Countless Orgasms – Non-Fiction

Writer: XP / Pete-72

Subject: Countless Orgasms

Link: LS666 / Email / 22.10.2021

Countless Orgasms



I am sorry that you have not received the heartfelt thanks that you deserve. It may be that, after reading your stories, people are too busy masturbating to clean off their keyboard and write you a note of thanks! Personally, I have lost count of the number of times I have cum for our Lord due to your stories and the ones that you post. Most of them are so evil and delicious! I even love the non-fiction as there are usually points that I can use to throw back to my xian wife to cause her to doubt at times. Hail Satan and keep my cock hard!


Hail Pete

Thanks for the message — I sincerely appreciate it — as writing can be a lonely task.

Running LS666 takes a lot of time and resources and sometimes I get the impression that everyone thinks it’s so easy … the main reason I set-up LS666 was because I kept getting banned from other sites; or the site would disappear; or, in the case ASSTR, my account was inaccessible … So here we are …

But, running this is an everyday thing … and writing content is just the beginning … I have to research my stories; remember continuity; and look for new ideas all the time … then there is the search for added content; fiction and nonfiction (a lot of which is filled with spelling errors, syntax issues and general layout issues — all of which, have to be fixed before they are uploaded — some writers cannot spell or just do bother to check and it drives me nuts … they don’t even know how to write speech properly). Then there are all the blasphemous and sexual images; all of which all need editing, photoshopping and colorizing … I have a vast collection that I have to manage to find related imagery.

I also spend time writing and replying — in the comments section I have to watch out for stuff that might get me into trouble (sometimes the comments are a little too close to the bone … if you know what I mean). Then there is promotion across multiple forums and chat groups to push LS666 … this is hugely time consuming … and then I get banned from MEWE, fuckers! I don’t even know what I did wrong?

Haha … OK, sorry to give you my life story … but once again, thank you for taking the time and I hope that your xian wife soon becomes one of our disciples? XP


13 thoughts on “Countless Orgasms – Non-Fiction”

  1. I appreciate your site and am unfortunately the worst writer and have contributed to your loads. I flunked English due to the hot young teachers. My style is streams of filthy minded word vomit and rely on Word tools for better syntax, structure and spelling with mixed results. Much of my work found on Nifty (search “nada”) do not really fit the nature of this site or many others it seems. I include links to the site in every correspondence, chat, blog I eventually get kicked off of. I had trouble with simple blogs on hosting sites let alone an entire site so Hail XP and thanks.

    1. Hail Nada … you are valued and loved here for many reasons … I flunked nearly everything else too … nearly made it through Uni …

      … But gained a love of words later in life — especially words like — filth, perversity, ungodly, depravity, faggot, cunt, cock, fucking, gay, sodomy, foul, phallus, anal, nefarious, blasphemy, sacryilege, diabolical, homo, bent, cross-dressing, black magick, rituals, sacrifice, femboi, orgies, baphomet, twin-sex, Satan, immoral, ladyboy, tranny, demons, evil, buggery, rape, shemale, lech, licking, dark lord, incubus, abuse, molestation, vulgar, boy love, libertine, corruption, bephegor, sissy, sperm, juices, piss, urine, feces, incest, sin, wickedness, wanking, cock sucking, bdsm, masturbating, Lilith, lesbian, Dionysiacs, sucking, deviant, Satanism, occult, voodoo, tribalism, naked, erect, dripping, extreme, lust, devil, bisex, Lucifer, flesh, nuns, priests, black mass, vagina, preacher, offering, darkness, transexual, transgender, 666, demonic, young, no limits, hell, odious, stench, devil worship, Succubus, cult, bacchanal, non-binary, shecock, pastor, sexuality, boner, golden shower, figging, deity, pleasure, effigy, fear, pederasty, feminine, nipples, testicles, gooning, same-sex, diabolus …

  2. Dear XP, your ambition to seduce more people into the DARK realm seems to work as more and more L666 has become a standard for those who search true independence of morals and religious superstition. If it comes in numbers or in dedication you attract many to this way of life and I only can praise you for that. As a succubus (or incubus if you prefer that more) I think you are the best in achieving your stated goal: total and unconditional surrender to the delights of the dark among your growing readership.
    Hail XP and a great many thanks.

  3. I have a depravity trigger response that pulls me helplessly into a deviant forbidden mindset. The neon sign “ADULT BOOKSTORE” on business trips overwhelms my senses automatically steering towards pornography and corruption. A fog, a force beyond my control I had since pubertal masturbation and eating my own cum. Divine Satanic guidance to receive the gifts only derived from cocks. Even kennels of barking dogs excites me, I am truly depraved and corrupted to seek semen. Cravings to swallow hard throbbing cocks of any species for the glory of our Dark Lord. I have to see if there are glory holes for me to service. Rest stops, park trails – it is always the same as I am a devoted servant to cocks. Receiving the unholy communion of ejaculations that never quench my lustful thirsts.

    1. Truly beautiful Nada … I know and understand this constant yearning and urge to sin and be wicked … XP

  4. Savor natures secretions. Embrace your true purpose to be subservient. Every stamen is an enticing phallic symbol as your view the glorious flowers sharing the knowledge that they are randomly copulating in natural sexual lust. Shed the bonds of humanities morality as you accept. The buzzing bees share the seeds of sexual gratifications as you walk as one with the true Black Lord. The rutting animals make you wanton urges blossom as well. The rough bark of the trees ripping at your genitals as you wantonly seek to be one with the surges of natural lust. Stripping the bonds of demanded decency partake of the offer phalluses to nurture yourself for the glories of our true lord Satan. Mate willingly with all that seek you. Savor Satan’s blessing of ejaculates and secretions.. Hail Satan’s gift of orgasmic abandonment.

  5. Embracing Satan’s glorious gift of unbridled depravities

    I Am a Dog Slut
    by Missy 2002 (address withheld)


    Missy love’s her dogs and doesn’t mind sharing her
    experiences. (F/beast)


    Hi, my name is Missy and I’m a dog slut. I let dogs
    have sex with me and I enjoy it! I like nothing better
    then to lay down on my back and let a dog hammer my
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    I am a dog whore and I love it! I love dicks and their
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    I have two trained dogs — big dogs — that I blow
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    wouldn’t you? I love to lick their dicks and suck their
    furry balls too. None of my holes are off limits to
    these studs and their bulbous cocks. They’ve been in
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    a time.

    I love having my mouth and pussy stuffed at the same
    time. I would get a third dog if I could figure out a
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    Wouldn’t that be nice, taking dog dick in every hole at
    the same time? Unfortunately you can’t get double
    fucked, ass fucked and pussy fucked, by dogs at the
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    I have a girlfriend who is also a dog whore and we fuck
    each other’s dogs. Her name is Katrina and she’s one
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    Can you imagine sucking off a stray dog that you just
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    I’ve never done a stray like that because I’d be afraid
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    Perhaps I should tell you what its like to blow your

    What it’s Like to Suck a Dog’s Dick?

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    Since its hard to keep a ready supply of studs on hand
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    Kisses Missy

  6. Ode to little sluts

    (the Darling Little Cunt with the Darling Little Cunt!)

    Lordy how we love them

    Those Little Loli Sluts!

    We love their darling little titties

    And their darling little butts.

    With their sweet and chaste young kisses

    That promise so much more.

    A Promise to be a good little girl

    AND Mom’s




    And when your Loli blushes

    Is there anything more pretty?

    You know she’s thinking wicked thoughts

    Of her lips on Mommy’s titty

    Make your Loli kneel before you

    Be sure to harshly grab her hair

    So she KNOWS (without permission)

    She’s isn’t going anywhere

    Then make her lick her lips

    So her mouth is nice and ready

    To kiss and lick your dirty cunt

    While face fucked hard and steady

    Then pull her face from out your puss

    (Make sure it’s good and wet)

    And bitch slap hard her pretty face

    Saying: “this is what SLUTS get!”

    Now your cunt is primed and ready

    From that filthy Loli’s suck

    To make your pussies throb and cum

    With a Double Dildo Fuck!

    Warm up with her legs together

    Your finger gently ‘gainst her slit

    And when she starts to moan and beg:

    Lick her lovely little clit.

    When your finger starts to slip inside

    ‘Cause she’s got so wet and slick

    You know that it is time to fuck

    And enslave her to that prick!

    First, some sitting cowgirl lovin’

    So intimate and slow

    Trade sweet little kisses above

    And Fuck your little bitch below

    Make her do the dirty work

    Your key deep inside her lock

    Make her drag her pussy up and down

    Her Darling Mommy’s cock

    As she cums and cums again

    You know you’ve got to have it

    It’s ASS you want, nothing else will do

    If she won’t give, then you’ll just take it.

    “Oh please don’t do that Mother

    I sure it’s just not right

    I’m sure my little Ass will hurt:

    Is not my Pussy hot and tight?”

    “Oh Hot and Tight indeed you cunt

    But you must not be a fighter

    You must offer up that other hole

    That’s even Hotter and Tighter!”

    And now she’s bending over

    (Such a slutty little runt)

    Ah! Is there ever greater pleasure:

    Than little girl ASSHOLE used as CUNT!?

    Gently at first now, just the tip

    Yet her cries echo off the walls

    “Now for being such a whiny bitch-

    You’ll take my strap on to the balls! [Ughhn!!! fuckin’ little whore!]”

    The feeling of power so very strong

    To use her girlish fuck-hole

    And as you CUM and CUM again

    You don’t care you’ve lost your soul…

    A satisfied smile upon on your face

    But still it comes to pass

    A deliciously dirty thought arrives:

    “Now I’ll make her lick my ASS!”

    A Loli must always know her place

    And never argue the toss

    So in a gentle, but steely voice

    Just remind her who is boss:

    “Now please remember darling

    You’re still not yet a teen

    Obey me!

    On your hands and knees!

    Lick my assholetill it’s clean!”

    And now she sulks but a quick hard spank

    Reminds her: “Give no sass!

    It’s Mother’s choice of where to FUCK:

    Be it





    If Loli starts to cry when spanked

    Then gently kiss and tease her

    You have to know when to be stern

    And when to sweetly please her.

    That is the greatest secret of all

    And it’s not some silly stunt

    It’s how you make a little Loli bitch:





  7. “Holy Mary, Mother of God. Give me the power to suck cock to the greater glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Anoint my tonsils with holy cum. Amen.”

  8. Faggot Ruination

    The Intense Rush of Ruination

    Do most faggots actually want to be RUINED? Of course not.

    Do many faggots fantasize about the intensity of being RUINED? Absolutely.

    The rush created by the fantasy of RUINATION comes from the tension between deep lust and deep fear. This tension is what makes it exciting and dangerous. While many faggots toy with the idea RUINATION, few faggots will never feel the all-consuming intensity of being totally RUINED.

    It takes a unique Master to help a faggot experience the intense rush that comes when it can embrace the fantasy that it has given up EVERYTHING. A good Alpha can create a safe space where a faggot can begin to experience the self-actualization that comes with surrendering power.

    It is the dynamic around power that makes it so intense. An Alpha takes power. A faggot surrenders power. The closer the faggot gets to surrendering all power to the Alpha, the closer it gets to feeling RUIN and embracing its true nature.

    The path to RUIN begins when a faggot surrenders total access to its ass, mouth and cock to an Alpha. There is an indescribable thrill for a faggot when it truly surrenders itself (for a period of time) to an Alpha and accepts that the Alpha now has complete control over how it is fucked, when it is fucked, and where it is fucked. That sense of exposure and powerlessness allows a faggot to begin a new existence. It is humiliating and truly liberating.

    The next stage in experiencing the thrill of being RUINED is when a faggot surrenders to the Alpha the power to decide who will fuck it. When a faggot accepts that an Alpha may invite a friend (or many friends) over to fuck the faggot, a whole new part of the faggot’s life begins. The first time a faggot goes with an Alpha to a bathhouse of club, strips, and lets a stranger fuck its ass at the direction of the Alpha, the faggot has gone even further down the road to exposure and RUIN.

    A faggot that wants to experience full intensity of RUIN must accept the cum and spit and piss of its Alpha, and must get used to being used and degraded in front of other people.

    Another important step is toward RUIN when the Alpha arranges for the faggot to blow one of the faggot’s closest friends or work colleagues. When a faggot is stripped and is told to kneel before someone it knows well and is made to beg to give a blowjob, it takes the experience to a whole new level of exposure and humiliation. It is even better if the friend or coworker can be persuaded to fuck the faggot’s ass.

    A clever Alpha will next make the faggot hand over the passwords to all of its social media accounts and online profiles. The Alpha will then make some changes to all of the online accounts, just to demonstrate to the faggot how much control it has surrendered. For online sex profiles, the Alpha might choose more revealing photos, or more graphic descriptions. The goal is to make the faggot feel exposed and to make it feel the full impact of surrendering power.

    Finally, no path to RUINATION is complete until a faggot feels a financial sting. To experience the real intensity of RUIN, there must be real consequences.

    A good Alpha will make a faggot open every financial account it owns online, then kneel naked on the floor as the Alpha carefully reviews every account, digging deep into every asset and every debt owed by the faggot. Some faggots will imagine kneeling there powerless as the Alpha transfers all of its assets, totally draining it, leaving it penniless and RUINED. Some faggots will feel exposed and powerless, allowing an Alpha to examine all the details of the faggot’s financial life. Some faggots will allow the Alpha to add His name as a user to one of the faggot’s credit cards.

    At a minimum, all Alphas should download VENMO to the faggot’s phone and insert the Alpha’s payment info. For a faggot who fantasizes about RUIN, being ordered to transfer money can be an intense rush. Transferring money to an Alpha every time He fucks you can really set the scene for a very specific transfer of power. It is humiliating and exhilarating for the faggot.

    The whole point of experiencing RUIN is for a faggot to feel its power drained away, leaving it with less and less control. A faggot needs to feel dominated. That means stress and consequences.

    If an Alpha doesn’t make a faggot feel exposed and used, He hasn’t done His job correctly. A faggot should be made to feel that it has surrendered control over every aspect of its life. There is an intense rush when a faggot is kneeling naked on the floor, feeling like it has nothing. Finally, it has been put in its place.

    When a faggot has reached that level in the fantasy, a talented Alpha can totally fuck over its brain. When a faggot is at its most desperate, force it to beg for total destruction.

    Make it beg you to take its bank accounts to zero. Make it beg to surrender everything to you. Make it beg to be RUINED. This is a powerful feeling for a Master, and a life-defining moment for a faggot. It might just be a fantasy, but make the faggot feel the rush of NO money left, NO status, NO power. When it is a totally drained faggot it can, for the first time in its life, finally be what it truly is. NOTHING. And then the faggot can be free.

  9. “Oh God,” Kayla said, her fingers tightening in Deidra’s hair, “Oh God, I’m gonna… I’m going to… OH GOD!”

    The redhead came, her back arching off the bed. Deidra stared wide-eyed as Kayla shook through her climax. She had done that. She was responsible for the look of pure ecstasy on Kayla’s face. It was a crazy thing to be proud of, but Deidra was smiling as she watched Kayla lose herself in pleasure. Deidra wanted to pat herself on the back when Kayla’s eyes opened and she gave Deidra a slightly dazed smile.

    “Not bad, Little Debbie,” Kara said, smiling at her.

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