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Published: 04.08.2022

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: Astaroth corrupts a pixie as per Belladonna’s suggestion

Author’s Notes: This is part of a small series! You can find the previous chapter here on my profile clicking on my name. While I try to keep revising my work to avoid annoying typos, I tend to miss many. If you spot any, please let me know down in the comments. Enjoy!

Astaroth Awakens 4

Dim light filtered through the fabric of Astaroth’s command tent.

He found it rather comfortable, Belladonna and Viscera had used their know-how to fashion a good place for their Master to hold court, for lack of a better term, till they could have a better base of operations.

The place was reasonably quiet, Astaroth preferred it that way, except for the whispers and giggles of his followers cuddling and kissing in different corners and the moans of pleasure of those satiating their lust.

The energy from these feelings fed the Demon Lord greatly, and thus he treated it like tender music for his ears.

He was sitting on a big wooden throne-like chair that he himself had created using his magic. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was comfortable and functional, he’d be able to fashion other things with his power as it returned to him.

The last few weeks had been productive. Thanks to Belladonna’s band of rangers, they had been able to secure this clearing nearby a crossroads, and use it as staging ground to liberate some farms and travellers.

While their ranks were not growing massively, Astaroth was a firm believer of the slow and steady approach. He was dying to free this world from its moralistic shackles, but rushing in was a sure-fire way of failing.

Desire sat on his lap, the beautiful deviless pressing her cheek against his chest fur while caressing him with her slender fingers.

Astaroth stroked her back, treating her almost like a pet kitten in his care.

The deviless was obviously loving this, and she gently purred for him, her eyes looking up with overwhelming adoration.

He returned her fiery look and Desire, bit her lip sensually, he would need to satiate her lustful hunger later, such devotion deserved more praise.

Curled against his hooves was Viscera, napping on the ground, her sensitive ears perking sometimes as they scanned everywhere for potential enemies. She had taken to her role of guard dog with such abandon that Astaroth felt a hint of pride in his work. Seeing the creatures of this world liberated and happy like this brought him joy.

Right now, he was patiently waiting for Belladonna to be back with her scouts. His newest follower had suggested they get someone particularly useful for spying on potential settlements they wanted to liberate.

When Astaroth had asked who she had in mind, the beautiful fawn-like woman had smiled and just said that she “had a couple of ideas”.

He liked his followers having their own initiative, so he told her to go ahead with her plan and report as soon as possible.

It had been a day since then, and Astaroth felt very confident that she should return soon.

As he took another look down, he saw his beautiful deviless lost again in adoration, her deep eyes looking at him with such devotion that a jolt of lust and power coursed through Astaroth’s body.

He lifted his lover towards his lips, placing his huge hands firmly on her body, and kissed her.

Desire lifted her silky hands towards him and caressed his face and ears, her tongue entangling itself with his.

Her body boiled as the Demon Lord stole her breath away, and she couldn’t help but to touch herself with one of her hands.

Just as he was enjoying his devoted toy, Belladonna respectfully entered the tent, her dainty hooves barely making a sound, almost like a ballerina gliding through a stage.

The gorgeous doe-like demon was wearing only a green hood and some tight cloth around her small breasts and pussy, just enough to avoid irritation and distraction when moving through the forest. Astaroth liked it, for it gave her the appearance of some kind of arboreal amazon.

She held a bottle in her hands, and Astaroth smiled when he realized what the glass container had inside.

There was a small woman inside, a pixie, no doubt. She had a wiry and lithe body, starkly naked and gorgeously pale.

Her hair was short and curly, and the colour of bluebell flowers, and she sported a pair of gorgeous butterfly wings protruding from her back.

The miniscule woman was utterly terrified, slumped at the bottom of the bottle, but otherwise resigned to her fate.

Her blue eyes locked with Astaroth’s as if begging for mercy.

Astaroth smiled, knowing she wouldn’t feel fearful for much longer. He would give her happiness.

“I see you found what you were looking for”, said Astaroth as he kissed Desire and grabbed her mound and pussy, playing with his beloved toy.

Belladonna nodded and smiled back.

“Indeed my lord”, she said, raising the bottle, “once this little one joins us she could scout and spy for us much faster than even my scouts can”.

“She will help us find the first great target for your liberation”.

The Demon Lord smiled and stood up, moving closer to Belladonna, who’s cute ears twitched and body warmed up feeling her Master so close to her.

Viscera scrambled to her feet after a stretch and followed him while wagging her tail.

Astaroth picked up the bottle and curiously looked at his soon-to-be liberated follower.

She whimpered and sobbed in a corner, her beautiful face a mess of tears and fear.

“Do not worry, little one, you will soon smile”, he said, though he knew she wouldn’t understand it till it was done.

He gently put down Desire, who quickly realized what her Master was planning and moved to his side, her silky hands caressing his crotch.

Viscera growled in satisfaction and did the same, mirroring her lover on the other side of the Demon Lord.

As both women touched him, Astaroth’s erection grew slowly but relentlessly. Soon he was hard, his ribbed demonic phallus towering over the bottle with the little pixie inside.

The miniscule trapped woman looked at it with horror, as the shadow of a pulsating cock bigger than her whole body covered her in its shadow. And yet, Astaroth could feel arousal growing inside her.

Viscera and Desired firmly grasped their Master’s manhood and happily started stroking it, their bodies pressed against his sides and hips.

Desire reached behind Astaroth and gently grabbed his balls, massaging them with her slender and sensual fingers, gracefully and lustfully following every vein.

Viscera licked and nibbled her owner while fondling his ass cheeks, her eyes utterly hypnotized by his phallus as she moved her strong hand up and down, following Desire’s movements.

Belladonna uncorked the bottle with the pixie, and pressed it’s opening against the tip of her Master’s cock.

The small fae did not scramble to escape, instead remaining frozen in place, getting visibly flustered and wet as the smell of Astaroth’s cock reached her.

She was obviously out of herself, her heavy, warm breathing wreathing the glass of her bottle in mist. Her body was flustered and her mouth agape as the Demon Lord’s orgasm built.

Astaroth was pleased by this, and decided to hold no longer. He groaned while he petted his servants and started to cum in long thick streams into the bottle.

As the first few drops smacked the pixies little body, she started shivering, a loud sensual moan escaping her.

One long stream of Astaroth’s cum splashed on her face, and she fell to her knees, her body shaking in a long orgasm as her jaw dropped, and her tongue lolled out.

She started rubbing the thick cum all over her body, while her face remained locked looking upwards, as more streams dribbled inside hitting her body in all directions.

Astaroth continued to cum with inhuman stamina, and did not stop until the bottle was utterly filled with his essence.

The little pixie was utterly subsumed by his cum, her little right hand being the last bit of her to be covered as she raised it upwards as if begging for something.

Once filled to the brim, Belladonna corked the bottle again and joined her lovers in cleaning Astaroth’s cock with their hungry tongues.

She offered the bottle to him, who gently picked it up in his big hand and brought it closer to his eyes for inspection.

Fae are creatures of the land, being born by magic concentrating in places where the natural world is stronger. When his essence enters a mortal, it becomes part of them, liberating their form so it can assume one that makes them happy, and also links their fates to him, so they may help bring this gift to others.

With a fae, his essence was more like burning away the pixie’s original form and rebuilding her from the ground up, like metal burning away a mould made of chaff or wood in a barrel of sand.

He could see his essence condensing and hardening around his new follower, and without fear, he crushed the bottle in his hand, the glass being reduced to small shards that he conjured away as he batted them off his palm.

A pulsating cocoon was the only thing left, full of rabid desire, passion and devotion.

He could feel his new servant forming inside it. Her consciousness, carried over from her original body, was being exposed to all the magnificent delights she would be feeling and enjoying in her new life, and Astaroth could feel how she was devouring it all with gluttonous abandon.

It would not be a long metamorphosis, the Demon Lord could already feel her wanting to be released, to be free to enjoy what her new life would bring her.

Astaroth’s personal followers were worshipping his hard and pulsating cock while he studied and controlled his new follower’s rebirth. The three women, completely lost in the moment, kissing, licking and nibbling every inch that they could reach of his phallus.

Just as he had predicted, the cocoon in his hand started to shake gently, and he could feel the reborn pixie pushing against it, trying to break free.

He helped his new follower by making a miniscule tear on the surface of the cocoon, just enough for a small hand to push through and start ripping it as she fought to get out.

The pixie stood up triumphantly as she made a hole big enough to release herself, and took a deep, long breath as she hugged herself in delight.

She was beautiful before, but her new shape had made her breathtakingly gorgeous.

After noticing her Master looking at her, she stepped out of the remains of the cocoon. She walked gracefully on her long sinuous legs, almost like a ballerina, and presented herself to her Master to admire, even doing a little spin, so he could see everything.

Her figure was still very lithe, but it was curvier than before, her chest being the most noticeable change, for it had gone from completely flat to sporting a pair of firm perky breasts that would be a handful for someone her size.

The pixie’s pale skin had gotten darker, it was now sporting what seemed like a healthy tan.

Her short hair was slightly longer, and was now a deep violet colour, and her eyes had gone to an even deeper crystalline blue that pierced through anyone staring at them.

Violet, like a flower, he liked that name for her.

But by far the biggest change was her poise and behaviour. The little pixie now radiated desire and lust like a torch in a dark room.

The dangerous curves in her small body oscillated as she touched her new skin with her tiny hands, exploring every inch and loving what Astaroth had granted her.

Her delicate pussy lips glistened with arousal, and their scent was like that of honey and wild flowers.

Astaroth moved her closer to his snout and pushed his long tongue between her legs, tasting her silky skin and her honeyed pussy.

Violet moaned in delight and bent over his nose, hugging and kissing his face as her eyes pleaded for more.

“Master”, she said in a soft and delicate voice that resonated with desire.

Her hips slowly thrust as she rubbed herself on her Master’s meaty tongue, her thighs squeezing together as heat invaded her body.

Astaroth made his long tongue slither along her skin, rubbing as hard as he could her miniscule pussy lips while enjoying her body. She tasted divine, it made him think of flowers, fruit and fresh mountain air, and her soft tiny moans were making his ears twitch in delight.

Her face was a picture of orgasmic delight, kissing her Master’s fur with abandon as she lost her mind to the pleasure.

She could not hold the orgasms that were coming rapidly to her body as she rubbed her miniscule clit against Astaroth’s flexible tongue, and the Demon Lord could feel her legs shake and lose strength.

With a dirty smile, Astaroth picked her up with two fingers and lowered her onto his cock, which was still being lavishly worshipped by his three other servants.

The three women smiled as they saw her and Desire quickly snatched her, nibbling and licking her body as if she was about to devour her.

It would seem that Violet was happy with that, as she offered no resistance to the deviless, but while Desire might have found her so succulent it was difficult not to bite her, she instead placed her face up on the palms of her hands.

Violet and the others quickly realized what the deviless had in mind.

With a filthy grin, Viscera and Belladonna aimed Astaroth’s throbbing cock at the tiny pixie, who spread her legs eagerly despite it being impossible to take a phallus bigger than her.

The Demon Lord, chuckling happy at the dirtiness of his followers, started rubbing the tip of his cock against Violet’s pussy, who grabbed it with her long legs with desperation.

Astaroth started to move against her, using her body to stimulate himself and masturbate.

Violet caught on quickly and grabbed his cock like she was desperately hugging a tree for dear life, rubbing her pussy against his shaft while caressing, licking, kissing and biting his glans, her face utterly mad with passion.

The three women with them started licking, teasing and nibbling them both, all while Desire held Violet firmly, so she could continue to work as a masturbation aid for her Master.

Astaroth could feel the firm grip of her legs, her silky warm skin, the rubbing of her breasts, her heartbeat and messy breathing all against his cock. It was delightful, and it didn’t take long for he to be ready to unload once again.

He pulled back just enough to aim his tip right against Violet’s pussy again, and started stroking himself quickly. Viscera and Belladonna helped, massaging his balls and licking his shaft in excitement.

The Demon Lord cummed once again, a jet of hot purplish cum splashing across Violet’s body and Desire’s hands like an uncontrollable hose.

Violet had a brutal orgasm, just as her Master’s cum touched her skin. There was no part of her that wasn’t twitching, vibrating and shaking with delight, her eyes completely rolled back into her skull as she tried to lick any drop that came near her mouth.

She was fingering herself with both hands, trying to shove his cum into her pussy, and pressing her hips harder against his tip so as much of it as possible shot inside her.

At least a couple of jets had succeeded in that, as her belly noticeably bulged.

The pixie looked like a broken, dirty and used slut, and she had a face of absolute delight because of it.

Desire, Belladonna and Viscera descended on her like ravenous animals, licking and sucking every inch of her body to taste their Master’s cum.

Violet let out muffled moans as she enjoyed the attention, her body still giving small twitches of delight.

Astaroth retreated back to his throne and admired his servants, enjoying the pixie and each other.

He was pleased with his new recruit, they would need to let her rest for a bit before sending her scouting, but her pleasure and happiness was reward enough for him for now.


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