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  1. Mmmm there’s lots of unholy women in the world breeding with demons even married women with happy family’s there husband knows nothing her other children know nothing, just mommy has been living a double life when everyone is gone to school or work mommy is home all alone to surf the web for her demons

    Everything was fine mommy looking for recipes for the family on line then one day mommy stubbles on a porn site by mistake she immediately clicks off the site but she burns the image of a young girl on her knees with both hands wrapped around the shaft of a black nigger boy her mouth 👄👄👄👄 stretched open with part of the head in and out of the young white girls mouth 👄👄👄, mean while she goes back to looking for recipes for dinner

    The problem is mommy can’t get the image out of her head, it’s like hearing a song and you can’t stop humming it it just keeps cummming up again and again, some days go by and mommy gets back on the computer looking for more fabulous recipes but this time mommy can’t help it she tries to find the site with the young white girl on her knees working the black boys meat in her mouth

    Mommy spend hours looking finding tons of sites of young white girls being breed by black boys watching all the perverted acts these young white girls do for the black master, mommy while surfing around find a dark satanic site showing girls and boys putting holy objects in there holes mommy can’t stop looking at the desecration of these holy objects watching young girls dressed as nun’s forcing crucifix in there ass and cunts moaning to Satan to cummm fuck them in all there wet unholy holes

    After seeing these extremely perverted acts mommy can’t get them off her mind, mommy feels different about her family mommy when everyone one leaves the house in the morning mommy immediately clicks on her computer and opens up the satanic cummmm dripping site to see the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 perversions, mommy can’t wait to get her panties off putting on her platform shoes she bought and hides in her closet a black dildo she ordered on line in the shape of a cross mommy puts her heels up on the table edge legs open forcing the nigger Cross in her streached out hole chanting hail Satan hail Lilith as she bring herself to another hard fucking orgasm again and again and again

    Mommy finds a chat site she about the dark master god satan and Lilith she joins so she can chat with other sexual depraved adults and young ones into satanic worship and sexual pleasure, mommy finds a man on there called Lucifer they chat and send pics to each other they tell each other all there dark sick perverted urges secrets that they only share with each other, Lucifer turns mommy on to beastiality porn he turns her on to rape porn he turns her on to abortion porn mommy loves to watch these porn sites and talk to Lucifer on her cell phone as they both sexually pleasure themselves asking Satan and Lilith to give them harder and longer orgasms

    Lucifer and her blog name is Mary the whore of God decided to meet and worship satan together mommy can’t wait to feel his hard cock dripping precummmm sperm on her lips 👄👄👄👄 she wants his cummmm dripping out of her holes she wants her satanic lover to breed her so the child will be born a bastard child she wants the child to be born with horns tail hooves and huge hard cock so mommy can feed from it with Lucifer pumping the demons ass as mommy sucks the juice from the satanic cock

    Mommy doesn’t care about her husband and children she knows it’s only a matter of time and they will start to worship her and her new lover Lucifer and her new satanic baby the child of the dark master god satan and Lilith

    This happens every day somewhere in the world a women finding satanic porn and opening her darkness her pervertedness her holes to the almighty Lord God Satan

  2. I enjoy this place very much. To be inspired by these images always begins to get me wet and starts the day as Lilith would.

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