Blessed Samhain to you all – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer:  WICKED XXX

Feature Title: Blessed Samhain to you all

Link: MEWE / 01.11.2020 / WICKED XXX


Blessed Samhain to you all

Remember, it’s the day veil is thinnest so the astral plain and its inhabitants are closer than ever we originally dressed up to make the spirits more comfortable.

So take advantage. Write a song, make some art, contemplate on the vision of a brighter future for us all, strengthen your bond with a loved one or go sit and commune with nature.

Just remember to be mindful of your thoughts and impulses. Make sure that they are truly yours. Many things are out to influence you with a sudden urge, an idea, or sudden rush of strong emotion to cloud your judgement. And they have a much greater chance tonight.

If you believe in such ancient ideas any way.