Confess to your perversion – Non-Fiction

Writer: Koruptdsoud

Subject: Confess to your perversion

Link: Tumblr / 17.04.2021


Confess to your perversion

Even the most religious bible thumping christian is a pervert. We are all pervs, some just admit to it more readily than others. Perversion is nothing more than lust taken to the next level. It’s innate to our existence and just part of human nature since we are all made in the image of our Father and Creator.

The key is to get them to confess to themselves that this is who they really are. Porn, lust and sin are just some of the available resources, and of course your own powers of persuasion and temptation are just as important, if not more.

Once you get them to understand and accept this reality the rest is easy. On their own they will not only question their faith and their god, but every aspect of their own personal ethos, morality and philosophy. With the superficial existence of their past laid bare, take them by the hand and lead them to their destiny … lead them to Satan.

7 thoughts on “Confess to your perversion – Non-Fiction”

    1. I should add that I’m a cheater, assfucker, whoremonger, fag, fat admirer, smoking fetisher, trans fetisher, golden shower lover, pussyeater, cocksucker, sadist, and daddy.

      1. Love them all GD! Hail satan’s your wicked may he bless your ways and grant you more chances to sin!

        Hail perverstion

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