Feature Writer: Polaris
Feature Title: Cult of the Nymphomaniac Degenerates
Story Codes: Scat, Piss, Pedophilia, Incest, Lesbian, NC


Cult of the Nymphomaniac Degenerates

Prologue: Stephanie

As far back as she can remember, fourteen year old Stephanie was different than those around her. She had an unquenchable obsession with sexual nastiness. To call her promiscuous would be an understatement. She willingly fucked anyone, both boys and girls, no questions asked. She was a concrete believer that sexual love should be free and highly encouraged, and the very idea of charging money or favors in return sickened her to no end.

The origins of these feeling and actions date back to her preschool years. Ever curious to know what the young boys were like, she would yank down their shorts, at which point her brain instinctively told her to get her mouth on their little dicks and start tasting and sucking. In fact, genitals became the first thing on her mind every time she met a new friend, neighbor or classmate and she would always beg or barter to see them. Male or female, she quickly developed a photographic memory for genitals, each of which would flash inside her mind each time the moment she saw that particular person from there on out. And if her eyes ever caught a glimpse of someone playing with their genitals, a bright-eyed smiled would grace her face and she she would feel an instant rapport with them. Of course, Stephanie had no qualms at all about exposing her own self and would do so without provocation. Aside from all of her naughty-bits, her next favorite anatomy to reveal was her bellybutton, which happened to be a prominent outie. She loved this “gift” from Mother Nature and even had optimistic delusions that someday it would grow into a fully-functioning penis. Because of this, she would especially plead for her female associates to suck on it, just like she did to the boys’ penises.

Stephanie remained a true exhibitionist as she grew; wanting to be fully naked at every possible moment. This mainly included around the house, but also outside, whenever and wherever she could get away with it. She was particularly partial to lewdly presenting her naked cunt and ass to very small children, in hopes that it would stimulate and pervert their young minds early on, and send them down a deviant path not unlike the one she’d so willingly embraced. Her parents, on the other hand, did not care for this behavior one bit.

Ever arrogant, however, Stephanie was aware that she was immoral, and for that very reason, wholly knew that she was in the right. All objects throughout her house soon became accustomed to both vaginal slime and, in her later years, pubic hair. She humped everything she could get her lower lips on. Bedposts, headboards, railings, arm rests, wall corners… they all succumbed to the brunt of her grinding pussy. Over the years, her mother and father tried therapy in hopes of bringing her out of this depraved state, but the very notion that Stephanie should stop doing all of these immoral acts was so ridiculous to her, that she simply laughed off all of the professional help and scolding from her elders that she received. Her supercilious will was stalwart, and not a single day passed where she wasn’t truly proud of the person she was.

While Stephanie adored every part of both the male and female anatomy, the human ass was, without a doubt, her favorite. She loved playing with her own fleshy ass, groping and squeezing it, as well as roughly pulling her plump white cheeks apart until it felt like her butt hole was about to tear. Other times, while fully naked, she would stare at her ass for hours in her full-length mirror. Sometimes she would even rub her cheeks up and down the glass and pretend she doing so with another naked boy or girl. Each of these moments were usually accompanied by vigorous masturbation.

It wasn’t long before these actions led to an obsession for shit. She quickly found herself wanting to defecate in just about every place except the toilet. When showering, she loved plopping her asshole down onto the drain and forcing a log down inside. She would then turn over, lock her lips on the drain, and suck as much shit back up as she could to feast on. While in her bedroom, she took great joy in removing her pants and underwear, pushing her fleshy naked ass out of her window, and pooping and farting as her piss streamed down the side of the house. Naturally, this was an activity best suited for daylight hours, as she was thrilled at the chance of people witnessing her do it.

Stephanie was not without her mischievous side, however. Several times in the past, she’d had the good fortune of discreetly swiping various sedatives from her mother, who was a veterinarian. She absolutely adored pissing on animals, and her neighborhood had plenty of pets to choose from. Large adult kitties were her main preference. She would sedate them, straddle them, and then piss till her heart’s content; flipping the animal over halfway through so that she could soak the other side. Then, after expelling a pleasurable post-piss sigh, she would get up, and use the cat’s fluffy tail to dry the remaining urine around her cunt, giggling from what she’d just done.

Her favorite, above all else, was the rottweiler across the alley. Boxed in a large cage behind a garage, it remained back there with very little human interaction. The home owners were gone much of the year and had requested that a family friend come by each day to give it food. Every time, a great rush enveloped Stephanie as she climbed on top of the cage and defiled the dog from above. The sweet mix of fear and excitement always guaranteed that she didn’t wait long to let loose. The dog would go crazy; leaping up and snapping at the puffy, pink cunt protruding through the wire mesh. One time, the dog even made contact, though it had snapped it’s jaws a split second too late, and Stephanie was ultimately greeted with it’s warm gums and lip instead. If it was early enough, before the dog had eaten, she would even scootch over above it’s food dish and drop several turds right onto the chow. She was giddy with devilish delight getting the dog so fucking pissed off at her.

Of course, Stephanie’s naughtiness did not stop with animals. Her aunt and uncle were not the most compassionate parents in the world, and their frustratingly difficult life of taking care of her mentally retarded cousin, Beth, didn’t help this fact. One day, they decided that they just had to get out of the house, and requested that their daughter be watched over by Stephanie, who was always happy to oblige. Beth could understand commands, but her speech was very inaudible. Using this to her advantage, Stephanie blissfully molested her. She pinched her all over, and gave her playful, but firm, slaps, for no greater purpose than to annoy the hell out of her. After a couple hours, Beth became tired and went off to her room to rest. A deleterious idea quickly came over Stephanie, and when the time neared for her aunt and uncle to return home, the real fun began!

Quietly, Stephanie crept inside the bedroom and dropped trow. She then begin humping and pissing all over the front of her cousin’s crotch. Though she had been woken up from a sound sleep at this moment, Beth was still a tad too groggy to offer much resistance to this. After pissing, Stephanie flipped her cousin over, pulled open the back of the girl’s panties, and then climbed backwards inside. Her own thighs now shared the same ripped panty leg-holes with Beth’s, and the two were touching ass to ass. With her cousin now pinned down securely, Stephanie reached back beneath her and pried open her cousin’s soft ass cheeks. She then forced out as much shit as she could muster between them.

After several minutes of wallowing, Stephanie climbed back out and smeared the back of the panties into Beth’s shitty asscrack real good. She then expelled a couple remaining turds in various spots on the mattress, before heading off to the bathroom to clean up. As they stepped through the front door, Beth’s parents were greeted by their niece.

“Um… I think Beth had an accident.”

Stephanie’s aunt immediately went to the bedroom and gazed at the retarded girl, sitting in the middle of her feces-tainted mattress.

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, BETH!!” her mother shouted, furiously.

“I’m sorry. I should have caught her before it happened. I’ll offer to help clean it up if you like…” Stephanie stated, with false sincerity.

“No, that’s ok, Stephanie. She’s not gonna learn if we do things that way.”

Tears welled up in Beth’s eyes, started mumbling and pointing over to her cousin.

“No! You’re the one who shit your pants! Even you know better than that! You’re going to start taking some responsibility right now!!”

Stephanie watched as her cousin was mercilessly beaten by her parents right before her eyes. Her concerned face greatly concealed her true feelings, as deep down, she was jumping around and doing cartwheels; so pleased with herself knowing that she’d been able to pull off such a devilish prank.

Yes, it seemed there was always someone within reach to give her the opportunity to be offensive. The world around her was very civilized and prudish, and would forever remain that way as long as she judged it by the standards that she adhered herself to. She became further excited the scolding and disgust given to her from the members of the community, and treated them like invisible merit badges, as it simply made her want to sink down into depravity all the more.

Of course, from time to time, she did lament the fact that she had never found someone on her level. Her fuck-buddies were all a great way to fill the time, but their scruples were too strong for her to spiritually connect with any of them. One day, however, fate smiled upon her with a solution.


To top off each day of willfully indecent exposure, Stephanie harvested the internet for pornography at night, and, in a scat-related chat room, quickly became friends three like-minded girls; Alex, who was fifteen, and Lisa and Nicole who were both sixteen. They had nasty cyber sessions together, and exchanged pictures of themselves finger-fucking their asses. Stephanie was astounded at how similar their tastes were to her own. She felt it was as if her brain had been cloned and crammed into each of their skulls. Their intense obsession with degeneracy clearly rivaled that of hers.

When Stephanie finally asked them about their home-life, they explained to her that they were all members of a sexual cult. Her eyes bulged completely and remained that way as the three teens described the organization to her. It’s members all being female, the cult was a place where they passionately worshiped the sexual filth and viewed the human ass as if it were God. They deeply believed that they were put on this earth for nothing more than to fart, shit, piss, vomit, drool and fuck like the mindless, disgusting animals that they were.

Stephanie hung onto their every word, and respectively, was at a loss for her own. The paradise and sanctuary she had dreamed about for so long was real! Her body tingled all over at the mere thought of it. She had finally found people who felt exactly the way she did. She wasted no time begging them to allow her to join, no matter what the cost. The girls, in turn, were more than cooperative and knew that allowing Stephanie to join would be a wonderful thing for both herself, and the group. They did give her one word of caution however.

“We’re all very masochistic, so we’re gonna get very rough with you, and you’ll have to get very rough with us!” Alex explained.

Stephanie replied saying that wasn’t a problem in the least, as she, too, was a glutton for punishment.

“And what about my parents?” Stephanie questioned. “They, or someone else, will surely be looking for me at some point.”

“They’ll never find you,” replied Alex. “My parents were never able to find me, and the same goes for each of the other girls, some of which have been here quite a long time.”

Stephanie smirked. Mysteriously losing their only child, and the hassles it would bring them afterwards, would be a nice parting gift to leave her parents, after having tried to “normalize” her throughout so much of her life.

“So I’m sure you can see,” Alex continued, “this is a permanent decision, if you choose accept our invitation. I think you’d fit in great, but nobody knows you better than yourself, so just give us your answer after you’ve given it enough thought.”

Stephanie did give it very much thought. There was no one that she truly cared about that she would be leaving behind. All that mattered to her was raunchy sexual filth, and being in the company of people with the same insatiable desire for it. Finally, Stephanie gave her friends her eager answer. The four girls then set a date and reasonable location at which they would secretly pick her up.


As the two girls walked through the building, Stephanie’s eye caught a large hole in the wall. Curious, she peeked through it and saw darkness, with a faint hole of light on the adjacent side.

“Hey, what’s up with this?” the 14 year old questioned.

“I think some sort of accident happened about a week ago. They haven’t fixed it yet. Come on, let’s go scout for clients,” suggested Alex.

“Ok, I’ll catch up with you in a bit.”

Still curious, Stephanie followed the wall around and saw a large, heavy, 8 foot plank up against a narrow crawl space that separated the walls. To the right of this, was the door to the men’s restroom. Stephanie opened the door a crack to see if the room was empty. After verifying that it was, she stepped inside and saw that one of the urinals had an “out of order” sign on it. The drain was completely missing and Stephanie could see light that emitted from the original hole she had discovered. A kinky idea immediately popped into her head. She took the “OoO” sign off the urinal and placed it over the 2nd one. She then took off to find Alex.

Fortunately for Stephanie, her friend had not yet become preoccupied.

“Alex! Alex,” Stephanie said as she grabbed the girl by the arm. “I want you to do me a favor.”

Stephanie whispered her request into her friend’s ear, and pointed over to the plank, which the two thereafter approached. With Alex checking to see if the coast was clear, Stephanie carefully lifted the board away from the space and slipped inside. Alex then said “good luck” with a friendly grin, and then placed the plank back to it’s original position.

Stephanie removed every bit of her clothing until she was completely naked. She then squatted a bit and, with her hands firm against the adjacent wall, pushed her butt through the large hole. The opening was a bit smaller than her ass, but the crumbling rim gave way the further she got it through. She pushed until she could feel that her entire cunt was on the other side. She couldn’t have gone farther if she’d wanted to, however, as she was now stuck. She was now hunched with her ass up and her head down, completely trapped between the walls.

A few minutes passed, and the first guy of the night walked in and approached the urinal. Stephanie didn’t want to blow her cover, but simply couldn’t resist sticking her tongue through the drain to catch as much piss as she could. Over the next 15 minutes, 3 more males entered and provided the girl’s oral cavity with fresh piss. The drywall was really digging into her flesh, but she didn’t mind at all, and enjoyed the feeling of being trapped. It was then that Stephanie heard a slurrish “What the?!” from behind her. Tingling with excitement, Stephanie wiggled her ass to the best of her ability within the tight hole to show that she was ready to be ravished.

Stephanie’s heart pounded in her chest as she waited with bated breath, until at long last she felt a hard cock slam into her asshole.

“Uuuggh! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck yeah!” she grunted softly.

Stephanie reveled in her ass pounding for several more minutes until she felt her bowels blasted with hot semen. And with that, the hard cock slipped back out and went on it’s way.

Suddenly, a woman who looked to be in her early 20’s, stumbled into the restroom. She stopped for a few moments and just stared at the urinals in front of her. Despite her tiny peephole, it was clear to Stephanie that the woman was hammered.

“Fuuuuck,” the woman slurred as her mind finally processed the error she had made in choosing rooms. Nevertheless, she decided to give her bladder top priority. She pulled her shirt up over her breasts, and then pulled her jeans and panties down beneath her knees. She then grabbed on to the top of the urnial and attempted to straddle it, but stumbled back and let out a groan as her bare ass hit the cold, hard tile floor. Still determined, she spent the next few minutes pulling off her shoes, jeans and panties, and then gave it another go. She hugged onto the urinal for a few moments, but then slipped once more, banging her chin hard on the rim on her way down.

“Fuuck!” the woman yelled once more, to which Stephanie simple could not resist giggling.

A couple more minutes passed, and the woman picked herself up from the ground. She decided that she would sit this time, and pushed her naked ass into the urinal.

‘Finally!’ thought Stephanie as she wrapped her lips around the inner drain to catch the forthcoming piss that flowed from the drunken buffoon’s cunt. She drank it all, and savored the taste in her mouth for a couple minutes, until she heard the woman strain, and saw the tip of a large turd at her anal opening.

‘What luck!’ Stephanie thought. She watched as the long turd snaked out of the woman’s asshole onto the porcelain. Carefully, the woman hopped back off and began walking towards the sinks, while Stephanie’s tongue did a little snaking of it’s own to lick the steaming brown treat. As her pink muscle retracted back into her mouth for the third time, she saw a dreadful sight of the woman’s outstretched hand covered by a paper towel.

‘No! No, you goddamn cunt!’ Stephanie thought as she watched her prize being carried off. The woman tossed her shit into the wastebasket, put her jeans back on, and left the room, forgetting all about her shoes.

All throughout the night Stephanie was fucked in her ass and pussy by boys and men. All of them mysterious strangers whose faces she could not see, and whose identities she would never discover. Only from the occasional low grunts and vulgar whispers that she heard was she able to piece together in her mind what the person may have looked like. She even received a hard, swift kick every now and then, which excited her greatly. The highlight moments, naturally, were when she was being fucked and drinking piss at the same time. To her delight, as the hours increased, so did the number of drinks served and thus, the number of continuously swelling bladders.

When dawn finally arrived, Alex went into the crawl space to inform Stephanie.

“Hey cunt lips. It’s morning. Kathryn should be here any minute.”

Stephanie was saddened to hear that the night had come to an end, but swelled with pride knowing that she had made it through without spilling a drop of sperm.

“My ass is stuck. You wanna give me some help?” asked the slutty teen.

“Haha, sure. Be right with you,” replied her friend. Alex slid back out from between the walls and walked behind the naked ass that jutted out. She then knelt down and cautioned “Get ready!” With that, Alex clenched both of her fists and harshly pounded them into her friend’s ass cheeks.

The impact startled Stephanie, and she quickly clenched her ass and cunt muscles, as she had come too far to lose her spoils now. Alex pounded her fists several more times into the soft, clenching cheeks, but the result each time was just a tiny bit of crumbling drywall. Standing up now, Alex began kicking Stephanie’s ass as hard as she could, until finally she had forced it back through. Stephanie brushed off the bits of drywall and massaged the red indentation in her flesh that ringed around from her lower back to beneath her thighs. She then stepped out from between the walls to meet her friend.

“Now go get me something to put my cum in! Hurry!” Stephanie ordered anxiously.

Alex quickly swiped two large beer mugs from the bar and handed them over. Wasting no time, Stephanie then put one up to her cunt and the other to her anus and began pushing all of the accumulated sperm from her bowels and womb.

“Uuhhnn, yeah! Fuck yeah…” the teen moaned as the thick goo slowly began filling containers, with a couple turds being squeezed out into the second. Alex was amazed as she watched the cum rise all the way to the top of each. Having pushed out every drop that she could muster, Stephanie brought the front mug up to her face. Then, after admiring it for a few moments, she brought it to her lips and began gulping it down. She chugged it until it was half empty, then brought it back between her legs so she could do the second action she had waited the entire night to do. Urine blasted out of her pisshole and foamed as it began mixing with the gooey sperm below. When the mug had been refilled once more, Stephanie brought both of them back to her face and, after taking a quick, deep breath, resumed guzzling. It all went down her throat. Her own shit, and the sperm and recycled piss from the dozens upon dozens of drunken males that she had drank throughout the night. Alex, consumed with envy, had to use every ounce of willpower she had not to snatch one of the mugs away.

Stephanie drank it all, shaking every last droplet out onto her tongue, and licking the inner rim as deeply as she could. She then looked at the empty mugs and decided that she wanted to keep them in memory of this night. She lifted her right tit with one hand and pushed the 1st mug down onto it with the other. She then did the 2nd with the other tit, and got dressed. The mugs suctioned to her breasts clanged together as she stepped into the ruined panties.

“Alright, let’s head back,” suggested Alex.

“Wait. I’ve got one more thing to take care of.” Stephanie opened the top of the waste can, grabbed the drunken woman’s semi-hard shit within the paper towel, and wolfed it down.

“OK, now we can go.”






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