Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: CHURCH OF EVIL 6

Published: Unknown / Before 08.06.2014

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


Church of Evil 6


Now at the age of twenty-five, standing at 5’4″ and weighing a trim one hundred and eighteen pounds, Julie Hampton had been married to her husband Jim for just under two years.  She had fallen in love with Jim immediately after meeting him at a joint social dance, held between her sorority and Jim’s fraternity.  Having been brought up in a very conservative and religious household, Julie was quite naïve when it came to sex.  She and Jim had kissed and petted a bit during college but Julie had always drawn the limit, never letting Jim’s hands slip under her clothing.

Julie’s intent was to remain pure and virtuous, saving herself for marriage when she would allow the man she married to deflower her.  Looking at herself in the reflection of the mirror, her thoughts went back to that horrid night just days before the wedding was to take place.  Closing her eyes, Julie’s head slumped as tears filled her eyes with shame and humiliation as the nightmare came back to haunt her.  She had hoped that the nightmare would stop recurring but now she seemed to keep thinking back to that sorid night.  Julie did not know how she had managed to get through the wedding ceremony, trying her best to put up a cheerful front.  When tears did flow from her eyes, she just told everyone it was tears of joy.

‘I’m so glad that Jim had quite a bit to drink at the reception that he was really out of it when we went to the honeymoon suite!  Thank goodness he came right after entering me and fell asleep right away!  Pretending that my thighs hurt the next morning, from the lovemaking, seemed to convince Jim that he had been the first!’ she recalled.  Julie sighed, her shoulders slumping in realizing that her husband had yet to bring her even near a climax.  ‘Darn, Jim still doesn’t last much longer than our wedding night when he was totally plastered!’ she thought with frustration.

\’I shouldn’t blame Jim!  Maybe it’s me!  Why… why do I keep thinking back to that awful night?  Worst yet, why do I keep thinking about it when making love with Jim?’ She asked herself.

Julie realized that each time she embraced her husband in bed, she would imagine herself with the brutal man who had violated her that night that she had gone to the church to see how the decorations should be set up for the wedding.

“How shameful!  Raped right on the church’s alter by that evil black man!” Julie sobbed.

She recalled how she had used her skirt to wipe the altar, not wanting anyone to discover the bloody mess upon it the next day as it was recorded she had been given the key to the church for that evening.  Julie trembled at the memory of being accosted as she had inserted the key into the door when she was rendered helpless by the zap of a stun gun.

After she had made her way home following the vicious rape, Julie had quickly gone to the bathroom to douche out the thick seed that threatened to put her in the family way.  As Julie began to cleanse herself, she shivered in seeing several short kinky hairs intermingled with her longer golden curls, confirming the fact that indeed her rapist was a brutal black.

Now, nearly two years after that horrid night, Julie looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she had been quite fortunate that the douche had prevented her from being impregnated by her evil rapist.  She had not confided in anyone, not even her best friend Shelly, feeling so ashamed in telling anyone of her defilement.  But now it bothered her so much that she just had to confide in someone, needing someone to lean on.

Putting on her dress and heels to go to work, Julie was glad she had arranged to take a couple hours off at the end of the day.  Yesterday, she had placed a call to the kind understanding priest who had performed the wedding ceremony and knew she could confide in a man of the cloth.  Julie wished she had done this sooner but was too ashamed to do so, knowing she would also have to disclose to Father Downly that she had been raped and violated right on the very altar of the church.  She would have to tell the Good Father that the altar also had been soiled by the rapist’s slimy spend and the blood of her ruptured hymen.

It had been a slow day as Julie was quite anxious for 2.00 pm. to come so she could make the drive to see Father Downly at the church.  Now as she drove to the church, Julie swallowed in nervousness, wondering just how she would begin explaining to Father Downly what had taken place two years ago.

Her mind was in turmoil, wondering ‘Do I dare tell him that I now dream of being raped by the black rapist when making love to my husband?  Father Downly will never understand!  Will he think I’m nothing but a cheap slut?’

At the church, Father Downly looked anxiously at the clock on the wall.  When the lovely Mrs. Hampton had called him yesterday, wanting to meet with him as soon as possible, he detected a trebling in her voice.  Since her wedding nearly two years ago, he had only seen the lovely beauty from afar each week during church services.  On occasion, he did get to shake her soft petite hand when greeting her at church gatherings after the service but could not get much closer, not with her husband and the rest of the congregation right there.

Thinking back to a night nearly two years ago, Father Downly closed his eyes as his cock gave a twitch under his robe.  He already knew of the dreaded secret that the lovely Mrs. Hampton kept bottled up within herself and suspected that she needed to confide with someone.  On that fateful night, Father Downly had been up in the balcony when the former Ms. Julie Anderson had been accosted while entering the church.  He had stopped dead in his tracks as he about to move and save the lovely bride-to-be from her assailant.
But that initial response to help was suddenly replaced by a twitching beneath the center of his black robe, a twitch of manly lust within the Holy Father.  Instead of rushing to save the young beauty from her sordid fate, Father Downly had remained hidden in the balcony and watched as the stunned Julie Anderson was being carried to the altar.  He had watched with excitement as the lovely beauty was raped and ‘ruined’ on the altar.  ‘A true virgin sacrifice!’ he had evilly.  Worst of all was the fact that after the black rapist had departed, he himself had gone to the altar to vent his manly lust in the body of the ravaged beauty.

Having committed a crime and ‘sinned’ for the first time, Father Downly’s conscience bothered him every second thereafter.  Feeling so guilty, he called his old friend whom he had met while serving the church in Europe.  His friend Father Thomas was now in charge of an old church and monastery that was several hours drive off in the countryside.  Having contacted his old friend, Father Downly made the long drive out to the old church that resembled a church of the medieval days in Europe.

Greeted by his old friend upon arrival, Father Downly sipped on a glass of red wine as he sat with Father Thomas in the study of the church.  He then confessed the awful crime and sin he had committed upon the beautiful bride-to-be.  He asked for his friend’s advice, wondering if he should now abandon the calling that he had served for the past thirty years.  He was surprised when Father Thomas advised him that what he had done was a ‘normal’ sating of his pent-up human frailties after administering to the needs of his parish for so long.

Father Downly arranged to stay for three days before returning to his church and was to attend what Father Thomas called the ‘Black Mass’.  Having been with the church for thirty years, he was puzzled as to what his friend was referring to as his old friend was quite vague and merely said, “Be patient!  It will put you at ease so you can go back to your congregation and serve them well!”

When it was time to return to his congregation, Father Downly felt relaxed and ready to resume his calling.  He was so thankful to his old friend for setting him straight by allowing him to attend and participate in the unusual ‘Black Mass’.  That ceremony made him realize that members of the church were also human and at times needed to re-energize their vows by sating their human weaknesses.

Seeing the familiar white BMW driven by the beautiful Mrs. Hampton turn into the church’s parking lot, Father Downly licked his lips as he watched the beauty exit the vehicle.  Watching the elegant beauty in her navy blue dress and matching heels approach, his lust for her had his cock twitching under his robe.

Extending his hand to greet the lovely woman, Father Downly felt his cock rise as her soft manicured hand slipped into his.  Taking her to the study as he continued to hold her hand, he evilly wished her trim manicured fingers were wrapped around his aching cock.  He could feel the trembling and sense the nervousness in the young beauty as he led her to a comfortable sofa.  Sitting next to her, he let his eyes gaze down upon her trim sexy legs, wishing that he could once again enjoy the pleasure of being between them.

As he listened to the beauty blurt out the horrible rape, that had taken place right here in the church just days before her wedding day, Father Downly comforted the lovely young wife but gently rubbing her shoulders and back.  Whenever his hand made contact with her soft skin above the back of her dress, he had to hold back the urge of pushing her down onto the sofa hand venting his lust in her sexy body.  Under the long black robe, his cock was rigid and throbbing with lust for the lovely young wife.

Julie was so glad that Father Downly seemed so understanding and comforting as she gave him the details of that horrid night.  She then went on to give him her current dilemma.

“Father… I feel terrible in having deceived Jim into thinking I was a virgin on our wedding night… but… but its so much worst now!  When… when Jim and I are making love… I… I pretend I’m being raped again!  I… I… I know its wrong, Father… but… it allows me to get physical satisfaction in lovemaking!”

Hearing the fact that the lovely Mrs. Hampton was taking pleasure in recalling the vicious rape, when making love to her husband, an evil plan began to evolve in Father Downly’s demented mind.  Comforting the distraught beauty, he consoled her in telling her that such feelings were normal after going through an experience that she had, especially if unwanted pleasures of the flesh had been derived from the act no matter how horrible the act.

As the evil plan began to formulate in his mind, Father Downly then mentioned, “I do know of a place that has helped women that have gone through similar atrocities as you have endured, my dear Mrs. Hampton!  I have heard of women with similar problems, due to the horrid experience of being attacked, helped by an old colleague of mine!  While he served a monastery in Europe, he apparently found a way to assist women with similar problems after being assaulted following a civil uprising between neighboring ethnic groups!”

Father Downly advised her of now his old friend now located just hours away in the countryside, advising “If you can arrange to take a few days off from your busy job, away from your husband, a solitary retreat to this monastery in the countryside would do wonders for you!  Whenever their housekeeper goes on vacation, the priest and monks need a temporary replacement!  In exchange for your assistance, your stay would not cost anything!  Father Thomas and the monks will be able to resolve the problems you are now facing!”

Desperate for anything that might resolve her problem, Julie advised the Good Father that she would indeed make the arrangements to take time off from work if the retreat would be of help to her.  Realizing that Jim would be out of town on a business trip the next week, she thought that would be the perfect opportunity to go on that secluded retreat.  She wondered how she would explain to her husband just why it was so important that she go on this retreat, thinking that it would be best just to say that she needed to get away from the stresses of work for a few days.

Receiving the call from his old friend and colleague, Father Thomas smiled upon learning that he would soon be expecting a very beautiful young guest.  ‘Hmmm, so this little beauty is having a hard time coping with the inadequacies of her young husband and dreams of the night she was assaulted by a black rapist!  Well, a celebration of the ‘Black Mass’ will serve to cure her problem!’ he mused.

Jim Hampton had noticed the anxiety and the depressive state that his wife Julie had been going through.  He wondered if it was because they had been trying to start a family for the past year but had been unsuccessful to date.  ‘Perhaps Julie still can’t get over the miscarriage she suffered three months after we got married?  But, we really weren’t ready right then!’ he surmised.  In fact, he was about to suggest that she see a doctor in thinking that some medication would help.

When Julie told him of talking with Father Downly about being stressed and his suggestion of the retreat, Jim readily agreed that she take time off to go the secluded monastery.  Jim even suggested that he would drive her out to the monastery and pick her up upon his return from the business trip.  He really hoped that this secluded retreat out in the countryside would help Julie get back into the right frame of mind.

Unsure how she should dress for the retreat, Julie decided to wear a nice summer dress with white heels for her arrival.  She was so glad that Jim had accompanied her on that long drive as she leaned her head on his shoulder.  Seeing what appeared to be a medieval church sudden appear out of nowhere in the secluded wilderness, Julie was a bit apprehensive as they drove up into the entrance of the facility.  Seeing a monk holding the gate open for her, she leaned over to give her husband a kiss goodbye.

Looking about the large ancient structure as her husband drove off, Julie felt a bit apprehensive in not knowing anyone there.  Turning back to the awaiting monk, she observed his free arm extended out to show her the way.  Entering a building adjacent to the church, Julie was greeted by the elderly housekeeper and given a brief tour of the premises.  Then the elderly but jolly Father Thomas appeared and introduced himself to her, holding her hand in both of his upon greeting her, leading her to a sofa so they could chat a bit.

Having now met the lovely young wife, Father Thomas could easily understand why his old friend and colleague had given in to the demons of the flesh, his lust for this lovely beauty.  ‘So, this lovely beauty’s having recurring thoughts of being violated by her black rapist whenever making love to her husband!  Well, my little beauty, you have come to the right place to take care of your demons!  Yes indeed, we shall celebrate the Black Mass in your honor this evening!  We shall have those demons come to you!’ he chuckled to himself.

To put her at ease, Father Thomas merely chatted with the lovely young wife, asking generic questions as to her upbringing and education.  Gazing at her long trim legs, amazed at how flawless they were, he longed to see those sexy white legs wrapped around the black bodies of those monks anxiously awaiting for him to lead this lovely beauty down the stairway to depravity.  Feeling the throbbing beneath his robe, he too was anxious to get between her lovely soft thighs, to give her his ‘holy shaft’!

After tea was finished, Julie headed off to her room as Father Thomas indicated that he needed to visit the monks in the monastery for a bit.  Julie looked forward relaxing in the bedroom that the housekeeper had shown to her earlier.  Julie slowly slipped out of her dress and heels, down to her lacy white bra and panties, then slipped on a pair of shorts and blouse.  She then lay back onto the soft comfortable bed to rest up before meeting Father Thomas for dinner.

Unknown to Julie, Father Thomas had joined his disciples in the entertainment room, where all eyes were focused on the large screen television.  It was a large flat screen that hung from the wall, a modern piece of technology that one would not expect to find at such a place.  Father Thomas smiled as he heard the unmistakable moans coming from the faces hidden under the robes from the normally silent monks.  He also heard the soft rustling of the robes and knew the beauty on the screen had the lusty monks in heat.

All the holy men enjoyed watching their lovely guest undo the hook to the back of her dress, revealing the lovely ivory skin of her back to them.  As the lovely Mrs. Hampton slipped off her heels, followed by her dress, the flawless white body of the sexy beauty drew even more moans from the monks who had taken the vow of silence.  The enticing exhibit had the monks looking forward to once again celebrating the ‘Black Mass’, something that had not been conducted in quite some time, nor with such a lovely guest of honor as the beautiful Mrs. Julie Hampton.

Two hours later, as the sun was about to set, the viewers in the monastery were excited in seeing the lovely beauty up from her nap and was now selecting a dress to wear that evening.  They saw her select an elegant black dress for the occasion and lay it out on the bed.  As it was a rather hot and muggy day, the viewers were delighted that the lovely beauty first decided to take a cool shower.

Soft moans and groans could be heard from the normally silent monks as they intently watched the tantalizing scene unfold on the screen.  Gasps were quite audible at the baring of the perfect pink capped mounds when the lacy white bra released them from their confinement.  As the blonde beauty stepped out of her shorts, none of the monks’ hands were visible as their hands were busy under their robes.  Groans could soon be heard as the lacy white panties fluttered down the long sexy legs and bare the beauty’s triangle of soft golden curls.

As the lovely beauty moved towards the bathroom, Father Thomas pressed the button that switched to the camera situated in the bathroom.  They watched as the beautiful Mrs. Hampton took a warm shower and later dried herself, then switched back to the bedroom camera to watch her dress for dinner.  When the lovely young wife exited the bedroom door, the monks all knelt down and began a prayer chant, thanking Lucifer for delivering such a delicate morsel for their pleasure.

Julie enjoyed the pleasant company of Father Thomas over a nice dinner.  The housekeeper had prepared an excellent dinner and Julie found that the kind Father was quite understanding, telling her that he indeed would be able to assist her in curing her problem.  Julie wondered just what the cure was as Father Thomas was quite evasive at this particular point, merely telling her to be patient, that her treatment would begin shortly after dinner.

Dessert was especially enjoyable for Julie as she sampled a delicious pudding that had a bit of a very sweet liqueur coating the top of it.  Little did Julie realize that the sweet liqueur contained a potent aphrodisiac, a mixture of the new liquid ‘Spanish Fly’ that was further enhanced by herbs Father Thomas had discovered in the European countryside.  After several spoonfuls of the delicious dessert, Julie began to feel a bit dizzy yet as an exciting tingling began coursing throughout her entire body.  She squirmed a bit as an irritation between her thighs developed and Julie ached to scratch at that nagging itch.

Across the table from the squirming beauty, Father Thomas smiled in knowing that the beautiful young wife was feeling the effects of the potent aphrodisiac that would make her mind hazy and body in need of sexual relief.  Under the black robe, he felt his cock twitch in anticipation of soon having this little beauty down into the basement of the church.  He would be take her down into the darkness of evil, down into the depths of depravity where he and the monks would gladly scratch that itch between her trim sexy legs.

Moments later, holding his hand out to take her soft petite one in his, he assisted the lovely young wife up from the dining room table.  As she stood, Father Thomas gazed at her trim sexy body clad in an elegant black dress and black heels.  How appropriately she was dressed he thought, especially as she was to be the guest of honor for the celebrated ‘Black Mass’.  ‘My dear Mrs. Hampton, your lovely body looks so beautiful covered in black!  Soon, my dear… we’ll have that delicate black dress removed so you can have be covered in something more substantial!’ he chuckled to himself.

Father Thomas then led the drugged beauty into the nearby study, having her lie upon the couch.  Lights dimmed, he then dangled a large sparkling gem before her eyes, speaking to her gently and reassuring her that soon a cure would be administered to help cure her of her problem.  An expert in hypnotism, Father Thomas soon had the beautiful woman totally under his spell as, telling her that she was having a dream, a pleasant one that would make her feel so good.

“Close your eyes, Mrs. Hampton!  I know it aches so badly… let me help you feel better!”

Father Thomas advised.  Watching as her eyes slowly closed due to his suggestion, he saw arch a bit and wither on the couch as he placed his hand upon her right knee.  Then her pink lips parted and she began to pant for breath as his hand moved up along her inner thigh.

As his hand moved up further, fingers caressing her soft flesh, Father Thomas felt that familiar throb beneath his robe.  Finally, fingers grazing the crotch of the beauty’s silky black panties, Father Thomas heard her gasp and moan.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmm… mmmmmmm… ohhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Leaning over the moaning beauty, he spoke slowly so her drugged mind would absorb what he was saying, “My dear, you still have the dreadful poison in you, making you feel the way you do!  A poison that needs to be extracted to make you feel better!  I shall soon have you feeling better, my dear Mrs. Hampton!”

Lifting the front of her dress a bit, he reached towards her trim hips and grasped the waistband of her lacy panties.  Father Thomas smiled as the golden treasure he sought shined brightly in the dimly lit room as he pulled the lacy panties down the beauty’s long sexy legs.  He chuckled to himself, imaging how the horny monks were trying to contain themselves at that moment as they watch this unfold on the large screen television in the in the dungeons below.

Hands upon her knees, he then suggested.

“Spread your lovely legs, Mrs. Hampton… and I shall suck that poison from you!”

Slowly, the panting and desperate beauty began to spread her legs wide as the Good Father began to sink down onto the wide couch immediately below her.  With the spike of her heels digging into the edge of the leather couch, Julie presented quite a sight to the admiring priest above her and the masturbating monks in the depths of the dungeon.

“Ohhhhhh… oh, Fatherrr… ohhh… ohhh… arghhhhhhhhh!” She screamed as the good Father suddenly clamped his hot wet mouth upon her sex.

Hands tightly grasping the sides of the couch, Julie arched her hips up into the slurping mouth of the hungry priest.  In the recesses of her mind, the mouth on her sex had her swooning with pleasure as the good Father began to suck all that ‘poison’ from her body.
And there was so much of it as Julie kept squeezing her thighs together, exuding even more of that ‘poison’ into the good Father’s sucking mouth.  She was literally being devoured by the hungry priest as this was his after-dinner dessert.  Tossing about, Julie arched up into the now sweaty face of the elderly priest as he labored away at his tasty feast.

Now the swirling and flicking tongue began to drive her crazy, pushing down with her heels, she arched even higher and then screamed, “Oh, Fatherrrrr… aieeeeeee!”

Then blackness overcame her delirious mind and she fainted from the exquisite pleasure from between her legs.

A half-hour later, it was like a hazy dream that Julie woke up in, finding herself stripped naked upon an alter in the darkness of a dark forbidden place and surrounded by what appeared to be the monks of the monastery.  It was as if her mind was in a total haze and that she was watching her dream unfold before her, seeing the dark hands extend from the monks’ robes to caress every part of her body.

But what Julie was seeing was what really was transpiring down in the depths of this medieval looking church.  Only red and black lights illuminated the large room of this dungeon behind the surrounding monks, giving it a very eerie feeling.  Then the monks touching her legs and feet parted, leaving an area of darkness at the foot of the altar.  Julie shivered with fright upon seeing the form of a devilish like being suddenly appear from the darkness beyond.  The hands upon her wrists pulled her arms out to the sides, under the robes of the nearby monks, her fingers suddenly coming into contact with hot bars of flesh.  Fingers enclosing around the pulsating flesh, Julie began to squeeze and pull upon them, feeling each bar throb and expand in the palm of her hands.

At that instant, the only feeling Julie felt in her body was the unbearable itch between her legs, like a building fire that needed to be extinguished.  Rubbing her thighs together, withering about on the altar, she tried desperately to scratch that terrible itch and tried to move her sex towards one of the exploring hands upon her body.  In her hypnotic and drugged state, Julie was now feeling the full effects of the potent drug that she had consumed along with the ointment the evil Father Thomas had applied onto her sensitive clit after he had eaten her out.

That ointment was one that Father Thomas had discovered in his European travels among the old monasteries.  He had witnessed it being used on many women in such a setting, saw each woman plead and beg for any capable man to fuck her over and over again in order to extinguish the burning itch between her thighs.  And he had enjoyed being one of the participants to aid the woman in distress, giving her all the fucking that she needed.  One occasion of its application always stood out vividly in his mind, the time it was applied to a young dark haired beauty who was married to a wealth elder of a village.

That beauty had been caught having an affair with a handsome young man.  As a result of the discovery, the unfortunate young man was soon no longer handsome nor a ‘man’.  And the beauty was tied to a stake in the middle of the courtyard, out in public, with her legs widespread as her husband applied the ointment into her slit and onto her clit.  For two full days, her hysterical shrieks could be heard throughout the village as the woman begged for a man to come to her aid.  In the end, when the lovely beauty had been cut down from the stake, she had been reduced to a raving lunatic in need of a fuck.

With the lighting only focused upon the altar that she lay upon, it was total darkness just beyond the surrounding monks.  There was what appeared to be the flickering of flames from beyond the surrounding bodies, like one would envision in seeing a hellish movie, then her vision was focused on the devilish form standing before her.  Fear coursed throughout her drugged body as Julie let out a fearful scream when the form moved closer to the altar, making it seem as if the devil himself had come to possess her.  What made it worst, the devil appeared to have some resemblance to Father Downly, the priest who had sent her here.  Only now, Father Downly looked like the devil himself.

But everything seemed so hazy, like one would dream of the devil, where there was darkness all about with the devil being a fiery red in color.  And that was exactly how Father Downly wanted to appear before her, taking the time to dress himself as the devil, adorned even with horns on his head and a cape around his neck.  Little did Julie realize that her perception of what was taking place was indeed happening at the moment.  Father Downly had arrived as she was having dinner with Father Thomas and had taken the time to prepare for his entrance to celebrate the Black Mass.

Julie then felt hands behind her head, while the many black hands on her legs dragged her down to the edge of the altar and spread her legs wide open.  Unknown to Julie, it Father Thomas lifting her head up a bit so she could view the devilish Father Downly shucking his cock as he stood between her.  Needing to rub and scratch at her agitated clit, the pressing of the thick cock at her slit held the promise of her much needed relief.

“Please… pleaseeee… put it in… pleasseee… pleaseeeeee!” She sobbed in desperation.

This was what Father Downly had dreamt of, ever since he had possessed the beauty, just after she had been raped and ‘ruined’ right on the church altar only days before her wedding.  It was the first and only time that he had violated his vows, giving in to the temptations of the flesh.  He had committed the awful crime of rape, forcing himself upon the pretty young beauty, the beautiful bride-to-be who was to make her walk down the aisle that very weekend.  That night, he had emptied his lusty in her lovely body, then gave her communion soon after by making her drink all the white wine his balls could produce.

Father Downly smiled upon seeing the crazed look on the blonde beauty, watching as she withered about desperately as she sought to have his cock in her, seeing her grasp the black cocks in her hands tightly as she arch her hips up to him.  As he had nursed his lust for this beauty for too long to hold back any, he reached down to grasp her trim hips and lunged forward into her, enjoying her squeal .

“Yesssss… oh, yessss… ohhhh… ohhhhhh… yesssssssssssssss!”

Once again, Father Downly was enjoying the pleasures of the flesh.. in particular, the flesh of his rigid cock being enveloped in the hot slick cunt in this wanton young wife.

“Oh, yesss… oh,yes, my beautiful Julie… yes… yessss!” He groaned as he fucked in and out of her juicing slit.

With the monks releasing her legs, he felt her sexy legs wrapping themselves round his waist as she sought to fuck back onto each thrust.

“Oh, God… oh, God… yes… yes… fuck me… fuck meeeeeeee!” Julie screamed as the devilish old priest fucked in and out of her juicing cunt.

Never had her body juiced in such a way, as with the cock itself serving as the pumping mechanism, causing the slick oil to bubble up in her aching pussy.  So much juice in fact that it began leaking out of her each time the cock withdrew, creating a small puddle on the cement floor beneath the altar.

“Please… oh, pleaseee… I’m burning up… please!” she pleaded.

Having abstained for so long, this was all too much for Father Downly as he began to perspire heavily while slicing in and out of the wanton young wife.  Then he observed the cocks in her hands being pulled by the beauty up close to her face.  First one, then the other popped its load all over her face, splashing against her cheeks to cover her pink lips.  He could not believe the sight of the innocent beauty licking her pink lips to take in the oozing cum on her face.

“Oh, my sweet Julie… ah… oh, God!” He moaned as shot his hot load as a soothing balm over her itch.

A bit later, Julie recovered from her brief faint.  The hot soothing balm that had flooded her innards had temporarily put out the burning itch between her thighs.  Through the slits of her eyes, Julie observed the old housekeeper tending to her as she lay helplessly upon the altar.  She saw the towel in the elderly woman’s hand, feeling the cool cloth wiping her face clean.  Mind still hazy, Julie swore it was the housekeeper’s voice saying

“My, my… such a pretty little play thing for those naughty monks!  But they’re like any other man in making a mess… look at that mess on your pretty face!”

Then the hands and wet cloth were at the juncture of her thighs, spreading her legs apart once again.  Julie next felt the cold wet cloth wiping at her inner thighs.  From afar, she heard the elderly woman chuckle and comment.

“Oh, my goodness… ook at all that mess on the floor!”

Thighs spread, fingers widening her twat, she again heard the old woman’s voice.

“Father Downly sure has a thing for you, my dear Mrs. Hampton!  I can tell by looking at all the holy juice he spurted in you!  Oh, my… my… you are flooded with his holy seed!  Let’s hope the Holy Father’s seed takes root quickly… before the messy monks get a chance to put you in the family way!”

Dozing a bit, after the elderly woman had cleansed her body, Julie blinked and tried to focus her eyes through the dark hazy mist about her.  She shivered as the dark robed monks once again appeared out of the darkness to surround the altar that she lay upon.  Then to her surprise, Julie heard them begin to chant, wondering why as she had been told that they had taken the vow of silence.

The large hoods hid all the monks’ faces but Julie realized that they were all black from the sight of their hands held in front of their robes.  She shuddered with fear, seeing that each was holding something in their hands… something alive and moving… their long black penises!  Frozen to the altar, Julie then observed the circle closing in around her.  She panted as one fleshy black probe touched her hip, another making contact with her cheek, and yet another upon her body.

Cocks… black cocks… big black cocks… were moving all about her!  Brushing up against her sensitive nipples, her forehead, arms and legs.  As another cock pushed against her cheek, she turned towards it to capture it in her mouth and flicked her tongue at it.  Reaching out to capture one in each fist, she felt several cocks stroking her legs, then she was pushing each foot down upon a jutting member.  Withering about on the altar, Julie was again in need of extinguishing that nagging itch burning between her legs.

Suddenly, all the cocks withdrew, pulling out of her grasping fingers as the monks disappeared into the darkness beyond.  Then she gasped upon seen what looked like the form of a hideous monster slowly approaching the foot of the altar.  But Julie could not help but wonder ‘Is… is it really a man?  Or some hideous monster?’  The form that Julie’s eyes were gazing upon was that of the monk who had proved himself superior to the others many months ago, when the last Black Mass had been held.

That superiority of his monk had been physically demonstrated, upon another lovely woman in the position that the young and beautiful Mrs. Julie Hampton now lay in.  She had been another innocent young wife that had come to the church, merely do research on the architecture ancient churches.  Happily married, and sexually satisfied with her loving husband, the same drugs had been slipped into her.  When she left the facility a week later, it was as a wanton nymphomaniac.  When this superior monk had possessed her, with his monstrous deformity of nearly fourteen inches, the woman had shrieked to no end.  He had stretched her beyond belief, flooding the screaming woman with his hot acid-like cum till it poured out of her.

“Please… please… let me wake up now!  Oh, God, this can’t be happening… this can’t be real!”

Julie panted as the large black hands closed upon the ivory white flesh of her trim hips.  Then he was moving closer to her, sliding his monstrosity up over her golden curls, and up past her belly button.  Lifting her head up a bit, Julie gazed down at the thick cockhead as it flared its head wide and then contracted as if breathing.  ‘Oh, God… I must be dreaming!  Not even a hideous animal could anyone possess such a monstrosity!’ she thought.

Then the long fleshy deformity pulled back over her belly and soft curls to nestle between the vee of her widespread legs.  Cunt-lips already slick and juicy, Julie withered her hips about to rub her juicing slit over the thick cockhead.  She needed a cock in her, deep in her, but she was not prepared for anything like this.

“Aieee… God… oh, God… help me!” Julie shrieked as it tore through her, stretching her as never before.

The demonic monk took no heed of her pleas as he slammed the length deep into her.  He was determined to have her leave the church a raving nympho in search of a black cock that would satisfy her.  He smiled as he sliced through her, knowing that she would be back for more retreats at this monastery, for only at this place would she find the fulfillment that  she really needed.

Feeling the soft sexy legs wrapped around him and pulling him into her, he knew she desperately needed this fuck as she wailed, “Fuck me… fuck me… oh… fuck me!  Oh, God… fuck me!”

As the monks viewed their demonic brother fuck the crazed beauty upon the altar, they slowly stepped out of the darkness for a closer view.  Hands under their robes, they longed to have their turn at the young blonde beauty.  It had been such a long time since they had such a tender little morsel to help relieve their human lusts and needs.  And the lovely Mrs. Julie Hampton was just the treat needed to help sate their needs to empty their balls into a pretty woman.  In a low chant, they thanked Lucifer for delivering this beautiful morsel into their lair.

Once their deformed brother pulled his monstrosity from the dazed beauty, it would be an all out gang-bang with the lusty robed monks having their turn with her.  They would start by having the pretty wife straddle a monk on the altar on all fours.  They would have her lean forward to put her head under the robe of another monk, to take his cock into her mouth.  At the same time, they would have her relieve two of the frustrated monks by wanking them with her soft manicured hands.  With her mouth full of cock, the beautiful Mrs. Hampton would not be able to scream as Father Downly got behind to bugger her lovely ass.

As she slowly came out of her drugged condition, the hypnotic state snapped suddenly by the devious Father Thomas, Julie found that the hideous looking being with horns was actually between her widespread legs and his lengthy deformity deep within her.  But with more of that special ointment having been applied to her clit, the lights of the dungeon being turned up, Julie made no attempt to scream or scramble away.  For she was getting the fucking that she craved and desperately needed at that moment.

Upon driving up to the monastery, Jim Hampton saw the robed monks with arms folded and head bent, walking about as if in some type of prayer.  Then he observed his beautiful and radiant young wife waving to him as he parked his car.  Helping put her luggage in the trunk, he was then greeted with a passionate kiss from Julie.

“Hmmm, honey, your lips are so soft and creamy!  You look so radiant and beautiful!  The retreat did wonders for you in such a short time!  You should do this whenever you feel down a bit!”

“Oh, Jim… it was so wonderful… simply out of this world!  But I did miss you… a lot!” Julie advised.

She giggled when her husband kidded, “You just need a man to make love to you, honey!  Too bad this place is only filled with the priest and all those celibate monks!”

Then she quipped, “Jim, honey… .you just have no clue what’s under those robes they’re wearing!”

As they got out of the countryside and back into civilization, her husband asked she was hungry and wanted to stop for some food.  It was the first time since the dinner with Father Thomas that food had been mentioned.  Ever since that dinner, Julie had been restricted to hot liquid protein, of which she could obtain at any time she wanted.  All she had to do was to turn to the nearest monk, part his robe and open her lips to take him in her mouth.  And she had more than her fill, often going for seconds or thirds to get her belly full.

‘Jim thought my lips were so creamy when he kissed me!  Perhaps it was because I just received holy communion from Father Thomas before I left!’ Julie thought.  Her mind went back to that moment, when she was down on her knees in the pink dress and white heels that she now wore.  Down on her knees, head between the parted robe of the wheezing Father Thomas, with his hands on her head as he gave her communion.


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