Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: CHURCH OF EVIL 10

Published: Unknown / Before 08.06.2014

Story Codes: Erotic Horror


Church of Evil 10


Ms. Kaori Kishida

Stepping up to the plate, or rather next to the empty bed in the spotlight was the senior of the Grand Masters, a big two hundred and forty pounds. Greek giant with a big burly chest, waiting for the beautiful bride that he had chosen to appear and come to him.  He laughed to himself, knowing that in the beautiful bitch’s mind she’d be looking right at him but thinking that it was her handsome husband that she was seeing up in their honeymoon suite.

She’ll think that it was the man she really loves being the one touching her so intimately, that it was his cock that she was actually stroking in her hand, that the man she’s madly in love with who was about to make a ‘woman’ of her on their wedding night.  The senior Grand Master chuckled to himself, thinking ‘Oh, I’m gonna give it to this beautiful little Asian bitch!  Ain’t had me no Asian bitch before, and now I’s got me one with her fuck’n cherry intact!  I’m gonna love making her scream!  Gonna hear it echoing throughout the entire dungeon!  Yeah, gonna make this fuck’n little bitch a ‘woman’ tonight!  Gonna pop that fuck’n cherry of hers!  Ya’ll never fergit this fuck’n night!  Gonna make ya fuck’n scream bloody murder when I rape the fuck’n shit outta ya!  Yeah, bitch yer really gonna hate that whiteboy yer getting married to after I’m done with ya here tonight!  This is what yer gonna remember of yer wedding night fer the rest of yer fucking life!  Ain’t gonna be no lovey-dovey stuff tonight… not the way I’s gonna pop that cherry of yers!’

Reaching into the folds of his robe, he grabbed on to the throbbing shaft that was rising up in anticipation of what was about to come, then sprang when the other spotlight revealed the lovely Asian beauty in her yellow dress and white heels enter the dungeon from out of the adjoining room.

At the age of twenty-four, the lovely Ms. Kaori Kishida was madly in love with the handsome architect who worked on the same floor as she did.  It was during her first week on the job as a paralegal, meeting while waiting for an elevator to arrive.  They hadn’t exchange any words that first day, but on the second they did exchange hellos to one another as it was apparent that they worked on the same floor.

As it became apparent that they were attracted to one another, Kaori readily accepted the date when bumping into one another as they exited their respective offices and were waiting for the elevator to arrive to their floor.  That first lunch seemed to just fly on by that they agreed to meet after work for a drink.  That drink after work then went on to dinner and a wonderful evening together.

From then on it was true love, just a match made in heaven for Kaori and the handsome Ben Simons, with him proposing exactly from their first date with their wedding date to be exactly a year from then as it fell perfectly on a Saturday.  Of course the couldn’t enough of each other, and once they had gotten engaged, Kaori allowed her fiance some liberties as well as to give him a ‘happy ending’ before sending him on home to his condo.

She’d let him slide his hand on up to her panties, but never letting him get on underneath, for she’d then grasp his hand and make him stop.  In a dark romantic setting, she’ll let him slip his hand up under her blouse, even up under her bra to let him cop a feel of her bare titties. And by giving her handsome love a ‘happy-ending’, Kaori would sate his lust by giving him a good hand-job, allowing him to pop off into tissues that she kept in a box nearby.

Entering the dungeon, but picturing the beautiful honeymoon suite she had seen the the dvd sent by the resort in her eyes, Kaori smiled as she saw her handsome husband waiting for her at the side of the bed.  As she neared the man she had married earlier that afternoon, there appeared one aspect that looked so very different from before… as the penis in her ‘husband’s’ hand appeared so much more swollen than ever before, the bloated head looking purplish and it now had a wicked curved some in the middle!

“Oh, gosh, honey!  What happened?  Why is it so purple and curved?  It’s grotesque looking!” Kaori exclaimed.

Then she heard her ‘husband’ tell her that, “It must be from the blue pills I took to keep it up and hard!  Guess I should have only taken one of them!  Oh, baby… put your hand on it… stroke it for me!”

Cringing a bit as the cock she had fisted often now looked so much longer and fatter, with the purplish head seemingly about to explode, Kaori reached out to please the man she had married that day.

“Oh, yeah… that’s it… ohhhhhhhhhh!”

Her ‘husband’ moaned as she gripped his swollen member. ‘My, gosh… it really swelled up from the pill he took!  I can’t even encircle it with my fingers this time!’ Kaori thought in her mind, as never before had this happened when giving him a hand-job. In looking down at the wickedly curved shaft that she was handling, Kaori began to worry about having to take it into her vagina in that grotesque shape, afraid that it would rip her apart.

Made to turn about while still stroking the curved boner, Kaori shuddered at the thought trying to take this monstrosity up into her virgin slit, for this was far more than what she had mentally prepared herself for.  From the time from when she had first fisted her fiance’s penis to conclusion, giving the man she loved some sexual relief, Kaori had begun mentally preparing herself to have his boner penetrate her and thus claiming her virginity.  But what she was now holding in her hand scared her to death, for it was now nearly twice as thick as well as long than what she had mentally prepared herself for.

“Let’s wait till morning!” Kaori panted. “I… I’m just too scared right now!  Those pills you took made it swell up so big that… it scares me… it’ll tear me apart! Please, honey… please!”

But by now her dress had been unzipped at the back and pushed off her shoulders with the left side caught onto the back of her hand that was fisting the curved boner, and thick fingers had just undone the clasp of her bra and the shoulder straps were being pushed over her shoulders. Right ear now being nibbled, Kaori trembled as her ‘husband’ .

“I can’t wait any longer, bitch!” She whispered. “You ain’t putting me off again! I’m gonna bust that cherry of yours tonight, that’s a guarantee! Gonna bust it real good!”

Shaking with fear upon feeling the curved boner twitch and expand even more in her fist, Kaori pleaded.

“Please, Bill… it’s gotten too big… way too big! We need to wait… wait till it gets back down to normal! I won’t be able to take it like the way it is now!”

Pushed hard suddenly from behind by her ‘husband’, Kaori lost her grip on his curved boner to fall face first onto the bed before her. Stunned by the rough treatment from her supposedly loving ‘husband’, Kaori found herself face down in the mattress as her dress was being roughly pulled on down over her hips, and then the waistband of her panties were being dragged on down along with her dress. Down her less and stripped from her heels were her yellow dress and lacy white panties.

Kaori was so stunned from being manhandled that she was unable to even move, felt her heels being peeled off each foot, then felt her ‘husband’ caressing her legs to the soles of her feet.  Strong calloused hands grasping her by the ankles, feet pulled together, then Kaori felt something fleshy on her toes. The thick fleshy object then slid along over her soles, then Kaori’s toes were feeling something different, for now they were weighing and toying with her ‘husband’s’ swollen testicles. With her ‘husband’ so rough in his manhandling, Kaori wanted to kick him in the nuts to teach him a lesson, thus tried to draw her feet up from the grasping hands and kick back into his scrotum. But her ‘husband’ apparently read into her actions and stepped on back away from her kicking feet, causing her to miss her mark, but then she heard him growl out in anger.

“What the fuck? God damn, bitch! Try to kick me in the balls, huh? On our wedding night too! I’m gonna make you pay, you fuck’n little bitch!”

Then Kaori found herself being forcibly turned on over onto her back, followed with the strong hands of her brutal ‘husband’ spreading her legs apart.

“Lemme see that fuck’n pussy of yers! Lemme see what ya’ve been hiding for so fuck’n long, bitch!”

“On Bill, stop… not when you’re like this! Get away… get away from me!”

The beautiful bitch ordered as she kicked out at the Grand Master, who was just loving the scared beauty was at the sight of wickedly curved dong, and that made his boner swell up even more.

“Bitch, you’re gonna remember your wedding night the rest of your fuck’n life! I’m gonna make it real memorable for ya! Yeah… you’re gonna remember how your loving ‘husband’ went and popped that precious little cherry of yers on your wedding night!  Want you to remember this, bitch!” Sneered the Grand Master.

As the scared little beauty was in a panic, turning in an attempt to crawl up the bed and away from him, the he grabbed her at the back of both ankles and pulled her on back down the bed. Quickly he was kneeling up on the bed and between her soft creamy legs, his hand on his curved boner to get it into place.

“No… no… no, Bill… not like this… not this way!”

The audience heard the scared little beauty pant out as she tried to push the Grand Master away from her. But it was quite obvious to the onlookers that their horny holy brother would not take ‘No’ for an answer. The chuckle uttered by the Grand Master told them how right they were as he was obviously loving the fight that she was putting up in her desperate struggle against him. And then the music filled the entire dungeon, that of the screech of utter pain.


As her loving ‘husband’ resorted to a vile ‘rape’ in taking her virginity.

“Oww!” She then screamed out as more of the wicked cock was thrust up into her ravaged slit.

The audience watched with anticipation as to what was to come next, that of their holy brother pulling his bloody cock on out of her raped slit, grabbing the bitch by her silky black hair to make her look at his bloody prick.  But then they were all taken aback in what happened next, that of the Grand Master shuffling on up the bed to make the horrified beauty take his blood cock into her mouth.

Sobbing, throwing an arm over her eyes, Kaori just could not believe how brutal and uncaring her ‘husband’ had turned out to be on their wedding night, how he had given her no thought or consideration in making love to her.

“It’s wasn’t lovemaking what just took place… it was RAPE!” She sobbed.

Tears ran down the sides of her eyes, all while her loving ‘husband’ went back to raping her to sate his vile lust. With her legs in the crook of his strong arms, waving up and down as her ‘husband’ fucked in and out of her without mercy, Kaori could only pray that this horrible ordeal would come to a quick end.  Feeling the wetness between her legs, the squishy sounds coming with each thrust into her body and its pulling out of it, told Kaori that she was continuing to bleed a lot from brutal rupturing of her hymen. ‘Bastard! You bastard!’ was all she could categorize her husband in being as he continued his vile assault on her body just to please himself, slamming  and ramming into her hard each time he thrust himself into her. Desperately but to no avail, Kaori had tried to think of other pleasant things and to put her mind far away from here, but the pain was so awful and made so much worst in hearing her ‘husband’ gloat as to how.

“You’re gonna always remember tonight! Always remember how I went and busted that precious little cherry of yours, bitch!  I made you a woman of you tonight… you’ll always remember how I went and did it!”

‘Is that what he thinks of me… a bitch?’ Kaori wondered, but then was distracted by her ‘husband’s’ grunting above her

“Here it is, you little bitch… here it is!” He said.

“Ahhhhh… ahh… argggggghhh… yeah!”

And then a peaceful sleep came upon her when he pulled on out of her bleeding slit.

Ms. Taryn Denton

Off went the spotlight on the raped Asian beauty and a new one came on to focus upon another empty bed, and next to it was another Grand Master waiting for his lovely bride to come to him in the honeymoon suite, or anyway that’s what the hypnotized beauty would be thinking in her mind. The waiting holy man had been witness to the three previous rapes in the dungeon, the violation of three beautiful young women who in their own minds thought that it was her wedding night and that she would be surrendering her virginity to her loving husband.

Having watched Father Galos rape his chosen lovely bride-to-be, the Ultimate Grand Master with his chosen beauty, and that of the Grand Master before him with the lovely Asian… it was now his turn with the beauty he had chosen and indeed wanted to impress the watching holy brothers as to how he planned of giving the lovely Ms. Taryn Denton something to remember about in the humiliating way that her ‘husband’ went and claimed her precious virginity!  ‘Oh, yes… her screams will surely echo about the dungeon walls with what I have in store for her!  She’ll hate the man she married when she recalls this night the day after she marries the punk!’ he mused, all while fisting his hardon with the hand he had inserted into his robe.  ‘Oh, gonna love feeling up that sweet little thing… can’t wait to grab her beautiful white ass!  Gonna luv shoving my big black boner up into that tight little snatch of hers and busting her precious little cherry!’ he chuckled to himself.

For twenty-four year old Taryn Denton, this was the night that she had looked forward to for so very long. Now she would no longer hold off Greg from touching her too much, with them being married earlier during the day, Taryn certainly planned of allowing the man she loved to make a ‘woman’ of her. She knew it’d hurt when Greg punctured her hymen, but Taryn told herself it’d be a good kind of hurt, for she would be consummating her marriage to the man she was betrothed to.

Throughout the two and a half years of dating and being engaged, Greg had always been so gentle with her, stopping whenever she wanted him to so they wouldn’t get carried away as she always told him how she wanted their wedding night to be a very special one. She had often closed her eyes while lying in bed, picturing and imaging her wedding night and how wonderful it would be to be embracing the man she loved as he fitted himself to her so he could make a woman of her.

‘It’ll be so nice… embracing Greg as he gently puts it into me!  I wonder if he’ll be afraid of hurting me… that I’ll have to encourage him to do it?  Will I have to do that… tell him to go ahead and do it to me… to just shove his penis in till it breaks my hymen?’ Taryn wondered, thinking ‘If he’s hesitant, would be exciting for him if I wrapped my legs around him to pull him into me… or do I dare use the ‘F’ word for the very first time… would that excite him and have him thrusting his ‘thing’ into me… to hear me pant out to him to ‘FUCK’ me?’

Oh, if only Greg Donnelly could see his beautiful fiancee at this very instant, he’d probably be just as excited as the holy men in the audience as they witnessed her petite white hands pushing the robe off their holy Grand Master’s thick muscular shoulders to bare his glistening ebony body.  It was quite an erotic scene to see innocent young Taryn Denton’s lovely manicured fingers tracing their way down to her ‘husband’s’ ebony body, to see those trim white fingers try to encircle the thick black cock as she aimed to get it fully upright and rock hard.

And then an intimate embrace with a deep a passionate kiss ensuing between the two lovers on their supposed wedding night up in the honeymoon suite.  Tied knot undone in front of her navy blue blouse and soon that garment was off her shoulders and onto the floor of the dungeon.

“Take your bra off for me sweetie! Lemme see your prettee knockers!” The Grand Master spoke, to which Taryn reached behind her back to undo the bra clasp.

Seconds later, with the bra straps pushed down over her shoulders, thick ebony thumbs began toying with the pink nubs and soon they were stiff little darts. Turned around by the Grand Master, her skirt was unbutton and unzipped with the aqua blue skirt falling to puddle around her black heels. Blue panties were worked on down her trim hips and soon fluttering down her sexy legs around her ankles. Told to kneel up on the bed, the pair of panties nearly tripped her as Taryn tried to step forward, but soon she was kneel upon the bed as her ‘husband’ had wanted of her.

Taryn had indeed noticed that her ‘husband’s’ thing was even more swollen than ever before, hotter and throbbing more than ever before too, but she merely related  it to being his excitement an anticipation of them doing it for the very first time. Taryn closed her eyes as her ‘husband’ felt up her naked body, loved the feel of his calloused hands sliding up her back and even grasping her titties as if they were hanging fruit, and then his rough toying and fingering of her breasts and nipples.  Then upon feeling his hands on her hips, Taryn shivered and tried to wiggle away as she exclaimed loudly…

“Honey, what are you doing? Stop that! Ohhhhh, that’s so gross!”

“Stop that! Stop it! I don’t like it!” She whined, but the tonguing of her asshole continued on.

“Move up the bed some, honey!” Her ‘husband’ told her, to which she complied by crawling up onto the center of the bed.

She wanted to turn on over and lay on her back to accept the man she had married into a loving embrace, but this was prevented by the strong hands holding her hips firmly in place.  Feeling the bed sag behind of her signaled to Taryn that her ‘husband’ had just gotten up onto the bed behind of her.  Then to Taryn’s horror, she felt the blunt fleshy dome of her ‘husband’s’ thick penis rubbing itself up and down the length of her virginal slit, realizing that this was the way that her ‘husband’ intended on taking her on their special wedding night.

“No, honey… no!  Let me turn over an lie down… not this way… not like this!” Taryn pleaded, not wanting to lose her virginity in this vile manner.

“No… nooooo… not this way… not this way! Aieeeeeeeee! Bastard… you bastard!” Taryn cried out in pain and in her fruitless efforts in having her vile husband make love to in a passionate and caring manner.

Entire body racked with pain, tears dripped from her eyes as she bent her head in shame while her fucking husband claimed her virginity as if she was some sort of animal.  Head hung low as Taryn blinked back the tears, she was treated to a view down between her legs, got to see the blood dripping down from her raped slit, all while her fucking ‘husband’ kept on slamming it into her in order to sate his vile lust. Blood spot on the sheets widening as drop after drop kept on leaking down from her ravaged slit, Taryn suddenly heard her ‘husband’ laboring and panting, then heard him grunting like a pig as her buried his fat male prong up to the hilt.

Taryn shuddered and shook from the sudden bursting of hot seminal fluid deep in her fertile womb. She prayed that she would not be impregnated on this night, her wedding night, not in such a vile manner by her so-called loving ‘husband’, not wanting a baby made from lust but one from loving one another. Continuing to look between her legs, dripping of blood stopped temporarily due the the fat stump plugging her twat, but then came to outpouring of a thick stream of the combination of her blood and her ‘husband’s’ thick semen as he pulled his bloody penis out of her.

Spotlight going off on the bed as the raped beauty collapsed face forward onto the bed, and another spotlight came on to highlight the last remaining empty bed.  The last of the Grand Masters, the least senior of them all, was thrilled with the beautiful bride that he was have the pleasure of breaking in on this evening.  The twenty-three year old Ms. Julie Cramer had been his first choice all along, and thus his prayers came through as the others made their selections before him.

A beautiful brunette with long silky brown hair, ivory skin, and he guess a 35-23-36 figure.  ‘Ohhhh, if she only knew that she was getting her cherry popped by a big black dick, she’d be screaming bloody murder!  Wish the punk she’s gonna married could see his pretty bride-to-be getting her precious little cherry popped and what he’ll be missing out on!’ the black Grand Master thought.  Then he began wondering as to the kind of show he’d put on for his holy brothers, make the beautiful bitch scream holy hell when he busted her cherry, all while the brothers watched in envy.




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