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Subject: Deleted Again

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Deleted Again

No sure if this has happened to you, but it seems my MEWE account has been deleted again. WTF. This time, my login just stopped working and when I requested for an update of my password, they never send a follow-up email to my account. This was the case across all my devices.

My only conclusion is that “they” must have deleted me (again). It really pisses me off. Not sure why? Can you let me know if you have had similar experiences, or is it just my dumb luck again?

It just reminds me of why I started this website — after the collapse of ASSTR in 2017 — and similarly with about ten other member sites, (sorry, I forget all the names) where I have been deleted, shut down, blocked, cut out and silenced … but, I am still on (Thanks to DmVirgin) | iTaboo | FetLife | Tumblr (yer, got deleted from this one a few times) | DeviantArt | Bdsmlr | NewTumblr | Tumbex

Now, I am looking at a few other social networks — to use to reach out — I am thinking about Band | Sharesome, Adultnode (recommended by thecontelbradford) | and others mentioned on Reddit include | | | (can’t find these two). 

Will start over at MEWE again, using my account. My contact will be …

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  1. I am sorry My Brother

    It is happened to me and others
    It is devastating
    I was deactivated 6 times on Tumbr

    once on MeWe
    Happens suddenly, no explanation.
    You will be missed
    I await your Return

    1. Hail LoboRex — yes, it seems like only yesterday, you were a victim of this random scourge … I am back and will keep on sharing the dark love

  2. Your persistence is impressive my Brother! I’ll have to find you on some of those other sites. You are an inspiration to many of us. Hail Satan!

  3. I just checked and yes your MeWe account is gone. It has happened to me many times. I usually follow a “3 strikes and you’re out” rule with these sites. After my third shut down on tumblr I stopped trying it. This was probably my biggest disappointment since one of those accounts had over 8500 followers. I’m currently on account #3 at MeWe and have lost accounts on several other sites over the years. Like you, I’m still on ReligiousFetish, LittleSally (this site), and iTaboo. I am alos in contact with several people privately on Wickr, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. But I have to limit what I post/share on some sites that are a little more mainstream and less about kink and taboo.

    As for why we get shut down, I’ve seen a variety of reasons… content (young, beast, abortion, etc.) that somebody reports as “objectionable” or a violation of TOS. Also, like with Tumblr, they shut us down when they are trying to appease shareholders or payment companies like PayPal or credit card processors. OnlyFans just had to deal with this with all the sex worker content providers. The only other thing, which actually might be the case with you, is if they feel you are spamming too many groups. I know you like to post links to your stories in the many groups you were a part of (and some of us are OK with that) but (to many) such multiple postings are flagged as spam. This is often the result of some automated computer process and may have not even been the result of direct human action at all. I ran into this over on Facebook a few times where I would wish multiple people a “Happy Birthday” and do them in groups (usually everyone in the upcoming week) all at once. Since the post was the same and it was going to more than just a few they flagged it as spam and would block me from posting for a day or two. Some sytems just block (or warn) you. Others may automatically shut you down.

    My advice is to cut back on that. Yes, you want to advertise your stories to increase your audience but (from the website owner’s viewpoint) you are not paying for advertising space and are effectively trying to use the multiple postings for advertising. It doesn’t matter if the people you are targeting (group members) are OK with it or not. Some will be OK but others may actually report you, which only increases the odds you get shut down even before their automated systems may flag you.

    All websites have bills to pay. Some (like you and this site) do it as a labor of love (and we love you for it). But most (including MeWe) do it FOR PROFIT and so they tag a very dim view of those who try to advertise (spam) without going thru the proper channels. Even sites that don’t carry advertising directly… they just make their money in data mining and selling demographic data to advertisers and other businesses about people’s interests and likes. Yes, they DO READ your posts (it is all automated bots doing it by the thousands every second). And they data mine and profile all of us (even if they say they don’t – don’t believe them… they ALL DO IT). I have a friend who works for Google and he can’t tell details but basically Google (and some other companies) are at the heart of the data mining business and many sites have climbed onboard this train because there are millions (and billions) of dollars to be made. DATA IS MONEY and DATA IS POWER!!!!

    1. Hail MM

      I guess I have been playing the odds. As I have been running this site for over 5 years now and have had good organic growth. I am truly grateful for all the dark love, encouragement and support over this time from the LS666 community.

      I am not about to pay for ads, as I would rather keep the “interest” real rather than gain more attention from scanners (sometimes I get attacked hundreds of times a day) — MEWE is problematic and thank you for the kind advice and the time taken to write all of this — I will “cut-back” and try to be a good boy (even though it’s not in my nature).

      Hail LVST. XP

      1. Just giving you my two cents worth speaking as an I.T. person. THANK YOU for all you do with this site and all the great stories you write. They mean more to many of us than you may realize. You are truly talented and we (and our lust) loves that you share that talent with us. And as for “try to be a good boy (even though it’s not in my nature).”, well that isn’t in any of our nature and we can only be so “good” before we need to let some “bad” into our lives. Beside, the real fun is in the bad…. and pleasure has no bounds as you well know.

        1. Hail MM

          Good to know someone in IT that has our backs — and thank you for the encouragement … as it gets a little lonely sometimes, wondering what folks think … is it crap? is it boring crap? is it absolutely boring crap? … and it’s only when I read the material of others that i realise that we’ve all got a long way to go! haha!

          Thanks again. LVST as always. XP

    1. Hail Toni — I am always “naughty” and sometimes “wicked” and “evil” and “blasphemous” and “perverted” and “depraved” and I love it … as I know you do too! XP

  4. You are needed Brother

    I am glad you are back

    You are one of the reasons I follow Lilith

    1. Hail LoboRex — I am glad to be back too — Lilith draws us both together

    1. Thanks George — but it’s an occupational hazard — haha 😂 XP

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