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Feature Title: Classical Satanist

Link: TUMBLR /  28.08.2020 / Posted on The Dark Mysteries Of Classical Satanism

About: THE THEORY, INNER BELIEFS AND BLACK ARTS OF CLASSICAL SATANISM Welcome to my Blog, I am The High Priest Mocata and here I shall be posting material appertaining to the Path of Classical Theistic Satanism, its Philosophy, Tenets, Dark Rites and Black Magick Arts — enter the Unholy World of the Path which merged Devil Worship, Satanic Witchcraft and Classical Ritual Satanism.


Classical Satanist

I prefer the term Classical Satanist when describing my Path, but I very much lean to the Old Ways of Devil Worship — and as with many Devil Worshipers of Old I Work exclusively with My Infernal Father Satan and recognize inversion and blasphemy as powerful tools of adversity.

Unlike more recent Paths within the realm of Satanic Philosophy and Practice that of Classical Satanism embraces evil, the insidious, the primal, the nefarious and the carnal. It embraces the rawest elements of what forms all the Beasts of the Earth which we are also a part of, the evolutionary leap of humans has been degraded and distorted into a method of repressing and shackling those raw elements when in truth it should have been a passageway into exaltation, a state where the individual could excel and revel in the rapture of our primal and carnal will.

The rise of Classical Satanism in this World is needed now more than ever to fight against the oppressive grip of the conformity and orthodoxy which has for too long driven humankind into the banal embrace of denial.

It is said by some that the Catholic Church is the ultimate symbol of that oppression, if this is so then Classical Satanism is the ultimate symbol of the adversity against the repressive tendrils of that monument forged in the name of the God of Tyranny. It is time for the Dark Churches to arise that their shadow may extinguish the blinding light of Orthodoxy!