Feature Writer: Strangesub

Feature Title: Church Pastor Caught

Published: 31.07.2019

Story Codes: Religious, Gay

Synopsis: Pastor Moran receives a very disturbing email – of himself!


Church Pastor Caught


I was writing my sermon for Sunday.

I have a routine where I go to my office in church late at night, away from the wife and kids, and try and come up with something inspiring for the congregation. It usually takes a few hours a night because, sometimes, I get distracted… by other things.

I check all the emails addressed to me, unless my secretary already opened them and responded to them during the day. I know that those were ones that I didn’t need to deal with; or new emails that came in after my secretary left for the day.

This night there were a few new emails I went through and then I got to the one that had my name in the subject line – “Pastor Moran,” and “Your House.”

I opened and, there were pictures of my house. The front; the back deck; some inside pics… It looked like someone had copied them off my social media page or maybe someplace else I had posted them. Nice pictures.

I scrolled through them wondering what the person wanted – to buy my house? When I came to…


Me, in a suit, sucking someone’s cock on my living room couch!

Me, naked with a collar on, getting fucked on my dining room table!

Me, naked, standing in front of my house with a slave collar on; nipples clamped; and a heavy weight dangling from my balls.

Me, naked, on the back deck, with a huge black dildo fucking my ass.

Me, on the back deck, a hard cock next to my ass which was leaking cum…

Me, naked, in a sex club, cum dripping from my mouth and face…

I was fucked. Fucked. Fucked!

At first I thought that an old Master or Mistress was sending this but – as I continued to scroll through picture of my degradations, I read snippets of stories I had written; exchanges with secret assignations from online fuck sites; and other miscellaneous crap which, as best I could remember, went back to the early 90’s.

There were even pictures that I had only copied and saved online from when I was a boy whore back in the 70’s…


This had to have come from my old Strangesub email account – that I had fucking deleted last February.

As a 60 year old married pastor and grandfather, I had finally decided to shut down my perverse homosex life. I over 20 years of pictures and emails from my Strangesub account and then deleted the account. I deleted all the pictures and messages from my fetish and bondage accounts and deleted those accounts. I went to the online fuck sites and deleted all my old messages where I was soliciting cock to fuck me…

I even deleted my profile on my porn writing sites. But… not this account… I mean fuck… No harm in reading every now and then… Is there?

And then, it was all there… Cumming at me like the whore that I was…

Somebody had hacked and downloaded every fucking thing – the thousands of emails and stories I wrote; the cocks that fucked me and the ones I sucked; the slave parties where I was tied and whipped and used; the pics of me from the sex warehouse… Everything.

The thing is, I started breathing heavier as I read and looked at the incredibly perverse life I thought had been hidden and left behind. My cock got hard again… Fuck… I pinched my nipples through my shirt as I scrolled through this fuck hell…

My pants were open and my fist around my hard hard cock as I stroked and wiggled in my chair…

Oh fuck… Fuck… I wanted some fat cock up my ass…

I masturbated hard and quickly knowing that the only way to get over this was to cum and then feel disgusted with myself – where I would then just delete this entire email.

I spewed my hot cum into my hand, quickly licking it up even as my hard cock was still throbbing and I was still moaning, knowing that in a few seconds I would be totally revolted by what I had done.


I cleaned myself up; deleted the email; then emptied the trash.

And, I thanked Jesus that this fucking email came at night after my secretary had gone home. I would have been fucking ruined forever if it would have come during the day.

Fuck again.

I didn’t think to respond to whoever wrote the email nor did I read it to the end…

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck… What had I done?

Somebody had fucking hacked and downloaded everything from my old Strangesub email. I think I recognized a couple of things from my bondage and fetish sites too… I don’t know. I fucking deleted the whole thing!

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck…


I went into the church to pray that God would forgive me and that Jesus would protect me from blackmail and that no one would ever find out what a cock slut I really was…




I’m a perverted cockslut…

From the time I was a late teenager into my early twenties, I was a boy whore; sometimes a slave, for both men and women. I was basically trained to be a submissive whore to be used and abused. Not so much voluntarily, but circumstances dictated.

I started reading hard core porn novels early in my life and my notions of sex were all shaped by the pornographic scenarios inculcated into my brain.

The thing is, I wasn’t gay. I always wanted to fuck women and, in my pornographic fantasies, have women dominate me. But — that’s not how it turned out. As often as not, I was used and excited by men fucking me and drinking their hot cum…

All the while, I wanted a normal life and — I had religious aspirations.

I got married to a fine Christian woman in my mid-twenties who knew nothing about my previous sex life. After some experimentation with her and my fantasies, I realized that being dominant and fucking me was a definite turn off for her so, I settled into a mundane sex life with a wife and eventually children and, I became saved and began a career as a Christian pastor.

My sexual urges were still there but I sated them by going to massage parlors; occasional bondage clubs in far off cities; or a Mistress’ dungeon. I also had a couple of affairs with willing women but, they were brief and unsatisfactory.

I always prayed to Jesus for forgiveness for my sexual ways but also understood that God knew that this was a basic part of my nature and, as long as I kept it deeply hidden to not affect my family, I would be forgiven for my sins.

By the time the Internet came along, I was a full-fledged pastor with my own congregation. But, I still would find discreet ways to have illicit sex.

One day, I was enticed into a male orgy where I was the focus, handcuffed to a headboard while men fucked me; and I sucked their cocks and assholes… It brought back all the intense memories of my youth and, made me popular with other clandestine married men who just wanted a blow job or a hot ass to fuck.

I realized that all my fantasies could be played out with other men who also didn’t want anyone to know what kind of faggots they really were…

I went through the early porn sites and then the hookup sites; the online fuck sites; and the rest, trying to find the perfect Master (or occasional Cyber Mistress), trolling for sex, plus cruising gay woods or beaches to suck cock and be fucked…

There were years when I tried to stop and instead wrote porn and took pictures of myself in various stages of self-abuse. But I would always go back to trying to find someone to tie me up; whip my cock and balls; torture my nipples; spank and whip my ass; use and abuse me until my ass or mouth was filled with their sperm.

For several years, I had a Mistress online who I never met, but would force me to degrade myself in public (semipublic), drinking my own piss; fucking my ass with a dildo in a public park; pissing my pants and wearing them all day; and going to sex clubs to suck and get fucked by as many cocks as possible, all the while sending her pics of my tasks… Of my degradation.

She had me write stories and post them online. She had me posting pics online of myself – with cocks in my mouth; getting fucked; getting tortured; doing whatever anyone wanted to do to me Those pics usually, but not always, had my face at least partially obscured but, all of my other debased acts in full view.

I had a Master who used to take me to a dungeon and work me over, never letting me cum as he fucked my ass with a butt plug; fucked my cock with a catheter; and tortured me, constantly jerking my cock, never letting me cum until I was crying and begging for it… Then, while I was still tied up, he would start the whole tortuous process over again on my spent sensitive cock…

Another family man Master would have me come to his house while his wife and kids were out; get naked; and suck him and sometimes a friend, and then fuck my ass…

Nobody in my church ever found out and, I kept on quitting for months or even a year or so, trying to be a godly man, knowing that I was forgiven for being a slut pig but… I kept on needing to be fucked…

I had my email, Strangesub… where I had thousands of pics of me; letters; correspondence; responses to ads; stories I wrote; and every other record of my perversions. I had a fetish account; a fuck dating account; a bondage account when another sex pic site shut down; and other online bondage/porn accounts.

I was hooked. I kept on quitting and kept on going back…

Last February, my wife and children were out of town, and I went on an orgy of man sex, inviting men to my house, which I had never done before. I sucked several cocks and — one guy used and fucked me for hours. He came back that night to do the same. He came back the next day for more… He was the perfect dominant master, totally degrading me and fucking my ass over and over again, making me eat his cum from my ass and licking it off the floor when it dribbled from my asshole.

But then — I made an arrangement with another man to come over and — as soon as I sent him my address, he made an excuse that he could not come over…

Fuck, I thought. This is probably someone I knew! Fuck! Fuck!

What was I doing to myself?

I had to stop.

I ignored messages from my previous perfect abuser and started deleting… Everything.

I deleted all my stories and pictures and websites and everything I had done for the last 20 years.

Jesus gave me strength and I completely obliterated my sexual perversions except… for this site. I had written too much for it to all go away…

But — I was free from perverse homo sex since last February until — I got that email that had miscellaneous pictures and stories of mine in it…

After frantically masturbating to my degradation, I quickly deleted and trashed the email, only then realizing that I should have at least found out who it was from!

The next day, I got up early to check my church email and left my cell phone email open all day so that I might have a chance to read and delete before my church secretary opened another email like the one I had gotten the night before.

That night, as I tried to again write my sermon, still checking my email, I could barely concentrate as visions of being a cockslut danced through my head.

I knew the only way to focus was to jerk off and cum so, I did. Again feeling ashamed of my illicit lust.

This scenario repeated itself the next day and the next, still never receiving another email. By the fifth night, I knew that I had to really put my faggot fuck lust into place so, I brought my toys to the office, stripped naked, and had a self-indulgent fuck fest, ramming a 14″ cock dildo in and out of my ass; nipple clamps on my sensitive tits; my balls tightly bound and weighted; while I read porn and tried to find pics of me online (there is only one that I could find and, it did not have my face in it). After an hour or so of self-titillation, I came all over my desk and licked up my hot sperm…

Again, totally disgusted with myself, I walked naked to the church altar and prayed for forgiveness…

My prayers were answered and, by Sunday, my lusts had abided; no more emails were received; and I was able to once more focus on being a pastor.

After several weeks, I started imagining that maybe that email was some kind of computer glitch where my old, deleted Strangesub email had automatically sent random files to my church email, which was there in the old Strangesub email.

Then, over a month later, I received another email…


I am a long-time pastor of a nice church. Married; kids; grandkids… A good life.

I was also a slave to hard cock for much of my life off and on.

I finally tried to get over that a year ago by deleting everything online – my whole Strangesub email account with literally thousands of pictures of me engaged in every kind of homosex deviant behavior and thousands of stories and email assignations about me getting fucked and used…

Then an email popped up in my church email with all my perversions exposed, causing me to uncontrollably jerk off before I deleted it. After putting myself through my own twisted fuck fantasies for the following week, I calmed down and saw that no more emails were forthcoming…

Then, over a month later… I got another email in my church email.

The subject line was “Pastor Moran Fucked!”

I opened the email to pictures of myself fucking myself in this fucking office!

I was naked masturbating, fucking myself with my long black dildo…

Before I could jump up and look for the fucking camera, I read a caption:

“Don’t bother Pastor — we removed the cameras already. But do watch your video!”

Fuck me fuck me fuck me…

Normally, I would never open a video like this from this strange email but — “they?” already demonstrated that they could do whatever they wanted to me — or my computer. They knew everything about me.

I opened the video…

I watched myself going through my entire sensual routine of getting undressed; lubing up my asshole; and fucking myself…

I was mesmerized.

My cock was rock hard and aching and I pulled it out as I watched myself pleasuring myself… I felt like a slave again, powerless to stop my whore sexuality from overtaking me…

“Oohhhh” I moaned as I pushed down my pants and fingered my asshole, watching me fucking me…

“Ohhhh fuckk!” I moaned again as I watched the large black dildo fucking me in the video, as I pushed it in and out of my practically virgin ass…

“AHHHHHOOOhhuuhhh, yessssssssss!!” I moaned in the video as the carnal pleasure swept through my violated asshole as I hit my sweet spot with the long black cock.

“Ohgod, ohgod,” we chanted together, me jerking off for real; me jerking off in the video, both delirious with submissive pleasure and pain, my body aching to be tied up and fucked.

I watched me shove the long black dildo home, ripping past my anus, fucking myself deep within my bowels, drawing out another scream of pleasure from my lips.

“OUHHOOOOOO.. FUUK!” I moaned, my body jerking as I fucked myself, and jerked my hard, hard cock…

“Fuck me,” I panted in the video, now obsessed with perverted lust.

“Ahhhh! Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! UNGHHHHHHH!!”

I moaned as I watched me push the dildo cockhead into my tender assbud, opening it up, stretching my shithole, again, and again…

I was lost in a frenzy of homo lust, moaning and jerking my hard meat, as I watched the bulbous cock head shoved into my ass, through my anal sphincter with one thrust, plunging the long cock-meat into my bowels.

“UNGGHHHHAGHHHH,” I cried out in the video as my body convulsed while my ass was forced to accommodate that long pole.

The rim of my asshole was stretched in a torrid burning that intensified as I hammered the full length of my dildo into my sodomized ass canal. I thrust every inch of the long fuck pole into my asshole until the hilt of the ass fucker pressed against the bottom of my balls.

My real groans watching this were added to mine in the video, the burning cock inside me distending my bowels.

I fucked myself with my fingers as I watched my asshole began to get a first class reaming as I fucked the dildo in and out.

Again and again, my insides craved the abuse.

I pumped it in and out, of my anal canal, sending me spasming into a white light of pleasure / pain erotic bondage.

My head exploded in sheer carnal sexuality and I knew nothing but fucking. It was me on the video; it was me in my office; there was no difference…

I was fucking myself in stereo, slamming the dildo into my bowels in sodomized torture as I slammed my fingers in and out of my ass, faster and faster…

“AHHHHH, Oh, uh, oh, uh, oh, oh,” I grunted as my anal hole was fucked in real virtual reality.

My world was only hard cock; sensual fucking; pain; and burning pleasure. My own raging hard on felt like a raw piece of meat. Everything was reduced to cocks fucking and fucking and fucking. Pain and pleasure sliding in and out of my flaming asshole.

“Uuuuooohhhhhhhh,” I moaned in carnal lust as I felt the incredible heat of trying to jam more fingers into my ass!

I pushed back against my own hand, fucking myself with my cunt asshole. I clenched my anal ring around my pounding fingers as I watched myself do the video.

I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked hard and mercilessly. I fucked my body back, a hole to be filled by hard cocks, engulfed by incredible pleasure!

“Uh! Uh! Uh! UH! UH! UHhhh!” I grunted as I continued to hammer myself with my fingers and the massive, hard black dick, the hilt smashing against my whorish ass.

The carnal sensuality had my whole body quivering, moaning and groaning with inflamed desire.

Nothing else mattered except cock and fingers slamming into me, watching my overheated nude figure be a fuck play-tool.

I shuddered with the painful bliss of being so completely sodomized as my sucking asshole enveloped my now four fingers.

“OHHHHH, Fuck fuck, fuck,” I cried in the video, as I continued to writhe and thrust the black dildo, penetrating deep inside of me, its cock distending my tortured bowels.

“Ahhhhhh,” I moaned and shuddered.

My fuck frenzied fires built higher and higher with this stereo skewering and I felt my own hard chafing organ swelling again and bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

Everything was awash in ecstatic pleasure and pain. My mind reeled, as I spun into overload and exploded in a brilliant multi-colored haze that blotted out all else. I was again a fuck machine and no longer had any control over anything.

“AHHHHHHGRHHH, UNNNNGHH!” I screamed, my cum shooting painfully up my dick like fire, burning its way out, arcing onto my desk, my computer, the screen!

Everything was cumming and cumming, again lost in total sensory overload.

“Fuuuucckkk…” I finally groaned as the video came to an end, and I watched myself lick up my splattered cum, while I rubbed my cum stained hand over my face, licking at my fingers…



I pulled my hand from my sore asshole.


I struggled to get up and went to the sink to wash the stink and cum off my hands. Then took damp towels to wipe up my mess at the computer.

What the fuck was I going to do now?

There was more to the email.

“I hoped you enjoyed that Pastor, we certainly did.”

There were a couple of other pictures after that…

Me — lying naked on the altar in the church, fucking myself with a fat Pascal candle.

Cumming into the silver chalice; then pissing into the silver chalice, then drinking it…


“These pictures were the ones we especially liked after your Mistress Ellen told us about you.”

Ellen! Fucking Mistress Cunt Whore?! No… She wouldn’t…

Six or seven years ago, I got an email in my Strangesub account praising my porn writing. It was from Mistress Ellen.

We corresponded back and forth. She called me the Stephen King of porn.

She wasn’t a professional Mistress but, she liked to dominate women. She enjoyed my writing so much that she thought maybe I would like to be dominated by her.

Over time, she told me her real name; where she lived; sent me pictures of her house; told me about her life; and sent pics of her dominating other girls. It also turned out that she was a Satanist; literally a priestess in the Church of Satan. She explained that being a Satanist meant combating God’s hatred of lust by violating every prohibition that God had made to restrict our natural, healthy appetite for sex. And that the more one violated the biblical strictures, the freer one was to enjoy the world and life…

I never really thought about the Church of Satan much after she initially explained it to me. I never took it seriously. I believed deeply in God and Jesus and the forgiveness of sins but, I could see the attraction to being a complete lustful hedonist.

I only then began to realize that my “kink” was that the things I was doing; the things that I did, were all totally forbidden and that, if found out, would ruin my life.

My kink was that I needed to be dominated; needed to be forced; needed to be used… In secret. That made me hard.

Mistress Cunt Whore had me do small tasks at first, like masturbating on a pic of her naked tits and face and send it to her. Other tasks like exposing myself in public, naked, hard, and tied… But never my face. I would drink piss for her; masturbate and eat my cum.

And then she had me suck cock; get fucked and have more and more sex with men.

This all took place over a year or so until she began to guess who or what I really was and, from whatever clues she had picked up, identified me as a Church Pastor!

After I admitted she guessed right, I trusted her more and began sending her pics with my face in them as I carried out her tasks.

This went on for a couple of years.

But I didn’t think that she would ever betray me like this! Based on verifiable details about her life, I was pretty sure that she could have never hacked my email, nor did she seem to be a person who would do that.

I didn’t understand.

Until I read the rest of the email…



I was a long time Christian Pastor who had a wife, children, and grandchildren.

I had also been a slave to cock in the past.

About a year after giving up all my cock sucking submissive perversions, I got an email at church that had my former life in it.

It could have only come from my old Strangesub email account – which had thousands and thousands of pictures of me being sodomized and used; all the porn stories I had written about my sex life; and all of the email correspondence from the online fuck sites where I had tried to line up men to dominate and use me…

This triggered my submissive eros and I intensely jerked off over and over again, for the next week, thinking about being used and fucked until, I finally just did a massive session of self fucking and abuse and got over it.

I begged Jesus for forgiveness and once more resolved to stop obsessing on being a cunt faggot for men…

Then, over a month later, I got another email with a video of me in that orgy of self-abuse — In my Church Office!

I furiously masturbated to this video of me masturbating…

Church Pastor Caught — Part 4

After I was done, I continued to read the rest of that email.

(I did look for hidden cameras but, either the email was telling the truth and they were removed or, they were beyond my simple skills to find…)

“We hoped you enjoyed that Pastor, we certainly did.”

There were a couple of other pictures after that…

Me — lying naked on the altar in the church, fucking myself with a fat Pascal candle.

Cumming into the silver chalice; then pissing into the silver chalice, then drinking it…


“These pictures were the ones we especially liked after your Mistress Ellen told us about you. Or, Mistress Cunt Whore, as she demanded you call her.

And no, Pastor fucking Fuckmeat, Mistress Ellen did not set this up. Whereas she is a Priestess in our Church of Satan, she is also a 45 year old virgin who, before you, only dominated girls.

But she had a soft spot for you, Cunt Pastor, because of your porn stories.

So, she tried to train you up to be a good slave but, you are such a whiny bitch that she eventually let you go…”


Oh shit…

I was always of two minds about giving in to my lusts and need to be dominated.

On one hand, I was thrilled that Mistress Cunt Whore admired my writing and wanted to “Cyber use” me.

On the other hand, I was a Christian Pastor; a pillar of the community; a dedicated family man; and begged Jesus to stop me from my forbidden sexual immorality…

I loved being cyber used but, I often begged her to stop, complaining it was taking too much time; or that I could get exposed.

That always pissed her off and finally, after a few years, she just stopped being Mistress Cunt Whore.

(The odd thing was, that, since we now knew each other’s real names, we were friends on social media where she occasionally gave me very sly, veiled innuendos about sex but never anything that anyone else would understand. It was/ is, weird.)

In the beginning, the tasks that Mistress Cunt Whore gave me, her Fuckmeat, were in private or, at least didn’t involve anyone but her demanding that I abuse myself.

But then, her demands had me go out and get fucked and suck cock and do other vile acts in public where I could have been exposed as a faggot whore.

Even now, after just cumming watching that video of me fucking myself, as I thought about the perverted tasks that Mistress Cunt Whore had me do, my cock began to get hard once more…

Fuck… I began stroking myself again as I remembered.

There were several months where I would have to ask Mistress permission to piss via email or text.

If she was not available, I could not pee and, at times it became unbearable and I would piss in my pants, taking pictures of the wet spot growing, to send to Mistress…

Sometimes, I was able to take off my pants and piss through my underwear, letting the pee wash down my legs into my socks, snapping pics and sending them to her.

If I pissed my pants, I would have to wear the wet pee soaked pants the rest of the day. And then, she usually made me piss my pants the rest of the day.

It was particularly bad on a Sunday if she decided to torture me that day.

I would have to leave the pulpit, take off my pants; piss; take pictures of my wet underwear and the pee streaming down my legs; put back on my pants; and go back and preach, and then take pics again right after preaching to prove that I was still wearing my piss soaked underwear…

There were other times when Mistress Cunt Whore would have me drive stark naked, hard and masturbating, in my own neighborhood, to and from whatever errands I was doing.

I would have to strip or get dressed in the parking lot of whatever store I was at; and at least step out of the car, bend over, and show my fucked asshole, which she may or may not have had me shove a fat butt plug up.

There were so many tasks as time went by…

Pissing in the urinal of a public restroom, totally naked.

Licking the urinal or toilet in the public bathroom or drinking my piss from the toilet bowl.

Masturbating, naked, in an isolated but semi-public place and eating my own cum.

Driving naked on the trips I had to take out of town where I spoke at other churches, parking at truck stops, getting out of the car naked and hard, offering myself to truckers…

(There were only two results to that perversion — truckers disgusted and angry that I was exposing myself like that or, truckers who needed some quick relief and fucked my faggot ass…)

In all the tasks that Mistress Cunt Whore set me, I never got caught or exposed, for which I thank Jesus Christ, all the while I begged forgiveness from God.

But, in addition to truckers, Mistress also had me troll for hot man sex.

I used the standard sex hook up website of that time (they stopped taking sex ads about 2 years ago) so that Mistress could check that I was whoring myself out and showing off my hard cock or fucked asshole for use…

Most of those encounters were furtive fuck sessions where I would send Mistress Cunt Whore pics of the hard cock fucking me, in my mouth or ass, and/or the cum dripping from my holes.

Then, she had me go to sex clubs to get fucked more than once in one night…

These were private parties open to anyone if they knew where to go…

One place was a warehouse where one paid $15.00; stripped down to whatever a person was comfortable wearing; and then wander around to different rooms — bedrooms; dungeon rooms; glory hole rooms; rooms with slings in them; couches; fuck benches; and dark rooms where a person couldn’t even see who they were fucking or sucking…

One night, Mistress Cunt Whore wanted pics of ten different cocks in my mouth; or in my ass; or their cum on my face, mouth, chest, cock, ass, or asshole…

I managed to get pics but, only of two cocks – the rest were different pics of cum dripping from my mouth or asshole and whore body…

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What was Ellen doing to me? What the fuck was I doing? The email explained…

“Your Mistress Ellen only told us about your Strangesub email account and she showed us the old media sites where she would post your exploits. We know that she is still your “Friend” and would not want you exposed but — we don’t give a FUCK!

We hacked and copied your account long ago.

Even after she stopped using you, we kept up with your perversions, Pastor Moran.

You are one sick fuck.

When you deleted your email account a year ago, we obviously stopped getting all those great pics of you whoring yourself out and all the email exchanges where you begged to be used and fucked and, all the stories you wrote or were writing.

We decided that a closeted faggot whore fucking Christian pastor was too good to let go scott free.

Your hypocritical whiny Jesus fuck is just like you, PASTOR! A cunt whore who believes that he can escape our Master Satan.

You are going to volunteer to be Satan’s bitch — NOW!”

Your first task will be to strip naked again, go into the church, and fuck yourself on the altar with that fat wooden cross while masturbating your hard, throbbing meat.

This time, YOU will take the pictures and send them to us.

Do it now!”

Oh, God… I began to strip

* Author’s note –

I struggle with my lust addictions. All my stories are semi-autobiographical, including this one.

Writing is a substitute for me for actually going out and doing…

But… writing leads to reliving my days as a faggot whore and, the desire to do, to be fucked and used like the cum pig that I am…

So, I put down the pen and take up my sword in hand and jerk off, resolved to stay away until…

It’s not the orgasm I seek.

It is the submission to being used

And, I write once more…

And That, my audience, is why there is such a gap between chapter and verse.


4 thoughts on “CHURCH PASTOR CAUGHT”

  1. i can relate but instead of writing i read. Great story but i hope there is more, even if it takes a while.

  2. Unfortunately, no -there will be no more of this tail.
    I deleted my Literotica account and am refraining from indulging in my fuck passions.
    Except.. For one of the Masters who likes to use me from time to time…
    This is a guy who does indeed have proof of all my perversions and, did indeed “force” me to comply some years ago.
    But – he’s married too and, when I went on the wagon, he obliged me by not forcing me anymore except….
    He texts me from time to time wanting to use his “boy.”
    If I say no or ignore him, that’s okay.
    After not hearing from him in about 6 months, he texted me last January and, for God’s knows what reason, I texted him back – got hard… got naked… exchanged pics… and he came over to the church office and used and fucked me for a couple of hours.
    He came early to services on Sunday. Fucked me again in the office… Was there during services as his cum leaked from my naked ass under the cassock; let me wear clothes with no underwear during coffee hour but made sure I was hard…
    And then fucked me again, naked on the altar, later in the day… which was a bit overboard as anyone could cum in and, afterwards, when I told him those fears, he said okay….
    And I have not heard from him since….

    1. Hail S … I believe there’s an interesting story here. What motivates your lust ? Hail XP

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