Feature Writer: SacerdoX

Feature Title: Broken Christmas: The Turning of the Virgin Mary

Story Codes: Demonic, Blasphemous, Religious Themes

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Synopsis: The corruption of Mary

Warning: This story contains extreme themes such as abortion and snuff

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Broken Christmas: The Turning of the Virgin Mary

It has been six months since the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary and she conceived the Christ child by the Holy Spirit. In those six months her life had become increasingly difficult. Many of the narrow-minded people in Nazareth saw her as a whore and she had been forced to engage herself with the elderly Joseph.

In reality she despised Joseph. He was a lousy old man for whom she felt no attraction at all. Joseph refused to come near to her because he felt that she was too holy to be touched. This made that Mary felt lonely and confused. The sensation of the child growing in her womb had also given her a new sense of her body and its needs. Often she found herself secretly rubbing her clit and pussy experience a delight she knew was sinful but could not be suppressed.

Often she felt unworthy of carrying the future savior of the world in her womb. But more than that: often she felt that she didn’t want to be worthy and made a mistake when she had said yes to the angel. It limited her life and she hadn’t understood the consequences. She felt abandoned by God as no angel had come since that day and she hadn’t received any further signs from heaven.

One late afternoon when Joseph was away from the house for business Mary was alone in the house. She was laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling as she was trying to find the constant feeling of horniness that she felt. She couldn’t fight it any longer and moved her hand toward her wet pussy. Her fingers quickly found her pussy and clit as she began to finger herself. The feeling of her own fingers in her pussy was amazing and she lost herself in the enjoyment. She closed her eyes.

When she opened them again a woman was standing in the room. Mary gasped and pulled her fingers out of her cunt.

“Who are you?” She demanded as she quickly covered herself.

The woman smiled at her, “I am Lilith, an angel that has come to help you on your way.”

Mary felt a surge of relieve that another angel had come to visit her.

“Did God sent you? Like he sent Gabriel?” She asked. “Nobody sends me. I am my own mistress. But I saw your distress and the mistake you made and I want to show you another way.”

Mary was confused by these words and did not know what to say.

“You limit yourself by carrying this Son of God, this fruit of the Holy Spirit. Becoming his mother will not help you. The misery and loneliness you feel know will be you part forever. I once was offered the same choice when I came to be before time began. I made a different choice. A choice I also want to offer you.”

Mary felt both fear and attraction. She knew that Lilith had not come from God and was going against the holy Spirit. At the same time Lilith confirmed what she herself had already felt. She knew she should invoke God and command Lilith to leave but she couldn’t do it.

“What do you offer?” She asked.

At that moment another person appeared. He was a huge red male about seven foot tall and heavily muscular. He was completely naked and his huge massive muscles bulged from his tall strong body. But what truly drew Mary’s attention was the massive dick hanging between his legs. It was the second dick she had seen in her life.

The only other cock she had seen belonged to Joseph but that was minuscule insignificant thing compared to this massive organ that was at least thirteen inch long. Below it hang a massive ball sack with two big stones inside it. Mary’s mouth hang open as she watched this perfect physical being. Her pussy dripped and her nipples became hard.

Lilith smiled as she saw Mary’s response.

“This is the demon Asmodeus, one of those who are in my service. He is well able to satisfy your every desire and show you your true destiny. He can also free you from the burden of the abomination in your womb.”

Somewhere in her heart Mary felt a small hesitation but she knew that she had already chosen on the moment she had seen Asmodeus. She knew what she wanted. She uncovered herself and opened her legs.

Asmodeus didn’t need any more encouragement and threw himself on top of Mary. His strong hands gripped her face and he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Mary moaned in passion and she tasted the tongue of her demonic lover. She rolled her tongue of his perfect white teeth and fangs. The taste of Asmodeus mouth made her more horny and her hands found his huge cock head. She began to jerk him off as she curled her legs around him.

Asmodeus strong hands squeezed Mary’s big tits. His long black nails scratched her white flesh as his strong grip bruised her milky white boobs. The painful sensation aroused her even more and she writhed in lust.

“Goddamn it. Fuck, fuck.” Mary moaned as she completely gave herself to Asmodeus.

Lilith watched in satisfaction and said, “Remember Mary, this is a gift from Satan and Lilith. It can be yours forever if you will dedicate yourself to us.”

Mary kept moaning too lust-filled to reply. At that moment Asmodeus pulled her off the bed and positioned her on the floor in order to shove his massive dick in her mouth. He relentlessly fucked her mouth and throat. Mary seemed to suffocate in his cock as her eyes rolled in her head. She fanatically fingered herself as her throat was abused.

“Now lick this whore!” Asmodeus said in his deep voice as he pulled her cock from her mouth and turned around.

Without second thoughts Mary pressed her face into Asmodeus’ ass and begin to rim his asshole. He loved the taste of his demonic ass and pressed her tongue deep inside it.

“It’s time to complete the job.” Lilith said to Asmodeus who at once took Mary and brutally threw her back on the bed.

He forcefully opened her legs and shoved his cock into her virgin cunt. The huge demonic dick filled Mary’s wet cunt as he fucked her with all his strength. His muscular hands squeezed her shoulders as he moved his massive veined dick in and out her tight pussy. Mary screamed and moaned with delight.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder! God dammit fuck me!”

She squeezed her lactating fat tits in a trance of diabolical lust.

“Yes! I dedicate my life to Satan and Lilith! I renounce God and the Holy Spirit! I want to get rid of the abomination bastard in my womb!”

At those words Asmodeus’ dick penetrated her womb where it found the unborn Christ child.

“God be damned! I found the bastard messiah” He moaned while thrusting his dick with all his force.

Mary felt the little bastard struggling in her womb and the feeling gave her an extreme pleasure.

“Yes fuck me harder! Crush that little shit in my body. Kill him and free me from this filthy thing inside me!”

She screamed and Asmodeus slammed her harder. His dick crushed the unborn Jesus against the wall of Mary’s womb damaging its developing body and organs. The destruction of the Word incarnate inside her brought Mary to her climax. She screamed in maddening lust.

“It is time!” Lilith said and Asmodeus released his unholy sperm inside her womb.

“God damn it. My sperm will shake him loose. The bastard will come out of your body.”

Asmodeus said as he writhed in orgasmic lust.

He pulled his cock out of the former virgin Mary and stepped back. Mary lay in the bed still shaking in lust. Lilith came up to her and touched her with perfect hand.

“My touch gives you strength. Now stand up and spread your legs.”

Mary did as she was commanded and stood in the middle of the room with her legs spread wide. Within moments blood began to drip from her cunt.

“The bastard is coming out.” Lilith said.

With a thumb the Christ child fell on the floor or Mary’s bedroom. It was an underdeveloped abomination heavily damaged by Asmodeus’ cock but somehow it still seemed to have life in it.

Lilith smiled as she saw the dying the bastard. She knew this would thwart God’s plan for salvation and would enhance her and Satan’s dominion. It gave her pleasure to see the little bastard still had a capacity to suffer.

“I don’t think you should be the only one to have had the messiah in her body.”

Lilith said and she sat down on the bed. With a wave of her hands her tight garments disappeared around her ass revealing a perfect asshole.

“Mary please pick that filthy thing from the floor and come here.”

Mary, who was now completely dedicated to Satan and Lilith, picked the dying Christ child from the floor and walked to Lilith.

“Now hold the child in front of my ass.” Lilith commanded. “Now Asmodeus use that dick of you to fuck that messiah bastard up my ass.”

Asmodeus walked to his dark queen with his still hard dick and began to press it against the writhing abomination. His dick crushed the body more against Lilith’s perfect ass but he was able to push parts of the bastard into Lilith’s ass.

“Make sure you have it all.” She commanded.

Mary helped by holding the broken and twisted body against Lilith’s ass. When it came to the little arms and legs Mary folded hem in a way that broke them. The child never made a strong noise and it was hard to say at what point he died. It seems unlikely that he made it into Lilith’s ass alive. But eventually the whole body had been pressed into Lilith’s ass followed by Asmodeus’ dick who gave her a passionate ass fucking. While he fucked her Mary licked Asmodeus’ ass increasing his pleasure. Eventually Asmodeus came again filling Lilith’s ass with his demonic cum.

“It seems we are almost done here,” Lilith said. “Now Mary kneel on the floor and open your mouth. It is time for your baptism.”

The former virgin knelt obediently as Lilith stood over her positioning her ass over her face. Without further warning her ass opened and all that was inside it fell unto Mary’s face. Asmodeus’ cum came first followed by the bloody and broken remains of the former Christ child. It covered Mary’s face, filled her mouth and tits. Mary fingered herself all throughout and moaned in wicked pleasure.

“Congratulations, you have joined our side. Enjoy your new freedom my sister.”
Mary looked at Lilith with eyes full of devotion and gratefulness.

“Clean yourself up and be ready, we will call you soon to help you advance our plans for this world.”

After these words Lilith and Asmodeus disappeared from the room. Leaving Mary behind covered in cum and gore and a soul filled with demonic lust and perverted delight.


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