Blessing of Lust – Non-Fiction

Writer: Worshipsataniclust

Subject: Blessing of Lust

Link: Tumblr / 13.11.2021

Blessing of Lust

BLESSED is he who strips NAKED and allows his COCK to be viewed and adored as an offering to LORD SATAN. BLESSED is he who masturbates and ejaculates his CUM that it might co-mingle with that of his LORD. BLESSED is he who offers his chalice of lust to those brothers who are like him. BLESSED IS he who is baptized in CUM and PISS at the altar of a FUCK orgy? BLESSED are we, who LUST after the POWER of HIS COCK and bow before it in subservience. BLESSED are we who are owned by HIM and proselyte in HIS NAME. Ave Satanus!   BLESSED is he who opens their legs and lets SATAN enter their fucking COCK. BLESSED is he whose mind is perverted and the ownership of their soul is taken. BLESSED is he who is inhabited by SATAN and freed from false fucking modesty, morality and restrictive religious theologies? BLESSED is he who has been tempted by SATAN through porn while you opened your legs and masturbate? BLESSED is he who seeks every manner of SATAN’S sexual gratification for you will CUM, oh yes, you will!!” BLESSED is he who confesses their deep dark lustful FUCK encounters to Satan. BLESSED is he who makes SATAN’S engorged throbbing erect horned beast COCK spill the CUM of lust upon you and anoint you as a lust demon.


BLESSED is he who with conviction and ritual violates his own flesh and offers it unto the LORD.  BLESSED is he who converts a man, especially a young man (18/21 yrs +, depending on the location and laws) unto this worship. BLESSED are WE when we open our legs and rape our own flesh for our God. BLESSED are WE who live to love and serve and adore Satan. BLESSED are WE when we feed and strengthen our addictions. BLESSED are WE when we fuck raw like animals before and for the Master.

2 thoughts on “Blessing of Lust – Non-Fiction”

  1. Blessed are we when each Evil thought and act increases the power of the Dark and dims the Light.

    Blessed are we when we do that which is forbidden by the Abrahamic dog, and strengthen the Kingdom of the Dark

    1. I have NEVER felt so good as I now feel in my very soul until my DARK Lord and master took me as his own!! DAMN I love you SATAN!!

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