that we need to recover?” He repeatedly tapped his laptop with his fingernail as he waited for an answer. “Come on, you said that you need our help.” He said, again.

“Well, it is called the book of the three goddess or the book of ages.” Amanda paused before rushing back into her speech “or the book of three.” Amanda said, and Damian searched. The search engine only had mythological articles and artist impressions of the book.

Damian began to read of the articles, consequently from their university’s page. “The book of the three goddesses or the book of three is a well-known artefact, an ancient book, said to have been written down by three goddesses from their journeys in Asthanthia.” Damian began to skip and skim a few for words of text before continuing to read. “Said to be lost after the Second World War, the last known location was the UAK national library.”

Everyone one hung their heads in disappointment; they lost much of their hopes. Damian looked around and began to sourer the internet, looking for old transfer manuscripts for the books. “I refuse to give up hope.” Damian spoke in a harsh and determined tone.

Amanda smiled at his efforts and dedication to the cause but stood silent as something inside of her churned. “His aura, his appearance, something about him feels strange and yet familiar. Could it be?” Amanda thought to herself. “No-no-no. It would be impossible. Wouldn’t it?” She tried to reassure herself.

Damian returns to the article and scrolled down a few more times. “Oh fuck.” He drew the attentions of everyone in the room. “Look at this, Written by Professor Corrin Johnson. Tabitha, your dad wrote the article of the university.”

“Aha, Seems about right, he is very obsessed when it comes to these kinds of things.” Tabitha laughed off the coincidence “I should maybe, talk to my dad and see what he has to say.” She added.

“Yeah, Me and Damian will search the web while you ask your dad and Amanda can try to see what she remembers of her past life.” Samantha spoke as she came closer to Damian, hugging him. Dominic caught whiff of her new attraction towards Damian.

“So what err, should I do?” Dominic looked around, and tried he’s best to become the center of attention.

“Masturbate.” Amanda said in and humorous tone but with a straight face and then a smile.

Dominic’s face however, gave an unimpressed look. “Ha-ha.” He spoke sarcastically.

“What? That’s what I would have done.” Amanda replied and everyone else laughed.

“Well, I’ve got to go, got some paper work and my dad to interrogate.” Tabitha began to text her dad as she walked out. “Bye, guys.” She bid farewell to her new best friends.

“Bye, Tabby.” They replied.

In her text Tabitha wrote. “Daddy, xxx. Need to talk. Horny as well. Xxx”

Samantha and Damian began to click away on their laptops as they began their extracurricular research. Dominic began to walk out the door. “Well, I’m going off to sleep, or masturbate.” Dominic said as she stepped through the door, but no one paid heed. “Dicks.” He remarked as he his friends still did not give him attention however, all three heard and started grinning and holding back laughter.

“I too, must fade away. Good luck you too.” Amanda waved before she was to disappear.

“Bye Amanda.” Sam and Damian replied.

“I will also make sure Dominic’s feelings aren’t too hurt.” She joked as she faded into nothingness.

As Dominic was peeing in the toilet, Amanda appearance next to him, “You know we all love you right?”

“Ahh.” Dominic’s piss went all over the place. “Fuck off.” He said.

“Good.” Amanda replied as she then faded once more.

“Fucking dicks.” Dominic added.

A bottle of mouthwash sitting on the window sill was knocked into the bowl of the sink by an invisible Amanda; her faint laughter could have been heard.

Tabitha (I)

The professor open the door for his daughter to come in through, she changed into slutty little outfit before she came, with her hair tied behind her head. “Are you ready for some father-daughter quality time?” She said in a seductive tone.

Professor Johnson grinned. “Yes I am.” He let in his minx of a daughter, who sat on his bed. The professor sat by her and started to move his hands through her body. Tabitha bites her lips as she undid the bun behind her head. Her unravelled hair fell down to her shoulder and she handed the fabric that held her hair together. “Well, who’s a naughty girl?” Professor Johnson inspected the fabric and saw that it was Tabitha’s sexy panties that held the bun together, he looked at his daughter.

“That’s right daddy that means, there nothing covering my pussy apart this dress” Tabitha smiles before she leaned in and kiss her father on the lips. Returning the kiss; Professor Johnson was now in full mouth to mouth with his daughter, her slutty tongue dancing with his.

The professor started to lift his daughter’s dress, so finger her as they kissed with passion. Tabitha swung her feet to release both shoes, before allowing her body to fall onto the bed, her farther kissed her once more before flipping her over.

On her belly her dress was being unzipped, before it was comply peeled from her body. The professor took off his shirt to, display his physique topped off by few sliver chest hair. The professors then lie down and spread his daughter’s arse cheeks. Admiring the cute pink arsehole; the professor began to lick it. “Oh, daddy, eat my arse.” Tabitha moaned.

Continuously grinding her arse on his face, Tabitha began to finger her pussy, her juices dripped onto the blanket. The professor’s tongue reached in every inch of her arsehole. Her moans increased as she pushed her father’s head down in between her cheeks. “Oh daddy, eat my arse like groceries.”

Johnson finally took his head out of the butt cheeks and stood up. “Wait here, princess.” He proceeds to walk over to his suitcase and started to rummage through. Finally he found what he was looking for, a bottle of anal lube. Walking back to his daughter; the professor undid his trousers and boxer shorts to let out his marvellous cock.

“Here is a surprise to you.” He spoke as he covered hi cock with lube, then his smothered Tabitha’s cheeks with the product, before finally pouring it on her ass cheeks. The professor made sure that her rectum was fully lubed up, before he began to insert two fingers.

“Ahh, yes. Oh daddy.” Tabitha moaned as the cold fingers warmed up inside of her. Professor Johnson decided it was time for his full cock. Slowly, the tip shaft entered her anus, stretching her ring as it went it. “Fuck, yes. Fuck me” Tabitha moaned as the rest of the cock soon followed.

“Yes, take it like a slut.” The professor groaned as his cock was surrounded by his daughter’s flesh. He began to pump her back and forth. Grabbing her hips; to control her lower body; the professor fucked his daughter.

Under her pussy; the blanket was extremely soaked in juices. Tabitha’s feet wavered up and down as daddy’s love sausage dug deep into her ring. Her anal canal felt good on Professor Johnson’s cock. He placed his hand on her head, forcing her face into the blankets. “ohh ahh.” She moaned as the fabric of the blank pressed against her face.

Letting his daughter feel the air on her face again; Professor Corrin Johnson lifted her head by her hair. “ahhh, daddy.” Despite the discomfort, Tabitha’s pleasure out weighted her pain. Professor Johnson came closer to his daughter’s face. “I love you, my incest princess.” He kissed her as his pumps increased and changed rhyme. “Ahhhhhh, fuck. I’m cummming, ahh.” The professor let loose a massive cumshot into Tabitha’s arsehole.

“Oh daddy, you love making a mess of me, don’t you?” Tabitha kissed him back. Gathering his’ breath and compoure; the professor sat on the edge of his bed. “Daddy, what do you know about the book of the three goddess?” Tabitha asked as she kissed his cheeks.

“Well, sweetie. It’s an artefact.” He replied.

“I know daddy, but what about rumours of its location.”

“Why do you want to know about its location?”

“Just curious.”

Professor Johnson scratched his beard. “Tell you what, sweetie. I will give you all I know about it if you clean my cock, deal?” Tabitha instantly got to the floor and started to lick her daddy’s cock clean; whilst sitting in a squat positions, so some of the cum dripped out and leaked onto the floor.

“Well… When I was in the army, I heard rumours of a cult of men who traffic woman. They say, a thousand years ago, the cult helped bring back their master, the dark lord. The book was used by a group of warrior women to defeat him.” The professor spoke as his daughter lick his cock clean; he could not help but notice that some of his cum had leaked out of her arse.

“And then?” Tabitha took the cock out of her mouth and put it back in after her speech was done.

The professor took deep breath. “I once heard a saying.” The professor tried to search his mind for what to say. “In the courtyard, below the line, lay the book, that the goddess’s called mine.” The professor rubbed Tabitha’s head as she finished ‘cleaning’ him. “I don’t want you to get involved with such an artifact, the Kane cults are none to trifle with.” The professor warned her.

“Okay daddy, I was just curious.” Tabitha smiled.

“Good, you have the mind and body of your mother.” Professor Corrin Johnson smiled. “Now lick up that mess on the floor. Tabitha turned to see the cum that had dripped from her asshole, and with one fell swoop, she began to lick it up.

The Professor smiled as he watches he’s daughter’s ass wriggle.

Amanda (II)

In her box; she rested while trying to remember what she could of the time she was alive. Samantha and Damian cuddled on the bed; they were tired from the research. There was a knocking at the door, and both students were knocked back into ‘reality’. “Huh?” Samantha raised her head.

“Leave it, it’s probably room service.” Damian said, and he then lowered his head back into the bed.

“Open up you twats.” Tabitha’ voice boomed through the doors and shook both Samantha and Damian.

“Fuck, let’s open it.” Damian quickly in Tabitha.

“Alright…where’s female Kasper?” Tabitha joked. From the box, a stream of faded ominous light spewed into the room and Amanda appear.

“Tabitha, have you found anything?” Amanda walked towards the woman. “And who is Kasper?” She asked.

“I spoke to my father; he mentioned something about some riddle or something along these lines.” Tabitha rushed towards the laptop in the room. “Something like…In the courtyard, below the line, lay the book, that the goddess’s called mine”

Amanda and the others stood still more confused than ever. Damian looked at Amanda. “Anything?” He asked her. Amanda just shook her head.

Despite not knowing, what the riddle was hinting at, Amanda did not give up. “In the courtyard…below the line… lay the book…that the goddess’s called mine.” She said slowly. “That’s’ it!” Amanda clicked her fingers. “In the courtyard, below the line, lay the book, that the goddess’s called mine.”

“Well then?” Samantha asked.

“Tabitha, search for the black line of Asthanthia.” Amanda ordered, Tabitha quickly typed in the internet. She found tourist imagines of courtyards in and old black ruin.

“That’s the courtyard where the blackline use to be.” Amanda snapped. “The black line use to divide the Grim lands from the rest of Asthanthia.”

“And that’s where we will find your book?” Tabitha questioned.

“I am certain that the book is hidden somewhere beneath those ruins.” Amanda replied.

“Well it’s not that far from here.” Damian added.

Tabitha Sighed “I’ll grab the jeep.”

Samantha (I)

“I will find Dominic.” Amanda said before she faded away. Tabitha left the room to acquire a vehicle.

“So, just me and you.” Samantha drew closer so Damian. “Me and you.” Samantha giggled.

“Yup, just you and I, sitting in this room.” Damian reaffirmed.

Samantha began to run her fingers up Damian’s arm and then back down again, Damian looked surprised. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Just remembering the time you saved us all from that bad demon.” She replied playfully. Samantha worked up the courage and gave Damian a kiss on his lips. Shocked, Damian pulled away.

“What are you doing?” He asked again. Samantha lowered her head.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that, after you rescued us, I felt like you and I share a bound of sorts, we’re both alike, people don’t really look at us twice.” Samantha looked at Damian, who stared into blank space, before returning once more. Samantha kissed Damian again, but this time he did not pull away.

“Your right, we are two of the same kind.” He stroked her black silky hair and threw her on the bed.” Samantha’s heart began to race, she has never had sex with another man for free, and when she was a prostitute, sex was different.

The two young lovers began to strip off each other as they kissed each other, on the lips, on the neck and the chest. Damian took off her bra and exposed her tattooed breast; he smiled as he started to suck her nipples. “ohh ahh” Sam let go a sigh of pleasure.

Damian took off his top, to reveal his broad shoulders but minimum muscles; however he did find himself working out more that often, since attending this year of university, and that was showing. Samantha and Damian both fumbled with his zipper and belt, but soon those came off.

Damian peeled Samantha’s tight leather trousers and wrenched it off, revealing her neatly shaved pussy. He kissed her through her panties and felt them moisten. “Damian, kiss me there” Samantha gave a faint whimper.

Removing the panties, Damian began to spread her pussy and started to move his tongue, over her labia, teasing her in every way. After Samantha gave a few more faint moans of pleasure, Damian did the honours and stuck his tongue in deep. “Ohh, Dame.” Samantha cried out.

Damian’s tongue soon found its way to the citreous of the girl, and began to expertly lick her luscious love bean. Samantha held Damian’s head to her pussy as he lapped up her juices like a thirsty beast. Using his hands, Damian slightly raised Samantha’s lower body and pulled her close to him. With each second going by, Samantha’s body began to tremble.

Soon after, Damian stopped. He wiped his mouth clean and started to kiss Samantha on her thighs, moving towards her, almost upright. Samantha used her feet to remove Damian’s boxer shorts as he came towards her, her efforts only succeeded in releasing his cock, Damian did the rest to take of his boxer.

His cock was hard as it entered her pussy; Samantha moaned and jerked her body upwards, to grind her lady parts more against Damian’s penis. “argg, fuck.” Damian groaned as he fucked Samantha. Her breasts jumped and down as Damian thrust her deep.

As the young man kissed his lover, he felt her nipples rubbing against him, teasing him, he could not resist but to worship her firm tattooed breasts. Damian moved his head closer to them and opened his mouth, taking in the whole right breast. “mmmh” He sucked on her nipples as his cock thrust deep into her.

As the young man kissed his lover, he felt her nipples rubbing against him, teasing him, he could not resist but to worship her firm tattooed breasts. Damian moved his head closer to them and opened his mouth, taking in the whole right breast. “mmmh” He sucked on her nipples as his cock thrust deep into her.

Damian’s mouth moved from Samantha’s breast and unto her neck as he moved up her body once more, grabbing a fist of Samantha’s hair, he yanked her head up “Ow.” Samantha welp but Damian just began to work his way up her neck. A part of him wanted to bite her, but soon, he came back to his sense. “Sorry, Samantha.” He apologized and kissed her head.

“It’s okay.” Samantha was use to even rougher sex. Crossing her legs around his waist, she took in all of his cock, her pussy was moist and ready to cum, and so was Damian. Adamant on not having children before they graduate, Damian pulled and brought his cock to Samantha’s lips. She knew what she was to do. Still fingering herself; Samantha let in the gush of semen into her mouth.

“Arrggg.” Damian groaned as he exploded into her mouth, as she was taking in semen; Samantha too came.

“OHh ohh ahhhh, I’m cumming.” She screamed as the white fluid drippled down from her mouth, to her chin and then her breasts.

Lilith (I)

The dark ominous room was lit up torches, candles held by people, and a giant bond fire. The cold of the room seem to have vanished and its brick walls were kept warm and welcoming. On the raised platform, stood a giant statue of Lilith in her demonic form. Before Lilith usurped the dark lord, it was his likeness in stone that they faced towards in their rituals.

All around the room were men in robes with golden masks and around them, naked womenn with chained collars; also wearing gold masks. The ritual sex involved varies acts of male dominance. All members were men; the women were just playthings, to serve a high purpose.

Six women were bent down, and were penetrated by two men at the same time. When the men would fuck the women, they would leave their candles on top of her back. The only time a woman was permitted to move her mask was when she was sucking a cock, and only then, it was by a couple of inches. “Ohh, ahh.” They would moan; trying their best not to drop the candles.

All twelve men ejaculated in unison, filling up the woman’s holes. Fixing their robe; the men stepped away; taking their candles with them so let the next batch of men take their fill. The new set of men began their part, laying their small candles on the woman’s back and then sticking their cocks deep in the woman’s holes.

When the second set of men finished, the third and final set began their fulfillment of the ritual. Still they fucked the woman with great unison, as if they were practicing this all their lives. Near the end of the third run, one of the women began to gag more than usual, her balance suffered greatly and both of the candles fell off.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She pleaded, but the men looked unhindered by this, the others continued to fuck their woman while the other two just simply masturbated over the careless woman. Once the men had finished, they stepped aside and picked up their candles.

From above, Lilith came down unto the platform, in front of her statue. The men had taken a knee before her. “My servants, I bestow upon you my grace and honor.” Lilith spoke to her masses. She looked around and observed the army of kneeling men and woman. “I have seen all the activities that you have done so far.” She took a pause. “And all the faults that have occurred.” Lilith stared at the cowering girl.

“You there.” Snapping her fingers; she called out to the woman who dropped the candle off the back. Though the cowering woman’s head was down, she could feel Lilith’s eyes burning into her.

Looking up in with teary eyes she spoke. “Me? My goddess?” Her voice was full of fear, fear that everyone could have sensed.

“Yes you, come up here.” Lilith called her up. The woman looked no older than nineteen, and was a tall yet petite thing with light brown skin and big breasts; for her figure. As she stood in front of Lilith, she trembled with fear. “What is your name?” Lilith demanded.

“Ai—Aisha.” The woman spilled out.

“Well then, Aisha. You shall have the honor of being the pain bitch, for this evening’s dinner party and after that; you will find yourself in the absolute worse brothel on this planet.” Lilith said.

“No! Please, please not that.” She cried out as she was dragged by two large men. “Please, another chance.”

“Prep her for the activities and then her journey.” Lilith gave last minute orders to the guards. Clearing her throat she returned to her usual speech. “Now then, you men beneath me shall serve as new members to our society; I give you all my blessing.” As Lilith finished speaking, the men began to kiss her toes, one by one.

At the after party in the club house, the robed men were now dressed in tuxedoes, as they eat, drank, fucked and played with the serving girls. Lilith sat in Lord Farlow’s seat in his absence, but even if he was here, Lilith would have still taken his seat.

The club house was the most lavish building, imaginable. With serving girls being subject to S&M and treating the need of all the male members, only the elite could enjoy the experience fully.

“So how do you like the cult’s work?” Farlow Jr. leaned over to the demoness.

Lilith smile as she sipped Champagne. “I love the work you do, but.” Lilith paused, and Farlow Jr. looked disturbed by her silence.

“But what? My goddess.” Farlow Jr. looked worried and Lilith could see that, it amused her.

“You’re all a little too…” Lilith paused as she saw that Aisha was being brought it. “Oh look.” Lilith sprung from her seat and dodged the crowd of serving girls. Lilith knew that the more she avoided the subject, the more it would eat out of Farlow Jr.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the pain slut for this evening… Aisha!” The announcer took off the woman’s blinded fold. Lilith rubbed her fingers on Aisha pussy, she shuttered.

“Oh what a treat, we have.” Lilith reveled in teasing the woman right before she got fucked. Lilith began to whip the woman with her tail.

“Ow, ow, Mistress.” She cried, but it made no difference to Lilith, the demoness knew that she would be enjoying this brown beautiful babe. “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

Aisha was finally being restrained and suspended with her feet spread in the air, Lilith could not resist, and she sat on Aisha’s face and rubbed her panties on the woman’s mouth. “Lick my cunt, slut.” Lilith demanded as she took off her panties and rode Aisha’s tongue.

“Aisha is free to be fucked by anyone.” Lilith called out. Though there were many girls restrained for the member’s pleasure, Aisha drew the most attention. A man took out his harden cock and slipped it deep into Aisha’s wet pussy. “That’s right, please your masters.” Lilith called out as she whipped Aisha’s bound feet with her tail.

A whole crowd began to gather around Aisha, as multiple men started to use her holes. They even brought whips and paddle to punish her further. Within a minute, the man fucking her; came inside of her pussy, her cunt oozed with white cream.

Lilith decided to come off Aisha’s face, so that more men could start fucking her. Lilith watched as a multitude cocks fill her hole. Smug, she slapped Aisha’s ass, and encouraged more men to fuck her.

“Oh look here, the artillery has arrived.” Lilith said as she observed two men bring in a fucking machine; they adjusted it so the dildo could enter Aisha’s pussy. As she sucked more eager cocks, Lilith grabbed Aisha’s hair as the machine began to fuck her pussy. “Say you like it.”

“I like it, I like it.” Aisha said in a muffled tone.

Lilith whipped Aisha’s breast. “Say that again, this time properly.”

“I like it, mistress.”


Throughout the hour, Lilith enjoyed, watching Aisha squirm, at the end of the activity, Aisha was no more than a pile of filthy shivering meat. Her light brown skin was covered in sticky hot cum, making them glisten and shine. Lilith stood over Aisha, moving the girls face with her foot. She got on one knee and grabbed Aisha’s face and planted a deep kiss on her. “Enjoy your time at the world’s worse brothels.” She whispered in her ear. “Take her away, prep her for transport.” Lilith ordered her men.

Setting the stage: Part II

Amanda (III)

The jeep closed in on the gardens, Tabitha parked near a black iron gate with heavy padlocks, as the ignition was turned off, and the head lights died and left the gate in darkness, once again. The students stepped out of the jeep and closed in on the cold black painted gate. A flashlight/torch shuns its light on the padlock, while Tabitha attempted to pick it.

“No enchantments?” Amanda asked as she saw how easy to was to break into the gardens.

Tabitha looked at her for a moment. “The closest thing to enchantments we got in this time are electronic locks— but.” Damian interrupted and said “But they are not going to upgrade this side of the fence until twenty-sixteen.” Amanda nodded her head, whether or not she understood it was of no real importance.

“Eureka!” Tabitha said as the gates opened up and group ventured inside of gardens, only to feel the cold air bite against their skin. “No one really says Eureka anymore.” Dominic joked. “Shut up Dominic.” Tabitha replied in a calmly manner.

Samantha loved every minute of this, the thrill of breaking in, the uneasy vibe, the haunting atmosphere gave Samantha the gothic relieve she longed for. Everything angle that Sam turned her head would show her nothing but a pitch black oblivion staring back at her. She hugged Damian’s arms; but not out of fear, but out of happiness.

“Hey there.” Damian kissed Samantha’s head.

As they walked, a familiar sight came to Amanda, she felt as if she has walked this path once before. “Oi lady, what are you doing there” Amanda heard a voice similar to her own. Looking into the distance, she saw a young woman about her age with blond hair and wearing a red leather corset type of attire. “Was that really me from when I was alive?” Amanda thought to herself. “Yes, yes. I remember now, we were heading to Green gate to fight orcs, then I saw a woman who looks just like I do now.” Amanda shivered as she felt her past life and after life connected with each other. The visions faded and her surrounding cut back to the black night, Amanda now saw only her new friends walking.

“Well, this is the centre of the garden. Now what?” Tabitha spoke as they stopped at the fountain, the water still running, illuminated by the floor lamps; still on. Everyone poked around the fountain, trying to be the one who finds a way to save the day. “Well then?” Tabitha looked at Amanda, with no results.

“I don’t know.” Amanda said. She was more disappointed than the others but something drew her attention. Small amounts of light were being reflected, Amanda drifted off to investigate; Damian followed.

Amanda found a small stone circle embed in the ground; the center had a gold plaque with the word written. “Here I stood, a knight of Asthanthia, here I died a corpse of nothing.” Amanda closed her eyes, tears filled them. “Who wrote that?” She thought. “Did I?” As the ghostly Amanda opened her eyes, she was transported through time. The light of day pierced her eyes, the sound of screaming and shouting burst her eye drums.

“Where? Where am I?” She spoke. A cavalry of men charged past her, from the corner of her eye she saw a green giant swing a sword at her. Fearful; she dodged, only to see that the orc was struck down by a blond haired woman on a horse. “You.” Amanda spoke.

Once more she flashed through time, this time she ended up in a castle courtyard. Courageously she walked around; this time. She was greeted by smiles and frowns, as the cheerful people went around their business. “Oh my lady, you are in your night gown.” A concerned old maid ushered her inside. “Now, now. A young maiden such as you should care much more of her honor.” Amanda stuttered. “Honor?” The woman took her inside and started to size up numerous dresses against Amanda’s body. “Now, now. I think this will fit, until we get you home. Who is your farther?” The old maid asked.

“ORCS! Bloody ORCS!” A soldier voice could be heard outside; the old maid dropped the clothes and tried to drag Amanda into a bedroom. Locking the door, the two stood with other women in the room. “Mama, what is going on?” A young maid asked the old one. “Get, get away from that window, she forced everyone clear of any possible danger, the best she could. Amanda rebelliously walked towards the window, ignoring the shouting of many of the women inside the room. Through the window she saw only fire and destruction, a continuously line of castle fortress were set ablaze, suddenly her view was blocked by a large green dragon. “Gar’dak. I remember now.” Amanda said quietly but loud enough so the room occupants could hear.

“What?!” The old maid shouted in confusion but Amanda did not reply; instead she recited “Here I stood a knight of Asthania, Here I died a corpse of nothing. Here I burn, yet shall not cower, remember us as the maidens upon the tower.” “What?!” the women all shouted. “I’m so sorry, I really am.” Amanda spoke as she faded away. Astounded, the woman all wondered where she went, as Gar’dak the orcish dragon opened his mouth to engulf the room and the tower it resided upon, in flame.

Back in the present, Damian looked at Amanda. “Are you okay?” He asked her.

“Yes, she replied. Now stand here.” Amanda ordered Damian, who looked confused at first but decided to go along with it.


Amanda drifted back towards the fountain. “Follow me, Tabitha.”

Tabitha looked confused. “Err, why?”

“Just do it!” Amanda began to lose a bit of her patience.

Tabitha was shaken by Amanda’s voice. “Okay, okay.” She gave it. Amanda took her to another stone plate, this time the gold plague said, “Here I burn, yet shall not cower, remember us as the maidens upon the tower”

“Stand here.” Amanda said, Tabitha stood in the middle of the golden plate.

Samantha (II)

Dominic and Samantha shared an awkward moment of silence, “So just me and you.” Dominic said, smiling at Samantha.

“Yup. Just me and you.” She replied.

“Hey, Samantha, I was wondering if, it was not too late to, err…” Dominic stuttered as her rubbed the back of his head, before continuing. “So, to err, Date?” Dom finally finished his sentence.

“Really? You would want to date a freak like me?” Samantha’s face was flushed with the look of annoyance. “Even after you saw me and Damian as a couple?”

Dominic was lost for words; he had never been rejected by a girl before. “I mean, after that whole deal the Popo—whatever his’ called, and the way you saved me, I kind of thought that you weren’t such a freak.” He lowered his head as he finished his sentence.

As Samantha was about to reply, Amanda suddenly appeared, and begun to chant. “Here I stood a knight of Asthania; Here I died a corpse of nothing. Here I burn, yet shall not cower, remember us as the maiden upon the tower!”

The loud thumbed was heard, as the fountain began to shake and lower it’s self into the ground, the floor lamps switched off as a spiral of stairs appeared, leading into the dark underground. Damian and Tabitha could be heard running towards them.

“Well, that was cool.” Samantha said, she could not hold back her joy and excitement.

Damian (II)

The group stepped down the spiral stairs, engulfed by darkness. “Damian you are at the last step.” Amanda warned but the group had flash light torches, and spotted the end of the stair case, before Amanda spoke.

Damian spotted an old torch on the wall. Samantha also notices the torch, “Hey Damian, catch.” Samantha threw a Zippo lighter and Damian; who surprisingly caught it.

“You smoke?” Tabitha asked Samantha.

“No.” She replied.

Damian began to light up the torch, but then turned his head around. “So why do you have a Zippo lighter?” He asked.

“Why not?” Samantha replied and the group all raised a brow.

“Alright then …” Damian awkwardly replied as the old torch lit up; illuminating a small portion of the room in a warm orange flame. Damian noticed more torches on the wall, and decided to light those up. Still walking with caution; he moved over to wall torches and lit the nearest one up. Like dominoes all the other on the left torches caught fire; one by one to the end of the room, and then from the other end, the torches on the right side lit up one by one.

“I like that the special effects.” Dominic added, Amanda looked at him and smiled. “More will come, I promise you.” Amanda replied.

The group started to look around the room; it was filled with old artefacts; dusty and decrepit. Dominic noticed a very modern looking cardboard box, and without hesitation he opened it; taking out a noted slip which read. “Box 0627- contains: horse painting, shelved in 1996.” Dominic stared at the paperwork and turned to the group. “Guy’s I think we are in a basement of a museum.” He announced to his friends.

Tabitha thought for a second. “Well yeah, there is the Asthanthian Jadeland Museum here.” Tabitha said. Amanda raised her brow. “Wow, this place use to be called the Black line, and beyond it was the Grimlands.” Amanda replied.

“Well I guess we found the second entrance.” Damian said. Everyone continued walking and looking around. The room began to seem more modern; the torches still remained, however. “Look there!” Damian exclaimed. They ran towards a glass box with an ancient looking book confined with in.

“How do we get it out?” Dominic asked. Everyone looked at the electronic lock and bullet proof glass.

“I can phase threw the elec—electronic block to cause some disturbance to it, but it will take some time.” Amanda spoke as she placed her hand threw the electronic lock pad.

“Aww, cool.” Samantha blurted out.

One minute had passed since Amanda used her ghostly powers to attempt breaking into the class container, when a hard and firm footstep sounded in the background.

“Well, well. You kids deserve some extra credit for your activities.” A well refined voice said, as the speaker came to light. His had a slight twirling mustache and pointy beard, not too outlandish but very stylish, in a retro sense. The man looked about in his fifties, with grey streaks in his hair. He walked forward and raised his hand up to Amanda. “I shall be taking this book now.” He spoke in a calm and timely manner, but something about him seemed threatening.

“Wait, I know you.” Samantha walked forward while everyone else looked confused. “You’re James Farlow, CEO of Farlow pharmaceuticals.” She added.

“Farlow pharmaceutical and medical development researches. FPA-MDR.” James Farlow corrected her.

“So why are you here?” Dominic asked.

“Well. Lad, that’s a very good question. We all have to answer someone and I am no exception, however to please my overlords, I must take this book. Step back now, spectre.” After the quick tongued Lord Farlow was done speaking to Dominic, he snapped his head back towards Amanda; whom he shocked by acknowledging her.

“I shall not be fucking moved.” Amanda snarled at the man.

“Well then.” Farlow still had he’s palms facing Amanda. “Ignius volare spectrum.” Lord Farlow chanted, Amanda flew into the fall, disappearing through it, only to crawl back and slump to the floor.

“How did you do that?!” Everyone ask, Dominic clenched his fist and charged Lord Farlow. “Dominic, wait.” Samantha called out. Amanda closed her eyes, she knew this would happen.

As Dominic came close to Farlow, the man began another chant. “Ignius volare mortale.” This time Farlow just flicked his wrist and Dominic flew toward his friends. “Petty, I can sense that you came from an important bloodline.” Lord James Farlow grinned.

Reaching into his blazer’s pocket; Farlow produced a card and touched it on the sensors of the electronic device; opening the bullet proof glass case and he then he took the book. “I shall be off now, out of my way.” Farlow approached the students but sighed when they did not part for him. “The youth.” He muttered under his breath. “Ignius volare mortale.” He chanted, this time he had to aim his palm at the students, before they were all moaning in pain; on the ground.

“Ah, fuck.” Samantha yelled. Everyone struggled to get up, save for Damian; who spent a few seconds on his knees, with his palms on the floor. Finally he rose up, his iris was glowing red, and his face was straight with rage. Farlow was taken back by this sight.

recipit stultus verba profertis, Ignius” Damian’s voice rose in volume but greatly deepened, everyone was caught in awe, especially Amanda. Farlow flew back a couple of inches but the book flew towards Damian.

“Another warlock, a nice change I suppose.” Lord Farlow rotated his neck. The group all smiled as they saw the middle age man beaten back by their friend.

Lord Farlow cleared his throat as he started his next chant. “Ignius cadent veneficus.” A blue beam of lighting shot from his palm and hit Damian, who fell on his knees.

“argg.” Damian groaned in pain, his friends approached him to give aid, but the lighting prevented this. Finally Amanda rose up and came to Damian’s side but she too was unsuccessful due to the lighting. Farlow then run up to Damian and kicked him hard in the chest, the young man fell. Farlow was standing other Damian and pointed his hand once more at the lad, “gustus ignis irrumator praetor” this time, fire shot from Farlow’s palms and hit him; causing his leather jacket to smoulder, burn and melt off “Ahh, it hurts.” Damian cried out, everyone’s heart sunk but Farlow did not care.

Lord Farlow began to alternate with the lighting spell and the fire spell, one for his hand; every time Damian’s cries and scream got louder. Dominic could not take it anymore, he charged Farlow and tackled him, but could not hold him down, Tabitha ran and gave a side kick followed by a back kick; knocking Farlow against the wall. The man managed to dodge Tabitha’s next attacks.

“Ahh yes I admire your training in the martial arts, but it will not save you today.” Farlow got out of the way and began to chant the lighting spell. As Samantha and Amanda helped Damian, the young student reached for the book and touched it. A vision of four worlds colliding filled his mind. Once more Damian stood up.

Shaking off, those who helped him up. “Tabitha, Dominic, move out of the way.” Damian spoke quietly; Lord Farlow gave him his attention; allowing Tabitha and Dominic to get to safety. Damian began his next enchantment. He looked master Farlow deep in his eyes, “Mater tua et domus patris tui criceta redoluit bacarum” Damian spouted two large black wings, both Amanda and Farlow knew what this could have meant.

“Impossible”, Farlow said. “A descendant of the dark one.” He continued.

“Whose child started his blood line?” Amanda wondered.

Lord Farlow staggered back in fear. As Damian continued the enchantment. “Ite et vos parabola vel secundo … Ignius.” Damian’s wing disappeared as Lord Farlow flew against the wall, the concrete began to move and sprout, two hands made out of cement rose from the walls and grabbed hold of Farlow’s wrists, as the man was knocked out.

Damian collapse; everyone came to his aid. “What happened? Damian asked.”

“You’re a wizard, Harry. Ha-ha.” Dominic joked, Amanda, Tabitha and Samantha all slapped him on his head.

“Ha, I don’t have glasses. Can I borrow your, Tabitha?” Damian joked back, in a faint voice

After being helped back to his feet, Damian observed the cement hands crumble and release the unconscious Lord Farlow.

“Who knew rich CEO could be such evil people.” Dominic joked again.

Tabitha smiled. “You would be surprise.” She replied.

Amanda (IV)

As the group proceeded to walk out, Amanda spotted something queer and strange, yet very familiar to her. A crate, its paneling was splintered during the battle and a golden form seemed to shine out. “Hang on, comrades.” She said, before rushing to the dismantle the wood. Dominic walked over to help out, as did Tabitha and then Samantha. Damian hobbled over but was able to do very little.

A gold sarcophagus lay underneath the wooden crate; it was in form of a winged warrior goddess. “Oh.” Amanda wept. “Oh my. That’s my body inside.” She continued as a few tear came to her eyes. Touching a golden mask, she whispered. “This was Nymernina’s.”

“Oh my god.” I remember this. It was taking off display, ten years ago.” Tabitha said to Amanda as they both touched the resplendent gold casing. “I saw this as a kid; it inspired me to study in this field.” Tabitha finished off.

“Yeah, same here.” Damian and Samantha both added.

“I err—yeah, was inspired by you as well.” Dominic butted in. Amanda’s face blushed as it was filled with pride. She spoke to the group. “I’m glad I inspired you guy.” Amanda said; giving a hard smile. “But, I need your help, I need my body to me buried at once, it I the only way I can get a new one.” She spoke to the group.

Damian observed the lock on the sarcophagus and rummaged through the pockets of his smouldered leather jacket, and pulled out the box that he found Amanda in. He then looked at the ghostly Amanda and raised his eyebrows, hoping that she will give him instructions. Amanda smiled and did just that. “Twist the bottom and you will feel the middle section unstiffen, then you press the middle section and the box opens.” Damian followed her instructions; first the twisting and then pressing the button. The twelve sided box open up; each lid flap was in shape of an isosceles triangle. Damian looks at a twelve point star on the sarcophagus and worked out that the box’s lid had to fit in there. Twisting count-clock wise, he that no luck, so it did it clock wise and finally, a blade of pressurized shot from the golden casket.

Before the lid was removed, Amanda quickly grabbed the mask that sat on the face of the sarcophagus. “This belonged to my friend; she came from the part of world where they buried their royals in these.” Amanda said, as more fragments of her past came to her.

“Hang on; I got something in my jeep that can help move your body.” Tabitha doubled back to her vehicle.

Lilith (I)

A few hours after Amanda’s old body was buried, Lord James Farlow returned to the cult’s ‘house.’ Tired, bruised and undoubtedly ashamed. Next to his son, he knelt before Lilith, she was disappointed in him, and he knew it.

“Mistress, I beg your forgiveness. The boy, he has powers, he seem— to.” Lord Farlow paused, and then leaned into Lilith. “He seems to be descended from the dark one’s seed.” Farlow continued, his voice became more quitter but deeper and the same time.

“Well that makes sense; Tenebris did impregnate some woman before his was vanquished from your world.” Lilith stopped to think. “But I wonder which whore he started that blood line with.”

Farlow was relieved when he saw that Lilith was busy pondering. “Perhaps she understands and will show mercy.” He thought to himself. Clearing his throat he spoke again. “You see, he was more powerful than expect, but next time I shall get him, gratitude for your forgiveness and understanding.” He blurted out before kissing Lilith’s toes. He’s son; Lord J Farlow JR, turned his head, he was furious and disappointed with his father, and could not stand him grovelling.

“Who said I was showing you mercy.” Lilith said. As soon as she finished her sentence, the older James Farlow paused and raised his head in confusion. “Up, you two.” Lilith brought both men to their feet.

“Mistress?” Lord Farlow was scared and confused; he finally knew that it felt like to be on the opposite ends on the table.

“While you were out, suffering a humiliating defeat, your son to retrieve artefacts from the depths of an old orcish ruin.” Farlow looked at his son, confused, but Farlow Jr returned a smug smile. “So I will see if the new generation can excel the old. Out with the old, in with the new. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Every dog has—it’s…” Lilith was interrupted by Farlow

“But mistress, what of me?” The former cult leader whimpered.

“Well then, if you can’t fight like a man, I guess you must be fucked like a woman.” Lilith replied. Lord James Farlow Junior moved back and to the side, his father looked back at him, wondering why. A group of five men arrived in the room, all silent. “First I take back the powers I graced you with.” Lilith pointed her hand at Farlow and from her finger tips came red and black beams of lighting.

“Ahh, fuck.” Farlow screamed as his borrowed powers were being yanked from his body and soul, on his knees he felt when the extraction was completed; he was a sweating, heavy breathing mess. “My powers, mistress, I’m sorry. I will rectify my mistake; I am a man of my word. ” He pleaded with his hands pressed tightly together.

“A man no more.” Farlow junior sniggered; his father snapped his head at him.

“What did you say, boy?” Lord Farlow was furious at the insolence of his son.

“He is right. A man no more.” Lilith said before shooting another beam of lighting from her tips, this time a red large aura appeared around Farlow. He screamed but what every was happening to him appeared as a blur however, it was possible to see his hair grow incredibly lord and his clothe seemed to tear and deflate. When all the light shows were over, Farlow was handed a mirror.

He could not believe his eyes, dropping the mirror upon what had happen to him, causing the mirror shattered.

“Ouch, that’s going to be seven years bad luck.” Lilith joked. Farlow felt his chest; where that was hard pectoral muscles there were now big firm breasts, where there was a manly jawline there was a slightly more feminine chin and facial features, where there was a good lengthen penis there was now a tight untouched vagina, where there came booming and yet eloquent voice; only emitted a soft woman like voice, however the voice remained eloquent, so not all was lost.

“I’m—I’m a woman.” Farlow was also taken back by his new voice. He/she stood up; barely filling the clothes. Lilith turns back Farlow’s age a few decades as well as switching his sex.

“I can only perform this trick once in a blue moon, your timing could not have been better.” Lilith gloated and marvelled at her work. “Well, now you will ‘serve’ the men who worked for you. Take her away, boys and remember to have fun.” Lilith signalled then men to come forward. Farlow was not having any of this; he/she struck Lilith across the face, but was barely able to touch her, as Farlow Jr grabbed his former father’s fist and jaws.

“Do not strike the mistress; face the fact that after serving all the men here, you will be sent to the lowest brothels on the planet to live out your failure for the rest of your life.” Farlow Jr was very aggressive as he spoke to his ex-dad.

“I am your father! Speak to me with respect.” The former Lord Farlow demanded.

“My father is not a woman, yet along a whore.” Farlow Jr replied whilst slipping his hands down the trousers of the former Lord Farlow, who tried her best to go against Junior’s actions but found no success; instead he/she just closed her eyes and let her son do what he wanted. This was short lived, as Farlow Junior threw his former father towards the men, who grabbed her and dragged her away, with her trousers slowly slipping off. He/she began shouting; at first it was in anger but later it was of sorrow and pleading.

Taking a knee, Farlow Junior, summited to his mistress, before kissing her feet. “I am yours to command. I shall return victorious or dead on my shield.” He pledged.

Lilith smiled. “Arise, young Farlow.” Staring deep in his eyes she brushed over his hair and grabbed it violently at the back, and then she kissed him. “The younger generation are the future.” Lilith said after they stopped kissing and placed their foreheads together.


“I was so beautiful back then.” Amanda sighed, as she bid her old body farewell, but not before Damian emptied his leather jacket’s pockets and placed it over Amanda’s old body. “To keep you warm in the afterlife,” He told her, smiling.

“Don’t worry, Amanda. Everyone’s flesh turns to dust…” Tabitha said but was interrupted.

“But your soul will always be beautiful.” Dominic added.

“Aww. Thank you.” Amanda replied. A ghostly tear formed in Amanda’s eyes, I’m blessed to have new friends and comrades like you.” She then added.

Amanda looked at the gold mask she was holding as the last piece of dirt was buried on her new grave. The new burial gave her a lighter feeling.

One day had passed and across the globe, in a dingy room, Aisha lay slumped on a dirty mattress. To her left she saw a new girl sitting with her arms around her knees. “Hey, who are you.” She asked the girl. The girl raised her head. “Lord—I mean Jame—Jane… Jane F” She replied.

Aisha smiled. “Come on this, I think you need a hug.” She invites the girl onto the dirty mattress. “Are you new to this?” She asked another question.

Jane closed her eyes and replied “Not quite.” Before tucking her head into Aisha’s chest.

“Aww there, there. I arrived here just yesterday. I know how you feel.” She said to the girl. “But I know that at least one of the people responsible for bringing me here will get what they deserve. Karma.” She then added.

Jane F smiled. “Yeah … karma.”