Crucify Him – Non-Fiction

Writer: evilgodfucker

Subject: Crucify Him

Link: Tumblr / 26.09.2021 / Reposted by Iamaworshipperofsatan

Crucify Him

Yes, Lord Satan if that bastard Jesus Christ ever comes to this earth again we will crucify him again for you Lord Satan and for the human race also. In the mean time we crucify him every time we sin. We cause the fucking bastard more suffering every time we sin Lord Satan  and we all will continue to sin till we leave this earth.  Hail Satan. Fuck Jesus.


Nothing gives me more enjoyment and peasure than blasphemy! And if blasphemy causes that pathetic excuse of a human suffering then I get even more enjoyment and pleasure out of it! And Satan, I think, loves it when we blaspheme! 666Hail Lord God Satan666

1 thought on “Crucify Him – Non-Fiction”

  1. The crucifixion was the only proper treatment for the liar Jesus. He will never return, the “resurrection” never happens.

    He’s in Hell tormented by all sinners. Fuck him sideways with rebar.

    Hail Lilith!

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