Feature Writer: DannyR

Feature Title: Another Mike 07: a Tale of Two Cherries 1

Published: Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

Story Codes: Religious, Young Ones

Disclaimer: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. They tell me my stories are disturbing because some of the boys are “too young to consent” or “too young to enjoy” (all the fucking and sucking and other stuff they’re doing). They tell me a boy can’t enjoy being gently fucked until he’s “X” years old. Of course they’re too young to consent to/enjoy (all the… ). Of course that’s true. In the bloody real world. Folks (guys?) these stories are fantasies. M/b pedo jackoff (wank for our Brit friends) tales. Some with impossibly young (for the real world) boys. So what? In fantasies things can happen that never can and never should in the world outside the walls of wherever your computer may be, the world you go to after you zip up, pull up, clean up. In real life, well, seriously, anyone who does or event attempts to do all or any of the things depicted in these stories needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. Now that we’re clear on what’s what, and what’s not, read on. You have been officially disclaimed!


Another Mike 07: a Tale of Two Cherries 1

It was the best of times.

Carl couldn’t quite remember where the phrase came from. It just turned up in his head all of a sudden. But it sure sounded right, especially for today.

He smiled as he popped the tab on his second beer, took a big swallow, and then set it down so he could finish making the poker table look like it had actually been used this bright Sunday afternoon. Not that it had been used much since that poker night a bit over two months ago when he and his best friends, Tony and Don, found out: (a) they were all pedos; (b) Tony had been sexing his three boys for almost their whole lives, although only Tony, Jr. (6) had been fucked by his dad, while the little assholes of Marco (4) and Eddie (2) were still virgin, Don had fucked a three-year-old on a recent trip to Mexico, and (d) Carl’s baby, little Kevin, just loved having grown men cum on him, piss on him, and swallow down their cum and piss in his tiny mouth.

And speaking of piss, or rather pissed, that’s just how Susan was feeling about him. After he told her he intended to just play poker with his buddies today, and yes, it was in addition to the weekly Thursday night poker session she graciously allowed him, she’d yelled at him that he’d better get religion in his life, and then stormed out of the house to go to church and then to some interfaith singalong, or picnic, or rally-for-Jesus/Buddha/Mohammed or somebody. Which was just fine with him. And it was fine with Tony, whose wife Maria was going to the same place and who, from Tony’s call a little while ago, was even more furious than Susan. Tony’d made a passing reference to a glass being shattered on the wall just past his ear. Of course, all of Tony’s friends knew about Maria’s temper and her good aim. No one had ever actually been hit, just the occasional nick from flying glass or pottery.

He took another swig of beer and reached down to squeeze his semi-hard cock, and scratch his low-hanging balls. He lifted his hand to his nose and sniffed. Damn but he smelled good. He smiled. Susan should actually be happy for him. He had found religion. Great religion, in fact. Of course, she might not be happy that it was Catholic instead of Southern Baptist. And, well, maybe she might be even less pleased if she knew his religious instruction had consisted of face-fucking a really talented priest at St. Pius, over in Stonewall, followed by Carl losing his mouth cherry to the priest’s very thick, very long cock.

His smile turned a little smug. Okay, the priest’s meat was damned impressive at nine inches and thick. But Carl had 10.5 inches of his own. He’d actually measured it for the first time in his life, after that first special poker game with Tony and Don and finding out that despite their own large, fat endowments, they envied him for having a perfect dick for busting young boy cherries. Very long, sure, but the head was plum-sized, and the shaft was the size of a quarter in diameter. Not that he’d had a chance to use it for that purpose, except inside his head and the dirty talk with the priest when he was long-dicking his throat.

That was going to change today, though. Tony and Don probably thought it was going to be the usual thing, a little bit of poker, a lot of cumming and pissing with, on and in the kid. Carl’s cock plumped up a little more. Actually, he was pretty sure he knew what Don thought. Don was, after all, out in the kitchen pissing in the baby bottle to provide his share to mix with Carl’s. He’d have some left over, though, so Kevin was getting some piss direct from the source. Tony would be here in a few minutes, ready to fill the rest of the baby bottle and then get down to some serious boy-sex for the afternoon.

Of course, they didn’t know about Carl’s surprise. He hadn’t told them about his drive to Stonewall, and going to St. Pius, and everything that had happened there. So Father Sean showing up — Carl glanced at his watch, he was naked but he still liked to know the time — in about fifteen minutes was going to blow their minds. Just like their cocks would probably get blown by the priest as well. Four men couldn’t all have sex with young Kevy at the same time, so there would definitely have to be some man-sex in the mix. Not that the three of them had ever done anything with each other than maybe a balls fondling for the guy blasting cum on Kevin’s face. Father Sean was sure to change all that.

Carl surged to a full hardon at the thought of Tony the stud, and Don the most experienced boy fucker of the three, down on their knees taking turns slurping down that priestly meat, and learning how to suck it properly. A little man-sex, some piss-play with Kevy, and then the main event. Kevy gets fucked by his daddy, and whether Tony or Dan were shocked or not, Carl was going to get his ass fucked by Father Sean at the same time. Carl oozed a long strand of precum. A perfect day. A perfect plan.

That, of course, was when everything went to fuck-all.

Carl glanced at the video monitor of the front yard, yeah, there was Tony’s car at the curb. He didn’t look at the monitor that showed who was at the door. If he had, he might have been better prepared when he threw the door open and stood there with his stiff, dripping prick thrust directly out below his small belly, right at Tony’s crotch.

And pretty much on mouth level with little Tony and Marco, who were standing right in front their father, their little mouths gaping and their eyes wide open. What the fuck! This was not part of the plan.

“Didn’t bother to check the cam, did you, before coming to the door?” Carl shook his head, too stunned to move. “You like my surprise?”


“Wow, daddy, what a big dickie he’s got. It’s longer than yours.”

Both men looked down at 4-year-old Marco. “Sure is, kiddo,” said Tony. “Kinda skinny, though.” He looked up at Carl and grinned.

Tony had no penis envy about the size of Carl’s dick. He was comfortable with his own eight wide inches. Well, just a bit of envy, maybe. As eager as little Tony had been on his sixth birthday to have his daddy’s dick up inside his tight boy cunt, well, tight was the operative word. Tony had gone slowly and carefully, and with lots of lube, but it had still been painful for the boy while his daddy worked his way in, until he was hairy belly, hairy balls deep in the hole. A little while later, the boy was moaning with lust and begging his daddy to cream his little hole, and daddy had happily complied. Although the fucks hadn’t been all that frequent since then, since it was easier for blowjobs among the three than finding the time and place for a leisurely fuck, there was still a bit of pain for the boy when his daddy entered him.

So as hot, Jesus, as fucking hot as it was to take little Tony’s cherry, and occasionally jack off to his own ball busting cum thinking of Marco and Eddie, he had a choice. Wait until Marco and Eddie were each six years old and start the painful process all over with each one, or let one of his best friends take his younger sons’ cherries, and maybe get to fuck them both a hell of a lot sooner? He’d really been reluctant to give up a daddy’s inalienable right to fuck his sons first, before sharing them with other men. But as they’d played with little Kevy, especially that one time when he and Don had held the boy’s plump little legs up and wide, while Carl jacked off while rubbing the slick oozing head of his dick around the little kid’s hole and then shot an incredible amount of jism, he’d been rethinking the situation.

And so today’s surprise. Carl was gonna get to fuck Marco. The boy’s first sex with a man other than Tony and it was going to wind up with his cunt opened up. Not real wide, maybe, but then that was what the dildos in his gym bag were for. He’d bought them especially for Marco. Several sizes to work his way up to daddy size. Yeah, a great surprise for his friend.

Who was so goddamned surprised he still hadn’t said anything and was still blocking their way into his house. “Carl!” He snapped his fingers in front of Carl’s rather dazed eyes and broke him out of whatever-the-fuck spell he was under. “Y’gonna let us in, or are we gonna just sex the boys on the porch?”

“Uh, sure, sorry.” Carl backed out of the way and the three entered. As soon as the door was shut, Tony and his boys started stripping off. He figured that with all that was going to happen this afternoon, the easiest way to be sure to find their clothes was if they were all by the front door, and that’s what he’d told the boys on the drive over.

The boys were naturally naked first, since he’d only dressed them in sandals, shorts, no undies, and tees. Both had prominent little stiffies as they looked around the room. Tony smiled fondly at them. If he did say so himself, from the looks of those boy pricks, they were eventually gonna do their daddy proud in the cock department.

“Hey, Carl, was that Ton…” Don’s voice faded away as he stopped just inside the front room. He was naked like Carl, and his eyes widened as he saw his naked bud Tony, and the two oldest two boys, also naked. Over the last couple of months, seeing Tony naked and in various stages of hard, as well as cum and piss splattered, didn’t surprise him at all. Seeing the boys naked and hard was also no surprise, and he still wasn’t quite sure if Tony knew about that or not. The boys said they hadn’t told their daddy anything about Uncle Don. And besides, Don told himself with a virtuous tone in his head, it wasn’t as if he was really sexing the boys. All we has doing was a little fondling, and then jacking himself off while he watched the boys stroke their own dicks to little boy dry orgasms.

Carl was the only one in the room without a full hard. Not that a naked four and six year old weren’t interesting. Especially tiny young studs like these two. But his earlier hardon had been because of what he’d planned. He knew just what he wanted when his boy was deflowered, and damn it all to hell, but a father had a right to do what he wanted when he took his kid’s virgin asshole. So, okay. Tony had something else in mind. Probably something good if he was bringing his two oldest over to visit Uncle Don and Uncle Carl. Courtesy titles, of course. He looked at Tony and idly played with his still half-hard dick. “So … what’s the surprise?”

Tony’s smile grew even bigger. “Well, I told the boys last night about what we’ve been doing, and asked if they wanted to do sex with a man besides daddy. I told them how much daddy would like to see his little boys with other men, watching them play with their little dicks and holes. And I told them some of these men who would be using them were daddies, too, and they could watch me sex other little boys. They decided they liked that. Didn’t you, boys?”

The three adults were pleased with the eager lust on the little faces, and the rapid up-and-down movements to signify assent.

“Sorry that Eddie can’t be here. He hasn’t been feeling well, and Maria decided to take him with her to this church thing so she can hover. But little Tony, here, wants to take his Uncle Don’s fat cock up his tight little cunt. And Marco, well, why don’t you tell your uncles what you want, kid?”

“I want Uncle Carl to bust my cherry!” Marco nearly shouted. Then he paused and looked shyly at his father. “Did I say that right, daddy?”

“Sure did, son. Well, Carl, what do you think of my surprise?”

Okay, so his original plans were fucked. And hell, it wasn’t as if Tony or Don knew about it ahead of time. It was his own damned fault for not setting it up better. But still, getting to slide his dick into the tiny hot virgin hole of a 4-year-old. “Hell of a surprise, Tony. You don’t know, but one hell of a fucking surprise!”

“Well, I got another one for ya, guys,” Don chimed in. “There’s a priest coming up the front walk.”

Tony looked shocked. “What’s Father Pearson doing here?”

“Father who?” asked Carl.

“My priest. Jeez, Carl, Schuylerton isn’t that big. I thought you’d know the name of the priest at St. Michael’s. Who else would it be?”

Who else indeed. Carl’s cock stiffened to a full hard and led the way as Carl moved to the door, so quickly that Tony and Don had only just begun to realize with horror what Carl intended to do when Carl put his hand on the knob. He looked over his shoulder at his friends. “Surprise me, will you? Well then, surprise you!”

He threw the door wide. Filling the space more than adequately was Father Sean Flanagan, all in black with his Roman collar, noticeably muscular body, and bulging crotch. He didn’t seem at all fazed to be greeted by a naked man with a 10.5″ hardon, and two other naked men with looks of terror on their faces and beginning-to-wilt cocks. For all his expression said, he was expecting to be greeted by three naked men with hardons. Perhaps only Carl saw the sudden glint in the priest’s eyes when he got a really good look at the two tiny naked boys, who were of course still hard and eager.

Father Sean stepped in and Carl shut the door behind him, locking it this time. “Father, these guys are Tony Andretti and Don Mason, the friends I was telling you about. Tony’s boys, little Tony, six, and Marco, four. Fellas, this is Father Sean Flanagan from St. Pius over in Stonewall.”

Tony and Don weren’t exactly stupid. The fact the priest was here, and with a huge hardon showing in his pants, said that Carl had invited him to share the fun. But still, it felt a bit awkward being naked in front of a fully-dressed priest. The “pleased-to-meet-ya’s” were quick and mostly mumbled by Tony and Don.

As Carl started speaking again, Father Sean raised his hands, undid the white collar and dropped it behind him, and then toed off his loafers. He was barefoot. “There’s been a change in plans.”

The priest’s brief smile was of the “well, duh” variety.

“Tony brought a surprise today. His boys. And he, well, he wants me to fuck little Marco. Marco’s a virgin.”

“Sounds like a generous and well-thought-out surprise. Tony is clearly a good friend and a caring father.”

Don snorted his disbelief. Tony just smiled. Damn! Now he knew two pedo priests. Could life be any better? He groped his once more stiff meat as the priest undid the last button on his black, short-sleeved shirt, pulled it out of his pants and off, and dropped it behind him, too. But what was all this plan shit?

Father Sean smiled at Carl as he undid his belt buckle, popped open the button, and started unzipping. “What about the other part?” he asked Carl.

Fuck. Shit. Damn. The other part of fucking Plan A was to have the priest’s huge cock take his anal virginity while he was taking his boy’s virginity. But he’d sort of planned on just, well, working into it, letting it happen. Now the priest had directly asked, and was waiting for an answer. With his pants open, partially down over his obviously non-underwear-bearing hips, his thick silky pubes and clearly visible. Carl looked at his friends, who were also waiting for an answer.

“Uh, well, you mean, the part where you fuck my ass while I’m fucking the boy?” Carl kept his eyes away from Tony and Don. He didn’t want to risk seeing the disgust on their faces, but fuck it, this was his home, his life, his ass, and he wanted a cock up inside it for the first time. So screw ’em.

The priest dropped the pants to the floor and stepped out of them. “Yeah, that part. But with just a little difference. You mean where I’m fucking your cunt, don’t you?”

The priest could see the “I’m a goddamn man. Men don’t have cunts!” shaping up and ready to be blurted out. He stopped it by simply raising his right hand so that his fingers were around the back of Carl’s neck, and his right thumb was gently stroking Carl’s cheek. His left hand was stroking Carl’s oozing prick. His voice was very firm. “You see, Carl, you have to understand. Real men don’t get fucked. Real men are on top, plowing their meat hard and fast into the bitch’s cunt they’re using. Man, baby, boy, teen, it doesn’t matter. If one of your holes is being fucked, it’s a cunt. Especially your ass cunt. So, what is it you want me to do?”

Carl tried to turn his head to see how his friends were reacting to all this, but Father Sean wouldn’t let him. “Uh, yeah, I want you to fuck my man cunt.”

“Louder, Carl. I’m not sure even I heard you. Tell your friends just what you want me to do.”

“All right! I want you to shove your goddamned cock up my cunt ass while I’m breeding little Marco, and I want you fuck me hard and fast!”

“There, now. That wasn’t so hard, was it?” The priest’s voice was only slightly mocking, as he released Carl’s neck, and using Carl’s cock as a lever turned him so he was facing the others.

Carl slowly raised his eyes — and got another surprise. There was no disgust showing in Don’s eyes or Tony’s. Some shock. Well, fuck yeah, their buddy had never said anything before about wanting dick up his ass, uh, his cunt. But mostly just overwhelming lust. Carl bit back a sigh. At least the humiliating part was over and they could get on with it.

Getting on would have to wait. Further humiliation couldn’t. The priest wasn’t through. “Carl, I want you to turn around, spread your legs, bend over, grab your knees and show your friends and these two fine little boys just what you want me to use.

Carl did what he was told. “Are you lubed up, Carl? Is your cunt nice and greasy?”

Carl knew to speak up. His “yes” was loud and clear. His grunt was the same when the priest shoved his forefinger all the way up Carl’s hole. The sharp inhalation was for when that finger stroked over his prostate.

“You all want to move a little closer so you can get a good look at the pussy I’m going to be fucking in a while?” The other four moved in very close indeed. Father Sean rammed a second finger up Carl’s cunt. Carl gasped at the intrusion and the sharp, very sharp pain that shot up inside him. But then he felt his ass walls clamp down around the stroking fingers — which promptly found his prostate and pressed even harder. This time Carl’s noise was a full-fledged whimper.

“Tony, Don, your friend’s cunt is nice and tight. You want to finger it yourself and see?”

“Oh, God, please.” Carl’s voice was an agonized whisper.

“Please, what, Carl?”

Please don’t do this to me. Please don’t let my friends, make my friends, finger my pussy. Please. Except, well, he knew what Father Sean wanted, and deep inside, he knew what he wanted. “Please. Please do it.”

For the next couple of minutes, Don and Tony let their cocks alone, another stroke or two and they’d shoot, and enjoyed finger-fucking their best friend’s new-found cunt, marveling at how hot and tight it was. Even the boys fingered their Uncle Carl’s cunt. Then it was the priest’s turn again. As he slid his two fingers into Carl again, he asked the other men, “You think you might like to use this cunt when I’m done with it? Won’t be quite as tight as virgin pussy, but still, he’ll be pretty tight. And it’s a real turn-on using another man’s cum for lube.”

“Fuck, yeah!” was Don’s eager and immediate response. Tony’s “sure” took a little while to arrive, but it was followed by an also-eager, “Fuck, yeah.”

“Good, good,” said the priest as he pulled his fingers out of Carl’s asshole, and helped him to straighten up and turn around to the others. His cock hadn’t softened a bit and was leaking precum in an almost steady stream. “Just one thing, guys, that you have to understand. Anything you give, you damned well better be ready, willing and able to take.”

Don looked puzzled, but Tony’s expression showed a glimmer of understanding. The priest continued. “If you give your best friend here a hard, fast fuck, then you better be able to take the same kind of fuck yourself. You use Carl’s cunt, then he or any other man in this room gets to use your very own cunt hole, too. You okay with that? Still want sloppy seconds or thirds in Carl’s pussy?”

Don’s “no problem” was heart-felt. He’d been a combination pedo-fag for years, enjoying getting fucked and sucking as much as being on top, whether with men, teens or boys. He just hadn’t been able to tell his friends until now.

Tony’s “okay” was equally certain. He hadn’t been fucked in years, not since papa had died. But before that he’d been fucked hard and often, primarily as a young boy. An image flashed across his mind of his very first fuck. His father had taken him to a monastery down in the southern part of the state, and late at night had taken him into the dimly-lit church, tied him to the altar, and told the selected monks and novitiates that had assembled at his request, that his little boy was theirs to use as a gift for all that their prayers had helped him to achieve. Papa later told him that it was the abbot who had taken his anal cherry, which was part of the gift to the holy men of the church. It had been very painful and he had squealed and wailed a lot, but after a while he grew to like it. He was also very grateful that he had been fucked so hard and so well and filled to overflowing with so much cum, because by the time Father Heinrich’s turn came around … he was the priest with the horse cock … he’d been able to take every inch of it up inside his boy cunt and beg to be fucked hard. Papa said he was very proud of his brave little boy slut.

Now that all that was settled there was a hesitant pause as each of them waited for someone else to do or say something to get the real fucking and sucking started. It was Carl who spoke first, since he’d just remembered something very important. Given the change in plans, he needed to keep little Kevin occupied while he, his pals, and the pedo priest used the two little boys. “Don, where’s Kevin’s bottle?”

“Oh, jeez, I forgot. It’s over there.” He pointed to a table beside the hall leading to the kitchen.

Carl went over and picked it up. It was only two-thirds full. He held it up and gestured to Tony. “You need to piss?”

“Yeah.” Tony held out his hand.

Father Sean asked, “For your boy?” Carl nodded. “Why don’t we all contribute? Boys, do you have to pee?” Both nodded their heads.

The priest gestured and Carl walked over and gave him the bottle. The others blinked in amazement as he lifted it to his mouth and took a healthy swallow that left the bottle half full. He held the mouth of the bottle at his cock knob, and after a minute or two of concentrating his wide piss-slit opened and hot piss began pouring out. He let a good dose go into the bottle, warming it up nicely, and then cut the flow off. He extended the bottle to Tony, who took it. Then, holding his half-hard cock, he said, “I need a toilet, Carl.”

Carl almost gestured toward the bathroom, but then realized what the priest was really asking. What the fuck. He had learned his lesson at the church, so he knew Father Sean was going to be serving as Carl’s or someone’s private urinal later on. Carl dropped to his knees in front of the priest, opened his mouth wide, and Father Sean gently moved the head and part of the shaft into the offered hole. Carl closed his lips, the priest sighed, and they could all tell when the priest let his piss start gushing out.

Carl’s cheeks puffed out, and he started swallowing rapidly, his hands holding tightly to the priest’s muscular thighs to keep his position. It didn’t take long for Father Sean to finish, and Carl licked the starting-to-harden cock clean before releasing it.

“Fucking Christ, man, you’re a fucking perv!” Tony said. The tone was part man-to-man teasing, part surprise, part uncertainty over these new facets to his friend. Plus a large portion of lust.

Carl stood up and went to stand in front of Tony. “You gonna donate for my boy?” Tony’s nod was of the what-the-fuck-did-you-think variety. “You gonna need a toilet, too?”

Tony was about to agree. Yeah, that would be fucking hot. Draining his piss down his buddy’s throat. Whoa. One fucking step back. Carl just gulped down the priest’s piss, so from what the priest said, that meant the priest would be drinkin’ piss later, from Carl or somebody. So if he pissed in Carl’s mouth … Shit. He had no problem with pissing his boys, or drinking their boy-piss. But man-piss? Now that was downright disgusting. Or it would have been if his cock hadn’t just voted by getting painfully hard. What the fuck. “Yeah, buddy, I need a toilet. But I got to piss real bad, so you may need some help. What do you think, Don? You willin’ to be a toilet for your best bud?” There. That’ll put the fucker on the spot.

Don didn’t bother with an answer, just walked over, stroking his hard cock, dropped to his knees beside Carl, and opened his mouth. Tony’s ability to get soft enough to piss wasn’t helped by the sight of two horny men on their knees in front of him stroking stiff cocks, while a pedo priest sat cross-legged on the floor, his arms around Tony’s little boys while he fondled their tiny cocks and balls. He shut his eyes and after a couple of minutes of concentration on other things he softened enough to add a generous helping to the bottle. Like the priest, he cut off the flow, and then generously shared a flood of piss between the toilet mouths of his two friends. When he was finally done he shook off his cock, flicking piss drops into their faces.

Father Sean reached up and Tony stepped around his pals and handed the bottle to the priest, who laid belly-down on the floor, using his forearms to get to just the right height for the standing boys’ crotches. Starting with little Tony, the priest persuaded each boy in turn to add his boy-piss to the bottle, and then he placed his mouth around the boy’s prick and tight ball and … very selfishly, the other three adults thought … swallowed down all of the boy-piss. When they were done, he stood up, and the men realized his mouth was still full.

Carl had learned at the church that he enjoyed kissing another man. Don already knew. Tony was the only one who had never kissed a man before, even as a young boy when he was getting sexed by his family and the monks. But Tony knew he was turned on by drinking his sons’ piss, so once again he let his dick do the talking. Father Sean carefully kissed each man, sharing a bit of the boy-piss. When he was done, there was another of those pauses, but not a long one.

“Look, guys, I don’t know about you but I need to cum right now and take the fucking edge off,” Carl said. The men were all able to cum multiple times, especially with such prime boy cunt available, and they were all in the same condition, so there was no disagreement. A fast cum, a little rest — five seconds, ten? — and then time for the main sex course.

Carl screwed the nipple top on the bottle and led the naked horde into the large kitchen where Kevy was still happily playing in his large plastic tub and splashing around in his Uncle Don’s earlier piss. Carl picked his naked boy up, cradled him in his left arm, and with his right put the bottle of warm piss to his son’s mouth. Kevin grabbed onto it eagerly, and began sucking the bright yellow mixture down.

Carl carefully laid the boy on the kitchen table, his head held in place by his father’s loving hands, while his father’s dick rested on his hair and dripped precum on the bottle, Don and Tony beside him. The two uncles loved giving little Kevy cum facials, more now with the boy drinking down their shared piss. It didn’t take more than a few strokes before they were grunting and swearing and showering the boy’s face with thick hot strands of cum. Which left Carl and the priest all boned up and with somewhere definite to go. Tony switched places with Carl, and the priest moved to Tony’s right. What a fucking sight. A baby boy swilling down a man-piss-boy-piss drink. The two men started jacking.

Little Tony and Marco were feeling a bit left out with all the attention being paid to, well, a silly baby. So as Carl and Father Sean started stroking, Marco stood by the priest and began fondling his balls and tugging on them, which caused the priest to moan and stroke a little faster.

Little Tony had a better idea. He knew how his daddy liked to have his asshole played with, and he figured Uncle Carl would, too. He put his right hand up between the hairy ass cheeks and pushed in. Hey, Uncle Carl’s hole was all greasy. Wow. Daddy’s hole was never like that. Let’s see. Daddy liked his hole rubbed and sometimes fingered by his boys. So that’s what little Tony did. He rubbed his hand around on the lips of Carl’s ass, causing his uncle to moan, and getting his hand greasy, too. Uncle Carl had a nice soft asshole that kept pulsing as young Tony slid one and then two fingers up inside it and out again. Carl whimpered and jacked faster. The boy put three fingers inside his uncle’s hole and Carl unconsciously thrust his ass backward – hard. Little Tony’s whole hand slid inside his uncle’s cunt, which caused Carl to shout “Oh, fuck!” and start spraying his baby boy with cum. The sight of all that daddy-cum, and the 4-year-old hands tugging on his fat balls was all that was needed to send the priest over the edge with his own loud “fuck, yeah!”

Although his asshole had clamped tight on the boy intruder, as the last shots of cum spurted out his piss-tube, Carl regained enough control to reach back with his left hand, grab his nephew’s wrist, and make very sure that that hand went no further where no hand had gone before. When the cum was gone, Carl gently guided the boy’s hand out of his hole, let his arm go, straightened up, and sighed. Fuck. That had been an awesome cum, and he was still horned up. But at least no one knew what had happened.

Carl glanced around. Tony was next to him, then the priest, little Marco by Father Sean. Except … Where was Don? He looked over his left shoulder. Don was standing there playing with his cum-slick, hard dick. He also had a wicked smile on his face, which got a bit more wicked when he let his cock go, clenched his right hand and made a little back-and-forth gesture, before returning to his jacking. Carl winced but kept his mouth shut. He felt up his own ass cunt then, and it felt a bit looser. Maybe, when the time came, getting fucked wouldn’t hurt quite as much as he expected it to.

He didn’t have long to wait to find out. While Tony and Don began licking up the heavy loads of oozing man slime off of the boy, something they’d never done before, Father Sean grabbed one of the large towels with one hand, Carl’s arm with the other, and led him back to the living room and the large leather wing-backed chair. He spread the towel and sat down. His huge cock was obscene, standing upright, the thick veins distended, the wide piss-slit spewing a new round of precum. “Straddle my legs, Carl.”

Carl did what he was told. Father Sean used his left hand to bend Carl forward, and then rammed two fingers up his shit hole hard and fast. Carl grunted but he’d braced himself and so didn’t move. The fingers stroking in and out, playing with the slick walls of his cunt turned Carl on even more. Father Sean pulled his fingers out and rested his hands on the arms of the chair.

“Okay, bitch, reach between my legs and get hold of my cock. Yeah, that’s right. Now squat a little so that thick knob is just touching your pussy. Good, good. Yeah, I knew you’d be a good bitch. And what does a good bitch do? She always gets a real man’s cock positioned just right to give her man maximum pleasure when he decides to let her have it up her cunt.

“So, bitch, how do you think I’m gonna get maximum pleasure when I take your cherry away?”

Christ. He didn’t want to say, but fuck, it would probably still happen anyway. “If you ram your dick into, into my cunt hard and fast and all the way in at once.”

“Fuckin’ right, bitch. But first, keep that cock nice and steady, spread those pussy lips and get the head of my meat up in your cunt.”

Carl adjusted his weight, angled the thick cock better and then shoved his ass down. Hard. He let out a half-strangled howl as the wide knob end punched through and his cunt lips slammed down around it. The noise brought Tony, Don and the boys quickly in from the kitchen where they’d already laid the mostly-clean baby, still naked, in his crib, still sucking contentedly on his bottle of piss.

“Welcome back, guys. Tony, why don’t you get your little one’s cunt all greased up so it’s ready for Carl’s cherry buster. Don, you gonna get yourself a piece of boy-pussy out of little Tony, there?”

“Damn right! Well, uh, if it’s okay with Tony. It’s just, well, Christ, I’ve been wanting to put my cock up inside this little stud’s cunt for years.”

Tony had no problem with that. Little Tony had let his daddy bottom out in him lots of times, and although Don’s cock wouldn’t go as far into the boy’s pussy as his daddy’s, it was definitely going to stretch that hole wider.

“Okay, so let’s get rid of Carl’s unwanted cherry.” Father Sean put his large hands firmly on Carl’s waist. “Now balance yourself, and we’ll do this on a count of three. Okay?”

“O … okay.”

The priest started counting. Somewhere between an unvoiced one-and-a-half and one-and-three-quarters the priest thrust his hips up while helping gravity along by pulling down – very hard – on Carl’s hips. This howl wasn’t strangled at all, half or otherwise. Fuck, the wolves out west probably heard it and figured it was a relative getting an early start, maybe a test run, on baying at the next full moon. Carl was certain he’d never felt pain like that before, not even when he broke his leg. He got his breathing under control, felt his entire body sweating, and held very, very still.

Father Sean used his right hand to stroke and almost pet Carl’s slick back. “Very good, bitch. You made your daddy very happy. Isn’t it great to know you have a real man’s thick meat balls-deep in your man pussy? Now show how much you appreciate what daddy is doing for you. Relax those cunt muscles, and move your hips around real slow. Nice. Nice. Now brace yourself on the arms of the chair and raise your cunt up just a little. Yeah, good. Hold it there, good, now drop back down real fast. Oh, yeah, that make’s daddy’s cock feel good.”

Carl generally didn’t learn how to do something new very quickly. But he was a fast learner today. It only took a few minutes of the priest’s softly-voiced, explicit instructions and soothing praise, before Carl was rejoicing in the thick cock filling his cunt, already anticipating the regret and emptiness he would feel once his hole was filled with cum and the cock withdrawn. Just to show off a little he lifted up until the knob end was barely inside his ass lips and then dropped down hard and fast to impale himself on the priest’s staff. Christ! Did that feel fucking good. He definitely wasn’t going to stop with just once getting his ass fucked. He started to lift up again for a repeat, but Father Sean held him in place. Carl whimpered slightly and rotated his hips. Fuck but it felt good to be fucked!

Father Sean stopped the movement. He leaned back in the chair, pulling Carl with him so that Carl’s back was resting on his chest. The priest spread his legs which stretched Carl’s even further, but the rest of them now had a good view of how widely-stretched Carl’s cunt was, with that dark meat thrust up inside it. Father Sean twisted Carl’s tits hard, and Carl moaned, writhing his hips again. When he stopped, the priest told Tony to lift little Marco up and lay him face down on top of Carl.

Carl supported the boy under the armpits and smiled into the slightly-frightened face of the 4-year-old. Tony slicked up Carl’s cock with several large blobs of KY, and then holding Carl’s cock in place with his right hand, directed Carl in moving Marco into position so that his tight, shiny pink virgin pussy hole was lined up just right with Carl’s baby-fucker. “You ready, honey?”

“Y-yes, daddy.”

“Now, Uncle Carl is going to shove you down so I can get his cock into your tight little cunt, so there’s going to be some pain, just like I told you.”

But that had been before the boys had seen Carl getting fucked for the first time. “L-like Uncle Carl?”

Tony’s voice was soothing. “Oh, no, baby boy. Uncle Carl’s dick is just the right size for opening up tiny boy pussies. There’ll be some hurt, sure, but it’ll go away. And you do want to be able to get daddy’s dick inside your hole, don’t you? And not have to wait so long?”

“Oh, yes, daddy.” The boy looked up trustingly into Carl’s eyes. “Fuck me, Uncle Carl. Please?”

What’s a pedo to do? Or a pair of pedo fathers engineering the cherry-busting of an eager 4-year-old boy? Of course they did just what they – and the boy – wanted. Carl pushed the boy down his body while Tony made sure the knob end and, amazingly, part of the shaft went right inside the little cunt.

Without one fucking sound from the kid.

“Ohhhhh, daddy, Uncle Carl’s dickie feels soooo good inside me. Oh, please, Uncle Carl, fuck me, fuck me.”

Tony quickly wiped his hands on another towel, placed his hands on Marco’s hips, and tugged him further down. Three more inches slid in, nearly half the fucking dick, and the only squeal from Marco was one of clear ecstasy. Well, five inches was enough. Can’t take a chance on hurting — Okay, well, maybe six. Damn, but would you look at my boy go? He’s a fucking cock hound and boy cunt. Shit, the little whore wants more. Damn, but that’s gotta be seven inches in his cunt. Okay, goddamnit, eight is enough! He grabbed hold of Marco’s waist and stopped him from moving.

So Father Sean and Carl and the little boy started another kind of movement. Good, steady fucking. Tony, Don and little Tony stood back in awe, all three achingly hard, as the three on the chair writhed and shifted and moaned and gulped and cussed and started the two cocks, one thin, one thick, sliding in and out of tight greasy male cunts. The priest began fucking Carl especially hard, and then stopped and told them to hold still. As much as the priest loved this position and how well onlookers could see the cunts being cock-filled, he really wanted Carl’s first fuck to be a very hard one.

Following the priest’s directions, Don and Tony helped Carl to stand, lifting him off the massive priest prick, while little Marco remained impaled. What a fucking sight. A pedo daddy straddling a pedo priest with a young, young boy impaled on his daddy meat. With Tony and Don supporting the boy, they managed to move away from the chair and get down on the floor so that Marco could be on his back on a blanket, his ass up-thrust on a pillow. Carl gently eased his cock in and out of the young pussy, then stopped when he felt the priest kneel behind him and then mount his man cunt in one long smooth stroke. Carl was in sheer fucking ecstasy. Thick Irish-Italian cock filling his man cunt, his own long slim rod filling young boy cunt.

Tony wasn’t sure who was repaying who for the gift of Marco’s virginity as he stood in front of Carl and buried his meat into his friend’s hot, tight, and obviously talented throat. Don had just learned that his courtesy nephew’s boy cunt was also hot, tight and talented. He hadn’t really been paying attention to the others, because he was working on getting his thicker-than-daddy’s meat into little Tony’s shitter with a minimum of pain, for a nice puppy-fuck. Damn but he loved little boys on all fours, their assholes open to him. Just like little Tony’s.

He looked over at the other four and inhaled. Damn, but if little Tony’s cunt wasn’t so hot and talented that sight alone would turn him on. A tiny boy with his legs in the air getting fucked missionary-style by the long thin cock of his uncle. The uncle getting what looked like the beginning of a rough doggy-fuck from the pedo priest behind him. And the boy’s daddy standing up and roughly face fucking the uncle.

They all began fucking assholes and mouth holes faster and faster. Marco squealed loudly through several quick dry cums, as did little Tony, and then Tony’s butt cheeks dimpled as he thrust his cock deep into his friend’s throat, holding Carl’s face tight to his pubes, and began to unload an almost neverending load of thick cum. Carl couldn’t speak but his groans around the cock in his mouth and the grunts as well let everyone know he was unleashing his own torrent of spooge far up inside the little boy’s cunt, indeed, a great deal farther than anyone had expected to be possible, which quickly filled the available space and began oozing out of the hole. Father Sean just rabbit-fucked through every spurt out of his piss-slit until he gave Carl’s cunt one last hard ram and then held still, shuddering. Don enjoyed being the last to cum up his own boy cunt, with the boy joining him for just one more dry cum.

After a few minutes of holding very still, they all pulled out of the various holes, lapped and sucked each other clean, including sucking the cum out of assholes and sharing it around. They collapsed in a not-quite-heap on the floor. Then, for the next two hours, until they had to stop and clean everything up before the women got home, they fucked and sucked in every combination the fertile imaginations of four experienced pedos could come up with.

As the others were getting ready to leave, after a final round of kissing and groping that left them all pretty much wanting at least one more round, despite knowing they couldn’t, Carl smiled. Tony and Don recognized that smile. It didn’t happen very often, but when it did, it was bad. Very bad.

“You know, guys,” said Carl, “I really liked the sex as the main course for lunch instead of food. But I’d really rather have something else as main course, dessert, whatever. You know, a good old-fashioned, big, dripping with hot sauce, two-cherry Sunday.”

The boys looked puzzled, the three adults groaned, and Father Sean rapped Carl lightly upside the head. As he stepped out the door, he murmured, “Well, if you pray a lot and just right, maybe you’ll get your wish.”


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