Being One Of Body by Dark One – Non-Fiction

Writer: Dark One

Subject: Being One Of Body

Link: Discord / 27.03.2023

Being One Of Body

This means Satan takes hold, molds you into his will and image. This takes places whenever you have defined yourself in eternal satanic union with him. Taking seed becomes apart of your DNA . Remember Satan set you on this path it’s up to you to march forward.

This can make you or break you. Now satanism ain’t all. About sex it’s part of it. Satan will tell you his will what I suggest channel Satan and his demons you can summon a demon of lust also to fulfill, but don’t do only this — demons don’t like being used — respect them.

Myself I call on Asmodeus or Lilith. You can grow or can be stagnant. Now Lilith will have sex with you and your partner. Sex magick is good to learn. In ritualistic sex is the best way to define the satanic motivation.

3 thoughts on “Being One Of Body by Dark One – Non-Fiction”

  1. I call on Lilith and Lucifer often. Naamaha and Babayon, Lulu my beautiful young tranny servitor and all the Daughters and Sons of the Dark Goddess to share their essence and possess me so I may obtain knowledge and Demonic Lust

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