Comment on EVIL DEEDS by Erika

I so wish that you are still concocting sweet stories, in the style of “EVIL DEEDS” … Will you let me know? I particularly liked … Hugs and whispers, Erika

3 thoughts on “Comment on EVIL DEEDS by Erika”

  1. Hello again, XPANTHER. We both love evil sin and twisted sex, especially with delicious blasphemy sprinkled in. But, as a guy, at least to me, the story would be that much more erotic IF it was written by a female authors. Have you ever promoted any of your female fans to submit stories in this vain? If so, can you recommend some? Have a great St. Paddy’s Day and don’t drink too much green beer.

    1. Hi Phil – thanks for the feedback. Happy to consider any female writers out there that would like to push their stories through this site. I know a few, like Wet Amber, who are very good (from ASSTR)… Thx. XP

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