Feature Writer: Lustful desires /
Feature Title:  Daughter of Darkness /
Story Codes: Erotic Horror /
Synopsis: Demon assumes body of female and wreaks havoc on village /
Author’s Note: Authors note. Special thanks to MissBoePeep for her editing assistance and help. This is my first submission under the erotic horror category, please keep that in mind /


Daughter of Darkness

She stood at the edge of the wooded area gazing with disdain at the old wooden church that sat on the outskirts of Bellaire, a small village nestled in the New England country side.

She had come to the quaint village not to better its citizens, but to wreak havoc; to sow the seeds of corruption, and damn as many souls as she could before the demon hunter found her trail again.

Duemos was a demon spirit who had been sent by the prince of darkness himself on a ten year mission to roam the earth at will, and spread his hellish influence to as many as possible. The demon would either return to hell at the end of his tenure on earth, or be killed by the demon hunters, and be banished to Tartaurus with the rest of the fallen angels for failing to complete his mission.

Having barely escaped the demon hunter, Cage, in the Canadian wilderness, the demon fled to New England where it assumed the body of a female named Raven. She was aptly named, with long flowing black hair, hypnotic eyes, and a tantalizing smile. Under the locks of hair were four horns signifying her power as a devourer of human souls. The little village was perfect for her demonic influence, as it basked under puritan laws, and many of its citizens were single females who had dedicated themselves to purity and honor.


Cage saddled his horse and put out the campfire that had warmed him the night before. The trek from the Canadian wilderness to the new world was a long one, especially the steam boat that had taken days to traverse the cold, icy waters. He was tired in body and spirit, but knew that no mortals were safe as long as the demon roamed the earth. He knew he was getting closer to it, he could sense the foulness of its character, and at times could smell the brimstone traces still lingering in the air.

Guided by a sense of purpose and deep instincts, he made his way along the winding trail that cut through the dense wilderness. This was not his first run-in with satyrs and demons. His family was killed by them when he was a boy. Raised by priests, he learned the nature of the foul ones and joined a band of demon hunters at the age of 19. They were all gone now; only he remained to carry out their mission.


It was not long before Raven spied the first souls to lay waste. A young couple in their 20s were sitting by the sparkling lake at the edge of town. Engaged to be married, they were looking forward to a long and happy life together. Raven crept up beside the tree unnoticed by the two lovebirds. Casting a spell upon the male, she watched gleefully as primal lust overtook his own will. He shoved his prospective bride to the ground and began forcibly ripping her clothes off as she screamed and pounded against him to stop.

The girls face turned ashen as she looked beyond the shoulders of her lust crazed boyfriend to see Raven leaning against the tree, all four horns protruding eerily from her flowing locks of hair, and her eyes glowing red like a wolf in the night.

“Fuck the whore,” Raven snarled in a voice from the pits of hell itself.

The sky above grew grey and clouds whirled about as if in the path of a wild hurricane as Raven wove her perverse will over the two helpless souls.

No, please don’t do this, you know I am a virgin,” the girl pleaded with her partner.

“Be a man and shove your cock in the whore’s cunt. Take your pleasure, it is yours to have,” Raven bellowed.

She watched in delight as the young man stripped naked and pressed his raging cock against the tender flesh of his girl’s pussy lips and prepared to enter.

The young woman shivered from the pain as her virginity was taken in a moment of depraved lust. The pain shortly gave way to a new sensation. One she had not yet experienced. Her nipples hardened and her feminine juices began flowing freely as her man began thrusting his cock wildly in and out her.

“Ohhhhh, please don’t spill your seed into me, I will get pregnant,” She wept, expressing her shame and fear of being exposed as a harlot.

“Don’t listen to the bitch,” Raven snapped at the male. “Go deeper, bury your cock in her. You are in control, fill her worthless pussy with your hot load,” she snarled.

Raven walked over to the humping male and placed her foot on his ass, pressing downward so as to cause him to slip further inside his girl.

“Empty your balls into her now!” She growled.

The female screamed in desperation as she tried to snap her lust crazed boyfriend back to reality, and save their reputation. Her pleas went unheeded as he shot load after load of hot cum deep into her womb.

He lay moaning in spent passion, as his bride to be wept openly under his weight. His cock was still rigid and pulsating as he sought to catch his breath.

“You call that fucking?” Raven teased. ” I have seen better copulation at a monastery, now turn her over on her hands and knees and stick that cock up her asshole, if you are man enough,” She taunted.

“Don’t listen to her, she is the devil sent here to damn our souls in lust,” the weeping female cried out.

“Damn indeed,” Raven sneered. “Now get that cock buried in her tight asshole and feel what is like to be a man, or I will turn it into a serpent,” Raven ordered.

The male roughly forced the female onto her hands and knees and pressed his still rigid cock against the tight nub of her ass, as her screams were drowned out by thunder above, and the wicked howling of Raven’s laughter.

Raven watched the rape with sheer delight, yet something stirred deep inside her, warning her that Cage was on her trail. She had five days left on earth, and was not about to be sent to some underworld torture chamber for all eternity. She would drag as many souls to hell as she could, and get Cage too, or die trying.


Night came and Cage watched the orange glow of the setting sun sink slowly beneath the horizon. Overhead, vultures screeched against the night sky as they peered the canvas below looking for food. Cage dismounted his steed and began preparing a fire for the night. The days were warm, but the cool night air required some source of heat. He sliced some dried meat, stuck it on the end of a stick, plunging it and out of the fire to give him something hot to eat. He scoured the area to the south carefully. For the last two days,a lone figure had been trailing him. He deliberately slowed down today in hopes the individual would slip up and come into view.

He had just drifted to sleep when the vibrations from an approaching rider could be felt on the ground where he lay. He cautiously reached for his rifle, and his long blade sword, ready for action should it be required. The slow gallop of the horse echoed in the darkness as it approached. As the rider neared the campsite the hoof beats slowed then grew silent. Cage listened, gun cocked, as his eyes tried to pierce the darkness before him.

“Hello in camp,” a female voice called.

State your business,” Cage yelled back.

“You are a demon hunter are you not?” The voice inquired.

“Who wants to know?” He shot back.

“I wish to join you, to aid in your battle,” the voice yelled.

“Keep riding to wherever it is you were headed. I have no time, nor use for anyone,” Cage yelled, his voice firm and gravelly.

“I am Ava, the daughter of Benito Valrez,” the voice shouted back.

That was a name he knew well as one of the men who had trained him when he first sat out on this path. His thoughts were whirling in his head as the night went eerily silent.

“Get off your horse and walk to the camp fire with your hands above your head. One false move and I will feed your dead body to the vultures, ” Cage demanded.

Slowly the figure began to materialize as she approached the camp fire. Her brown, shoulder length hair danced as she walked. Her definitive female form clearly evidenced beneath the leather outfit as she swayed with confidence. Over her right shoulder was a quiver with quills of crafted arrows, and an array of knives adorned her mid section.

She approached Cage and they looked each other over as two fighters sizing up the competition.

“If you are truly the daughter of Benito, then you know the code phrase we shared,” he remarked as he stared at her with cold eyes.

He watched as her face showed the signs of unease. Her eyes darted back and forth as if searching for an answer. The night air echoed the “click” as he cocked his rifle.

“Malus Peior Pessimus,” She stated firmly.

“And the meaning?” He inquired, still clutching his rifle.

“Bad, wicked, evil,” came the assured reply.

Cage eased off the trigger on the rifle, glad for the first time in months to have some semblance of his past now with him.

“There is some hot coffee on the coals, help yourself,” he remarked as he watched the shapely Ava saunter by him.

The crackling of the coals and the clanging of the tin can was all that was heard as the two sat down; warriors joined together for a common purpose, to destroy the demon that destroyed their families so long ago.


The morning sun bathed the country side in brilliant hues as Raven broke through the water of the lake, giving her black hair a toss and sending beads of water cascading in every direction. Her naked body glistened seductively in the sun as she slowly made her way to the grassy edge where her clothes lay piled in a heap. She was hungry, but not for material food. She needed another soul to corrupt, time was growing short.

24 year old Stacey Windom opened the door to her cabin to greet the attractive woman now at her door. Her hair was disheveled and windblown, but she was disarmingly gorgeous, and had an winsome smile that put Stacey at ease while opening the door.

“Can I help you?” Stacey inquired, as she looked Raven over.

“Hello, I hate to bother you, but I seemed to have taken the wrong turn while out for a walk. Can you point me back to the city?” Raven asked.

Stacey grinned and invited Raven inside for a cup of coffee. Stacey had just turned back from the sink when she saw Raven standing directly in front of her. The horns protruding from her hair, and her nostrils flaring as the hot breath could be heard escaping them. Stacey screamed and dropped the coffee onto the floor.

Twenty minutes later, Stacey was bound naked in her bed, her arms stretched and tied off at the headboards and her feet bound to the bottom posts of the bed. Raven stripped naked as well, and prepared for the festivities at hand.

The sight approaching Stacey filled her with such fear that she was literally unable to scream. Raven’s long demon tongue snaked out of her mouth, and she emitted a hissing noise as she stealthily approached the bound girl.

Running her demonic tongue over the girl’s tender breasts, Raven had the nipples erect in no time. The tongue then snaked down Stacy’s stomach to the pubic mound of the girl’s pussy.

“Noooo, please, I beg you..stop this,” Stacey desperately gasped.

“Shut up slut. You are going to get your pussy licked, and you are going to cum over and over for me,” the demon growled.

Stacey’s tender pussy lips were invaded by the merciless and skilled tongue of Raven as she guided the helpless girl to her first orgasm.

“Ooooooowwwwwwwww,” Stacey moaned in belabored breaths as her body convulsed and shook. Her pussy squirted a stream that arched into the air, soaking Raven’s face and landing with a wet sounding thud onto the sheets, drenching the folds of her ass in orgasmic aftermath.

“Mmmm, very tasty pussy you have there, ” Raven remarked with a grin as she used her hellish tongue to lick her face dry.

“Oh my god, I am going to hell for this,” Stacey wept.

“Yes my dear, but not before a few more orgasms….shall we?” Raven replied as she again sat the tongue in motion over the girl’s soaked pussy.

“Noooo, please, no more, please don’t make me cum again,” Stacey pleaded.

Raven worked her tongue so skillfully that Stacey again drenched the bed with a mixture of cum and piss from the intense orgasm. Once Stacey had finished, Raven straddled her face and slowly lowered her own pussy towards the girl’s face.

“Oh dear lord, no, not that, I–I–can’t, ” Stacey begged.

“Lick my pussy whore, and you better make me cum, after all, I made you cum several times, it is only fair, ” Raven growled.

Raven ground her pussy and ass into the girl’s face as Stacey’s tongue ran over Raven’s puffy lips. Her musty scent filled Stacey’s nostrils as Raven’s ass moved inches from Stacey’s nose. Stacey worked hard to bring Raven to orgasm, then passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Raven dressed and sat at Stacey’s table drinking a hot cup of coffee. She looked at the sleeping body of Stacey, still naked and bound, and grinned wickedly as she headed out the door and down the path to seek more souls to damn.


Cage and Ava arrived at the outskirts of Bellaire and rode slowly into the town. Every instinct in him now in hyper-alert, aware that the demon he sought was here. Town’s people looked at the two strangers cautiously, making particular note of the weapons they bore. They entered a small diner and sat down to grab a bite to eat.

“The demon is here,” He remarked to Ava. “If you are not prepared to fight, then leave now,” He urged.

“For what that demon did to my father, I will follow it into the pits of Hades myself, If I have to,” she replied harshly.

The two were riding down the street when their horses reared onto their hind legs, their eyes rolling in fear. Cage dismounted his horse and pulled on the reins to control it, while looking around in every direction. His eyes focused on the sight of the black haired beauty walking wistfully up the street. Something stirred inside; he knew it was the demon. At precisely the same moment, she cast a glance toward Cage, her eyes fixed and glaring.

“Follow me,”Cage told Ava as they tied up their horses. ” Don’t do anything until I tell you to,” He remarked as they made their way slowly across the street towards Raven, who was walking while watching them come closer.

As Cage approached Raven, an audible hiss could be heard being emitted from her lips.

“So, we meet again,” Cage growled as he slowly cocked his rifle.

“Who is the whore with you?” She snarled looking at Ava.

“You should remember her father and mother. You ripped their hearts out with your bare hands and hung them on the fence posts as you fled, ” Cage snarled, the anger in his voice present.

“I don’t live in the past, I leave that to you mortals,” Raven growled.

Ava grabbed for a knife but Raven waved her hand furiously, sending a fire bolt that singed Ava’s hand, knocking her to the ground. Cage moved quickly, aiming his rifle directly at Raven’s heart.

“This is not your day,” Raven remarked with a grin as a thick dark haze engulfed her and she simply disappeared into thin air.


Cage sat at the window of the hotel room looking onto the street below, while Ava bathed in the small bathroom. From the vanity behind her a straight razor rose from the table on its own and to float in midair as it slowly made its way toward Ava as she scrubbed her hair. The brittle and cracked mirror she was using obscured the object now approaching her. She reached for a towel and felt the sharp blade slash near the artery of her arm. She slumped to the floor, blood covering her body. Screaming for Cage, she sought to wrap the bleeding wound with the towel.

Rushing into the bathroom, he gasped at the sight of the razor as it headed towards Ava’s throat.

Nooooo,” He screamed as he dove to knock it from the demon’s grasp.

The vile weapon tumbled into the air, slashing Cage’s hands again and again. Thrashing wildly, he sought to find the cloaked demon, while unaware of his own bleeding hands. Slipping on the blood soaked floor, he fell backwards into the tub, struggling to crawl out. From Ava’s garments the cloaked demon grabbed a knife and Cage froze in horror as it dove toward his chest.

A twang in the background, an arrow sped through the air directly to the heart of the demon who materialized before them, only to begin decomposing with hellish moans and cries.

A foul odor of sulfur filled the air as the body disintegrated before them.

Looking up he saw Ava, her arm still bent ready to fire the next arrow.

“What the hell was that arrow made from?” He asked as he groggily climbed out of the tub.

“I had the local priest bless it with holy water yesterday,” she grinned.

“Holy water..no shit?” He mumbled to himself as he surveyed the carnage around them.

Hours later they finished patching up their wounds and settled down for the night. Cage had blown out the lantern and plumped up his pillow when he felt Ava slipping into bed beside him. He could feel her naked body press up against his.

“What are you doing?” He asked, slightly taken off guard.

“What? I can fight demons with you, but can’t make love to you?” She whispered as she began kissing his neck playfully.

The two made passionate love through the night. Sometime before morning they slipped out of town, their mission complete for now.


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