Bride Of The Devil – Non-Fiction

Writer: Thehellboyblog

Subject: Bride Of The Devil / Looking for Evilasolas

Link: TUMBLR  / 14.08.2022 / Reposted by Evilasolas

About the Author: My soul and body burn on fire of blasphemy. The unholy blasphemy burn me. I burn on fire of blasphemy! The fire of blasphemy brings me closer to Satan. I burn on fire of hell and proclaim: “Satan, I am yours!  Hail Satan! Fuck christ! Hail Satan! Fuck Christ! Hail Blasphemy!”

Bride Of The Devil

Hail Satan you bride of the devil. I found you again, it’s a joy. My unholy shell was shaped by you then and opened my soul to Satan. I wanted to say thank you, you are a satanic role model for me before whom I kneel down, you Satan bride, spawn of the devil. Ave Satanas!

Horniness, fornication, perversity obsessed by Satan. Sinful Friday and praise the Lord Satan!

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