Feature Writer: Left Hand Harrison
Feature Title: Demonette
Story Codes: TBA





Girls and women lit up under the street lights and in the headlights of their car. As the vehicle crawled by, they leaned forwards, making the most of their breasts and their fake smiles. The four lads inside peered out of the window at the heavily made up faces and the light, skimpy clothes.

‘Aren’t you cold, luv,’ the front passenger called.

‘Yeah,’ she called right back, ‘Wouldn’t you like to warm me up?’

He couldn’t think of a reply before she was behind them and the car driver was slowing down for a look at the next offering. So he just laughed loudly.

That laugh was starting to wear down the driver’s patience. It had seemed like a good idea when he had proposed that the four of them cruise around and find a prostitute, but the idea was obviously more novel to the three students than it was to him, because their nervous jokes and over-cooked cockiness was jarring badly. He wished he’d just sold them their gear and left them to it. Instead of staying and getting drunk with them. Now he felt miserably sober. He almost pulled over, looking at a woman, possibly in her early thirties, with big breasts. She leaned over to the side window and gave Steve, the one in the passenger seat a good view of them. She had nice hips and, as usual, bleached blonde hair and dark lipstick. ‘Looking for business,’ she asked?

‘Nah,’ said Steve, before anyone else could speak, ‘you’re a bit old for us.’ Gary- the driver – pulled away before the woman could actually spit through the window or something and watched her give them the finger in the mirror.

‘For Christsakes,’ he shouted. ‘Just what was wrong with her? Are you that scared of doing this or what?’ The two in the back seat kept quiet, not wanting to get involved. Besides, they were as nervous as Steve and none of them was quite as cool as they pretended to be.

‘She was a smack head,’ he replied sullenly.

‘They’re all fucking smack heads,’ shouted Gary. ‘Why do you think they do this? Now do you want to get laid tonight or don’t you?’ In all honesty, he was in the mood to call it a night and go home.

The students, Steve and the two in the back – Patrick and Abel, all reassured him that they really did want to do this though, so he continued on. Although, it was clear that Abel, a soft kid from a religious family was only trying to fit in.

And then almost at once, they all saw her. She was walking down the street as though she owned it – her confidence was the first thing that anyone noticed. But no-one could miss her beauty either. She was tall (perhaps 5’10”) and raised an inch or two higher by the well heeled, calf-boots she wore. From behind they could only see part of her figure, the toned thighs visible between the boots and a short leather coat, she looked around and gave them a glimpse of her face in profile. It was sublime. Fine-boned, but very strong, with very full lips and swept back black hair. Her skin looked dark in the orange street light, possibly asian, or in part at least. She turned to face them as they pulled up next to her.

The front of her coat was open, showing off a torso naked except for a lacy black bra. The bra was struggling to contain large full breasts, and the small dark nubs of the nipples could be seen through the thin mesh. Her stomach was small but softly rounded, and her hips were wide and gorgeous. Beneath the coat she wore a simple pair of black shorts, showing long, strong legs. Everything about her was feminine, like a template of everything a man could naturally want. Her body was a dancer’s, although more womanly than most. Even her slim pale neck was entrancing, but her face, framed by long eastern black hair, was a study in disturbing beauty. She had an exotic face. Perhaps middle-eastern, though hard to say. The mouth was wide with swollen lips, made up in a lush berry red and glistening moistly. The cheek bones were high and her forehead was broad. All of her visible skin was smooth and though pale, had a slight dark hue to it. Over her eyes, she wore dark, wrap-around sunglasses. The streetlights were reflected in them. As she leaned forward, her breasts fell towards them, showing off the ample cleavage. A crevice that each of the young men in the car ached to explore.

Before Steve could speak, Gary leaned across him and asked how much? The sunglasses looked into the car. ‘All o’ yer,’ she asked? Her voice was mid-range and smooth, though her accent was East End and jagged. Gary nodded – yes.

‘Two-hundred.’ She replied. Everyone in the car swallowed. But there was something about her. She was out of place here, despite the clothes and the voice and the confidence. In fact it was that confidence that made her different. The others were victims, but she was at home here.

‘How much have you got on you,’ demanded Gary. They counted and accumulated, while the whore ran her fingers up and down the edge of the passenger window. The students had sixty on them. Gary pulled out his wallet – results of the deal he’d done earlier and a few the day before. It came to a hundred and fifty. He grabbed the money from the other three and added it to his own and thrust it at the woman. ‘Get in,’ he said with a leer, ‘you’re ours…’

The woman squeezed into the back with Patrick and Abel, sitting between the two. Both the boys hearts began to beat faster as her almost entirely bare thighs pressed against them. They stared mesmerised at the dark area below her stomach, that alternately appeared then vanished with the passing of a street light. Patrick took the initiative and placed his hand nervously on her leg. The skin was as smooth as if it were silk and despite the surprising fitness of the woman, was just soft enough to be very feminine. The woman leaned back her head on the seat and licked her glossy lips. Abel watched as Patrick slid his hand further up the thigh until it was crossing the rough lycra of her shorts. His fingers slipped over the mound of her pussy and began exploring, pushing them lightly in between her labia and feeling the wet softness inside. Fuck – she was wet. Enjoying himself, he rubbed his index finger all over her clit and was rewarded with a deep sigh from the woman’s mouth.

He looked over at Abel and grinned. He inhaled, because their seemed to be a scent rising from her pussy. His eyes squinted for a moment. There was definitely a sharp scent in the car now, something slightly acrid but feminine, he put it out of his mind as he slipped his fingers as deep inside as the material would allow. Without looking at him, the woman reached a hand around the hesitant Abel’s neck and pulled him down into her cleavage, burying his face between her breasts. He resisted for a moment, unsure why, but then he found the warm softness of the big tits was inviting and the acrid, compelling scent of her overwhelmed him a little. Tentatively, he stuck his tongue down into the crevice and licked her. The same slightly sharp taste was on her skin too – a slight warm perspiration. He licked at it and found himself unable to resist doing it more.

In the front seats, Steve watched in the mirror as one of his friends fingered the pussy, and his other friend vigorously bobbed his head between the boobs of the near naked slut in the back seat. ‘Drive faster,’ he told Gary with a dry throat. Gary – whose dick was iron didn’t need to be told. And as he inhaled the scent of rising sex from the back of his car, he all but ceased to question why a woman as beautiful and sexual as this needed to survive by whoring herself out. The need to cum inside, on her, before her, any way at all, just so long as he could cum for her, was consuming him entirely.

The four men slammed the door to the flat open. They were desperate to cum and they needed the woman for it. She stalked into the flat as though she owned it, shrugging her coat off onto the floor. The men followed her in and then came to a halt as she turned around in front of them. Without hesitation, she reached up and unfastened her bra. The little black thing fell to the carpet, letting their heavy payload spring free. Her breasts were full and firm, jutting out proudly despite their size. Steve and Patrick ran forward and began fondling them. At the same time pulling off their clothes. Gary licked his lips obscenely and walked around behind her. In moment he was pulling off her skimpy shorts – she was naked underneath. Abel stared in fascination at her pussy. Despite how he had behaved tonight, he was a virgin and had not yet gone all the way with a girl, and now this! As he stared, a drop of cum formed between her legs and dripped into the carpet.

She reached down with either hand and felt for Patrick and Steve who were now naked and nuzzling her breasts. She seized their cocks in her hands and began pulling on them as though she were milking them. Behind her, Gary was also naked now, and slid his dick up from behind into her pussy. The length of his cock slid up and down, in and out of her. As it did so, her pussy began to pour with cum in a visible stream. She bent forward, so that she was leaning right over. Abel could see Gary’s face as he mounted her from behind. It was contorted with lust and hunger for pussy. He valued nothing more right now than his dick being satisfied with her cunt. Underneath her, the other two boys were on their knees, licking at her breasts whilst she milked their cocks with her hands.

Steve was utterly consumed now. Only a tiny fraction of his mind was still thinking. As he licked her breast and sucked on it, he was suddenly startled by a jet of hot liquid into his mouth. Hungrily he sucked harder, licking at the nipple. As he did so, he thought how large her nipple was, and how soft, and then it seemed like his tongue was going somehow deeper into the breast. And he recognized the taste of the liquid in his mouth. She was cumming through her breasts. He was too hooked on the taste and the scent of her to stop though, and he couldn’t pull away from her hand as it did that thing to his penis. In fact he didn’t think he could physically pull away from her. It felt like her hand was sucking at his cock, and it was drenching it too.

Abel stared in mingled lust and horror at what he was seeing. In her wrists, splits appeared, like tiny little pussies and as she slid her hands up and down their dicks, the heads of them pushed against the tiny labia, getting them wet. And then they were pushing them selves into them, and she was fucking them with the open wrists whilst her fingers stroked and massaged their balls. And her breasts opened up into two more pussies, there in the center of the perfect globes. And his two friends were thirstily licking them out for the juices they offered. Abel was horrified by the throbbing need he felt in his own dick. And behind her, humping furiously, his will now completely absorbed, Gary’s face was like an animal’s. He slobbered and dribbled on her back as he panted and then began licking her spine, the bumps of which rose down her back. As he licked at one, it too softened and then spilt, like a ripe plum, into another pussy. Irresistibly, he began mouth fucking it, whilst he continued to screw her from behind. Rapidly, pussies began to appear all down her back in a line. He rubbed against all of them as he humped.

Still, Abel held back in terror at what he saw, but the scent of her was filling the room and it’s bitter, sulfurous smell was making his head spin. He began to back away from the orgiastic monster that seemed to be sucking the men into itself towards the door. But her head, which was still pretty and normal stared at him from behind the glasses. Under the woman’s will, the two men being either side of her, fucking her wrists, lifted their hands to either side of her face and lifted her glasses from her. Abel gasped in terror, but he was transfixed. He felt his will drain out of him.

She opened her mouth and said some words. It was no language that he recognized, but some part of him understood her command. He quickly removed his clothes and knelt before her. By now she was lying down on the floor. Gary was lying upon her, his cheek pressed against her back which was now a map of tiny sucking pussies and little trembling clitorises. It seemed that they were pulling at the flesh of his cheek, as his idiot mouth drooled over, Abel noticed that little tendrils of the woman’s flesh was growing into his mouth. Steve and Patrick were already buried under the woman and it seemed as though their groins grew straight into the stubs of the woman’s arms. Fingers grew from the base waving like sea anemones.

Still hypnotized by her eyes, Abel knelt down in front of her. Her berry red lips parted and a tongue the length of his penis slid out. It licked up the shaft of his cock, sending tremors of sick pleasure through his body. It flicked down again over his scrotum, lifting them upon itself and cupping them as though it were a hand, sliding them down towards her lips. Except her lips were no longer there. The lower half of her face had sealed up and then split again vertically, to form a large pussy out of which her tongue slid out and around his cock. The scarlet member had grown even longer now and coiled around his penis as though it were a snake. It alternately constricted and released sending spasms of pleasure through him.

Behind her, Gary came, spurting his cum into her. His eyes rolled up into his head as he did. The woman’s body trembled, all the tiny clitorises waving in ecstasy and the pussy’s gaping hungrily. The tongue pulled his cock down, almost painfully and towards the pussy it came out of. The sensation was incredible. He felt his balls engage, readying to cum. Part of his mind was screaming but he couldn’t fight it. He needed to cum. He had to cum. The tongue was pulsating and pumping his cock to draw the cum out of him and the soft labia of her face were enveloping his penis, sucking them into her. His swollen cock couldn’t hold it back any longer. His balls pulsed and his groin spasmed as he spurted all his cum into the creature. He felt a painful sucking as it was taken from him. Beneath her, one of the others came at the same time.

For a moment, her eyes closed in pleasure. In that instant, her control was loosened. Abel pulled backwards, clambered to his feet and ran for the door. He was down the stairs in seconds and then out onto the street. He was still naked. He looked up at the house he’d come from. At the sole light in the window. And then the light clicked off.

He didn’t stop running for quite sometime.


Jill decided to take a shower. She’d been at her wits end since the early hours of this morning, when her son, Abel, had returned unexpectedly from University in a state of shock. She’d stayed up with him, holding him while he shivered and stared and refused to say what had happened to him. Finally, she’d put him to bed and he’d slept until lunch, while she fretted. He’d been better by day, but as it grew darker he’d become nervous and scared again. Finally, around ten o’clock, he drifted off to sleep, although he’d wanted the light left on. Something she thought he’d grown out of by the time he was nine. She peered in to check that he was still asleep and then clicked it off, before heading for the shower.

As she stripped, she revealed a body that was very attractive. Although she was thirty-three now (she’d had Abel when she was scandalously young and disgraced her well-to-do family), her body was still firm and well proportioned. She did yoga and went to the gym three times a week. It had given her curves that looked fantastic on her small, 5’5″ frame. Large breasts still hung pertly on her chest and her waist narrowed nicely before filling out into a nice pair of hips. Her hair had been black, but she had (again scandalising her conservative family) dyed it blonde. She unfastened it from the clips that held it in place and let it fall down to her shoulders in wavy curls. She turned the shower on full, and opened the bathroom window a little, to let the steam out before stepping in.

The hot water streaming down her naked body helped her relax. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting the water trickle down over and between her breasts. She reached out and squirted some shower gel into her hand and began soaping her breasts and down over her belly. After the long day, she finally began to untense.

In his room across the hall, Abel muttered and turned in his sleep, disturbed by a vivid nightmare. In it, he was somewhere dark, naked and hot, and a tall, dark-haired woman was with him.

Jill began by sliding her soapy hands over body, briskly and efficiently at first, then gradually more slowly, moving towards her belly and her pelvis. In his dreams, the tall woman was dressed in some dark cloth wrapping, like a woman in an ancient city, with (he knew in his dream), nothing beneath. Jill’s hand began sliding lightly over the mound of her pussy. The dream woman came towards him and he couldn’t move away. He could hear the rustle of the loose thin cloth over her naked breasts and the swish of her bare thighs against each other. Jill’s fingers slipped briefly inside her labia, brushing her clitoris and sending a jolt of needed pleasure up her spine. The woman had long dark hair and exotic, dangerous features. Her eyes were heavily made up with azure blue make-up and dark kohl., but there was something about her eyes in the dream that he couldn’t quite remember. Something terrible. His mother’s fingers slipped in and out of her pussy now, moving slowly and rhythmically against her G-spot, each stroke driving her to do it a little more wildly. Hoping that her son was still asleep, she let out a little moan. The woman reached forward and ran a gold painted fingernail down his chest, along his groin and onto his balls. She cupped them in her hand and pulled him towards her. He took a step forward, close to her, she gazed at him, eye to eye and he felt his will faltering. In his dream he could smell her, a dark, musky, sulphurous scent that made him dizzy. He felt unbearably hot and weak and he wanted her. More than any other woman he’d ever looked at in life or in a photo, he wanted her to take him. She leaned in close to him, brushing her painted lips against his ear and whispered to him. ‘Where are you?’ Her voice was strong but very soft. Her fingers stroked his balls very lightly.

‘Here,’ he croaked, ‘I’m here.’

Jill paused in masturbating herself. Had she heard a noise? She glanced out of the shower cubicle at the window. There had been the sound of something there. She listened, a beat of air came as if from wings. Perhaps an owl, she thought? But she was too aroused to stop. She continued playing with herself, her fingers rubbing the clitoris and diving in and out of her vagina. In her fantasies, which were a whirling image of penises and broad chests, a woman interposed herself. She continued masturbating as the images flew through her mind faster and faster. Men and women, pornographic images of penetration and fingers rubbing breasts. And increasingly images of women. She’d never been with a woman before. Only ever kissed a female friend once when drunk.

She fantasized about another woman as she plunged a second finger inside. She pictured a tall, taller than her, dark-haired beauty with a strong figure and large breasts. She imagined the woman taking her in her arms and pulling her close into a deep lingering kiss, their two bodies naked in the shower together and their breasts pressing together. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t see the tall, dark-haired figure waiting outside the frosted glass of the cubicle. Unconsciously, she breathed in the scent of the stranger, and then inhaled more deeply. Her fantasies became more vivid, she could almost feel the sensation of the other woman’s touch. In his dreams, Abel paused in agony as the woman pulled away from him and then he saw that the woman had another with her. He realized that it was his mother, naked. She was so attractive, so fit and full.

The woman stepped into the shower cubicle, standing in behind Jill and pressing forward slightly. Her belly pushed against Jill’s back, the hot water streaming down both of them. Jill moaned at the sensation, unsure whether it was real or imagined. Abel watched as the woman pulled his mother’s breast up in one hand from behind and leaned in and licked the arc of her neck. Jill moaned again more deeply at the grazing of teeth on her neck and the feel of the woman’s hips against her buttocks, her pussy rubbing against her tailbone, and her breasts pushed against her back. It began to rain heavily, but the rain was hot and Abel’s cock rose up hard and needy as the woman placed her hand over his mother’s furiously masturbating one and slid one drenched finger down towards the pussy.

Jill lent her head back on the woman’s shoulder, Jill’s breasts standing out prominently in the rain as she tilted backwards. The woman slid a long finger inside his mother and began to stroke her inside. Jill gasped with pleasure, her body relaxed, falling into the taller woman’s, who seemed to take her weight easily. Even though it was his mother, the sight of the two women making love pushed Abel over the edge. His body was burning up and sweating with desire. He longed to touch his cock, to provide himself with some release, but a sudden flick of the woman’s gaze towards him froze him still. Jill’s mouth hung open, salivating and panting, rain running down her face as she came close to cumming. The dark woman’s fingers were a blur and her other hand kneaded Jill’s breasts. Jill felt her lower regions explode with fire as she came and the sensation rocketed up her spine and shook her with convulsions. She felt her mind give way under the pleasure and the smell of her new mistress. She came and came and every time she did, she knew that she became more and more the slave of this woman.

Finally, the woman released her and she slid down to the ground at the other woman’s feet. The woman looked around now at Abel who shook, though whether with desire or fear he could no longer tell. The woman bent down and hooked a fingernail under his mother’s chin docilely allowing her head to be raised and guided between the woman’s thighs. The woman was now standing opposite Abel and his mother’s back end was thrust towards him as she nuzzled at her mistress’s pussy. It wriggled back and forth, the lips of her own pussy visible as she went at her task. Abel was horrified to realize that he was still hard. The woman beckoned towards him with a crooked finger. Helplessly he walked forwards, despite this bringing him at crotch level, almost with his mother’s backside. He looked down at his mother’s head and almost threw up.

The woman’s pussy had been streaming with cum, and traces of it were still on the cheeks of his mothers pretty face, but as she had drunk it up, refusing to let even a few drops of it go astray if she could, something obscene had happened. As if her flesh had become malleable in the solution, her mouth was fused with the woman’s sex. Her cheeks simply grew and stretched straight into the groin. He watched her swallow. Her eyes were open but unfocused. She looked lost in pleasure. He hated to think what that cum would be doing to her inside her as it suffused through her brain.

He steeled all the will he had, focusing on the wrongness of it all. If this was his dream then he could control it, but when he spoke, his voice didn’t sound half as strong as he’d meant it to.

‘Let us go,’ he said. The woman raised a perfect eyebrow and licked her lips.

‘You’re a strong one,’ she replied. ‘Are you a…’ she hesitated, searching for a word, ‘magician?’

‘No,’ he said, ‘but I know what you are – you’re the Devil, aren’t you?’

She stared at him in slight surprise, then shook her head. ‘No, but when He led us in our rebellion against the Host, I was there. I am one of the first ones, son of Adam. There are some few of us free still.’

‘Let my mother go.’

‘You are strong to still be thinking your own thoughts, but don’t assume you could overcome me. I could break you now and have you mate with her if I chose.’ Abel swallowed nervously. Deep down, he suspected that she could. His raging hard penis seemed to think so.

‘But I don’t want to break you. You’re useful to me as you are. Arrange transport for sunset tomorrow, wear whatever is appropriate for a banquet and find something suitable for me also. I will come here.’

‘What about my mother,’ he asked, looking at the naked figure of her writhing on the ground moaning in pleasure.

‘I will release her, if you obey me tomorrow.’ The woman stepped over his mother up close to him. He could smell her sulphurous odour and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the evil beauty of her face. She smiled, and though he tried not to look at her eyes, she lifted his face to look at her.

‘I like it that you resist me,’ she murmured, ‘when all your friends fell so quickly. It’s that strength that I can use. But it deserves a reward, and a warning too.’ Her hand dropped to his penis, still swollen and needy. Her fingers stroked his balls and then curled around the stem of his cock. Firmly, but slowly, she began to masturbate him, whilst fixing him with her eyes. He moaned with desire and need. There was nothing in his world except her face, her fingers and the hot rain falling on them both.

‘I wont force you, child,’ she said. ‘You will give yourself to me in your own time, simply because that is what the deepest part of you wants to do. I am of a different order of power to you, and you long to belong to me. It is the nature of things.’ His cock was being pumped furiously now, his balls were full and he knew that he was about to cum as he never had before. He couldn’t fight his body’s desires, no matter how much he ought to. She walked around behind him, never stopping pumping his cock. She pressed her lips against his ears, they were wet from the rain, and she whispered – ‘Do you want to cum?’

‘Please don’t,’ he begged.

‘Do you want to cum?’


‘Wouldn’t you like to cum for me?’


‘Aren’t you my pet, to cum for me when I wish?’

‘Uh…,’ he gasped.

‘Can you feel it about to spurt out of you?


‘Wouldn’t you like it to be sucked from your dick?’

‘YES,’ he cried!

‘Do you want the cum sucked from your dick?’


‘Wake up,’ she whispered.

Abel woke, to find himself in the shower stall. His balls contracted and shot the cum through the stem of his dick. He looked down to see his mother naked on her knees before him, her blonde hair wet against her back and her lips wrapped around his cock. He came, yelling with the pressure as the cum shot from his cock into her mouth. He collapsed back against the shower wall. ‘No – don’t,’ he gasped. But his mother threw back her head and visibly swallowed his cum down. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy as it trickled down her throat.

Abel sobbed in shock and relief. He lay on the bathroom floor, and Jill, on all fours came out after him. A tiny dribble of his cum came from the corner of her mouth. She crawled up to where he lay and nuzzled at his cock. Finding it spent, she just gave it a fond lick and crawled up next to him. As she wrapped herself around him, he recalled the woman’s words. “A reward and a warning.” This had been both. Abel looked at the bathroom window that hung wide open above him, and shivered.



The rain poured on London. It exploded against the tiles of terraced houses and drummed like thunder on giant gas drums over Battersea. Torrents of the stuff shucshed through gutters and deafened the capital with a steady roaring hiss that it had kept up for hours already. High (very high) above the city, exposed fully (because she was naked) to the rain, and uncaring as she reclined against the pyramid roof of canary wharf – was the fugitive. She. Her. One of the very few of the First Created Ones still free in this world.

She neither shivered nor shielded herself as she lay and watched the storm cloud rush by above and the same wind that drove them whipped her long dark hair about like the serpents and drove the rivulets of water over her pale skin, across her full breasts, her slightly rounded belly and over her vagina. She sensed (impossible to see in this) the Sun sinking below the horizon and stirred for the first time since dawn.

She stood up fully and stepped lightly onto the wall around the roof. She had no need to stretch or work the kinks out of her body. Though she looked fully human her flesh was of a different order – a predatory organism. She looked like a woman, perhaps mid-twenties in appearance. Tall (at about 5’10”) and possessing an extraordinary and very beautiful face. It was of a perfect, angular type, high cheek bones and delicate forehead. The symmetry was perfect and the lips were of a lethal exactness and dark as rubies. The long black hair whipped about her, though it would otherwise fall to the middle of her elegant back, the bumps of her spine just noticeable beneath the skin. Her legs were very long and rose to a shapely, firm bottom. She was utterly naked. Letting the wind catch her, she tumbled from the ledge and fell. And then swooped down into the city, like a hawk spotting prey.


Abel’s life was a nightmare. Not for the first time that day did a voice in his mind ask him if he were going mad? Another moan came from upstairs – his mother. He dared not give her anymore sleeping pills but he couldn’t bear to go upstairs and see her. Just the scent of him seemed to set her off. Worse, though he didn’t dare to admit it even to himself, was that last night seemed to have erased any understanding on the part of his body that she was out of bounds. This morning he had woken in her bed, wrapped up with her as if they were lovers. The thought of her breasts laying softly on his chest and her long hair tickling at his neck made him shiver. There was still something of his mother in that body, and he prayed that she could be restored, but it seemed that she had been overtaken by a lust for him that precluded any other thoughts. But he loved her – and that made the situation all the more complicated for him, and the bond made her, in a way, even more desirable than the creature that had done this to her.

The creature he had thought of her as today, but at other times, he couldn’t help but think of her as a woman. Despite the nightmare of two nights ago when she had dissolved and shifted before his eyes into that heaving grotesque of pussy and flesh. Last night she had seemed more solid and fixed than he did himself – a tall and stunning raven haired beauty. Once again he found her filling his mind. The strange Arabian face with the pale ivory skin and the berry-red lips. And something about her eyes, something that he didn’t dare to remember yet, if at all. Suddenly he snapped himself out of it and found that another hour had passed. Her hold on his mind seemed to be growing as night approached. It was dark in the outside now, the orange street lights were coming on. He drew the curtains and went upstairs to check on his mother. As he did, he stroked the dress that hung over the door- the dove-grey material was soft as rabbit fur and smooth as skin. He hoped it was suitable for her – it had cost him most of his student loan for the year.

Prising open the door a little, he peered in on his mother. He swallowed dryly as he saw that she had pulled all her covers down again and lay writhing slightly, naked on the sheets. He entered quietly, dreading that she might wake, and lifted the covers over her again. The thin duvet did not conceal the shape of her however. He was all too conscious of the attractive figure underneath. She was breathing hard and her breasts rose and fell behind the material. Her dyed blonde hair was a mess and she sweated slightly in her dreams. He lay a hand across her forehead to gauge if she had a temperature. At his touch, she stirred again and moved her lips. He couldn’t tell if she were trying to speak. He bent over her, holding his ear close to her lips, close enough to feel her hot breath on it. It would be so easy, he thought – just to turn his face and kiss her – one kiss wouldn’t lead to any harm…

There was a sound behind him and he jumped in fear to find he wasn’t alone in the room. Standing in the doorway, a dark naked silhouette in the landing light, was the woman from the night before – the one who had done this to them both.

She was as he remembered her – tall for a woman, and with the figure of a statue, athletic and womanly both. She looked like the template which mortal women were cut from. He shivered again at the realisation that in a way, she might be. Her hair was long, wild and gypsy dark. Her posture was that of a princess or a Pharoah’s mistress. Her features were as exotic and powerful too.

When his heart had stopped pounding so hard, he was able to speak again, “I have the clothes you wanted.”

“Good,” she replied, “show me.” She stood aside to let him past and followed him as he led her downstairs. He was conscious of her nakedness as she walked behind him the whole way. He’d never, no never, seen a woman more aptly described as beautiful. One thing marred the vision – across her eyes, she wore a strip of muslin like a blindfold. Presumably it was thin enough to see through, or else she had other senses, but it left only the barest shadow of the dark eyes behind it. Part of him was relieved and part of him was disappointed. And part of him was curious, but it wasn’t a curiosity he intended to satisfy.

He handed her the dress, unable to resist staring at her breasts. Firm but very large, they adorned her muscular body. She stood straight with no need to thrust them out. Their effect was hypnotic. She dropped the dress over herself, and slid into it perfectly. She looked possibly even more fetching in the dress than she had naked, for although she lost none of the dangerous strength that she gave off, it was now complemented by the elegant sophistication of the outfit. The effect was like a hawk or falcon – dangerous and untamed, but sleek and proud too. He tried to remind himself of what she had done to his friends, and what she had done to his mother – but she was so mesmerizingly beautiful. And there was a faint scent about her also, that made it hard to concentrate…

She seemed to realize this – “Are you losing your mind to me already,” she asked? “Then perhaps you will do what I want without my having to give back your mother.”

The thought of what she’d done brought everything back again, and a deep anger hardened inside Abel. He would not let her take his mind as she had so many others. He was stronger than they were – he knew it. And he knew that perhaps she’d provoked this in him right now because she needed him to be independent for some reason, but he was still determined not to let her master him.

He stiffly passed her the shoes that he had bought to go with the dress then left to change himself. He re-emerged some minutes later dressed in a dinner-jacket. He glanced at himself in the hall mirror and had to admit that he looked good. The stern, resolute look on his face seemed only to add a maturity to his youthful face that quite suited him. A pity that the circumstances were so terrible. It took only a few minutes for the taxi to arrive. When the woman, or whatever she was, emerged from the house, her strong, full figure wrapped tightly in the expensive grey evening dress, the driver visibly did a double take. She had swapped the semi-blindfold for a pair of thin dark glasses and there was nothing about her that gave away what she really was, but she still possessed a beauty that was unearthly. He held the door open and she slipped elegantly inside.

The most surreal thing however, was when she gave the gawping driver the address. It seemed wrong somehow, that whatever she was, as ancient and powerful a being as she, should be able to deal with such mundane and real concepts as looking up a street name or taking a cab. And yet, whatever the extent of her power, or how very ancient she might be, she clearly had no problem in playing the role of a modern woman, even if her language was sometimes a little stilted. Perhaps it was necessary for now, Abel thought. She had the nature and power of a young Queen, yet she blackmailed him into serving her, had him arrange a taxi when he’d have expected her to have a chauffeured car at her command. A deposed monarch, then, lost her kingdom somehow, but still hungry for power and confident of getting it. There was more going on here than he understood, and he wondered what role he had to play in it.

The address was an expensive looking set of offices near Canary Wharf. Most of the top-floor lights were still on. When the taxi was sent away (unpaid he noticed), they were left standing just a little down the street from the entrance. She turned to him and before he could react, took his chin in her fingers and held him steady looking at the dark glass of her shielded eyes. Her fingers were smooth and inflexible as marble, but so hot it felt like flames had hold of his face.

“Now listen to what you must do and understand it.” Abel could not even nod in her steady grip. “I cannot enter there until you have opened the way for me. Nor can any person or animal that I have enslaved directly. You however – you do this willingly to help your mother. There is nothing to bar you. When you get in there, you must find a set of sigils. They are in an office on the top floor, but they will be concealed. You have minor gifts – you will be able to find them. You must deface them, disrupt them. Then I will enter.”

“I can’t do this,” he said. “I need to know what you’re going to do.”

“No you don’t. You just need a greater incentive. Clearly, love of your mother is not a strong enough reason.”

He began to protest that it was but she cut him off. She stepped back and stood before him, legs slightly apart hands on her hips. The pose emphasized her figure and her impressive breasts, smooth, firm and large beneath the soft grey dress. She smiled a naughty smile and suddenly she seemed just like a gorgeous and friendly girl, up for some fun. Her long legs were toned and her hips tilted to the side. Abel blinked and tried to understand how his perception of her had suddenly altered.

“I’ve seen what happens to your lovers,” he replied, but even as he said it, it seemed silly. She was so beautiful and sexy. He tried to look away.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” she said, “not if you are strong, which you are. Besides, I’ll have all that I need in a little while.” She took a step towards him and pecked him on the cheek. Her lips were soft as crushed satin and burned like fire. “How about it,” she asked? “Your mother well again, and you and I will make a night of it afterwards? You’re stronger than you realize, fighting me. You have earned my respect. Serve me well, now, and I promise you a fair reward. Deal?”

Confused and aroused, how could he refuse?

There was a security guard at the door. The woman went up to the guard and exchanged a few words. After a moment, he stepped out of the doorway to look at something she pointed at. The moment he stepped out of the doorway, she laid her hand on his cheek and whispered something in his ear. It was if his mind had been sucked out of him, and he fell instantly to his knees. Abel approached at her gesture. The guard’s face was that of dribbling contentment as she absent-mindedly stroked his head. Abel found himself perversely aroused by the ease with which she had seduced the guard. He wondered how much he was really fighting off her power and how much she was just allowing him freedom. With a tilt of her head she indicated he should go through the doorway. Just as he did so, as if she were reading his thoughts, she stopped him with a hand on his chest. He could feel the heat of it through his shirt.

“He’s very weak,” she said.”You are much much harder to control.” She must be able to read people perfectly, he thought, to understand what he was thinking and to work out that this would make him feel more confident again. Her hand slid down his front and came to rest on his dick, feeling it stiffen under the cloth. He gasped as she gave it the slightest pull, “but don’t forget what I’m offering.” He nodded, afraid to speak to her when she was this close in case his voice gave out. She let him go and he stepped into the building.

The moment that he stepped over the threshold he felt different – more clear-headed, but also like he had lost something. She was gone from his mind. He looked back through the doorway and there was no sign of her. He couldn’t admit it to himself, but he he wanted her back. True – she was evil and inhuman, but she was also the embodiment of everything he could want. And she had offered… He shook his head again, he had only one task to perform and then he would be free of her and his mother wouldn’t… want… he shook his head again. Focus he told himself.

There was no sign of anyone else in the lobby, nor any sign where to go. The lights had been on at the top floor however, so he decided that was a good place to start. When the lift doors opened he jumped back as he found that the corridor was full of people. When he realized that there was no going back however, he stepped out and tried not to look nervous. Fortunately no-one paid him much attention. There was the mother of all office parties going on here, albeit of an obviously a managerial one, maybe shareholders. Most people were in expensive looking clothes and drinking champagne. A few people gave him curious looks as he walked past him, perhaps wondering who he was here with. He was just old enough to get away with being someone’s partner, perhaps.

A tall blonde in a svelte blue evening dress gave him a smile as he passed her in the doorway. Her pupils were drunkenly wide as she looked at him. She didn’t quite move aside as he passed so that her breasts beneath the velvet brushed against him. His pelvis felt awfully hot all of a sudden. He looked back and she was still smiling at him. She had an incredible figure and he realized she was probably very drunk indeed. Looking around he realized that there were a lot of very attractive women here.

The men, for the most part weren’t in the same league. The decor and location of the offices suggested that this was a very successful business and these were probably the sort of rich businessmen who could and did collect trophy wives. In turn, they were probably trophy husbands with their wives getting what they really wanted elsewhere behind their husbands’ backs. He noticed that he was getting quite a few sly looks from some of the women here. He felt his cheeks reddening in embarrassment and made himself return to why he was here. He wondered where these symbols he was supposed to destroy were and what they would look like. He had no idea.

At random, he opened a door to his left, there were muffled curses from a man and a cute red-head he had pinned against the wall with his hips. Abel muttered hurried apologies and shut the door again. There had to be a better way than this.

She had told him that he had some ‘gifts’ and that he would find them. She wasn’t wrong – he had sometimes had strange intuitions, picked up odd feelings and sensations but he had never really tested them. It had always seemed silly. Perhaps his contact with her had removed some deep doubts about the supernatural however, because he no longer doubted those memories. Certainly no-one else who had encountered her had been able to resist her, not even briefly, so perhaps he really was special somehow. For a moment he caught himself envying those who had given in to her and felt whatever it was they felt when she took them, then he quickly crushed the thought. Now with confidence and experience from his encounters with her, he tried for the first time to really use his intuition.

He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. He pictured her in his mind and muttered, ‘come on, show me how.’ Suddenly, the image of her face he had moved, her lips seeming to whisper to him. “Look,” she said. When he opened his eyes again it was as if he was opening a new pair of eyelids at the same time. Everyone he looked at had a strange shimmer around themselves. Those people who looked happiest had a bright tint to their bodies, a few people had resentful, darker auras. He smiled. Whatever harm she may have done him and his life, she had given him something back as well. Although he wasn’t quite sure what.

Wherever these wards or whatever were, he guessed they probably wasn’t in the corridor. Plus he wanted to keep moving. Music seemed to be coming from a room at one end of the corridor. It seemed as good a direction as any other.

Abel found himself entering a large office. Twenty or thirty desks had been pushed back against the walls and laid out with food and drink. Upwards of forty men and women stood around chatting, flirting and enjoying themselves. The women all wore evening dresses, usually tight in all the right places and often low-cut. As Abel looked around, not only did they shimmer in the rainbows of their newly revealed auras, but he could trace little bands of colour between them. He wasn’t entirely certain what these signified, apart from his increasing perceptive abilities, but he noticed several scarlet and pink streamers flickering between men and women who were talking together. It seemed as though they defined relationships somehow. Fainter, but more common were little muddy yellow streams that flowed from many people, mostly men. Following them to their common source, Abel suddenly found a single person whose aura blazed brighter than anyone else in the room.

The man stood at the centre of a group of people who appeared to hang on his words, although their auras were darkened as if in secret resentment. Everything about him said ‘the boss.’ There was more than just this about him however, dark red streaks flowed over his aura and there was an ugly purple heart to it all, that despite his dazzling brightness, Abel would have said indicated fear. The man suddenly turned and met Abel’s gaze with a look of surprise and recognition. Abel quickly looked away and tried to lose himself in the crowd. When he looked back the man had moved away as well and Abel had lost sight of him.

Abel couldn’t tell if it was the prompting of his new-found intuition or if it was just his imagination but he decided to try one of the side offices. He worked his way casually around the office, even exchanging brief pleasantries with some of the people. At first that seemed crazy but then, who would actually expect their office party to be infiltrated? When no-one was paying much attention, he opened the door that he’d picked and slipped through, pulling it closed behind him. The office he was in was opulently furnished. Even with the lights off there was enough of a glow from the city-lights shining through the window to show him how large it was, the outlines of paintings on the walls. He had a strange sense of deja vu. And then he realized that although he hadn’t been here before, She had! She had left some memory of a recent night in his brain and he’d been following that shared recollection all along and calling it intuition.

He looked at the ceiling and could just discern some greasy marks around the smoke detector – someone had blocked it up with putty not long ago to prevent the incense from setting it off. The image came back to him clearly now. This was where she had been summoned. A memory came to him of a long dark tunnel with a reddish light at the end, of being woken after centuries of sleep, hearing her name called. He remembered walking down that tunnel towards the voice and emerging into this world, into this office in a new era. (S)He remembered a contest of wills here, someone trying to control her, bind her. Someone who had underestimated what he had called up. The recollection of the circle around her, the salt and cedar ash being blown outward grain by grain as he struggled to contain her. It all came back, (S)He remembered almost breaking, escaping the building, but in return, being barred from it and the magician barring him from her with old rituals. (S)He remembered the furyat the insult of it.

It had been here. This was where it began. Which meant the binding symbols he sought were here, underneath him. Abel gazed at the thick carpet he stood on, traced it to the edges looking for where it wasn’t fitted perfectly and he could begin to pull it up.


Frederick passed quickly among his guests, dismissing attempts to draw him into conversation. He had to find that boy and discover who he was. He had recognized in him someone else who was aware, and that boy had likewise recognized him.

Frederick’s success was built not on business acumen or inherited wealth and contacts, though he possessed all three, but on a foundation of esoteric learning and occult power. People with his abilities were rare and then all of a sudden he had met another. He had to find out who that boy was with. Now more urgently than ever. Two weeks ago, Frederick has made a grave error of judgement. The things that he had achieved, though great, were nothing compared to what he could achieve with a powerful spirit serving him. Three years of study had finally yielded the name of a being that could aid him.

But when he had called it up, he found that he couldn’t not make it obey him and in desperation, he had let it loose, banishing it from his presence. Now more than ever a fellow practitioner would be of use. It was the greatest stroke of luck… unless – with a sudden icy-fear, he realized. It was no coincidence, no stroke of luck. The boy was here because she had sent him. All but pushing guests out of his way, he raced back to his office. He opened the door and slammed it behind him.

There on the floor, with the carpet torn up, the boy was scuffing out chalk marks with a jacket sleeve. It was absurd – the boy didn’t have any idea what it all meant or what damage he was doing. As Frederick stared in horror at the damage, the last of the symbols was brushed out of existence. With a cold knot in his stomach, he looked at the window behind his desk, just as She came crashing though it.

He tried to run and barely turned. Her long legs wrapped around him and bore him to the ground. Impossibly strong, her arms turned him over so that he was staring up at her. She leaned down over him, her long night-black hair enveloping him. and pressed her scarlet lips to his ear and whispered something. He went white with fear. Then she sat up on him, hips across his waist, grey dress bunched up around her thighs and with one finger traced a symbol on his forehead. Where her finger nail passed his skin burned and branded a thin red line. She completed the symbol, said a word and he died.


Abel stared in shock at the demon-woman crouched over the corpse. She put back her head and laughed lightly. Looking around at Abel, still wearing those dark glasses, she beckoned him with a slim pale finger. He came to her and she rose to meet him.

She placed a hand lightly on his cheek and drew his face very close to his. Her fingers were hot but did not burn him. He could feel her warm breath on his face as she spoke. “Do you want to join me,” she asked, “served me as an ally of your own free will?”

Abel swallowed. Cautiously, he shook his head and said quietly, “just let me and my mother go like you said.”

The dark glasses stared at him for a long moment, the face expressionless, and then she smiled unpleasantly. “You have until midnight if you change your mind,” she said. “In the meantime, we have to finish what is begun… How many people are out there?”

“Probably almost a hundred,” said Abel, wondering what she had in mind.

“Go and find someone, a woman, bring her here alone.”

Unable to refuse, Abel returned to the party.

Again he managed to pass through the party-goers without too much questioning, although there were curious looks as people wondered idly who he was. He wondered how he was going to find a woman alone and bring her back to that office with him. And then he spotted the same woman in the blue dress who had brushed against him when he arrived. She was tall, blonde and had a gorgeous sultry face and a figure that was worth killing for. She was leaning back against a wall looking distracted.

And she was temporarily on her own. In a chutzpah-rush, Abel took a glass of white wine for her from a side-bar and walked on over.

“Hi, You okay? You look a little out of it?”

She looked at him in surprise. “Where’s Fred,” she asked?

“Who’s Fred,” he replied and immediately realized he’d made a mistake. “Fred’s the MD,” she said, “my husband.” And then after a pause, she continued almost to herself, “something’s happened. Everything’s different.”

“Look,” continued Abel, not sure what to make of this, “why don’t you come with me, you need to get away from this for a few minutes.”

She focused on him again, and grinned like a devil, “Kid,” she said, “are you propositioning me?”

“Um… yes.”

He nodded back to the office where the She-Demon waited. “My husband’s office,” she said. “ Just perfect, come on. My name’s Germaine. What’s yours?.”

“Abel,” he replied, as they headed for the office.


At first Germaine didn’t notice that anything was wrong. The lights were off and she assumed that they were alone. She turned towards him as he shut the door behind them and gently pressed him against it with her body. Her breasts compressed against his chest in a more than pleasant way. Her lips brushed against his and it was only then that she realized that they weren’t alone.

“Save a little for me, Abel,” said the voice behind her.

Germaine jumped in his arms and span her head around so fast she almost chinned him. The demon-woman stood there half-shadowed but gorgeous in silhouette. Germaine looked back at Abel eyes wide and lips parted in surprise. Abel shrugged and Germaine smiled delightedly: “Abel,” she said, “you’re kinky!”

“I’m sorry,” he said, as the demoness removed her glasses. Behind the mirrored glass, Abel finally saw the eyes that he’d been unable to bare remembering. It was then that he realized that any freedom that he’d had from her had been granted to him willingly by her. They were not human eyes, even in the semi-darkness they still glinted a sulfurous yellow, with narrow, dark, vertical pupils. And they were as hypnotic as a cobra’s. Abel felt like prey as he looked into them. From the way Germaine stiffened in his arms, she felt the same.

“My husband summoned you up, didn’t he,” she asked quietly?

Abel wondered that Germaine was still able to talk. He realized with jealousy that he wasn’t the only one in the world who had the will to resist this creature, but apparently she had a stronger will than he had, because he could barely breathe.

“I am not a spirit that should be summoned. I am one of the Created. Your husband did not seem to realize what he was waking.”

“Good,” said Germaine with conviction. “He kept me tied to him with his black magic for years. I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t ask for help. I’ve wasted my life for him. I hope he suffered a lot.” The demoness ran a finger along Germaine’s cheek and flared her nostrils as if inhaling her scent.

“He still is,” she replied smiling.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“I’m going to offer you everything that your husband had. In return, you will do something for me.”

“And if I don’t agree?”

“Then you will be just another soul to be consumed.”

Germaine smiled. “In that case, I agree.”

The demon-woman licked her lips with a scarlet tongue. Uncaring for the expensive material of her dress, she bunched the material at the front in her hand and pulled it forwards. The dress split around her like tissue paper, revealing her naked form. Germaine, who had not yet seen her naked could only stare at the perfect image, marred only by the inhumaness of those lambent yellow eyes. Not that Abel could stare any the less. Addressing Germaine, she said, “Bring me one of the guests, a man first I think.” Germaine nodded and slipped out of the door.

The naked woman then advanced on Abel. He tried to slide away from her along the wall but she was on him pressing up against him. She was tall and her pelvis was flat against his. Against his will, he felt his penis stiffen. With a great effort he turned his face away from hers so that he wasn’t fixed by those serpent eyes. She planted a hand on the wall beside his head and then a foot by his waist and lifted herself up as if she were a spider climbing. With her feet planted either side of his waist her pelvis was angled right towards him. How she was able to do this he had no idea, but the image of her as a spider fitted perfectly. He wondered if he would be consumed as his friends had been two nights ago.

With her free hand she took hold of his face and slid a finger over his lips. He was too terrified to resist as he was sure she would then simply force him to do whatever she wanted with her strength anyway. She tugged his mouth open slightly and then put her palm over his mouth. That acrid heady scent of hers was in his nose and he couldn’t help but inhale. Some instinct he couldn’t control made him want to taste her. Part of his brain was screaming ‘No,’ but he needed to see.

Tentatively he poked his tongue out and licked against her hand. At first he thought that her hand was just moist with sweat, but the contours were wrong, the flesh was too yielding. His mind refused to believe what his tongue was telling him, but as he licked and dipped his tongue into it, it seemed that her hand was leaking fluid into his mouth. He tried to focus his eyes on the hand over his face and there in her palm he could see the lips of a pussy. She rubbed her hand up and down his face, sinking his nose into the pussy sometimes for stimulation. He ran his tongue around and around the nub of her clitoris, all the time conscious of the other pussy between her thighs rocking gently against his hips.

The juice from her pussy flowed down his chin as he licked. It seemed to be getting thicker though, viscous even. He stared at her hand as she drew her hand back an inch. There in her hand was a quivering wet vagina with a stubby enlarged clitoris. From the opening in it to his face were drawn strands of white, thickened pussy juice, globs of it like drool strung between them. She wiped the pussy across his face, smearing his mouth with the juice. She shivered a little with pleasure at the sensation his face gave her secondary gentialia. Before he realized what was happening his mouth was gummed with the juice and he couldn’t even scream anymore. It was then that he made another mistake. He looked up at her and met her eyes again.

The moment he did he felt his resolve weaken. He was trapped. For the first time he actually consciously felt her presence in his mind, like an intrusive voice where there had always only ever been his own.

Without volition, his arm began to rise against the wall. Mentally he tried to force it to stop. He didn’t want to be her puppet. He focused everything he had on lowering his arm back down. Instead it hung there – a battle line being pushed by the two opposing forces. It was like trying to hold back a car. His shoulder felt like it was holding up a mountain as his muscles strained against themselves between the contradictory impulses. Her face showed her own effort. Her eyes narrowed and his arm began to rise again slowly.

“Fight me,” she said mockingly. He knew that he couldn’t though.

“Think of your mother. Or have you already been doing that,” she added, stroking his stiff penis through the thin fabric?

Suddenly a great fury possessed him. He had to do this for his mother. His anger seemed to erupt up from some deep part of him that she hadn’t touched yet and give him the strength to free himself. With a muffled snarl, he snapped his arm back down and thrust her out of his skull.

She flinched and looked genuinely angry for a moment, as if she hadn’t really expected him to be capable of fighting her. With a grimace, she grabbed his wrist in strong fingers and physically dragged it up over his head. She rubbed her palm-pussy over his hand and the wall, gluing it in place with the web-like juice that flowed from it. A quick repetition with the other hand and he was trapped.

He knew that he had achieved some victory though, however small. But she looked angry, her yellow eyes terrifying him. She began rocking her hips against his crotch. He looked down as much as he was able to from his pinned position and saw that she was webbing him to the wall around his waist as well. As she did this, she crawled up and down and around his body, semi-cocooning him like a spider with a fly. At one point she turned completely upside down and her strong, toned butt wiggled over his face as her pussy extruded it’s strands around his head and neck and once more around his mouth. At last she was done and he couldn’t move anymore. She dropped lightly to the floor and stepped back to admire her work.

Once again he got a full admiring view of her hips, breasts and smooth beautiful face. Despite himself, his anger and his fear, he couldn’t ignore how attractive she was. Because he was helpless, it didn’t seem to matter whether he resisted her or not anymore. She seemed to know this. She ran a couple of fingers up and down the bulge where his dick was still long and full. The stroking sent hot shivers up and down his spine.

At that moment, Germaine returned with one of the women from the party. She was a petite, red-headed girl in a black evening dress. Her eyes were lowered shyly and it was a moment before she realized that she and Germaine were not alone. At first she just saw the outline of the demon-woman and began to stutter apologies; and then she realized that the woman was naked and saw the mesmerising snake-like eyes. The girl’s voice trailed away in shock, transfixed as the woman approached her and took her head between her hands.

Almost gently, but irresistibly, the demon woman lowered the pretty face between her long, powerful thighs and guided the girl’s lips to her pussy. The girl shuddered, inhaling the scent and then began to lick, tentatively at first, her tongue pointed and brushing the bare lips of the pussy, then darting over the large clitoris, lapping at it like a thirsty dog. The pussy was wet and getting wetter. A genuine trickle of juice ran from it and the red-head licked at it frantically, desperate to get it all inside her. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy. the scent of the woman’s pussy was clouding Abel’s mind, making him more and more overcome with lust and Abel could only guess at the aphrodisiac effect that licking at the source would be having on the poor girl.

Suddenly her eyes opened and the shy creature that had once lived behind them was gone as the blue eyes shone with lust and hunger. She gobbled at the pussy frantically and the demon woman moaned very slightly. “That’s it,” she whispered, “take my cum inside of you, let it dissolve you…” Germaine, by Abel’s side was breathing quickly, shallowly, the sight of this, or the fumes, or both, turning her on. Absent mindedly, she reached down and placed a hand over Abel’s dick, running fingers up and down it while Abel, still trapped, could do nothing but endure the exquisite torture.

The red-head, still on her knees, shuddered, her mind clearly gone now. continued eating pussy like an animal. The demon woman leant back against the office’s large broad desk and lay her upper body down on it, her soft, barely rounded belly rising up and down gently and her full breasts falling to the side. Abel and Germaine stared helplessly at the beautiful curves of her body.

With a gasp, Germaine whispered, ‘we need more’ and went for the door, but before she got there she turned, went back to the writhing couple and dipped two fingers, girl-scout like, in the puddle of pussy-cum. She swiped the moisture behind each ear before returning to the party and shutting the door carefully behind her.

Abel was left alone with them, helpless but to watch. On some instinct, or command from her mistress, the red-headed girl shifted her position slightly, switching from her knees to being on all fours. Without breaking away from her mistress, she reached back and pulled her dress up around her waist leaving her flawless butt-cheeks waving enticingly. A thin silk thong seperated them and framed them with a delicate arch above each one. But her mistress was in no mood for artifice and with a little more tugging, the girl had them off around her ankles, leaving her naked arse and pussy wriggling there in the half-light, as if begging to be fucked by any dick that passed.

At the other end, Abel began to notice the first beginnings of the transformation he had first witnessed in Gary’s flat two nights ago. Still concealing it, not ready to reveal what she was yet, he saw only a few ripples across her smooth skin. But he knew something incredible was coming.

Something strange was happening to the red-head. He could barely see it under the fall of bright hair, but it seemed as though her tongue was longer than it had been, and that it reached deep inside the Demonette’s heaving pussy, pulsing inside her. The girl’s head was now thrusting back and forth as if fucking her mistress with her tongue. And more than this, he could no longer make out where the girl’s face ended and the pussy began. It was as if she had been partially absorbed. become nothing more than a nodule of sexual appetite in the larger being the demon was becoming. Abel’s gaze switched between the heaving pussy and face, locked in place by the beautiful smooth thighs and the girl’s creamy arse as it rocked back and forth.

At that moment, Germaine returned leading in a giggling brunette. Not taking everything in in the dark at first, the brunette gasped at the heaving couple on the wide desk. “Wow,” she murmured.

“Sit on her face,” said Germaine, “she wants to eat your pussy.” Without further encouragement the brunette pulled her dress up over her head and threw it in a corner. Abel couldn’t not look at her full figure and the way her large breasts bounced as she climbed up on the desk. She had an attractive face, full lips and wide dark eyes.

Standing over the demon woman, still not aware of the danger she was in, she kicked off her knickers, revealing a shaved smooth pussy. Just as she was lowering herself on to the woman’s face, Abel saw the snake-like eyes open and the tongue shoot forth. It wasn’t a human tongue anymore. It was more like a snake’s, but thicker and almost eight inches long. It darted back in just as the woman positioned herself and then must have shot back out, diving upwards into the woman’s pussy.

“Oh,” cried the woman! “What…” she began, and then her eyes closed in ecstasy and she let out a little moan.

Abel watched her breasts rising and falling rapidly, the perfect curves of them bouncing up and down like grapefruit. With one hand, the woman cupped one and played with the nipple, with the other, she stroked down below, accompanying the giant tongue’s penetration with rapid circles on her clit. It had taken seconds and already she was lost, her mind giving in to the waves of pleasure. The room was suffused with the scent of pussy, and that same slightly acrid scent that made it so hard to think. Abel was dimly aware that Germaine had gone again in search of more victims.

As Abel watched the transformations progress, he became more and more helplessly aroused. The red-head was now irrevocably part of the demon, and the brunette was lost too. Her head was back and when she opened her eyes, they were blank, milky orbs – mindless. Her mouth hung slack and the same pussy juice that ran down the red-head’s throat, dissolving her mind, dribbled from the brunette’s mouth. The scent of it was overpowering.

The organism continued to writhe and moan to itself. Perhaps it was just the sticky webbing that bound him to the wall, but it seemed to Abel as if the room was growing much warmer. The heady scent of the organism was thicker now, almost like being gassed with some powerful aphrodisiac drug, and it must surely be spreading outwards now into the rest of the party.

Indeed, Germaine returned after just a couple of minutes this time, with two more girls. Both were tall blondes like herself, with full figures and long legs. Even as they entered the room, they seemed a little drugged and were tugging absently at their clothing. Abel noticed that one of their hands was already fondling the other’s butt through her dress. But when they saw the heaving organism in front of them they pulled up short, stunned by what they saw.

The brunette who had been riding the demon woman’s face, and was now an extension of her, gazed at them blindly with milk-white eyes. With the demon’s voice, she commanded them to come forward and remove their clothes. Without conscious thought, they both did so and Abel watched in lust at their naked hips, slim waists and heavy rounded breasts. As the came close enough, they were embraced by the things arms and gently pushed down on all fours. They were positioned so that their arses stuck out invitingly and their faces lowered on to the demon’s full breasts.

Helplessly, they began to lick at the pointed nipples, and then kiss and tenderly bite them, finally nursing on them like children. Abel thought he could see fear in the eyes of the one facing him, but it was rapidly being overwhelmed by the juices they were milking from the teats.

He found in his efforts to breathe, in the thickening atmosphere, he had managed to work loose just the webbing over his mouth. “What’s happening,” he whispered? Germaine stood next to him, absentmindedly playing with his cock again.

“She wants more wombs, I think,” said Germaine. “I think she’s going to absorb every woman here and then fuck all the men.”

“All the women but you,” replied Abel.

“No,” said Germaine. “When the time comes, I’ll join her. I can’t resist. I want it soooo much.” Her voice was odd, breathless and horny.

She looked round at Abel and reached up to the shoulders of her dress and dropped them, letting her torso fall bare and her breasts hang free. She wore no bra. Idly, she brushed the nipples over Abel’s mouth, teasing him with them. He felt the pointed tips rub across his lips.

“When I become part of her,” said Germaine, “I want you to fuck my pussy. I want your dick inside me.” She kissed him lightly on the lips and then his straining dick, and then hooked her dress back up and returned to the party.

After that it was a steady stream of people coming into the room. All were women, all attractive and sexy. Most joined with the organism, becoming mindless extensions of the creature, adding more pussies and mouths to the heaving mass of flesh and tits. Abel stared at one large tit heaving with pleasure and longed to take it in his mouth and suck on it.

Some of the girls, an increasing number, came and licked at the fountainous pussies, taking the liquid inside them, letting their minds be brainwashed with its desires before returning to the party. Out there, they were no doubt arousing men, seducing them and preparing them to be received by the creature.

The office was large, but now so was the creature. Abel felt a touch on his leg and looked down as much as he was able. A woman’s hand was fondling his leg and stroking the nails up and down his inner thigh, hungrily fumbling to reach his cock. Even the ceiling seemed, in the dark room, to suspend female flesh. Now, there must be few women left out there.

Leading a docile man by the hand, Germaine entered. The man seemed confused – perhaps he had tasted the demon’s cum from one too many mouths already. Germaine stood behind him and unfastened his shirt and trousers, pulling them off him roughly. His cock sprang free rising up harder than it had been in years, and his ball-sack was full.

With a gentle shove, Germaine pushed him at the protruding ass of the red head, still visible, firm and inviting, bent over and waiting to be fucked. Without hesitation, he thrust his cock inside her and began pumping her. The whole organism shuddered and the mouths moaned and legs wrapped themselves around him, fastening him to the creature.

There was a strange light in his eyes and then when he came into her, they went dull, as if he had pumped his entire mind into her and she had taken it. Mindlessly, he kept pumping her, fucking her, helpless to stop for as long as she demanded it.

More men came, fucking the creature so that the whole thing was in a constant state of ecstasy. The whole room was aloud with the cries of its many mouths – those that didn’t have cocks thrust in them and filling them with come. The brunette’s head at the summit of the organism no longer had a face, but only a giant pussy where it’s mouth had been, upwards from the chin to the forehead, gaping with a long tongue-like clitoris. On either side, the Demonette’s yellow serpentine eyes looked down on the scene in pleasure.

All about Abel, was writhing flesh, cocks screwing the many pussies of the thing, helpless to break free of it’s demanding cunts. Tongues licked at him, and finger’s probed him, cupping his balls, caressing the shaft of his dick, unfastening his trousers and pulling him free of the webbing but tighter into their embrace.

Germaine stood before him, still in the thin blue dress. Again she dropped it from her shoulders, letting her full breasts hang free. But this time, she dropped the dress fully to the floor, standing there in only her thin silk thong, the hips of it riding up her thighs in high arcs. Hooking her thumbs under the band, she pulled them down and kicked them away.

She stood before him completely naked and Abel traced the shape of her in the dark. Light from the other room painted her glistening skin a warm yellow, highlighting the flow of her waist and the sweep of her long back. He could make out the rising curve of her butt and the long toned legs. For a moment, she and he were the only natural things in that room. Reaching down, she picked up a back felt-pen, long ago swept off the desk and uncapping it, she wrote quickly on the shaved area above her vagina.

“I want you to fuck my pussy when I join,” she said, “I want you to cum in my cunt.“

‘Cum 4 Me,’ she had written.

With a smile that was the last thing she’d ever think with her own brain, she stepped backwards into the writhing mass of breasts, pussy and flesh. Arms wrapped around her head pulling her in, thighs locked around her waist, fastening her in place. In moments, Abel could see distinguish nothing that was her from the rest of the organism.

Momentarily free, he tried to make his way to the door, but stumbled. It was blocked anyway. Still there was the window, the dark night sky showing freedom of a kind outside it. He tried to run for it, but the body of the thing, was still in front of it, frantically, he leapt for it, trying to jump across the mass, but something snared him and he fell straight into the midst of it.

Thin arms and legs wrapped themselves around his naked body, drawing him into it. mouths kissed at his wrists as they held him in place. He felt wet vaginas ripple underneath him and clitorises shudder in pleasure at his pressure. The scent of the creature was overpowering and he nestled his head against full breasts, turning his head briefly to lick at the nipples. Above him the brunette’s once-face, and now monstrous pussy looked down at him with gleaming hypnotic eyes.

From the other end, a long appendage appeared, heavy at the end like a scorpion’s tail and as it bowed down over him, he realized that it was a slim, girlish torso with full breasts and a glistening pussy. Above that pussy were written the words ‘Cum 4 Me.’

As it hovered over him, he murmured the words helplessly, cum for me, cum for me. Like a scorpion stinging, the torso shot down on his crotch and sucked up his hard cock, rising up and down on it, sucking and pulling and masturbating his cock. His balls felt impossibly full.

He threw his head back in ecstasy just in time to see the brunette’s pussy face descend on it and envelop his face with wet, pungent darkness, dripping their juice over his tongue down his throat.

Alone in the warm, writhing dark, with pussies on his face and his cock, milking him of his cum, he gave them what they wanted and ejaculated his cum deep into them, cumming as he had never cum before, shooting his semen deep, deep into her, feeling it suck the cum straight out of him, emptying his balls into her womb.

‘Cum for Me,’ said the voice in his mind. ‘You belong to me, cum for me. NOW’

And he did. Again and again and again.



The women left the party, returning to their cars of their taxi’s, their dresses tight over their swollen, pregnant bellies. Each was dishevelled, glistening with a sheen of sweat and a faint, acrid scent. Each knowing that in a few hours, or a day, they would give birth to a perfect, wonderful daughter.






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