Calling all evil doers

Hi, Looking for fresh plot ideas for new stories.

To be honest, I cannot believe how many stories lack any plot, interesting characters and a narrative that is nothing more than one sex scene after the other… Not that I don’t like sex scenes… Don’t get me wrong… It’s just that it is far more entertaining and exciting as a ‘evil sex story’ if there is a plausible context.

I have been writing this material for a while and I am always interested in new ideas and directions to stretch the realms of the Evil Tarot. So, if you have an idea (no matter how weird and audacious), send it to me and/or add it in the comments here – full credit will be given to you for your contribution and it will hopefully inspire more salacious and sacrilegious storytelling… XP

16 thoughts on “Calling all evil doers”

  1. we uohi, xpanther

    First, I love your idea when a mother fucks her son to death with her women dick and he became a rag. I would love a story about loving mother who discovered a dark world and learned that fucking boys to death will make like a goddess. Each boy who become a rag as she takes her a vital juice, making her more fresh, beauty and firming her dick. So she fucks to death her own sons one by one laughing oat their agony as she becomes a goddess.

    Second. A statue of goddess with dick. Boys and girls are impaled on this dick and this makes a goddess become alive for a while. Mothers are coming with their children to the temple with the goddess. Infants, toddlers, all ages up to 16.

  2. A mother has some money trouble and an older, Satan lady worshiper approaches her. Offers her a million dollars for her son. The lady is about 60 years old but due to Satanic powers, she looks as if she was 30.

    The boy is 12 years old and he’s sent to live with his new “mother” in the opulent mansion. She insist that the boy calls her Mommy Lilith. She introduces him to the wonderful world of lust and debauchery. She has servants and various people who are into corrupting of minors.

    The boy is shown the wonderful practices of Satanism, blasphemy, Scat, Piss, Bisex. He’s often thrown into the arms of sexually demented, bisex couple who use his lithe body to satisfy their sickest, bases urges whilst his Mommy Lilith watches and helps him on.

    1. Some interesting elements to this. I like the notion of the desperate mother, lured by the idea of not being able to provide for her son… the rich woman’s motives hidden behind the charade of being able to provide him with a ‘better life’… she finally let’s go, but somehow, thinks that he will come back to his ‘true’ mother, will understand ‘why’ and she will still have a place in his heart … of course, she needs to discover the ‘horror’ of what does become of him and his life in sexual servitude to demonic perverts who fully intend to use him until they get bored… only to discard him for the next victim…

  3. Good job on the new website. It looks good. I like stories where the mother is corrupted or slowly loses her mind. I like when the mother corrupts the rest of the family too.

  4. Hi XP – love the new site. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

    The sorts of fantasy stories I enjoy are ones where innocence is corrupted, where protagonists are initially repulsed by all the sinful, sensual goings-on but, at the same time, fascinated on some level. They know they should run away from the wickedness but something (what? Curiosity? Fear? Temptation?) holds them in its grip as, like a moth to a flame, they are drawn deeper into depravity, until the realisation of their own inner sinful nature sees them submitting willingly to evil pleasures. I prefer it when they end up embracing their lusts rather than continuing to be forced or raped, so that they then go forth to corrupt others, betraying them, in their turn, into a world of delicious, depraved delights. It’s the awakening of the inner dark lusts which I believe lurk inside most of us, even and perhaps especially in the most outwardly righteous and ‘respectable’, which thrills me. The unlocking of the doors to pleasure without restraints or limits. The ‘victims’ end up experiencing sensual ecstasy beyond anything they could previously have imagined and are hungry to draw new prey into the web. I like seeing conventions subverted: mothers ‘abusing’ their children and offering them to others to be ‘abused’, leading them into decadent sensual gratification instead of ‘protecting’ them; fathers seduced by their ‘innocent’ young sons and daughters; perverted priests, police and social workers (serving the Dark Lord?) delivering new lambs to the orgy. That which transgresses is holy to us – incest, bisexuality, orgies, transexuals and other broken taboos.

    I don’t know if this helps but I hope it will fuel your imagination – I think your stories are some of the best of this genre that I have found.

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  6. Hi xpanther how about a story about a little boy growing in a safe home with loving mommy and daddy a little boy who goes to sunday school a little boy gets old enough then starts catholic school, his first real experience with catholic nuns and priests, a little boy learning about the bible were he love to look at all the pictures of God
    jesus and the holy spirit the virgin Mary lots of apostles and also the devil, there something about the devil that excites him the most the
    dark wings his large strong body his hoofed feet his serpents tongue his fingers with long nail but most of all I loved his long beasty sexual tail i so wanted to had one in my ass pussy to walk around with naked pretending I’m the devil but if I did my mommy would kill me for sure if she found me naked with a piece of filthy rope forced up my little boy bottom, or would she hmmmm, at night I’d lay in bed thinking of all those filthy perverted pictures in my head, I’d wait till mommy and daddy were asleep then I’d pull out the bible and look at devil’s body and rub myself on my pee pee I’d have to be really quiet so no one would know I was rubbing myself looking at satan with 5yo lust in my eyes I did this secret perversion every night I couldn’t wait till it was bed time so I could slide down my pajamas pull out the bible a d with one hand turn the pages and the other feel my little boy cock as it got real hard it felt real good to pull on it rub in up and down I’d lay on my tummy with naked boy ass pussy facing up as I ground my little boy cock on the soft white sheets on the bed I felt I was different than the other boys I knew and I was so happy to have this dark sexual cravings every night, all this and I’m only 5yo, then without any outward warning mommy and daddy break up and get divorced and my whole world cum falling down, daddy moves out it’s just me and mommy, my mommy has to get a job to support her and me, so it was then I’m send to the babysitters down the street they were my mommy best friends they were the same age as mommy they were very nice to me they were loving to me both her and her husband they loved for me to kiss them both alot they loved long deep kissing so once they taught me how to kiss I’d do it all the time to both of them when I got home my mommy wanted me to do the same kiss her long and deep so I did it made my mommy feel really good when I’d did that, my mommy told my babysitter’s to take there time to groom me, sexual train me to teach me everything perverted lustful how to pleasure adults, I found out why my mommy and daddy split up, it was my mommy my daddy caught her over at my babysitters house naked with my babysitters and there dog, I guess my mommy loves to be naked to spread her sweet legs apart and to have there dog tongue lick my mommy wet hole off, she get on all fours and have him lick her fucking hotttxxx ass pussy while my mommy asked satan to cum to her and take her with his serpents tongue in her cunt and ass, she pray to the dark master lord God of hell to breed her with all his demons and beasts my daddy caught her drink I guess with the babysitter husband forcing the dogs red veined cock between my mommy spread legs shoving the cock all the way to the knotttxxx in her as she cursed at jesus and mary call her a fucking whore calling jesus a pedophile cock sucker like all the filthy fucking priests as the hard cum dripping beasts cock satisfied my mommy’s filthy fucking hole she used to make me her baby boy from, she’d beg hard to satan to take her baby boy and make him in the likeness of satan and to ask lilith the slut of all the men and women on earth to corrupt my mommy’s soul to possess her ever sexual fiber she’d scream to have the dog cock forced deep as it can go in her dripping slut twat as she prayed so hard for true lover the dark master lord God satan the serpent the king of satanic kings, my mommy was a filthy fucking dog cock and cunt slave, as she will make me the same as her for her own personal sex toy, and to share with other perverted lustful pedophiles like her and her sick secret friends

  7. I’d love to see a story of a boy corrupted into necrophilia and necromancy.

  8. I indulge my impulse to sin without ceasing on a constan basis and your wicked words satisfy my lust quite well. My heart, mind, and spirit belong to my unholy Lord Satan and he is exalted over the bastard cunt -also known as the cocksucking son of the most reviled piece of shit in existence. I am the embodiment of his unholy will and his devoted disciple spreading the glory of his gospel of wickedness and perversion. It seems that you also preach the unholy word and bless others wit the gift of ungodly corruption. Sinful blessings to you brother and hail forever our worthy Lord. May we honor him always as legion, United in our calling to embody the Antichrist.

    1. Hail ChristDefiler — thank you for your words! “spreading the glory of his gospel of wickedness and perversion” — “bless others wit the gift of ungodly corruption” — FUCK YER! HAIL SATAN! HAIL THE ANTICHRIST!

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