Blaspheme by Skullmaime – Non-Fiction

Writer: Skullmaime

Subject: Blaspheme

Link: TUMBLR / 13.04.2022


It’s freeing to Blaspheme. I do it every day. Once you do it it’s over you can’t get into heaven Boo Hoo. Fuck that boring plus it doesn’t exist Hell does I’ve been there. The Holy Spirit is a piece of shit. Saying that fills me with the power of Satan. Fuck Jesus Christ makes me feel good. The Virgin Mary was a Whore but a poor excuse of a Whore. Whores are Queens in Hell. I respect Whores. Burn Bibles not out of politics but out of irreverence for a fucked up god. Burn the other religious books out of that. Chaos means Satan’s plan is working. Blasphemy is the tool Satan wants you to use to bring down religion. Hail Satan



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