Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: CHURCH OF EVIL 7

Published: Unknown / Before 08.06.2014

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


Church of Evil 7


The ancient monastery, headed by Father Thomas, was now being billed as as a very special type of retreat, one in which a person could meditate to rid the mind of one’s problems and one’s body rejuvenated.  Previously, the monks at this abbey had remained in total seclusion, their goal being to preserve this ancient monastery and all its’ treasures of gold and silver hidden down below in its vaults.  But having recently made an exception to their old trusted friend, the Holy Father Downly, their attitude changed drastically in having assisted him in overcoming the sins committed of the flesh that he had committed.

Father Downly had so thankful to his old friend who headed the monastery, along with all of his followers for setting him straight by allowing him to attend and participate in the unusual ‘Black Mass’.  There he had once again met Pastor Marks whom he had not seen for years and was quite surprised at the close relationship that his colleague had with all the monks head of the monastery.  That ceremony involved a special invitee, a member of Pastor Marks’ congregation, that of a very beautiful twenty-eight year old female with long blond hair.  Father Downly then came to realize that members of the church were also human and at times needed to re-energize their vows by sating their human weaknesses, as he too became and active participant in the Black Mass, sating his lustful desires both in and upon the lovely beauty.

Determined to attend the Black Mass at  the monastery on a regular basis, Father Downly knew that he was expected to contribute what he could to the monastery, especially with the monks now funding the costs associated with promoting the monastery as a very special retreat.  The monastery provided the funding and thus it was Father Downly’s obligation to supply the monks what  they themselves could not get their hands on… .the soft tender flesh of beautiful women from his congregation!

Having formulated an evil plan in his mind, when the appropriate subject and timing arose, Father Downly would then tell the beauty that “I do know of a place that has helped women that have gone through similar problems as you have endured, my dear!  An old colleague of mine, while serving in a monastery in Europe, apparently found a way to assist women with similar problems as yours!  Trust me, he will be able to help you resolve the problems in your mind, make your mind feel spiritually healed as well as to make your body feel so alive once again!”

Then Father Downly would tell her that his old friend now located just hours away in the countryside, advising “If you can arrange to take a few days off from your busy job, away from your husband or fiance, a solitary retreat to this monastery in the countryside would do wonders for you!  Whenever their housekeeper goes on vacation, the priest and monks need a temporary replacement!  In exchange for your assistance, your stay would not cost anything!  Father Thomas and the monks will be able to resolve the problems you are now facing!”  Such had been the case with Mrs. Julie Hampton (see Church of Evil – 2 & 6), the first member of Father Downly’s congregation to the sacrificial victim of the Black Mass!

Mrs. Evelyn Merkle

A member taking in the very special retreat was twenty-seven year old Mrs. Evelyn Merkle, convinced by the wise Father Downly that it would do her good and that her time there would certainly help clear her mind of the problems she currently endured.  Father Downly had told her not to be hasty with her decision, one that she had felt was the only solution, that of divorcing her unfaithful husband.  Evelyn had confronted her husband after finding a note in his pocket, the contents of the note making it quite obvious that something was going on.

The guilt on her husband had confirmed it all and he confessed it had happened, a one time thing but that it was over had he begged her for forgiveness.  But for Evelyn, once their marital vows had been breached, there was no way in which to repair it.  However, after meeting with Father Downly in his private office to discuss things, he had convinced her to at least give the retreat a try for if she felt the same afterwards, then she could still proceed with her plans.

The monastery was indeed so secluded and the kind of place where she could think away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Evelyn could not believe how nice and understanding Father Thomas who had been waiting for her arrival, then the holy man was giving her a tour of the monastery and the grounds surrounding it.  That first afternoon, she walked the grounds, smiled and nodded to the passing monks who did not speak as the pass her by while seemingly in prayer.

But little did she know that under hoods covering their head and facial features, their eyes were glued to her as they licked their thick lips in anticipation, and that under their bulky robes were long thick cocks rising to the occasion.  Then she met with Father Thomas in his private office prior to dinner, accepting the glass of red wine that he handed to her, unaware that it was laced with a couple potent drugs.  One of the drugs would soon render her delirious with the room spinning all about her.  The other drug lacing her glass of wine was a potent aphrodisiac, having her climbing the walls till that nagging itch between her legs were scratched… .by a long thick cock!

Down below the top floor of the monastery, off from the crypt was the dinning room where the monks would feast each night.  On this particular night, the lovely Mrs. Evelyn Merkle was the soft tender white meat being served up to them that evening.  Moaning at first, then screaming, the lovely beauty’s long blond hair whipped from side to side as she was being eaten alive… with the long thick tongue up her cunny driving her out of her mind!

“Oh… oh… oh!” Evelyn cried out and then she gagged and choked when the monk standing next to her pulled his cock out from his robe to shove it in her mouth.

Having been laid upon an altar at the end of the large room, she was the sacrifice to the Gods that evening, offered up by the monks who now commenced their chants.  Arms outstretched from the altar in her helpless state, Evelyn then felt both hands being inserted under the heavy material of monks’ robes, then felt her fingers being molded around very thick fleshy tubes.  Next, Evelyn felt both her feet slipping through the folds of other similar robes, then felt blunt fleshy objects pushing up against the soles of her feet.

Ten minutes later, after arching up rigidly as she was eaten out to a mind-shattering climax, her hands exited from the robes with her slimy fingers all webbed together.  Then she was coughing and choking, quickly turning her head to the side when the spent cock was pulled out of her mouth in order spit out all the gooey filth.  The robes covering her feet were being withdrawn from around them, revealing all the goo that those two monks had spurted on them.  There she lay upon the altar, in all her glory, still coughing and dripping with gooey spunk.  Now that the pleasure giving tongue was no longer there, the itch between her legs had her rubbing her thighs together as she squirmed about on the altar.

She panting out, “Please… please… please, Father Thomas… help me… ohhhhhhhhhh, I’m burning up!”

Her vision blurred, Evelyn then made out Father Thomas’ voice loudly announcing, “Let the Black Mass commence!”

Then the good Father was leaning next to her, whispering in her ear, assuring her “There, there, my dear … don’t you worry none for Brother Michaels has just what will cure your ailments!”

Unbeknownst to Evelyn, with a monk’s robe on and standing in the far corner, standing and watching was Father Downly who had driven up to the monastery just an hour earlier.  He too would be participating in this special mass, the jutting cock hidden under the robe telling how anxious he was to get in on the action, doing something that he kept fantasizing about the entire week… that of having the lovely Mrs. Merkle on all fours, then shuffling up behind of her cute little as and fucking her like a bitch in heat!

In a dazed stupor, Evelyn made out a tall robed figure nearing the foot of the altar, then made out that the robe was being pushed back over the figure’s covered head and then the robe was being fully removed.  And now that large figure was getting up onto the altar… with her… between her legs!  Blinking her eyes rapidly, trying to get her vision focused, Evelyn did manage to make out one distinguishing aspect… he the male figure climbing up onto the altar… was black… charcoal black in fact!  Breathing hard, things registering some in the back of her confused mind, she became afraid and panted out

“Father… Father Thomas… please help me… don’t let him… don’t let him!”

But then Father Thomas was again whispering in her ear, reassuring her that “There, there, my pretty one… I assure you that Brother Michaels knows how to cure what ails you… just relax… relax your lovely legs… part them for Brother Michaels!”

“Ooh… Father… Father Thomas!” Evelyn cooed as Brother Michaels began to sooth that nagging itch between her legs.

Then Evelyn panted out, “Yes, Father… oh, thank you… .thank you, Father… you’re right… it helps… it does help!  Oh, yes… that’s it… that’s it… yes… deeper… deeper… deeper!”

From beneath the seemingly main floor of the quiet monastery came the many robed monks that had waited for this beauty’s arrival, having stayed down below to give the young wife some solitude where she could be by herself and reflect back on her troubles.  Now they were determined to assist the blond beauty in getting over the fact that her husband had cheated on her.  They would show her how foolish her husband had been by ignoring her and taking up with another woman, they’d teach her that ‘what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander’!

Yes, after she left the monastery, there would no longer be the need to be upset that her husband had bedded another woman.  Indeed, with her secret in knowing that she had now enjoyed many more a male partner than her husband had with the opposite sex, there would no longer exist the need to be jealous or upset with the man she married.  And through hypnosis received from Father Thomas, should she have reason later to be upset with her husband or if he neglects her again, Evelyn would find herself entering a bar or tavern to sate her needs… to look for and find herself… a big black cock!  Such was the rational that Mrs. Evelyn Merkle would have when she departed this special retreat.

Those days at the special retreat certainly did give Evelyn a change of heart as she headed on back home to her husband.  ‘So what if that asshole screwed that secretary bitch in his office!  Let him keep on screwing her!  Two can play the same game.. .especially now that I know what I really want… a big black cock up my twat!’ she thought.

Then Evelyn giggled at the thought that crossed her mind, that of surprising her husband when he came home from work one day. letting him catch her in bed with a big black buck fucking her!  Licking her lips, she felt so hungry at that instant, especially after having gone on a high protein liquid diet at the retreat… a glass of wine at times but her diet had consisted nearly entire that of hot fresh cum from the lusting monks!

She had seen the insides of many a monk’s robe, each made of the same thick cloth, but how long she kept her head in there had varied greatly from one monk to another… all depending on that monk’s staying power once she got her lips over him and the flicking of her tongue over his sensitive cockhead.  Evelyn realized that she must have consumed over a quart of the rich protein, but that amount was just a small percentage of the total that the monks had shot up in her cunny and onto her body.  The special treatment received at the retreat had turned her into a cum-slut, and after having seen a black dude entering the bar she had just driven pass, Evelyn made a U-turn and headed back there as she was quiet hungry for more hot liquid protein.

For 29 year old Mrs. Natalie Benton, Father Downly’s suggestion for her to attend a few days away at a retreat far out in the countryside sounded to be just what she needed.   She had really wanted her loving husband to cancel his business trip, to send time with her and comfort her from the loss she had just suffered in having lost both parents in a small plane crash. She needed Bill to comfort  her now, not ‘next month’ when his work schedule eased up some.  She wanted to hold her in his arms, to caress her body, show her that he really loved her. At first, Natalie wasn’t up to taking Father Downly’s suggestion, but the kind priest spoke to her in a fatherly way as he told her.

“My child, trust me… it will not just be solitude at this special retreat… it is their specialty in helping care for someone like you!  You will be well cared for and you shall obtain the comfort that you are seeking!”

As Father Downly held her hands, his caressing the top of her left hand soothed her some, but Natalie did not know the unholy thrill he got deriving from touching her soft hand and the wedding band he had blessed several years earlier.

Mrs. Natalie Benton

Married four years ago, with Father Downly presiding over the wedding ceremony, Natalie had been totally unaware of the true feelings that the Holy Father for her.  So enamored with the lovely young beauty was Father Downly, with naive and innocent Natalie having no clue whatsoever as to the vile lust she created in the unholy priest.  Back then, Father Downly had been a man true to the cloth, though his mind did wander into areas deemed sinful or illicit.

He desperately fought his human weaknesses such as when the lovely Ms. Natalie Zane came in with Brian Benton together for a pre-marital  session.  Unable to keep his eyes off the beautiful brunette, and the thought of her naked had his cock tenting the front of his trousers.  Going to bed that night, the image of the stunning beauty came to mind, and then he had sinned… stroking his cock while imagining that Natalie had it in her warm buttery mouth and as sucking him in earnest… sucking him as he shivered and then her spurted his holy seed outward in a high arc… to  his imagination that he was shooting it right into her sweet angelic face!

Going into the confessional a week before her wedding date, the final time before tying the knot, she then confessed her sins to the very understanding Father Downly.

Unbeknownst to then a very young innocent Natalie, the probing questions asked by the Good Father were really not appropriate in the eyes of the Church, but she merely thought that these were the the type of questions asked of all bride-to be’s.

In the confessional, it had gone like this:  “Father, I have sinned since my last confession!” She advised.

“And how have you sinned, my child?” Father Downly asked.

“My fiance got carried away a bit… and it led to more than just a goodnight kiss!” She advised.

“Did you allow your fiance to go… all the way, my child?” He asked.

“No… no, father… we didn’t  have sex… we’ve never had sex!” She replied.

“Then what did you do, my child!” he asked of her.

“I… I… he unzipped himself… and… and had me put my hand in the opening!” Natalie had stammered out.

“And what happened next!” He asked.

“I… I touched his ‘thing’ … and stroked it.. but it ended there!” She advised.

“Did anything else happen?” He asked.

“No… no, Father… he tried to push my head down into his lap… wanted me to put his ‘thing’ in my mouth… but I refused and ran from the car!” Natalie stammered out nervously.

Blinking her eyes to keep them focused, Father Thomas’ office seemed to be spinning about as the Holy Father was inquiring about her troubles, asking about the death of her parents and as to how she was coping with it.  The lighting in the room, the expertise in Father Thomas in hypnotism and drug laced wine, all contributed to her physical condition as her eyelids felt so heavy while in the process of answering Father Thomas’ question.

Then the questions were directed to the relationship between she and her husband, one of the reasons for her coming to the retreat.  Then the questioning became even more personal, with Father Thomas inquiring about the intimate relationship between she and her husband.  In her drugged state, Natalie was unaware of the door to the office being quietly opening, nor the figure of a robed monk slipping into coming to stand behind the couch on which she lay.

And then Father Thomas was asking her, “Has your relationship with your husband changed from before being married and after, other than of course consummating your marriage after exchanging your wedding vows?”

“We’ve come to love each other even more, although his job consumes a lot of his time!” She replied.

“What I’m getting at, my child, is whether or not you’ve been able to get over your shyness or nervousness in pleasing your husband in other ways that he might want you to?” Father Thomas asked.

“I don’t understand!  I believe I have!” Came her reply.

“Prior to your coming here to this retreat, I asked Father Downly to relay as much as he could about you as its necessary in order for me to help you here!  And Father Downly relayed to me that just prior to your marriage, your husband-to-be had wanted you to please him differently… with your mouth… but you refused and ran off!  Do you remember that incident?” Father Thomas inquired.

“Yes… yes, I remember it!” she replied.

“And so, now that you’ve been married for four years, have you pleased him like he wanted… with your lips and mouth” He asked.

“No!  No, I haven’t!” Natalie replied.

“Why not?  Why haven’t you please your husband in that manner?” Father Thomas pried.

“It… .it’s dirty… a filthy thing to do!” Came the stammering response.

Father Thomas then looked up at the smiling figure standing behind of her and returned his smile before advising Natalie that, “You must overcome your fears in pleasing the man you exchanged your vows with!  And so, it shall be a priority during your stay here to rid yourself of such inhibitions, to be able to express yourself freely to your husband… even if it involves, shall we say, ‘unusual’ sexual requests from your husband!”

Assisted from Father Thoma’s private office by a very kind monk, Natalie was led down the large rock carved stairway to where dinner was to be served.  She was to join the monks living at the monastery for dinner, but she was feeling so woozie and so very strange at that moment, feeling so hot and stuffy that wished she had not worn her pink sweater.

The temperature in the monastery was in fact quite cool, and had it not been the hypnotic suggestions that Father Thomas had implanted in her mind, Natalie would not have been hot and bothered.  Bothered indeed as Natalie was wishing that her husband had not gone off on his business trip and that he was there with her.  ‘Oh, Brian… where are you when I really need you!’ she thought while panting in heat.

Implanted deep in mind, it would soon become unbearably hot once she entered the dining room, so hot that she would be telling the kind monk assisting her that she need to find a place to rest for a spell.  And with it getting even hotter when she lay down, she would ask the helpful monk for some assistance… in getting her pink sweater off!

That caressing touch felt so very good, the room so very quiet even having seen so many monks already there prior to her arrival, and she felt so fortunate that helpful monk has managed to find a place where she could lay and rest a bit.  And then another hypnotic suggestion kicked in, having Natalie close her eyes while believing that she was all alone in the room with her loving husband, that it was Brian caressing her arm and pushing her bra strap over her shoulder.

“Hhhhhhhaaaa… oooh… oh!” she cooed as her bra cup was pushed down and her nipple was mouthed and being tongue teased.

Then her other bra strap was being pushed over her shoulder and her twin nipple was song getting the same treatment.  And now another hypnotic suggestion got activated, now that her nipples were being attended to, it was time for her to attend to something that would please her husband.  Turning her head, wondering why her husband had put a robe on, she reached out into the folds in search of his cock!  Finding it, fingers encircling the throbbing tube of flesh, she the began pumping it in her fist.

Clothed in a monk’s robe, Father Downly shivered and had to still himself when the lovely beauty wrapped her soft manicured fingers around his throbbing cock.  Stepping closer, pulling the robe forward so she would not see his face even though she was in a hypnotic stupor, he then put his hand on the back of head.  Wheezing as he sucked in his breath, this was certain a dream come true, his was very first cock in beautiful Mrs. Natalie Benton’s virgin mouth.

“Oh… oh, yeah… ohhhhh, baby… that’s it.. suck it… .tongue it like that.. oh, yeah!” He panted out in pleasure.

Rocking back and forth, fucking her beautiful face, Father Downly gritted his teeth to prolong the fantastic blowjob as long as possible.  Throwing caution to the wind, he panted out…

“Oh, yeah… so good… so fucking good… you make one beautiful  little cocksucker, Mrs. Benton… oh, that young pup you’re married to just don’t know how foolish he is in not insisting you suck him off!”

Then, about to spew his cum, Father Downly placed both hands at the back of her head, knowing that she’d surely pull away if he didn’t.

“Uggggh… uhhhhh… uhhhhh… yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He grunted out as he fed the lovely beauty with her first dosage of the male protein diet she’d be on at the retreat.

In her dazed stupor, Natalie licked at her lips as she thought.
“I’ve done it… done it at last… I sucked Brian… I’ve finally done it!’

Then her petite body shook, a shiver coursed through her, and for a second Natalie that that her churning stomach would rebel from the hot sticky settling there.  Swallowing deeply, then gritting her teeth as her body trembled in revulsion, Natalie finally managed to quell the urge to throw up all the hot gooey slime that she had forced herself to swallow.  Had she not been under the influence of a potent drug as well as in a hypnotic state, and if she knew that it was actually the kind Father Downly that she had just blown off, Natalie would certainly have puked her guts out.

Proud of herself for having finally done it, learning what it was like to take a cock in her mouth and sucking on it till it came in her mouth, Natalie wondered if it would be any easier the second time around.  Very soon though, she would again be recognizing Father Thomas’ voice when he announced the commencement of the sacred Black Mass, that second opportunity in perfecting her cock-sucking techniques would commence.  Laying there, still believing it was Brian whom she had just pleased with her mouth, Natalie felt his hands touching her slacks and legs, then felt her 3” black heels being peeled off her feet.  Now hands were grasping both the waistband of her black slacks and lacy white panties, pulling the last of her protective garments down to bare her entire body.

Panting in exhaustion, Father Downly stepped back to observe the unbelievable sexy body of the lovely beauty from his congregation, the woman whom he had just stripped naked.  And then, with the mass of monks closing in upon the altar on which Natalie Benton lay, it was Father Thomas announcing the commencement of the secretive Black Mass.  He watch as Father Thomas began preparing the sweet beauty for what was to come, felt his cock give a twitch of excitement when Mrs. Benton moaned with pleasure when Father Thomas clamped his open mouth upon her sex.

“Oooh… oh, yes… yes… ohhhhh, so good… don’t stop… don’t stop… ohhhhhhhhh, yes!” Came the cries of pleasure from atop the altar.

Soon after the beauty’s body settled back down onto the after, and with Father Thomas backing away, a very tall robed monk began to disrobe at the foot of the altar.  Father Downly looked on as the elderly black monk got up onto the altar, getting between the trim sexy white legs that two other monks had assisted in pulling them apart, it was quite an erotic sight in seeing the contrast of black and white bodies becoming entwined together.

“Oh… .oh, honey… you feel so big tonight!” The beauty exclaimed when the thick black cock began to disappear up between her sexy legs.

Over the next few days at the retreat, Natalie would find her head shrouded in the robes worn by the  monks, learning that they wore the same kind of holy robe but each holy man sure differed in what he hid beneath his robe.

Though inexperienced at it, Natalie knew it was the same holy man that had her perfecting her technique on her, that she could  now distinguish him from all the other by the following factors: the size of his thick boner in her mouth; the way in which he held the back of her head his hands: the way his fingers entwined themselves in her hair; the way in which he fucked her face; the familiar grunting sounds that he made when cumming in her mouth; the way in which he arched up into her face each time that he ejaculated in her mouth; and the very distinct taste of his salty semen which must have been due to a different diet of all the other monks.

Indeed, perhaps it was the different diet that made this monk’s semen taste so different from the others, a very interesting aspect one the taste of one so distinct from the others since Father Downly was based far away and the food served here in the monastery differed greatly.  So pleased at being the first and loving the feel of her mouth and talented tongue swirling around his cockhead, Father Downly would go back for go back for another of her fantastic blowjobs jobs whenever he could get it up again.  In the end, when the beauty’s stay at the retreat came to an end, Father Downly found himself unable to remember the exact number of blowjobs he had gotten, wondering ‘ Was it twenty or twenty-one times that I got that pretty thing to suck me off?’

On her drive back home, after having met again with Father Thomas in his office for over an hour, the thoughts going through her mind were those suggestions that Father Thomas had implanted there during that final session of hypnosis.  ‘How fantastic and unbelievable that was, like going to a first class spa in a fancy resort!’ Natalie told herself  in thinking back to all those facials she had received along with all those body massages.  ‘That special lotion that they use, heated to the right temperate and then so generously poured on, before being spread about and rubbed in till it all dried!

Unbelievable, they even said it was a very good hair conditioner when they rubbed it into my scalp and lather my hair with it, then letting it sit like that for hours!’ Natalie recalled.  Licking her lips, she then remembered how good it tasted too, that it served too as a high protein diet… which is all that she had there other than the few glasses of wine given to her by Father Thomas in his office.  Then Natalie shuddered, recalling the one use of that special fluid that she didn’t care for, that of it being injected up her ass as it felt like she was getting an enema.

Her mind then drifted back to the memories of just how good it felt to have those massages, all that hot cream used in getting her hands massaged, feet too as well her entire body.  To Natalie, she was amazed at how generous they had been on splashing that warm creamy lotion on her body, wondered where all their supply came from.  Well, with fifty monks residing at the monastery and each cumming four to six times a day for her consumption or to splash onto her body, it did seem to be an endless supply of the special lotion!

Weeks later, Mrs. Erica Lansing took the opportunity of going up to the retreat as her husband was headed off to his company’s annual strategic planning conference out at a coastal resort.  And of course, it just happened to have a golf course adjacent to the lodging facilities.  But for twenty-seven year old Erica, she knew that such a retreat up at a secluded monastery would do her good to reflect back on things and get things back into perspective, especially now that her best friend from high school days had passed on after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.  She had confided in Father Downly, telling him of how depressed she’d been over the past six months after having learned from her friend of the prognosis she had received from the doctor.  And she had gone over to help out wherever and whenever she could.   Her husband Dave had certainly been understanding, given her the space she had needed, but knowledge of her friend dying certainly had her down in the dumps that she does did not feel up to it to have any kind of fun or pleasure, and that included lovemaking with her handsome husband.
Mrs. Erica Lansing

Feeling so relaxed after having consumed that glass of red wine in Father Thomas’ private study, Erica tried to focus her eyes on the object that the Good Father was holding before her.  But she couldn’t help blinking her eyes as she was feeling sleepy, her head bobbing some, and she made out Father Thomas reassuring her that…

“You’ll find it so relaxing here, my child, that you will be going back home to your husband as a totally new woman!  You’ll want him to make love to you… over and over again… want to feel the touch of a male’s strong calloused hand caressing your body… want to please the man you’re with!”

That was what Erica would remember consciously as to what Father Thomas told her during that one hour session in his private study.  But what she would not recall subconsciously, suggestions implanted deep in her subconscious, were more wild and radical thoughts the such like…

“You’ll wickedly tease any man you come into contact with… your brother-in-law… your father-in-law… .the soon to be widower of your best friend… and don’t forget Father Downly!”

At which time Father Thomas looked up at his colleague dressed in a monk’s robe standing behind the lovely blond subject that he had recommended this retreat to.  Asked if she knew any black men where she lived or worked.

Erica replied, “There a janitor at work, who we call Ralph, about in his late fifties… and then there’s and elderly gent named Mr. Duncan who does our yard!”

Those two men were added to that list, with Erica to make them a top priority alongside of her father-in-law, who was to be the first male she was told to seduce!

That evening, it was Father Downly who got things rolling, getting the honor clamping his hot open mouth upon the blond beauty’s sex to cause to scream out when tongued wiggled up into her sensitive snatch.  Father Downly certainly done himself proud that night, with Father Thomas and all the monks there to pay witness to it all, able to confirm to one and all how he ate the blond beauty to a screaming climax as she arched up on the altar to feed him her sweet love nectar.

With the Black Mass about to commence, Father Thomas stepped away from the foot of the altar and went to the head of it, allowing the lovely blond wife to receive the black scepter up between her widespread legs as he would give her something on which to suck upon.  His robe covered her beautiful face as she began sucking on the cock he was feeding her, just after she had screamed out…

“Oh, God, honey… you’re so big and excited tonight!  Oh, Goddard… you’re stretching me… oh, so big… oh… oh!”

Her outstretched hands were no longer visible, hidden between the folds of the nearby monks’ robes.  So to were her lovely feet, covered by the monks standing at the foot of the alter.  Ten minutes later, before other monks stepped into place, the lovely blond wife had cum drooling down her fingertips, heels of her feet, corner of her mouth, and of course drooling out of her well-fucked cunny.

Erica would certainly learn the mean of the Black Mass, the dim lighting and dark surroundings, and then the five monks surrounding her to remove their robes to reveal their… dark ebony bodies!  She could get enough cock, wanting more and more, needing all the hot cum that they could give her… both in and on her body!

Upon her leaving the retreat, Mrs. Erica Lansing was indeed leaving as a new woman, so very different from that prior to her arrival… a cock crazed little bitch and cum slut!  Any man that she saw looking her way, Erica was wonder just how good he was in bed, even making the move to show her interest and availability.

Erica’s memories of the secretive ‘Black Mass’ would be all stored deep in her subconscious, only coming back to her when she was in a deep sleep, thus having such referred to as a ‘dream’ or a ‘nightmare’ to the clueless young beauty.  But such thoughts would plague Erica that following day to no end, giving her illicit thoughts each time she looked at a man, at which time she’d often wonder ‘How big is his cock!’

With her being deeply in love with Dave, could Erica fight off those wicked urges that kept entering her mind, but nasty those thoughts caused her to squeeze her thighs together each time as she gritted her teeth to stem the urge to act on those illicit thoughts.  ‘What’s gotten into me?’ Erica could often ask of herself, needing to chastise herself each time those nasty thoughts enter her mind.  Needless to say, Erica was chastising herself quite often each and everyday.

Just over a week after Erica’s return home to her loving husband, she could no longer just merely harbor those nasty illicit thoughts, was unable to keep her emotions in check.  She had desperately tried to refrain from do it, but for some reason she could not, could not resist the temptation of teasing a man… even if it was her own husband’s father… her father-in-law!

With Dave away, him mentioning the drain problem to his father just before leaving, the helpful old guy stop on by the next day to lend a hand.  Inviting Pop Lansing to sit and have a beer, it was then that Erica let the old boy that he could have and enjoy a very special treat… that of his very beautiful hot and horny daughter-in-law!  The dropping of 3″ heel, the feel of her pretty toes walking up his pant leg, to which he could only sit there stunned and nearly cumming right in his pants when his daughter-in-law rubbed her foot up against his boner.  Minutes later, Pop Lansing was pushing his son’s beautiful wife down upon the king-sized bed, stripping and even tearing some of her clothing off before covering her with his body.

“Oh, Pop… oh, yes… .fuck me… fuck me… give your daughter-in-law the fucking she needs!” Erica cried out as she wrapped her arms and legs around her elderly lover.

Seconds later, she was panting out, “Yes… yes… cum… cum in me, Pop… shoot it, Pop… shoot it all in me!”

For old Pop Lansing, this was an unbelievable dream come true for him, a constant dream that he secretly harbored within himself.  Ever since that day Dave had brought Erica to the home to meet his bride-to-be, with his son leading his beautiful fiancee’ into the house, Pop couldn’t take his eyes off her cute little round ass and trim sexy legs.

Thoughts went through his mind at that time, evil and nasty ones that Pop just couldn’t get to blotting out of his head, thoughts that had him wondering how tight her cute little ass was.  Panting for breath while lying exhausted on the bed that his son shared with his beautiful wife, Pop felt some guilt at having just fucked his daughter-in-law, but the guilt quickly eased in recalling how she had been the one to come on to him in the kitchen.

Reaching over, putting his hand on her his daughter-in-law’s soft creamy ass, he caressed her butt and then pushed her over to get her onto all fours.  Not having had sex for quite some time, having lost interest in copulating with his aging wife who a year younger than him, Pop was amazed at his cock rising to the occasion once again.  Now as he knelt behind of the soft creamy white ass that he dreamt about for so long, Pop’s cock throbbed and became quite rigid as he caressed her behind, then used on hand to guide his cock into place.

Guiding his cock back on up to the cunny that he had given a good fuck to earlier, Pop dipped his cockhead into her cummy cunt to get himself lubricated, figuring that that his beautiful daughter-in-law had one tight little asshole.  Then he pulled greasy cock back on out and guided it up to his daughter-in-law’s beautiful little ass and guided it into place.

“Pop… Pop… what are you doing?  Nooooo, fuck me again… fuck me with it… not up my shitter!  Oh, God… aiiiieeee… oh, Pop… it hurts… oh, God, it hurts!” His daughter-in-law whined as Pop claimed his son’s wife cute little ass for himself.

Now tightly enveloped in his daughter-in-law’s tight little ass, he slapped her on the butt, he humped at her while sneering…

“Always been teasing me by flaunting your cute little ass at me, huh!  Now I’m gonna fuck you like the little bitch you really are!  You little bitch, I’m gonna give you an enema with my hot spunk, and when I’m done.. you’re gonna lick me clean!”

“You got that, bitch?” Pop asked gruffly as he humped her tight little ass, getting her to pant out, “Ye… yes… yes… whatever you want of me! Ooh!”


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