Feature Writer: LWM
Feature Title: Bad Sister
Story Codes: M+FF, gg, Pedo, Orgy, Incest, WS

Bad Sister

Hi there, my name is Carla and I’m eighteen years old, my sister’s name is Marla. We are both five foot two and natural blondes with 34D boobs and hourglass bods. Marla has dominated me ever since I can remember. I don’t even recall the first time that I licked her pussy, but I heard her tell a friend once that she had me doing it since I was two years old.

“I squatted over her cute little face pinched her nose and wouldn’t let her breath until she liked my cunny.” She had said with a giggle. “And she’s been licking it three times a day ever since.” She had continued and I knew that it was true. Hell I was sucking her twat as she spoke.

Marla started my potty training when I was five, and boy do I remember that. We were taking a bath when she got up on the tub and straddled it. The she squatted just over my head “I gotta pee-pee and your going to drink it and you had better get it all. If any gets in the bath water I’ll feed you poo.” Then she grabbed my hair and jerked rally hard.

When I opened my mouth to scream she let loose with a stream that hit the mark. I remember I gagged at first, but still tried to swallow. But try as I might I couldn’t get it all. That was one of the few times she didn’t make good on a threat. However, since that time she hasn’t pissed in a toilet, if I’m anywhere around and she always makes sure I’m around. The way it works is first she fills the bowl: (the bowl being my mouth) then she tugs my ear to flush.

Once when I was six she had a slumber party with nine of her friends. I spent the night naked in a corner with a funnel in my mouth. Those bitches must have drunk two cases of coke. someone was squatted over that funnel all night. I damn near drowned a couple of times when those stupid bitches forgot to flush.

By the end of the night I sloshed with every movement. When bedtime came my sister rewarded my good work by allowing me to suck all those cute hairless slits. After that night Marla was the most popular girl in school all the girls wanted to be her friend. It seems like we always had company.

Marla has a mean streak in her however and I am her favorite target. I remember once when my parents were out shopping for the day she invited about fifteen girls over for a garden party. She stripped me down to my little white cotton panties tied my wrist together and hung me from a tree limb.

She had me tethered so my tiptoes barley touched the ground. She scooped up two cups of fire ants and deposited them in my panties. Then she and her friends sat around drinking tea watching me squirm and scream A great time was had by all well almost all. I found out latter that Marla’s little demonstration had caused a lot of grief for the little sisters of those present.

I had just turned six when my sister taught me what every woman needs to know about fresh fruits and vegetables. For instance I learned that a large black plum wrapped in a bandana makes an excellent gag. She also demonstrated that carrot makes a really good but plug and that girl should never loose her cherry a guy named Mr. Cucumber. I also discovered that a zucchini could ruin a girl for life. Another little tip I would like to share is to never shove more than ten pecans up your poop chute and always lube them first.

When Marla was twelve she joined the Girl Scouts and I was nine when they had their first cookie drive. Naturally Marla took me to help her sell. We didn’t go door to door we went to parks mall parking lots and automatic car washes. I have to admit she had very effective spiel. “Hello Sir I’m selling Girl Scout cookies and if you buy five boxes this young lady will suck your dick. If you buy ten or more you can fuck the hole of your choice,” she would say, as she lifted my short dress just enough too show my little hairless cunny.

She sure sold a lot of cookies especially to Black guys and let me tell you some of those guys have really big dicks and love to fuck little girls right up their bung-hole. My sister broke the national record for sales that year and every year after that. She always won really nice prizes and shared them with me provided she didn’t need me to do something else.

When Marla got to high school she struggled and her grades suffered. That’s when I found out that a good blowjob or a good clit licking could change a grade point. By the end of the first year I had my own key for almost all of her teachers homes. In her senior year my sister received scholarships to eight major collages. I guess all that hard work paid off.

Aside from her teachers I also took care of the boys that my sister dated. After all, young men expect to get laid somewhere into a relationship and Marla was saving herself for marriage. I have to admit though my sister wasn’t easy. A boy had to take her out at least twice before could get so much as a blow job out of me and it took no less than five dates to pump a load of sperm up my anal canal.


Marla went to a local collage so she would be near me and I spend a lot of time on campus so she could show me off to her friends and some pretty important people Needless to say her grades have never been better. She made extra money by renting me out as a nude waitress to some of the frat houses. Did you know that collage guys think you’re supposed to give head with every beer?

I also got to know several of the athletes, most of whom are black. They kept my anus stretched and sore. I was sort of glad when Marla met the man of her dreams and she gave him exclusive rights to my body, I just wish Pete had been a better fuck.

Pete dated my sister for two years before popping the question and she accepted. A week before their wedding his friends threw him a bachelor party. Naturally Marla insisted that I be the entertainment. And on July the 26th, I popped out of a giant gift-wrapped box wearing high heels and a smile. It was a really cool party and I found myself airtight with all holes filled most of the night. I’ve got to tell you, it was the best sex I’d had in two years. I just wish he had more than twenty-five friends. Although most of the guys did go twice.

A week later they were married and we left on their honeymoon. All of the relatives were curious why they took me. The simple fact is they want a big family and they wanted to get started right away. My sister isn’t about to give up her girlish figure and since we have the same basic DNA problem solved.

We drove to Mexico for two weeks, but things didn’t go all that well because after the first night Pete seemed more interested in fucking me than Sis. They finally compromised and now I eat her while he fucks me, but he’s still a lousy fuck.

We stopped in a border town nightclub on the way home and Marla volunteered me for something called the Donkey Show. The donkey was billed as “The Rectum Ripper” and he lived up to his title. My ass hurt for a month.

We’re back home now and I work as Pete’s secretary, a pretty fucking good job. Aside from my office duties I take care of client needs and employee bonuses. I’ve got to tell you, some of those guys on the loading dock are hung like that little donkey. I am so lucky to have a sister and brother in-law that know how to take care of my special needs.