Feature Writer: Ojvaskoj


Published: 25.08.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Demonic summoning by three college girls unexpectedly works


An Accidental Summoning

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Alva asks nervously, sitting on the floor where there used to be a carpet.

“Just like the last time you asked, there’s no reason to worry” Emma responds reassuringly as she lifts up a thick, worn book from her fabric bag on her desk.

“Seriously” Alva continues. “That thing looks like it’s wrapped in dried human skin while bearing a dozen curses”

“Actually,” Ida chimes in, sitting on the bed on the other side of the small dorm room. “It has the wrong color to be human skin. Unless it’s dyed or something”. Ida is usually rather quiet, but when she does say something it’s mostly strange facts about things you’ve never heard of – or wish you hadn’t heard of. Either that or she talks about horses.

“How can you even tell?” Asks Alva. “It’s so dark in here with the lights dimmed, and you don’t even have your glasses on”.

Before Ida answers the question, Emma decides to stop that conversation before it’s too late since it’s irrelevant and she really doesn’t want to know the answer. “It doesn’t matter – now can you two help me bring this spawn of satan into my room already?”

“Yeah, sure” Ida responds.

“I uhm… Idon’treallyknowifIwantto…” Alva mumbles while looking down into the floor.

Noticing a lack of enthusiasm, especially from Alva, Emma makes another attempt at energizing her friends. “Come on, we’re gonna become. Demon. Hunters! How awesome is that?” She says proudly while waving her blonde hair and striking a pose. “Now let’s go, or I will have cleared my floor for no reason”.

“Alright” says Ida, bouncing off the bed. “What do you want me to do?”

“Now, Ida, I want you to…” Emma wets her finger on her tongue and flips through the pages of the demonic book to find the right instructions. “…draw a pentagram within a circle on the floor!” Emma exclaims with her finger on the page number ‘283’ which shows a ritual to summon a very small and weak demon, according to the registry. Emma hands Ida a white crayon to draw with.

“Do we really have to do this? Can’t we at least pull up the curtains for some moonlight or something?” Alva inquires, still doubtful.

Emma rolls her eyes.

“Alva, you do know what’s actually going to happen tonight?”


“We’re going to scribble some chalk on my floor, light some scent candles and chant some meaningless words and then – nothing will happen. There you go, it’s about as real or fake as playing bloody Mary when you were ten years old. Now can we get back into the mood and just enjoy this? Please?”. Emma is stubborn and won’t easily budge and is very persuasive due to her sheer perseverance.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry” Alva apologizes. “What do you want me to do?”

Emma’s face lights up instantly, and Alva can’t help but smile when she sees her like that. Meanwhile, Ida has finished the chalk pentagram, about one meter wide.

“Alva, I need you to place a candle on top of each point of the pentagram. Then I will lay the book open at the center, and whenever I say ‘Expergiscere Layak’ you will light one of the candles. When all candles are lit I will say ‘Surge, Layak’ and the ritual is complete. It says that a successful ritual is indicated by a temporary but significant drop in temperature and light.”

“And what do I do now?” asks Ida, somehow covered in white chalk.

Emma shrugs.

“I don’t know. Stand there and look pretty, I guess. You’re pretty good at that”

Emma hands Alva the five candles and a lighter and clears her throat, repeating the words in her head while Alva places the candles around the pentagram.

“Are you ready?”

Alva nods.

Emma steps into the circle, puts the book in the middle and steps back out.

“Expergiscere Layak”

Alva quickly lights the first candle.

“Expergiscere Layak”

Alva lights the second candle.

“Expergiscere Layak”

Alva lights the third candle.

“Expergiscere Layak”

Alva lights the fourth.

“Expergiscere Layak”

Alva gives Emma a scared look, and Emma looks back with a face saying ‘really?’. Slightly embarrassed, Alva shakes off the fear and follows along, lighting the fifth and final candle.

Emma pauses, looking at Ida who nods back, and then Alva who nods back.

“Surge, Layak!” Emma shouts with a grand gesture to go along with it, reaching her arms up toward the ceiling.


“Well” says Emma. “I guess that’s that. Now who wants to get drunk and draw chalk dicks until we pass out?”

“Sounds good to me” says Alva with a rather shaky voice. Let me just put on a sweater, I’m getting a bit col-

Emma and Ida both freeze and stare at Alva, who is shocked herself.

“Uh, I m-mean, it’s not THAT cold…” Alva says, trying to take back her statement.

The girls go silent until the eerie sound of Ida rattling her teeth shakes them up again.

“Okay, this is not fun. No. Stop this. No. Nooo no no no no. I’m turning the lights on right now.”

Alva runs for the light switch, and…

Nothing. The lights don’t work.

Even Ida, who is usually calm at all times, is starting to freak out. She pulls away the window curtains, but the night it pitch black and not even the moon brings any light.

Emma watches the pentagram as one of the candles stop burning.

After a short delay, the second candle is also snuffed out by seemingly nothing.

“Guys, please look at this!”

Ida and Alva responds to Emma’s frightened voice and turn toward the ring of candles as the third blows out, and Ida approaches the circle too look at the book.

The fourth goes dark as well.

Shivering from the cold, Alva and Emma watch the fifth candle with bated breath as it flickers for a few seconds that feel like an eternity. Before it extinguishes, Ida tells them chilling news.

“We looked at the wrong page. This is no weak demon.”

Ida points out how the page number of the current page was torn out, showing the number below it.

“Page 281. According to the registry… never attempt to summon…”

Darkness. The final candle no longer burns.

“Guys…” Alva whimpers. “Is this real?”

“I… I think it is” Ida replies, but she doesn’t sound very scared anymore. There seems to be a hint of fascination in her voice.

They all shriek as all candles flare up massively before returning to burning like normal. Within the circle is something looking like a silhouette, a vague outline of a dark being. It’s tall, almost reaching to the ceiling, and as wide as the chalk circle. It seems to somewhat struggle against the restraints of the circle, but its very presence is making the girls feel weak, almost as if the being is draining them.

Emma audibly swallows her tongue before speaking.

“Are… are you Layak?”

The mention of its name makes bursts of flame erupt from its body, and seems to fully awaken it. It stands on two legs, and four arms are now visible while six long tendrils extend from its back. Its eyes glow orange like two embers, and its mouth is a gaping hole of fire surrounded by teeth the length of a finger.

*Layak. Yes, that is me*

Its voice is strong and booming, resonating deeply within the girls. It seems to have calmed down somewhat, giving off only a gentle glow instead of raging flames.


Layak looks over at Emma, its gaze piercing right through her thoughts and seeping its way into her mind.

*Break the circle, golden-haired one*

Without really giving it a thought, Emma steps forward and does as Layak says, rubbing away a section of the circle with her foot.

“Emma!” Alva shouts trying to stop her, but she doesn’t even consider Alva’s voice.

Emma steps back, almost looking proud to have done as Layak wanted. The demon steps out of the circle, and what looks like a smile forms on its face.

It turns to Alva shuddering in a corner. Her gaze is slowly drawn into its fiery eyes, and it soon looks like the whole room is suddenly glowing orange. Her heartbeat slows down to normal, and she’s not really cold anymore. The warmth spreads into her mind, coating her thoughts in darkness and embers.

Finally, when Layak turns to Ida and stares into her eyes she seems to welcome its intrusion, quickly submitting to the demon’s control.

*You are mine. I am your master*

“I am yours, master” says Emma.

“I am yours, master” says Alva.

“I am yours, master” says Ida.

Layak’s form shrinks to a smaller size, still at least a head or two taller than either of the girls who are all quite short. The demon looks mostly like a dark silhouette again, only its eyes glowing orange still.

*Remove your clothes*

The girls all take of their clothes without question, none of them see any reason not to since their master wills it so.

The six tendrils on Layak’s back grow longer, splitting up evenly and making their way to each of the girls. Two tendrils per girl explore their bodies – rubbing their faces, their legs, caressing their stomachs and breasts with surprising tenderness. Soft moans fill the room, and one tendril slides gently back and forth across Ida’s pussy before prodding at her tight lips. Meanwhile, Emma gets a taste of one of the appendages as it slides into her welcoming mouth, rubbing against her playful tongue. As for Alva- all tentacles suddenly stop, even the ones entertaining Emma and Ida, and Layak looks interestingly at her.

*You. Are you a virgin?*

“Yes, master.”

Even though Layak’s face is basically just darkness, there was a definite smile on it this time.

*Good. Come closer*

Doing as it commands, Alva approaches Layak and coincidentally stands right inside the broken chalk circle. Emma and Ida both watch in awe as the demon seems to have chosen Alva to be particularly special. The purpose is made quite clear as a seventh appendage, this one shorter but girthier, grows between its – no, his – legs. His cock is the size of Alvas forearm and has a slight ember orange glow to it.

*You will be the vessel for my offspring*

“Yes, master”

But before proceeding, he turns to Ida, sensing something off about her.

*You wish it was you instead?*

“I do, master”

*Are you a virgin?*

“No, master”

*Then it is not possible. However, you can do something else. You may bear a hybrid, but it cannot be done by me directly* Layak says before turning to Emma and chanting, or perhaps roaring what sounds like words of some kind. Out of nowhere, between Emma’s smooth legs, grows a cock of shadow and embers.

*You will take her for me, golden hair*

He turns back to Alva at last.

*Now, on your knees. Suck it*

Alva gets down on her knees, with her face in perfect height to match his cock while Emma approaches Ida, both filled with lust. Alva opens her mouth as wide as she can and encloses her lips around the head of his sizable cock, bobbing her head back and forth while swirling her tongue around his tip. Never having even seen a dick before in her life, it’s as if she still somehow knows all of this by heart.

Emma kisses Ida passionately while Ida’s soft, right hand wanders down to Emma’s demonic cock, stroking it slowly. Emma pushes Ida against the wall and reaches down a hand of her own to start stroking Ida’s already wet clit. Both of their other hands travel gently across eachother’s bodies, caressing every inch. Ida feels Emma’s hard member throbbing in her small hand, and moves down her other hand to increase the pace. Emma breaks the kiss for a moment to lift Ida down on the floor where the pushed-aside carpet lays.

Alva is moving further down her Master’s shaft, taking Him deeper every time until His cock is as deep down her throat as possible, though it’s certainly not all of it. While sucking his dick, she rubs herself between her legs with a free hand, though never entering her own pussy. Moans fill the room once again as all girls go through a ride of please.

*You are ready*

Layak pulls his cock out of Alvas mouth and orders her to stand, with which she readily complies. The demon lifts Alva into the air using his four arms and holds her still with the entrance of her pussy just barely touching the tip of his saliva-slathered member. Alva is dripping wet herself, and her unused cunt is aching to be filled for the first time.

Simultaneously, Emma readies her cock to enter the waiting Ida’s soaked, needy cunt. They both push their demonic dicks into Alva and Ida at the same time, and a synchronized moan can be heard from them both as their pussies are filled up by girthy, throbbing cocks. Alva is stretched further than she ever would have thought possible, and she can feel Him in her gut again and again as the bounces mindlessly up and down his shaft. The waves of pleasure are far beyond her wildest dreams as she closes her eyes and completely embraces it. Ida is on the floor being penetrated by the beautiful Emma, lying on her back and writhing on the soft carpet, her body twisting and turning with every new, ecstatic wave of orgasmic pleasure. Even Emma is starting to moan as she seems to get close to finally fill Ida with her seed, as is the Master demon. Both pushing deep into Alva and Ida respectively, they start to thrust in and out faster and faster until a final collective moan echoes through the room. Pushing deep one final time and staying there, Emma and Layak spurt waves of cum into their willing vessels, filling them up until the semen starts to leak outside, gushing out ropes of their sticky liquid as they pull out and coat whatever is in front of them, namely Ida and Alva.

Heavy breathing fills the room as the girls settle.

*It is done*