Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: CHURCH OF EVIL 8

Published: Unknown / Before 08.06.2014

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


Church of Evil 8


For Father Tom Galos, after having sampled the succulent rewards offered by the Grand Lucifer Circle of Holy Ones, this was his new calling.  Just  being a pastor in a congregation no longer satisfied him, for now his ultimate goal was that of becoming a Grand Master in the Circle of Holy Ones!  Being admitted had been one consisting of many interviews and the need to have three members giving him a positive recommendation before he could even be considered for membership.

But being an honored guest that first time at the Circle’s monthly monastery fest located far off in the countryside, he was told by the Grand Master who escorted him around that evening to enjoy and make use of that honorary guest’s privileges accorded to him on his weekend stay.  Such a privilege was afforded a member on his first visitation, but thereafter it would be according to one’s ranking in the Circle of Holy Ones.  The Grand Master had grinned widely at him before advising “Like I’ve told many others before you, Father Galos, take advantage of this great opportunity as it will not occur again unless or until you too become a Grand Master!  Like I’ve told each as I’m telling you now, its ‘Use it or Lose it’!”

Father Galos had been told that this Circle of Holy Ones was a gathering of those dedicated in their holy ways, a means of preserving the old ways, and also to enjoy the fruits of the pleasure afforded in a weekend getaway at this country monastery.  He had earlier been told that the Circle of Holy Ones got to partake in sexual gratification, deliberately departing from the supposedly celibate lifestyle a holy one should lead, for only then could one counsel marital couples on sexual matters.  Still, until he attended that very first weekend gathering at the monastery, Father Galos thought that it was merely a gathering for the holy men to watch films of a graphic nature or simply put x-rated porn flicks.  But when he was taken to what was a two-way mirror, the Grand Master smiled and asked “How do you fancy that lovely beauty?

This twenty-nine year beauty is Mrs. Natalie Benton, who has been married for four years, came to this retreat as a guest of Father Downly to help her get over the loss of her parents in a small plane crash!  And with her husband away on a business trip for the weekend, everything is working out perfectly!  I do understand that Father Downly has used his preemptive right, since she is his guest and member of his congregation, to be the very first male to enjoy her beautiful pink lips.   And then, one of the old-time Grand Masters will execute his privilege in being the first male other than her husband to sample her lovely charms.

Mrs. Natalie Benton

Having a ring-side view of Father Downly and Mrs. Benton, Father Galos was told that the beauty was under a hypnotic spell and the influence of some potent drugs, and thus the sweet thing thought that she was parting her lips to please her loving husband.  Only it was the horny Father Downly’s fat cock that she was clamping her lovely pink lips over and using her pointed tongue to lap and tease his bloated cockhead.  ‘Damn, if they can get innocent young beauties like this under such a spell thinking that she’s making love or having sex with her own husband, this is my true calling!  Do I dare be bold and take advantage of my honored guest status, use the privilege bestowed upon me this weekend?’ he wondered.

He then watched as the Ultimate Grand Master, the priest who had been introduced to him upon his arrival as Father Thomas was about to declare the commencement of the Black Mass.  Only after he clamped his mouth over the sex of the beautiful Mrs. Benton’s sex, eating her to a climax and having her scream out in ecstasy, did the Black Mass commence.

It was then than an elder of the monks. a black monk, gave the beautiful young wife a black dicking and a fucking of a lifetime.  ‘Damn, this sure is a first for the lovely beauty on this night!  Sucking a monk’s cock till it pops in her mouth, getting eaten till she has an orgasm in another monk’s mouth, and then getting a big black dick in her cunt.

Seeing her crawling upon the bed, licking his lips at the sight of her beautiful round ass, Father Galos wondered “Has she ever been butt-fucked before?  Oh, God, can I?  Is it alright for me to experience such an unholy act… to fuck this pretty morsel up her tight little ass?”

To hear such language from other holy ones was quite a change for Father Galos, as such had only taken place in the recesses of his mind of the nasty and evil thoughts that he harbored in his unholy lust for the opposite sex.  Previously, he had been quite ashamed of himself for harboring such unholy thoughts, but now it was apparently quite normal among his peers and merely an accepted weakness inherent in the flesh, including those of the holy order.

Relieved in finding other holy ones with such wicked thoughts as he, seeing them unafraid to speak openly and not hold back at all, then witnessing them degrade this lovely beauty had Father Galos caught up in the excitement of it all.  As for the privilege afforded to him on this initial invite, that it was ‘Use it or Lose it’, he indeed did not want to pass up the opportunity afforded with this succulent brown haired little beauty.

Looking at her flawless and shapely little ass, he sheepishly asked the Grand Master “Is it possible for me to use that privilege you mentioned that had on this visit, with this lovely beauty?  I do indeed find the prospect of  being the very first up her beautiful ass irresistible!”   “A very good choice Father Galos!  And you will happen to learn that in her hypnotic session, she did advise that she’s never been buggered before!” he was told by the Grand Master.

The Grand Master, who’s charge he was in, then stepped forward and raised his arms to gain all the holy one’s attention before announcing that …

“Father Galos, our honored guest this weekend, wishes to use his one time privilege for this evening by copping this lovely beauty’s cherry white ass!  So let’s give our honored guest, who naturally is a bit shy on this first visit to the Grand Lucifer Circle, some encouragement!”

In response to the announcement just made, all the monks began clapping and chanting…

“Praise to Father Galos!  Praise to Father Galos, go!  Praise to Father Galos!  Bugger the little wench, Father Galos, bugger her!  Bugger the bitch, bugger her!  Make her scream!  Make her scream for us!”

Hearing the applause and his name being chanted and praised for taking up the privilege, Father Galos stepped on forward, knelt down upon the foot of the bed and shuffled on up to get behind the naked beauty.  Parting the folds of his holy robe, he gave his hard-on a couple of wanks to get it jutting like the bottom of the crucifix, then reached forward to caress her creamy white ass.  But in pushing the pointed head up against the crack of the beauty’s ass, she tried to shuffle forward in a panic, panting out…

“No… no, honey… not back there… it’ll hurt … I’m scared!”

“NO… no, honey… No!  Eieeeee!  STOP… STOP!  OW… NO… OW!” Came the beauty’s shrieks of agonizingly sheer pain as Father Galos skewered his thick holy hard-on up into her cherry ass.

Not caring how many holy ones were in the audience, that all eyes were focused upon him, Father Galos now had only one desire at that instant, that of hearing the beautiful Mrs. Natalie Benton screaming her head off as her buggered her once cherry ass.

“Aieee… stop… stop!  It hurts… it hurts… it hurts so bad! Ow!” The lovely young wife shrieked as Father Galos shagged at her soft beautiful ass, giving it to her as hard as he could to cause her even more pain.

That had been quite a memorable initiation into the Grand Lucifer Circle of Holy Ones that he had experienced, and Father Galos wanted to have such a honorable privilege once again.  Thus he aimed on becoming a Grand Master himself, as quickly as possible in fact, as he so needed to sate his lust and temptation for the flesh.  Picturing several of the many young women in his congregation, Father Galos began thinking as to who would be the sacrificial lambs being sent to the depths of depravity when he was to supply the Grand Lucifer Circle of Holy Ones with their ‘entertainment’ for the weekend.

Already his unholy mind was churning away the potential ways of using his turn for supplying the ‘entertainment’ to his advantage, wanting it to be quite memorable to the holy ones who would be casting their votes for elevating new Grand Masters into the Circle. Almost immediately, Father Galos’ mind zeroed in on two very beautiful women, both of whom had come in to see him regarding their feeling of something missing in their lives, being a bit bored from her husband’s lack of sexual interest once the kids were borne.

Although the two women were so close and equally beautiful, thinking exactly alike, still each had not confided in one another of her sexual frustration with her spouse.  Father Galos had found it very strange and rather amusing that they had not taken each other into confidence on this subject matter, as they were sisters and very close to one another, especially due to the fact that they were identical twins and previously had share everything with one another.  ‘I’m sure this would be a first for the Holy Ones, one that ought to get me a lot of votes towards becoming a Grand Master, especially with beautiful identical twins to haunch and debauch during that weekend retreat to the monastery!’ Father Galos surmised.

‘Interesting, very interesting!’ Father Galos thought as he reflected back upon the separate marital sessions with the twenty-nine year old twin beauties, that of Mrs. Teri Ashford and her older identical twin of a minute Mrs. Keri Hansen!  According to each during the marital sessions, the twins would normally discuss every bit of their lives to one another, all but the one topic of being sexually frustrated with her partner.

With confidentiality being of utmost importance, Father Galos had to come up with a way to get them to go on the retreat together without disclosing each others’ meeting with him, most of all the topic that was discussed and the current problem each faced with their respective spouse.  Having secretly recorded each interview, more for him to play back at a later date to see if he had missed anything, and those recordings certainly paid off now.

In each recording the lovely blond beauty did mention that although she had always confided in her twin previously, she was just too ashamed and embarrassed to tell her twin of her failing marriage due to being sexually frustrated with her spouse.  As each had a follow-up session that next week, Father Galos figured out a solution to the problem, smiling widely at how easy it turned out to be.

Identical twins:  Mrs. Teri Ashford (L) and Mrs. Keri Hansen (R)

Following Sunday’s prayer service was an appropriate time for Father Galos to get to speak both women together for just a few moments, giving them brochures of the upcoming retreat in the country, telling them that he would appreciate it if both of them could represent the church and attend the retreat.

And he added, “The outside cover makes it look like an old monastery, but trust me, the inside furnishings are as plush as a four star hotel!  It’ll be more like a weekend getaway for you two, alone together without the kids, time to chat with one another without any interruptions!”

Leaving it at that and going on to mingle with other members of the congregation, it was Father Galos’ plan to later tell each beauty in her upcoming session that…

“In going over our meeting last week, I mulled about it and realized that you should in fact confide in you twin sister about it!  Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about your marital problems even if it has to do with sexual gratification! After all, you did tell me that prior to this, you and your twin sister could talk to one another in utmost confidence and that she would understand your problem! I stress that you do the same in this instance, tell her what you’re missing and she might just be able to help!  Use the weekend retreat as the perfect excuse to be alone with your identical twin to discuss this private matter!”

Leaving the kids home, Teri got into the car when Keri arrived to pick her up an off they headed for time alone at the secluded monastery.  Told to dress comfortably, that a robed monk would be awaiting their arrival, showing them where to park and their luggage would be taken to their room for them.  For the twin sisters, this really did sound like a four-star hotel versus that of a monastery, and upon entering their eyes widened in amazement.

“Better than a four-star hotel!” Keri whispered to her sister.

“Did you see the pool out there, sis?  Can you believe it?  If only this wasn’t a monastery?  Handsome viral men is the only thing missing in this establishment!” Teri responded.

Shown to their room by another robed monk, they entered a fabulous room that was decorated with modern decor.  Getting to share a room together once again, was just like when they were growing up and sharing everything, brought back so many fond memories to each of them.

It was Keri, the oldest, who broke the ice as to her secret session with Father Galos, telling her sister of how unsatisfying her love life was sexually.

“You too?  I went to see Father Galos also, telling him basically the very same thing!” Teri responded.

Both began blinking back the tears as they hugged one another, for being alone together like this meant so much and allowed them to confide in one another like before.  And soon it was like old times, confiding with one another all those intimate secrets that each had been harboring inside.

Then it was Teri fessing up to the fact that, “I’ve even been fantasizing some naughty thoughts!  My favorite one, sis, is where I go out dancing at a tavern when John out of town on a business trip!  I pick out a big black stud to dance with, rubbing myself up to him to make it known I’m his for the taking!  We go outside to the parking lot and do it in the backseat of his car!  He pulls off my jeans and panties, then proceeds to give the best fucking ever!  I made sure he put on a condom before we got started, but midway through, he pulls on out to shuck it off, then fucks me bareback!”

Then it was Keri turn to fess up on her naughty fantasy of being hit on by her own tall handsome father-in-law, and he ends up giving her the fucking that his son is not capable of doing.

“Would you do it if your if your father-in-law made a pass at you?” Teri asked.

“Of course not, silly!  It’s just a fantasy, but a very naughty one! I’d never be able to live with myself if I cheated on Bart, more so with his own father!” Keri replied.

The only thing on the agenda for each of them was an hours session with a Holy Father, each one meeting separately in a private session, with both scheduled at the same time.  After that, there was nothing on the agenda but dinner and relaxation.  But that private session each would be attending with a Holy Father, one whose expertise was that of hypnotism, would end up having each beautiful twin so much in need of sexual satisfaction along with the lowering of her morals for the weekend.

To top it off, while under a deep hypnotic spell, each beauty was again relaying the naughty fantasy she had only hours before relayed to her twin sister.  And through naughty suggestions implanted in her mind by the rather Unholy Father, those fantasies would soon become a reality.  On Bart Hansen’s next business trip out of town, pretty Keri Hansen would be going to a tavern across the tracks to find herself a big black stud to fuck her out in the parking lot.  At the Ashford’s home when Mom and Pop Ashford came over for dinner, the old boy certainly would get the hint when his lovely daughter slips off her heel and rubs her nylon covered soft sole up along her father-in-law’s trousers!

This holy retreat certainly implanted some naughty and unholy thoughts in the minds of these young and thus far faithful wives.  ‘Faithful’ and never being with another man – yes, but only for another hour, till the fun and games began in the basement of the monastery where the Grand Lucifer Circle would meet for carnal delight.  And the beautiful identical blond twins would be their entertainment for the weekend.  To be sure that each was deeply under the hypnotic spell before leaving the room, a test would be administered, one that the young beauty would certainly have refused to do if not for the hypnotic spell – that of reaching out her hand, going under the Holy Father’s robe and wanking him off with her fist!

As they went about getting dressed for dinner, what the brochures seemingly made to sound like fine dining, the twin sisters began to don elegant dresses and high heels for the occasion.  Of course, each had been instructed under hypnosis to wear a very nice dress and heels for dinner, as well as any lacy undies that she had packed.  Teri put  on a pair of lacy white panties and a matching bra, then a black and white print dress with black heels.  Meanwhile Keri donned a pair of lacy black panties and matching bra before slipping on an elegant black dress and heels.

When a robed monk came to escort them downstairs to where a meal worthy of fine dining was to be served on up… it would be the monks eagerly awaiting for the fine meal to feast upon to arrive… for the beautiful identical blond twins were to be served up for them to dine upon!  As the clicks of their high heels sounded upon the masonry steps leading down to the basement, many robes began to rise up to the occasion.  Instead of tables in the middle of the dining room, there were four king-sized beds joined together to form a large square, for that’s were all the fine dining would be taking place.
The monastery became filled with unholy thoughts as the twin beauties arrived in the dining room!

And soon the Holy Fathers would be in for some delicious twin treats!

Back in a deep hypnotic state after a spell-binding phrase was mentioned to the sisters, all the monks on sides of the room were being treated to quite an extraordinary event, getting to see the beautiful twin sisters standing back to back and following the Grand Master’s instructions to…

“Unzip the back of your dress!”

“Peel the dress down over your left shoulder!”

“Now over the right shoulder!”

“Let the dress fall around your heels!”

“Now step out of your right heel!”

“And the left!”

“Take your bra off and show us your pretty titties!”

“Now move towards the bed to your side!”

“Lie down upon it!”

“Now reach up with both hands… yes hold your twin sister’s hands… know how your identical twin is feeling… for you will be experiencing the exact sensation that she is at the very same moment!”

With fingers of each twin entwined and grasping each others’ hands, then each was sucking in her breath as thick calloused fingers were grasping the waistband of her lacy panties and pulling them down over her hips, down her sexy white legs and off her feet.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” Came the stereophonic mewls from the twin beauties as each felt a hot mouth was clamped over her sex and a thick tongue pushed up between her pouting pussy lips.

It was quite an amusing sight as each twin responded in exactly the same manner, that of having bent her legs and raising them up with her toes curled from the pleasure between her legs.

“Ahh… ahhh… oohhh!” Came the dual moans from the identical twins as each began shaking in uncontrolled spasms from being eaten to an unbelievable orgasm, making her cream in the holy bastard’s slurping mouth.

As the twin beauties continued holding hands above their heads, panting from the mind-shattering orgasm each had sustained while feeding the holy bastard her sweet love juice, that monk was now moving aside to allow his holy brothers access to same the sweet juices bubbling up from between her widespread legs. Two lines had been formed by the many anxious monks seeking to have a tasty sample of the sweet wine.

But with so many unholy bastards wanting a sample, each would be limited to a minute between one of the beauties lovely legs.  Still, with so many monks and invited holy men for this festive occasion, it would be over forty-five minutes before then could move onto the next event.  Arms over their heads, holding hands with her identical twin, Teri and Keri mewled and panted from the exquisite sensations never before experienced in their young lives.  These holy men were certainly a hungry bunch of horny old bastards, and they certainly knew how to eat a tender pussy, making it juice to become even tastier!  In seeing the twin beauties continuously arching up, shuddering uncontrollably, it was obvious that the hungry monk and their holy guests were getting quite a treat and being well fed.  A true fine dining evening for these horny and holy bastards.

After all the holy men had gotten to get a sample taste of the sweet tasting nectar, the twin beauties lay panting on the bed with knees still raised and bodies trembling while clutching at her sister’s hands.  Each beauty had just experienced an identical experience as her twin just did, holding each others’ hands while shuddering through orgasm after orgasm, with each having had over forty thick tongues eagerly searching out her ultra-sensitive clit.  These holy cunt-lappers certainly showed the beautiful twins how talented they were, licking each young beauty to climax after climax with it seemingly sounding like a stereo was on with the lovely sisters coordinated moans of pleasure

“Ooooooooooohhh… ohhhhhh… ohhhh… yes… yes… I’m cumming… I’m ggggg… ahhhh!”

Twin beauties indeed, identical in every way possible, including the way in which each would arch up into the slurping mouth that was eating her to a mind-shattering climax.

Upon hearing the commanding voice of the Grand Master now kneeling beside them, the twin beauties turned towards the sound of his voice, telling them…

“The good Father Galos tells me that you are not only identical twins but that he even performed at your joint wedding ceremony and administered your wedding vows at the very same time!  And now my identical twin beauties, growing up together and even marrying in a joint ceremony, it is only fitting that you lovely sisters have your marital vows broken at the same instant!”

As two tall robed monks stepped forward, the Grand Master told them that “It is befitting that you sisters have an identical experience here in the monastery and we have made preparations to assure that such shall occur!  Brother Simon and Brother Milos here will see to that, my lovely ones!  You see, for this special occasion to give you two twins an identical experience, both Brothers have measured up very equally twelve and one eighth inches to be exact!  Yes, my dears, that’s the size of each… the holy shaft they have hidden under the robes… their cocks… both thick and long… and BLACK!” And then he announced, “So let the BLACK MASS commence!”

With the robed monks kneeling upon the bed, then descending down between the trim widespread legs, the holy ones slipped off their robes but used the heavy garments to cover them. Now in total darkness, with only the women’s lovely hands holding one another visible to the audience, it was as if each lovely beauty had been enveloped in the dark world of evil and unholiness. Simultaneously each felt the thick holy bulb that was about to have the honor of shattering the innocent beauty’s marital vows, with each twin becoming a bit panicky.

And from under the robes came, “Ooohhh… it’s so big!”

“It’s too big… it’s way too big!”

“Please… .please… I’m scared… I’m scared!”

“Please, noooo… I’ve never been untrue to my husband!”

“No… no… .don’t… I don’t want this to happen!  No… no… stop… don’t… this is rape!”

“Please… don’t rape me… don’t rape me!”

The Grand Master then announced…

“Now Brothers, the time has come, give her your holy shaft!”

“Eeeee!!” Came the shrilling shrieks from under the heavy robes, for each beautiful twin was being raped of her marital vows, raped by a holy cock at the very same instant.

Each twin was having a cock of identical size being shoved up into her way too-tight snatch, each beauty being raped by a big black cock measuring twelve and one eighth inches in length, far thicker and longer than that of her husband.

“Now, my Brothers, now!” The Grand Master instructed.

The audience got to see the middle of both robes raise up slowly and then suddenly deflate, followed immediately by ear piercing screams


With a signal of the Grand Master’s arm, two monks moved forward to pull the robes off to reveal to the audience the bodies of their black Brothers engulfing the twin beauties, both whose ankles were draped over the calves of their big black rapists.  With their holy Brothers remaining still for the second, right up against the beautiful blond wife under him, it became quite apparent that the twelve and one eighth inches of cock was now fully embedded up in the beauty’s cunny.

The audience then got to see all the action taking place, getting to witness the rape of the beautiful blond twins, watching their Brothers’ big black cocks sliding in and out of the tight pink slits.  As each beauty was literally getting the holy shaft fucking in and out of her squishy hole, it was quite an amazing sight to see both sets of sexy white legs rising up to encircle her fucker’s black waist and locking her ankles around her rapist.

Black asses rising simultaneously, then plunging back down at the same instant, it became quite obvious that both identical twins were getting an identical fucking as each was responding and moan in the exact same manner.  Loud groans could not be heard coming from the twins as the black bastards began raping their subjects in earnest, causing the beauties to scream as all holy hell broke loose as their rapists sought to plant his holy seed deep in her fertile womb.  What had been moans and cries of agony now had changed to that of pure pleasure, with one moaning out.

“Yes… yes… oh, yes!”  And that was followed by the other twin finishing with “Yes… fuck me… fuck me… fuck mee!”

And after they had screamed out jointly in their joint climax, the big black fuckers showed their brotherly ones the holy seed drooling out of the twin pink slits.  But seconds later those leaking slits would be plugged up by the next holy man in line.

It would be five hours later before the last monk that had been initially been in line to get to toss his holy sauce in the beauty’s widely stretched and well-filled cunny.  But this last man in line was far to be the last man between a sister’s widespread legs, for those that had gotten her twin earlier now wanted to see if the other would give him an identical fuck session.

Each line was once again nearly as long as when it all began, for once the holy bastard raped one blond beauty, he would get into the twin’s line to sample her lovely charms.  By the time it got to his turn once again, he’d be in good shape to give the twin a nice big holy shaft.  The way in which each beauty mewled and moaned from the pleasure as monk after monk gave her the kind of fucking that she needed, it was a good bet to to say that two beautiful blondes would be leaving the monastery following the conclusion of the retreat as depraved and wanton little nymphs.  Now each was eagerly wrapping her trim sexy legs around each new holy fucker once settled down between them, locking her ankles together to pull him in deep, then begging…

“Shag me… shag me, Father… fuck me… give me your holy semen… fill me with your holy seed!”

With the lovely beauties responding in such a way, the holy fuckers proceeded to give the identical twin sisters exactly what they needed… a fantastic fucking and a good dose of hot slimy holy seed!

Having missed their dinner for the evening, the Grand Master announced that, “We must apologize for been such poor hosts, eating first and having forgotten to serve our guest their dinner earlier! But we shall now make amends for we shall give you a treat that you will surely enjoy!”

“Brother Amos and Brother Linus, will you help our guest up and escort our beautiful guests to the dining area!” Advised the Grand Master.

Both sisters were assisted up from the bed, each a bit wobbly upon standing, and each leaking out a large dollop of cum to puddle on the floor from her flooded cunny.  Guided by the once again robed monks, twin sisters found themselves kneeling upon pillows placed on the ground, each with her back up against her sister’s.  Back to back, on her knees with soles of her feet pressing back against her twin sister’s, each could not see what was happening to her twin but knew exactly what she was faced with.  That certainly was the case in hand as each was watching the robed monk standing before part the folds of his robe, watched as he reached on in to pull out his holy shaft, then he placed his hand at the back of her head to pull her to him.  The leering audience watched as their brothers rubbed their bloated cock-heads up along the lovely facial features, then seconds later each beautiful twin was being fed cock for the very first time.

Back of their lovely blond heads visible, other than the portion of the portion covered by the large black hand, their faces obscured now as each had been pulled into the holy robe as more and more of the bastard’s thick cock was forced down her throat.  ”

“Gaaaaaa… gaaaaaa… gaaaa!” Came the gagging sounds from both beauties, making it rather obvious that each was unaccustomed to being fed in such a demeaning manner.

The holy bastards were facing fucking the beauties’, pushing her head back some ten inches then pulling her head back into the thick robe.  Then Brother Amos and Brother Linus each threw his robed head back to exclaim…

“Hail Lucifer!  Hail Lucifer!”

Even with their heavy robes clothing the two black monks, the way in which each was shuddering uncontrollably make it quite apparent as to was was taking place between the folds of their robes.  Each love twin sister was being fed a good dose of holy fluid, each getting to taste male spunk for the very first time in her young life and at the identical instant!  What a devious and demented maneuver by Father Galos who had planned the entire evening’s event that would surely put him on the fast track for becoming a Grand Master himself.

The beautiful twins got served with some real fine dining and the food kept on cumming and cumming!  Lots of dark tube meat on this occasion, with some white meat along with it, but each one turned out to be quite juicy once she began sucking on it.  The twins ended up being well-fed when their fine-dining experience came to an end, each had consumed a belly full of hot slimy cum as those horny monks loved nothing more than popping their swollen nuts and feeding her his holy semen.

So much so that each had a hand on her belly, wondering if she could keep all the nourishing protein down in her queasy stomach.   Each had been counting how many men they had pleased with their lips, only to lose count somewhere in the twenties, both wanting to throw up the slimy contents in their bellies but only to have her head pulled back by the hair to have another swollen forced between her pink lips.  Their dining experience went on for hours as the majority of the monks wanted to experience the rare occasion of having identical twins sucking them off back to back, wanting to see if there was a difference in technique used by either one.

The following evening would give the twin beauties another experience of a lifetime, all while holding hands once again, only this time they would be facing one another while on all fours.  Each would get to see a robed monk getting up into position behind her twin, meanwhile feeling exactly what was happening from the hands caressing her own ass from behind.  Each had been staring into her sister’s eyes at the time, missing the nod each monk gave to one another as the signal to commence the Black Mass, but each twin shrieked simultaneously


“Eieeeeeeee!”  Each screamed once again from the excruciating pain in her rectum, for each twin was being sodomized at the identical instant.

Each twin felt so ashamed and degraded in the depraved manner in which she was being used for sex, raped up the ass by one deviant monk after the other.  Sobbing in pain, Keri and Teri grasped each others’ hands to seek and give comfort to her sister, but seeing the line of holy bastards forming behind her sister indicated that their agony was far from over.

Shortly before the weekend retreat would come to a conclusion, another hypnotic therapy session was held, this time jointly as each twin would leave there with the memory of having just a fabulous and enjoyable weekend.  More so, the importance of their having such a weekend retreat alone together would be implanted in their minds, getting out for a weekend retreat once every three to four months and leaving their respective husbands or child’s grandparents to care for the little ones that weekend.

And on such weekend retreats, they be most welcome visitors at the monastery, promised a new experience on each visit… with their next visit to be spent in a luxurious suite, one complete with two king-sized beds each sister could watch her twin being gang-banged while having six men in her own bed at the same time!   But also planted in their minds was for them to scout out taverns and bars frequented by blacks, where a motel was nearby, where each could tell their respective husband that she was going out shopping that afternoon with her sister… just omitting as to what they would be shopping for… men with big black cocks!


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