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Feature Title: Blasphemy and guilt

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Blasphemy and guilt

Most of us were born to a family that follows a certain religion.

Walking the path of blasphemy comes later on as a choice and self gratification and rebellion against religion.

Yesterday, a fellow who is new to blasphemy, told me that he enjoys blasphemy, yet feels very guilty after he blasphemes.

We all did feel guilt. We all have a trace of belief in us. If we lost all belief, blasphemy stops being “fun” and “gratifying”.

Instead of denying that you feel some guilt, enjoy it. Yes. Enjoy the guilt, dwell in it, savor it and blaspheme again and again and again.

Push yourself, destroy your limits, and little by little the guilt will diminish and you will reach a point of feeling that when you blaspheme you are willingly spitting in the face of God with no fear of the consequences.

Only then you will feel free, free from religion and God and indoctrination of any sort.
The key is to keep at it and never let guilt stops you.

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