Brides of Christ – Non-Fiction



Feature Writer: Luthian Black

Feature Title: Brides of Christ

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Brides of Christ

And the Brides of Christ shall be seduced as they have always been seduced ~ for in their hearts the crave the violation of the Nazarene but know it is Satan who will satiate them, and they shall feed Incubi upon their bloodied milk and open their loins to the Demons of Hell!

Black Magick

Black Magick has long been my area of fascination — The Satanian Monograph shall be the result born of that fascination — a concise, powerful, raw, primal and completely unique Satanic Grimoire finally revealing the Mysteries so long kept secret ~ Hail Satan!

The tasting of the Grail

The sacred elixir of woman upon the tongue — the carnal surge of power rising within her as the orgasms tear through her body — the Serpent energy released giving birth to the Demonic Servitors of the Infernal Beings that attended the Chalice of Rapture — for know that the sexual act of cunnilingus is the hidden power of Satanic Sex Magick holding Mysteries kept secret by those of the Dark Cabals!

Within the mountains of the Earth

Within the trees of its forests and the rock of its caves — upon the brow of those who are free — and within the walls of the poisoned churches shall the mark of the Inverted Cross be seen — cracking open with Infernal power as the storm laden skies are split by lightning and the blood of the Holy falls as rain upon the blackening soil of Satan’s dominion!

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  1. I love to see crucified by pounding cunt.
    With my cross, I pound the balls and the head of the devil’s penis.

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