ANIMAL KINGDOM by Amandablonde

Feature Writer: Amandablonde

Feature Title: Animal Kingdom

Published: 15.09.2021

Story Codes: Young, NC, Rape

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

Synopsis: The Cody family is one of the most dysfunctional in LA. Ruled over by the indulgent but ruthless matriarch, “Smurf” the four adult boys in the family, Jeb, Jake, Joseph and John run a crime ring focussing on drugs, prostitution, extortion, robbery and anything else illegal that will turn a profit. The boys are uncontrolled and uncontrollable, except by Smurf, and she generally likes for them to go wild. They work best that way. They are unexpectedly joined by their thirteen year old cousin Alice, when her mother, Smurf’s estranged daughter, dies of a drug overdose. The only family Alice has is Smurf and her four sons, Alice’s uncles. She innocently comes to live with them, not knowing that her late mother had told her nothing about them to try to protect her from them. Once they have her in their clutches however the family embarks on a grand plan to pervert and corrupt Alice and use her in every way they can, both physically and mentally. Alice embarks on a downward spiral into a depraved life of crime and sexual perversion, punctuated by gang rape, first of herself, and later of other girls that she is required to lure into danger.

Animal Kingdom

Alice discovered her mother Sue dead when she got home from school. She lay sprawled out on the stained couch in the front room of their cheap and dirty apartment, foam coming out of her mouth. Alice called 911 but it was too late. The medics took her away. Then the cops interviewed her. They were going to call welfare but Alice wanted her independence. She hated the idea of foster care. She said that she would go live with her grandmother Jean Cody.

The cops raised their eyebrows, “Smurf?” the commander asked incredulously,

“I guess so …” Alice replied uncertainly.

The cops shrugged, “Well, good luck with that …”

They left. Alice found a letter from her grandmother in Sue’s bedroom. It had the address of Smurf on it. There was no phone number so Alice packed her few belongings in a back pack and cycled over to Smurf’s house on her bike. It took several hours to get to the hilly, upmarket part of town where Smurf lived. A steel gate barred the entrance. Alice pressed the intercom and a female voice answered:

“Who is that? If you are selling something fuck off!”

“No. It’s Alice …”

“Alice who?”

“Alice Cody, your granddaughter.”

There was a metallic sound and the gate opened. Alice walked up the long drive towards the expansive California bungalow hidden from street view. Smurf was waiting at the top of the drive. A small and slender handsome blonde of around fifty, Smurf was wearing a simple shift and flip flops. She had a questioning look on her face. She asked about Sue and Alice told her everything.

“Can I stay with you?” she asked, “Of course baby!” gushed Smurf and swept Alice up in her arms, holding her in a tight embrace, “You are family! You can stay here as long as you like.”

Smurf led Alice past the swimming pool and into the large house. She fixed her something to eat and gave her a soda from the fridge. She asked many questions, and seemed to be thinking as she spoke.

Eventually she said, “You can have Jake’s room for now. He has been … away for a long time and he only just got out. I own an apartment downtown and Jake can stay there for a while.”

Alice nodded.

“So baby lets get you settled in your new room shall we?”

Smurf took Alice by the hand and led her down a corridor, past several bedrooms. Most of the doors were open and Alice could see that the master bedroom at the end of the hallway must be Smurf’s. Alice glanced into the first bedroom on her left and saw a naked man sleeping with two naked young teen girls about her own age lying on top of him, their legs splayed, showing their pink bald pussies from behind. Smurf grinned and put a finger to her lips. She quietly shut the door.

“Jeb had some little friends over last night. Looks like they had a big night!”

She chuckled a rather sharp laugh, and they moved on till they reached the last door on the left. Smurf opened it and ushered Alice inside. She was struck by a large poster on the wall of a beautiful woman masturbating with a banana, her head thrown back and a look or orgasmic bliss on her face.

“Great picture isn’t it?”

“I … I guess so. Its rather crude …”

“It’s Jake’s favourite. I like it too. You can use all of Jake’s stuff in here but don’t touch the poster. He is really attached to it okay?”

Alice nodded, trying not to stare at the poster.

“Now upack your stuff and have a rest if you like. I will call you down later to meet your uncles … Okay sweetie?”

“Yes, thank you grandmother.”

That drew another sharp laugh.

“Call me Smurf. Everyone else does,” Alice nodded again.

Smurf left, closing the door behind her.

It only took a few minutes for Alice to unpack her few belongings from her backpack. Then she inspected the room. There was a tv and a dvd player and a collection of dvds. All of them were pornographic and many depicted scenes of violent rape on the covers. Alice shuddered and put them back. She found some books above the bed on a wall shelf, but these were also all pornographic, mostly Greenleaf classics with titles like ‘Roped and Raped Daughter’.

She found some magazines under the bed and these were the most shocking of all, showing pre teen girls being pack raped by groups of men. The words on the covers were in Spanish and Alice guessed that they came from Mexico. She flicked through several of the magazines and, although she found the images shocking, she was also aroused by looking at something so forbidden. She began to masturbate, like the woman in the poster, only using her fingers on her clit with the magazines spread out over the bed. Alice brought herself off in a bucking, silent orgasm and then fell back onto the bed. The orgasm was what she needed. She was emotionally exhausted. She fell asleep laying on top of the magazines.

When Alice awoke it was late afternoon and Smurf was gently shaking her shoulder, sitting beside her on the bed and smiling.

“Time to wake up sweetie. I see you found Jake’s magazines. Hot stuff huh?”

Alice rubbed her eyes and yawned.

“Uh huh. What time is it?”

“Around five. Want to meet your uncles?”


Smurf led Alice by the hand out to the pool area where three strong and handsome dark haired men were lounging on easy chairs and drinking beer or whiskey. Smurf introduced Alice to Jeb, Joseph and John. Jake was at this stage not present. Alice smiled when she saw Jeb.

“Have your friends left?” Everyone laughed, “Yeah, party girls. They don’t stay long.”

“You look like you are celebrating,” smiled Alice as she was introduced.

Smurf answered for them.

“Yes we are. The boys pulled off a good job today. They successfully took delivery of some, ah ‘products’ from Mexico. It is going to be very profitable for us. I was just getting the details from them. Sit down sweetie and pour yourself a drink.”

Before she knew it, Alice had a glass of whiskey in her hand and John topped it up with Coke. She began to sip it as she listened to her uncles report to their mother, who was clearly in charge.

Smurf asked about the deilvery of the ‘products’. It apparently comprised books, magazines and DVDs which had been taken to a warehouse for the family firm mail order business. Kind of old fashioned thought Alice. Smurf read her thoughts.

“Yes I know sweetie. We do have an online presence but it is tricky to find a web host that is flexible with content and credit card facilities are hard to arrange these days. We are thinking about Bitcoin but it’s pretty volatile. A lot of our clients are older and prefer the old fashioned ways of doing business.”

Smurf turned to John.

“And what about the girls? How many did we get?”

“A dozen, all between ten and fifteen. I took them to the club. They will be ready for clients tonight.”

“Great! Good job boys! I am proud of you!” beamed Smurf, “I am going to fix some dinner for us. Get to know your niece boys. Make sure she has plenty to drink.”

Alice was onto her second whiskey and Coke. She found her uncles engaging and they moved in close, sympathising for her loss and touching her leg. Alice told herself that it was not sexual and they were just being kind. By the time she was onto her third drink she was light headed and was relieved to see Smurf return with sliders and ribs for dinner. They ate heartily and drank some more. There was no doubt about it. Alice was definitely getting tipsy. The talk and the laughter got louder and more edgy. Smurf disappeared for a moment and returned with a tray and some white powder. They men whooped in delight. They each snorted a line, including Smurf. Then Smurf turned to Alice.

“You gotta try it sweetie. It’s a kind of welcome to the family celebration thing,” Alice hesitated.

She had never taken drugs before but she was made to feel grown up and she did not want to be a chicken. She followed Smurf’s guidance and snorted a line of the powder into her nose. Instantly Alice felt a rush. The world spun and she almost passed out. She was aware of her surroundings but had no power over her body. She was in fact powerless to resist whatever happened next.

What happened next was that Jeb carried Alice to a low table near the pool and laid her on it. Smurf walked slowly and purposefully to her and checked her out.

“She is ready,” she said in a low voice, “Get her clothes off boys, it’s party time!”

The three men whooped again and began taking off Alice’s clothes, being careful not to damage them. Soon she was naked and laying spread eagled on her back on the table. Smurf moved in close to watch as her sons pawed Alice’s body, feeling her tiny budding breasts and her hairless pink pussy.

“She is very pretty, and very fuckable, just like her mother” commented Smurf, in a matter of fact tone.

“Want to fuck her boys?” asked Smurf.

“You bet!” responded the men in unison. John added: “Is that OK Smurf. I mean, she is family … ?”

Smurf had an evil look on her face.

“Lets find out if she has any objection.” She leaned over Alice’s face, smiling ironically:

“Sweetie, my sons would like to fuck your cunt, your throat, and your asshole. Do you have any objections?”

Alice was silent, and her eyes were glazed. She could not find any words.

Smurf stood up and raised her arms, shrugging.

“There you go boys, the girl has no objections whatsoever. Whatever you do to her is entirely consensual, and I will bear witness to it!”

They all laughed at that.

Smurf held up one hand.

“Wait just a minute boys. I want to film it on my phone. In case she causes us any trouble later, I want to have a record that we can threaten her with.”

She returned a few moments later and began filming.

“Go get her boys!” she cried.

The men needed no further invitation. They quickly stripped off. Jeb moved between Alice’s legs, stroking his hard cock. He lined it up with Alice’s pink vulva and lunged forward brutally, driving his cock into Alice’s vagina in one savage stroke. Alice gasped but made no other sound. Jeb began to thrust hard into her back and forth. The other men cheered him on. John moved to Alice’s head and lifted it up in his hands. He guided his cock into her mouth and pushed slowly but firmly into her throat, making sure that she was able to breathe. He worked up a steady rythm, raping her face and throat. Smurf stood to one side, filming it all on her phone.

Joseph stood off to the other side, slowly stroking his cock and waiting his turn. When both Jeb and John had cum, and pulled out, they turned Alice over and raised her ass. Joseph spit on his hands and lubricated his cock before he slowly and purposefully drove it into Alice’s asshole. Smurf knelt to get some close up shots of this depraved action, quietly encouraging her son to go harder and deeper. Joseph was her youngest and her favourite and she always took the trouble to make sure that he had a good time. He gradually increased his speed and power until he finally tensed, and shot his load deep into Alice’s anus. He pulled out and cum oozed out of Alice’s asshole and down her legs.

Smurf turned off her camera, stood up and smiled, giving each of her sons a high five. They were in high spirits and dived into the pool for a nude swim to clean up. Smurf picked up Alice and carried her to the bathroom, drawing a bath for her. She carefully bathed the helpless girl, removing the evidence of the gang rape. Then she dried her off and carried her back to Jake’s bedroom. Smurf pushed the child rape magazines to the end of the bed and pulled back the covers, easing Alice into bed and then replacing the covers. Alice had fallen into a deep and dreamless sleep. She would almost certainly remember nothing of her rape. Smurf stood watching the girl and then spent a few moments looking at the magazines, smiling at the graphic images of child gang rape. She was making sure that Alice would not stir and also taking enjoyment from the graphic pornographic images.

A movement behind her drew Smurf out of her reverie. She turned and there in the doorway stood her eldest boy, Jake. He was not happy.

“Why did you send me downtown to the apartment? And who is this fucking girl in my room? Arn’t I a part of this family too.”

Smurf embraced him and stroked his head, placating him.

“Of course you are Jake darling. Of course you are. This is Alice my granddaughter and your niece.”

“Sue’s daughter.”

“Yes, Sue died and I have taken her in.”

“How long is this going to last. I want my room back. It has all my stuff in it.”

“I know baby but you are the eldest and someone needs to make room for her for the time being. You know, she found your magazines and got off looking at them.”

Smurf pointed to the pile of magazines at the foot of the bed.

Jake smiled for the first time.

“Yeah? That is kind of cool.”

Smurf pressed her body into that of her son.

“Yes it is. I think that she may be useful to us.”

“I want to fuck her now!”

“No baby, remember that you are still on probation. We can’t afford to take any risks.”

She held him close, pushing her pelvis into his crotch.

“I promise that there will be lots of little girls for you to rape real soon baby.”

“Yeah? But I want to fuck now!”

Smurf kissed his neck and ran her hands up and down his thighs.

“Then choose one of your DVDs and bring it to my bedroom. Tonight you can sleep with your momma!”

Jake softened.

“Okay Smurf I will play along for now. But we are going to watch the nastiest movie I can find before I fuck you, okay?”

Smurf was caressing Jake’s crotch now.

“Whatever you want baby. Whatever you want …”

Smurf had done her work well. When Alice awoke next morning she had no recollection of the rape. It was all a blur after the point at which she snorted the white powder. Smurf was very kind to her and took her shopping to buy new clothes. They grew quite close. Alice’s uncles were also very attentive and played rough house games with her, especially in the pool. Smurf had bought Alice a skimpy bikini to wear and she enjoyed parading near naked in front of her uncles and seeing their cocks bulge. They would throw her into the pool and jump in after her, chasing her and trying to playfully strip her, to shrieks of laughter. Even Jake made an attempt at being kind, although it did not come naturally.

Alice noticed that Jake was rather distant with her when he came to visit. She asked Smurf whether Jake was angry with her for taking his room. Smurf had been expecting this question. She responded that, no, Jake was a big boy and was comfortably living in Smurf’s downtown apartment. No, there was something else on Jake’s mind. She drew out Alice’s next question: what was bothering Jake. Smurf played Alice like a fish, telling her she was not sure if she should tell her. Alice insisted. Smurf sighed a big sigh and began to explain.

The story Smurf spun was that Jake had spent time in jail on false charges of rape. He had been released early on parole for good behaviour but his mind had been deeply troubled by the experience of being falsely accused by the daughter of a competitor. Alice was all ears. Who was this lying bitch? Smurf hesitated, and then gave Alice a name.

Alice was shocked, “My God, really! She is in my class at school. That stuck up little bitch! I hate her!”

Smudge suppressed a smile and looked surprised.

“Really! What a small world! You hate her, right? Well there is a way that you could help Jake out sweetie …”

“I want Jake to like me Smurf. Your other sons are great with me and I want it to be the same with Jake. What can I do.”

Smurf spun out the suspense for a moment, as if hesitating.

“Well sweetie, there is something that you could do, if you want to help …”

“What is it Smurf? You know I will do anything …”

“Anything …”

Now Smurf allowed herself to smile. She explained that her boys wanted to help Jake punish the girl for making a false complaint against him, but it had to be secret. The boys would take care of everything but Alice could help by luring the girl, Anna, to a safe secluded spot where the boys could abduct her unseen.

Smurf took Alice’s hands in hers and looked into her eyes.

“Will you do this for Jake Sweetie?”

Alice did not hesitate. She nodded firmly.

“Yes I will will Smurf. When?”

“This Friday. You know those woods across from the back of your school. The boys will have a car there at four. Your job is to get Anna to the car and then help get her in it with a minimum of fuss. Do you think that you can do it?”

Alice shot Smurf a conspiratorial look.

“Sure thing Smurf. I am working on a plan already!”

Smurf embraced Alice and held her tight.

“Good girl. You really are a true Cody aren’t you. Now put on your bikini and then let’s go out back and take a dip in the pool with your uncles while I tell them you are on board with the plan!”

Alice changed into her skimpy bikini in her room and then headed out to the pool area. She found Smurf and all four of her uncles already in the pool in their swimming costumes. Smurf said that she had told her sons that Alice was on board with the plan. They all beamed at her. They challenged her to jump off the house roof into the pool. Alice hesitated but plucked up her courage and climbed up onto the roof. Then she breathed deep and jumped into the pool, to loud cheering from the men. Smurf watched silently as her sons played with her, tossing her to and fro in the pool. It felt good to feel their big strong hands on her body. Alice was aware that their hands were roaming over her body. That felt good too and she did not want it to stop. Soon the four men had Alice backed up in a corner of the pool and were caressing her inside her costume. Smurf was watching silently from the far corner of the pool. As soon as she was satisfied that Alice was not resisting she slipped away silently inside the house.

The hands of the four men were all over Alice now and they effortlessly stripped her tiny bikini off her. Hands were rubbing her nipples and clitoris. Fingers were probing her vagina and anus. Alice was breathing heavily, her chest heaving in arousal. She had never felt this good, this wanted before. She lay back in her uncles arms in the pool and just let it happen. They were rubbing her clit hard now, bringing her to orgasm. She cried out in pleasure and bucked in their arms as she came. But they were not done they made her cum four times as each man took a turn, competing to see who could make her cum the hardest. Finally, when they saw that she was spent, they helped her out of the pool and kissed and caressed her, laying her naked on a lounge chair.

“Welcome to the family,” said a voice behind her.

It was Smurf, bearing a tray of drinks and sandwiches. Suddenly everything seemed wonderful to Alice. They chatted happily and easily together as they ate and drank. Alice felt wonderfully relaxed and confident after her four orgasms. She felt she really belonged here with this family. When they were done Smurf cleared away the things and lay down with Alice, holding her close.

“Did you have a good time sweetie?” Smurf asked.

Alice knew what she meant.

“Yes I did!” she replied firmly and confidently.

Smurf winked at her sons, who grinned at her.

“You know the expression ‘one good turn deserves another’?”

Alice nodded.

“Well then, I think that you could do your uncles a good turn for their attention to you don’t you sweetie?

Alice nodded again.

Smurf hugged her naked body.

“Good girl. I knew you would see it our way …”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Let’s go to the home cinema downstairs and watch a movie together, and then you can do what comes naturally with my boys okay?”

“You mean a movie like those in my … in Jake’s room?”

“Have you watched any of them Sweetie?”

Alice nodded again, “Yeah. They were cool”

She wanted to sound grown up and open minded.

Smurf reinforced the point, hugging her tightly.

“Good girl. Yes, it will be like one of those films, only more special. So let’s all go downstairs shall we?”

Smurf took Alice by the hand and led her downstairs to the home cinema, which Alice had not seen before. There was a screen on the far wall that covered the wall. There was no furniture, just lots of deep soft cushions. Smurf lay down with Alice. The men followed. They had pulled off their swimming costumes and were naked now, their cocks already hard.

Smurf nodded to Jake.

“Start the movie baby.”

The movie turned out to be a kind of docudrama of a visit to a sex club. It could have been a club belonging to the family. It could have been in LA but none of that was made clear. It was set in the top three floors of a high rise residential building. The sex club offered diversions of different kinds on each level. The movie started on the lowest level, called ‘The Kennel’ where the patrons could watch teen girls fucking dogs.

Across from the Kennel was another area called the ‘School Room’ where the patrons could punish school girls in uniform and fuck them any way they wished. Up on the next level was the torture chamber, where girls could be subjected to medieval style tortures and raped while restrained. Across from there was the Show Room where teens, tweens and pre teen danced and stripped for packed houses of guests. The top level was given over to private rooms where the patrons could rape the girl of their choice. The movie took the viewer on a tour of each room in each level and dwelt on the rapes that the girls were subjected to.

As Alice watched the movie she was conscious of Smurf stroking her thigh and encouraging her to appreciate and respond to the stimulus on screen. Pretty soon she felt Smurf move aside to make room for Jake and John, who lay down either side of her. Then she felt her hands being guided to their cocks. Her hands closed around them and she began to stroke them as she watched a girl about her own age being pack raped. The men encouraged her, telling her what a great job she was doing. Pretty soon both Jake and John came, spurting their cum all over Alice’s face and body. She was aware of more movement and then she was being turned over, her face over the crotch of Joseph. She saw a female hand guide his cock to her mouth and she heard Smurf’s voice telling her to suck it.

“One good turn deserves another Sweetie.”

Alice began to suck on Joseph’s cock, running her tongue around the head, her hands stroking the shaft up and down. Smurf’s voice was in her ear, encouraging her and telling her she was a very good girl. Soon Joseph came as well, shooting his load down Alice’s throat. Alice could hear the screaming of the girl on screen as she swallowed ropes of cum in great gulps.

Jeb was the last to use Alice on this occasion. Alice was rolled over onto her back again and Jeb straddled her shoulders, pinning her down with his knees. He fed her his cock and Alice took it deep into her throat. She could see Smurf moving between her legs and then felt her lips and tongue on her clit and vagina. The movie was still playing. The screen was partially obscured by Jeb’s body but Alice could still make out a girl being pack raped in one of the private rooms by a group of wealthy male patrons and their wives or girlfriends. The sights and sounds of the movie were turning Alice on as Jeb drove his cock deep into throat and she used her tongue along the shaft. Her lips worked on the base of his throbbing cock. Alice began bucking her hips up to meet Smurf’s tongue and lips on her sex as her lust rose within her. She came at almost the same time as Jeb, bucking and shuddering under Smurf’s tongue as Jeb pumped his semen into her guts.

They took a short breather then while Jake chose another movie; this one about a bus load of school girls on a camping trip kidnapped and repeatedly pack raped by a biker gang while their female teacher is forced to watch and orgasm. Smurf fetched a gold plated vibrator and began to use it on Alice, working it over her genitals and up her body to her face, playing with it in her mouth and then back down to her vagina and clit. After coming a second time Alice sucked off each of her uncles in turn for the second time. After that, Alice was told to masturbate with the vibrator as Smurf allowed her four sons to fuck her simultaneously, in her mouth, anus, vagina and her hand. The orgy lasted several more hours before they were all utterly exhausted. Alice had to admit to Smurf as they went to clean up that it was the most exciting thing that she had ever done. Smurf hugged her and and told her that she knew that Alice was a real Cody and now she had proved it.

The next day Alice asked Smurf to take her to a doctor. Alice was worried about getting pregnant and wanted to go on the pill. Smurf sat Alice down and told her that she was sterile. Due to her mother Sue’s drug abuse during her pregnancy Alice had been born without a womb. Smurf had known this since Alice’s birth. She and Sue had argued about Sue’s drug use and it was one of the reasons that they had become estranged. Another reason, which Smurf kept to herself, was that Alice was the product of a rape. One of Smurf’s associates had raped Sue one night when she was drunk and high at Smurf’s place. Smurf had hushed it up and made sure that Sue did not report it. That was when Sue had moved out, never to return.

Smurf kept all of that to herself. She simply told Alice that she had been blessed to be sterile because it meant that she could fuck as many men as she wanted. In particular, she could fuck her uncles all of the time.

Things changed after that. Smurf forbade her sons to bring women home anymore and told them just to fuck Alice. She was more than willing, and being family it meant that there was less risk of their secrets leaking. Smurf also made Alice go naked around the house, and instructed her to be ready to suck and fuck her uncles whenever they wanted it. Alice was up for that task. Now she had been introduced to sex she was addicted to it and wanted cock all of the time.

But Smurf reminded Alice that she also had a job to do the following Friday. They were still planning on abducting Jake’s accuser Anna and Alice had the job of enticing the girl out to the waiting car after school. Alice welcomed this responsibility. She was working on a plan and reckoned that it was a good one.

Alice came up with a good plan to lure Anna to the Cody brothers’ vehicle. Early in the week she took Anna aside and told her that Tim Greene, son of one of the richest families in the city and captain of the senior high football team wanted to meet her secretly. Anna was interested. She was herself a daughter of very rich parents and was a terrible snob. She was also exceedingly vain and spent hours combing her long blonde hair and arranging her outfits. Alice hated her and was happy that she was going to be punished for falsely accusing Jake of rape. Or that was what Alice thought the reason for the abduction was.

That is what she had been told by Smurf and Alice had no reason to disbelieve her. She knew that Jake had recently been released on parole after doing a stretch in jail and Alice assumed that it was about this. So Alice worked on Anna during the week and convinced her to meet Tim in his car, which would be parked out back of the school on Friday afternoon. Alice convinced Anna to keep the assignation a secret on the basis that Tim already had a girlfriend and he did not want her to find out he was seeing someone else. Anna bought the story and on Friday afternoon after school she went with Alice across the sports field to the back fence and some woods.

There, parked under the trees by the side of the road was a black limousine. Anna looked hesitant but Alice took her hand, assuring her that all would be well. As they got close to the vehicle a back door opened. Alice looked inside and saw four men. She recoiled but Alice shoved her down and the closest man pulled her inside, stifling Anna’s cries with a hand clamped over her mouth. Alice jumped in after her and the car took off. Alice helped to hold Anna down as she struggled. John and Joseph bound Anna’s arms behind her back with duct tape. A ball gag was placed into her mouth and secured with more duct tape. Jake turned to watch from the front passenger seat next to Jeb, who was driving. Jake tousled Alice’s hair and grinned at her.

“Good job Alice. You did real well!”

Alice was pleased, “Where are we taking her?”

“Downtown near the slums in south LA. There is a place there we use for this sort of thing.”

“Cool! Can I stay and watch?”

“Sure thing kiddo! Consider this a part of your family education!”

Anna had been fully bound and gagged now and was pushed down onto the floor of the vehicle out of sight. Alice kicked her a few times just for fun, drawing an enraged noise from Anna. Alice snuck in between John and Joseph on the back seat and put her feet on Anna to hold her still. Her two uncles spread Alice’s legs and felt inside her shorts, inside her panties. She was wet. The two men frigged Alice’s clit and pussy until she came as all four men praised what she had done. Alice was really pleased with herself. She felt grown up. She felt valued. Most of all she felt part of the family.

Alice was taken out of her reverie when the limousine drew up in an alley behind a large industrial building. Jeb pressed a remote control and a steel door slip open. He drove in the closed the door again, leaving them all in darkness. Jake exited the vehicle and walked to a switchboard, where he turned on some overhead lights. Alice could see that the cavernous space was partially filled with a kind of movie set, made to look like a lounge room. Large lamps surrounded the set, as well as movie cameras. From out of the darkness two men walked into the lighted area and greeted Jake. They were wearing masks and handed Jake four more for him and his brothers. Jake returned to the vehicle and he and his brothers put on their masks.

“What about me?” Asked Alice.

Jake was dismissive, “You won’t need one, but stay out of the field of view of the cameras.”

He handed Alice a cloth hood and told her to put it over Anna’s head. Alice did so and then helped her uncles manhandle Anna out of the car. They frog marched her onto the lounge room set and sat her on a couch, tying her to the arms of the couch. They then retreated off the set as the cameramen set up for the shoot. When the cameras rolled a disembodied voice came over a loudspeaker system. It was a computerised voice but quite realistic.

The voice said, “This is Anna Campbell. Say hello Anna …”

The slumped hooded figure remained silent.

“Anna has been kidnapped. Her parents will be watching this. What do you have to say to your parents Anna?”

This did the trick. Anna sobbed and loudly begged her parents to save her; to rescue her. The voice continued.

“If you want to see Anna ever again you will do exactly as you are instructed in the message that has now been sent you. If you disobey these instructions you will never see her again. That is all.”

The cameramen turned off the set lights and the cameras. Jake went and shook their hands.

“Good job guys. Has the message and the vision been sent to her parents?”

“Yes it went simultaneously with the vision. They have three hours to respond.”

“Three hours. A lot can happen in three hours. Fire up the lights and the cameras again and this time log us into our dark website.”

The man grinned and gave instructions to his colleague. In a few minutes the lights and cameras were operational again and logged into a website. Alice noticed a screen on the wall out of camera range which showed what was being broadcast live.

Jake clapped his hands as he turned to his brothers.

“Three hours guys. Do you think we can last three hours?”

John responded, “Well brother, I guess we can only try!”

They all laughed at that and began to strip, but keeping in their masks. Alice felt a rush of excitement pour through her body. Her uncles were going to pack rape Anna for the next three hours and she got to watch the whole thing. Her heart rate went up and her chest heaved as the four naked men approached the hooded figure on the couch. Alice slipped a hand down her pants and rubbed her sopping wet pussy. This was going to be so great!

Alice watched excitedly as her four naked uncles surrounded Anna and began releasing her from her bondage. As the ropes were pulled away Anna tried to struggle but Joseph and John held her fast. Jeb and Jake tore off her school uniform, ripping the cloth to shreds. Her panties were last and Jake grunted in pleasure as he ripped them free in one brutal gesture. Anna made guttural noises incoherently into the ball gag taped into her mouth. While John and Joseph continued to hold her Jake pulled off the hood that had covered her head. She stared suddenly terrified at the four naked masked men who surrounded her. She shrieked into the ball gag. Jeb gave her a sharp slap which left a red bruise on the side of her face and temporarily silenced her.

Watching from the darkness, Alice had slipped out of her clothes and found a folding chair. She was now seated in full view of the rape but invisible in the darkness which surrounded the brightly lit set. Alice slowly masturbated with both hands, her legs splayed open and her fingers probing into her dripping vagina.

Jeb pulled Anna to her feet and dragged her to a low coffee table in the middle of the set. He roughly threw her down onto it. She struggled to get up but Jeb and John quickly took hold of her arms and held her down. Jake straddled her head over her shoulders and rubbed his hard cock over her face.

“You gonna suck me willingly bitch or do we have to hurt you some?”

Anna shook her head violently. Joseph moved forward then and applied a taser to Anna’s clitoris, making her shriek and buck. Anna fell silent and quiet for a moment but when the tape and ball gag were removed she began screaming for help. Another blast of the taser brought shrieks of pain and more screams. John reached into his pocket and pulled out a hard plastic mouth spreader. He forced it into Anna’s face. This provided a nice circle of plastic for Jake to push his cock through and converted Anna’s shrieks and screams to incoherent guttural animal noises. Jake wasted no time, forcing his hard cock through the mouth spreader and down Anna’s throat. There were murmurs of appreciation from his brothers as he began to expertly face rape Anna.

Alice continued to slowly and luxuriously masturbate as she watched. She glanced up at the screen and could see that the rape was being live streamed on the dark net website. Alice could see that it was a pay per view site and saw the number of views it was getting: over one hundred thousand. Wow, she thought as she returned her attention to the rape in front of her; just wow.

When Jake climaxed he pulled out of Anna’s throat and sprayed his cum all over her face, jerking off on her with rapid strokes on his cock, shooting long ropes of cum. Jake then took his place holding Anna down for his brothers to rape her. Jeb came next, lubricating his cock with silicone lubricant and then moving between Anna’s spread legs and slowly but brutally forcing his cock into her insanely spread cunt. She screamed and thrashed in the strong grip of the brothers as Jeb began to fiercely plunge his cock into her.

Alice watched breathlessly, frigging herself fast with her fingers. She was adoring this rape! When Jeb came over Anna’s abdomen Alice came as well, shuddering and bucking but biting her lip so as not to make a sound. She did not want to spoil the broadcast! Now over 200,000 paying customers were watching!

The brothers deftly turned Anna over then and Joseph took her anus, ramming into her really hard as his brothers held her face down over the coffee table and ass up with her legs splayed. The cameras moved in for a close up shot of Joseph’s cock disappearing into Anna’s asshole. At the last moment he pulled out and sprayed his cum over Anna’s back.

John was last. He also took Anna’s throat, raping her through the mouth spreader while she was face down. He plunged deeply into Anna’s throat and pulled out to cum over her face again, which was already dripping with Jake’s cum.

When they were all done the brothers stood up and stepped back, giving each other a high five. The cameras panned back for a long shot of Anna lying prone on the coffee table, subdued and covered in cum.

The brothers were not yet done with Anna. They took up canes and beat her back and ass with them for some time as they recovered their libido to rape her again. Anna twitched and cried out as she was caned, but had lost the will to try to escape. She was gang raped by the brothers three more times for the cameras until she was a cum soaked pile of flesh. Alice had herself orgasmed three more times watching. Her pussy was now a little sore from the constant rubbing. She got dressed and, when the cameras had been turned off, she spoke to her uncles to congratulate them on their work. They appreciated her praise and gave her a hug and kiss each.

Jake then took up his cell phone to check on whether their demands had been met by Anna’s parents. He spoke to an unknown associate and looked pleased.

“They did it! A million in bitcoin! Transferred to our bitcoin locker. Let’s get that converted to cash straight away before the value plunges and deposit it into our Swiss account.”

He gave instructions over the phone and then put the phone down, looking very satisfied.

“The stupid cunts did it!”

The brothers whooped in excitement. This had been a very profitable day. Anna’s parents had paid a one million dollar bitcoin ransom for the return of their daughter. This was on top of the money raised on the website for the pay per view pack rape of the girl.

Alice listened to their excited talk but she was troubled.

She spoke up, “How can you return her now? She knows I led her to the vehicle and I will be a suspect. If I am a suspect then so will all you.”

Her uncles looked at Alice condescendingly.

“Alice of course we are not going to keep our end of the bargain. We are not complete idiots! When Anna’s parents get to the pick up point all they will find is a picture of Anna lying there covered in our cum!”

All the men laughed heartily.

“So what will you do with her?” enquired Alice.

As if in answer to her question there was banging on the sliding steel door of the building. Joseph opened it and two large black men walked in, surveying the scene.

“This the pick up.”

“Yeah, you can take her and her clothes. Will you on-sell her”

“Uh huh. There is a brothel in Lagos that has made an attractive offer. She will be on board a tramp freighter out of San Diego tomorrow night.”

“Nice, thank you, your fee will be paid right away.”

Now Alice understood. She marvelled at the cold heartedness of her uncles and admired their criminal minds. She really wanted to be a big part of this family!

When they got home after dropping off the hire vehicle Smurf was there waiting for them.

“How did it go boys?”

“Like clockwork. We got the money from the bitch’s parents and the fees from the viewers. The removalists have taken her and they have been paid. I estimate a two million profit on the day.”

“Good work boys, that is great!”

Smurf turned to Alice and embraced her.

“You played a key role sweetie. Thank you! Did you have a fun day?”

Alice smiled broadly, “Yes Smurf I really did! It was fantastic!”

“Great! Let’s have a slap up family dinner and then have a party to celebrate!”

Alice wondered what that would involve but by this stage she had a fair idea. She took her uncle Joseph’s hand as they walked inside to dinner.

The ‘party’ that Smurf had in mind was a free for all in the home cinema. After dinner they all went down there and Smurf had Jake connect to the dark net site so that she could watch the recording of Anna’s rape. Smurf laid out some cocaine for everyone to do a line. Alice was feeling quite grown up about this now and did not hesitate. Smurf smiled knowingly at her sons as she watched Alice snort her line. Alice was already naked as she was expected to be while home indoors. As the rush hit her she sank down into the cushions and stared glassy eyed at the screen as the recording of Anna’s rape came up.

Smurf and her boys were all naked before Alice noticed it. Smurf produced some massage oil and warmed it over a candle. Then she liberally applied oil to her body. She invited Joshua and John to massage her as she watched the rape. They were quite expert at it and were soon rubbing the massage oil over their mother’s body, concentrating on her breasts and vulva. She sighed in pleasure and sat back into some cushions as her boys masturbated her. Her hips moved in time to their hand motions and her eyes were fixed on the scenes of pack rape on the screen.

Alice was not left alone for too long. Jake and Jeb poured warm massage oil over her body and began to massage her, telling her quietly to focus on the scenes of pack rape on screen. The drug multiplied her pleasure and Alice was soon moaning as her uncles’ hands roamed freely over her body. Alice could hear Smurf orgasming near her, the woman crying out in drug fuelled lust and joy as she watched her sons pack rape Anna. This drove Alice wild and she bucked and squirmed as her uncles caressed all over her body and then concentrated on her pubescent crotch.

In due course it was the turn of the men to get off. Smurf called Alice to her and one by one they jerked off each man with the massage oil, their hands sliding up and down their hard cocks in unison until each one came in their hands, rewarding them with a thick creamy load of spunk.

The party lasted well into the night. Alice’s head became fuzzy and her memory patchy but she remembered her uncles taking her together at one point as Smurf urged them on. They had Alice lay on her side and her uncles lay either side of her. Jake and John double penetrated her vagina while Jeb took her ass, and Joshua thrust his cock deep down Alice’s throat. Smurf clapped her hands in delight as her sons degraded Alice, using her like a little fuck toy, each one cumming inside one of her holes.

Eventually they all passed out from the effects of alcohol and cocaine and sheer exhaustion. They had been fucking and sucking all day after all.

Alice did no know what time it was when she woke up. Her uncles Jeb and John lay alongside of her and her hands were wrapped around their cocks. Nearby Smurf lay with Joshua and Jake, their naked bodies entwined with the men’s cocks laying across their mother’s face. Gradually each one stirred. The men yawned and stretched. Alice let go of the cocks in her hands, feeling a little embarrassed. They all cleaned up in the shower and Smurf fixed a hot breakfast. The men ate heartily and Alice too was really hungry. Smurf was in an upbeat mood and joked playfully with both her sons and Alice.

Finally Smurf grew serious. She asked everyone to follow her into the lounge room.

Smurf began. “Guys, I know we all had a great time last night, but I think that we need to talk some business. Alice did a great job luring Anna to the car so that you boys could deal with her.” The men nooded. Smurf continued, “So I think that we should discuss involving Alice more deeply in the family business.”

“What did you have in mind?” asked Jake

“The Club,” answered Smurf simply, then added, “I think that Alice would be very useful getting us more stock. And I think she would enjoy it too.”

There were more nods from the men.

Alice spoke up, “What is the Club?”

Smurf explained that the family operated a discreet club for their wealthy clients downtown where the clients could do pretty much whatever they wanted with the girls who worked there. They needed to constantly bring in new girls because they tended to get ‘used up’. Many were brought in from Mexico but clients wanted American girls as well. Did Alice think that she would be up to the task of bringing more girls to the Club?

Alice looked thoughtful, “You mean like I did with Anna?”

Smurf smiled, “Yes sweetie, like you did with Anna. Are you up for that?”

Alice grinned, “Yes Smurf, I do believe I am!”

“Good girl. The boys will take you down to the Club to get a full briefing after lunch, okay?”

“OK Smurf. You are the boss!”

They all laughed at that. The fact was it was true.

It was Saturday afternoon and the streets were relatively quiet when Alice and her uncles drove downtown. They drove to a tall residential tower and accessed the underground parking area using a key card. Jake used the same card to call an elevator and take them up to the top floor penthouse. John explained that the club floors were at the top of the building and could only be accessed using a key card or by request to the receptionist on the penthouse level. Joshua explained that the club occupied the top three floors of the building. The penthouse was the entry level to the club and was used as a luxury brothel, stage show arena and bar. The level below that was fitted out for special events and special services to high value clients. The third level down was rented out to clients wanting a secure space for private activities. Alice wondered that it sounded kind of like the place she had seen in the movie she watched some time back at Smurf’s place.

As they exited the elevator they found themselves in a plush red reception area with a very attractive thirty something red headed woman sitting behind a desk. Her face lit up when she saw the brothers.

“Hey guys great to see you! And who is the little cutie with you? A new plaything?”

Jeb responded, “No Cherry, this is our niece, Alice. She is here to check out the club. In the future she may be bringing some new girls here.”

Cherry did not miss a beat.

“Hey cool! How about I show her around while you guys relax, okay?”

Jeb nodded.

“Good idea. My brothers and I will be in the bar. Meet us there when you are done.”

Cherry slipped out from behind the desk, showing the men her perfect figure in her figure hugging red outfit. She took Alice’s hand, smiling at the men.

“Okay Alice let’s go exploring shall we?”

Cherry took Alice first to the performance arena, a medium sized theatre with a large stage and catwalk stretching out into the audience. There was only a small number of people present and Cherry explained that things livened up in the evening. There was a show in progress with young teen girls in a line up stripping and going through a bump and grind routine. Alice thought that she recognised the man in the front row, leaning back with his legs splayed while a pre teen girl sucked expertly on his cock. He was obviously having a good time and looked like he was not too far off cumming. The man had both his hands on the girl’s head and was forcing his cock down her throat. Alice asked Cherry about the man. Who was he? Cherry explained that it was Tom Collins, who was a regular on weekends. He usually paid for entry to the show arena and the use of a girl for the duration of his visit.

Alice gasped, “That’s my math teacher Mr Collins!”

Cherry laughed and whispered to Alice that they should not interrupt him when he was so close to cumming but knowing that he was a client might prove useful to Alice. She nodded slowly and thoughtfully. Cherry tugged on Alice’s arm and they walked out. Cherry explained that this level also held twenty bedrooms for clients for sex with the prostitutes who worked at the club. There was a ‘choosing room’ where the clients selected a female to rent by the hour. As Cherry was speaking a woman walked past them heading for one of the rooms with a client in tow. The woman was dressed as a slave girl and was obviously doing a fantasy session with the man.

Cherry suggested that they check out the next level down where the special events were held. There was an internal staircase linking the three levels of the club. The middle level was currently divided up into a school room, looking realistic with desks a chalkboard and a flag, a dungeon filled with torture equipment and a Viking banqueting hall with a long table and a throne at the head. Cherry explained that these spaces were regularly used for special events and that the spaces were periodically redecorated to change the themes. Alice was sure now that this was the place she had seen in the movie at Smurf’s place. It was deserted now but Alice thought back to what it was like full of people watching or participating in gang rapes. She could feel her panties getting wet at that thought. Cherry had to bring her back to reality.

“Shall we check out the lower level?”


The bottom level was divided up into many rooms of varying sizes. Cherry explained that these rooms were rented out by the club to individuals and groups. They could do whatever they wished and just rented the space. So the club provided a safe and private space for sexual deviants to enjoy themselves in privacy and safety.

As she was speaking a communications device on the wall buzzed. Cherry pressed a button and spoke to into a grill. Then she smiled at Alice.

“You are in luck honey child. We have some clients bringing a girl in here right now!”

The communication device on the wall buzzed again and Cherry pressed another button which unlocked the external door to this floor. Six burly men, heavily tattooed, entered, carrying a burlap sack which shook. There was someone inside screaming for help and struggling. Cherry pressed her body into the crotch of the lead man.

“Hello Charlie. Your room is ready for you as always. There is alcohol in the sideboard and toys and weapons in the cupboard. All set up for you just as you like it …”

The big man kissed Cherry full on the lips and mauled her ass with his strong hands. He told her that he and his boys had caught a ‘live one’ on her way home from grade school and jerked his thumb towards the sack.

“We are itching to get her ready to be opened up.”

The men all laughed. Cherry managed to extricate herself from Charlie’s grip and introduced Alice. The men all eyed her salaciously. Cherry explained that Alice would be bringing more girls to the club.

Alice spoke up confidently, “Yes I plan on bringing in lots more girls like the one in your sack!”

There was more laughter as the men made their way down the corridor to their appointed room, dragging the pulsating sack with them. Cherry and Alice watched them go.

Cherry suggested they return to the bar upstairs. As they walked Cherry explained to Alice that the men they just met were members of a biker rape gang who preyed upon underaged girls. The club was happy to take their money so that they had a safe and secure place to rape their victims. Cherry confessed that she liked Charlie a lot and had fucked him several times. Once she had even been permitted to watch them pack rape a very young girl. Cherry’s eyes blazed with lust as she said this. Alice looked at her with admiration. She wanted to be just like Cherry.

Once back on the top level Cherry and Alice made their way to the bar. There they found the four brothers gang fucking one of the dancing girls from the show arena. The men had her bent over a bar stool as they pounded all of her holes between downing drinks. Cherry applauded them.

“Well my my, look what you boys get up to when a girl’s back is turned!”

Alice just watched with adoration as her uncles tore into the girl, making her naked body shudder on the bar stool as they pounded her. Once they were done they pulled out of her and adjusted their clothing as if nothing had happened. They downed the last of their drinks. Jeb looked at Alice.

“Finished your tour kiddo?”


“Learnt all you need for the moment?”

“Yes, thank you for bringing me here uncles. I have learnt a lot. I am going to enjoy bringing young girls here work or be raped … or maybe both!”

The brothers grinned at that and tousled Alice’s hair. Jeb continued.

“That’s the spirit kiddo. Let’s go now. Let’s have a swim in the pool at home and talk about what happens next.”

Cherry saw them out and hugged and kissed Alice at the door. Alice knew that she had gained an important new friend and was confident she would work with her very productively in the future.

Once they were home at Smurf’s place Alice and her uncles got naked and frolicked in the pool with a soccer ball. They laughed and joked and drank beer and ate junk food that Smurf brought out to them. Smurf was clearly pleased with Alice’s reaction to the club and the activities there. She was being opened up mentally to the darkest of perversions and that pleased Smurf. It pleased her a lot. As they played their games in the pool Alice felt the hands of her uncles brushing and touching her body. She smiled to herself. It excited Alice to be desired, and it was clear that her uncles desired her and genuinely liked her. Everything felt easy and good.

They had played themselves out after an hour and after towelling themselves dry they ate and drank some more. Smurf lay down on a banana lounge in the sun with Alice and caressed her naked body.

“Sweetie you did really well today. I am really thrilled that you enjoyed the club and so are your uncles.” Smurf cast a sideways glance at her four sons. She continued, “Sweetie, I want to reward you for being so good about this …”

“Oh you don’t have to do that Smurf. I love helping you and my uncles …”

“Yeah but I really want to reward you Sweetie. Indulge me okay?”

“OK I guess so then.” Alice smiled at Smurf, who stood and took Alice’s hand, leading her into her bedroom.

Smurf pulled a virtual reality headset out from her bedroom closet and offered it to Alice, who looked questioningly at her. Smurf explained.

“Sweetie remember when you were at the club today on the lower level, a group of bikers brought in a young girl to use together in their rented space?”

Alice nodded.

“Well we record what people do in there, sometimes just for fun and sometimes for profit. Put this on and you can see what those guys did to that young girl …”

Smurf’s face bore an evil grin. Her four sons had followed them into the bedroom and now stood watching with knowing looks.

Alice shrugged and put on the headset. Smurf activated it and straight away, up came footage from the club of the six men, led by Charlie, dragging their bundle into their private room. Smurf nudged Alice up onto her bed where Alice lay naked and watching the recording from the club.

Alice watched as the men tore open the sack and dragged out a girl, no older then ten. She screamed and struggled but the men hauled her onto a bed. Four held her while the other two roughly stripped her. One slapped her hard several times to silence her screams which had some effect. Alice watched with mounting excitement as the four men holding the girl down urged on their two buddies to get naked and they would all pack rape the girl.

Alice could feel Smurf applying hand cuffs to her wrists and ankles. She was being bound to Smurf’s bed!

As Alice watched Smurf crawled between Alice’s legs and began to nibble on her clit and probe her vagina with her tongue. Her four sons watched eagerly, slowly stroking their cocks as they watched the depraved scene.

Alice watched as the rape of the young girl progressed. It was savage and violent and brutal. The men tore the child open, ramming their hard cocks into her baby cunt and mouth, shouting in glee as they pack raped her. Alice spread her legs to give Smurf more access to her genitals as her grandmother expertly tongued and licked and bit her. Her hips began to move as Smurf worked on Alice, bringing her to climax as she watched the sadistic child rape avidly. Smurf wanted Alice to associate sexual violence with pleasure and to become inured to violent rape. When she came Alice bucked and shuddered for several minutes, the sights and sounds of the gang rape she was watching accentuating and prolonging her orgasm.

Alice fell back onto the bed after Smurf made her cum. Alice squirmed and writhed on the bed in pure lust as she watched the gang rape of child on the headset. Smurf stood up, a look of triumph on her face as she motioned her four sons forward. They advanced on Alice slowly, still stroking their cocks.

Smurf addressed her sons in a low voice which Alice would not hear above the sound track of the recoring.

“Rape her one by one. Make it hard. Make it savage. Rape her like an animal. The little bitch will love it!”

The men growled in pleasure. Jeb went first. He crawled on top of Alice and rammed his hard cock into Alice with all of his force, forcing the full length of it into her. Alice gasped and cried out but her lust from watching the pack rape was so great that she spread her legs wider and arched up her hips as far as she could. Jeb partially pulled out and then rammed forward again, making Alice’s body shudder with each impact. He pounded into Alice like a beast for several minutes before cumming in a rush inside her.

Jake followed and if anything he was more brutal than Jeb. His hands went under Alice’s hips and her ground his cock into her savagely. Alice lay gasping as her uncle raped her, her mind overwhelmed by the sensations of the rape she was watching and the real rape she was experiencing.

Smurf stood by watching and slowly masturbating, her hand down her pants.

John came next and was followed by Joshua. Each one raped Alice as hard as they could and spurted their cum deeply inside her. They timed the gang rape perfectly as it matched the time of the pack rape of the child that Alice had been watching. As Joshua spurted his cum into Alice the last of the bikers shot his load all over the child’s face. Alice involuntarily came a second time, bucking and heaving on the bed. Smurf clapped hands with glee.

The recording was finished and the screen in the headset went black. Smurf pulled it off Alice and undid the handcuffs. She swept Alice up in her arms, kissing and hugging her.

“Oh wow sweetie that was simply marvellous! You did real well!”

Alice’s eyes were glazed.

“That was fantastic Smurf. Can we do that again?” she responded as if in a dream.

“Of course we can sweetie. We can do it every day if you want, can’t we boys?”

The men responded in unision, “Yes we can!”

It was only a few days later when Alice was at the beach. She was approached by a female cop; black, buxom in her thirties and overly friendly. She came up to Alice and engaged her in conversation, making small talk, before she got to the point.

“You’re Alice Cody right?”


You live with your grandmother and her sons correct?”


“We are investigating them. We could use your help.”

“Why should I help you?”

“Young girls like you can easily get in trouble with the law. You wouldn’t want that now would you?”

“No I guess not. What do you want me to do?”

“Keep your eyes open. Have you seen anything unusual happening at their house?”

“No. What do you mean ‘unusual’?”

“Young girls like you have been disappearing from this locality. There are rumours of sex trafficking. We think one of the teachers at your school might be involved. We think that he is somehow connected to your family.”

“Who? Which teacher?”

Roy Collins. He teaches math in your class, right?”

“Yes he does. So what do I do?”

“Get friendly with him. Find out all you can, then tell us.”

The cop handed Alice a card, with her name and number.

Alice looked at the card, before putting it in her jeans pocket, noting the name of officer Amelia Washington.

“So how friendly do I have to get? Suck his cock? Fuck him?”

Amelia pulled a face.

“Of course not, but what you do is entirely up to you Alice. We are not asking you to do anything immoral or illegal.”

Alice gave Amelia a cynical look.

“Yeah, right. Of course not. Well I make no promises okay?”

The cop put on a hard look.

“You better play ball with me on this missy, or the next time you see me it will be a real shake down. Got it?”

“Yeah, I got it.”

Alice got up and left, riding away from the beach on her bike.

The following day was a Monday. Alice was in school. She had Mr Collins in her math class. At the end of the class Alice sidled up to Mr Collins’s desk as the other students filed out. She smiled at him.

“May I speak to you in private Mr Collins?”

He glanced up. “Sure”. He waited until the last student had left and then shut the door. “What is it Alice?”

“I found something in my desk, and thought that I should report it.”

Alice handed him a postcard size picture of a naked man face raping a pre teen girl. Roy Collins’ eyes widened. He quickly put the picture in his jacket pocket.

“You found this in your desk. Are there any more?”

“I don’t think so. I’m not sure. Maybe we should do a search?”

Alice gave him her brightest smile, and moved her body sexily in front of him. He swallowed hard.

“Good idea, but we don’t have time right now. We both have other classes to go to. Report back here after your last class and we will do a thorough search then.”

He leered at Alice who gave him an innocent smile back.

“Of course Mr Collins. I will be back here at three.”

Alice picked up her bag and walked out of the classroom, her ass swaying in a slow fluid motion. She felt Roy Collins’ eyes boring into her back.

Alice was back at her math classroom right on 3.00 PM. She found the window shades all drawn and Roy Collins seated at his desk, looking at the picture, a clear bulge in his pants. As Alice entered the classroom he told her to lock the door and beckoned her over to him. Alice stood before his desk looking expectant. She had unbuttoned the two top buttons on her white school shirt and hitched up her red plaid skirt so that it barely covered her pink teddy bear panties. Roy looked at Alice hard, the picture still in his hand.

“So you found this in your desk, right?”

“Actually no. I found it in my brother Jake’s bedroom. I gave it to you to get your attention.”

“Jake Cody? I know him quite well.”

“Yes he is my uncle. I saw you on the weekend at my uncles’ club downtown. You were watching the girls dance and a kid was sucking you off …”

Collins tensed, “So what is this, blackmail?”

Alice smiled, “No Mr Collins. I needed to warn you. A cop is pressuring me to spy on you. They suspect you of trafficking under aged girls for sex …”

Collins looked alarmed, “The cops? Who?”

“Detective Washington is running the investigation. I have her card.” Alice showed it to Collins. He read it and returned it.

“A fucking woman. I might have known. Most of the guys are paid off. Is the bitch a nigger?”

Alice nodded.

“Then she needs to be taken out.”

Alice climbed onto Collins’ desk and lay down on her side, her face next to his.

She whispered, “My uncles and I can help you with that sir, but I want something in return …”

“What is that?”

“My uncles want me to get more girls for the club as rape meat. I want you to help me.”

Collins visibly relaxed. He put a hand on Alice’s bare thigh.

“Anything else … ?

“Yeah, I want you to fuck me!”

Collins did not need to be asked twice. He flipped Alice onto her back on the desk and hitched up her skirt, exposing her little girl panties. He had his rock hard cock out in a flash, and pulled Alice’s panties to one side. Then he was on top of her, driving his cock savagely into Alice’s dripping wet bald pussy.

Alice sighed in pleasure, spreading her legs wide and whispering in Roy’s ear, “Rape me sir! Rape me like you rape other little girls at the club! Oh yes OH FUCK YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!”

Alice orgasmed around Roy’s cock and pushed back against his thrusts. He took longer, pounding into Alice’s cunt like a bull, causing her whole body to shudder on the desk. He swore softly at her, calling her a slut, a whore and a rape bitch. Alice murmured in delight and they kissed passionately as the play rape continued for around ten minutes. When he came, Roy fell exhausted on the desk next to Alice, his cock oozing cum onto her thigh.

Alice caressed his slimy cock with one hand. “That was wonderful thank you Mr Collins. What comes next?”

He laughed. “Call me Roy you sexy little harlot! Well, first we need to lay a trap for that bitch nigger cop. And then we can plan how to get more under age rape meat for the club.”

This was exactly what Alice wanted to hear. She continued stroking Roy’s cock until he came a second time, this time in her hand. Then Roy masturbated Alice to her second orgasm, telling her what he planned to do to Detective Washington. It was clear that these two were already firm friends and would make good partners in crime.


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