American Pastor Claim Jesus Will Return – Non-Fiction

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Subject: American Pastor Claim Jesus Will Return

Link: 17.10.2021 / Atheist Republic Newsletter

American Pastor Claims Jesus Will Return Faster If People Donate More

In one of the episodes of a 4-day “Victorython,” an annual fundraising event, Pastor Jesse Duplantis claimed that Jesus had not returned yet, because people were not donating enough. “Jesus hasn’t come because people are not giving the way God told them to give,” he said. In the same segment, Duplantis also emphasized his status as a  multi-millionaire and owner of a jet, adding “They say, ‘do you own a jet?’ Yes! You can have it the day after the Rapture!” The ring-wing Evangelical pastor is not a stranger to controversy. The seven-two-year old preacher from New Orleans has been known to dupe his followers into financing his lavish lifestyle. In 2018, he made national headlines for asking his followers to donate for his fifty-four million dollar private jet that will let him “get this gospel preached to the world.”

4 thoughts on “American Pastor Claim Jesus Will Return – Non-Fiction”

  1. All fucking Abrahamic religions are corrupt bullshit; empty fucking promises, with a god-damned hand out.

    I never fucking experienced real god-damned worship and ni-strings tied religion until I fucking gave up the mother-fucking Abrahamic God and committed myself to the ONLY fucking true God Satan


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