Writer: Shellshock

Subject: Annie & Zana

Story Codes: Religious themes, Corruption, Devil Worship, Incest, Pedo, WS, Scat, Vomit, Anal, MC, Supernatural, Occult, Drug use

Link: Email / 21.08.2021

Writer’s Notes: Hello XP, Hopefully you are doing well and your job is being less of a bitch. Congrats on the new story. A few months ago, I sent you a new story, funny thing about it, I ended up writing most of it while I was visiting my parents as a sort of after hours project. Who would think one would get inspiration in such odd places. This past week I’ve been visiting again, and … well, can’t say it’s inspiration, but I also took the chance to write something up and that is a little gift. Mind you, it’s only smut. It’s like those gonzo stories that go straight to sex, but I recently saw a few videos about scat/puke play and sort of took over. It’s strange that I don’t find any of those subjects to be particularly arousing for me (or at all really) but I did have fun writing about it. I called it filth (seemed appropriate). Hope you like it. Cheers SS.

Annie & Zana


  • Annie – Gorgeous looking daughter of a minister. Daddy’s girl and perfect dotting child. Helps visit parishioners and spreading the good word.
  • Dana – 40s mother of Zara. Fit, with a hard face, could be beautiful if kept, but is usually disheveled. Witch.
  • Zara – Daughter of Dana, dark punk look, rebellious. Demon worshiper.
  • Minister Dalton – Father of Annie, good looking man in his 50s, salt and pepper hair.
  • Amanda – Dalton’s wife and Annie’s mother, a suburban housewife and MILF.


Dana and Zara live in a run down house near the outskirts of the town of Prairie. A community that could be taken from a postcard of America. White picket fence, neighbours that know each other, and participate in bake sales and church meetings. They are the outcast, usually keeping to themselves. Zara goes to school, albeit when she is bored from other things and takes little interest in learning (though somehow has a hidden font of knowledge). Zara dresses more like a British 80’s punk, with goth motifs and skulls and chains. Dishevelled spikiy black hair and little makeup The mother is for many a mistery. The neighbours have seen her around town, dressed as if she doesn’t quite understand fashion and is not used to wearing clothes (or matching them due to current styles). She stares, deeply, into other peoples eyes and has been known to utter cryptic sentences that only those addressed to seem to hear. Rumours around town usually dismiss them as perhaps needed more dosage of their cuckoo-pills. Annie, going to the same highschool as Zara, is the perfect minister daughter, engaged in extracurricular activities and helping her father with church events, as her mother instilled her from an early age.


Annie has driven by the run-down house several times, usually not paying much attention. But these past days she even has found herself going out of her way to drive through that street. The reason was not clear in her head, but she knows it started a few weeks ago, when Zara returned to school after one of her absences. Oddly enough, Zara never seems to be bothered by her sporadic attendance record, and barely acknowledged by her teachers or her fellow students, not even Annie, come to think about it.
But on her last return, Annie noticed Zara had a pin on the inside lapel of her leather jacket. It was an odd looking think, reminiscent to a pair of goat horns, but could also be some other thing. For some reason that symbol caught Annie’s attention and she started wondering who really was this strange classmate.

After a few weeks, she summed up enough courage to ring Zara’s bell. She even had, in her mind, a perfect excuse. Her Father was organizing a prayer meeting for a war torn middle easter country. They didn’t even pray to the same God, but as good Christians, they were hoping to help them nonetheless. With that excuse under her belt, she had the perfect setting to intrude a bit on her classmate’s personal life. With a little tremor in her index finger, she rang the bell.


Nothing happened, was the bell disconnected? Not to be deterred, she knocked on the door three times, shouting “Hello?”. She caught herself and looked nervously around. Did she wanted nearby neighbours to know she was calling upon these people? Even with a good excuse? She never came before for other church-sponsored events… so why now?

The door opened but it was not Zara, but an older woman. She had disheveled hair and an unkempt appearance, and a loosely tied house coat, once luxurious, now worn down and somewhat transparent. It was obvious she was naked underneath and not bothered by it.

Dana said nothing except raising a single eyebrow. She fished in her housecoat for a long dark-wrapped cigarette and lit it while leaning against the door. Still, not a word to the obvious nervous looking girl at her doorstep. But Annie tries not to be discouraged and starts talking about the work the church is doing, and how she is going door to door to garner support and if Dana can spare a few minutes. The witch moves to the side to make way, a small smile forming in her mouth.


The inside of the house looks anything but inviting. It has the fade out glory of a former loving household being left to ruin and neglect. It’s not as filthy as Annie though, but still shows very little care and definitely no regular upkeep.

She sits gingerly in a stained armchair while Dana sits on a sofa filled with stains. Annie can see a bit of Dana’s breast and a good portion of leg, but tries to keep her eyes on her host’s face. She coughs a little gathering her thoughts and starts working her speech. A few minutes in, Dana looks away and sighs, and then raises a hand to stop the young girl. “I think you are misunderstanding your goal here, child” the woman says, a little condescending. “What is it that you are trying to accomplish by coming here?”

Annie doubts … “uhhh, I am here to let you know our new initiative and asking for your help?”. Dana laughs… “No no no no” she says, “you are way way ahead of you. For me to even consider that… you need to first know if I follow your god.”

“You don’t believe in JesusChrist?” Annie asks, almost not fully comprehending how someone could not …

“Oh, no … I believe he is real. No doubt about it … but follow him … hmmm, Oh …” Annie recoils, “Sorry, I assumed you were … right … Zara, more, hmmm, Jewish?”

Dana stares … and laughs as real crystal clear joyful laugh … This girl thinks we are jewish?… The funniest thing she’s heard in years.

“No no … not jewish…” She stands and moves to a little altar in the mantlepiece. “We worship his majesty.”

Meanwhile she strikes a match and lights up to blood red candles, each on opposite sides of a satanic sigil.


Annie stands, though she looks lost …

“What do you mean? You can’t be serious?”

“Oh,” says Dana, “You believe people worship other Gods, but can’t follow Satan? How quaint!”

She moves back to take her seat at the sofa, resting against a side.

“But how can you, he is … evil!” Annie stammers.

“Oh, yes, evil … isn’t that the gist? Doesn’t God created us, to be free, but then gave us all this stupid rules to follow and if you don’t he smites you? Satan doesn’t judge, he wants you to  be free … Free to live, to experience all life has to offer…”

While saying this Dana hikes up her leg, and moves her robe aside displaying her cunt with a satanic pentagram inked on her pubis. She starts fingering herself, while looking at the girl.

“How many pleasures have you denied yourself following that god of yours? Have you ever taking a cock up you cunt? Up your ass? fisted yourself or felt completely satisfied while people used your body like a toy?”

Annie stammers and starts to move when the front door opens and Zara enters the house. The punk girl sees the scene developing on the living room and smirks.

“Mother … who is our guest?”

“Annie, dear, a friend of yours from school. You didn’t tell me you had such lovely and beautiful schoolmates. She is here to tell us about her father’s new church initiative, though I feel she may have misjudged a bit.”

While laughing Zara moves closer to her mother, who hasn’t stopped masturbating and leans over to kiss her, full on the mouth, like lovers do. She sits next to her and takes a small case from her pack, starts to unfold several weeds and fungus and rolls up a small batch to cram into a metal pipe.

“You people are sick,” Annie tells, almost yelling, “What you are doing is wrong, and inmoral. Disgusting! You should be ashamed!”

She makes to leave, but Dana calls, “Shame is for the weak! Aren’t you tired of being afraid? Come back and enjoy yourself with us!”

As Annie leaves, Zara starts smoking her drugs.


The table is set at the Dalton’s house and after saying grace, Annie asks her father about Satan. The minister looks apprehensive and starts a well rehearsed speech, how Satan tempts us with wickedness and our weakness. How he uses fornication and our lusts to deviates us from the righteous path. He lists all manner of wrong things in this world that are, to his eyes, the tool of the devil. Lesbianism, Incests, Drugs, all manner of sordid fetishism. Annie is listening intently, trying to gather more tools to fight Satan, but is distraught about telling about the couple she met today. Beside her, Annie’s mom, Amanda, likes a bit flushed. After dinner is done and the table is cleared, Annie goes to bed and Amanda comes to say good night.

Annie asks her mother about what dad was talking about at the table, but Amanda cautions that the minister is right, but also a bit outdated in his way of thinking. Yes, some things are bad, but should not be taken as total evil and a tool of Satan. Like what she asks.

“Well,” says Amanda, “Don’t tell your father this, but when I was younger, I did smoke, and took some drugs, mainly because my friends were also doing it. Nothing hard, mind you, but some pot, or ecstasy.”

Annie sits up on the bed? Did her mother really did that?

“Yes, and also … well I might have kissed a few friends of mine, but that was before I met boys. And did have a few boyfriends before your dad. But that is in the path. And the Lord is all about forgiveness.”

She kisses her daughter good night, and leaves. A few moments after, Annie is looking at her laptop. Looking for more info on what her mother just told her.

Meanwhile, at Dana’s house, she is in the middle of a witch’s sigil painted on a big rug. She is naked and evil markings are painted all over her body. She is chanting in a forgotten language, guttural and evil. Casting a summoning for evil spirits to do her bidding. She asks that they invade Annie’s mind and spirit and make her feel pleasure at all the evil and corrupt things she recoils about.


Annie’s dreams are troubled and her sleep is restless. After her mother left she was looking at some info on her computer when she came across porn sites with videos of orgies, both men and women. She found videos about incest, although all pretending, not real, but the though of family members engaging in sex, and not love, like her father mentions one betwen husband and wife, but hardcore fucking, vaginally and anally, blowjobs, even those that were so hard on the woman that she choked and gagged, leaving the cock all covered in throat slime. She could not believe that people did that, but she could not deny it looked hot and soooo sexy. She went to sleep, avoiding her own slit, all fired up and juicing.

Unknown to her, the evil spirits invoked by Dana were already creeping up on her mind, and her dreams became more and more sordid. Torture scenes, where she was the torturer and the victim, her body used as a sex toy, sex with unknown partners, hard core fucking and lesbian scenes. Even pictures of her mother where mixed inbetween, sometimes kissing her as Zara and Dana did, other times fucking her with a strapon dildo. Fucking in her father’s bed, in her father’s church, at the altar. As the night progressed, more and more evil, scenes and with each scene she became hotter and hotter.

As dawn came, so did Annie, opening her eyes to a mind-blowing orgasms she clamped her hands over her mouth as her body convulsed. She could not believe her dreams, specially the last one, where her mother was fucking her ass, while Zara was pissing on her eager and open mouth. And Dana, with her face near her mother’s was puking on Amanda’s face and she was taking it all up trying to eat the vomit of cum and piss that was coming from her mouth.


Annie takes a cold bath trying to dispel the images lingering in her mind. At breakfast she caughts herself catching glimpses of her mother, while she bends over or stretched to reach for something. As the minister sits down to eat his cereal, he grimaces at the first spoonful.

“Is this milk gone bad?” he asks, while sniffing at the milk carton.

Amanda picks it up and look at the expiration date.

”Looks OK, but it does smells a bit funny.”

Amanda looks at her bowl, she can now see small clumps forming in the milk … and a little off colour. When she raises it to catch a sniff she thinks she can smell something like vomit and recalls her last dream. Her cunt spams and put the bowl down …

“Seems OK to me,” she says, trying to sound calm.

She picks up the spoon but finds her hand can’t even hold it steady … would she dare … it is so gross, but she feels so enthralled … she dips the spoon and tries to raise the the utensil to her mouth, but fears she may loose control right there at the table.

“Just to be safe … I’ll stick with orange juice,” she says, and gulps it down before leaving for school.

At school Annie is plagued by random thoughts and scenarios … she can’t help herself picturing blowing every male student during math, and licking every cunt at english lit. She imagines she is one of the victims of some historical atrocity relayed by her history teacher and at Gym class, she can’t even check herself while being assaulted by sweaty bodies at the locker room, she wants every one to use her as a urinal and piss on herself, while she tries to drink as much piss as possible. Biology is no better, discussing animals digestive system she can’t help being aroused, rethinking about her last dreams.


After school, Annie is trying to help her father at evening mass. But again during the sermon her mind keeps wondering on. The stories about Sodom and Gomorrah have taken a life on their own on Annie’s mind and become more vivid, wild, freakish and exhilarating. The city wide orgy is not limited to men and women as animals are also used. Horses, donkeys, dogs, wolfs, serpents, all move between men and women, taking asses and cunts. Children are also penetrated and the even at public baths the water is replaced by piss, shit and vomit.

She shudders in her own seat, to a side of the main nave, while picturing Satan presiding over this hellish orgy and she is restless and horny beyond measure. At dinner time, she excuses herself saying she feels a bit under the weather and wants to take a hot bath. Laying in the tub, she starts to masturbate, as she’s seen videos on the internet and feel hornier and hornier… She pisses herself when cumming, that adds even more to her perverted guilty pleasure but feels a bit better. The dreams come again at night. She is in a vortex of perversion, waking up at night feeling so horny, she ends up mastrubating again and again.

Come the morning, she barely eats any breakfast… again her senses feel like they are betraying her … her milk cereal smells like vomit and her orange juice like strong morning piss … she feels she may loose control even by taking one sip, even by looking at her mother gulping her piss juice across the table. She excuses herself and departs to school.


Annie knocks on the chipped door of Dana’s house. She has skipped school and gone directly to her. She aims to confront her, she knows the self-professed witch has some responsibility on her latest problems.

The door opens and much to Annie’s surprise, Dana is there, but dressed as her mother would be dressed in her Sunday’s best. Her hair looks perfectly coifed and her makeup very well done. She is wearing a summer dress and stockings with garters and nice shoes. She welcomes Annie as if she were expecting her. Inside a second surprise. Zara is also there, also dressed in a cute short sundress with ponytails. Annie feels lost… like her mind is playing tricks.

“Dear, what a nice surprise … come in, come in,” invites Dana.

She sits properly on the couch and make a motion for Annie to sit on the armchair. The place looks cleaner, though still rundown.

“How have you been dear?” Dana asks warmingly.

To which Annie steels herself.

“What are you doing to me?” Annie asks accusatory, “After I left here you did something to me. Something evil. You need to stop.”

“Me? Evil? I’ve just shown you a bit of the other side? How can you say God’s right when you don’t understand how liberating and freeing is seeking your own pleasure. Surely that is not evil?” Dana responds, as if they were having a polite chat.

“But what you’ve done, is disgusting, abhorrent, odious!”

“Dear me,” the witch feigns hurt, “I’ve only tried to help you understand.”

“Understand what?” replies Annie.

“Understand that you’ve known nothing of lust, or depravity. You may even face something you can’t help but experience … and that may terrify you, but also excite you beyond measure … you just need to accept it and pleasure out of this world will be yours.”


During this talk, Zara has gone to the kitchen and returned with a tray with two pitchers and some glasses and small plates. She set it down on the coffee table and Annie can see the plates have some odd looking pastries. Zara offers iced tea, and serves some glasses. To which Dana down one quickly and asks her daughter for some more. Zara makes to pick up the pitcher, but its nearly empty. With a smile, she hikes up her dress and shows her naked cunt. She starts pissing in the pitcher. Annie is stuck in place, with a glass in her hand. After Zara finishes pissing in the iced pitcher, she pours another glass to her mother, which she again drinks, making tasty noises. She looks at Annie.

“Aren’t you thirsty dear?” she asks, “Perhaps something else … milk?”

“We are low on milk mother … you drank the last bit I am afraid,” Zara says while raising the other pitcher, with a scummy looking bottom.

Dana tsks, “Oh, that won’t do… we have guests and need to be accomodating!”

She raises the pitcher to her face and sticks her hand down her throat. After a few hurdles, she vomits the content of her stomach in the pitcher, almost filling it up with cream colored puke. Dana pours another glass and extends it to Annie, who is still frozen in place. The witch stands and creeps closer, raising the vomit filled glass to the girl lips. When the glass touches them, they part like on their own accord and Dana tilts the glass pouring the content on the girl’s mouth. Annie closes her eyes as her mouth fills with Dana’s puke, and her cunt explodes in fire … She tries to drink it down, cupping her free hand over the witchs’ and tilting the glass even higher. When it’s over… her tongue darts to lick the inside of the glass, trying to capture the last flavour. Dana smiles, motherly, and gesture to her other hand … Annie looks down and sees again the glass, filled with Zara’s piss. She smiles, and raises the glass to her face… She sniffs the heady aroma, and drinks the piss also.


“Moooore,” says Annie looking at Dana, while Zara now beside Annie grabs her face and kisses her on the mouth, sticking her tongue way down.

Zara licks her lips, tasting her piss on Annie’s mouth, and tells her, “I can’t wait to shit in your mouth and see you eat it, would you like that?”

Annie mewls, having a second mini-orgasm, she can’t believe how this morning is shaping up. A few hours ago she couldn’t trust herself to even take breakfast, but now she is salivating at the thought of eating Zara’s bowel fruit. She slides to her knees and opens her mouth like a dog, to which Dana moves closer, lifting her dress and showing a bald pussy, with a garter belt and stockings. Annie dives in, licking her.

“She has spirit, but lacks technique. We need to address this,” while kissing her daughter and both laughing.

They go to the master bedroom, where the bed is hastily unmade over black satin sheets, with dried cum and soaked up dried piss and shit stains. It devolves into a three way lesbian orgy all morning and way into the evening. They don’t stop to eat, as Annie’s face is straddled by Zara’s ass and she makes good on her promise to shit in her mouth. Annie is on her own hellish fueled orgasms, savoring the shit morsel, while Dana kisses her as well, and takes a bite. Annie pisses on them both, Dana shoves her finger on Zara’s throat and makes her puke on Annie’s face, later licking her vomit clean, while Annie shits on the bed and smears her feces on Zara’s breasts and then eats them clean. Dildos and strapon are also part of the festivities, and Annie is double teamed by mother and daughter, surrendering her ass and cunt to the demon worshipping pair, while howling like a banshee. After their perverse desires are sated, they lounge in bed, exhausted and content.

Annie rises from the bed and returns with one of the pitchers, she straddles it and pisses into it. After, she moves closer to Zara, and makes her vomit into it, lastly, she asks Dana to shit into the pitcher as well. With a hand she breaks Dana’s turd and dissolves it into the mixture. Mother and daughter look on, as Annie drinks up the foul cocktail, savouring it as if it were the finest of wines. She grins and asks them if they would also like to have a taste. Zara lays down and opens her mouth while Annie takes another large gulp, and spits it in her mouth, kissing her as well.

Dana takes the jar, raises it above her head and exclaims, “Satan, lord of hell, our master, thank you for this dark communion. May the fires of hell burn our souls and give us our hellish pleasures on Earth.”

She then drinks up, while Annie and Zara make out in the filthy bed.


After the orgy, Annie slips back to her house and quickly rinses her clothes and leaves them in the washer. She changes and is ready to pretend nothing has happened, but inside a lust fueled inferno is still raging. After having dinner she goes to take a bath, taking the opportunity to puke all over herself and use her own vomit as lubrication to penetrate her cunt and asshole. She pisses on herself and smears her own shit before finally washing down and getting ready to bed. Amanda, her mother, comes to kiss her goodbye, and Annie remembers the previous nights talks with her mother.

“Mom,” she asks, “Sweetly, remember when you told me you had a more adventurous life before meeting dad? Did you ever … touched yourself?”

Amanda sighs and sits by the bed. Is it time for “the talk” with her girl? How to approach this while staying true to her new self.

“Baby … when I was younger I didn’t fully understand God’s plan and did something that are not OK. Touching myself, or masturbation as your father would call it, was one of those things, yes. But it is a sin and I don’t do that anymore.”

“But is it so bad?, I mean, has to be better than having sex, right? You are not hurting anyone, right?”

“Where do these questions come from?” asks Amanda, “Why the interest?”

“Well, you know, one hear things and they taught about sexual reproduction at school … and also … well. There is the internet, so I’ve looked and found some videos and it doesn’t seem that bad.”

Amanda is torn, on one hand she doesn’t want to raise a backward religious nut, like her father sometimes thinks it’s OK … but this is a delicate matter … and her past is sort of damning. She did more that touch herself, she did drugs, had sex freely, even with other women. She even participated in a few sex parties ….

“Annie, I know I can’t stop you from finding these things and even experimenting, but please, be careful. If you can’t go to your father, at least promise me you won’t be ashamed and tell me when you had doubts”.

Annie promises and Amanda leaves, partly relieved and also concerned for her kid. Meanwhile Annie slides back, smiling like a cat who ate the mice, her mother wants to know what her child is about, she will know. She starts to masturbate before sleep claims her.


The following days at school, Annie has regained some calmness from previous days. Nothing to do with meeting in secret with Zara and having torrid lesbian sex, or skipping school to eat Dana’s ass and eat her shit. She becomes increasingly perverted, and takes incredible pleasure in presenting a goody two shoes facade, with a rotten soul underneath. She shares with her lovers that she wants to fuck her mother and Dana encourages her, telling her that Satan will approve and help her by whispering dark desires on her soul.

One night, while Minister Dalton was busy writing that week’s sermon, Amanda knocked on her daughter’s door and entered as usual. She stopped on her tracks when met with the scene of her daughter masturbating freely, looking at something on her laptop.

“Annie,” she whispers, “What are you doing?”

The girl stops, but not as if caught, merely as an interruption.

“Mom, what does it look like, I’m trying to get off, what are you doing standing there, close the door!”

Amanda closes the door, but is dumbstruck, more when her daughter resumes frigging herself.

“You said that I should tell you everything, well, I also should not hide it, right? I found this video, it got me sooo hot. Hmmm, I need something else. Can you look in my purse, please”.

Amanda is speechless, but moves to the purse and finds a metal bullet shaped dildo.

“What it this, where did you get it?”

“I bought it, I saw it at the mall and had to get it, it’s amazing Mom, look.”

And if that show where enough, Amanda looked as her daughter not only used the dildo on herself, but brought it to her ass and inserted it deftly, nearly to the hilt. The look on Annie’s face was pure pleasure. And Amanda could not take it anymore. She throws the covers on her daughter and tells her to stop. Amanda, apparently does so, sitting a little higher on the bed.

“Baby, what you are doing is wrong.”

“But mom, you told me you once did this, remember?”

“But not this, you are acting like a slut, what brought this on?”

“Ohh, I found this site, hmmm, you won’t believe the videos they have … look.”

With this she turns the laptop to face her mother and there is a full blown four way lesbian sex scenes, where they are fucking with strapons.

“Annie, this is wrong, are you telling me you like girls?”

’”No ma, I am just experimenting … I also look at guys, and guys fucking, and tranny sex. Wanna see something cool?”

Taking advantage of her mother being in unsure footing, she cues up a video of a single girl mastrubating, when she flips her feet up and starts fingering her ass. Amanda is looking ready to interject, when the girl starts pissing on herself, and drinking her own piss, whatever lands on her mouth.

Annie looks at her mother and says, “I know it is disgusting, but I can’t stop seeing it. Imagine pissing on yourself and taking pleasure, what sort of pervert do you need to be?”


“Annie, you need to stop this. This is wrong. You don’t want me to tell your father so get you act together.”

With that she leaves, but Annie notices, no curfew, no punishment … she didn’t even took the laptop.

The next day, Minister tells the family that they have a dinner to attend to, but at the evening, Annie tells her dad she is not feeling so well, hinting that perhaps she is coming with her period, and that she wants to stay at home. Amanda tells her husband that she too will remain to look after the child.

A few minutes after the minister leaves, Amanda goes to Annie’s room with a cup of hot tea and honey, and, not surprisingly, finds her masturbating full on, even once again using her dildo up her ass.

“Annie!, what did I told you?”

“Oh mother, she replies, you knew I wasn’t feeling under the weather, and you knew why I wanted to stay.”

She climbs from the bed, fully naked. And approaches her mother.

“You chose to stay, the same way you chose not to punish me yesterday …. you even brought me tea. You don’t want me to stop, you want to do it yourself … I am OK with this … come.”

With that, she bring her mother to her bed and opens her laptop, a paused video resumes. There a milf and a young girl are having sex with a guy.

“This is one of those videos about a stepmom and a stepdaughter having some fun … I though it was appropriate.”

Amanda is paralized and also getting hornier and hornier. She sees her daughter masturbating openly and is envious of her freedom. She starts to massage her breast and cup her cunt. Eventually both mother and child are enjoying themselves while looking at porn.

Eventually, Annie starts upping up the ante, showing more perverted porn, girls being gangbanged and pissed on, asses getting reamed and opened up. She notices her mother getting more and more worked up and finally takes up her dildo out of her ass and licks it and passes it up to Amanda. She grabs it almost without thinking and presses up her cunt. Annie gets behind her mother and works the dildo with her, until she makes her take it out and moves it to her ass. She cups her mother head and turns to kiss her full on the mouth as she jams the dildo in her ass and reams her.


Amanda feels lost a bit after the night of mutual masturbation shared with her daughter and tries sto avoid her, as much as a mother can, without trying to make her feel rejected. In the following days she has seen Annie become more and more devious in her pleasure seeking, often masturbating at the table, or when the family is watching TV. Even at church service she’s seen the girl place a small sex toy and sit on it, obviously inserting it in her ass.

One evening, Annie comes home with a girl her mother never seen before. Zara clearly doesn’t seem to dress as a proper woman should, but the girls quickly march to Annie’s room. A few minutes later, Amanda can hear passionate sex sounds coming and goes to the room to interject, but when she comes near the door, notices it it’s not even closed. Annie and Zara are 69ing in the floor, with Zara on top, when Annie tells her to give it to her. Amanda is shocked when sees Zara pissing on her daughter, but also when Annie is drinking it all up, clamping her mouth on Zara’s pissing cunt.

At night, when Zara has left, Amanda tries to confront her daughter.

“Annie, I can’t believe you did that, and in this house! What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing is wrong with me mom,” she challenges back.

“But you were having sex with that girl and she pissed on you!”

“Oh, yes … it was amazing, can’t wait to do it again …”

“But it’s wrong, it’s filthy, and perverse.”

Annie stands, naked again.

“That’s exactly what makes it so great … doing something so sick and degrading, I love it, can’t wait to do it more. People see me as this perfect little girl, but I know inside I am a utter pervert slut. I want to do all manner of excesses.”

As she does this, Amanda can see a little trickle of urine is escaping from Annie’s cunt. The girl deftly cup a bit on her hand and brings it to her face where she slurps it noisily.

“I taste divine mother, won’t you drink from me? It can be like a communion wine … but instead of Christ, it’s all manner of perversion we celebrate.”

Amanda retreats, she is confused, and can’t deny seeing her daughter not only as a sexual being but one so captivating is making her loose all motherly footing.


Annie’s challenge of her mother sensibilities continue. She finds ways to make her confront little places where she would expect things to turn out as usual and find perverse reminders of sordid and foul things. Like finding Annies panties, covered in piss, or toys still sticky with her juices. Where previously at the table she would perhaps flash her mother, now she can see her little girl masturbating, or pissing in her juice and drinking it while her father was oblivious. At church she sees her girl taking the holy host and cramming it up her ass, only to see her eating it later at dinner table, as if it were a bombon.

Annie has been also getting more and more adventurous with her mother, touching her in private places, kissing her as a lover would and not a daughter. One night she starts mastrubating her mother with a dildo in her ass and coming. After she makes her cum, she takes the dildo, now showing a few smears of her mother’s shit. Without pausing, and while her mother is looking at her, she sucks on the tool, making happy noises.

Amanda looks on disbelieving, “Honey, stop, that is filthy”

“Oh mother, you taste amazing, here … have a taste.”

She kisses her mother full on, jamming her tongue deep in her mouth, to which she first is frozen, but doesn’t recoil.


At breakfast, after the dad left, Annie comes to the table dressed as usual. Amanda is sitting at the table and sees her daughter set down a plate and glass, though empty. Amanda asks if she wants to prepare anything for her, but Annie just smiles and takes the glass, she opens her legs, showing she is pantyless and pisses on the glass. After, she takes the plate, and squatting on the chair makes a single dark brown turd on it. She sets it, while looking at her mother. She picks up a piece of shit and pops it in her mouth, chewing it and making delighted noises. Amanda is dumbfounded, seeing her daughter making this horrendous spectacle. After she eats most of the turd, and drinks most of her piss, she gets up and cheerfully goes to look for her backpack. Before leaving, while Amanda is still sitting stupified at the table she leans over and kisses her fully, letting her taste the shit coating her mouth and teeth. She waves goodbye, leaving her mother speechless.

Amanda moves after what seems ages. She starts clearing the table, but keeps avoiding the plate and glass her daughter used. Still with remnants of her disgusting breakfast. What does Annie finds so pleasurable, she asks herself. She remembers her latter conversation. How Annie mentioned that the more disgusting and perverse, the more pleasure she finds in the act, and she can’t help but feel aroused at remembering how Annie kissed her, even with her mouth still tasting like shit.

With slow movements, she picks up a piece of the brown log and brings her to her face. After contemplating her tongue snakes out and gives a tentative lick, which makes her almost gag and puke. She tries to remember the feeling of her daughter kiss and brings the piece to her mouth and finally takes a bite. A jolt of pleasure spikes in her cunt. She shouldn’t be feeling this but makes herself chew the shit slowly and swallow it. After her stomach settles, she reaches for the glass, still with some leftover piss. She drinks it as well, finding it slightly better, yet still as pleasurable. She starts to understand her daughter’s perversions and finds her fantasizing about what other sordid things does the girl has in store for her.


Annie returns later at midday after school. There, waiting for her is her mother, as usual. Though she seems ta have taken the time to dress up a bit more posh. She sets down and asks what is for lunch, and Amanda approaches her with a glass. Promptly, Amanda hikes up her dress and pisses on the glass. After filling it to the brim, she sets it before her daughter and smiles. Annie as grinning ear to ear, she picks up the glass and downs nearly half, before getting up and kissing her mother.

She cups her asscheek and whispers, “I hoped you could join me and feel such pleasurable perversions. I wanted to share this with you for a long time now.”

Amanda kisses her daughter back and sets her down. She climbs on the table, lifting her dress to present her ass to her daughter, who dives in without a moment’s pause. While Annie’s reaming her ass, Amanda pushes down on the shit she’s been saving and feels it slide out of her ass. Annie opens her mouth wide, taking as much as possible. She breaks it off, leaving a sizeable portion out of her mouth and goes round the table with half a turd sticking out. She leans down and Amanda takes the half in her mouth. They keep eating the shit and kissing, swapping shitty spit back and forth.

Annie starts disrobing her mother and they end up having sex in the kitchen. She pisses on her mother’s face and fucks her ass with her hand. Eventually, she kneels by her mother and shoves her hand down her throat, while coaxing her mother’s mouth open with her other, shit-covered hand. She pukes over her mother’s face, with quite a bit entering her mouth. During this whole ordeal Amanda feels as if she’s been having a single continuous orgasms, ebbing and flowing and spiking whenever she did something foul and disgusting.


Next morning, Amanda is making breakfast. The minister has overslept so he grabbed a cup of coffee ona go-cup and left hurriedly. Meanwhile, Annie has just entered the kitchen as her father left. She pours some cereal on a bowl and goes to the counter where her mother is.

She presents the bowl and asks, “may I have some for my cereal?”

Amanda smiles knowingly and shoving a finger in her mouth pukes all over the bowl. Annie sits contently eating spoonfuls of puke cereal.

“Do you want juice with that honey?”

Annie smiles and nods. Her mother opens her robe and pisses on a cup, and Annie does the same on her father’s empty glass. They exchange glasses and toast up, drinking the yellow water.

Before leaving Amanda tells her that tomorrow she wants her to come to a dinner party with her and her friend.

“Who?” Amanda asks, “Zara, and her mother. They are making a feast for us, it will be amazing.”

Amanda and Annie knock on the house’s chipped painted door. Dara opens, dresses in a luxurious red cocktail dress. Behind her, Zara is entering the living room. She has a small black dress and a dog’s collar on her neck.

As they sit on the table Amanda is looking a bit nervous. Dana puts her hand on her knee in a reassuring manner.

“I’ve heard much about you, from your daughter. She tells me how a loving mother you are, making sure she is fed. It’s important, for a growing girl”.

Amanda is cautious of the words, seem like charged with double meaning. Meanwhile, Zara, with the help of Annie, set down a large tarnished silver covered tray. With a flourish, Zara uncovers the tray. Inside, displayed as if it were a perverse mockery of a black tie feast, lies two black shit logs, and surrounding it little horderves filled with maggoty cheeses. There are also raw fresh meats, still bloody, though their origin can’t be easily ascertained.


Amanda looks to her daughter, who with a manic glee is picking up a deviled egg and eating it. The maggots being crushed by her teeth. Zara besides her is eating a piece of meat, which she has coated a bit on the shit. Dana makes a gesture to Amanda, inviting her to partake.

“Take a bite, enjoy our feast. Made to pleasure our lord Satan. We eat the filth of the world to make our bodies feel the pleasure our dark souls demand.”

She takes a bit of a turd as well. Amanda is trying to restrain herself, but she can’t hold on. Her cunt has now been addicted to this sordid pleasures. Eating raw meat, shit stained, maggots. She is salivating like a dog in heat. After a while she takes a piece of raw meat and starts chomping down. Annie cheers, though shit stained teeth.

The feast becomes a hellish fueled orgy. Piss flows freely from cunts to cups and mouths. Shit is smeared, and eaten. Meat is stuffed in asses and cunts to be enjoyed by the other partners. Mid meal, Zara pukes on the tray, adding her stomach contents to the hellish buffet, but that doesn’t deter the guests, who keep eating, occasionally puking as well. Amanda squats on the tray to add a second course. Soon, mouths are also shared by the guests, as well as cunts and asses. Toys emerge and are used freely.

When morning comes, the 4 women are a putrid mess, but their hell fueled perversions are for the moment sated.

Amanda asks Dana, “You mentioned Satan.”

“Yes, she says, our dark master has given me power to show you a new way. A dark way, where evil is rewarded and encouraged. Will you join my coven and reap the rewards”.

Amanda sits up.

“I can’t imagine going back now, you have destroyed any sense of normalcy or decency. How can I return to being a boring housewive to a going-nowhere minister whom I don’t even enjoy having sex with? No, I want more!, More filth and more perversion. As much as my heart can take”

Dana stands, motions for Annie to kneel beside her mother, and smears an inverted cross on both their foreheads. “Good, Satan will be pleased. But to show your devotion you must offer a sacrifice …. hmmm what would be appropriate? Perhaps … oh yes. How about your husband’s heart on a platter?

Annie’s squeals delighted, and kisses her mother.

“Yes mom, can we kill dad together? Maybe we can fuck on your bed and he can finds us. Do you think his heart could take seeing both of us, shit stained and fucking each other? Maybe we can use the cross above your bed as our own dildo”.

Amanda smiles.

“Of course honey … and if that doesn’t kill him, then we can have fun before cutting out his heart!”


2 thoughts on “ANNIE & ZANA”

  1. Warum gibt es von so super geilen, echt herrlichen Geschichten keine Filme? Oder kann es keine geben? Solche totale, optimal perverse Orgien unter Mädchen und jungen Müttern oder nur jungen Mädchen gibt es in vielen Ländern in echt, wo es viele satanische Kirchen gibt und Kinder von klein auf Satan anbeten lernen. Im Netz gibt es so total perverse Filme zu kaufen, aber ohne kleine Mädchen die voll Mitmachen und zwar ebenfalls in höchster Lust und Wonne. Gibt es auch genug echte, aber teuer. Diese Geschichte in echt und gefilmt wäre ihr Geld wert. Ganz junge Mädchen zunächst – eine sogar zunächst göttlich erzogen – lieben restlos “abnormale”, höchst säuische, Perverseste Handlungen. Und gerade die ehemals göttliche wünscht sich immer noch perversere Handlungen, immer noch “Abnormalere”, weil dann noch geiler. Und Mütter machen mit größter Wonne dann mit. Klar muss so ein Vater dann weg. Töchterchen wünscht sich seinen Tod und würde ihn auch selber Totmachen für ihre Geilheit und fest dem Satan zu gehören. herrlich. Es ist nur eine wirklich super geile Geschichte und toll schön exakt alles Beschrieben, aber ich weiß, dass es auch solche Orgien in echt gibt. Super.

  2. that is so nasty , but so hot , the two mother’s and their daughters , so taboo . The perversions and excesses wre very erotic , hope you write more on , perhaps corrupting the father and some families and or murdering the father and the four defacating over him , the more outragious the better .

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